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Pat & Twyla: A Story of First Love (part 3)

Updated: Mar 16

It had been a cool, wet winter in the D/FW metro area, but, in April the days were getting longer and warm weather arrived in force as if on cue for Spring Break. Spring in the Dallas area might seem like summer in some parts of the country, but the mid 80’s and sunny was perfect spring weather for Texans. Pat kept busy all week looking forward to his girlfriend’s return. Of course this was back in the “dark ages” before cell phones and the internet, when out of town for a week meant out of touch for a week. So it was Saturday just about noon when he arrived at Twyla’s house for their little celebration of Twyla’s 15th birthday which had occurred while she was gone. It was warm, even by Texas spring standards, perhaps the low 90’s. He had to push the fantasy of Twyla’s mom opening the door

in the nude from his mind.

When the door opened for him, his girlfriend was showing far more skin than he’d seen before; well except for those fifteen minutes of heaven. She was in short cut-offs (remember this is the late 70’s so short shorts were very short indeed normally with an inseam of under one inch) and a yellow tube top thin enough to show dark circles in the center of each perfectly framed breast. She didn’t give him time to stare, but leaped on him lips first.

No sooner than he’d slipped a hand inside the tube top, her mom called from inside. “You two come in here before the neighbors call the police on you for lewd conduct”

Twyla dragged him in the house.

“I think I might have created a monster in you two” pronounced Ms. Fletcher with her hands on her hips. And Pat couldn’t but notice those hips. Jill Fletcher wore cut-offs just as impossibly short as her daughter’s and a green & white madras shirt tied (not buttoned) just below her bust. He’d never really noticed how much they looked alike until, dressed like this, they looked like sisters. Despite his youth, he knew enough to make a brownie point when one presented itself. So, he told them of his observation. He got the positive reaction that he’d hoped for.

Inside, the little window unit hummed. At this temperature it was able to keep the home relatively cool. So much for his hope it would just be too warm for Twyla’s mom to wear clothes. As if reading his thoughts, Ms. Fletcher said, “Oh, sorry to disappoint, it is not nearly warm enough for me to have to shed my clothes. That day will come, but not today. There is nothing wrong with hope though.” She let out a laugh at her own joke.

Twyla’s head jerked over to her boyfriend’s face and realized he really had been hoping. She sharply said “And you can get that idea out of your head. You are not going to see her naked any time soon.”

Her mom retorted “Oh, aren’t we snippy?”

Twyla, sensing she’d been a bit too sharp answered “Well, it’s the downside of having a young and pretty mom. She can be competition even if she doesn’t mean to.”

“Oh my! Another compliment!” her mother exclaimed. Do you two want something?” this time they all laughed.

Then Twyla pushed further and declared “If anyone relaxes in their birthday suit with you over here before the hottest days of summer, it will be me.”

More laughter, but Pat’s hopes were up.

“Come this way Mr. Combs, we have hotdogs out on the grill.”

She led him back through the house to the back door. The young couple wasted no time in pawing each other as they walked the short distance behind Momma Jill. Even as he cupped his girlfriend’s ass cheek barely covered in denim, Pat could not help but notice that her mom’s shorts were even shorter than Twyla’s. The fabric pulled way up her ass showing off what church people would call an indecent amount of butt cheek. He quickly concluded that she could not be wearing panties, or a bra for that matter. Her large breasts had swayed very nicely when she had turned to lead them. Nope, no underwear at all.

Like most older neighborhoods in Arlington, the small home was built on an eighth acre lot, giving it moderate, if not overly large back yard. The large mature trees and tall bushes shaded the patio and helped with privacy. Momma Jill was proud of the progress she’d made in bringing the old flower beds back to life. Pat did not notice the profusion of blooming flowers. A chain-link fence demarked Ms. Fletcher’s property from the neighbors. Hedges along the property lines on two sides gave a sense of place and additional privacy.

The white cast iron table had the beginnings of three place settings and a small chocolate cake with candles and a wrapped present. Pat pulled a small box from his pants pocket and laid it on the table. Twyla saw what he’d done and said “You didn’t have to do that” and gave him a kiss.

When mother and daughter went back to work to finish the setting, Pat sat in one of the iron chairs. For a sixteen year old boy it was a visual feast watching them prepare. He was in no hurry for them to finish. As he sat he noticed that both of their super short cut-offs rode up between their buns. He could tell that both pairs had been cut off the same way with hardly any leg inseam at all. In the 70’s people didn’t buy “cut-offs” rather they made them at home by cutting off the legs to old jeans themselves. He noticed the cuts were not frayed at all. Someone had cut them off very recently. Likely just for this event. He wondered who had made the two pair of matching shorts. From what he’d learned about Twyla and her mother, it could have been either.

