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Our Decades of Open Marriage: Part 24

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Another Slow Down

In the fall of 2008, we went to two local “hotel take over parties” sponsored by the local swingers group. They were fun, but at the second party I saw someone I recognized from my job as a social worker. That was not good. That was the last time we went to a local public party in town.

On Halloween 2008 we went to a hotel takeover in Charlotte. Paula looked great in her green “warrior queen” outfit I had made for her to wear at DragonCon the month before, but for this party I removed the chain mail that covered her right breast and just used latex to cover her nipple. She looked awesome. The skirt was strips of leather and she wore no panties, so she kept giving peeks all night.

She danced till she was worn out and sweating up a storm, then we went to the room and she took off the top to her outfit. When she went back down to the main floor, she got fussed at because she was not allowed to go topless in the public areas.

We had spent the evening with a very nice looking couple and I was beginning to think we would play with them. We all went to one of the hospitality suites, and it had a Sybian and she took a very nice ride on the fancy vibrator in front of a room full of people.

But, we did not play, even with each other, she had too much to drink and danced too hard and she was exhausted. When we got to our room, she just crashed. The next day, we talked with some friends and they had done the same. I joked that we were the worse swingers in the world.

Due to life’s circumstances, we had no external playmates for the entire year of 2009, but she did have one little fling. An old friend of hers was getting serious with her boyfriend and she wanted to surprise him with a threesome. In our world asking her good friend to have sex with her boyfriend is not taboo, and Paula didn't hesitate to say yes. So she and Paula met him in the afternoon for three hours of sex in a local hotel. Paula sent me a pix message of the three of them in the bed and the text red “he did me doggie long and hard.” That was the first time she’d sent me a pic of her and a playmate in bed like that.

That summer we did have several good times with some of our “vanilla” friend’s boating naked at the local lake. Each time we were with two other couples. We had teased about boating naked before but they'd never gone through with it. While one of her friends was happy to get naked, the other woman had never in her life been even topless in public. However, once both Paula and the other woman lost their tops as we sped across the lake she followed suit. After some time we stopped on an island and the wives got naked for photos. The two other husbands were all smiles as if they were college frat boys again.

At one point while posing, one of the wives actually went down between Paula's legs and began eating her out. Now, to be fair, the woman while not a swinger was not exactly monogamous either. She and her husband did not have an "open marriage" per se; rather it was a "don't ask don't tell" arrangement and the very attractive woman had a long sexual history. She and Paula had traded stories of their sexual conquests for years, and both had a good amount of experience going down between another woman's legs. None of this was public knowledge, so unlike the other two husbands, I was not terribly surprised. And yes I took photos of the whole thing,

The funniest part was after we'd been on the little island for a while we noticed a fishing boat drifting our way. There was no way the two men had not noticed the naked women, but they pretended not to; even as their boat was just yards from the shore. Paula and her "non-monogamous" friend egged him on by kissing and then Paula went to her knees and gave her friend a good pussy licking in clear view of not only the fishermen, but of any number of passing boats.

The girls got a kick out of being voyeured. We did a whole series of photos of the women wading in the water as the sunset. It was only when we'd gotten back in the boat did we realize how close we'd been two one of the marinas. We were all happy we'd not been interrupted by the Dept. of Natural Resources rangers. We had other days of nakedness and photos, but that first time was the best.

For Halloween that year, Paula and the same two couples when to New York City to celebrate in Times Square. They asked me to go with the other husbands but I declined. My stated reason was that I didn’t want to go to New York, but the reality was we didn’t have the money for me to go too. I knew if she went by herself her friends husbands would cover her expenses, but if I went it would be far more expensive and we just didn’t have the money.

They had a great time and you can imagine how much attention they got in the outfits I made up for them. It was good I had 3 outfits that I could modify to fit them. They were quite racy, none wore panties under the skirts of leather strips and Paula's skirt was more like a loin cloth and as she walked her smooth mons was visible from the side a good bit of the time. They got lots of attention. They said they could not walk ten feet without someone asking for a photo. Looking back I wish I'd gone.

However, by and large, things were pretty quiet on the open marriage front in 2009, but by 2010 we were ready to have more fun.

In the spring of 2010, Paula began going on the swinger sites once more, and we went to the Estate several times. Twice she had sex with other people while we were there. One time it was rather funny, we’d been talking to another couple on and off for a few weeks. That night Paula and a hot woman she'd met that night decided to go have an hour of Sapphic fun in one of the playrooms while I waited for her downstairs. So I’m sitting at a table sipping my drink when the couple we'd been flirting with comes and sits down next to me in the main dance club room. They asked where Paula was and I just casually said, “She’s upstairs having sex.” The look on their face was priceless.

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Aug 30, 2021

This reminded me of something I heard somewhere: "Childlike, joyous play, with adult sexual privilege."

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