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Our Decades of Open Marriage: Part 51

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Paula’s Revenge (not that I complained)

After our Labor Day weekend at Timberline Lodge where I was with three women and Paula only got eaten out once, she was ready to go. Of course, I fanned the issue by teasing her about how much more sex I’d had than she'd had. Each time I said so, she assured me she would catch up over the next week. The activities of the weekend had run against the norm of our years of open marriage where she has far more sex with far more people than I do. So rather than being some crude competition, it was comic.

Sunday night after we had gotten home, I got on the computer to answer my emails from my graduate students that I’d missed while out of town. I’d been working for an hour or so when she came into my study completely naked saying she had just given herself five orgasms with her vibrator while I had been sitting at my desk. She assured me that that was only the beginning of how she would show me who the more sexual one in our marriage was.

On Monday night she met one of her guys. They went to a matinee at the big multiplex. It was a warm September day and she wore jeans and a noticeably thin (just one step short of sheer) tank top without a bra. I’d seen her leave; it was hard not to watch her. She was quite sexy. For a woman in her fifties, she still had boobs that any woman half her age would envy, and in that shirt, their shape and motion were quite on display to anyone who cared to look (as was her intent).

Later, she told me that she and her date had gotten started in his car before they had even gone into the theater. Even though it was mid-day, right in the parking lot she'd taken off the tank top as they made out in his Audi A3. In the movie, they messed with each other but kept a lid on it. When they made it to her car in the huge parking lot, not only did they begin making out in the space between her car and a big SUV, but he began feeling her up right there. Not to be one to heed good sense when she was that hot and bothered, Paula first lifted up her tank top, then took it off completely so as to give him easy access. Showing a little sense, she realized they were in a parking lot in broad daylight and she couldn’t stay topless forever right in town, so she got into her car. After a while her jeans were just too cumbersome, so she took them off so that she was completely naked as they continued on right in our car in the multi-plex parking lot on a Monday afternoon. She neither knew nor cared how many people saw her as they made out, or later when she sat in his lap fucking him. Later she told me that she had climaxed six times in the car.

She called me just as she pulled into our driveway to ask who is in the house. I said Lamar and one of his friends. So, she asked me to bring her a robe. It seems she had only put back on her tank top and had driven home wearing only that. Getting out of the car, she gave me her pants and they were not just damp, but wet. This was all well and good, except she was actually not in her car, but mine. After she got out, she told me to feel the seats. They were soaked! Soaked mostly with her liquid, but his semen as well. As it turns out this was not a spontaneous event, she’d planned it. Since I was home from work that day, she took my car so as not to soak her own seat. My car smelled like sex for days afterward.

Contrary to our habit, we actually closed the bedroom door before she sprawled on the bed for me to eat the remaining cum from on and in her before I filled her back up with my own. After all it was one thing for our teenage kids to see us doing it, it is something else to put on a show for our son’s friends.

Even after that, she was not done proving she was the sexual heavyweight in our marriage. The very next day, she met a new guy for a lunch time meet and greet. Before she left for that date, we had a talk about taking a little more safety precautions after her reckless behavior in the movie theater parking lot. I told her about a woman who followed my blog who is also dating and married. She had told me how she texts her husband the license plate of any man she goes off with and the address of any place she goes. I thought those were good common-sense precautions, well that in addition to not having sex during the afternoon in a busy parking lot in the heart of the Bible belt. She agreed. While we were on the subject, I brought out the fact that although we both like when she does it without condoms and I eat her out when she gets home, we really cannot keep breaking our “rule” like we have been. The risks are just too high. Again she agreed, but this time reluctantly.

On her Tuesday date, she showed some restraint since this was her first date with this guy and because afterward she had to go from the date to work without a stop at home. In his truck, they made out and he played with her tits but made him stop fingering her just before she climaxed so as not to wet the pants she was wearing. She said he was good looking and kissed great.

The next night I was again teaching my graduate school classes from my study. Beginning the spring semester I had begun teaching live on-line classes for a top-tier public university. Not one of those glorified correspondence classes, but real teaching to live mid-career graduate students. They were called “synchronous on-line” courses. What that meant is that I held the class over the net just like it would be in person. Lecture, discussion, questions, etc; I even took role. Everything was just like a regular classroom, except the students were all over the US. So, I worked from my home office using my dual monitor desk top, Blue Snowball Microphone, and Audio-Technica headset.

I had set up the virtual classroom and was just about to put on my headset and switch on my mic to start class when I heard the unmistakable sounds of Paula having sex. The noise was quite distinct since it came from our bedroom just across the hallway and both doors were wide open. I was sure she was being more than loud enough that it would have been picked up by my good microphone and heard by my students. So, I wisely did not switch on my mic, and went across the hallway to our bedroom where my lovely wife was splayed out on the bed, naked, with her Hitachi Magic Wand between her legs and her iPhone in her hand; she was having phone sex just as I’m starting my class.

