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Our Decades of Open Marriage: Part 38

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

A Trip To the Lodge Doesn't Go as Planned

We were scheduled to go back to Timberline Lodge on Labor Day of 2012; however, just before Paula and I were to leave home, she began throwing up. Since I had promised Dianne I was coming, she was counting on me being there to shoot photos, so I had to go. Thus I made a second trip by myself. I was not a happy camper, but of course Paula could not help being sick.

For the second time I found out why it is such a drag being one of the dreaded “single males” at a couples oriented resort. On Friday night, while most people at the resort were at the party, I mostly sat at a quiet outside table and worked on my doctoral dissertation. Even though I would not be defending my dissertation till the next spring, the project was already wearing on me.

My “girlfriend” Rachael again really wanted to come down to Timberline so we could spend the weekend together. On the phone, she went on and on how she wanted to make passionate love to me. But though her car was running, she was concerned it would not make the four hour trip. Like me, she was back in school and money was really tight. Although we had a fun session of phone sex, still I was alone once again at the resort.

On Saturday, I had an early morning shoot. In the set up I knocked over one of my light banks and broke $100 worth of lights.

My clients turned out to be a middle-aged couple. But, not the typical Timberline couple. They had never been to a nudist resort or a swing club before. From what I gathered, they had only been to bed with one other couple in their 30+ years of marriage. Even their clothes were frumpy. But, they were very good natured and excited about the photo shoot. I don't know exactly how they'd come to contact Dianne and book the shoot.

Right off they said they needed "normal" portraits of them to show their grown daughter where they had been all day. So we went out on the grounds to shoot for a good half hour before we went back to my studio in the Playhouse to shoot lingerie and glamour images. One nice thing was that she had very nice, high end, lingerie. I don't understand why women don't realize that cheap trashy lingerie make for cheap trashy photos. I did not try to hide that she was in her mid-fifties, but made the most the fact she looked mature, confident and prosperous. I was very pleased with the photos.

Finally, I had them both fully undress and shot a series of very nice nude couple's portraits. They had been very positive the whole time, but this was the first time they'd ever been nude in an even semi-public setting. They giggled and laughed like school children. We were all having fun when, as expected, the nude portraits morphed into her giving him a blow job. I shot them to them making love for a good forty-five minutes. In all the shoot went twice the hour they had paid for, but I didn't have any other clients booked and I was having fun shooting them.

After the shoot I did not see them again. I think they went home without ever going out in "pubic" in the nude. The next week when I'd sent them the proofs they were thrilled. That, of course, made me feel good.

That night I went to the party half-heartedly. I spent time with a couple who I'd met during the day. They were a good bit younger, but had very little experience in a swinger friendly environment. I had a nice time dancing with the wife. We kissed and played with each other right on the dance floor full of people. I was flattered when she said that she and her husband wanted me to join them in the Playhouse. When we arrived, there were already three other couples having sex in the main room.

The three of us undressed and crawled up on the empty bed that sat right in the center of the room. Knowing how so many men seemed to think that women at a swing club are nothing but a place to put their dick, I always made a point to kiss women at the club for a good while before moving to any more sexual behavior. Her husband was not particularly patient and while she and I were just warming up laying side by side, he went right down on her. She did not seem to mind and as she was responding to the oral sex, I suckled her breasts. He did not, however, wait for her to climax and moved up to mount her. I continued to kiss her while he rutted hard. I know from experience it is a unique sensation to be having sex with one person and kissing another. Whether the husband did not like us kissing while he fucked, or he just wanted to do her doggie, I don't know. But after not very long, he had her get on all fours and went right to pounding. My suspicion that she was not really wanting to move to fucking were confirmed when after only a minute of that, she asked me to kneel in front of her so she could suck my penis as her husband fucked her.

One of the peculiar things about having sex in a big and busy play room is how you can visually interact with other people. In this case I was on my knees receiving oral sex and happened to notice a woman sitting next to a man on the side of the nearest empty bed. She was watching me, not our threesome, but me. I'm sure it didn't last all that long, but we just stared at each other. She was evidently with her husband but her eyes seemed to be wondering if she was ready to take another man into her mouth, perhaps me even. She then turned and mounted her husband, but kept looking my way as she fucked him.

