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Our Decades of Open Marriage: Part 60

Frolicon 2014

I can summarize our trip on Easter weekend to Frolicon, 2014 as one of those amazing short trips that was filled with good things. However, I should make a caveat, looking back I recognize that I took unnecessary risks. While I “got away with it” by not catching something, please do not take this as an endorsement of risky sexual behavior.

However, as our trip to Atlanta approached things looked grim indeed. First I’d failed to make our reservations at the host hotel early enough, so when we found out they were fully booked two months in advance we decided to put off making any reservations till the last minute. I made the bet that rates would fall right before the Easter weekend. After all, who goes to stay at the Atlanta airport for Easter? And we were right, so we got a great rate, only to find out that due to “an accounting error” we had no money in my bank account. The reality is that as a full-time adjunct professor, teaching graduate classes at a major university, I was making less than an assistant manager at McDonalds. Though I loved teaching, the reality was my pay was not something we could live on, and I was beginning to face that reality.

Not going to Frolicon was not an option since we were presenting two seminars on open marriage. We had just enough in Paula’s bank account to pay for two nights in the cheapest hotel within walking distance to the Sheraton Gateway Convention Center: $54 per night.

So we left late on Friday with just enough gas to get there and back (we don’t have any credit cards), and $6 in coins as our food budget. But we were on our way.

When we stopped at the Georgia Welcome Center to take a bathroom break, I was impressed at how sexy Paula looked. Her outfit of a sheer black blouse (w/o bra underneath), purple under-bust English corset and black mini-skirt was nothing short of stunning (and I must say I think I looked dapper in my formal Victorian garb). Even though we were tight on time we took the opportunity to shoot a few photos in front of the rest area's greenery. One of those photos hangs in my study to this very day.

Because we left late, we got to the convention center less than thirty minutes before we were to begin our first session. There was a mix-up with Paula’s registration that took more time, so I went on to the room assigned for our session. Five minutes after we were supposed to start, the convention tech guy was still working on getting my visuals to work. The room was full so I started late without the visuals I’d spent so much time working to make. All that threw me off of my game and the whole 1st session was very rushed, but we got a good reception. About fifteen minutes after I’d begun, the tech guy got my visuals going.

Even at an event like Frolicon, my visuals got some raised eyebrows. I don’t think the audience expected a college professor speaking on "And Introduction to Open-Marriage: A Viable Option for Life" would actually use nude photos of himself and his wife as part of the presentation.

Paula and I have always made a great team for presentations on marriage and sexuality and this was no exception. Our personal chemistry comes across to the audience which gives credibility to our discussion on open marriage that the words and credentials alone would not. The second session was a bit less rushed and the photos were more explicit including some of the captions I use on my blog and even a photo I shot of Paula actually having sex with another man.

As to be expected at Frolicon there were a wide variety of people at our sessions, including a poly triad on the front row. We got good questions and I think we made a good impression despite the bad start. After our second presentation, we walked to our hotel (in the rain) which was three blocks away to check in and take a nap before the evening events. I could not help but take a photo of Paula brazenly walking down the busy road with her completely see-through shirt holding an umbrella and her briefcase.

For the night events, Paula wore her tuxedo coat; charcoal pants a black satin under-bust corset and black bow-tie …. but no shirt at all. Once again she looked amazing.

Returning to the convention center, it took an hour or so to explore the whole convention. Of course Paula had to make a bee-line to the vendors. I like to say she's never met a gift shop she did not like. As it was the previous year we attended Frolicon, the large convention hall on the lower floor was one big dungeon. Inside were all sorts of BDSM activities. There were men flogging women and women flogging men, people naked and tied up and all sorts of interesting things. It was fascinating, but not really our bag.