Watching his girlfriend in that tube top, he was tempted to reach out and just pull it down. It was something he’d fantasized about since the fashion first arrived a few summers ago. But he resisted. However, he did not even pretend to resist trying to look down her mother’s shirt. When Twyla had gone back inside the house and her mother leaned over to lay out the paper napkins and forks, the shirt gapped quite a bit as it was only tied under the swaying breasts. He saw a huge amount of boob but the nipples stayed just out of sight. Mama Jill’s tits were much bigger than her daughter’s for sure. He looked away when Twyla brought out chips and a glass pitcher of lemonade. All in all, it was quite a visual feast. He had to adjust himself twice as his erection grew in his shorts.

As they ate, the talk was of Twyla’s trip and events during the week at her mom’s solon. Pat’s mind was elsewhere, and his penis stayed hard the whole time.

The highlight of the picnic, at least for Pat, was when Ms. Fletcher brought out the ice cream churn. She’d placed it on the ground and had to kneel and bend over at the waist to measure in the ingredients. He was sure her whole tit would be visible if he moved over to his left. So he volunteered to help Twyla in taking in the dirty dishes. Sure enough, when he moved to the other side of the table and picked up the mustard, he could look right down the six inch gap and see the whole round melon, nipple and all. Success! Perhaps she knew what she had been doing leaning over like that, perhaps she didn’t; when she looked up to see Pat’s eyes fixed on her exposed left breast she knew for certain. She smiled knowingly and pushed the fabric to close the gap with her free hand. When she went back to work on the ice cream the shirt fell open once again. Her actions did not impede his view at all.

Twyla emerged from the house. Pat quickly looked away from her mom’s tits. He turned to her and handed her the mustard then the glass pitcher. Momentarily he lost self control and his eyes landed on her breasts. Yes, her nipples were plainly hard and he could see their shape and the dark circles they made under the top. Again the thought to pull the top down crossed his mind. Though he still was not about to actually pull it down, he reached out and acted as if he was going to do just that. Using both hands he reached out, gripped the sides of her tube top and pulled them down. More precisely he went through the motion of pulling her top down to her waist, because he never even touched the fabric.

She paused, looked back at him with a smile, but didn’t make any other reaction before going into the screen door. For a full minute he was left in limbo wondering if he had done something wrong. Had he been too forward in doing that? Or perhaps worse did he show timidity in not actually doing it.

Then she opened the back door and stepped out to the patio.

His eyes bugged out. Her yellow tube top was now down far enough to expose both boobs entirely. AND…the snap to her cut-off’s had been undone and the fly pulled open. He could plainly see her light brown pubic hair! She was showing him the top of her bush!

In the full light of day, her breasts were more amazing than he remembered. He took in the sight. Her half-bowl shaped breasts he realized did not stand straight out, but rather pointed upward slightly. Her hair was not thick, but very curly. She stood just outside the doorway, almost posing for him. After some time, but long before he was ready for her to do so, she slowly pulled her top back up and zipped up the fly, but he noted she did not close the snap.

“I had started to take the top off inside,” she said walking over to kiss him softly, “but thought if old Mrs. Conroy saw she would surely call the police. She has done it before. I hope I didn’t disappoint you.”

Her mother had finished with the ice-cream because she was standing when Pat again noticed her. She must have seen what was going on because she answered Twyla’s question “I seriously doubt that. That was a grade ‘A’ creatively sexy move. I am impressed. And she is right Mrs. Conroy has called the police on me. More than once, but usually it was for noise during my bi-annual parties. But the time she is talking about was almost ten years ago. It was less than a year after her dad left. We had a really sexy middle aged man move in behind us. Do you remember Mr. Coppersmith?”

Twyla shook her head “No.”

“I guess he’d moved away before you were even six or so. The old bat just happened to be in her yard when she saw me talking to him by the gate. I wasn’t even nude, just topless. Likely she also saw him follow me in the house. Perhaps that is really why she called the police. He was married. I’m sure that, more than by my bare tits, is what upset her. By the time the cops came out I had not only gotten him inside the house, but we had already started balling. When I saw it was the fuzz at the door, I just flung the door open naked and sweaty. Even a blind man could have seen I was in the middle of having sex. I asked what I could do for them. They were totally befuddled. Finally they said an unnamed neighbor had seen me at the gate unclothed. They managed to ask me not to flaunt it where the neighbors could see, but they didn’t do anything. Well other than get tents in their slacks. If I wasn’t in the middle of doing my new neighbor, I would have invited them in.”

