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Our Decades of Open Marriage: Part 57

The Professor’s note 6/17/2023

I believe I’ve told you before that I re-read and clean up the wording of these posts before I put them on the site. I don’t change the content but smooth out some of the clunky wording or run-on sentences. Most of the time, the content seems new to me having entirely forgotten the event long ago; however, this episode I remember clearly.

As you might notice some of the events you read about here made their way into In Search of the Final Freedom a few chapters back. It is said that writers of fiction should write about what they know, and I do just that. You will even notice the phrase “slosh, slosh, slosh” to describe how it sounded after Paula had cum and the man kept going… of course that is where Marcy’s nickname “Slosh” came from. Though to be honest, when I added that nickname in this current revision, I did not consciously recall I’d used that very term to describe Paula. I guess it was just buried in my braid somewhere.

One other thing came to me in re-reading this entry was that it is clear to me that when Tumblr suddenly deleted my account, a lot of the daily entries of our “adventures” were permanently lost. You see, at that time, for events I wrote up at length, I first wrote (and saved) on MS Word before putting it on Tumblr; but when I just typed out shorter entries, more often than not I just wrote it right on Tumblr. I’m sure my intent was to go back and copy & save those posts, but when Tumblr just killed my account, they were lost. As such, I don’t think any prior “chapter” of this narrative spoke of Paula’s boyfriend Mike, even though she’d been dating him for half a year.

No this isn't from this event, but it is from the year before.

I just have more stories than pictures.


Watching Her Make Love, not just Fuck

After the Christmas season was over, Paula’s dating life picked back up. As mentioned in the last chapter she finally was able to have a wonderful hotel date with Anderson in late January 2014, but it was mid-February before she was able to do so with her other special lover, Mike. One night she gave me a call to let me know that after she got off work, she would be going to a hotel to meet him. This was in no way unusual since she’d had perhaps half a dozen hotel dates with him since the summer, so I just told her to have a good time. Later though, she called and asked if I wanted to join them for a while. It seems once Mike arrived, he suggested she give me a call to invite me. I thought that was very considerate. I’d had dinner with them several times but had only joined them for a threesome once, and that had been well before the holidays. She then asked me to bring her make-up bag and clean clothes so she could stay the night with Mike and go straight to work the next morning.

When I arrived at their door in the upscale business hotel, as she likes doing, she flung the hotel room door wide open fully naked. She then boldly stepped right out into the hallway to give me a hello kiss. There was no mistaking she was in a great mood.

Since I found they were both nude, I quickly undressed. Then we all just sat around the room and talked for a good while. It was quite low keyed and there seemed to be no rush for them to return to sexual stuff. However, at some point, Paula pointed out that she had to leave early in the morning to go back to work and so it was time to get busy. I took that as an opportunity to thank them for the invite. I also let them know I knew it had taken them weeks to work out this time in the hotel together; so, I would still treat this as their time. I said that I would mostly stay out of their way and only join to help keep things going.

Since the last time I’d been in bed with them sometime in November or December, their relationship had greatly deepened. By this time Paula was very much in love with him. I had watched my wife have sex with other people many, many times over the years but it is always a special thing to watch her make love. I was reminded how real love making is an amazingly beautiful thing to watch. Their kisses and caresses were both passionate and relaxed at the same time. They never became frantic. They both moved in a very slow and tender manner for the whole hour and a half I watched them make love.

For a very long time they just lay on the bed nude, kissing and touching each other the way lovers do but casual fucks do not. I sat in the big overstuffed chair at the far side of the hotel room. I could easily hear the smacking sounds of their kissing. Eventually he moved one hand to her crotch. Though they did not cease their kissing, from my position I watched as she lifted one thigh to give him access to her sex. Her back was to me and I watched as her hips started to undulate. Soon I could hear her groans of pleasure.

While this was going on, I thought on how much I loved her and how beautiful she was while she makes love. And it was so evident by her manner that she was very much in love with Mike. I knew they were whispering sweet nothings to each other but could not make out what they were saying. I was so filled with love for her and so happy to see her so emotionally fulfilled with this man. I thought how for the life of me I could not begin to imagine how any man, who loved his wife as much as I love Paula, would not be thrilled to see his wife in such a state of bliss. I say I was thrilled, but that doesn’t mean I was turned on sexually by this. Though they were naked and it was clearly erotic, I did not even have an erection. I was simply overcome with a sense of happiness for her and for us.

