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Our Decades of Open Marriage: Part 39

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Paula and I Share a Man for the First Time

“Last night was the best sex we have had in a very, very long time.” That was what Paula said the morning after we had our first “full contact” threesome with a man. She followed up with “I just wish he could have spent the night.”

It was late February of 2013 and the night before, for the first time we had another man with us, in our own bed. It was also the very first time, she and I shared a man sexually. It was wonderful.

Paula had been managing a profile of us on a popular swingers site since the fall. She'd had a few first dates but nothing had gone further. She had chosen to contact Steve for several reasons, but one was because he was openly bisexual. As I’ve written before, she had been encouraging me to explore my sexual interest in men for several years; however, this was the first time she had gone as far as saying she was ready to “share” a man.

We were excited about our date, but it began with problems. Paula had changed where we were to meet him for dinner, but failed to make reservations. When we arrived, the hostess at the restaurant said there was over an hour wait. We went to a second restaurant and were told fifteen minutes. but after forty-five minutes we were told there was still a half-an-hour wait.

Fortunately it was a beautiful Southern winter night, perhaps 55°F, so we made ourselves comfortable outside. After forty-five minutes we were told there was still a half-an-hour wait. During our long wait, we had plenty of time to get to know each other. For my wife and Steve, part of that "getting to know you" process included hugging, then kissing. By the time we'd been waiting an hour, Steve had Paula pressed up against a stone pillar kissing her passionately. In full view of many people waiting for a table at the popular restaurant they were really getting at it. Coming up for air, she looked over to where I was standing and told me that he was a very good kisser. I knew then this was going to go well. We could not help but wonder how many of those around us had figured out that she and I had arrived together and we'd met him there.

Though they were having fun, we finally gave up on getting a table and drove to a small joint near our house. She rode with him as he followed me from downtown to our third choice of restaurants. When we arrived she whispered to me that while he drove she'd opened up his pants and had been playing with his penis. She said he had a very nice dick. I could tell that she wanted this date to end with sex. Though she over and over again said she did not have sex on the first date, I knew full well that rule was rather flexible.

Dinner was flavored by the high of sexual anticipation. Paula surprised me again when, at the end of our meal, she asked if he could come with us to our house. She'd never had one of her dates come to our house for sex before. Not since her long term girlfriend was spending the night with us when she was in town had we had sex with someone else in our own bed.

While I was paying the bill, Paula and Steve went back to his pickup. By the time I was done, they were really into a make-out session in the cab. I had to tap on the window and say it was time to go or they might never have gotten out of the parking lot.

We arrived at our house and soon Paula put on a short red nighty, and I promptly helped her remove her panties. We all got comfortable in our living room. I sat in my easy-chair and they sat on the couch. We sat and talked for a while and then they began making out once more. It was such a joy to watch Paula kissing and caressing him with abandon right in a place where we lived on a day to day basis. I knew how much she was enjoying herself. Eventually they took a break and we began to talk again. He ever so nicely asked to see her breasts, and since her red nighty was not the stretchy type, the only way to do so was to remove it entirely. So she was then nude and he removed his clothes down to his underwear. He began caressing her breasts, and their make-out session began once more in earnest. I went to get my camera. The external flash needed batteries, so I had to find those before I could shoot, all the while they continued their foreplay. I also took the opportunity to remove my street clothes, and put on just a robe, which I left open to expose my erection.

After shooting a few photos, I put down the camera and sat on the floor, by my wife and her new lover. Since Paula and I knew he wanted a threesome with us, and he was openly bi, I took his full erection from his underwear and began to stroke it. Not long after, Paula put her hand on mine. While they continued to kiss, she and I played with him together. He was thick, though not as long as am I. She caressed the head and upper part of the shaft and I caressed the lower part and both his balls. I traced the erection down to the base, following the exposed part down to where it continued below the surface. He clearly enjoyed this double hand job and we enjoyed giving it. This was the first time she and I had ever jointly stimulated a man in this way. We continued on like this for some time before I suggested we move to the bedroom. Paula looked for her condoms, but could not find them. Steve said he had some in his truck, and so I went to get them while they got busy right off.

Returning with the condoms, they were already going at it on the bed. I shot some more photos as they kissed and enjoyed each other’s bodies. After giving them about ten more minutes of one-on-one time for a while I joined in. I sucked one of her tits, while he sucked the other. He played with her outer lips and clit, but soon pushed his middle finger all the way into her vagina. She moaned with enjoyment as she was the center of attention.

I got out of the bed, and went around to his side, and began to jack him as he continued to please my wife. When he rolled to his back, I took his cock in my mouth. His penis seemed even thicker when I wrapped my lips around it. His head completely filled my mouth. I began to work his shaft deeper and deeper. Paula rolled over to begin kissing him as I gave him head. We’ve done this with women a fair number of times, but this is the first time we had done a man in this manner. It was very pleasant to see her so happily engaged with him as I worked to take the last inch of his shaft into my mouth. It was an erotic thrill when my lips touched his pubic bone. When I took the last of him in, I finally felt his cock pass from the back of my mouth down into my throat. This was a first for me. I held it there as long as I could. For the first time ever, I really understood what it was like to give deep throat. From that time onward, if I didn't feel a man's dick in my throat, I felt I missed something from the oral sex session.

Sooner than I was ready, Paula sat up and said for me to get the condoms. When I got one from the box she asked me to put it on him. That was also a first, an exciting first. It seemed to be a symbolic thing, for me to put a condom on the penis that was about to enter my wife’s body. I wondered if that should be a new ritual that I should always put on her lover’s condom. It just seemed so appropriate. As time passed, when her lover was open to male-male contact, I did just that.