In the main ballroom there was a sexy burlesque variety show going on and we caught the second half. It was very entertaining. I don’t know if we have become more accustomed to kink than we were when we first went to Frolicon, but the outfits didn’t seem to stand out to us as much as they did three years before when we went the first time. Certainly, there were lots of bare and semi-bare breasts (including Paula’s) and men in kink wear but it just seemed pretty normal to us. Paula made several comments that she wished that some people would get the idea that just being exposed isn’t actually stylish or creative. She of course was both stylish and exposed. She was even more so when she got warm and took off her wool tuxedo coat leaving her lovely D-cup breasts not even partially covered.

We visited a number of parties but we got stuck at a hospitality suite where there was lots of free food. After we’d had our “dinner” we went to the “Dark Room Party.” Now the last time we went to Frolicon we went to the same party but it was during the “girls only” time and I ended up waiting for my wonderful wife for an hour outside the door. So, this time we went together to the “anything goes” time.

Before entering I stripped nude and Paula removed everything but her bow tie, under-bust corset and socks. I must say it was like nothing I’d ever done before. The organizers had taken a large suite and blacked out the windows, and using a series of two “light locks” kept the room utterly pitch black. The party was packed, so as I walked I used my hands on a constant stream of naked bodies to navigate. Not surprisingly, I lost contact with Paula right off. It didn’t take long before I’d “navigated” through a good many pair of breasts, when I felt someone exploring my genitals. Of course I had no idea if it were a woman or a man, nor anything more than someone was playing with my dick as it slowly came alive. Then the hand was gone. This happened time and time again and soon I had a full hard-on. Several times I found myself kissing someone before I could ascertain what set of “equipment” they sported between their legs. Several times I never got that far because the genitals I was touching were not attached to the person I was kissing. I could hear the sounds of people fucking all around me but could see absolutely nothing.

At some point I realized the person I was kissing had a scruffy face and the thick penis in my hand belonged to him. I slid down to the ground and swallowed it, much to his pleasure. Over the next half hour, I sucked the cocks of four more anonymous men and ate out one pussy. I also kissed and fondled the breasts of a couple of women. Only a few times did I stay with one person more than five minutes or so, and I made a point not to bring any guys I sucked to climax. I finally stumbled into a bed. In it was what I quickly determined to be a woman. Right off, we began to kiss hard. After a while I began to kiss her all over her body before going down between her legs and eating her out. I did not even try to do it long enough to get her off, but rather I moved up fully on top of her. My penis was rubbing right on her vulva, but I chose not to put it inside of her because I had no way of finding a condom. I was tempted, but I knew Paula would be upset if I fucked a woman bareback that I could not even see.

By then we were not alone in what I determined to be a king-sized bed. From the motion and sounds it was clear the couple who had taken a place to her left on the bed were fucking. I moved off of her and in no time a new person took my place and began eating her out. I found myself partially sitting up on the corner of the bed feeling the motion and listening to the sounds of the couple on the far side banging and the woman beside me moaning in pleasure from the oral sex she was getting. It is amazing how much you can mentally "see" when you can actually see absolutely nothing.

Someone found my penis and I began to get a blowjob. My head was propped up against the headboard as I lay and enjoyed my dick being sucked. Of course I could not begin to see who had my penis in their mouth. I leaned over to caress the breast of the woman beside me and to kiss her as we both were being orally pleasured. Time seemed to have no meaning when I couldn't see anything.

A pair of legs appeared on the side of the bed near my head. The person was kneeling and reached across me to the woman's breast. I felt the legs, they were smooth, but that did not mean it was a woman at this event. There was also a skirt, but the skirt was more canvas like, than a woman’s skirt would be, so I knew what equipment to expect when I reached up under the kilt. I began to play with the penis and it rapidly filled my hand. After a few minutes, he swung his leg over my head giving him better access to the woman beside me and giving me better access to his cock. It was evident what he wanted, and I did not disappoint. It took some adjustment in my position but, soon I had his nice sized cock fully in my mouth while I gripped his ass with both hands. Soon his hips began to thrust his erection well into my throat. I love to be face fucked like that. At some point the person between the legs of the women beside me left. The guy whose penis I was sucking moved a little so he could reach down far enough to put a hand on her crotch. Almost immediately I heard her respond to what he was doing.