Twyla nodded, “I told you so.”

“But” her mother corrected “I was at the gate, and the hedges were not nearly as tall as I now let them grow. Yes, if she’d been in the right place in her yard, she could have seen your boobs if you had kept your top down and moved out of the doorway. But if you had moved over here she couldn’t have seen them even if you had taken off your top completely, no matter how much she looked.” To Pat she said “The fact is almost all of the yard is pretty safe for at least laying out on a chaise lounge or balling on the ground. Not everywhere is shielded enough to walk around topless, but a good bit is. Bottomless isn’t a problem at all though due to the hedges. Twyla knows full well for years I spent half my weekends on that chaise lounge sunning bare. Not just me, but she has seen a dozen or more girls at once all sunbathing without their bikinis back here before. And last summer it was her, not me, who spent her days out here sunbathing in only her skin. Someone would have to come right to the fence and look over to see. Over the years the only people who saw me unclothed out here were those who I wanted to see me. Then she paused, do you remember the Nichols boys? They used to spy on me all the time. It was kind of a disappointment when they finished school and moved away.”

Without planning to he asked, “Why’d you stop?”

“Well, if you’ll crank the ice-cream maker, I’ll tell you.”

He took a seat on the ground with the wooden bucket between his legs and began to crank. Twyla came and sat across from him on the other side of the ice cream maker.

“We can take turns cranking” she said with a smile.

Looking at her as he turned the handle made it well worth the effort. She was so pretty with her brow dabbled with beads of sweat and her hair pulled back in a ponytail. He tried not to be too obvious as he tried not to stare at the tube top. He so wanted to ask her to take it off, he was sure she would if he asked, but he didn’t, he couldn’t.

“So, why did I stop sunbathing in the nude?” Twyla’s mom asked “It’s really not anything complicated; I decided I looked sexier with tan lines”

“Come on mom” Twyla objected “He wants a better story than that. We both want more, and something with sex in it.”

“Oh?” the mother replied “You think you are now old enough to hear about your old mom’s sexual exploits. Well, I guess you have seen me riding more dicks than you can recall, so I guess it’s OK if you want to hear about it from my perspective.”

“That’s about it. You forget that I pretty much only remember the details from the last three or four years of your wild period. Before that I was just too young to really appreciate what was going on” Twyla confirmed.

“OK, if you really want me to. I guess I should start with the fact I began sunning in the nude the summer after you were born. I liked the feeling of the sun on my body. I’m not sure what I liked so much, I just liked it. Now that I think about it, I don’t know why I stopped a few years back.

Pat answered “because you think you look sexier with tan lines?”

“Yea, I know I said that, but only a few guys have seen me nude in the last year and never outside. So perhaps that wasn’t really true at all. I think I’ll go back to it.”

“Good, I’d like company out here this summer. I have already asked some of my friends if they wanted to join me, but I know they would think it was far our if my mother joined us out here naked.” Twyla said.

“I can keep your friends company too” Pat tried.

Both Twyla and her mom shot that one down. He figured they would do that, but he wasn’t sure that no wasn’t just for appearance sake. Perhaps he would join them eventually.

“What I meant was that when I was in the free love scene and people saw me nude a lot, I thought that I looked better with tan lines.

“Oh, well if you’re that eager. I’ll jump to another party I went to the next summer. Now by then my place was already the hang out and I’d balled a dozen of guys already, but I figure I should tell you about a party elsewhere. That was the summer of ’69 and free love was the rage. I went to a pool party at the home of someone from one of my classes. It was without a doubt the largest party I’ve ever been to. There had to be over a hundred people at a real ranch south of Ft. Worth. I guess the party had been going on a while when I got there because half the people were baked already. None of the girls wore their bikini tops and right off I could see at least ten girls and guys naked. Even though I’d been to several parties by then, those had always been no more than twenty friends or friends of friends and I think the largest was like ten people. But this party was so much bigger and initially I didn’t see anyone I knew. I milled about for a while in my street clothes. Across the pool I spotted the most beautiful woman I thought I’d ever seen. With a deep tan and what appeared to be a cream colored bikini. Perhaps I wasn’t all that much of a wall flower because she saw me just standing alone and headed my way. As she got closer, I realized in fact she was fully nude and the tan lines created an illusion of a bikini. I’d never before seen a woman with all of her pubic hair removed, but that is why the illusion was complete. There was no patch of hair down there. She seemed so much more….. more…well more naked than had she been tan all over. I was so impressed. Years later it was the memory of that look which prompted me to eventually start tanning nude. “

Twyla motioned for Pat to let her take over cranking.

