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Our Decades of Open Marriage: Part 36

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

We Have a Foursome in the Resort Playhouse

Three weeks after our first trip to Timberline Lodge as professional photographers, Paula and I went back. On Friday night we arrived too late to do any shooting, but we did set of the studio lights for shooting the next day. Afterward we went to the poolside dance party. It was a swinger friendly nudist resort not a swing club, so while sexy play and nudity was encouraged, normally, public sex was confined to the Playhouse. About midnight, Paula dragged me over to meet a woman that she’d met on the dance floor. She let me know that she very much wanted to take her to the Playhouse. As an afterthought, my wife asked me to bring my camera to get photos. This was a real treat because cameras are forbidden at places like this, but as the “staff photographer” I had permission.

Before we could even make it to the play house they decided to take a nude swim together. Not surprisingly the swim became a make-out and sex-play session.

After their swim, they, stark naked, walked hand in hand to the play house with me and the other woman’s husband following. At the playhouse, since they were already naked, the woman wasted no time in diving down between Paula’s legs. While her husband just sat to the side and watched them; I switched on my studio lights (which we had set up upon our arrival at Timberline) and began composing and shooting photos.

After a long while of the wives going at it, the woman asked if her husband could join. Paula readily agreed. Once his dick was in Paula’s mouth, the woman looked over to me and asked when I was going to fuck her. Though I was enjoying shooting photos of the threesome, I did not want to seem rude. So I mounted up behind the woman who was on all fours, as she ate out my wife and my wife sucked her husband’s dick. I shot a few photos from my vantage point as I slowly stroked my dick in and out of the randy woman. That was a first: shooting photos while having sex.

However, hot as that scene might seem, I had recently come to the realization that I really didn’t have a great desire to fuck women that I do not know. I know that sounds very “un-manly” but I really would have rather fucked Paula, and evidently my dick agreed as it never got completely hard. So though I was giving her full strokes, it felt like I just gave her a lackluster fuck. I don't think I did her for more than ten minutes before I went back to shooting. Her husband didn’t have any such concerns and Paula was ready to be fucked. Once I set back up to shoot more photos I just caught Paula lowering herself down on his erection. I shot a nice set of photos of Paula riding him while his wife sat on his face.

This went on for quite a while since Paula loves to be on top like that. I was so focused on shooting that I hadn't realized people were arriving until the room was full of people watching me shoot photos of the three of them. I was still new to the resort, so it was unusual for the spectators to see the studio lights and photographer shooting in the Playroom. They moved and Paula went to her back. The woman went back down on my wife and she told her husband to fuck her while she enjoyed tasting Paula. I adjusted the lights, but since the main lights were on in the room my lighting did not have the same dramatic effect as it did when I did formal shoots. Additionally, while Paula and the couple were using the center bed, other couples had begun to use several of the four other beds in the room. All this limited my flexibility as a photographer. All of that was not the biggest hindrance to getting artistic photos though. I knew full well if I tried to give them directions while Paula was having such a great time, I'd pay a price for that later. Better forgo an artistic opportunity than have an unhappy wife.

So I did the best I could as my wife went to all fours on top of the woman so they could do sixty-nine while the husband fucked Paula hard. When the husband ejaculated into Paula he was done but my wife was not. She asked the other woman if she’d ever tried fisting. She hadn’t so Paula proceeded to teach her how to fist her. I don’t think she ever really got it as she only used her four fingers and never the whole fist as Paula wanted.

All came out well enough as Paula had a whole series of great orgasms. Once they were done, the woman wanted me to fuck her good, but both Paula and I were too tired to go on. The woman got me to promise I'd "fuck her silly" first thing in the morning, which I agreed to do.

The next morning we looked for the couple, but they had checked out early because of a business issue to which the wife needed to attend. I will confess, I was not hurt that I did not have to make good on my promise. That might sound odd, but it is true.

We stayed busy all day with one paid photo session early on Saturday and then later that morning we shot a few more sets of staff photos for the resort's use.

In particular I needed photos of casual nudity for the resort's website. So I rounded up some volunteers of both guests and staff and we staged a number of photos of naked women around the facilities. When I didn't have a good model to volunteer, I just volunteered Paula.

On my last visit I'd shot some romantic, but not overtly sexual nude photos of one of the bartender's and her new husband. When I showed them the photos I had taken of the other couple having real sex they pointed out they had not gotten any photos of them actually doing it. They told me that they had just pretended before. They said they thought sex photos were not on the agenda. So they asked if I could shoot them again this time with “real” sex.

I agreed so after lunch we all went down to the Playhouse/studio to shoot them for a second time.

Since I'd had time to analyze what had worked in the prior week's photos and the couple too having been through the process before; the second photos were significantly better than the first.

