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Our Decades of Open Marriage: Part 42

Updated: Oct 3, 2023


On a lovely Saturday afternoon in mid-April 2013, my wife came home later than I had expected her from work. She told me she was late because one of her two current “boys” asked to meet her. In addition to Drew, she had been dating Mike for a month or so as well. She told me that after she had left Victoria's Secret (her work place) at 2:00, she had met Mike at a local nature preserve about half-an-hour from the mall. They took a long walk, fooling around as they went. They ended up at a clearing with a picnic table. How secluded it was I don’t know. But soon her pants were off and her shirt was up over her tits. She told me that it only took a few minutes longer before she was completely naked and he was eating her out on the picnic table. After she'd had a couple of nice "O's," she reciprocated by giving him a blow job. Although this was their 5th date, this was the first time he'd gone down on her. Paula told me how she'd wanted him to fuck her right then and there, but he said he had left the condoms in his car. She told me she didn’t care and wanted him to fuck her anyway, but he didn’t. He said he wanted to be in a better place for them to have sex for the first time….beyond the fact there was no condom.

They both climaxed during their picnic table play time, but by the end of the walk back to his truck, they were both ready to go again. That began round two, however, time was running short and they had to do with just a little more kissing and fingering in the Paula's car. Of course when she made it home she was ready to go and we made love for quite some time. I loved kissing her knowing that just an hour or so before, her lips had been wrapped around the penis of a man I’d never even met.

Her relationship with Mike brought a number of new things, not the least being her new found love of sexting. For a good month, my lovely wife was sexting Mike day and night. She made no effort to hide the fact she was sexting with her boyfriend at work whenever she got a break. She took some razzing after a few weeks of doing it anytime she was in the break room… and of course all her work mates knew she was married while sending sex messages to another guy. Mike actually came up to her store and brought coffee and muffins for the whole staff one day. I asked her if she had to explain who he was since they all know me. She said no. All her colleagues at Victoria's Secret knew she had an open marriage and so she dates, and fucks, other men. One of the new girls asked if that was her secret admirer and Paula just said “not so secret anymore.”

A few days later I got home to find Paula exhausted in bed. She told me she was tired because she met Mike again while I had been working in my office at Clemson. Once again they didn’t fuck, but he got her off with his fingers while they sat in her car. It was not a coincidence that she was doing this with both Drew and Mike at the same time. I'm not sure why she had this period of doing it in the car, but it only lasted for that spring and summer. She made a point to tell me that when she had been with Mike that day, the car was not moving while they messed around. She did however make a point to tell me how her orgasms just kept coming and coming, she estimates nine in al. Then she came home and used her Hitachi Magic Wand for five more.

Now this is a good time to note that while Paula was, by then dating a good bit, and I had my own quasi-girlfriend, we did not define ourselves as swingers, but rather preferred the label of Polyamorous. Since I was already teaching college classes as I prepared to defend my dissertation, I adopted the pseudonym of Professor Polyamory at this time.

By the last few days of April, Paula had been dating Mike for almost two months, yet they had only had oral sex and fingering/hand jobs, no intercourse. It was the longest she'd ever dated a guy without screwing him. She had been on two dates with a third guy but had not yet had sex with him either. It was not that she did not want to have sex with any of these three guys (she did very much), but, she wanted to build real relationships with them before going to bed. Sure, she had asked Mike to fuck her at the park, but that was after six weeks of dating. Polyamory does not have screwing as its primary goal, but rather developing multiple caring relationships. Sex is always an available option, but it is not the point.

I have previously mentioned before, that for most of the decade when she was in her late 30's and early 40’s she masturbated every single day. Like clockwork she lay on the bed and took half an hour of "me" time. However, after her father passed away, that activity phased out and though she still used her “buzzy” a couple of times a week, it was nothing like every day. However, as the spring of 2013 progressed, and Paula was now dating regularly, her masturbation was becoming more regular as well. By the first week of May I noticed she was back to it every day (or evening) for the first time in several years.

