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Our Decades of Open Marriage: Part 62

A Very Busy Week For Paula

For the first week of June 2014, Paula had scheduled no fewer than three hotel dates. She met Mr. New York on Tuesday and came home telling me what a wonderful time they had, both at dinner and then in the bed afterward. I could tell she was now very much in love with him.

On Thursday night she was scheduled to meet Anderson but he had issues at work so they had to reschedule. On Friday she met a new guy at a dance club. She called me when she left the club to tell me she was headed to a hotel. Of course she was about to break her no sex on the first date rule, but I did not say anything. However, I was not happy that she admitted she was rather tipsy while she was driving and talking to me on the phone. Her excuse was she thought she was being safe by not riding with a new guy, but I countered that she should have called me to take her from the club to the hotel.

By the time she left the hotel at 2:00 AM she was fit to drive again.

When Paula arrived home, she was in a great mood. With a big smile, she told me that the new man had been really good. Despite the fact they were only there about an hour and a half, they had two full rounds of sex with him cumming both times. She told me how between rounds, while he recovered; she masturbated to several orgasms, much to his delight. Evidently, he'd never been with a woman who was so open about masturbating like that. We are so used to our little world, we forget that so much of what we think is normal, is not normal for a great many people. She said that just watching her play with herself until she came three times made is full erection come back.

She went on to say she had been especially “gushy” and got wetness everywhere. That was also something that this guy had not experienced before. All this did not surprise me. There is no question, that she is far more sexual and sexually experienced than the vast majority of women.

As she undressed at home, she assured me that before she let him put his dick in her that she had given him one of the condoms from her purse to use. As is our custom when she comes home right after having sex, she invited me to go down on her. We both like the idea of me kissing and licking where another man's cock had been just a little time before.

When I ran my tongue across her labia, I could clearly taste his semen all over where it had been smeared after she had put on her panties to come home. I looked up from between her legs and stated flatly “You didn’t use a condom.” She grinned and said “Yes I did. At least the first time. I guess, I got too excited and forgot to give him one the second time.” She was not chastised and said “You like tasting his semen. I know you do.”

She was right of course, but that didn't mean it is not dangerous to go bare back with every new man she fucks. My chastisement was weakened by the fact she knew full well I was loving licking up the semen not only in and around her inner lips, but the flat of her outer lips, her inner thighs and up her pubic mound to her lower abdomen and even down across her perineum all the way to her anus. You'd be surprised how much a few table spoons of semen can spread and still be enough to have a distinct taste. The truth is that even in our world of open sexuality, there is something kinky about tasting the semen of a man I've never laid eyes upon.

After I'd licked up the last of her one-night-stand's cum, then filled her with my own, I reminded her again that we can’t do everything we think is hot.

The next morning, we were talking about her lovers, and the issue of condom use. She asked me if I could taste the difference from one guy to the next. This might sound odd coming from a woman who has had as many lovers as Paula has had, but you must recall that she never ever lets a guy cum in her mouth, so she never tastes the semen of the men with whom she has sex. I told her “Yes different men‘s cum tastes different.” I went on to explain how Anderson's semen has very little flavor, even when I have gone down on her right after he has filled her up; but, other guys, like the one she'd been with the night before had a wonderfully strong flavor even after it had been an hour since it was deposited in her vagina. She mentioned one episode of Sex and the City was about a guy that had bad tasting cum and asked if that had ever happened. I told her yes, but only once.

Two days later, Sunday, we met a new couple for lunch. They were very nice and we made plans to see them again. On the way home a younger guy that Paula had started seeing in the last month, Richland, called Paula's cell phone. He said he was in town for the day and wondered if she had a couple of hours to kill. She quickly agreed. So we reversed course and went back into town. She directed me to the hotel where she met him the last two times they had sex.

This time, rather than just dropping her off, we decided I would join them for a little while, then let him bring her home. I found it interesting that this good-looking guy in his thirties said he had never had a threesome before. Once again, I had to remind myself how different our lifestyle is than most. At first he was a little nervous with me in the room; but, with Paula sucking his penis enthusiastically, he soon lightened up. As I usually did when I joined one of her lovers for a threesome, I did not get fully undressed or onto the bed until they were well into the moment. When I did and she went from sucking his cock to mine, he told us that he’d never seen a woman (in real life) give another guy a blow job before. So, for a while he just enjoyed watching us and playing with himself.

The next week I got Paula to write up a few notes about that day.

In her words:

"We did the routine stuff. I got on top of him for a ride, then switched over and he got on me and did me missionary for a while. For a long while the guys took several turns with one of them fucking me while I sucked the other one. We did it both with me on my back and with me on my hands and knees. While they did it, I came twice with my normal waterworks. Richland got really turned on by that and came while he was on top of me."

I think it says a lot when her notes actually used the phrase "routine stuff" about having a threesome with me and another man. Well, we had, again, failed to use a condom. So of course, as soon as he pulled out of her after ejaculating, and moved out of my way, I put my head between her thighs. His semen was already beginning to run out of her bright pink vulva down the crack between her buns. I ran my tongue up the cleft and got a very nice taste of his seed. Then I put my mouth on her mound and pushed my tongue as deep as I could. I found the pools of semen. They had not mixed with her fluids because he'd withdrawn as soon as he'd finished ejaculating, thus I found it quite easy to discriminate between the thin vaginal fluid and the thicker semen. Searching with my tongue, then using it to scoop the pools out of Paula into my mouth. Of course I swallowed all I could find.

Given the fact he'd never even seen oral sex in real life, I had to wonder what he thought of me working to get every last drop of his cum. He actually had some of the best tasting cum I could remember. It was very subtle but strong enough that when I left them in the hotel, I could still taste his flavor in my mouth as I drove home. After eating her out, I mounted her from behind and fucked her while he watched and tried to regain his breath. Since I'd promised Paula I would let her have time with just her and Richland, and I didn't know how he'd respond to sloppy seconds, I did not fuck her long and did not cum. After all, she and I could finish later after he dropped her off.

After I dressed, I leaned over and kissed her as she lay naked in the bed next to Richland. Then, on a whim, I crawled up on the foot of the bed and gave her pussy one last lick and kiss. She made it home just about an hour after I did. She went right to the bedroom and got back undressed. She spread her legs and asked if I wanted a second helping of Richland's semen. Of course, I did. Then we made slow relaxed love.

There is nothing quite like our lovemaking after she's had a hard fucking by a fit young man. I think there are a couple of reasons for the fact we enjoy making love after she’s been with another man. One is that when I know she’s been worked over well, I don’t have to feel pressured to give her highly athletic sex. That allows me to relax and focus on the tender aspects of making love. The other is, similar. Fucking other men just for the physical joy of sex is a very different experience for her than making love with her husband. Having sex makes her just want more sex, so she cums very easily when she’s just been with another man. And there is no question, that the more sex she has with other men, the more (and better) sex we have at home.

This is what works for us. I know some people wouldn’t understand, but it is what works best for us.

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Oct 29, 2023

Such an open relationship you have and enjoy is not an everyday occurrence and not many people would be comfortable with it. Most people would not understand what worked for you for so many years.

I read an account of a young woman who bragged about having had sex with up to three hundred men, and then complained that she couldn’t have a stable relationship. As a woman, I can understand that sex can play a large role in a woman’s life with a high libido, like Paula’s. The difference between Paula and this young woman is that Paula is married to a loving and understanding husband who supports her and sometimes participates in her love affairs.

The sentence, “And…

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