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Our Decades of Open Marriage: Part 50

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

A Very Busy Labor Day Weekend


A Very Busy Labor Day Weekend

I was scheduled to go to Timberline Lodge for Labor Day weekend to do my “How to Shoot Glamour Nudes with a Simple Camera” seminar, and one paid photo-shoot. Yes, I was again trying the same seminar that had been a bust last summer on the 4th of July. It turned out to be a memorable, if exhausting, three days.

We didn’t get on the road until later than usual but still arrived in the late afternoon on the Cumberland Plateau where Timberline Lodge lies just outside the town of Crossville Tennessee. The resort was packed with people who were staying in the lodge, in nearby motels, the resort’s cabins and in the resort’s R/V & camping area. We were once again staying in the loft of the resort’s owner’s apartment so that they could rent out all 24 rooms in the lodge to paying guests.

When we arrived the pool area was filled with naked bodies. One thing we noted right off was the age of the people was significantly younger than it had been just a year ago. The ongoing process of rebranding the resort from being a sixty-five year old traditional nudist camp to a place for swingers and other hip young people had already resulted in the average age of the people around the pool dropping from around fifty-five to closer to thirty-five, with a large contingent of twenty-something’s.

Paula and I had plenty of time to begin to promote our photographic services after we arrived before the night’s party at the club, which had a “school girl” theme for Friday night. I hooked my tablet up to a big-screen TV in the fully renovated bar to show my photo portfolio. Right off I got a booking for a second shoot, this one of a pregnant young woman, to do the classic nude pregnant photos. A little later, while chilling in the hot tub naked with a nice couple I was able to get a third booking for 10:00 on Sunday. Things were going well.

The party was fun, but I must say I got a bit of a creepy pervy feeling with a dance floor full of “school girls” in outfits that I only could have dreamt girls dressing like in my junior high school. The drop in average age at the resort meant there were many very attractive young women in those skimpy outfits, that got skimpier (or non-existent) as the night wore on.

Paula was too tired to "dress-up" so she wore a tee-shirt that read “It’s only cheating if you don’t let him join”. About 11:00, Paula told me that a couple had invited us to their room and wanted to know if I wanted to join them later on.

I know what you are thinking. But no, it really wasn’t a stupid question. The truth is that it had been over a year since she and I had a foursome with another couple, it just seems that 3-somes of different mixes are much easier to manage. Still, I told her that I would love to join them.

A little later Paula found me again to let me know that she had directly asked the husband if he was open to male-bi-sexual activity. I’m not sure why she openly asked him that right out in the club, but I suspect that she’s learning that bisexual male sex, though not as common as bisexual female activity, is becoming more normalized in the swinger community. The man told her that he very much enjoys it, and that his wife finds it very hot to watch him do it with men. So at around midnight the four of us went to their room in the lodge. They seemed to be just a normal couple; though I guessed they were a little younger than us. perhaps early 40's.

Paula and the husband began making out straight away. His wife and I initially watched them go after it, but soon I realized I was expected to show some initiative. I began by undressing the woman, kissing her all over as I removed her clothes. After some time, I glanced over to my wife, she and the man were laying on the bed, him nude and her in just her panties. I took my time and the woman responded well to my touch. Paula and the husband carried on quite the conversation as they messed around, but the wife and I just quietly went about making love. I moved her to the bed and removed her panties, and began to give her cunnilingus. Her entire labium was very small, perhaps the smallest onto which I have ever gone down. She was also unusually smooth. Later she mentioned that she'd had her pubic hair permanently removed via laser.

We were soon in an oral foursome. I gave her oral sex, while she alternately used her mouth and hands to stimulate her husband, while he ate Paula. The wife was very vocal and I was able to bring her off twice in under twenty minutes. After she came the second time, I gave her a break to catch her breath.