When she rolled to her back so he could more easily stimulate her, I went and got a towel from the bathroom. Mike was appreciative when I pointed out that, unlike the last time I was with them, there was only one bed in the hotel room. I pointed out "When she gets this bed wet, you won't have a dry bed to sleep in. I’ll go home to my dry bed, but you two are stuck here.” They laughed at my comment before resuming.

From the chair, I could plainly tell he was effectively arousing her. Alternately I watched him finger fuck her and rub her clit. It was not long before I could see her stomach contract and breasts heave as she climbed to orgasm. The whole thing was just so beautiful to watch. Even on her back her breasts stood out and I watched her in profile as her pointed nipples rose and fell.

I finally decided to help out. I went over and sat on the side of the bed to rub one of her breasts. That must have done it for her because her first orgasm came right after. I watched and listened to the sound of his fingers fucking her hard. When I heard the “slosh, slosh, slosh” begin, I knew she was climaxing.

Once she had crested, I went back to the chair and just watched as he brought her to a second orgasm before they went back to kissing. I could see him tracing her lips with his fingers which were visibly wet from being inside of her. They were so clearly in love. Once she was fully recovered from her pair of orgasms, she moved around and began to suck his penis.

It was then, watching her lips wrapped around his pink erection, that I began to get sexually aroused. I knew how much she loved giving him head and it showed. I began to slowly stroke my erection as I continued to watch them. Eventually, she turned in a way that my view of her slowly suckling his erection was blocked. So, I quietly moved to the desk chair and watched my wife as she relished the feeling of his engorged penis in her mouth. He is a little longer than me, she had once told me months before that he is right at 7” long when erect, but a little thinner than I am. As such, he was the perfect size for her mouth. I watched as she kept one hand gripping the shaft’s base while she alternately sucked the head and mouth fucked him. Mouth fucking him like that I could tell why she liked his length so much. It was not that she wanted all of him down her throat, but it was just the right size for one hand to grip the base of his penis while giving her all she wanted of the head and shaft when she went down to where she gripped him. My eyes were glued to her energetic oral sex as she used her hand as a backstop so she could mouth fuck him hard and fast without danger of gagging.

She went on for longer than I’d ever seen her give oral sex since the first guy whom she fell in love with sucking his dick several years before. I found it both beautiful and amazing to see my wife making love to his penis like that. While she was working on him, I could not resist telling him that she has mentioned several times in the past few months how much she likes sucking his dick. Not surprisingly he responded that he is glad she does because he loves her doing it. I then pushed the envelope and I told him how the prior summer she and I had been with a couple and the husband was not circumcised. I said that Paula was not used to a natural penis like that and wasn’t ready to put it in her mouth so she “gave it to me.” I let him know I was more than happy to suck the man’s cock. Yes, I was fishing, but I got no response.

A little later, I left for the bathroom for a minute, and when I got back I could see that Paula had finally ended the marathon blowjob. They had switched places and he was down between her legs. I sat down on the bed beside her. We kissed deeply and passionately until her lover's cunnilingus brought her to another orgasm. After which she pushed his head away and began to masturbate. He scooted up so that she lay between us and we both rubbed her body and suckled her breasts while she masturbated for a very long time. She had at least three more powerful orgasms before she just laid still, chest heaving for breath. We all relaxed while we talked and she languidly played with both of our dicks. I know her well enough to say with confidence how much she loved laying there between her husband and lover with our two full erections in her hands.

Since I had already made it clear that this was their time and I was a guest; I was not offended when she rolled toward him and round two began. They restarted their soft loving kissing. But this time I was laying right behind her. I very much enjoyed listening to the sounds of their kissing and whispering. It was tender and romantic. Again, I thought on how wonderful it is to be with her like this.

Finally, perhaps an hour after we began, she climbed on top of him. From my angle, I could clearly see as she reached between her legs to guide his penis as she lowered down pressing his erection into her body. She began moaning in pleasure nearly immediately. Still, this was making love not fucking as she leaned forward to kiss him as she rode his cock. I just watched mesmerized by how lovely she was like that.

I sat up and shifted my position till I was right behind her ass and could see his shiny wet penis halfway into her body. As I rubbed her back, she rocked forward and I could see the shaft sliding out of her labial lips till just the head was in, before she rolled back again pushing his penis as far into her as she could. They were both in sexual nirvana as I watched them mutually pleasure each other. I watched intently as they continued slow and easy. Eventually, he pushed his hips up sharply to penetrate deeper. From my position, I could clearly see how his penis swelled and contracted several times as he pumped his semen up into my wife’s body. This was something I’d never seen like that before and I must say it was extremely erotic.