She lay back and spread her legs, his first attempt to spear her missed, so I reached between his legs and guided his penis into my wife. I did not let go when he was all the way in, rather I held his balls as he slowly thrust in to her. Feeling him as he pushed in and pulled out of Paula was an experience that I really don't know how to describe. Sensual? Romantic? Erotic? It was all of those and more.

After a while, the camera was back in my hands and I was shooting both the sight of his shaft spreading her lips and her face as she enjoyed the pleasure he was giving. I alternately rubbed her body, played with his balls and took pictures for a half an hour as they fucked in a variety of positions. Finally as she stood on the floor bent over the side of the bed I saw he was tiring, and I heard his breathing getting labored in his efforts to fuck her hard and fast. I put down the camera and offered to take over. But by this time I was soft. The solution was simple and he sucked my cock.

She was still standing beside the bed bent over. One of her favorite things is for me to use two fingers to fuck her very hard and fast, so that is what I did while Steve knelt in front of me giving me head. She was so turned on that no sooner than I began to pound her, than the waterworks started. She began to cum and to gush. I kept finger fucking, and he kept sucking till the carpet all around her feet, and the side of the bed were soaked and she told me “no more!”

Just a side note. In the prior year, Paula had begun to have, what some call female ejaculations,. I'm not sure if that is the right word though, it is more like a sudden rush of fluid than a squirt. Whatever it's called, at the time of this story she only did it when, just like this, she was bent over and I used two fingers to fuck her till she climaxed. Why this started we have no idea, but in time, she began to do this whenever she was penetrated to climax, by fingers, toys or penises; and she would do it in no matter what sexual position she was in. Since then, nearly all of her lovers have been thrilled that they could not only bring her to climax by fucking alone, but that she would have that wet response as well. For me, in time it became rather a bother in that she would wet the entire bed whenever we'd have sex.

Back to the narrative.

We all took a rest, then went back for more. The next time around she was so wet and sloppy that his dick kept coming out, so I stayed with them the whole time. My fingers guided his shaft as he would pull it nearly all the way out of her, then drive all the way in. It was something I’d imagined for years, feeling another man’s penis as she was having sex with him. The three of us kept this up for quite a while until she pushed up her hips to a higher angle and he began jack hammering her again. She climaxed several more times before she needed a break.

During the rest, I pulled off his condom and lay, stomach down, between his legs and began to suck him again. I experimented with licking the shaft and balls, and tonguing the hole in the tip, sucking as hard as I could and deep throating again. I found it harder in that position to take it down to the pubic bone.

Paula got up and we quit for a while and just talked. She said she had to take a break and suggested that Steve and I do each other while she did. He then went down on me and gave a first class blow-job while Paula put back on her nighty and talked to us. For the next thirty minutes or so we took turns sucking each other and doing sixty-nine. Several times I was sure he was about to cum. Each time his hips began to thrust up into me and I could feel his balls pumping, but each time he pulled back before filling my mouth. I couldn’t trust myself to get that close, when he’d get me ready to cum I’d just pull my dick out of his mouth and move to a new position. At our age, orgasm is almost sure to bring the night’s sex to an end, so both of us were holding off, anticipating at least another hour or two of fun.

The highlight was when he was on top of me, his cock all the way in, well down into my throat while he sucked me off. I really liked that feeling of being completely controlled by someone sexually like that. And the sensation of being filled orally down into my throat was amazing. It was only because my sinuses were stopped-up, keeping me from breathing through my nose, that made me regularly push his hips up to bring his cockhead from my throat back into my mouth. I’d never had the feeling of being sexually dominated that way. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.

He was fucking my throat with power and lust when Paula came in with drinks. She saw we were covered with sweat and suggested we take a refreshment break.

Sadly, that break became the end of the night when I realized the three of us had been having sex for over two hours. His phone had been beeping for quite a while, so he checked it. The calls had been from his wife. Paula and I thought it was odd that he went down stairs to talk to her and was gone for half an hour. While he was gone we realized that Lamar would be back soon. Now Paula and I were very ready to begin again and were ready for a another hour or two of sex; but when we realized our son and his buddies were due home from the movies, we had to call it a night.

After he left we agreed we would certainly be doing this again. Paula was right up front that she was falling in love with him. I was happy for her. She is always so happy when she’s in love. And me…? I let him know that next time I wanted him to fuck me in the ass as hard as he fucked her pussy, and he said he looked forward to doing it. I was a little apprehensive as to the girth of his tool, but I was sure that would not keep me from telling him to lube me up and driving it in.

Oh, you are asking where are the pics? Well, I’d actually shot a number specifically to include in this narrative however, when I went to take the memory card from my camera, there was none. Now someone will say, but a digital camera will not work without some sort of memory card. That is true, unless you are using a digital SLR where the image is seen through the lens, not read from the electronics. So, there are no photos. Paula gave me grief for not checking to see there was a card. To this day she will remind me about this, and make me check to see if there is a memory card before I begin to shoot. Oh well!

The end of this story got messy fast. It seemed Steve did not have the open relationship with his wife that he had told us. The next week she found out and when she read my post about our threesome on my blog she became enraged and threatening. My first Tumblr blog became the price of this incident. I had to shut it down.

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May 13, 2022

Thank you for sharing this intimate moment with a sad turn of events. Communication in an open marriage is one of the most important aspects of the relationship. Bisexual men in a marriage must have a tougher time than bisexual women to be accepted by their spouses. Or be open about it. That is sad. Fortunately, you are showing the way to all your readers. I can only congratulate and admire your for it. Pity about the pictures as there was no repeat. Well done. .

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