Her husband told his wife what a nice "pussy" Paula had. In short order she crawled on top of my wife and the two women began doing sixty-nine. Since the two wives were busy eating one another out, I thought it appropriate to go down on the husband as he watched the two women. This was the first time she and I had both engaged with someone of our own sex in the same bed. It seemed quite natural though. It was one of those “what’s the big deal” moments as we each had our own type of genitals in our mouth. He was not circumcised, that was a first for me, and that was why Paula did not give him a blow job. I knew right off she would not suck his uncircumcised penis. As I've said before, she is far more picky about the dicks she puts in her mouth than those she allows in her vagina.

After a while it became evident that he was having a hard time getting a full erection, and the longer he stayed soft, the more frustrated he became, which of course made him less inclined to get a hard-on. This was the first time I’d not been able to get a guy hard enough to cum and I too felt a little defeated. However, despite my lack of success, Paula had no trouble bringing the wife to orgasm.

After a while, his wife suggested that we all go get in the pool, as she and I were both sweaty from our time together. I seconded the motion since he was feeling really bad about his lack of wood, and that seemed to be a good plan to defuse the problem. The pool is right beside the bar, so the party was still going on while the four of us swam naked and messed around in the water. She latched on to me. First, we kissed then she wrapped her legs around my waist and we had slow sex in the water for a good while. Since the pool was beside the resort’s club. The entire time she slowly rode me in the water, people from the bar’s overflow could see us having sex (some openly watched), yet it seemed just the most natural thing in the world. Eventually the women said they were getting tired, and suggested we continue the play session the next day. That kind of “there is no need to force this, there is always tomorrow” attitude is one of the great things about a sex friendly resort.

I’d left my camera in their room, so I went with them to get it. He initiated a kiss and soon he and I were on the bed again doing sixty-nine. There was no doubt his wife enjoyed watching us. I was thrusting my erection fully into his mouth in the way I liked it done to me. I might not be huge, but I am a little longer than average, so I knew how deep I was going. Since he was on his back it was easy for his wife to join me in pleasuring his penis. We together worked on his cock for some time while I face fucked him. He still didn’t get hard. After we'd been going at it for around twenty-minutes I told them Paula was waiting, and I had to go. He made a point to say how much he liked feeling my cock in his throat. I knew the feeling.

When I exited the room, in the hallway of the lodge, I ran into a woman I’d spoken to earlier in the hot tub. We were both nude and I still had a half-erection. She looked all the world like Dianne Keaton, except I think her breasts were nicer than the movie star’s. I’m not sure why, but I just suggested that she needed a kiss. So we kissed for a while in the hallway before going to our respective rooms. Nothing else happened, but that too is part of the resort’s culture.

Saturday morning came early, but I was still out in the hot tub by 8:00 AM relaxing in the water. It was a surprise to me that I was not alone, normally everyone at Timberline Lodge is still dead to the world at that time on a Saturday morning. There were two couples in the tub with me. I’ve never had so much company so early in the morning at Timberline. One of the wives’ was the Dianne Keaton look-alike I’d kissed in the hallway the night before. We all had a nice talk until I had to go get my studio set up for my two shoots I had scheduled for the morning.

As always, the challenge is to use photo set-ups that have worked in the past in a way that is not just a repeat of what I’ve already done. In this case my first client was a sixty-five-year-old woman. Despite the fact she was unusually attractive for her age, I could not discount age issues in my shooting either. It was fun because these photos were for their thirty-seventh wedding anniversary. Although her husband was there, they made it clear they were doing photos of her, not them together.

As I always do, I went through the outfits the client had brought. As I often find, nearly everything she had with her was the cheap and tacky stuff one buys at a sex shop. I understand those things are the most readily available, but they are terrible if you want quality photos. That is why I always took a box of lace wraps and other things I can use in place of lingerie. In her case I found one thing in her collection that I thought would work for photos. It was a red & black corset. She told Paula that she’d owned the corset for several years, but never worn it because she did not seem to know how to put it on. Since Paula (at that time) had been selling lingerie at Victoria’s Secret for fifteen years, she was loads of help. The shoot went well. We shot the corset set in the studio, then went to the clubhouse bar for some “May West” type shots using her corset and a black feather boa that was in my collection.