The blow job I was getting stopped, but in short order someone began to manually stroke my full erection. Again, I had no idea if it were the same person or someone else. After a while, I was pretty sure that someone lifted the leg's of the woman beside me into the air, then a man began to fuck her quite hard while the guy fucking my face continued to diddle her clit. The man fucking her might have been the same person who'd been eating her out, but I didn't think it was. All the while the man with the kilt was using his hips to stroke his cock into my mouth and down my throat. This whole thing on the bed went on for quite a while, longer than anything else I did in that room for sure. There were so many sensations and I tried to imagine what was going on and how it would look with the lights on. I finally had to move the anonymous hand from jacking my cock because I did not want to climax and bring all this to a close. It was sweaty and intense. I began to think that the man who was face fucking me was about to cum, but when the woman climaxed quite loudly, he took it as a cue and we all collapsed. While we all lay squished up in a pile on the king sized bed catching our breath, the woman said how amazing this was. I commented that I had to make whoever was playing with me stop “before I made a mess.” A man's voice said “that was me. I’ve never done anything like this with a guy before. I hoped I was doing it right.” I assured him he had been. The man who was face fucking me also said he'd never gotten a blow job from a guy before.

That got me to thinking. I wondered how many of the men who had played with me or sucked my cock, or that I had jacked or sucked, would never consider themselves bisexual. Then I wondered if you got any random group of men and put them in that room where they could not see anything, how many would make sure of the gender of the person who was playing with them or giving them head? I suspect very few.

I finally found the exit (no small feat) and was dazzled by the light in the hallway. I found my clothes and got dressed. I saw Paula’s stuff was gone. That didn’t surprise me since I knew I’d been in there a good while, though I couldn't begin to guess how long. I called her with my cell. She said the rain had stopped so she’d just gone back to our hotel. She asked if I’d had a good time. I was still quite overwhelmed with the experience but assured her I had. She said I’d been in the dark room for two hours. I had no idea it had been that long. Over half of that time I'd been in what amounted to an orgy on the big bed. She asked me how many people I’d played with. I told her I wasn’t exactly sure since I could have been with the same person more than once, but I guessed I’d had had oral sex (giving or receiving) with about ten people, but I had not actually fucked anyone. I made a point to tell her that I had been in a position to just slide my dick into a very receptive woman but did not. She said she was proud of me for showing restraint. All in all it was a night like none I had ever experienced before.

Not surprisingly, we slept in on Saturday, only getting up at 8:00 to go down to get the hotel’s breakfast, which was a bust. No “real food” just cereals and baked goods which is not much help to a diabetic like me. But for $54 a night right beside the world’s busiest airport, we couldn't complain too much.

When we did get to the convention about noon, our first stop was the hospitality suite for some food and then to peruse the vendors (again) before a very informative session on corsets. I learned how to re-lace them so as to change the “center” since Paula has a longer than average waist. For the afternoon sessions, she wore a leather corset, a sheer cream lace blouse and a very pretty bra. I was wearing my Navy Airship Corps steam punk outfit. I pulled a button off the long wool coat when I was getting dressed, so left it in the room.

After the session on corsetry, Paula encouraged me to go to the all-male session in the ball room turned into a giant playhouse while she spent some time on her own at the convention. I told her I wasn’t sure because all the play events in the ball rooms were BDSM themed as we had seen last night. She encouraged me to go look, so I went in.

Inside, the ball room was busy but not crowded. As I had expected, the session was mostly for the BDSM folks. As I’d seen the night before, there were flogging benches and such. Though it was billed as a "dungeon," it was fully lit like any large conference room. I could see several groups of men, mostly young and good looking, doing a whole variety of things. The man in charge approached me. He looked a lot like me, middle-aged and not slim. All he wore was a sash that showed he was the Dungeon Master. He was very nice and could tell I was out of my element. I told him that I was comfortably bisexual but I wasn’t into BDSM. He assured me that the “men only” time was not just for BDSM. I told him my wife and I are poly and he said he was in a stable triad relationship “And Kevin would love you. You are just his type.”

