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Our Decades of Open Marriage: Part 46

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

4th of July Weekend

On Wednesday before the 4th of July weekend I got a text from Frank, the cross-dressing guy from chapter 29 asking for more photos. Thursday morning, I went to his place for the second "photo-shoot" of me giving him head as I related in that chapter. Afterward, at home I spent the night working on the seminar I was to present at Timberline Lodge as part of their Independence Day Weekend activities. The seminar was on how to shoot your own glamour/nude photos using consumer level cameras. Since a decade before I had started shooting glamour/nudes using a bed sheet as a backdrop and a shop light to light my “set”, I had plenty of experience using non-professional gear. I made a Power Point presentation using my photos to illustrate how it is done. I was pleased with the presentation.

We left early on Friday, and half the trip was in the rain; a bad omen.

It was raining when we arrived at Timberline Lodge, and rather than find the resort filled with naked sun bathers having a great time, we found it mostly empty with a good many sour faces sitting under cover wishing the weather would clear up. It seems it had been raining since Monday up on the Cumberland Plateau, thus ruining one of the resort’s most important weeks.

The rain stopped (mostly) long enough to have the annual “parade” around the grounds and a cookout. I shot photos of the activities as is my “job” there at Timberline Lodge. After the cookout, I presented my seminar in the playhouse. The low attendance took its toll and I only had four people. The presentation itself turned out to flow very nicely. The upside was that I knew the little course did not have an expiration date, so I could use it again later.

The Friday party went better than I’d expected despite the less than great attendance. The resort had booked a live band, and when the rain again stopped for a few hours, the partiers filled the pool deck as well as the dance floor. The highlight for me was when my lovely wife decided that it was too hot for her outfit and began to dance naked in front of the visiting band. Later she convinced half a dozen other women that they needed to get naked and jump in the pool with her.

Now, the water was COLD, but due to the liberal amounts of alcohol in the women’s system, no one seemed to notice. I did not get in.

Early in the evening, she asked me if she could ask Bill, with whom she'd had sex last time we'd been at Timberline, to spend the night with us. I said it was fine since our room that trip had a king-sized bed. Later she let me know that he was eager for a second round with her. However, by 1:00 AM, it was clear to her that she was just too exhausted for more activities. She had pretended she was not 52 years old for a while, but at some point, it caught up with her. Alas, the next morning it was raining hard and many people gave up and checked out, including Bill. The day dragged by. We got to meet some new people but it was not just wet, but cool. It was hard to feel sexy. My second seminar presentation was a total bust. Those who were still at the Lodge were holed up out of the rain, so no one ventured to the Playhouse.

The day was not a complete loss. I got a shoot with a young first-time couple who had come to my seminar the day before. They proved to be very photogenic. Someone suggested I shoot the two women posing nude together. I liked the idea so Paula and the young woman posed on one of the beds for me.

Later in the afternoon, Paula had her eye on a tall blond guy and even partnered with him for a “lap dance” seminar and fully intended to ride him crazy later on. Unfortunately, while stuck indoors, she opened a canning jar of apple pie moonshine and drank most of it. That led to her crawling in bed to sleep for the next four hours. By the time she woke up, the Saturday night party was well underway.

One very interesting thing I’ve found at Timberline Lodge. Though single men are usually a pariah at these kinds of places, good looking, fit and personable guys are in more demand than sexy women. When Paula got to the party, she joined in but it took her a while to get with the guy she'd been flirting with earlier in the day. It was close to 11:00 when she asked her tall blond friend to go with her down to the Playhouse for a while. He very politely told her that in her absence, he had already committed himself to go with another couple. She didn’t say it, but I knew she felt a little rejected. After this she commented on how she must lose more weight. However, I pointed out that he didn't say he didn't want to be with her, but rather she'd not asked him in time.

Midnight found about thirty of us under a shelter by the pool as the rain went on and on. Paula decided to get frisky and began to give me a blow job right in front of everyone; however, Timberline Lodge is not a swing club, but a swinger-friendly nudist resort, so public sex is against the rules. That’s not to say it doesn’t happen when the resort leadership isn’t around, but it is not officially condoned. Well, it just so happened that the owner walked by and told her she had to stop. Paula was a little annoyed but made a big joke about it.

Not long afterward, we went to our room and had some of the best sex with just the two of us we'd had in a good while. Permit me a bit of vanity here. The week before this I had begun a new regimen of testosterone shots, and I believe we saw the effect Saturday night. She rode me until I ejaculated up into her. Whereupon she moved to sit on my face for me to eat her out, semen and all. While I was enjoying that, I realized my penis was still hard. After she had enjoyed my oral ministrations, I was able to do her from behind and climaxed a second time. That was the first time I had done that in years. I felt pretty good about myself, and she felt pretty good too.

So all wasn’t lost.

All in all, we did have a good time even if we didn't do anything particularly memorable.

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Oct 01, 2022

lovely memory


Sep 27, 2022

Nature has a way to direct the course of our lives - either rain, violent storms, heat or cold. And of course, our sex lives. At least, you had a wonderful time with Paula. Thank you for sharing such intimate details. Bless you.

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