I stood in the doorway and gave her a look. She says “What?” Of course, we both knew she's been doing that regularly with the door wide open for over twenty years. I reminded her I was about to start class and it would not do to have her moaning in the background.

We both burst out laughing. She tells her guy on the phone, and he starts laughing too.

She promised to quiet down for the rest of her phone sex session. Not to take any chances I shut both doors and was just thankful I hadn’t started class before I heard her. If I’d had on my headset it is most likely I would not have heard the sounds, while my students would have.

The next night I didn’t have to worry about her disrupting my class. She met the guy she’d had sex with in the car on Monday night at a local hotel. After my second class of the night was over, she called me while she and her lover were taking a break from their strenuous efforts. She knows I like it when she calls me from the bed she is sharing with a lover, and it is not uncommon for her to do so. Sometimes she will give me some highlights of what they have been doing or praise her current lover’s particular talent. She is very good about finding something special about each man that is particularly pleasing and letting him (or her) know. By then she rarely had sex on the first date so as to give herself a chance to weed out the duds, it is not often that she is disappointed by those whom she shares a bed.

After she told me how good he was at giving oral sex, I could not help but tell her that she only has an hour more with that because that is all the time she had given me with the pretty red-head woman on the prior Sunday afternoon before dragging me out from between her legs. Again, she burst out laughing.

She got home two hours later and I could not help but notice that her vulva was bright red from the pounding it had taken from her lover. When I lowered my mouth to where the man had been for so long just a short time before, I ran my tongue across the smooth skin of her labia on either side of her vagina (she nearly always shaved down there before a date). As I began she let me know she was quite tender down their so I needed to go softly. I was actually surprised how strongly she tasted of semen, but I should not have been so. I’d seen how she’d put back on her panties for the drive home so that it would not drip out onto her car seats. On Monday, even after draining onto my car’s seats, I had been able to clearly taste him; this time his semen had been saved as it was spread by her panties all over her mons.

After I licked her to yet another orgasm, we made love. One thing that people who only imagine open marriage don’t understand is that, unless she’s just totally exhausted, having sex with other men makes her desire to make love to me even more. That is how we started in the habit of me going down on her after dates.

On Friday night she met the new guy she'd just made out with in his truck before work on Tuesday. This time she met him after she left Victoria’s Secret at about 10:00 PM. Of course, I knew she would be late. As part of the normalizing of her dating, I no longer waited up for her to get home. It's good I didn't try to wait up. She didn’t get home till 3:45 AM. She woke me up but when I asked why she was so late, she was evasive. But as they say the proof lies in the pudding, or in this case in her vagina. She switched off the lights and suggested I might want to go down on her. Once again, she very distinctly tasted of semen.

Though I had just that morning reminded her to use a condom on her date with this new guy, she did not. However, it was hard for me to berate her. We both knew that over that prior weekend I had not only had unprotected sex with two different women; but I had let the red-headed woman’s boyfriend mouth fuck me and swallowed down every drop, then I had lapped up her husband’s semen as soon as he pulled his penis out of her. The truth is that Paula knows fully well how much I like to eat other men’s semen. To me semen is like liquid sex and I truly love it and it doesn’t make a difference if it’s on a woman’s skin, in her vagina or right from the man’s penis. It is all wonderful. Still, I made a mental note that I need to again give her the safety lecture, and again insist she use condoms. But at the time, I enjoyed the taste as I was sure to clean every bit of the sticky residue from her vulva, and then from inside her as deep as I could reach.

When I first wrote the events of this week up, I noted that we had a great time with the life we led. It’s not the sex per se that makes our open marriage so great, it’s the fun we can have in living it.

That weekend I wrote in my blog that “I don’t know that we have ever in our twenty-six years and ten months of marriage been happier with our relationship or loved each other more. It is funny, at the lodge last weekend we spent most of our “non-working” time without the other right there, but both of us can’t seem to keep from telling everyone we meet about how wonderful we think the other is. I know I feel like I have the best wife in the world and I think she thinks the same about me. All this isn’t because we have an open marriage, but our open marriage gives us opportunities to show our love in ways that monogamy would not.”

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Jan 25, 2023

Someone once said "When you fall in love, you include the rest of the world in your love." I believe this to be true and your open marriage is an example of this understanding of love. If only more people would expand their definition and expression of love the world would be a better place, with less violence and jealousy. Thank you for sharing your wonderful open marriage.

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