“And did you get laid at the pool party?” Twyla asked a bit sarcastically.

“Damn, back in those days, I got laid a lot. Pretty much at a party like that if a guy asked me nicely, I’d do him. I didn’t see any reason not to. Not that I went out to many parties, maybe that is why I got all I could when I could. Babysitting and money were both issues, but for perhaps five years I made it to a couple of big parties each year. But, the reality was that by my second year at TCJC this house had become the with-it place to be. Obtaining an invite to come over from one of our little group was highly prized, especially among the new freshmen. I didn’t set out to make my little house an exclusive club, but there just wasn’t room for anyone who wanted to come to just show up. We found that out even in my first year.

Twyla pushed the wooden ice cream maker back to Pat after only about a dozen cranks, perhaps it was more difficult than she realize. When she did so though, she did not move from the position she’d taken to crank the ice cream maker. She remained seated with her thighs spread wide, knees up and feet on the ground.

Her mother seemed not to notice what Pat and her daughter were doing. She seemed lost in her memory. “I eventually did lose my clothes. OK, not eventually, almost immediately. I never did put on the bikini I’d brought. That was memorable because it was my first time to be nude in such a public place. I had gone nude here at the house for several years by then, but even being naked in the back yard with my girlfriends was nothing like doing it with so many people that I didn’t even know. It was super groovy. It was good I was used to sunning without a top. By the end of the afternoon there were a lot of sun burned tits that day.”

She laughed to herself. “There was lots of booze and drugs, but not really any sex out by the pool. Come to think of it I don’t remember so much as a blow job. When couples got randy they went in the house and did it in one of the bedrooms.

Pat had to work hard not to stare. With her legs spread the little strip of fabric, perhaps two inches wide that connected the two legs of her cut offs barely covered anything. He could tell for sure she was not wearing panties. On both sides of the center fabric strip a good bit of light brown pubic hairs showed on either side of that center strip of denim. She did not seem to care what he could see. Perhaps, he thought, the whole charade with offering to crank was done for this very purpose. After all she knew what she was wearing and the lack of panties was not an accident.

Momma Jill’s story went on, “Later that evening, I experienced my first real orgy. Well, a bigger orgy than the eight person group thing we had at the Winter Solstice party I put on before Christmas. I suppose that was my very first.”

Twyla jumped in. “When did that happen? I don’t remember that.”

“Of course you don’t. You were four years old.”

“While we crank the ice cream maker, you can tell us all about it. So was that the very first group sex here at the house?” her daughter asked.

“I’ll try to tell you about it, but you realize this all happened ten years ago. And it was the first group sex here at the house, and my first experience ever. I guess that is why I remember it. Over the fall semester, we had already begun making love out in the living room in front of the others. We had also jilled off in front of each other a good many times. Sometimes we would get ourselves off while we watched someone else have sex, but we also did it when it was just us girls. I think we were all surprised how much we enjoyed that. Even still, we had not had group sex yet, but we had talked about it a lot.”

“So…” she began hesitantly as if trying to get the events in her head. “Let me start from the beginning. I had met Barbra, Eleanor and Jo Lynn in my very first class at TCJC. Barbra was my age and working as a store clerk when she realized she needed schooling to make enough to move out from her parents house. Eleanor and Jo Lynn were both eighteen, right out of high school. Even though this was the fall of ’68, TCJC is in Ft. Worth, so it’s not like it was a hotbed for the hippy movement. Even still I think half of the students wished they had the courage to, as Timothy Leary said, tune in, turn on and drop out.”

“As I told you before, all three of them still lived with their parents. For Eleanor and Jo Lynn that meant no smoking, no toking, no drinking, and certainly no screwing. None of them were virgins, but they weren’t particularly experienced either. Since I had lived with Twyla’s father for three years, I had far more experience having sex than all three of them combined. While I thought I knew a lot, looking back, it really was an almost blind person leading the blind. I had done it with a grand total of four guys, including Twyla’s father. Though we’d had a truly fantastic amount of sex, I had not experienced much variety. Almost from the first date, we fucked at least once a day, even when I was pregnant or on my period. Once we moved in together it was more often than not, twice or three times a day. As a teenager I was horny as hell all the time. It was great and I thought I was a pro. But we only did it two ways: missionary position and with me bent over the couch, or a chair or pretty much anything in the house. Since we did it all over the house, I thought I’d done it all. I didn’t have any idea how much I didn’t know. But of course by the end of my first full year at TCJC, I’d found out how small my sexual horizons had been.”

