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Our Decades of Open Marriage: Part 70

I sleep with Charlotte, She sleeps with James

The week after I shot Paula and James in the historic downtown hotel we, for the second time ever, both had a date on the same night. Paula was to meet James and I was meeting Charlotte & Rob

Together we went to the Crown Plaza.  When we got there Paula wanted me to bring her bags up to their room.  Yes, for an overnight visit with her lover she had brought bags plural… 4 of them.   OK, they were small, but still 4 bags seemed excessive. But I dared not say so.  So I toted up her four bags. Did I say she had four bags I had to take up to James’s room? 

Well the room was lovely. One thing about James, he always got very nice (read expensive) hotel rooms.  The three of us talked for a while then I left. I needed to hurry becouse I had told Charlotte & Rob I would check us into our hotel at 4:30. The Day’s Inn I’d booked was 30 minutes away. 

Unlike my wife I did not have four bags. I only had my camera bag and tripod because they had asked me to take some nudes of her.  The room I’d booked sadly was far from lovely. It wasn’t quite a pit, but it wasn’t the Crown Plaza.  I called Paula and told her to tell James that he did better than me in booking a room. The comic nature of the call was not lost on me.

As I waited, I realized I was actually quite nervous.  For all our dating, this was only the second time I'd ever gone to a hotel room to meet a woman without Paula.  I found myself primping in the mirror and practicing holding in my stomach. Had Paula and I not had several dates with them before that night, it would have been much weirder, but even so it was very odd for me.

Charlotte & Rob arrived at the room a little while later. She looked absolutely lovely in a blue and black ensemble. They were gracious by not commenting on the ratty room.  This was Charlotte & Rob’s first hotel date with a man. They were primarily nudist that had just dabbled in the world of open-marriage.  Prior to that night they had only once had a threesome and that was a quick spontaneous event.

Rob said that Charlotte had been so nervous he thought she would get sick.  Like I had found, the fact that Paula and I had been out with them a number of other times, and the fact we'd been talking on the phone since late summer, made the whole process easier.  I told her there was no reason to be nervous and we wouldn’t do anything for which she was not ready. Helping her actually helped me quite a bit.

My plan to shoot photos of her before we did anything else proved to be a good one for all of us.  I’d shot her on two other occasions, but even still she had a hard time relating to the camera. While she is very pretty, on the other occasions I had a hard time capturing it.  I’m not sure why, but I suspected it was the tension she exuded. One would think that as a long time practicing nudist this would not be so, but everyone is different.

We slowly progressed the “photo shoot” from fully clothed, to bra and panties, to nude. For the first time with me shooting her, she began to relax through the process. By the time she was in her bra and panties, the photos came out quite good. Several of the nudes came out first rate.

The next part was difficult for me.  Shifting from photographer to lover was a new experience for me.  I'd been shooting nudes of other women for over a decade, but with a single exception when one of Paula's friends gave me a "thank you" blow job, I had never had any sexual contact with my models. But in this case the photos were intended as foreplay. Initially, I had to go through the motions till I’d mentally transitioned from one role to the other.

We did a lot of kissing.  She seemed to respond well to my touch and that was reassuring. She was a real joy to be with and responded well to most everything. As with all good MMF threesomes we took turns giving her pleasure so that she had nearly continuous attention.  It was far from the first time I'd had sex with a woman while her husband watched, but it always puts me under pressure to both please the wife while also ensuring he did not feel left out.

She was very responsive to everything I did. I kissed and caressed her whole body before going down between her legs. Everyone in the room, and perhaps the rooms on either side knew how much she liked what I did with my lips and tongue down there. I really enjoy giving oral sex and her responsiveness made it all the more pleasurable.  After she'd had an energetic orgasm, her husband mounted her and stroked while I rested. When he was done, she just lay on her back and spread her legs. I knew what to do. My penis slipped into her without any guidance.  She wrapped her legs around my waist and we kissed deeply and with passion as I ground my penis as deep as I could go. Perhaps it was that my erection was nearly an inch longer than her husband's, or perhaps it was just the pleasure of being with someone for the first time, but whichever it was, she writhed with ecstasy.

Rob watched with rapped attention as Charlotte and I made love. After some time of me on her grinding and kissing, he got on his knees and slid his erection between our two mouths.  We continued to kiss while he stroked his penis between the four wet lips. On and off, she and I took turns letting him stroke his cock all the way into our mouths as part of the moment.  I'm not sure why this is not a more photographed form of threesome, but every time I've done this, it has been a thrill for all three of us. 

Though sometimes sex is just a physical act, in great sex however that is simply not the case. In great sex there is always a strong emotional component. In this case, his penis did not bring us any additional physical stimulation, but the fact we were jointly having oral sex with Charlotte's husband while my penis was buried in her vagina was emotionally erotic. So much so I could not hold back and climaxed hard.  Neither Charlotte or Rob seemed to realize I'd not intended to climax at all before dinner.

As soon as I'd rolled off, he went down on her and ate out the copious amount of semen I'd deposited in his wife.  Once he was done, he rolled over and the three of us began to talk. Right off he said, "You really have good tasting cum." Now, I'd eaten a good amount of semen from both Paula and other women, but this was a first for a guy to gobble up my cum.  We had a nice relaxing time laying naked in the bed. Sometimes we just talked and sometimes we played with each other lightly.

I checked my phone and James had sent me a pic message of Paula in a new piece of lingerie. I showed it to Rob and Charlotte then called Paula and we both said we were having a good time with our respective lovers, as we lay in bed with them.  I told her that I loved her and I would call her later.

After dinner, we had a very nice round two. Even though I was able to resurrect my penis, the sex was far more relaxed than round one. She had a very small clitoris, maybe the smallest I had ever seen, but it was wildly sensitive, and she had the most beautiful vulva.  I’m sure over the whole evening I gave her at least ninety minutes of cunnilingus.   She seemed to like what I could do with my tongue and her husband more than once said perhaps I should give him some lessons.

After round two, we lay in the bed naked for another good hour of talking and light play before they left.

All in all, I think a nice time was had by everyone.

The next morning I checked out and picked Paula up, again at the Crown Plaza. It was nearly 10:00 AM, but when I made it to their room, they were still in bed.  She got out of bed to open the door for me. It seems they had just finished another round of fucking and she was sweaty and breathless. Still she gave me a kiss in the doorway, halfway into the hall, in the nude.

As she got dressed, they asked me about my night and I told them about it. Once she was ready, she climbed back into the bed and gave James a very long goodbye kiss before we left the room.

It was one of the most unusual nights we’d ever had in our decades of open marriage, but it rung a certain note of love, or perhaps the trust we have in each other.

Note: I'm sorry I can't attach any of the wonderful photos. I don't share photos for which I do not have explicit permission to do so.

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May 26
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

It is not easy for a woman to open her secret garden to anyone. A woman needs to feel safe and secure before she can admit a man into her treasure trove. With Paula and James, who have an established relationship, it is different. The photo shoot helped Charlotte to relax and slowly remove the safety barrier by taking off her clothes. It also uncovered her vulnerability, ready to allow the Prof between her legs.

I love how you and Paula connect during your different liaisons. That is love built on trust.    

Thank you for sharing.❤️

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