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Our Open Marriage: Part 23

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

A Terrific Foursome.

Christmas 2007 came and went which pre-empted any more “adult” play activities. Additionally a ghost from Christmas past came back to haunt us around that time.

One of Paula’s lesbian flings from 2005 came back to haunt her. Like a real life “Fatal Attraction” this woman began to hound and pursue Paula. It was scary and creepy with a string of intimidating threats, leading Paula to completely, if temporarily cease our interaction with new friends. We closed our Playful Swingers account and she had her cell phone number changed repeatedly. Each time the woman found her number, and then those of our children. She used the numbers to keep hounding and threatening Paula. We went to the police and Paula stopped answering any calls for which she did not have caller ID identifying the caller.

After months of having her life disrupted, eventually the jilted drug addled lesbian just gave up and let Paula come out of herself imposed exile.

It was spring before we went back to the Estate, the swing club in Charlotte. Paula finally began to relax from the scare she had during the winter. Wiser to the dangers out in the world she resumed her time on the computer talking to other couples, this time with a little more discretion.

She showed me a number of profiles and we had discussed a number of her e-contacts before she set up a week night dinner at Flat Rock Grill with a couple that lived not far from us. I was less than impressed with the photos, but after feeling guilty about my negative thoughts about the appearance woman in our last foursome, I said nothing. As it turned out the photos were not an accurate representation of Connie and Gregg. She (Connie) was quite the personality, talkative and pleasant (much like Paula) and Gregg was an affable guy but not very talkative, not taciturn, but just no competition for Connie’s constant chatter. She was a well-proportioned attractive brunette in her mid-thirty’s, and oddly enough wore braces. He was mid-forty’s and, well, average. Thus together they were much like Paula and I.

We hit it off together and had a great evening. Connie was serving in the Army Reserves which gave us something to talk about and she also had a fourteen year old son which gave she and Paula something to talk about as well. Both Paula and I were particularly pleased that the conversation was mostly about our “real” life and not just about sex. In fact it was distinctly not about sex which was refreshing for people we met through the swingers website. All in all it was an excellent “date”.

Two days later Paula and Connie went shopping for the whole afternoon and by the end of their day we had plans for both Friday and Saturday night.

We met them at a casual restaurant on Friday then we all went to a topless private club at which they were members. Though it was a step-down in all respects from the Gentleman’s Club, it was still quite a bit better than any of the other topless clubs we’d been to in the local area. It was not large, but it was not cheap or trashy. It was fun to again be with a couple who were VIP’s. The waitress brought them their preferred drinks without even having to ask for an order: Samuel Adams Beer and a Vodka Cranberry with three limes.

The girls were reasonably pretty but overall I grew bored. I am just uncomfortable about watching girls hardly older than our daughter presented as paid sex objects. I hinted that I was ready to go but the night dragged on. Finally after Connie and Paula shared a back-room lap dance, we got up to leave. It was agreed we would follow them to their house. This was unexpected but I did as I was told. For the first time it occurred to me that I hadn’t taken my Cialis pill to ensure a good erection in the event we ended up having "play time". I had some anxiety about that but was still not sure what the plan was.

We arrived at their home in a gated condo community; clearly upscale and expensive, but not as large or pleasant as our more modest place. I settled down on the couch and looked at a photo album. The girls went to the bed room, I assumed to try on clothes for tomorrow’s trip to the Estate. To my surprise, Connie waltzes out to the living room completely nude, and says “It’s naked time, are you coming?”

She was surprisingly attractive in the nude, better than I’d expected her to be. And of course, her husband and I followed her to the bedroom.

Paula was already naked. I still did not know what was to be the plan. I did not know if this would be parallel play or swapping. They had already told us about going to Hedonism in Jamaica the month before and how that had been a new experience for her going naked in public. So what was going on?

Paula and Connie crawled up on the king sized bed as I undressed. When I began to sit on the bed Paula said “You’re not invited”

So, it appeared that this was going to be a girl’s play time while we guys watched. I had, by then, seen Paula with a good many women, so this wasn’t a novelty, but I was game for whatever she wanted. I took a seat on the side of the bed and watched as they made out, passionately. The contrast between Paula’s very fair skin and Connie’s deep tan as they made love was striking. Paula suckled Connie’s large breast as Connie ran her hand up and down Paula’s back. It was very erotic.