“So right off, like the second week of school the three of them started coming over here in the evenings. We were best friends from the very start. I provided the all important pad. The others chipped in to help with food and brought all the grass and occasionally acid.” She laughed. “I smoked dope most days for eight years but I have never bought a single lid. I am not encouraging you to try it, but pot is good for getting people to tell what they are embarrassed to admit when they are sober. Even better than booze. It seems all four of us thought it was unfair that it was OK for guys to try to score with every girl they meet, but girls were supposed to only have sex when they are serious about a guy. From that first day we talked about sex and we all wanted to do it a lot more. So on Monday night less than a week after we’d met, under the influence of some really good grass, we agreed each of us would ask one guy to come over here and have sex with him in my bedroom by the next Sunday afternoon.”

“Since it was my house and I was the most experienced, the very next day I wore a very light halter top and no bra.”

She looked at her daughter “Don’t laugh. I know you are about to say that is how I always dress. Your father was very jealous and I had never once left the house braless until that very day. At school guys just stared at my tits. That was new. But, I already knew just the guy to ask. All three days I had been in that Introduction to Business class, he had been watching me with a look of forlorn longing. However, he was clearly too timid to talk to me. Think about it, to a high school student like you, a twenty year old divorcee, as everyone believed I was, would be quite intimidating. He was only just out of high school, just two years older than you Pat. My fear was that I would frighten him off, so I decided to work him up to say yes. After our class I stopped him and asked him to walk me to the campus cafeteria for lunch. His face was a mix of thrill and horror.”

“He was really cute in a lost puppy kind of way, but I suspected he had something to offer. By the end of lunch I could have asked him to jump off a bridge and he’d done it. Only then did I say that my husband had left six months before and I was miserable. He offered to help if he could, but when I said what I really needed was a good balling he went white as a sheet.”

From the ground Twyla burst out laughing. “I bet he did. You probably scared the life out of him.”

“I’m sure I did, but my tits were almost out of that top when I asked. Amazingly he showed up at 8:00 that night just as I’d requested. And while Barbra, Eleanor and Jo Lynn sat in the living room, I screwed the boy to within an inch of his life. Hell, I got more strokes from him that first time than I’d normally gotten in a week of twice a day sex before. I got my first lesson as to what I didn’t know when after he’d filled my pussy with his goo, he didn’t even slow down. If the sticky stuff hadn’t got all over me and him and the bed I would have been sure he had not had an orgasm that first time. I didn’t even think to shut the door since I never had with Twyla’s father, so my friends could hear very clearly. Though I’d never planned on shutting out the sounds, they just assumed I would. They loved it though. Looking back, from that first time letting them hear it all, to us having sex with the others watching to the orgy was inevitable; though at the time we did not yet realize it. From what they told me the whole time I was in the bedroom, the three of them were whispering their speculations of what was happening in my bed using what they could hear. Any chance any of them would chicken out and not bring a guy to the house by Sunday died with my very first, very loud, orgasm. When before he left I realized he was hard again and I dragged him back to my bed for another round, it was just icing on the cake for me and for my three friends. That was the beginning.”

“Only for the first month did we use my bedroom. The first time we actually saw the other’s naked and cumming was on a night when it was just us girls. I don’t recall why, but we all jilled off in front of each other. It was a very short step from there to doing the guys in the living room so the others could watch. Before the big party there was one time when Barbra and I had accidently both invited a guy the same night. Prior to that, we’d only had one guy at the house any day.”

“We also hadn’t even thought to invite other girls yet. But before Christmas break was over, our core group of four had become six. It would be us six until the weddings started six years later. We’d also given another half-dozen girls an open invitation to come hang out with us whenever they wanted. By spring break I knew how well we had become known at TCJC because I had people asking me to come over all the time. To the guys I was firm. The only way I would let them come was as the guest of a girl we had invited. When girls asked, I more or less had to put them on a waiting list. I just couldn’t get anything done if I had a dozen people every night.”

Twyla grumped at her mom “Get to the orgy story.”

Pat was having a hard time keeping his eyes from the flesh and pubic hair he could see between her legs, and of course from her tits in that tube top; but he tried not to appear to be leering.

