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Our Decades of Open Marriage: Part 34

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

I Shoot Vivian’s Wedding

In June of 2011 Vivian brought her new girlfriend to our house. She wanted us to meet her girlfriend. We were quite surprise that the girlfriend was a very attractive, highly educated professional, forty-year-old woman. Perhaps we should not have been surprised in that we knew full well all her long-term relationships had been with couples our age (one of whom was a friend of ours). So, the fact she was in a serious on-on-one relationship with this woman was consistent with the kind of people she had dated in the past. Vivian wanted to know if I could shoot photos of them together. They wanted "natural" type photos, so we went into the woods behind the house. I shot a whole series of them fully clothed, then just casually asked if they wanted any nudes.

I had not meant to be presumptuous, but the woman was clearly not ready for that question. They had a talk then the woman wanted my assurances that I would not put the photo with her face on the internet. She said "I'm not shy, but I hold a very public job." I told her that I never post photos without prior permission and most of the people I've shot in the nude I've never posted, nor will I. Vivian let her know I could be trusted on this, so they undressed. I shot their nude photos in a couple of locations in the woods and along the creek. They were very happy with the results.

They dated for an entire year and the next spring they asked me if I could shoot their wedding in May. At the time same-sex marriages were not legally valid in South Carolina, but that did not keep them from having everything except the license. Vivian’s wife, Patricia , had the political pull to get the senior judge from the county court to preside over the event. Not a Justice of the Peace, but a County Criminal Court Judge. (Note: when the Supreme Court legalized same sex marriages, the same judge signed The marriage license).

The wedding was beautiful. It was held in the million dollar lakefront home of one of Patricia 's friends. I did the whole wedding package, just like any other wedding except there were two beautiful brides.

One difference was when shooting the "casual" pre-wedding photos I had a lot more liberty. I even shot photos of Vivian getting dressed. Well, I mean before she got dressed, in the nude. I must say those wedding photos are the best I’ve ever done. It is amazing how beautiful an “all-girl” wedding can be. As usual I shot the reception afterward.

After their two families had left and only friends remained, both brides jumped right in the swimming pool fully clothed. Everyone laughed, but when in the water they took off their wet clothes there were several gasps. The brides were not concerned, but went for a nude swim and then had some poolside sex play.

There was no doubt that more than a few of the remaining guests were shocked and titillated. Though most of the people knew that Vivian worked as a topless dancer, they were by an large upstanding citizens who'd never seen anything like this before. As the sun set, however, a number of the remaining guests were skinny dipping with the two brides. All through this I continued to shoot. The guests by that time had a good deal to drink and were all too happy to have me shoot them. So I stood on the side of the pool and shot down into the now-dark water. The couples looked up at me with big smiles. It was not till I got the photos home that I realized that my very nice TTL Nikon Speed-flash, showed in detail that several of these professional couples were actually fucking right in public when I shot them. I had not seen this before because it was much too dark to see, but my cool camera/flash caught it all.

As the night wore on Vivian asked me to shoot some glamour photos of her by the pool. She said she wanted her friends to see how it worked. When I was done shooting her, I looked back into the pool, and Vivian's new bride was very obviously fucking the man who owned the home. I knew that both brides were bisexual and I'd heard hints that they routinely had foursomes (or more-somes) with this couple, but to watch her with her legs wrapped around his waist fucking him in the pool in front of everyone was a shock even to me. Vivian wasn't fazed and just jumped into the water and put her arms around her new bride and kissed her while Patricia continued to ride up and down on the homeowner's penis.

All this while, the majority of the guests did not get undressed, but simply watched in amazement at things going on in front of them that they'd never imagined real people did. Finally I was done shooting and I stripped down and joined the fun. At one point when Vivian’s new wife was out of the water, she made a point to tell Paula that she did not want their marriage to come between the relationship she had with Christian. She made it clear that they were free to have sex if they wanted to. Shortly before we left, Vivian tried to get Paula to get naked and play with her in the water, but for some reason she did not. Later, on the way home I found out why.

We packed up around 11:00 PM because Paula had to be at work early the next morning. On the way home I mentioned to her that I was surprised she hadn't dragged one particular man off to a side bedroom and fuck his brains out since she had told me how hot she found him. She laughed and said "What makes you think I didn't?" Then she told me that she had indeed fucked the man just after Vivian had tried to get her to go skinny dipping. That was why she did not do it, she was about to go have sex.

With all the activities going on, I had missed it entirely. While I had been shooting photos of the skinny dipping party, she and the handsome middle-aged man had slipped off to one of the guest bedrooms and done the deed bareback). Noting this was not one of the skinny-dipping couples, I asked if his wife had known they had done that. Paula said "No. She had no idea."

As soon as we got home I pulled off her clothes and put my tongue in her recently semen-filled vagina. Though I found the semen was no longer inside her, I found her entire vulva was quite sticky. I surmised that her panties had caught the semen and smeared it all over while preventing it from drying. No wonder she wanted to go home, her panties were a gooey mess. So as I worked on her, I was definitely licking his cum off of her inner and outer lips as well as all over her pubic mound. I will confess it was hot both cleaning her up and then fucking her after she'd had an illicit rendezvous.

Though it was clear the sticky stuff I'd licked off and swallowed had been the man's semen, I was surprised how it had no particular taste. It was not until I’d gone down on her (and other women) several times, minutes after other guys had ejaculated; I learned that (contrary to what you read in porn) some guys just don’t leave any discernible taste. I also learned that when a woman has sex then gets dressed, the combination of semen and vaginal fluid does not just go away, but rather it gets spread all over her vulva and stays moist and sticky for hours. Again, something one does not read in erotica by those who have never actually done the things about which they are writing.

All in all it was quite the event and yet, we missed the finale. The next day Vivian called to tell us that we'd left too early. Our departure was followed almost immediately by most of those who had not gone skinny dipping. The remaining people went inside for a full-on orgy that lasted most of the night. Significantly the orgy included couples from her wife's work that had never before had sex outside their marriage. Literally everyone fucked everyone. Vivian said it would have been a night to remember, even if it hadn't been her wedding night. The only think she regretted was that Paula and I weren't there to be part of it.

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Fantastic narrative of a beautiful wedding. If only more of our population could see and participate in a celebration of life like that.


Feb 18, 2022

This may contain the most touching passage by The Professor I've read. "Significantly the orgy included couples from her wife's work that had never before had sex outside their marriage." I was educated by illiterate Irish nuns, terrible, sadistic women, but oddly enough, the only subject to which I paid alert attention was Catechism. I can still remember a lot of it, but I wish I had a copy of the little book. Marriage is one of the seven sacraments. (The others are The Eucharist, Penance, Baptism, Holy Orders, Extreme Unction, and Confirmation.) The Baltimore Catechism defined sacrament as "an outward sign, instituted by Christ, to give grace." The Anglican catechism defines sacrament as "an outward and visible sign …


Feb 18, 2022

Timing is everything and bad timing is... It is a pity you missed out on the orgy. Just goes to show, when people are ready to throw caution to the wind and indulge in pleasure, it will happen. Your pictures of Vivian and her wife are beautiful. Thank you for sharing this episode in your lives.

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