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Our Decades of Open Marriage: Part 26

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Our Daughter's Friend Vivian

In the summer of 2010, we went to the Estate for the Saturday pool parties about every other weekend. Paula would go up to the playrooms to have sex with men on perhaps one out of three of these days and though I never went in, I got pool side blow jobs about the same number of times. On one particular day it was funny because Paula had gone in to have sex with a guy in the playroom and when she got back I teased her that she’d left me out, so a female friend gave me a blowjob to show my wife what she’d missed. It was all just good fun with no real deep meaning. Though we sometimes had "light sex" mostly we just talked to friends and enjoyed the atmosphere. There is something about relaxing nude around the pool with everyone having a great time. I also could not help notice that after I began losing weight on my diabetic diet, I got more attention from women at The Estate.

In the fall we went to Dragon Con in Atlanta for the third time. For the first time our daughter ( sixteen years-old at the time) and her best friend went with us. Again it was great fun being at a convention of 35,000 geeks. I’d spent months putting several new costumes together for us. Since the Steam Punk takes a much higher level of refinement than Viking wear, I assembled pieces rather than making these outfits from scratch. I made one outfit to present her as an Amazon Corps Airship Pirate with a red see-through shirt made up with various historical pieces and a custom patch I’d designed. The shirt was utterly see thought, so to keep her from being arrested by the Atlanta police, she wore it with small circle shaped Band-Aids over her nipples. With the rest of her breasts completely exposed we knew we were really pushing the boundaries for a “family” event.

One afternoon she also wore the “Xena” outfit I'd made for her for our last trip to DragonCon; and this time she wore nothing under the very short leather skirt of leather strips. Because in the year or two previous her breasts had grown from 34B's to D's I had to rework the top. I made the cups an open basket weave design. It was not until we got home and saw the photos that we realized that most of the time her nipples had been poking through openings in the basket weave.

For another outfit she wore a pair of leather pants and a double breasted leather jacket. She wore nothing under the jacket and only buttoned the bottom button. Again it was not until we got home and looked at our photos that we realized how often her breasts were exposed. She looked amazingly sexy and she got a great deal of attention. I know neither our daughter or her friend were surprised at what "Mom" wore, but I suspect more than a few people who saw the four of us together wondered how a mother could dress like that around her teenage daughter.

All in all it was a great weekend but we were exhausted by the end.

The next weekend we finally worked out to do a fantasy photo-shoot with Paula and Vivian up on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

I must digress from telling of just Paula and I to tell the larger story of our relationship with Vivian so as to tell how we came to have that fun photo shoot. This story spans several years, but it is very much part of our life in an open marriage.

We first met Vivian, when she was twelve years old and came to the house to play with our daughter Misty. She had ridden the school bus with Misty for several years before coming over to the house for the first time. She was a ball of fun and she and Misty got along great.

Vivian was a dancer, she did several kinds of competitive dance types, but she was best at “Clogging”. I didn’t even know what clogging was at the time. She was very good and as part of an elite dance team she traveled most weekends, so she was not an everyday personage at our house. All the same Paula slowly became a surrogate mother to the teenager. Vivian lived with her grandmother who was sweet, but very old fashioned. Her mother lived in town, but rarely came to see her daughter. I am convinced that Vivian’s maternal abandonment drove much of her later sexual behavior and haunts her to this day.

By the time Misty and Vivian were upper classmen in high school, they had gone mostly their separate ways but Vivian continued to come over to spend time with Paula though she did come to our place for Misty's parties and such.

We, as our readers know, do not make a great effort to hide who we are. Vivian was envious of the photos of Paula on out bedroom walls (lingerie, topless and nude) and began to ask about getting nudes taken of her. We told her that that was fine, and I would take all the nude photos she wanted…..the day after she turned 18. We might be sexual radicals but we know the law!

When she was sixteen she asked for some sexy glamour photos even if they could not be nude. Our daughter and I took her to Falls Park, right downtown which sports a nice waterfall. I suggested she wear a light solid colored dress, and not to wear any bra or panties because I planned on shooting her in the water and those things would show through. She wore a white dress, but it was polyester, not cotton so I knew it would not turn overly sheer. Still, I knew we were pushing the boundaries of her age with the wet clingy dress, but was quite sure I was not exceeding them. Misty also used my camera to get photos of her friend. She, not Dad, shot the best (and sexiest) photos of the day. That is because though I could have shot similar photos, I chose not to.

Misty shot several photos of Vivian posing in such a way that the loose neckline allowed a direct view of her breasts in their entirety. She also shot a set with Vivian laying on a rock with her short skirt pushed up far enough to show her neatly trimmed pubic hair. Both sets of photos would technically be legal as art, but still I would not have shot them. Of course Vivian loved all the photos we took.