Finally, we ended up back in the studio. At the client's request, we had recruited a pair of two buff young men to pose with her. I had her sit on the chest high bed with the mirror behind it, then the guys stood on either side of her. With the mirror, it looked like she was surrounded by young men. I had the guys stroke themselves while I fixed the lighting so that they had nice erections for the photos. She sat with a Cheshire cat grin with the hard cocks of the two hard bodies at her head level. As I shot, she moved to playing with them, and then sucked off both of the young guys. The shoot went very well and the husband who was helping me, was all grins watching it all.

Let me add something about this couple. It seems that early in their marriage, as a stay-at-home navy housewife (unbeknownst to him at the time), she had sex with dozens and dozens of men during the day right in their bed. Since he was in the navy, he was gone a lot and men were everywhere since she lived on the base.

Let me make a personal note about this. Their story is not unique. My grandmother did the same thing when my grandfather was in the US Navy during WW2. My mother told me (before she passed a few years ago) how during the summer (when she was not in school) a few times a week different men would come over to their house and she’d have the man give her older brother money for the two of them to go to a movie an get lunch. They were under strict orders not to return home for at least two hours.

From this couple’s story, I couldn’t tell if she had done it because she was board, super-horny, unhappy or possibly she was getting paid; but according to them in the years between their marriage and the birth of their first child she’d had sex several times a week right at home on a regular basis. As he said it, “My wife’s pussy was like Grand Central Station with men cumming and going every day.” Evidently, she’d stopped after becoming a mother, then only told him about all the men she’d done after their kids were grown and gone. That was how they became swingers in their 60’s.

My second shoot of the day was a pregnant nude set. That was a first for me. The woman was very nervous and had never been nude in even a semi-public place like my studio at Timberline. It took me a good while to calm her enough to get the kind of photos I thought she would prize in years to come. Despite the work, I was very pleased with the results.

I relaxed in the swimming pool for about an hour before getting ready for my seminar on shooting nude glamour photos. I spent some more time with the woman who looked like Dianne Keaton. She and I shared our very similar Baptist backgrounds and as we talked, we messed around with each other a little in the water. Paula talked with the couple we’d been with the night before and assured him that she was not upset he had not gotten an erection. He was very appreciative about her casual, non-critical approach.

My seminar turned out to be something that resembled one of those teenage sex comedies. I frankly would not blame my readers for not believing this happened, because I’m not sure I would if I'd not been there. But it did.

The seminar was scheduled for 3:30 in the play house. At Timberline Lodge, there were really only two good places to hold things like my seminar, the club house bar and the Playhouse. I was assigned to use the Playhouse because the clubhouse was being used for a different activity that afternoon. Unlike many swing club playrooms it had more than just beds. The main room in their Playhouse had a conversation area with seating for fifteen or so, but the five beds were available for overflow. An additional advantage for me is that that room is also my studio in the mornings so my equipment was there and I could talk about how I used the room to shoot.

I was about fifteen minutes into the discussion when two exceptionally pretty and very young (like I questioned if they were really twenty-one years old) women burst into the room from the outside door. One was wearing just a bikini bottom and the other had nothing on at all, and they were all over each other. They were pawing at each other in full heat when they realized the Playhouse was not currently being used as the “playroom” but instead as a lecture hall. So they begin to laugh and one of them drags the other into the "private" room off to the side. Now I say private, but that is only a matter of degree. What it really means is that you can't directly see what is going on inside. The small room with a queen sized bed was simply carved out of the larger room by two studio type walls of very thin sheets of plywood. Since the ceiling was fifteen feet high and the walls were only eight, sound had little resistance from carrying into the main room. So as I am trying to discuss lighting techniques and such, I am competing with moans and then rather loud sounds of female sexual ecstasy. All I could say when they got particularly loud was “Only at Timberline Lodge.” The high point came about fifteen minutes after they started, one of the girls evidently pushed the other up against the door…hard…and then gave her a screaming orgasm. Paula was quite sure they would bring down that section of wall before they were done.

If that weren’t enough distraction, the two girls seemed to get to one of the couples who were listening to me. Of the 20+ people in the room, these two were the only ones who’d come in the nude. They had been late and were sitting on one of the beds rather than in the chairs and couches. The woman began to give her guy a discreet hand job as I continued my lecture over the erotic sounds from the private room. In time she bent over to give him a, not so discrete, blow job. As soon as the two sweaty girls stumbled out of the doorway, faces flushed, the couple got up and went into the little room and reshut the door.

