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Our Decades of Open Marriage: Part 63

The Most Uncomfortable Foursome Ever

One day in mid-June Paula called me from work and asked me to go onto the SLS (Swingers Life Style) website and respond to a message for her. While I was doing that; first one, then two, then three guys began instant messaging. Now I knew they were wanting to talk to her so I made it clear that she was not home. One of them was a guy she’d dated for half a year before they lost touch. He was happy to hear she would be glad to hear from him again. Another guy’s pic was familiar, but I couldn’t place where. We chatted through the SLS message system and it seems we had been in the same circle of friends for a couple of years.

His name was Lewis and he made a point to say that although his profile says “straight” he is bisexual. That is not uncommon. Eventually we set up a tentative meet and greet for that night at her favorite sports bar. Paula came home from work way too tired after work to go out but she asked me to go and meet him anyway. He and I talked over a plate of nachos. He told me that a woman he knows liked being the center of attention in group sex situations, and she had asked him if he could get a couple of guys to come to a group play time. We went on to other subjects, but before we left, he invited me to join him for a “group play date” with his female friend later that week.

Well, right off I knew that "gang bangs" were not something that appealed to me. I’m just not the kind of guy that goes to meet some new woman so I can have sex with her. To me, sex is about relationships and his proposal just seemed creepy. However, at the same time I had been feeling rather very isolated at the house. My social contacts had been few and far between due to the fact I taught my classes from home. So, on one hand I thought on how the whole thing was not something that appealed to me, while on the other hand, I really liked the idea of meeting some new people. So I agreed.

On the night of the event, we had a problem at home. My car was in the shop, and so we had only two working cars for the three drivers in the house. Our son needed one car for work and Paula had a date with Mr. New York for the movies. Initially I called and told Lewis that I couldn’t make it. I actually felt relieved that I got out of going but didn’t have to make the decision to just turn him down. The truth was I was getting increasingly apprehensive about the idea of meeting a woman to be one of several guys having sex with her.

Paula felt bad for me, she thought I really wanted to go. I'm not sure why I didn't tell her about my misgivings. To "help" me, she worked out a plan in which I would take her to the movies, then go late to the “event.” Mr. New York would bring her home. I actually liked that since I would arrive as things were winding down. That way I’d feel no obligation to have sex but still get to meet new people. So that is just what we did. I waited at the movie theater with Paula until New York arrived then drove the twenty minutes to Lewis's house.

In short order I’d met Lewis and his woman friend, Becky, and one of his buddies. It seems there had been another guy but he had left just before I arrived. I thought that my plan was working out just right. She was my age, personable and cute. They were taking a break so we all just talked. I took off my clothes and it was all very relaxed but nothing sexual was going on. It seems she was an elementary school teacher and so we had a common point of interest. I was fine with that. Lewis however, was not as fine with that and after about fifteen minutes of talk, he told her to give me a blow-job. Not suggest, but told her to suck my dick.

Earlier something about her being sexually submissive to the men was said and I’d felt obligated to say “She’s in charge of course. The person with the pussy is always in charge.” Lewis had disagreed but at the time I thought he was just playing, but now I wondered. His instruction to her had not seemed aggressive. It was pushy enough to make me less than comfortable but not enough to make me walk out, yet.

The whole atmosphere just didn’t seem right and I didn’t get an erection, nor did I really try to even when she gave what was actually a darn good blow-job. Finally I got her to quit and moved to kiss her. She seemed startled at my interest in kissing and holding her but soon warmed up. Clearly I did not operate the way she was used to with Lewis. It did not take long by using this positive physical contact for my firm erection to press on her thigh. I was sure she appreciated my rhythm but the other two guys did not.

Soon they wanted to be involved. Realizing this, I slid down to give her head allowing Lewis to feed her his dick. I gave Becky the best oral sex I could muster, while he face fucked her. It wasn’t long before he put on a condom. I rolled away and he mounted her and went to work.

I again was more than happy to watch and not participate while Lewis and his buddy filled Becky's mouth and vagina with their dicks. The most peculiar, and unnerving, thing was that Lewis had attached a big dildo to a Sawzall, a kind of large reciprocal electric saw.

At first, I thought it was just a joke. Then from their talk, I realized that before I'd arrived he had already used this industrial saw to fuck her with the dildo. She evidently had made him stop earlier, but he seemed to want to do it again. Once again, I was concerned because Lewis and I had such very different views on sexuality and how to treat women. The two guys first took turns using a Hitachi Magic Wand on her. But when her eyes were closed, Lewis put the industrial powered dildo back inside of her.

Her eyes opened and she said it was OK to use his contraption as long as he kept it going very slow. Twice she told him to stop when it got too fast. I was relieved when she finally told him clearly to stop using it and he finally quit. I felt quite out of place in this environment and was looking for an exit.

As my way of taking a little control from the other two guys I offered her "a soft pussy licking" to sooth her from the industrial fucking machine. She gladly took me up on my offer. So once again I positioned myself between her legs. When she climaxed, I was surprised at the force of the liquid that sprayed in my face. It was not like Paula when she gushes liquid, Becky actually sprayed. The other men were impressed how fast she'd cum and that I did not even slow down despite her drenching me. After I brought her to a second face-drenching orgasm, she said that was enough.

That was my cue to exit. I told the others I needed to pick my wife up at the movies where she was on a date with her lover. All three of them found it hard to believe that my wife was on a date but it was not going to end with sex. I told them that we are not swingers and that she has a relationship with him that goes beyond sex. Their faces betrayed their utter confusion as to what kind of open marriage we have. I don’t think any of them had ever heard the word polyamory before.

As I dressed, Lewis said he was sorry I hadn’t cum. I told him I was fine with that. “I don’t need to orgasm to have a good time.”

So, after picking up Paula we talked and once again agreed that the casual-sex with strangers kind of open marriage is just not our bag of tea. She reminded me that she had told me as much before I’d gone. She was right.

So it goes in a life with an open marriage. We seem to have to relearn the same lessons over and over again.

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Too bad you didn't (or couldn't) contact Becky without going through Lewis, she might have like getting into a more respectful and equitable scene


I love your quotes. I just don't have the kind of brain that can bring quotes to mind easily well not and give proper attribution. It's real work for me. And I Love you photo. That would be one of those "I wish I'd taken that" photos.

Nov 28, 2023
Replying to

At least she is looking for something to read, hopefully to get aroused.


Nov 28, 2023

Although this experience is very unsavoury for you and the lady in question, it underscores the fundamental truth that most people don’t understand the true nature of what it means to be human. Some men see women as a piece of meat to be used for their own pleasure.

To change these attitudes will be a near-impossible task. One of the most powerful tools in the world is story: “Everything you need to know about life can be found in stories. Why? Stories define life. And the philosophies developed over the course of human history inform and respond to both. As a result, understanding the anatomy of a story is about much more than writing. It’s also about knowing how…


Nov 27, 2023


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