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Our Decades of Open Marriage: Part 27

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

I Take Photos of Our Hotel Threesome

In January of 2011 we had a very strange encounter to say the least.

An open relationship is always fraught with potential difficulties, especially when one strays from previously agreed upon points.

After an enjoyable, but uneventful party Saturday night, Paula had set up a dinner date with a man she’d been speaking to that week via the internet and phone. As she usually does, she wanted me to come with her on this “first date”.

We met at a local sports bar & grill in the late afternoon. The man was, well…. not someone that I would have picked out. With the risk of sounding like a snob, he was… well….. not the kind of guy we usually meet up with. Not that I think I am better than the common laborer, but, I felt like I had no point of contact with the guy. It was like we spoke different languages.

Paula had been out shopping before, so we had two cars and I left before she and he were finished. On the way home I’d decided to tell Paula that he was not someone I felt comfortable with her seeing. But, that was not to be the case. She calls me and says to get cleaned up and we were to meet him at the Red Roof Inn at 6:00. Surprise!

Ever since her couple of “wild years”, Paula had been adamant that she would not have sex on the first date again. And, over the past few years she’d done just that. In the prior couple of years she had a number of short term love affairs, but she had waited until they had weeks or even months of regular contact before she went to bed with them. Now, this was a guy she'd only spoken to on the phone this past week, and until a few hours ago, she'd not ever been with him in person. Now I was in a pickle. Do I tell her that I’m not comfortable with this? Or should I just go along?

She seemed excited, so I did not tell her my bad feelings about this whole thing. Paula even asked me what was wrong, when I didn’t seem enthused, but I did not tell her. She told me to bring the camera, and I thought that might be a way to seem interested.

It was the first time for us to meet a guy at a hotel, together.

We checked into the local Red Roof Inn.

It was then I found out he was a regular there (evidently with other women which gave me more discomfort), and he told us that he had been kicked out at one point for some undisclosed behavior. Clearly Paula couldn’t see the red flags. It was not a disaster, but could have been.

SO--- we went into the motel room.

It was small but had a king sized bed. The guy’s name was Rob. Paula told us that she wanted to take a quick shower before we got busy. So while she did so, I set up my camera. Rob took off all of his clothes, just as calm as you please and without a word to me. He was lean, in that manual labor kind of lean (as opposed to muscle bound) – and me, well, I’m not lean to say the least.

Paula asked from the bathroom “should I get into by bra and panty set?” Seeing this guy naked with an almost full erection already, I told her “No, I don’t think so.”

So she comes out in her birthday suit.

He smiles.

I got a drink from my Coke Zero.

She sat on the bed next to him, and they start up without any preliminaries.

He kissed her all over, took each breast in his mouth suckling them clearly to Paula's delight. Then he inched down and buried his face between her legs. She writhed and moaned.

I went over, stood by the bed leaned, and began to kiss her as she enjoyed what he was doing. After a while, I laid down beside her and we held hands. This went on for quite a while. It was actually a very sweet moment.

After she'd climaxed for the first time, he guided her to all fours. This was also something I'd never seen. This guy clearly expected her to do as he instructed and she was clearly going to follow his lead. I figured that since he'd already gotten her off she was more than willing to go along with what he wanted.

He took a dildo from his bag and lubed it up before sliding in it. For the longest time he used the dildo and his fingers on her and she was constantly moaning in pleasure. At some point she asked me to turn around so she could suck my dick he did her. Of course I complied. We went on like this for a quite a while. When she jerked her head up and groaned, I knew he’d gotten it just right. Her orgasm convinced me that this guy really knew what he was doing.

Well, to spare you of nearly an hour of repetitiveness, this went on in different fashions and she climaxed several times before he slid on a condom and began to fuck her. Now, he said he’s 8” long, but I didn’t buy it, still his tool was impressive and longer than me. Later Paula said, “I don’t know how long he was but he filled me up.”

Another half an hour of play went by. I took some photos of Rob fucking Paula. He might not have been my choice for our first three-some in a hotel with a man, but he certainly knew what he was doing and his long penis going in and out made for good photos.

Paula was in ecstasy.

Later I asked her how many times she had climaxed, but she couldn’t remember, she just knew it was more than ten.

He went on to do her doggie style while she alternated between sucked my cock and just laid with her head on my lap to enjoy the pleasure. It was, interestingly, a beautiful moment for the two of us, almost as if he were a living sex toy we were playing with. Feeling her shake with each thrust was something I had not anticipated and found very sexy. When she was sucking my dick, I just had to be careful because Paula has a tendency to bite when she climaxes, and she was doing that a lot. It was the first time I'd seen her orgasm from fucking (as opposed to direct stimulation of her clit.

All in all, I very much enjoyed watching her enjoy herself. It was the first time I'd really gotten to just sit back and watch her enjoy sex with another guy. We'd talked about the advantage of a threesome over a foursome, and it was panning out as we expected. I liked how I did not feel under pressure to perform like I did with foursomes.