I then had a fresh set of sex noises to compete with my lecture. I never in my life had to work so hard to keep an audience’s attention as when the slap, slap, slap of hard fucking could be heard clearly along with the woman’s moans.

If I say so myself, my seminar was really pretty good and very informative… but even still it was hard to compete with that.

I had wrapped up the presentation and was answering questions, when the man and woman came out. He had on this ear to ear grin knowing full well everyone heard how he’d pleased the woman. As the man passed right in front of Paula, she couldn’t resist clapping her hands and telling him “Good job." The whole thing was right out of a sex comedy.

By the time we’d cleaned up from the seminar, I’d had a long day and I was tired. So I went to the resort owner’s apartment where we were staying and lay down on the down stairs couch. No sooner had I begun to nod off, than the couple who would be staying that night in the other loft bed came in, followed by a younger brunette. Their bed was just at the top of the loft directly above my head, and there was no wall only a banister separating the loft from the living room below. So, what fills my ears? More sounds of sex.

Their threesome went on and on. I drifted off to sleep to the sounds of “slap, slap, slap,” and “Oh, Ah, Oh, Ah”. The next day I gave that young woman a hard time for keeping me awake and she said “You weren’t awake the whole time. We could hear you snoring.” She then went on to say that was the first time she’d ever had an audience like that while she had sex. But the fact she was not hot enough to even keep me awake was rather disheartening. I, in turn, jokingly berated her for repeatedly waking me up with the sounds of her pleasure. It was all very funny and something that would/could happen in very few places.

Though clearly the young woman did not realize it, I had actually left the apartment while they were still having sex and went to the hot tub. The woman who looked like Dianne Keaton and her husband joined me once again. Soon she and I were kissing and messing around under the bubbles. This led in short order to an invite to their room. As the couple and I passed Paula, who was at a table talking to another couple, I just waved and said we were off to their room. She just said “Have fun”.

And fun we did have. We had a fun casual afternoon play session of about 30-40 minutes. I was pleased that I was able to get her off orally to the point of her having to push my head away and say “no more”. I was a bad boy, and despite the fact I’d told myself I wasn’t going to fuck her, but just to mess around….well I fucked her and we both enjoyed it greatly. What was unusual for me was that the husband did not join, he just quietly watched, masturbating while his wife and I had sex. That was a first for me. After we'd both climaxed, we snuggled up in the bed and talked about getting together later on for a more extensive round of play to include our two spouses. The whole thing made for a pleasant interlude before dinner.

Despite the fact Paula is a light social drinker at home, at Timberline she'd gotten into the habit of letting herself go a little crazy. The lodge had set up a big projection screen near the pool as soon as it got dark and Paula drank way too much watching Clemson play their season opening football game against Georgia. Among the crowd, Georgia was the favorite, but Paula had a great time as underdog. After a close game, Clemson won. Very happy about the game and more than a little tired, she was ready for bed despite three different, tempting, offers from men and couples for sex play.

While Paula had watched the game, “Dianne Keaton” and I spent a good while in the pool talking while she slowly rode my dick. Yes, twice in as many nights, I broke the lodge's no sex in public rule, but no one said anything despite having been seen by dozens of people as the football game was playing.

What I didn’t know was while we were in the pool screwing, her husband had been one of those who'd asked Paula about sex after the game. When she'd told him she wasn’t interested, he got in the pool and called her over to him. He was a little peeved at Paula telling him no at the very time I was having sex with his wife. After she had a quiet talk with her husband, he went back into the clubhouse. She came back over and told what had happened and with a sad look gave me one more kiss then told me good night.

I strongly suspected that he had come onto Paula with the idea that she "should" have sex with him since I had done his wife in the evening and was at that moment fucking her in the swimming pool. But, nothing puts Paula off more than a man expecting sex. Even if she would have been happy to say yes to his wife's offer of a foursome, his approach was guaranteed to get a no from my wife.