“I am getting there. Your boyfriend has never heard that other stuff and I thought it was necessary to set up what happened. So as I was saying, the four of us thought we were on the right track to become suburban hippies; but we had read enough about the real hippies to know we needed to go further. Just understand that at that time breaking the social expectations about sex was an act of political resistance just as much as marching against the war or later marching for women’s lib. Not that we didn’t enjoy the sex. We did. A lot. That was why the four of us got along so well; but I want you to understand the scene was about way more than having great sex. Otherwise it will look like I am just a sex-crazed hedonist.”

“Yes Mom, I get that. I’ve heard you and your friends talk about that for hours and hours. Do you know how boring it is for a kid to have to listen to adults go on and on about civil rights, the war and stuff? Well it’s awful.”

Her mother laughed. “Yes, I guess it was. But they all adored you. In practice you had five doting aunts who loved on you and pretty much gave you anything you wanted. You had it pretty good. I’m retelling all that because even though you lived it, this is difficult for those who were not part of that scene to understand.” Momma Jill looked back to Pat. “The events of that first Winter Solstice Celebration were not happenstance or out of our control. The four of us planned carefully and chose the guys to invite based on what we planned to do. In December while we were planning, Barbara and Eleanor each had guys they had been seeing on a regular basis for months. That did not keep either of them from bringing over a new guy, or two, for some casual whoopee in those weeks prior to the party.”

Twyla asked “So they had boyfriends but they were cheating. Or were they swingers?”

“No, neither of those things. Boyfriends, cheating, monogamy and even the idea of partner swapping were all seen as outdated bourgeois concepts that we adamantly opposed. Our original four along with Peggy and Donna all had guys who they went out with for months or even years. But they never let any of those guys presume to claim the least bit of ownership over them by calling them their girlfriend. That would have betrayed what we were trying to do. Of course eventually, starting in ’76, all of them did just that: they got married. I was the last to become conventional.”

Pat had been silent for quite a while just had to say “Conventional? You are nothing of the sort.”

Momma Jill laughed. “OK, more conventional than I had been. I will never be Donna Reed.”

Twyla and Pat looked at her confused.

“I guess that was before your time. How about I will never be like Carol Brady.”

Their agreement said they understood that reference.

“Where was I? Oh, planning. So we spent the weeks between Thanksgiving and the end of the semester working out exactly what would happen. Pretty much it played out just as we had intended. We told the guy’s the theme was the pagan forerunner of our Christmas celebration so they needed to try to dress like pre-Christian Celts or Vikings. Not that we expected anything fancy, but we wanted them to be prepared. We had invited the two guys that Barbara and Eleanor were dating. I invited Mitchell, the guy I’d invited that very first day. Though we were in no way dating, I had asked him back two other times besides that first. I had been right about him, not only could he cum and come again and again, almost without limit; he had something else to offer. He had the largest penis I’d seen up to that point, and one of the largest I’ve had the pleasure to have in me of to this day. Too big to give head, but you can’t have everything. More important he was a very nice guy and very teachable. It is a shame he joined the navy the next summer. He was finishing his associates degree and knew would be drafted right off, so he joined the Navy rather than becoming a grunt or running to Canada. I really liked him. Jo Lynn invited her best find of the fall, an artist that we later found was at least as fond of dick as he was pussy.”

Twyla looked to Pat. “While it confused me when two women said they had sex even though there was no penis involved; to me, as a little girl, it seemed the most normal thing in the world for two men who have penises to have sex.”

Her mother added “It is telling how children see things as completely natural or unnatural based simply on what they see works in the real world. Children have to be taught differently; to reject things that are on their face normal and good simply because adults in their life are afraid of them. Just as it did not even occur to her to think it was wrong or even embarrassing to sit just a few feet from a man and a woman writhing noisily as they balled; so too she never once thought it amiss when the two people getting in on in front of her were two men or two women. For that matter when she watched her mother joyously wrapping her legs around a black man pulling his penis deeper into her body, she saw nothing out of the ordinary. We have to be taught that many good and natural things are supposed to be considered bad or unnatural. I envy Twyla that her mind was never poisoned the way mine was. She will never have to unlearn things to find happiness.”

Pat asked “Was that common? I mean for two guys to do each other?”

