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Our Open Marriage: Part 8

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

A Fourth of July Has Sexual Fireworks

For some time prior to the July fourth weekend of 1997 Paula and I had been talking to Dianne and Tom about doing some outdoor photos of the wives together. By this time things Paula and Dianne had been sexual with one another for going on half a year. So we arranged for a baby-sitter to keep the combined group of four children for the morning of the 4th of July holiday.

Paula, the kids and I arrived at our friends home about 9:00 AM. Of course the wives needed time to get prepared for our photo safari, so Tom and I went to pick up the baby-sitter. The sitter was a high school boy who went to our church. As all four of us were in leadership in the church, the sitter knew us well, or at least he thought he did.

When we returned to Tom and Dianne’s house, the teenage boy got what I know must have been a real surprise. Paula wore only loose shorts and a white sleeveless eyelet shirt. Paula had a fabulous figure at 5’ 6”, 115lbs. When she walked into the bright light by the bay window it was very evident that she wore nothing underneath. In fact because of the thin cotton and eyelets you could see through to her breasts if you made any effort to look. Not surprisingly the boy did just that.

Dianne however was not to be outdone by my wife. Although she was pretty and very photogenic, she was rather masculine, at 5’4” and about 135 lbs. of pure muscle. In her characteristic macho fashion she wore an oversized faded yellow tee shirt with the arms torn off. I thought on how the shirt was more like a runner's bib than anything else. The overly large armholes that went down to her waist left an unobstructed view of her entire breasts from both sides.

Both women knew how exposed they were to the teenager, and neither cared. The nice sixteen year old church boy saw a lot more of these church leaders than he expected. I watched him from the corner of my eye and it was obvious that every time he thought no one was looking his eyes were glued to Paula and Dianne.

I wondered what the sitter thought when we loaded camera bags, tripod and other equipment in to their Ford Explorer and only gave the vaguest explanation where we were going for about four hours. He did not ask any questions and I did not offer any more detail.

Tom knew of a park that was owned by General Motors for their employees when they owned most of the city. It was by then however just a relic of a bygone day. Since he said the park had been closed off to the public for years, I assumed we would have privacy. Oddly, when we arrived the parking lot outside of the park was full. Tom had failed to mention that the park also had a public golf course which backed up to the area in which we planned to shoot photos; and it was very much open.

As we slipped past the barriers and the chain that closed the park off from the parking area, I could see the site was just as he had described it. There were picnic tables, a playground and even a roadbed of a miniature train including a tunnel. What he had failed to mention was from nearly everywhere you could see the golf course and golfers. Which of course meant if they looked they could see us.

After scouting the whole park we decided to start shooting near a very large fallen oak tree. But as we waded through the knee high grass we saw, and felt, a problem. Bugs. It was mid-summer and the grass was very deep, so as we walked the bugs went crazy.

Fortunatel,y I had foreseen this problem and had brought a tube ofbug-repellentt cream. As Paula began to remove her clothes, Dianne and I rapidly spread cream over her exposed flesh. Sad to say, the smell and the bugs prevented this from being the least bit sexy. One camera held black and white film and the other had color. I directed first Paula, then Dianne, then both of them together, to take a variety of poses along the trunk of a large fallen tree. I was shooting for artistic photos so most of my shots were with the B&W film. The best were of Dianne (nude) watching Paula (nude) staring across the meadow. I shot a couple color shots of Dianne and Tom, but they did not come out as good as the B&W.

Tom was concerned that some sort of security personnel would show up the whole time, not because the girls were nude, but because the large “No Trespassing” signs at the barriers we had crossed.

We then moved to the old miniature-train tunnel. It was about nine feet high in the center and perhaps a hundred feet long. One end faced directly toward one of the golf course greens some fifty yards away, only shielded by a single row of tall trees. We were at the tunnel for at least thirty minutes and nearly every time we looked we could see golfers. We have no idea how many saw us.

Again I shot photos of Paula first, then Dianne and then of Dianne and Tom together. The best photo of the day was shot from inside the tunnel with Paula in silhouette at the tunnel’s mouth. I used that photo as my Windows wall paper for several years. I also shot a similar silhouette photo of Dianne and Tom kissing with her holding his erect penis. We spent a total of about an hour and a half at the park and shot three rolls of film. One roll was miss-exposed by Tom’s fancy new Minolta MAXXAM. It was my first use of an automatic camera and I was not impressed.

