Our Open Marriage: Part 13

A Halloween Treat proves to be a Bag Full of “Firsts”

When I first wrote down the events of that night I opened with: "Although the events related here happened only last night, it already seems like a dream, a wild sexy dream."

Now over 20 years later I can say it was the wildest party we ever attended bar none. Of course we had no idea that would be the case back then.

Like all the narratives in the Our Open Marriage series, I wrote this us soon after the events and this is not fiction, but exactly what happened.

At the beginning of September of 2000, I talked to Paula about going to the Halloween party at a swing club in Atlanta (about 2 hours from home). I found their web site and it looked like it was similar to Topside in Indy, so I emailed the manager. They were indeed familiar with Topside and said their club was much the same. So after Paula and I talked, we set plans to attend the Halloween party at Velvet Haven.

We decided to go as a couple from the Greek golden age. I was to go as a Greek Hoplite and she as a goddess. For a month we planned and worked with a friend who agreed to sew for us. And even still, our costumes were not really finished until we loaded into the car to leave for Atlanta at 7:00 PM on the Saturday before Halloween.

This was Paula's outfit that night, but this photo was taken several years later.

Paula’s outfit was a semi-sheer white Ionic chiton (a traditional Greek dress) with a purple wool wrap, and she looked like a Greek goddess. I wore armor and carried a 7’ spear. I must say we looked great!

It was about 9:30 PM when we finally found the club. It was in a light industrial complex just north of downtown. I was immediately surprised at how many cars were there, more than I ever saw at Topside. We entered the foyer and filled out the membership information. As we filled out the form, one of the managers walked by us, she was a tall attractive woman in her 30’s and as she walked by the lights it was plain she wore nothing under her sheer lace mini-dress. That was our first hint of what was to come.

The rest of the photos were taken from inside the club were taken from their website some were actually taken the night of the party, others were just ad photos showing the facilities .

The first thing we noticed when we went in was the size of the crowd. It was wall to wall people, so we scooted around to see what this place had to offer. The center of the club was one large room of approximately 1500 -2000 sq. feet. In this room was a dance floor, a stage, a bar (which served only juice and soft drinks) and numerous chairs, couches and coffee tables. All very much like any other midsized dance club. Overlooking the main room was a second floor which was clearly marked as being for couples only. The second floor consisted of three parts: a 10’ deep balcony which over looked the main club room for the full depth of the club, a large “playroom” which held about a dozen king sized mattresses in a “U” shape. At the door of the playroom was a sign which stated that this was not a voyeur room and everyone in the room must be participating and completely nude. The final room upstairs was the DJ booth.

Downstairs, we found four small bedrooms, a massage room, an S&M room, a locker room and a Voyeur room with large one way mirrors so people outside the room could see in, but people inside could not see out.

In all the web site said the

club had over 6,000 sq. feet of space and every foot was being used.

Although the club was full, no one was dancing and it seemed rather dead and stayed that way until about 10:30. We took a seat in the balcony area, and began to look at people and costumes. The clientele was younger and better looking than at Topside. There were a fairly even distribution of people from the early 20’s to the late forties, with a median age of perhaps 30 years old.

Sheer lace was definitely “in”. In our initial walk around the club I guess we passed a dozen or more women with sheer lace tops or dresses as part of their costumes, and bras were non-existent, I think Paula had the only one in the club. The first couple we talked with was about our age, and both moderately attractive. Her “costume” was simply a black teddy. They were regulars and told us how this was one of the busiest nights of the year at the club. He was just wearing street clothes and her outfit left some to the imagination, but between the thong bottoms, the open tips in the cups there wasn’t much she didn’t show (and later we saw the rest exposed).

We were sitting near the stairs and looked at all the outfits as they came up. Without a doubt the most shocking outfit in the early evening was “Lady Godiva” - she only wore a long wig which she evidently had pasted to her breasts, and a small purse that hung strategically over her crotch.

For the first hour or so it was rather uneventful, no one danced much nor did much more than stand around and talk.

About 10:30 or 11:00 the place began to heat up.

Paula and I went down to the bar to get cokes and a bite to eat. People had begun to dance and the place was becoming more crowded than before. When we returned to the balcony the first thing we saw was a man and woman standing talking to several people. Not unusual except he had her shirt open and he was kneading her “C” cup breasts with both hands as casually as he might be running his fingers through her hair. Ten feet down the balcony on a black leather couch a good looking young woman wearing one of those lace mini-dresses reclined with her dress pushed up to her stomach, as her boyfriend rubbed her bare vulva. All of this with no one paying a lot of attention. That was one of the interesting things, no matter what was going on, there were no spectators. The nudity and sex were just background rather than the main event.

