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Our Decades of Open Marriage: part 71

We Each Spend the Night With Our Lovers (again)

As November of 2014 progressed, Paula was seeing James once a week.  But in those two months, she only had one or two dates with other guys. When I asked her about it, she said it was just too much work to look for new guys to date, and she was happy with James. I however was not dating at all. Charlotte had begun working on her master's degree and found going back to school in her forties posed a number of challenges she did not remember.  She told me how on the phone the "kids" in her class were deferential to her, and made a point to keep her out of the sex talk. I told her how I had the same experience when I was working on my Ph.D.

One night in December, lying in bed, I realized it had been two weeks since Paula and I had sex.  With her holiday work schedule and other things it was just one of those things that happens.  I told her what I was thinking and she agreed it had been too long, but since she had to be at work at 6:00AM, we did not remedy the situation.  But I did ask if she had picked up my newly renewed prescription of Calais.  She said she had. I thanked her and said she could give some of them to James since his insurance did not cover it.

She looked over at me and grinned “Oh, I already have.”

We both laughed.  I didn’t even bother to inquire when she'd given him my pills, but since she had dinner with him a few days before, I guess she’d gotten some dessert back at his hotel.  To be fair, James is quite capable w/o the Calais, but with it, he can literally keep it going all night if Paula wishes (and she sometimes does).

A week later we had a nice night of Christmas celebration with our respective lovers.

Paula and James had a long-standing pre-Christmas plan for dinner and a hotel; however, I thought I would spend the night alone. As it turned out, I got a call from Charlotte to ask if I’d be free for dinner with her and her husband that same night. Well, actually they had asked if Paula and I could both join them, but I told her that my wife had an overnight date with James planned, so she asked if I could come alone.  I said I would love to since the alternative would be to spend the night by myself.   Later I got a call from Rob (Charlotte’s husband), and he asked if I might be open to a hotel date after dinner, but he said they would not be able to meet me until nearly 9:00 PM.   I told him that would be great and so both Paula and I had dates for the night.

On Friday night Paula left home about 4:00 PM to meet James.

As usual she went to his hotel and they had a nice time “saying hello” before dinner since she hadn’t seen him in well over a week.   Only after their drawn out “hello sex” they went to one of the nicest restaurants in town. 

I didn’t leave home till around 8:00 PM and while I was driving to meet Charlotte and her husband, Paula called me on my cell.  She was full of giggles and she told me about the great athletic sex she and James had been having and they were on their way to a record number of orgasms for her.  James is a former professional baseball player and he is not only competitive, but he loves statistics.   Some time ago she got in the habit of telling him how many orgasms she’d had over the course of their day/nights together.  Prior to that day, the record for one night had been something like fifteen, but it seems they were on their way to breaking that record.   I talked to both my wife and her lover on the phone as I looked for the restaurant to meet my own lover and her husband.

I found the sports bar not long after. They were already there. The three of us sat and talked and enjoyed hot wings for over an hour.  We were having a great time. It was rather funny because this was a hangout for the local university and the college kids took little notice of the three old people in the booth.  However, it was hard for the kids to miss how the pretty woman first cuddled and kissed one of the “old guys” then they switched places and she did the same with the other old guy.  We wondered what the “kids” thought of what we were doing, or did they even notice.

Unfortunately, the music got much louder after 10:00, and eventually the noise was such that we had to leave.   We went to a local Comfort Inn and since this was not the first time for us to have sex, right off I got naked and she and I began to kiss.  Her husband however, decided to run out and get some drinks.  She reminded me that they are newer to the open marriage lifestyle and she did not know if Rob would be comfortable with us having sex without him present.  I assured her that I fully understood and while she stayed dressed until he returned to the hotel we kissed hot and heavy. The wait and restraint turned out to be very erotic on its own; one of the highlights of the evening. When Rob returned, she was stroking my erection, but was still clothed. He said he was surprised we were not fucking already.

In a flash, we all got naked and in the bed. But once the foreplay began, I was careful to maintain a nice relaxed pace and we kissed and rubbed and talked for a very long time.  Eventually, I slid on top of her and we made slow and relaxed love while her husband watched and took some photos.

With a little Photoshop magic, I can illustrate this without revealing her identity.

These two images were made from one of the photos Charlotte's husband took.

After the photos, he joined us on the bed, and she began to give him a blow job.   Of course, not to miss out, I joined her and we took turns sucking Rob’s penis while she and I had sex.    She got wound up and asked for it doggie, so we went from relaxed to heavy banging.  After some time of that I knew if I didn’t stop I’d cum and I wasn’t nearly ready for that yet. Rob was more than happy to pick up where I left off.

After he could go no more, she and I again shared his penis much to his enjoyment, before I finally went down on her.   I’m not sure how long I licked, kissed, and sucked her down there, but she very visibly and verbally responded well to my work.  I do know that eventually, she had to beg me to stop because she couldn’t take any more orgasms.  I thought that was a good sign.

While we were taking a break after that, Paula called me again to see how things were going for us.  I gave the phone to Charlotte and she told my wife that we were having a great time.   Paula told me that she and James had finished up more than an hour before and she’d just woken up and decided to call.  It seems that they had indeed broken their record with her having twenty orgasms over multiple sessions over the night… so far.

Charlotte, Rob & I lay on the bed talking for quite a while.  It was very nice laying with them naked on the bed and all of us just lightly touching each other.   It was getting close to 2:00 when we began round two.   That might not sound late to some people but for a group in their 50’s it is late indeed.   Once again, she and I did missionary slowly and romantically for a good long time before I told her I was close and she said “Fill me up”.   I had a great and long orgasm.   No sooner had I rolled off her than Rob rolled on top and they both said how good and sexy it was for him to do her when they could both feel my semen squishing around and out of her.  

Though I’ve been with Paula and her male lovers many times it is still novel to be the “3rd” or “secondary” like that.  Yes, I had been with Charlotte & Rob before (as well as other married couples), but it is not my usual role.  So, for a good while more I watched husband and wife make love while I tried to get my breath back.

Eventually, they quit and for another hour we all talked and touched and enjoyed the mutual company until we drifted off to sleep.

The next day both Paula and I talked about the wonderful night we’d each had with our lovers.  To some people, our happy conversation would seem unbelievable, but to us, it no longer seemed even unusual.

And so it goes in the life with an open marriage

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This is another hot episode in your open marriage, ten years ago. Sex after 50 can still be hot and pleasurable. Did Paula break her orgasm record with James? It takes commitment to and love for your spouse to live this kind of life. Thank you for sharing.

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If I recall correctly, the final high was for an over night date where she had 23. But those details are in the lost final parts of this narrative.

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