As had been the case in the days before her sexual hiatus, she was again masturbating with the bedroom door wide open as a sign to me as to how once more this was normal and casual to do. On one particular day in the first week of May, she had been going at it for about forty-five minutes and so, I decided to join her. We fucked for a while and when I got up I just assumed she was done and would put on her panties to keep my semen from getting all over the sheets. She surprised me when she didn’t get dressed but called Mike. Right in front of me she told him how she'd been thinking about him and had several orgasms with her vibrator. She told him she'd cum again while I screwed her and "I wish you were here. We could have sex while my husband watches. We could make a real mess. With me full of his semen already, it would go all over if you were inside of me too."

Later she let me know that she'd reached Mike just as he was getting off work, so he found a side road to park while they had their phone sex session. Just the night before, she told me how that after she'd gotten off work at 7:00, she had met him and taken a ride in his truck. They had parked on a side road while it was still quite light outside, and she had gotten completely naked as they played. She found doing it in his pickup much easier than in her Nissan Sentra. He had brought lube and used four fingers in her at once. She said they were working up to him fisting her. She likes to be fisted by a woman’s hand, but men’s hands had always been too big in the past, but she said she wants him to try. The real surprise was when she told me that she had asked him to cum on her tits. She said he liked the idea and got up on his knees, and she sucked and jacked him until he sprayed his semen all over her. She said it was a real turn on. This was something new. She traditionally does not like guys to cum on her, but for some reason, it turned her on for Mike to do it in the truck.

So, I listened to her start phone sex with Mike, but since I'd already cum, it was not nearly as exciting. So I went across the hall to my study to work, but with both my study door and the bedroom door open, I could still hear her. After a while (and several vocal orgasms via her Hitachi Magic Wand) she called to me and asked me to finger fuck her while she played with my dick and she and Mike continued their sex talk. I told her how gooey she was inside from my semen. When I pulled my fingers out and licked my jizz off them, she told him all about it. It seemed he got off on it too. He wanted to know if I was hard again and she lied and said I was to protect my machismo. It was really different for her to be talking to him while I pretended to be him, using my fingers and mouth to bring her to several more orgasms. Whether it is my semen or another guy's, I think tasting cum as I give oral sex makes it so much better. In the end she was either masturbating or I was doing her one way or another for well over two solid hours. Since she moved around and she gushes fluid when she cums, both sides of the bed were soaked by the time she finally had nothing more to give.

After all that during the day, that night she went on a date with a guy we’ve known for about seven years. He and his girlfriend were our first “swap”, e.g. I did his girlfriend while he did Paula beside me. We had stopped seeing them because the girlfriend was a pain, but we both liked him. The two of them broke up some time in 2012 and he had gotten back in touch with Paula a few weeks before this, and so that night they went out on a date. She invited me to come along, but I had not been feeling well all day so I didn’t go. I told her before she left that since we know him and they have had sex several times in the past; it would be safe to go home with him after dinner if she was in the mood.

She did.

She met up again with Mike after work a few days after the big “phone sex” thing and again she came home with her car seat soaked with pussy juice. It seems his wife did not like his truck smelling like Paula. A week or so after that, we again did something new with Mike. On a Friday Mike called Paula and said he was free for a few hours. I was home, so Paula invited me to go with her. We met him for lunch. This was the first time I’d met him in person. I already knew he was our age and with a similar marriage and family arrangement as ours. We got along fine. I told him that I was glad they had hit it off so well.

Sitting in the mall’s Food Court, he was shamelessly rubbing her thigh and groping her as we talked. Paula didn’t mind one bit. When we finished eating, he saw he had over a half an hour before he had to leave for his a meeting at work. We decided, with the limited time, that I would drive them around town for a few minute so they could….”visit” in the back seat.

As soon as they got in the car, before I even pulled out of the mall parking slot, they began kissing, hot and heavy.

