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Our Decades of Open Marriage: Part 22

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Learning Lessons

The weekend before Thanksgiving of 2007 was a busy one. Paula had met a number of people on her swingers website, and she was ready to go.

Friday night she had arranged for us to meet a couple, Suzie and Frank, at a topless club in Charlotte. When we arrived we found it was not just a run-of-the-mill topless club; but, rather an upscale private, very high end club unlike anyplace we had ever been before or since. We were met at the door by the host, wearing a tux. When we said we were to meet someone he asked, “Frank Mills?”

I didn’t even know if that was his name, so I deferred to Paula who said that was correct.

Momentarily a very well dressed man arrived to escort Paula and me. We were ushered into the lounge filled with large overstuffed leather chairs around linen clad round tables. Except for the runway to our right with a very pretty young woman dancing topless (and two small round pedestals to our left with similarly dressed girls), everything else appeared to be a fine dining establishment. A half dozen well-dressed couples and two groups of what appeared to be business men were the only patrons when we arrived, leaving the place mostly empty, and surprisingly quiet. Even the music to which the girls danced was only a little louder than simple background music.

We were escorted to the far side of the room where an attractive man in his 50’s and his younger and even more attractive wife met us. Frank turned out to be gregarious and somewhat off putting to me with his smug attitude born of a man independently wealthy and very aware of what that bought. He didn’t exactly condescend to me as a working stiff, but I got the clear impression that he felt his financial status gave him superiority.

On the other hand, Paula seemed to get along exceptionally well with Suzie. They chatted on and on. Dinner was very good and the steady stream of very attractive young dancers gave a classy but erotic feel.

The place had begun to fill, perhaps half-full by the time we finished dinner. A group of four or five couples had been seated near us. They were none too shy about hands under blouses and such while they had a girl or two dance just for them.

Paula had been through three mixed drinks and she and Suzie were being more than a little friendly. Suzie’s shirt was unbuttoned and Paula was suckling at the very full breasts that were on display. For an hour or better they kissed and played with each other. Paula went to the bathroom and came back dropping her panties in my lap before she sat down, not by me, but between Suzie and Frank.

Normal conversation continued, but in short order Frank had pushed her short skirt up to bare Paula’s nudity. He explored her folds with his fingers and then began to finger fuck her slowly. Now given the fact that we sat not in regular dinner chairs, but deeply cushioned arm chairs around a table which had a long table cloth, all this was less than openly public, but far less than private. Soon Suzie had her mini-skirt up revealing she evidently had not even worn panties. She pushed back from the table a little and began to masturbate in full view of anyone nearby. The waiter who soon arrived to refresh the drinks clearly could see both Frank fingering Paula and Suzie playing with herself, but did not seemed surprised.

Paula and Suzie locked eyes. My wife lifted her shirt and began massaging her own breasts with one hand while she guided Frank's fingers with the other. It was not long before both women climaxed quietly. The two women giggled, and for a few minutes the sex play stopped. However, Paula soon slid down her chair till she was on the floor. I thought maybe she was just that smashed; but when she ducked under the tablecloth and her head reappeared right between Suzie’s legs I knew what was up. From my vantage point it was obvious what happened next, though all I could see was the back of Paula’s head and her long hair covering Suzie’s loins.

She kept licking the woman's lips and clit for some time, Suzie very obviously enjoying Paula’s efforts, until the club manager began to walk our way. Frank and Suzie quickly pushed Paula back under the table and she and Frank attempted to look ‘natural’. Paula clearly getting the cue, stayed hidden under the table. The manager chatted to Frank and Suzie, evidently club members with some status, before moving on.