Afterward we went to our house (not Tom & Dianne's) to relax. We had a good sized in-ground swimming pool with a tall fence shielding it from the neighbors. It was a beautiful day, the flowers I had planted to surround the pool were in full bloom and the weather was absolutely perfect. The girls donned their bikinis and Tom and I our trunks. We had picked up some Little Caesar’s pizza on the way over and just chilled for a while.

I suggested we shoot some photos before the girls got their hair wet. The girls removed their bikinis and lay out side by side next to the pool. Sadly, I was still to amateur of a photographer to know how to compensate for the bright sun and shadows. Most of the photos are not good, still, a few times I did it right and the resultant photos came out absolutely fabulous. The best shot of the set was one I shot of Dianne lying on her stomach between the pool and my blooming Asiatic lilies.

Although the pool is fenced, wooden fences never are really private; the spaces between the slats allowed anyone looking at a 90-degree angle to the fence a clear view. Knowing that our private nudity was only semi-private the wives put back on their bikinis. I was sure their reticence to be nude would soon evaporate as they became sexually aroused.

As things began to get "lively" I set up our little camcorder on a tripod and started recording. For the next fourty-five minutes we played pool games and pretended not to notice the sexual tension. There was some groping and stolen kisses, but that was the extent of it. While playing Marco Polo, Dianne was trying to hunt down her husband, so Paula and I got frisky in the deep end while she searched. At some point Dianne must have figured out we had started our own kind of game. When Dianne found Tom, they started kissing in the shallow end and as they did, Tom unhooked his wife’s top and let it float away. Of course I wasn’t going to let Paula be left out. Within minutes we were having a swim suit fight (throwing the suits at each other). Tom and Dianne were not slow to move into coitus, Paula and I followed suit. Sex in the pool is great because I can stand up and the water supports most of her weight. The downside is that there is nothing to hold on to.

After a few moments, Tom moved Dianne over to the side of the pool where she put her back against the side and opened herself to his penetration from the front.

Now one thing that shaped our interaction with Tom is that he is very multi-orgasmic. I have seen him cum four times in an hour. So while he had no problem going for an orgasm right off the bat, I knew I wanted all this to last, so I uncoupled from my wife, crawled out of the pool and picked up the camera to take some photographs. Paula stayed in the water and watched her friends go after it.

And go after it they did, with me taking photos until he groaned through an orgasm. After Tom finished the two of them played “Catch and dunk Paula” for a while. Of course, there was lots of groping and such and again I captured it on film. Not surprisingly after a little while it devolved into Paula and Dianne making out against the side of the pool. Soon however I did get my turn.

Tom got out of the pool and we switched places. Paula and I made love in the water, Tom took photos of us and Dianne watched. However, Tom has less willpower than penile power so in less than five minutes he was back in the water.

We played some chicken fighting, but once again the game became Paula and Dianne kissing and playing with one another. Tom and I feeling left our attacked them and dragging them to the side of the pool we began to screw our wives side by side. Dianne, never the one to be passive slipped under the water and gave Tom underwater blow jobs, 20 seconds at a time. Paula tried it but found it way too hard to do.

Tom and Dianne moved out of the water and laid a towel on the concrete next to Paula’s head. They kissed while I continued to thrust into my wife from behind. It, of course, was a total turn on for me to be screwing my wife while she kissed her girlfriend; and when Tom moved in behind his wife to do her doggie, I really had to work at not cumming.

After he fucked his wife till he climaxed a second time Tom picked up the camera to shoot some shots of our wives licking each other’s tonsils while I continued to thrust in and out. I finally began to get tired, so we moved to the shallower water. This got both our hips out of the water and thus made my thrusting harder and faster. Dianne of course, moved with us. Tom clicked away as I pounded away. I looked around the back of Paula’s head to see her sucking Dianne’s tongue, that was it for me. My thighs tensed and I began filling Paula with the semen I’d been waiting all day to give her.

From above me I heard the whir of the camera’s auto-rewind just as Tom said “The film finished at the same time you did.” Everyone laughed.

I swam across the pool to relax. The wives kept kissing for another few minutes, then we all got out and dried and dressed.

On the way back to Tom and Dianne’s house we stopped at a fireworks stand and picked up things for the kids. As we pulled in I wondered what the sitter would think when he noticed the girls wore different clothes than when we left.

After dinner Tom and I took the kids out to shoot fireworks and the women went to Dianne’s bedroom to spend over an hour finishing what they had started in the pool.

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