Momma Jill answered “When there was a hot and heavy group thing, pretty much people stop caring what was between the legs of other people. That was as true for dudes as for chicks. The willingness to use your mouth to pleasure whatever is between the pair of legs in front of you doesn’t make a guy a fairy or a girl a dyke. It just means they are enjoying all the possibilities group sex affords. I eventually noticed one thing that that bothered me. When a particularly macho guy was at a big party, the kind we just can’t have here with over about twenty people, I knew before the party broke up I would find some other guy on all fours taking that guy’s cock up his ass. I think for a certain kind of man, fucking another guy in public is a sign of dominance. It was nothing about group love it was about showing everyone at the party he is the king of the hill. Sadly though, that kind of thing was not about creating a positive vibe for the session either. Such guys just don’t understand unselfish love. Most of the time I saw guys going at it, there was not that power trip; just a total willingness to fully embrace free love without boundaries. Guys have told me how putting themselves in the role women usually take allowed them to experience sex in a whole new way. For those guys it was just about being in the moment. In a great orgy, people lose their inhibitions and their ego and love reigns supreme. That is why at our Solstice Celebrations men were at least as willing to take a hard-on back there as women were, perhaps more. It’s like swallowing jizz. I never once saw a guy spit it out if he had been giving head; but at least half of the girls I’ve seen ether don’t let guys cum in their mouth, or spit it out. As Twyla well knows, when I give head, eating the cream is like my reward. I have no idea why some girls don’t see that. And in case you are wondering, when she does go down on you, I can assure you she is looking forward to drinking your semen.”

Pat fully expected his girlfriend to reproach her mother for saying that. But she only nodded in agreement.

Jill went on, evidently not noticing her daughter’s response. “I too can really get into taking a cock back there, but I have to be in the right mood.” She gave out a laugh. “Donna almost always wanted it in both places even when it was just one on one sex. At parties she felt cheated if she didn’t get sandwiched between two guys. She was the one that told me about using KY jelly. It’s something doctors use. By the second Solstice party that spring, I had KY jelly available for my guests both for anal sex and for girls who have fucked so long they need additional lube.”

For the hundredth time that month Pat was surprised by something he had not known before.

She continued “Back to that first party. We planned on using both the house and the back yard so both had to be decorated. Our fire pit over there was built by Barbara’s guy who worked part time as a mason.” She pointed foot tall circle of bricks surrounded by four benches made from mismatched bricks. “Even though I have used it at least a couple of times every year since then, it was built for that night.”

Twyla put in “I think I remember you mentioning that you had it built for a party, but to me it has just always been there.”

She nodded and looked to Pat “That year we started what is our family’s Christmas tradition. We decorate with a tree, a wreath made from the pine trees in our yard and some mistletoe. Since we don’t have a fireplace, for the party I found a small log which I decorated using candles and nuts and holly. To this day we still use it as a Yule log centerpiece for the coffee table. Even though we have not had a Winter Solstice Celebration for the past two years, we still decorate in that pre-Christian manner. We only add Santa and angels after the actual night of the solstice has passed. Our party costumes were made by Jo Lynn since she could sew. She made all four of us sort of open sided smocks out of white bed sheets trimmed with red wool from an old blanket. The smock dresses were knee length but were barely wide enough to cover our nipples and tapered down to only about six inches across at the hem. We kept it closed by wearing a tie made from the same red wool blanket. Of course when we walked around we were constantly showing parts of ourselves. I have worn that outfit for every summer and winter solstice party I have hosted. I’ll confess, I miss those parties more than anything else I have given up.

“Mom, why don’t we plan on having a Winter Solstice Celebration again this year? It will be two years since the last party. Isn’t that a long enough break from your hippy momma past? To make it really different, we could make it our party, not just yours. It doesn’t have to be big. Just those of your old crew who would come with their husbands or dates, that would probably only be about six or eight people. I could carefully pick an equal number of high school people I think would get into the spirit of things. You might not know it Mom, but the spirit of 1968 still lives on in a few of us. Remember only two years ago Aunt Jo Lynn made me a solstice dress big enough for me to grow into.” She looked to Pat. “When I was nine, Mom finally let me stay home for the Summer Solstice party. Before that I always spent the night at my grandmothers when she had one of her parties. Before I even asked her if I could stay, I got all five of Mom’s crew to help me convince her I was old enough. When Aunt Jo Lynn showed Mom the dress she had made me, exactly like theirs but smaller, it was hard for her to say no.”

