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Our Decades of Open Marriage: Part 25

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

An Almost Great Foursome

One night in the summer we met a couple, Vicky & Bill, who invited us to their home the next weekend.

The home was a 1930’s vintage lakefront Cape Cod house with what appeared to be 1950’s additions. It sat on a hill overlooking an inlet of a larger lake. Their dock and boat were visible through the large windows. Vicky, an attractive mother of 25-year-old twins had lived there nearly all her life. When their girls were small Vicky's mother passed away and she and her family moved into her childhood home. The three connected bed rooms all faced the deck, hot-tub and lake beyond. Rather than a hallway there was an open porch connecting them to the living room and kitchen. All in all it was an idyllic setting and one that Paula and I quickly found most comfortable.

Vicky and Bill were affable and the four of us seemed to hit it off after just a minimum of forced uncomfortable small talk. Vicky was about Paula’s size and shape with shoulder length brown hair. She was positive and cheery, and like me she prefers smaller intimate settings to meet people over the noise and activity of the swing club. Matt was about my size and shape and is more like Paula; the outgoing initiator of these kinds of events.

We sat and talked about work and kids before taking a ride on their boat. The talk moved more to “swinging” history and experiences as we all four sought to feel out the situation.

Returning to the house, we sat to talk. Bill prepped the hot tub, got naked and climbed in. I followed suit and watched Paula then Vicky strip. I tried not to be too obvious but carefully watched Vicky remove her red bra and slide out of her mini-skirt and matching panties. Firm legs and thighs and well-shaped “C” cupped boobs. Paula and Vicky standing naked certainly did not look like your typical mother in their late forties. I guessed that was why the term MILF was coined.

Soon we all were naked chatting along. I found her breasts were most alluring. It was hard not to stare as their tan globe shapes floated on the surface of the water. Not only were her tits great to look at, the view outside the tub was amazing as well. The hot tub sat on a deck overlooking the lake. A few trees screened their yard from the neighbors to the side, but mostly it was open to the world. The water was warm and the breeze cool.

With just a moment of warning provided by the dog, one of Vicky and Bill’s daughters came around the side of the house with her boyfriend close behind. Opps.

Paula and Vicky ducked down below the surface, but there was no way the boyfriend failed to get an eyeful of Paula & Vicky’s lovely boobs. Though the boyfriend's eyes went wide, the daughter's face just said "again?" There was no doubt this was not the first time she'd caught mom and Dad in the outside tub with another couple. Bill started the bubbles and the water became opaque. They had come by the house to borrow the leaf blower. They stayed and talked for a surprisingly long time, even after the bubble timer stopped. Because she seemed so relaxed, I guessed that the daughter wasn't really offended or mad that her boyfriend saw her mom's tits, but rather she was taken off guard when she'd arrived. The boyfriend made a valiant effort not to stare at Paula and his girlfriend's naked mom in the water, but he was more obvious than he realized. After more than ten minutes, the two younger people left. We all laughed. I could not wonder how would the daughter explain this to her boyfriend?

We sat and talked for another half an hour. For a little while, Paula and Vicky made out and messed with each other, but nothing serious. We then all exited the tub; I volunteered to towel dry the two women as we stood out on the open deck. Of course I took extra time to dry the “good parts”.

We had dinner and talked more. Vicky had been increasingly nice to me as the evening went on, one comment she said got my attention. When I spoke of myself as a grown up geek, she giggled and said “oh, I’ve never had a self-professed geek before.” I almost jumped out of my seat when Vicky (sitting next to me) slid her hand up the leg of my shorts and gripped my penis briefly. After dinner Bill put on some music. Vicky and Paula danced for a while and made out some. As we stood around talking Vicky became more obvious in her interest in me. WOW!!! A first! A woman who Paula is clearly interested in playing with, seems to want me instead.

"Oh, no! What should I do?" was my response. I didn’t know how to play that role.

I nuzzled Vicky’s neck and she responded by purring, and trying to find the fly to my shorts.

A call from Bill’s mother broke the moment. But afterward I stepped out on a limb and suggested we all go back to the hot tub.

Vicky quickly agreed.

I went back out to the deck overlooking the lake and got naked. My penis was fully erect and ready. I must say that having seen a good number of men with hard-ons, I have no reason to feel ashamed. Certainly I'm no porn star, but my erection is bigger than most, so I worked to keep it fully up for Vicky to see. I waited, but no one came out after me. This was actually what I had expected. I knew I had misread all of the cues and was sure Vicky was not following. I felt like a Junior High kid at a dance wondering what to do next.