The only problem was he was a little too much “in charge” for my taste. I just didn't like the way he told her what to do rather than ask or suggest.

Finally, he tired out, but significantly had not cum. He said it was my turn. I knew I would not, could not, outlast this guy and I had been happy to be the passive partner. But what was I to do? Refuse to fuck my own wife? Prior to that night I had never had sex with her just after she'd had another guy's dick in her. On a number of occasions we had done it right after she’d come home after having sex on a date. But each time that was at least an hour after they had actually finished fucking. Now there was one time she had a friend who was very thick, and when we played after she had gotten home, she was always so loose it was hard to even feel her. The times we’d had foursomes, I had not done her after she’d done it with the man. This was to be the first time I’d put my penis into her only seconds after another guy took his out.

So, I saddled up behind her. It was visibly obvious she'd been having sex an there was something uniquely sexy about sliding my dick in when her lips were still shaped from his cock. The nice thing was, though he was longer than me, I was bigger around and so she was only moderately loose.

No sooner than I'd enjoyed the sight and feel of entering her than he stepped in front of her and she took his cock into her mouth greedily. I knew she was really, really turned on by this. I worked up a nice rhythm, hard, but not so hard as to make sucking his dick difficult for her. Soon however, I realized he was watching me to see what I could do. For the first time since we got to the hotel I felt pressured to look “good.”

Because the wall to our right was a mirror, I could see her from the side doing him while I was doing her. It was an amazing sight and as we went on, I felt good about my performance. Soon however I realized the question was, how long could I keep all that going without cumming? Watching her suck his cock while I fucked her in doggie was sensory overload. I was rather pleased to last a good ten minutes before I just couldn’t resist anymore and filled my wife with semen. But my dick stayed relatively hard and unwilling to admit I'd already cum, I kept banging until I was totally out of breath. So, unwilling to die of a heart attack in a motel with some strange guy, I rolled over onto my back.

Well, he didn’t miss a beat. How he got the condom on so fast I don't know, but no longer than it took me to take a place laying beside Paula, he had already pushed his dick all the way into her. While I lay beside her and watched and listened as he slammed into her, I tried to catch my breath. Paula looked over and asks “What’s that white stuff on your dick? I’m I discharging something?”

I shook my head. “It’s my cum”

“Oh” she nods and smiles as he drove it home again, causing her tits to swing with the impact.

To give them room (and to get a better view), I moved to the chair beside the bed. I watched for a while as his long penis displaced my semen, making a mess on her and him and the bed. It was visibly on her ass and thighs as well as on his pelvis. When a large drop fell to the bed I thought of the phrase "sloppy seconds." At least in this case it was mighty sloppy, and I loved seeing it. Later she told me she really liked the feeling of him fucking her after I'd cum in her and she could feel my semen going everywhere.

I took more photos but eventually I went to the bathroom to clean myself up. They kept going.

Now, here was the problem. From all visible signs he would go on for hours more. Our sex play was already pushing two hours. What was I to do? I thought how this is one of the reasons why it is better to play with friends. I didn’t know this guy, we couldn’t make light of all this like we might if we were buddies. I felt like a third wheel with nothing to do.

Finally he took a bathroom break and I told Paula that I was ready to go. She did not disagree since she was completely spent. He might be able to fuck till dawn, but she'd reached her limit. She told him she was both sated and exhausted and that we needed to head home since I had to be at work early the next morning. And so the strange night came to a close.

So—How did I feel the next evening when I chronicled these events? On one hand, it confirmed our previous rule of only playing with people who are first friends before we move to sex. Had this guy been a friend of ours, it would have been much better for us both. Second, it also confirmed for the first time, my idea that sharing our bed with a man would be something that would work for both Paula and I. It was fun seeing Paula have fun without me being under pressure to please the man's wife as it was with foursomes. Overall it was very much an event for us as a couple. The man was little more than a “toy”, so to that extent it was a success.

But perhaps what I didn’t expect is to feel quite so …… outclassed. Without a doubt this guy was very good at what he was doing and had all the right equipment as well. For days I pondered on why that bothered me? I finally came to the conclusion that I should look at the experience the same way we would if she went to a tennis pro. A tennis pro by definition would be way out of my league in tennis, but that doesn’t mean he’d be a better husband.

Like all things that day was just part of the journey. We found some things that were right for us and some things that were not. So we learned and went on expanding our open marriage. A few days later Paula and I talked. We agreed with the lessons learned…… and she asked if I minded her taking up a male friend’s offer to spend the whole night with him in a couple of weeks. I said that was fine. We had reached a new plateau in our open marriage.

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Nov 08, 2021

I've come to think of you and Paula as having sprung erotically wise from Zeus's brow. It's interesting to read about a learning moment in your story.

Replying to

Oh, there have been lots and lots of learning moments. Sometimes I actually learn and other times I have to be taught the same lesson again....and again.

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