By the time I’d pulled onto the main road leading to a nearby interstate her shirt and then her bra were off. Soon her pants were undone, and along with her panties, were pushed down to her knees. They continued to kiss and he began to use two fingers on her as I drove through town on the interstate. Traffic was heavy so I only could look back and get quick glimpses. The rear-view mirror was not much better, but I could hear her moans and the slap-slap as he fingered her hard. Not surprisingly I soon heard the sloshing sounds of her juices as she came as he continued to finger her. When we had borrowed our son's Saab 9-5 to run up to the mall, we had no idea she'd be having sex in the back seat (I can't remember why we'd used his car that day). It was good his car had leather seats so we would be able to clean up after she was done. Since the Saab had large windows in the back, and the rear window was rather steeply sloped; I was sure every truck and SUV that came up on us could see what they were doing.

We drove ten minutes, then I exited the highway to turn around back toward the mall and his car. Since we were in the city, there were two stop lights involved in the process of turning around. With heavy traffic, the process took some time which allowed me to look back while stopped. I was invited to replace his fingers with mine. Her vulva was bright red.

I put in two fingers, but I had to pull them out when I finally was able to turn onto the ramp to rejoin the interstate highway.

He brought her to a second orgasm before she went down on him. In the mirror I could see the back of her head as she sucked his cock with abandon. We were nearing our exit. I heard her ask if he wanted her to bring him off onto her tits again. He said no, he didn't want to risk getting goo on his pants before going back to work. But, he said he would call his office to see if he could get out of the meeting. He asked me, if he could get out of the meeting, would I mind driving them around some more so they could fuck in the Saab's, rather large, back seat. Paula let me know she really liked the idea of having sex with Mike while I drive them around. She then let Mike know that she has been ready to feel him in her for weeks. I, of course, agreed to the request.

They didn't pull their clothes back on until I was driving through the mall parking lot. Sadly, he texted a few minutes later to say he could not get free. We both were disappointed. She'd loved me driving her and her lover around, and I'd enjoyed it just as much.

A week or so later, my dear wife came into the study wearing only a pair of red lace thong panties and hands me her iPhone and asks me to take a pic to send to the three different guys she was dating. Of course, I would never shoot photos of her naked with an iPhone, that required a real camera. I took my Nikon D300 from the camera bag. She then led me to our living room to pose using the light from the window in just the mostly sheer thong. Why this was notable and funny was that our son had three buddies at the house at the time and we could hear them just at the bottom of the stairs in the kid’s game room. We knew they had just gone downstairs after putting some pizzas in the oven and it was just a matter of minutes before they piled back up the steps. However, we both knew that getting caught topless by Lamar's three college age buddies would not have been a real disaster after all. She'd let me know more than once that she thought our son's friends had grown into hot young men.

Just as I started to shoot, her mother called. So, right in the living room in just the sheer thong she talked to her eighty-six year old mother for a good five minutes, as the timer for the pizzas continued to run.

All the while I could hear the group of college guys at the bottom of the stairs. Now to be fair about the situation. The guys would not have been all that shocked; not only were there nude photos of her in our bedroom but on the dual monitors in my study and on the walls. She knew all of those guys have seen those photos and perhaps a lot more since her books of nudes just sit on the bookcase. She was disappointed we did not get the photos she wanted; I but I managed to get a couple of her on the phone with her mother. We were in my study looking at the couple of photos I’d shot by the time the guys came up the stairs. Though the door was open the whole time, the layout of our home is such that the guys getting the pizzas did not see her.

And so went our life in 2013.

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Jul 07, 2022

I love your polyamory lifestyle. It is all about our definition of love. I found a quote supporting your philosophy: "Polyamory is a philosophy that is about non-possessive love. Embracing this philosophy is non-quantitative and arises from a desire to experience the giving and receiving of love without conditions...Love is expansive. It is also natural to become intimate with those we love who are not physically repulsive to us. Look out everyone! You can’t hold back the floodgates much longer. We’re becoming too sensitive and psychic to lie to each other any longer. Our souls crave truth too greatly to pretend that we are only attracted to one person." (Life, Mystic. Spiritual Polyamory) Thank you for sharing.

Jul 08, 2022
Replying to

One person cannot provide all the needs and wants of another person. I am not talking just about sex, but emotional, spiritual and intellectual needs and wants. Unfortunately, jealousy, possessiveness and fear keep us away from living a full life.

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