By the that fall Vivian decided she was a nudist. She told us how she had started to go completely nude around her house (when grandpa was not home) and lay out in her little back yard just to enjoy the sun on her naked body. She told us how her 60 something year old grandmother was a little shocked with her nudity in the house and even more in the back yard since they did not have a privacy fence. But much to Vivian's happiness, her grandmother showed herself to be tolerant, even mildly supportive of her granddaughter's explorations. Likely the grandmother had learned the hard way with Vivian's mother that trying to strictly control teenagers is a losing and counterproductive exercise.

When she visited us, Vivian enjoyed looking at our photos from the nude beaches and she got Paula to promise to take her to the nude pool at the swing club for an 18th birthday present. She was disappointed when Paula found that the age limit at the club was twenty-one due to alcohol issues.

In the couple of years before she turned eighteen Vivian became more direct in her questions about our lifestyle. One day, we had taken her to Waffle House for lunch and she just casually asked “Have you guys ever had a threesome?”

As an additional side item, that is not the first time we’ve had a young person ask us that. The readers will remember I had been a minister working with youth. Well a few years after we had moved to the South-east, one of our former students was down visiting relatives. She had been married for about two years by then and I’m not sure how she knew to ask, but she, like Vivian, just asked outright “Have you guys ever done a threesome? My husband and I are thinking about it.”

So, when Vivian asked, Paula had no trouble answering “Yes we have, more than a few times”, and when the follow-up questions were about what she and other women did in bed, Paula continued to answer.

Vivian went through a couple of boyfriends before she tried a Sapphic relationship. Several years later we found out, not surprisingly, the first girl with whom she made-out was our daughter. After she had her first full sexual experience with a girl, she told us that she was a lesbian. Paula and I encouraged her not to label herself or put herself in a box, but for a year or so she continued to call herself a lesbian even as she was having sexual experiences with older guys. Paula made sure she was using due diligence regarding sexual safety.

Her 18th birthday fell on a Friday; I know that because her birthday is exactly one week from Misty’s. Both Misty and Vivian started 1st grade at six years old, so they both turned eighteen at the beginning of the summer before their senior year of high-school. As it turned out both of their senior years were marked by more “adult” behavior than is normally associated with high school students. Even before Misty had turned eighteen, her boyfriend was living with her in our home; and Vivian….well let me continue the story.

On Saturday, the day after her 18th birthday Vivian came by the house and after a few minutes asked about photos. We were not surprised. She and I went back into the woods behind our house, a place I had shot nudes of several women before. After some “normal” shots, I asked her to take off her top and then her bra.

She loved the feeling, and when I said to “lose the pants and panties” she was giddy. She said several times that she had never been nude out in nature like this. She said it was so exciting especially around a male adult. We took some very nice photos, she reminded me of a wood nymph. I told her that in future years she would treasure the photos as the memory of her 18th birthday. I think I know quite a few women who, would jump at the chance to go back to their 18th birthday to go frolicking nude through the forest.

Her slim figure made for surprisingly innocent, non-sexual photos. Her years as a dancer gave her far more body awareness than most first time nude models have. She struggled with her facial expressions and I had to work to guide her to relax her face for the camera. That was something new to her. There was one huge problem though: mosquitoes! I was fully dressed and wasn’t really being bothered, but she, unknown to me, was being eaten alive. She finally brought it up and when I came near and looked at her she was bitten all over. Thus her first nude photos shoot ended in pain.

After she saw the photos, she wanted to make some improvements so a few weeks later; she was again naked in the woods behind our house. This time she was doused in bug spray.

That set turned out wonderfully. A couple of those photos are among the best images I’ve ever made. After her second shoot, she Paula and I sat and talked. Vivian asked if we would go with her to a job interview: as a topless dancer.

And so it was, the next Saturday we went with her to a local club and we sat at a table as our “other daughter” auditioned in nothing but a g-string. She was really nervous. It was one thing to strip for my photos, it was something quite different to do so on a stage with dozens of people watching. She did two “rounds” and so we were there for over an hour as girls came and went on the stage. With her years of dance training she was great, better in her movements than those who were already working there. The assistant manager was being very pleasant and asked if we were her parents. We thought that was very funny, but a natural assumption.

So the summer before her senior year, our daughter’s friend, Paula’s protégé, became a stripper. So she was a good high school student, active in the drama club, busy with her competitive dance team and… giving nearly naked lap dances a couple of nights a week.

She kept the two worlds separate until one night, she sees her history teacher standing at the edge of the stage with a bill for her. That creeped her out, especially when he wanted a “private” dance. It was uncomfortable for her when she went to class the next Monday, but in time he kept coming to the club and learned to relax when he was there. He tipped her well and he became one of her best regulars.