Once he was gone, Frank told Paula it was OK to come out and so she got back into her chair laughing the whole time. He explained that they had been here once with a woman who had gotten too carried away and she had been asked to leave, so they tried to be at least a little discreet. Not that Suzie had made any attempt to hide her breasts, that had been exposed for nearly an hour from those at the nearby tables or the nice looking waiter who had been coming to the table regularly. However, with the arrival of the manager she'd covered them (minimally) and the interruption broke the moment. After only a half an hour or so Paula and I departed. On the way home we agreed that that was the first strip club that we had really liked. It didn’t seem sleazy like the others, and the girls Paula observed, were nearly all very attractive and danced well.

I cannot remember why we never got back with that couple. But when we were dating couples we met on-line, that scenario happened a lot. We would have one good “meet and greet” but we never go further. I guess that happens in singles dating the same way.

We had one more interesting experience before that Christmas. Paula had been talking to one of the couples that had been our orgy at the Estate earlier in the fall. All along she had wanted to make ‘real’ friends where sex was not a required part of us getting together (but not automatically excluded either). She and Jenny arranged that we would meet them at their lake house on a Friday night.

As planned, we arrived at their place and after introductions sat down to a nice homey dinner. As dinner progressed it became increasingly obvious that we did not have very much in common, but Paula and I worked to keep things going. Paula told them that we could only stay until 10:00 because we had told our son we would be back before midnight.

After dinner we sat in the living room and chatted for a few minutes before Jenny stood up and said “If you guys need to leave at ten, we better get things going.”

Her husband put on a porn video and Jenny went to the bedroom to change. Returning she only wore a sheer robe. Like I found when shooting nudes, some women just do not need to go around naked. To put it charitably, I was not attracted to her.

As Paula and I sat on the couch and her husband sat in an easy chair, all chatting, Jenny knelt down in front of me and undid my pants. The best part of the night for me, hands down, was sitting, my arm around Paula in a nice ‘normal’ conversation, while Jenny gave me a blow job. For me that was so incredibly sexy and fun, sitting next to Paula while a woman gave me what, to be fair, was first class oral sex.

She began to tire after quite a long and nice time. She stood up and asked if she was the only one getting naked. I undressed but looking to save what was clearly a bad situation, suggested that Paula dance for us. Paula has always been an excellent dancer and I knew she could be hot when she wanted. She agreed and after I was naked and sitting next to Jenny on the couch, she began to dance and strip in front of the three of us.

I knew exactly what Paula was thinking when, as she stripped, she gave all the attention to me. That was her way of saying that she didn’t want to play with them, she wanted she and I to play. Jenny clearly didn’t get the message and after Paula was naked and lap dancing for me, she asked “what about me?”.

Out of a perceived since of obligation Paula moved over and danced in front of Jenny, who proceeded to pull her closer so her face was at Paula’s crotch. Jenny licked at Paula’s pussy, but I could tell my wife was not into it.

Still oblivious to Paula’s disinterest, Jenny pointed out that her husband had not gotten any fun and asked if he could do Paula. Paula said “Sure” in a perky, but I knew false, tone.

“Can you do me while he does you?” Jenny asked. So Paula bent over and went down on Jenny while her husband moved behind and began to fuck her furiously. Though it was interesting to watch Paula take it from behind while she gave a woman oral sex, the circumstances were less than ideal and it was hard to really get into it.

When the husband had shot his load into the condom, Paula quickly moved over and invited me to do her. I had for years imagined how fun it would be to do Paula right after a man had been in her, but this was not at all like the fantasy. I knew full well my role now was to cum as soon as I could so we could go home.

It turned out more difficult than I had imagined. Paula leaned over, holding the back of the couch, while I tried my best to get the arousal up to the point of orgasm. I was huffing and puffing, covered with sweat, before a tepid orgasm rescued us.

On the way home Paula and I had a nice talk. She could have said no at any point, but she had chosen not to. She had been put off by the expectations of sex, and I had to admit that I did not want to fuck Jenny and thanked Paula for insisting I do her instead. All in all, though it was not ideal, it was a good learning experience and no harm was done. A few days later Paula told Jenny that she really did not want our relationship with them to be sexual.

So, we continued to learn how to live this open-marriage lifestyle.

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