Once again we had spectators to the photo shoot. That was one of the unique things about shooting at Timberline. Not only did I have spectators, as I shot there over the next two years, on many occasions I had couples having sex in the other beds while I shot photos for my clients. A second unusual thing was that at Timberline I shot in the nude. It is the only place I ever did so, but it did impact the images.

This time one of the regulars at the club watched the whole photo set and asked about shooting her as well. She had no problem finding a guy to play co-model and that photo set was excellent. While the first time I shot in Timberline's Playhouse I found if I was not careful I would accidentally shoot myself in the mirrors; this time I did so intentionally in a few frames so as to give the photo some sense of being shot at the nudist resort. After we’d finished shooting, Paula and I were both exhausted and took a break in the swimming pool. Since I had my camera I asked a staffer to shoot us in the water.

That photo shoot went well as did the shots of two other staff members that I’d not shot in June. I particularly liked a set of photos I did with one of the women wearing a Panzer SS uniform I’d brought; however, I got some flack about using a Nazi uniform later.

It was the July 4th weekend, so there was a fun (and funny) parade around the grounds before a big barbeque. Everyone had a great time. As part of the festivities one, of the women played the role of a naughty nurse and I ended up getting a nice blow job right in the clubhouse with several dozen on-lookers.

Let me take a short detour to tell about the "naughty nurse." She was, in fact, a Registered Nurse. She was in her late fifties but had spent nearly all her life as a very conservative Catholic. At forty-eight years old she'd had only one sexual partner, her husband who had left her a few years before for a younger woman.

Her change in life was precipitated by a house fire from which she had barely escaped with her life. Laying in the hospital, her home and possessions gone, she began to think hard about what she wanted out of the remaining years of her life. She told me how being pulled from her home by the fireman had given her a sense that she had been given a second chance by God. She concluded that God did not want her to spend her time locked up and alone, but to experience all life had to offer.

Soon after she got out of the hospital, she took her first lover and within a year she was active in the swinger's scene. She found a an entirely new life through high volume casual sex. She was a regular at Timberline where she gave seminars aimed at couples visiting the resort for the first time who were considering non-monogamy. She of course was of the "fuck your brains out while you can" position, while at the same time (like me and Paula) retaining her Christian identity. To her sex was a gift from God and it was wrong to waste it. Paula had presence of mind to pick up my camera and shoot photos of the nurse "examining" my erection (with her mouth).

That night, during the dance party, I watched how it was quite normal for men and women at Timberline to start dancing with people other than their spouses, then go down to the Playhouse, and then come back after they'd had a round of sex. Almost always they would first go talk to their spouse (or significant other) and sometimes give them a kiss before they'd order a drink and go on as if they'd never left. This was different than I’d seen at other swing clubs where sex nearly always was the last event for people. I thought that this was a much more healthy way to approach sex at an adult resort such as this.

This was exactly how Paula got laid that night by a good looking guy. She was dancing with him for some time. He made no effort to hide the fact he was playing with her. First he put his hand into her top to play with her tits; and then I watched him put his hand under her mini-skirt and finger her right on the dance floor. This led directly to the two of them heading down to the Playhouse.

According to Paula they went right to screwing once they got there. They were not alone though, several other beds had couples and threesomes while they engaged in high energy fucking. Not much more than a half an hour later, they came back to the club house. They were both sweaty and flushed, and everyone who cared to look could tell they had just had sex. But at Timberline, the environment was such that sex on and off during the day or during the evening club party was not treated as some finale, but rather just a normal part of the ongoing activities.

I did not have sex that night though. I danced with and kissed a couple of women, but never asked one to go to the Playhouse or our room in the lodge. I just have never been very good at “closing the deal”, if I have sex with others it is because someone else makes it happen, not because I do.

All in all it was a fun and productive weekend. Paula had sex with two men and a woman and I had gotten a public blow job and opportunity to work on my photo skills. When we got home Sunday afternoon I had several weeks worth of photos to edit.

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I even had a badge around my neck that said "Staff Photographer.


It’s rather uncommon to allow a photographer inside a nudist resort where publicly making love is not that special. At the resort where I go to, twice a year, the Ran de Chabrier in the south of France, it’s strictly forbidden and you most likely will be lynched when they catch you, even when the management gave permission. Nevertheless, I find pictures and movies once in a while, on the internet, xhamster and that sort of locations, from that beautiful resort. I go there again the last two weeks of June.

Replying to

I can't get over thinking on the world of difference between the South of France were you go and the hillbilly country of Tennessee where Timberline Lodge (now Pandora's Forest) is located. Like a different planet.


Mar 19, 2022

I like the story of the Naughty Nurse. The escape from her burning house precipitated her change, but the desire for a wider sexual experience must have been brewing for a long time. How many of us are like that?


Mar 19, 2022

What a hot weekend at Timberline. An official person with a camera can get in anywhere as long as the subject is fascinating. It is interesting that you couldn't "close the deal" with women you didn't know that well, but Paula could. Thank you for sharing your life on this site.

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