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Our Decades of Open Marriage: Part 48

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

We both have a date on the same night

In the first week of August 2013 we had a first, well several firsts, but the events say a lot about the possibilities when a committed married couple are secure enough in their relationship to take physical sexual pleasure as just that, physical sexual pleasure. For the first time ever, Paula and I both had a date, with different people at different hotels. And since both of us are bisexual, it just happened that both dates were men. For her, it was a fairly routine night out with one of her boyfriends at a hotel for the evening. But, for me it was fairly significant. It was the first time I was to meet a man at a hotel.

He was the male half of a couple we had been out with a few weeks before, but only for a dinner date. He fit the bill perfectly for my first hotel date with a man. He was a well-educated professional, attractive, and physically larger (6’4”) than me. At the same time he was nice, funny and not domineering. And most important, he was attracted to me. In all that, despite calling myself a bottom, in this case I knew I would be guiding him.

Like me this was his first date with a man as well. He, like me, decided he had an interest in having sex with a man while in a group sex environment with his wife. In his case he began to suck the cock of a man with whom he and his wife were having a threesome. He only did it momentarily and one time, but after that he knew he wanted to explore this option.

On the big night, my date began earlier than hers. I arrived at the hotel before him about 5:30 because he was stuck in a traffic jam. With a little while to plan, I was ready when he arrived. It was about 6:00, and when he knocked, I swung the door wide open, completely nude. I dragged him in and pushed him down in the bed. Now, I’m 5’10” and he is 6’4”, so he is much more physically imposing than am I. I didn’t’ wait for him to get nervous, but pushed him down on the bed and crawled up and kissed him, something he had never done with a man. He responded and I pushed up his shirt and began licking and kissing down his chest till I got to his expensive dress slacks, where upon I pulled them completely off. Then I moved up between his legs, licking the inside of his upper thighs and in the crease between his thigh and balls, before taking his testes in my mouth.

My actions took him by surprise, but soon I could hear his pleasure. When I swallowed his soft penis it didn’t seem so imposing, but as I sucked his cock it grew, big. Erect he is ¼” shy of 8” and thick. This was the fifth penis I had sucked in exploration of my bisexuality and by far the largest. I decided right off that his penis was the absolute largest one I ever wanted in my mouth. A few times in the next hour the downside of a long penis came to the fore.

Just before my date arrived, Paula called me just as she was walking to her date’s hotel room. We both said “I love you” and “have fun”. Her date was a business man who travels to our area about once per month. She’d been talking to him on the phone for about a week, but this was her first time to meet him in person. She said he was forty-five years old, 5’ 9” and very athletic. The hotel was downtown, so they just walked to a nearby pub for a few drinks.

In my room I found, despite its length, I could take my date’s penis all the way down to the base. When I did so, I could feel him filling up my throat, almost as far as my Adam’s apple. It was a very satisfying feeling and very erotic as I heard him groan each time I went all the way down. I’m guessing my larynx passing over his head felt very good. Unfortunately, when I went all the way down, I couldn’t breathe. So I couldn’t just hold it there indefinitely and let him enjoy. He had told me a week before that he did not ever reach orgasm via oral sex because the first time a girl had gone down on him back when he was in college, she’d thrown-up when he’d cum in her mouth. Literally regurgitated all over the bed. But within fifteen minutes of me working on him he had to tell me to back off or he might cum.

When he got on me to fuck my mouth I had a problem because if his size. When he’d press down, even if the cock weren’t down to the base, I couldn’t breathe. I very much enjoyed the feeling of him doing me that way, especially when he was sucking my penis as he stroked down on me. Thus, though difficult, we did this position several times before we left the hotel. It took a while, but by our 3rd round of this, we had learned to make it work by adjusting my position and his movements. He would put his penis well into my mouth, then I’d reach around and grip his ass and pull his hips down till his pelvis pressed on my lips and his penis filled my throat and hold it as long as I could hold my breath. Feeling his thick cock in the middle of my throat like that was quite the experience. The next morning when I originally wrote this account up, I could still physically feel exactly how far his penis had gone down my throat. I thought that lasting effect particularly erotic.

I asked him to fuck me. I had not eaten all day so my colon should be free from nasty stuff. I used my mouth to roll the condom down him and we worked on it for a while in several positions. It felt great with the head of his penis pushing on my sphincter, but I guess this was just too much for his first real sexual experience with a man and he was having a hard time staying hard enough to push through my tight gateway. We finally gave that up.

He took a shower, while I rested, then we went back at it. Once again, he told me he couldn’t cum by being sucked. I assured him I could do it. I used the lube I had brought with me and fingered his prostate inside his ass while I systematically worked on his orgasm. I didn’t go deep, rather I laid on his thigh, working mostly on his head. When I knew he was ready, I began to steadily mouth fuck the first half of his cock. Sure enough he, after about ten minutes of that, began to groan loudly. I surprisingly didn’t feel his ejaculation in his penis or balls, but I felt the fluid bathing the head of his penis. I upped the suction and stopped the mouth fucking. He finally had to tell me it was just too sensitive. By that time the semen was long gone, swallowed as I continued to suck him all the way through.

We lay resting. I still held his penis in my hand. A ball of semen slowly built on the top. I, of course, licked it off, then just held his cock in my mouth softly sucking for another ten minutes. I could have lay like that all night.

Now, the reader might be noticing the sex was all about him getting off. That was the plan from the beginning. I knew I had shown a pattern of not being “up” for new sexual partners over the last year. I’m not sure why. But in this case, the fact I am a diabetic and had not eaten since the night before likely had a lot to do with it. However, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and felt good when he said that was the best blow job he had had in his entire life. That was enough reward for my evening.

When he and I went out for a bite to eat afterward, Paula called. She and her date were in bed and were taking a break between their rounds of sex. She asked how it had gone and I told her it went great, that he loved my oral skills. She was glad to hear I had a good time. We hung up and she and her date went on to their next round. She later told me that it hadn’t been fireworks in bed but he was very “fun”. As a long distance runner, he was also a long distance fucker. He was able to go long and hard. She loves that combination. She had been particularly pleased at his performance in doggie. So though it was not "a night to remember" it had been nice.

We were both home by 11:00 and shared our two experiences while sitting on the couch. We were going to make love, but she fell asleep right off. She had worked in the morning so it had been a long day for her. The next day she said she planned on visiting with him again when he was back in town again in a month. She never actually saw him again. Even though we seek relationship sex, just like for singles, one-off sex is just part of the process of looking for a relationship. I never had sex with my date again either, though we still keep in contact.

And so goes our life with an open marriage.

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Nov 11, 2022

"But the God of Process is the Goddess of Change. She is fluid and her affections are relational. Like a river of refreshing, she calls us to bathe, soak and dance in her flow. And like the seeker who steps into the water, no matter how many times we place our foot down, we never step into the same river twice." (VanDyche, Drew. POLY FIDELITY: Reflections on Polyamory and Fidelity in light of process theology.) This is the same with lovers, such experiences are precious and mostly unrepeatable. Reconnecting with one's spouse afterward is important to keep the passion between you going. Thank you for sharing.

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