It took about ten minutes of heavy kissing and fondling before Connie slipped down between Paula’s thighs and began working on her in earnest. Paula writhed and groaned as Connie worked. Evidentially our new friend was quite good at using her mouth. By this time both Greg and I were on the bed, both of us stroking our hard-ons. I couldn’t help notice his was thicker by a good bit than mine, and had to make myself not become self-conscious of that fact.

As Connie kept Paula writhing in pleasure, Gregg’s hand slipped to her thigh then to Paula’s breast first rubbing then tweaking her nipple. Still unsure of what was my expected response, I just sat and watched. With the ministrations of both our friends Paula climaxed with her whole body. Gregg took over pleasing Paula, using his hand while Connie crawled up toward her head. They kissed deeply then Connie leaned over to my pelvis which was not far from Paula’s head and took my penis in her mouth.

My questions about the direction of the evening seemed to be answered as I enjoyed the blow job. She took it deep and passionately. I responded by sliding my head over and nestling it between her thighs to reach her hairless vulva.

I kissed gently up her thigh and across the mound before kissing the protruding lips. I kissed and licked her full lips working to be both gentle and energetic. My tongue danced around and between the soft folds. Her clit was small, but her lips lent themselves to being sucked which seemed to give her a good deal of pleasure. All the while she kept a deep and wonderful rhythm on my penis.

Looking up from between Connie’s legs, I saw Paula’s legs spread with Gregg behind her. His thick penis was at her opening and I watched it spread her lips and enter her body. It was so sexy. I had wanted for years to actually see a penis press into her body like this, and it was as arousing as I had imagined. His penis moved in and out, soon shiny with her fluids. Paula moaned with pleasure. I had to tear my eyes away so I could resume doing Connie.

Connie seeing the action beside us insisted I get inside her, which I did after only being asked once. I did my best to fuck her solidly and she responded by being very vocal about her pleasure. I had to fight to keep my orgasm down, even after Gregg had finished Paula I kept going, which of course fed my ego that I outlasted him. Connie began to egg me on to do her harder, which was my cue from her to go ahead and climax which I did hard and long, then was able to maintain enough erection to keep stroking for another few minutes after I had cum before my limp penis slipped out of her.

To that point, it had been the best sex we had ever had with another couple. It wasn’t surprising that we had actually become friends before we had sex. It was a lesson not lost on either Paula or I. Ultimately it appeared that my old position that sex is best when it is about Paula and I even if others are involved had been vindicated. That evening would become our bench mark for playing with other couples.

As spring moved into summer, going to the Estate became routine, however through the spring and early summer we were monogamous. This was due to circumstances and from implementing lessons learned rather than from any new commitment to monogamy. I very much liked being with Paula dressed in her sheer shirts (of which she had a number) and miniskirts. She was so sexy. I found that both dancing with her and sitting and watching her dance with others was very enjoyable. It was interesting that even though we had been married so long, I still got a thrill when she danced and her little skirt came up to give a peek that showed she wasn’t wearing panties. When she would unbutton her top or discard it completely she was a site to see. The most fun on the dance floor was when she would mount the little stage and give me (and the room) a pole dance, occasionally moving to the edge of the stage and lifting her skirt, inviting me to eat her out right on the dance floor.

When summer arrived we began going to the Saturday pool parties. For me that was the best activity at the Estate yet. It played to all my favorite things, public nudity, opportunity for prolonged conversation and skinny dipping. I even brought books to read, much to the amusement of those who thought I should be ogling the nude women, not reading. For me, however, this was just up my alley.

As we went a number of times I began to notice patterns in people’s dress. It appeared that few of those under about thirty years old went nude, both male and female. Many, if not most couples, had one partner who was the nudist and the other kept on the swim suit, though genders of the two types of partners seemed mixed. In our case I am the nudist, and Paula sometimes wore her whole bikini, sometimes only the bottom and rarely completely naked.

All in all it was a very fun summer.

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