After a little while we did join the people on the dance floor. It was very crowded. Down on the floor the dancers took “Dirty Dancing” to a new level. The groping was not covert at all. I saw both men and woman rubbing the breasts of the young ladies on the dance floor. Not far from me a guy had lifted his girl’s shirt up and her large silicon enhanced breasts were bouncing freely. Finally it got just too crowded and so we went back up stairs.

The couple on the couch was still there, now however she was lying on her back with her eyes closed and he was eating her out with relish. She was quite pretty and couldn’t have been over 21 (if that old). Paula and I walked by and went to the end of the balcony, which over looked the back of the main room away from the dance floor and stage. We began to talk to several couples our age. Nearly everyone we met commented on our costumes, and this would often lead to conversations. By this Time it was after 11:00 the club was filled to capacity and the costumes were great. We looked over the crowd and here are some of the best costumes.

  • · A woman in a tiny dominatrix outfit led her man by a leash.

  • · A woman had a chrome bra and thong ensemble and looked like a super sexy Valkyrie

  • · A man wore a bum’s mask and trench coat (of course with nothing on underneath)

  • · Two different women had on matching “Tux Teddies” consisting of a bodice that looked like an abbreviated tuxedo and black thong panties with white buttons. One woman was pretty and one was gorgeous

  • · Several women had school girl outfits with plaid mini-skirts and bobby sox. By the Time the night was over it was clear none wore bras or panties.

  • · There were several belly dancers - the best wore a bra-top of fine gold wire and pearls - It looked genuine to me - upon talking to her I found out she had bought it in Morocco. It was strange to be just talking to a woman who’s tits were in plain view.

  • · Another woman had a similar wire mesh top but it was not as nice and was more like a bustier

  • · There were several Greek/Roman men, but Paula was the only Greek/Roman woman

  • · A woman had a wonderful spider web sheath dress (which hid nothing)

  • · A couple were dressed as cave people

  • · Many women simply were lingerie as their costume

  • And finally there was Eve - she had daisies in her long straight hair, an snake around her neck, an apple in her hand and a leaf covering her vulva - but nothing else on the whole evening - and to top it off she was young and pretty. I think her small breast enhanced the effect.

After some Time of looking over the railing at the couples I turned to see the guy still eating his girlfriend (It had been at least 30 minutes). Now however, in the overstuffed chair next to them, was a woman kneeling on the floor between a guy’s spread legs, sucking him for all she was worth. It took me a little by surprise; both the public blow job and the fact that guy was still eating his girl after all that time. I turned to the couple next to me and commented that I couldn’t believe he was still eating her. It wasn’t long before his tongue finally gave out and he sat up to rest, her legs still spayed and her cunt bare. The couple in the chair were the first on the balcony to move to fucking, he just sat where he was and she climbed on the chair, put one foot on each side of he, lifted her skirt to her waist, lowered herself down onto his stiff organ and began to slowly grind. The guy on the couch must have gotten the idea and moved to the floor in front of the couch, slid his girl’s legs to the front, and pushed his manhood into her.

Now both couples were fucking not ten feet from where we stood. Although I wanted to just watch I knew it was not the etiquette of the day so I just acted as if nothing unusual was going on and went back to watching the dancers. At one point I walked to the end of the balcony and stepped into the short hall that led to the play room. Inside were now 5 couples. Of course as the rule stated all were completely nude as they made love. It was a rather strange sight. First, because they were all nude (i.e. no lingerie or other adornments) the bodies all sort of melted together, it was hard even at first glance to tell the women from the men. The other strange thing was that there seemed to be no movement at all, it was like 5 pieces of flesh colored abstract sculpture. It was more artistic than sexy to look at the 5 sets of entwined bodies making love.

I came back to Paula and snuggled up as she leaned over the railing. The two couples were still fucking. I kissed her neck and soon were deeply French kissing. I very much wanted to do her right there but she stopped me as I began to lift her dress. I looked down and my erect penis had lifted up the hem of my flimsy tunic. The leather flaps of my armor opened up to make my situation very obvious. I pointed it out to Paula and we both got a laugh.