As soon as he had finished his ejaculation; she responded by, for the first time, fucking him hard. After a few hard strokes down on him I heard a sucking sound, like you would hear as a pump is beginning to draw, then the semen began to press out between her vaginal walls and his penis. At first just a little white fluid showed, then a few strokes later more came as she forced his penis as deep as she could to displace the combination of his semen and her juices. Once the base of his cock was ringed with a white puddle, it began to dribble down his balls. I couldn’t resist and used two fingers to scoop the stream up then put it in my mouth. I said “yummy” out loud to see what they would say. When I got no objection, I reached down and began to caress his balls and the base of his slick penis as she continued to fuck him. He was still hard and for some time I had my fingers splayed around his cock and felt my wife bearing down and pressing ever more cum out onto my fingers. They both knew full well what I was doing, and clearly they both liked it. I began to think I was helping keep him hard enough to start the fucking over again.

I know that I played in the white syrup on his penis and balls for at least a full five minutes, perhaps longer. She slowed her strokes, pausing at her highest point, to give me plenty of time to play with his cock, and her labial lips wrapped around it as she lifted up and held. Several times I put my cum covered fingers into my mouth to eat what I thought of as liquid sex. I found the whole thing quite a turn-on. Still, Mike’s fluid was rather thin and lacked the strong taste of semen I'd gotten from other men. I suspected that was because her pumping had blended it with her less viscous fluids.

Eventually, she rolled off him. She saw me looking at his still mostly hard cock, she knew full well I was about to put it in my mouth to finish cleaning it; but she cut me off “No, only I get to suck him.” I responded with “But I was going to clean him up.” I saw his rather amused face that she and I were discussing this. She said, “You can do other guys I'm with, but not him.” I strongly suspected he wanted me to do him, but in all this he said nothing. I’m sure the whole scene would have seemed very comic to a fly on the wall.

I then went down on her and ate the remaining semen off her labia and out of her vagina. Her inner and outer lips were thoroughly coated in semen, though there wasn’t much left inside of her. By the time the last of his cum was gone, she was too sensitive for another full round of oral sex. Once I'd let her know I'd gotten the last of Mike's semen she took my penis into her mouth and began to work on me. I couldn't complain, she gave me a very nice blow job while Mike watched intently. We finished up with her bent over the bed and I fucked her hard from behind, while Mike relaxed in front of us.

I knew she needed to be up very early in the morning, so I dressed to go not long after I'd filled her with another load of cum. She, still nude, walked me to the door. Standing right in the hall, a good two feet outside the open hotel doorway, we kissed for a good long time. Of course, the idea of her being naked in a public place like the hotel hallway was just another part of the sexy fun for the night. She then told me she loved me and went back to bed with Mike. I went home and went to sleep with the taste of the mixture of his semen and her pussy still in my mouth. It had been a wonderful surprise evening for me.

She called me in the morning as she drove to work to ask if I’d had fun and to tell me she’d had a great time.

When she got home from work about 2:00 that afternoon, she told me how she’d masturbated to a couple more orgasms before they snuggled up to sleep. He was still in bed when she had to go at 5:45 AM. She told me how she’d kissed him and told Mike that she loved him before she left.

I told her that watching her make love rather than just have sex was a very special experience for me. I hadn’t seen it like that since she and her long-time girlfriend broke up. She agreed and said the sex wasn’t as hot, long or intense as it was with some of the other men she’s been with in the past few years, but said that it was wonderful and special because they are in love and her husband was there to share the moment. Though I didn’t ask, she made sure to assure me that her love for him is not a threat to us. I said I knew that.

And do goes our life.

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Jun 18, 2023

Your marriage is a wonderful example of a primary/secondary model where Paula can have multiple lovers but will always return to you. “One major benefit for many couples is that they feel secure that they won’t be abandoned, because their spouse has agreed that outside relationships will be secondary. This model is simpler and easier to organize logistically than other forms of open relationships. If there is any conflict over time, loyalty or commitment, the spouse always gets priority… Non-monogamy can strengthen relationships by encouraging each partner to be honest with themselves and each other, and to communicate clearly about feelings, needs, anxieties, and insecurities, including jealousy.” (Labriola, Kathy. Love In Abundance: a counselor's advice on open relationships.)

Paula’s assurance…

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