Though I might not have mentioned it, several years before this event, my wife had asked for a stripper pole for the living room. So for seven years, our kid’s teenage friends knew that our house was the house with a stripper pole (and the nearly nude photos of the mom hanging in the hallway). When Vivian got her new job, she came to our place and practiced quite a bit on Paula's pole. When she would come over we would tell Lamar to play on his computer in his room for a while. He never asked why. If he only knew what was happening upstairs. To be fair, he was used to being told to say in his room as I shot nude photos in the house. Something else began at this time. Paula and Vivian began getting physical. Sometimes when sitting on the couch they would begin to hold and caress one another. By the end of that summer they were kissing for extended periods and their caresses included touching one another's tits.

One day Paula and I were sitting on the couch talking to Vivian as she practiced a new pole trick in just her thong. Misty and the same friend who went with us to Dragoncon, (who also knew Vivian from school) walked up the stairs and saw not only their classmate nearly nude on the pole, but Paula and I watching her. We knew the other girl was sexually active so it was not like she was going to attack Vivian, but her eyes sure got big for a moment.

The club where Vivian went to work was popular with many of the swinger couples with whom we interacted at the time. She was attracted to couples our age and began to meet them after work. She began spending a good many weekends in bed with our friends. One Sunday afternoon Vivian comes over to the house and plops down on the couch. The night before, she had been with a couple with whom we had several dates and proceeds to tell us “He eats pussy like a mother fucker!” We asked what she meant, was this good or bad? She told us he was great and he had eaten her until she just couldn’t stand anymore. Her pattern was that she went home with married couples, our age, and had sex with both the wife and husband. Though she dated several couples, she spent a half a year as the “secondary” in a poly relationship with some good friends of ours. So, Vivian had fully entered our world before she had turned nineteen.

Paula would also go to her club from time to time because she liked us to come see her dance. Sometimes I would go too, but more often Paula went by herself or with friends. I have never been a fan of strip clubs. When there, Vivian would often be all over Paula, and one night (when I was not with her) a man paid to watch Vivian give a “private dance” to Paula. My wife told me that in the back room, they both got completely naked and the ate each other out in front of the man. Paula doesn’t like to admit it, but sometimes she does like to perform for an audience.

The fact they gave each other oral sex in the club’s back room was not an isolated event. At our house, Paula and Vivian had slowly progressed from just sitting and kissing on our couch to spending time in our bed. They had already begun to get each other off with their hands when they were paid to give each other oral sex at the club. There was no question that they were becoming lovers. Paula was clear that she wanted to have a full night of sex with Vivian soon, probably that week.

After that, I did something I had never done before. I told my wife she must stop having sex with someone she was clearly in love with. I told her that Vivian was not yet nineteen and she was in high school and it was not right for her to have sex with Vivian….yet. I knew that had I not put a stop to it that Vivian would have soon been spending the night in our bed the way she already did with our friends. And unlike our friends, we had a deep commitment to her well-being, and thus the relationship would have been much more serious. So, I told her that I thought she should wait till Vivian was twenty before they became lovers.

Paula saw what I was saying and agreed. As far as I know, since then she has never had oral sex with Vivian, though they continued to snuggle and kiss.

I continued to shoot nude sessions with Vivian as she has grown up. With her I was able to try out a good many new methods and a variety of locations. The most daring was a shoot right in the center of a major public university. We shot a number of photos with her just in a long coat and boots, but it was when she posed fully nude in the amphitheater that sits right in front of the library that is most memorable (even if the photos were less than stellar).

In the spring of 2010, using the portfolio I’d made for her, Vivian began her modeling career.

This leads up to the fall of 2010, Paula arranged for a man she knows (a body builder) to pose as Conan with she and Vivian dressed as warrior women. We went up to the mountains to shoot but he was not able to come due to a last minute family issue. Since we had already driven to Asheville, we decided to shoot with just the two girls. We drove up to a spot I love to shoot, but when we got there, it was not deserted as we had expected. Like I said it’s a great place to shoot, the top of the Blue Ridge with a scenic view for 360° and no trees in the way. Well, someone else knew what a great location it was. A country music video was being made in the very place we planned to shoot. There must have been fifty people there along with the production gear.

Paula and Vivian got into their skimpy outfits and, covered their boobs with cloaks and up the trail we went anyway. At first we tried to be modest, but gave up. So the topless photos of Paula and Vivian sword fighting, were shot in front of a live audience. But…. the men were really nice and encouraged my models to ham it up. It turned out to be a very good day shooting.

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Nice story. I'm guessing that Heather in Final Freedom, and her relationship with the Campbells', is an idealization of Vivian and her relationship with you and Paula.



she is gorgeous

Professor Polyamory
Professor Polyamory

I'll let her know you said so. She might be coming by tomorrow.



A great evolution of a beautiful young woman. Just one adjustment: The "She" in the second sentence is unknown to the reader. It is only later we discover it was Paula. Well done.

Professor Polyamory
Professor Polyamory

Thanks for the input. I'll fix that. That lack of antecedent might show up from time to time since they would not be necessary if it were not chopped up like this.

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