Later we went back to the dance floor and once again lots of groping. The thing I remembered about that time on the floor was sitting at the corner of the stage was a couple in their mid to late twenties. I frankly don’t remember what he was wearing, but she was in a beautiful white lace bra, thong and garter set. She sat in front of him as they necked. He was rubbing her breasts over the bra, as she masturbated. Once again I did not notice anyone staring at this amazing sight. After some time she went through the motions of an orgasm, I have no idea if it was real or faked, but it looked good.

When we finally returned to the balcony we found no less than four couples having sex in the couch and chairs along the wall, with people squeezing by to get between the people standing at the rail and the people having sex. Two gals were on their knees giving head and two were bouncing up and down on their guy’s rod. We squeezed by them to the end of the balcony only to find a fifth couple- this being a woman of about our age bent over the balcony with her skirt up and her guy pounding her from behind.

By this time it was after midnight, everyone was clearly loosened up.

We began laughing and talking to the same group of couples we had met earlier. At some point in talking about costumes I mentioned that earlier I had found out why men stopped wearing skirts as I described what had happened with my erection lifting my “skirt”. They all laughed and one wife (wearing a gypsy outfit with her nipples exposed) reached over and grabbed my crotch, then her friend did the same. Of course I stirred in my little thong under my skirt and quipped “Yea, you got my attention, but it will take more attention than that to lift my skirt. After a few seconds pause, her blond friend woman slid over next to me and put her hand under my skirt. She looked me in the eyes as she slowly massaged the pouch of my thong. Not surprisingly soon she was no longer massaging my soft flesh, but tracing my stiffening penis. I whispered that she might find it better inside the fabric and she wasted no time in reaching inside for my shaft, which she pulled out from my skirt and softly caressed.

All this Time Paula was sitting in a chair just to my right. I looked at her and she smiled. I slipped my thong to my feet and looked back at my new friend. She moved her face toward me and we began to explore one another’s mouth with our tongues. It was quite an experience for me as I had not kissed any woman like that (except Paula) since I was 21 years old. We kissed hard and deep as she continued to play with me. At some point I untied the neck of her halter and the front fell. Soon I was playing with her breasts as we continued. I could hear comments about Caesar’s spear being polished as people would pass by us. By this time I knew she was game for anything. I pulled my mouth from hers and began suckling her breasts. They were large and soft with small nipples, very different from Paula’s. As I sucked her I reached down to her leather mini-skirt and, not surprisingly, did not find panties. I rubbed her ass then moved my fingers around to find a vulva as smooth and hairless as her rear. I fingered her clit and she let go of my penis for the first Time in a good 25 minutes and turned around and began pushing her buttocks into my hard cock. She leaned forward and it was obvious she was trying to get me inside her. I whispered in her ear I’d better not do that as I would cum and I was saving that for my wife. She nodded OK, turned around and pushed me down into the chair next to Paula and quickly began pleasuring me with her mouth. She sucked hard and deep and I was in bliss. Paula and I held hands as this perfect stranger gave me a blow job. Paula and the woman’s husband chatted off and on the whole time this went on.

While this is just an ad photo, this was the couch we sat on, and when we stood at the rail (were the model is) we could look down at the main floor

More comments by passersby about Caesar and his sword or spear came as many people passed by us. There comments made me feel very “IN”

Sometime during my blow-job the costume contest began. I was by this time ready to disengage from our little play time. I leaned over and said “If you don’t quit now you’ll get a mouth full.” She looked up and smiled, took a long lick of my shaft then deep throated me. She obviously wanted to taste my cum, but I was determined to give that to Paula, and if I did not do something I was going to cum soon, so I had to act. I pushed her back and said it was my turn. Now she was in the chair and I was on the floor pushing my tongue into her very wet cunt. I did my best, but the position was not ideal. I do believe I ate her to at least one orgasm and maybe two before I gave up.

We stood up and kissed deeply one last time then put our costumes back together and watched the contest.

The contest was nearly over and there was a dance competition to determine the sexiest, which predictably became a stripping game. People were packed against the railing so I did not get a good view - As if there was any shortage of interesting things to see. Eve won the overall best costume award.

Maybe the strangest thing of all was that after we had oral sex in front of everyone, she and I just went on as if nothing had happened. When the contest was over we continued to talk with the same group of people. The only thing different is that I was now in the “touching group” and in less than ten minutes I was talking to the woman in the gypsy outfit as I played with her bare nipples and rubbed my hard-on between her bun cheeks. Shortly after that I met Amy, and was soon rubbing her all over as we talked.

It would take way too long to talk about all the nudity (some of the contestants never did put their tops back on) or couples who had sex in the main room or on the balcony, but I will digress to mention two that stood out.