He pointed to a group of three men, a middle-aged guy, a guy in his 30’s and a very good looking guy in his 20’s. I just assumed he meant the older guy, but when he called Kevin over, I was shocked that it was the impossibly handsome guy in his 20’s. That in itself was unnerving. This guy was out of my league and besides, I’d never been with a real “gay” guy before. All the other men I’d been with have been bi or even identified as straight.

Kevin responded positively to me and his boyfriend suggested that he help me get undressed. And he did, but not until after we had kiss hard and passionately. The thing that I still remember is that his tongue was bigger in my mouth than anyone I’d ever kissed before. Not disgusting, but not really my favorite either. He was very handsome, muscular and had no hair on his body except on his head. He undressed me and we stood and kissed and explored one another’s bodies. His cock was about the same length as mine, but the head was larger than the shaft. That was new to me.

I don’t know how long we stood and kissed and touched before I told him I wanted to suck his cock. He called for a “barrier” and soon I was rolling the condom on him. I sat in a chair because the arthritis in my knees was giving me trouble. I began to give him head. I kissed and sucked his penis for quite a long time enjoying every second before he asked if he could do me.

DAMN! I’ve never gotten head like he gave me. I thought I would go out of my skin and honestly thought he might give me a heart attack. It was amazing. Since Paula and I had sex in the morning at the hotel, I was resistant to climax, but that just meant he kept me at the peak for longer than I knew was possible. It was the most amazing oral sex in my life, bar none.

I was sure he and I had been going at it over an hour when I actually told him I couldn’t stand anymore. I asked him to fuck me. He told me he would love to but that was not allowed in the dungeon. I went back down on him again.

Eventually, a voice in my head said I had to go. Paula was expecting me to be in there for just a little while and besides, my heart couldn’t take any more. So, I got dressed, but not before I took a walk around the ballroom and watched several other groups of guys having oral sex. All in all it was intense beyond anything I could have imagined.

When I left the ballroom, I turned back on my cell phone and called Paula, still trying to catch my breath. We met and went back to the hotel. I needed a rest.

That evening she wore a fourth outfit. It was a lot like the one she'd worn the day before but with a different black leather mini-corset and an almost invisibly sheer black top with purple embroidered flowers. She also wore her “granny” boots instead of her “go-go boots”.

We went to a terrific Burlesque show and the costume contest. As with the last time we were at Frolicon, I was quite sure several of the outfits I've made for Paula over the years were better than the contest winners. The Burlesque show was a great deal of fun and we enjoyed it so much we agreed it was worth the trip to Atlanta for the show.

We finally gave in to the pace and crashed at the hotel at about 11:00 PM.

Sunday Morning, we checked out of the hotel but went by the convention before we left. Things were winding down. We talked to a few people but not much else. I did get myself into a wee bit of trouble with Paula for pulling up her mini-skirt in the main lobby to show off her lack of panties.

I must say we had more fun at Frolicon than anything else we’ve done in quite a while. If you are free on Easter Weekend and can get to Atlanta, I suggest this event for you.

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Sep 03, 2023

This chapter confirms everything you said in In Search of the Final Freedom. Not all writers can say that their fiction is based on personal experiences. It is also great to know that you had more fun than Paula, without any jealousy. Your lifestyle, open as it is, is a great example of what it is to be a married couple in an open marriage. The pictures are very sexy and appropriate for the event. With all the trouble of accommodation and finances, you still came out on top. Thank you for sharing.

Replying to

all these years later she still teases me about how I came back to the hotel room half dead from the amazing blow job I'd gotten from the super hot gay guy.

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