I manually had to keep my equipment ready, I didn’t want her to see my penis in anything less than its full glory.

Vicky finally came out. She was naked and I was relieved. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me with passion. Paula and Bill came out while I was busy with Vicky. My wife walked by me and the lovely woman as we stood nude, making out with abandon, before she and Bill got into the tub. I'd been the one watching her making out more times than I could remember, but it was the first time she's been the one on just watching the events unfold.

Vicky and I kept kissing. She reached around and began to play with my penis. It was almost too good to believe it was really happening. At that time Paula and I had lived with an open marriage for over ten years, by then she’d had sex with around 40 different men and women. I was quite used to my role as the “3rd Wheel”. But this was the first time I was the one who was desired and she was on the sidelines.

“I want you now!” she whispered in my ear.

She broke the kiss and sat me down in a wicker deck chair, then proceeded to give me a long and delicious blowjob. All the while I could see Paula and Bill watching us from the hot tub as they talked.

When she came up for a break I told her “Fair play” and sat her down in the chair. Now I may have been married to a sex fiend, but I rarely got to eat pussy as Paula is too sensitive to my beard. Vicky had a lovely pussy: small delicate lips with an easily accessed clit. And she tasted great. I licked in her lips and up to her clit. As I worked she moaned and said “You’re experienced in this I see”. Well my cynical self only thought that her words sounded too much like a throw-away compliment, and I really doubted I was all that good. I wanted to believe it was sincere, so I pushed the cynic aside.

I licked and sucked till my tongue was tired. I palmed two fingers into her and worked some more. Taking a break I began to finger fuck her, like Paula likes.

“Not so hard lover” she said.

That was a good sign, she told me what she didn’t like.

I finally stood up and was about to go to the hot tub when she said “Don’t you want to go to my room?”

The couple's bed room was just to our right. It had floor to ceiling windows, like a hot house, giving not the least bit of privacy. Like the deck, it had a direct view of the hot tub and beyond that, the lake. I could see that Paula and Matt were kissing but it didn’t’ look like much else was happening.

My mind raced. The truth was I really wanted to take a break. I was really turned on and needed to cool off some lest I got carried away and end too soon. Also our bag that holds condoms was still in the car. BUT, when a beautiful naked woman is leading me to her bed, it’s hard to say no.

She flopped on her back on the water bed. I followed. We kissed and as we writhed my dick slid into her without me making a concerted effort. I had actually wanted to put off fucking, but well, too late. Soon her legs were wrapped around my waist as I drove my penis in as deep as I could. She responded to my efforts with visible and audible sighs of pleasure. I got even more turned on.

To put off an orgasm, I moved to my knees and pulled her hips up to me. I could see my head penetrate her little lips. I should have known to back off, but I didn’t. I began to slam into her. Her full bodied response was more than I could just ignore. I pulled out and laid her down.

“What’s wrong lover?”

“I’m too turned on, gotta cool off.”

“That’s OK, cum in me.”

I knew that was a no no. Back then although Paula didn’t object to me having sex with other women, she expected me to save my climax for her. But it was too late, I drove my penis back into her and hammered with all my might until I did indeed fill her with my semen.

Afterward, I lay on my back frustrated with myself. I blew it with Vicky by not getting her off first and with Paula because I would not return to the hot tub hard as I knew she expected.

Vicky must have sensed my feelings of failure and when I suggested we go back to the tub she said that was a good idea. In the hot tub Paula and Bill had not had sex, but not out of intent, rather out of miscommunication. I found out later that Bill had asked if he needed a condom. Paula had said "no" meaning she wanted to screw without one, but he misinterpreted her words to mean that she did not want to have sex, even though she did. So, essentially everyone was feeling let down. Everything had gone so right, then it had all gone wrong and I think everyone knew it.

We stayed for another forty-five minutes or so. In the water Vicky and I kissed and I rubbed her thighs, mons and clit. Paula for her part gave Bill a hand job but the moment was lost. Even still, Vicky was still very positive and seemed to like my touch all the same, so I thought, perhaps all was not lost.

When I wrote up the event right after it happened I closed with “Perhaps I’ll get a ‘do-over’”. But that did not happen

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