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Our Decades of Open Marriage: Part 41

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Paula, Drew and Car Sex

I will relate a fun side story. For the weekend between Christmas and New Year's 2013 we went with two couples to Charleston. These were the same two couple's with which we shot nudes at the nearby lake a year before. As mentioned before, one couple is totally monogamous and the other have a "don't ask-don't' tell" arrangement where the wife is sexually active but the husband pretends not to know. We had a good time at dinner with the wives' flashing us and I took photos of them showing off their tits at least semi-publicly.

We kept messing around after we reached the hotel and the women posted topless on the balcony overlooking the waterfront clubs. They got really wound up and began to suck each other's tits while the guys watched. When one of the women invited all three husbands to suck her tits, the other two guys were really embarrassed and declined at first. I went right at it. After I did, the others sucked Paula's very nice nipples. The blond, who was sexually active, I knew wanted our little group to have an orgy that night. She was envious of our open marriage and wanted to bring her husband and her best friend into it as well; but clearly neither of the husbands were not on board.

It was late, past midnight, when we again left the hotel and went to a pier, right next to an outdoor bar. Of course in Charleston, even at the end of December outdoor bars are still viable. Paula and the adventurous blond took off their tops and posed with their jackets open. Their boobs were well on display to people in the bar and strolling along the dock. One couple stopped and watched for a while as I shot photos. All in all it was fun. Back in the hotel room the blond and I started to make out, but her husband clearly did not like it so we stopped. I suggested that she join me and Paula in our room to take pictures of us having sex. She was all for it. Paula (wisely) knew that her husband would not like it if she had sex with us while he and their friends were in the next room (which surely would have happened) and quashed the idea. Still we all had fun. The photos were more fun than great, but that was OK.

In the early months of 2013 I was very busy working long hours trying to finish the dissertation for my PhD by the end of March. So the situation was once again like it was when Paula first took a lover years before. Now however, she was quite experienced and had the help of several internet dating sites to help her find lovers.

One day in March I was working from home when my lovely wife of twenty-six years came into my study. She said “Feel this” and put my hand on the rear of her jeans. They were wet. She then proceeded to tell me she’d met Drew after she got off work at 2:00. She'd been him texting for the past few weeks and had met him for lunch twice.

She said they had lunch and drove around for a bit, then just pulled over on the side of a country road. They began to make out. First she unbuttoned her shirt, then her pants, then things got hot. Her shirt was soon fully open, her bra in the back seat, and her pants and panties were at her ankles as they played in her car. All this on the side of the road in broad daylight. She said she came between seven and nine times in an hour as they made out and he finger fucked her and sucked her tits.

I asked if cars came by. She said sure, and a school bus too. But that didn’t stop them. I knew that this had not been their first make out session in the past two weeks. In fact it was their third, but still the car is just too small for them to fuck in. Her pants were wet because each time she climaxed from his finger fucking, she sprayed during her orgasm. Consequently the vaginal fluid soaked into her pants even though they were at her feet. Not just her pants, but in the car’s fabric driver’s seat. I already knew that when she has these car sessions with Drew, her car smelled like sex for days.

The next week, Paula went out clubbing by herself for the first time in several years. She had the expressed purpose of flirting with men and she was fully up to having casual sex if she met the right guy. As I’ve written before, in a long term open marriage life happens, and life changes. Paula, at that time was going through, what we southerners euphemistically call “the change”. Although she had a hysterectomy years before, she still struggled in 2012 & 13 with her changing and aging body. At fifty-two years old, her body did not look or act the way it had ten years before. That bothered her a lot, especially since she'd begun to gain weight and was no longer a size four.

Two weeks before going out that night, she told me that she’d talked to her doctor and told him she thought she was now past that. She was feeling more social and more sexual. She decided to try to shed the weight she had gained in the past year and a half, and her behavior let me know she was ready to actively date again. She had done some dating during the prior year, but only sporadically so. So I was happy for her that night in late March when she put on some tight jeans and a top that Victoria’s Secret sells as lingerie. Wearing no bra, her breasts were rather visible under the semi-sheer material. She put three condoms in her purse and off she went.

She called me just before midnight. She had too much to drink and needed me to pick her up. She was at a rather seedy club that is the hang out of the sexually adventuresome “mature” adults in the nearby city. That was also a change. When she was in her first wild phase, almost a decade before, she only went to the hip places where the twenty-somethings hung out. Even though at the time she could have been the mother of some of those "kids", she was well able to blend into the young crowd back then. However, by 2013, in her fifties; that was just not the case.

When she'd called me to come pick her up. Her words were slurred, it was clear she was in no position to drive. I knew the place because a few months before we’d gone there with another couple. That time she had worn a completely see-thru top (that she eventually took off for a while). But it was one thing for her to do that kind of stuff with me there, it was significantly more dangerous to do it as a single woman... a very drunk single woman.

I got to the club about a half-an-hour later to find her snuggling at the bar with a nice looking gentleman. I could see from all the way across the bar that he had a hand up her blouse, cupping her bare breast. I had to reach around him to tap her on the shoulder to get her attention.

She wasn’t as drunk as I feared, but still she'd been wise enough to know she was not fit to drive. On the way home she told me how good a kisser he was and that he’d taken her boobs out of her top and played with and sucked them right in front of everyone at the bar. He’d asked her to go home with him but she had told him she was going to Easter service with a friend in the morning. She did get his phone number and fully planned to get with him the next week; however it did not work out.

She also told me how she’d been bragging on me to this guy. Yes, between make-out sessions while he’s feeling her up she told him what a great husband she has. She was very appreciative that I came and got her. This is just the way we have lived for decades.

The next week I went to San Francisco to present my research at a prestigious national conference. On my second day, just before meeting some professors who I hoped would hire me when I graduated, I got a text message from Paula. It contained a "selfie" of her sucking Drew’s cock. Damn, that made it hard to focus on what was on hand. Then a second pic arrived of his erection pressed on her bare labia. It was a distraction, but I still appreciated her thinking of me.

Then next week, Paula came home from the grocery store with a large box of condoms. Well, as she’s had a hysterectomy we don’t use them but I knew why she bought them. She was quite disappointed by the fact she had not been able to screw Drew when I was out of town. The box of condoms was her way of saying she was so ready to move from hand jobs and blow jobs in the car, to fucking. She had me take a photo with her phone of her holding the big box of condoms. She sent it to Drew and the text read “Thinking about you.”

She was dying to fuck Drew, but over and over things just didn’t work out. Their dates were nearly always in her car. She took her condoms, but still "all" she was getting was multiple orgasms with his fingers each time. Not that she found that a bad thing. One afternoon she came home and told me she jacked him off to orgasm WHILE she was driving her car with a 6-speed manual transmission. She was vague about how she both jacked him off and shifted. Then she went on to say that he used his fingers to bring her to two orgasms while she was still driving.

I had a few words to my wife about safe sex…..and not in the way it is usually discussed. She told me they were both all excited about the prospect of using the condoms next week.

I told her in no uncertain terms it had better not be while she is driving!

See….I do have boundaries.

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Jun 14, 2022

Struggling to get back on the "horse" for a woman is not an easy thing, but having a supportive husband like you, makes the transition all the better. Thank you for sharing this lovely part of your Open Marriage - with you boundaries.

Jun 15, 2022
Replying to

You'll be in my prayers. Bless you all.

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