It rather bummed me out because "Dianne Keaton" and I had really hit it off, better than I had with any woman I'd ever met at Timberline, or any swing club for that matter. When we'd been talking in the water, we'd even discussed when we could get together on another weekend. But after what had happened, I knew that my new relationship had been stillborn. I was a little bummed. So both Paula and I crashed relatively early Saturday night. Even still, It had been a long and productive day.

Sunday morning as we got ourselves put together, Paula told me of an interesting conversation she had during the football game. It seems we had become well known at the lodge as a couple with a very long-term open-marriage, and on occasion people had come to her (and/or me) for advice. In this case a single man asked her about an invite he had from a couple to join them for the night in their room. His question was not about the proposal to have sex with the man's wife, but rather that the proposal was for him to have sex with both of them. He wanted to know if it would make him gay if he said yes. One does not think that grown men still think this way, but they evidently do. The first thing out of Paula’s mouth was “Was it my husband asking you?” Well that surprised him. He knew me from around the club; however, he didn’t know me well enough to be aware that I had sex with both women and men. He told her who it was, and it was a couple Paula knew, but had no idea they did the bi-male thing. After talking some more with him it was clear to her that he indeed did want to do it, but was afraid of the gay label. She assured him it would not make him gay, nor would he get a reputation of being gay. She said it was clear he wanted her to tell him it was OK to go with the couple and have sex with both husband and wife. She told him if they wanted him and he wanted them, then he should. So, the upshot was that after talking to my wife he went and told the couple that he was game to try it with a man.

Sunday morning I was again in the hot tub early. This time I was with a triad: a woman, her husband and her long-term lover. I’d met them the night before when I’d hung out in the hot tub after the disappointment with "Diane Keaton," but before Paula was finished watching the football game. The woman, a red head about forty years old, her husband and her lover were visiting Timberline for the first time. They'd been at the lodge since early afternoon and had been having a great time. She had told me that it was great to be someplace she could openly tell people she was with her husband and her lover without fear of condemnation.

I told her she needed to meet my wife. I explained how when her lovers come to visit her at work (at the local Victoria’s Secret), she openly introduces the men to her friends as her lover. I explained that since she was the team leader and had been there for so long, all the other staff know she is married. In fact, most of the staff knew me from when I stop by the store to see her at work. I told the woman that Paula had never gotten a bad response from introducing her lovers at work; though many of her co-workers were quite open that they wish they had a boyfriend/husband who would let them date (and screw) other men. Others simply said I was the best husband ever and they all treated me wonderfully when I was up at the store visiting.

When I had spoken to them the night before, she was nervous and excited about going to the Playhouse to have sex in front of people for the first time. So in the morning, I asked her how it had gone. She, with excitement in her voice, said she not only had sex in the playhouse full of people, but she’d picked up a new male “friend”. So she’d had sex with all three guys "with lots of people watching." There was no question that she'd had a great time.

I could not help but wonder how many people deny themselves this kind of wonderful experience out of fear about what others might think of them. We talked for a good while and she sounded a lot like Paula. I again told her she’d have to get to know my wife before I had to go get ready to shoot.

Our scheduled 10:00 AM clients for Sunday morning bailed on us, and so I took photos of Paula, at her request. That was very unusual. Normally I have to almost beg for her to pose for me, but in this case I was shooting specifically so she could send the images to her multiple boyfriends.

So we shot Paula in the studio, then she asked me to shoot some out on the grounds in a mini-dress she'd recently bought at work. It was another Timberline Lodge moment when I stepped out of the Playhouse to set up to shoot Paula's outside photos. Just on the other side of the gravel road, was an attractive young, naked, couple. The woman was on her hands and knees, giving the guy very animated head as he lay on a blanket. Of course that is why I’m the only one allowed to carry a camera, and even I was tempted to take a photo of them. I did not of course.

After shooting her in the dress, she changed into a casual outfit and we drove a short way to an abandoned railroad station I'd wanted to shoot for some time. The problem was it was right on the road. Sure the road was a quiet rural one, but it was enough to make her feel really racy while we shot some topless photos. They weren't my best work, but they weren't terrible either.