On my bed, the husband climaxed in less than ten minutes of screwing his wife while she sucked my dick. To be sure I don't blame him. I've done Paula just like that while she sucked another man and I know how hard it is to keep from cumming.

As soon as he finished pumping his semen into her, he withdrew and moved around the bed to put his semen covered dick near her mouth. She got the message and let go of my penis and wrapped her lips around his. I was pretty sure they expected me to start fucking her. I moved to where he had been and gripped her upturned ass. But rather than put my penis in her, I got to my stomach and pressed my face to her open vagina that was about to drip a glob of semen. I used my tongue to stop the flow, then began to lick into her vagina to collect her husband's cum.

It was the first time I’d gone down on a woman just as a man had filled her with semen. I've been down on Paula a good many times a little while after she'd been fucking other men and a few times where she'd not used a condom. I had learned that when I did taste her lover's cum it was almost always where her panties had caught it and spread it all over her vulva while she drove home. Additionally, the last time I had been with Robin at Timberline Lodge, I’d tongue kissed her just after another guy had ejaculated into her mouth. So I had some experience with "sloppy seconds," but this was different. The idea that the ejaculate was so fresh I could literally see it in her open vagina completely changed the equation. Initially, with my tongue, I couldn't find a lot of semen in her, but you can be sure I got it all. One thing I found interesting was that inside of her, the semen was not mixed with her fluids; but it was in distinct viscous pools situated in the more copious, but thinner, lubricating liquid. Like this I got enough to clearly taste her husband's semen. It was distinctly different tasting than mine, but I found it a pleasant manly flavor.

I ate all the cream pie I could find, while she sucked the residual cum off her husband's penis. I don't know if it was her intent to let me get the rest of his semen or not, but she told me to lie down and she sat on my face. Sure enough, more ejaculate flowed down into my mouth.

Once I was done swallowing the last of her husband's cum, I began to work in earnest on giving her an orgasm. She in turn began to suck my cock. I don't recall ever having brought a woman to orgasm while she sat on my face like that, but I was determined to do so. I was especially determined because she had yet to climax and her husband didn't seem too interested in getting her off. It took some time and persistence but I found what she liked and finally I felt her rocking in a manner that seemed to indicate she was working up to a climax. As she moved, I had to work to keep firm contact on her clit that I was sucking and licking.

knew I was there when she stopped sucking me and just lay her head on my pelvis. When she came, her hips moved so much I could not keep up the direct stimulation, but it did not seem to matter. The big surprise was that her orgasm brought a flood of fluid cascading down on me from above. It was like someone pouring a glass of water on my face. Paula had recently begun having this kind of reaction to orgasm. but I'd never had a woman leave me literally soaked like that. Though surprised, I was gratified.

I had one more surprise coming. Once she'd come down from her orgasm she kissed me one more time, thanked me, took her clothes in hand and they both left. Not even a hint of interest in whether I wanted to fuck her or have her suck me to orgasm. They'd both cum and that was it. I'd never been used for sex like that. Though I know many men would have been put off by her actions, I was not. I was not upset in the least. I must admit, I loved the idea that I had been used as a sex object. That was a totally new experience for me. It had been very fun and I felt very good about myself.

Of course, I called Paula and told her all about it. She said she was feeling better and wished she'd been there. The next morning I packed up after several potential clients told me they want to get photos “next time”, but none wanted them that day. So, I left having not even made back my expenses (after the cost of the broken lights). Later I got an email that a woman had gone to the office asking if I could do her photos, but I’d already left. Oh well.

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Navigating sexual encounters can be challenging as your liaison with the couple demonstrated. I am glad you enjoyed being used as a sex object. Anonymous sex can be exhilarating but not very satisfying. Thank you for sharing these wonderful memories and the beautiful pictures.



It sounds like a lonely adventure. The silhouetted oral sex is a beautiful photo.


Wonderful photo.

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