Our noon appointment was a reshoot of a couple we'd done before, and it went well if uneventful. The one fun thing was that a good number of people where hanging out while we shot, and I ended up doing a nice set with Paula and two other women in sexy black dresses.

By 1:45 we were packing up my lights and stuff. I was exhausted. The pace of this trip had been hectic. Paula knew I was tired and very kindly told me to go relax in the pool or hot tub while she packed up the car. It was raining by then so I was back in the covered hot tub, as was the same red-headed girl from earlier, with her husband and lover.

We talked for a while and something came up about how her guys never go down on her long enough to get her to orgasm. She said for her to cum by oral sex, her two men have to take turns and even then it takes like an hour and a half. In an offhand quip, I assured her that should I go down on her she would not need an hour and a half, “I’m quite sure I could do it in under fifteen minutes”. We talked about other things until I knew it was time for me to go get dressed. I began to leave, but she took me off guard when she asked when was I going to show her I could make her cum in fifteen minutes.

I told them I’d have to let my wife know I’d be delayed, then for a second time in two days I told Paula I was off to a room to have sex with a new friend. You must understand how many times she’s done that to me, so to do it to her not once but twice in two days was something I could not help but gloat over. But since she was already finished packing and ready to go, I promised I’d be gone less than a half hour, and explained what I’d told the woman.

So the red head, her husband, her lover and I go down to the Playhouse. Since we’d just come from the hot tub we were already naked, so she and I began to make out standing up. She was a tiger and seemed all wound up right off. Her husband and lover took seats in the room to watch. Her husband took off his watch and made a show of setting the timer. It was very obvious that he did not think I could do as I claimed. I broke the kiss to tell the husband that he needed to let me warm her up, but he could start the clock once I actually went down on her. He was visibly skeptical.

After we’d kissed a while, I lay her on the center bed and told her she just needed to relax. I rubbed, kissed and licked her arms, neck and upper chest. I lay on her and whispered to her that she needed to relax and enjoy the feeling of our bodies touching. “The skin is our largest sex organ, so just focus on enjoying the feelings.”

I was quite sure that if she'd never cum in less than ninety minutes of oral sex, the key was the warm up. I continued the kisses and licks all the way down to her feet, avoiding her vulva, but spending time on her inner thighs, before I went back to kiss her on the lips. Though my penis pressed on her vulva, I made sure it did not even begin to go in. I could tell why she had trouble cumming through oral sex, she seemed to want to DO something all the time rather than just let me please her.

I once again told her that she needed to just relax and enjoy. “Don’t try to force it, just let the feelings come”. I must admit I was feeling pretty good about the whole thing and was already sure I'd have no problem doing as I'd boasted. Her husband and lover were sitting watching intently the whole time I’d warmed her up. It was like I was giving a class. Finally, I went down to her vulva. Just before I put my lips to her labia, I looked over to the husband and said “now you can start the time”. Though she was not a small woman, she (like the woman Friday night) had small “girl parts.” I knew she was ready so I began right off alternately licking her clit and tonguing her vagina, then as she became more aroused, I focused on her unusually small clit. I sucked it and licked it slowly. Only when her hips began to thrust did I speed up. When her hips pressed up and I could feel about thirty seconds of hard vibrations, I knew the first orgasm had arrived inside my promised fifteen minutes. However, I wasn’t about to quit. I was having fun pleasing her. She was very vocal and I found it a joy to make love to her. Only after she was almost in tears after her third climax did I slide up her and we began to kiss again.

We were both covered in sweat. But she was not even remotely ready to quit and I was not going to let her down. My penis easily slid into her as we rolled and kissed and screwed. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me down hard and deep.

Eventually I asked if she was ready for me to eat her again. She was. For my second round of cunnilingus, she wanted to do sixty-nine.

Who was I to say no?

She climbed on top of me and downed my erection in one gulp. On the bottom, I found it more difficult than when I had been laying between her legs. Her small clit was hard to reach, so I focused on licking and sucking her labial lips and tonguing her vagina. We’d been doing each other simultaneously for a long time when I thought of the husband and lover just sitting watching. So, looking up from under her, I said, “Do you want one of your guys to fuck you while we do this?” It was then that I saw that the four of us had been joined in the playroom by another couple who were fully clothed and seemed to be there just to watch. She looked up from sucking me and said yes. Soon her lover moved up behind her.

In our earlier hot tub discussion I’d said matter-of-factly that both Paula and I were comfortably bisexual. That got some questions from the woman at the time but as her boyfriend moved up behind my head I had completely forgotten about that. Besides, we were in the public playroom and there just isn’t an option in the swinger community for open male bisexual behavior.

I was under the woman as we did sixty-nine and his penis wasn’t overly long and he had a hard time getting past my head to get it in. I shifted my position down further under her. That both helped him to get his penis in, and it allowed me to directly stimulate her clit with my tongue with his penis in her. He began to stroke her, not hard but firm; however, soon his penis came out. I took the chance of reaching up to put his penis back into her, but soon it was out again. Before I could put it back, he wedged it between my tongue and her clit and kept thrusting. I soon realized that it was not that he had come out of her accidently, it had been intentional. He wanted to feel my tongue sliding on his cock while he stroked. After a few minutes he pushed forward and down so that his cock was fully in my mouth. I found myself sucking her lover's dick as she was sucking mine.

The play room by that time had a number of other people in it. Some playing and some just watching the action. To the observers in the front of the room, it certainly looked like he was thrusting into her energetically while I ate her out. However, those watching from the sides, as was her husband, could plainly see that his penis was not in her, but in my mouth.

I responded to his obvious desire by sucking the shaft hard and using my tongue to play with the tip of his head. He continued to stroke, but it was not long until his pace told me he was about to blow. Soon I felt the pool of semen in my mouth and the head of his dick sloshing in it. I sucked him all the way through his climax, only then he withdrew. I swallowed his semen then went right back to licking her clit.

Not three minutes later, her husband, without a word saddled up behind her. He fucked her hard and fast. I felt each stroke. This was a first for me, and I must say it was really cool. His balls slapped my forehead and he kept it up for a good long time. I wondered if he was going to have me suck him too, but he did not. Eventually he also climaxed with a loud grunt, then kept fucking for a while longer. By continuing to stroke after he'd ejaculated, he'd displaced the semen that had gone deep in her, and left it near the opening and spread over her vulva.

Thus, when he stepped away, he had left me a surprising amount of semen all over her lips, in the folds, on the flat of her perineum and inside her vagina. Once he was gone, I wasted no time before putting my mouth fully on her vulva and licking up every bit of his semen outside and inside her vagina. It was thicker and had significantly more flavor than that of her lover. She gave me unmistakable verbal feedback that she liked how I was eating her husband's cum from her. Very soon after I’d fully cleaned her and gone back to licking her clit, she had her next orgasm.

We reversed position and began kissing and fucking again with me on top. Of course my face and mouth had the mixed flavor of her juices and both men's semen. I'm sure that is why she licked and kissed all around my mouth before resuming our deep kissing. I remember vividly how we were totally slick with sweat and our bodies just slid all over one another. That tactile feeling was one of the highlights of the experience. And, still she gave not the slightest interest in stopping so I was not going to disappoint her. The fact I'd been having so much sex seemed to help me not get overly excited.

I’m not sure how long we kissed and fucked, but eventually she asked me to go back down on her. So, down I went for the third time. As noted before, I'd been aware that we were not the only ones in the room for some time. Yet it was only when she switched places did I realize the big room was full of people. There was a fully dressed couple watching us from the couch not far from the left side of our bed and when I went back down to her crotch, I briefly saw a woman on the bed just to my right riding her man while also intently watching what the woman and I (and her husband and her lover) were doing. As I once again worked on my temporary lover, I heard other people moving around us, but I didn’t look up from between her legs.

What I didn’t know was that she and I had been going at it for well over an hour. Since I'd promised to be back in half an hour, Paula had come looking for me. She told me later she’d come right up behind us and watched me fuck the woman for a couple of minutes before I went back down between the redhead's thighs. Once I’d gone back to eating the woman out, she had crossed the playroom to sit down next to the woman’s husband and told him “He needs to hurry up, we need to head home.” According to Paula, about fifteen minutes after she sat beside the woman’s husband, I moved back up the red head’s body for another round of kissing and fucking (after she’d had another visible climax).

As I moved up, I happened to look over that direction to see my wife. Seeing her in the Playroom watching me was quite a surprise. Before I went back to kissing the woman, I asked Paula, “When did you get here?”

“A while back” was her response. This was a first. While I’d watched from the sidelines while she had sex many times, it was the first time she’d just sat there, fully dressed while I did so. Then she added, “We really do need to start heading home.”

My amour de la journée was below me still burning with desire. I leaned back down and we began kissing again. Though my penis was no longer fully hard after so long, it still easily slid back into her. I finally broke the kiss and told her as much as I would like to spend two more hours with her I had to go. I knew I’d promised my wife this would take no more than half an hour and it had been far longer than that. However, before I fully disengaged, I lifted her legs back up and began to lick her until she began to squirm, then I looked over to her husband and said “OK, time for you to take over.”

As I stood, I saw a tall bald guy doing his blond female friend in doggie on the bed directly behind us. I’d not seen them before. I had no way of knowing how long they’d been there, though I had not seen them the last time I’d looked around. As casually as can be as he stroked, I said “Can you believe this, my wife is making me leave.” He and I both laughed though he did not slow down his stroking.

Paula hadn’t been too annoyed by the wait. She was impatient yet amused. I was a sweaty mess so she insisted I go use the Playhouse shower before we left. She’d even brought clothes for me to put on for our drive home.

After I was clean and clothed, when I went back to the playroom to let my wife know I was ready, I went back and kissed the red head who was now riding her husband. After the lingering kiss, I thanked her for the wonderful time. She in turn thanked me for what I’d done for her.

As I left the room, I knew on so many levels this whole experience is what open sexuality could and should be; a very positive experience for all concerned.

When I went up to the main office to check out with the owner, who over the last year had become a good friend; I looked over at Paula and teased “For the first time ever, I had more sex than she did!”

We all laughed then Paula shot back, “I’ve got two dates this week, so you can be sure that very soon I will be getting more than my share.” It was all so very positive and Paula and I agreed we had a great time.


During the four-hour drive home, I repeatedly pointed out that I’d had way more sex than her this trip. It was only the second time that had happened in our eighteen years of open marriage, so I was determined to crow about it all I could. She in reply kept saying “Wait till the end of the week to see who’s had more sex.” But then she made sure to make the point that she actually was very glad I’d had a fun weekend. The banter made the trip home quite enjoyable for both of us.

Once home, I went immediately to my study to answer my work emails I’d missed while out of town. Later wearing just a short shirt, she came into my study saying she’d given herself five orgasms with her vibrator while I’d been working “and that is just a start to what I’ll do this week”.

And so goes the life with an open marriage.

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Jan 02, 2023

Lovely photographs, especially the one of your pregnant client. That's fabulous. (I'm moved by places like the abandoned depot, and Paula is a star, but the shot of the empty room is what it is.) There's an intelligence to your pictures that shows up in the LS project, medieval costuming, and your cunnilingus tutorial.

Jan 04, 2023
Replying to

yes that pic of client is so beautiful


Jan 01, 2023

Good for you. You eventually got to pleasure a few more women and men, than Paula. Practice makes you better and the sex you previously had with different women, trained you to be more sensitive to what women need. This is the advantage of an open marriage. I suppose, your ego needed the boost and you deserved it. From all the previous Open Marriage blogs I have read your compersion towards Paula was real. With this visit, she showed you her love and could watch you enjoy sex with another woman. Thank you for sharing these wonderful experiences with us. Happy New Year and I hope Paula's health would improve in the new year.

Replying to

To the best of my memory, in all of our "adventures" I only had more sex than her on three occasions. Not that I'm complaining, after she had a higher libido that I ever did, so it is only natural she fucked more.... a lot more. 🤣

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