Jill picked up in defense, “With all her sneaky planning, I really didn’t have much choice. We all knew that little Twyla had seen literally every kind of sex there was, it wasn’t like anything was going to surprise her. So that year, for the first time she stayed here for the party. But rather than just having her get in the way, I decided she should fill the role of a novice druidess. You see, after the first party was so successful, we used the personas of female druids at every Solstice Celebration to move through the planned events. Though at the summer event of ‘71 we called ourselves dryads, magical spirits of the forest. And of course that time we provided everyone with hits of acid so as to make the night really magical. That night got a little too weird even for us, so we didn’t do that again.”

Though Pat actually had only the vaguest idea of the effects of LSD, he wanted to sound more worldly wise than he was, so he put in “I bet everybody there believed you were performing sexual magic that night. Like the Stones song, coming in colors and all that.”

He was please when Momma Jill laughed and agreed. Then she went on “From the first time she stayed for the party, Twyla’s assigned role was to act as the valet and get drinks and snacks. I think it was Donna who gave her the task of asking women who had screwed for a really long time if they needed any lube and to bring them wet hand towels after guys came to clean up both the sweat and sticky semen.

Twyla jumped back in by telling Pat “And even that very first time when I was nine, I wore my smock dress just like the others did; nothing on underneath it. Not that I had boobs yet, but showing off was fun. Everyone at the party loved that I was there the whole time and acted like I belonged. I remember one time that first event I’d brought a damp hand towel to one of the girls, not one of the core group but a really pretty girl I’d never seen before. When I handed her the hand towel, she didn’t seem to know why I’d given it to her. So I told her it was to clean up her guy’s jizz so she didn’t get all sticky. She was so flabbergasted that she couldn’t speak. She just couldn’t believe I knew what I was doing and why.”

“You see, from the very first, I took my job seriously. I wanted to prove to Mom and everyone else that I belonged there as much as anyone. So, I worked to keep up with the progress of the couples balling; in the living room, in my mom’s bed, in the kitchen, and out here on the patio. I guess I should tell you that was Cindy, the girl who lived with us for like half a year. Even at nine I thought she was really pretty. Perhaps I could see that she was younger than the others, so she seemed more like me and less like an adult. Though I only thought of that possibility in the last year or so. But for whatever reason I was drawn to watching her, on and off, for at least an hour. I was sure I’d seen her cum a couple of times before that last time. She was up on her knees but her upper body and face were flat on the bed as the guy fucked her good. She was facing my way, I could see right into her eyes. She was moaning loud enough to easily tell how good it felt; but her eyes were glazed over like she couldn’t see me standing there. Even then I’d seen guys cum at least a hundred times so I knew for sure he was close. When her face screwed up as she had another orgasm I knew he would spew soon. Still I stayed to watch her till she went limp after her energy was spent.”

She paused than added “Looking back, I can’t even believe how much I knew about what sex looked like at that age.” She shook her head then went on. “Without waiting to see him actually unload; I went to the kitchen, ran some hot water, soaked the towel then wrung it out till it was just damp. When I got back she was just sitting up with some pillows against the headboard, breathing hard. I handed her the warm damp towel. I think it was the realization that a little girl had watched her and knew she’d need something to clean up the jizz that stupefied her. I was rather proud of myself.”

“But that was what I did at all Mom’s Solstice Celebrations from then until the last one. I wore that dress to six solstice parties until it was clearly too small. At the Christmas party when I was in 7th grade I had boobs, not big ones but real boobs and a bush. The smock dress Aunt Jo Lynn had made for me when I was nine didn’t begin to cover either. Not that I minded Mom’s friends seeing me. The truth was I wanted them to see I was becoming a woman, but it was clearly too small. So for the next party, two years ago this coming summer, Jo Lynn made me a new dress. It was a little big at the time but that was OK with me because that was after the creepy guy had so scared me and I was struggling with all the sex stuff. But I loved Moms parties so much I was able to put that incident in the background for the night. As it turns out Mom only had one more Solstice Celebration after that.”

Her mother cut back in “That last one, The Winter Solstice almost a year and a half ago was sort of my last hurrah. Of the core group, four of the five came. Barbra, Eleanor and Donna all brought their husbands. That’s not as crazy as it sounds since I’d had sex with all three of their husbands before they got married and settled down. And not just once mind you.”

She paused again, clearly thinking. “Barbara had not been to my place in over a year and her baby was six months old. Eleanor and Donna were pregnant though only Eleanor was showing. Peggy brought a guy she was seeing behind her husband’s back. Not surprisingly she is now divorced. Cindy came with her boyfriend as did Jennifer and Susan. We all knew it was our final hurrah, our big last fling before we had to give up our wild ways. And, it was a sex party for the ages. We literally went till past dawn the next morning. But, unlike all the other Solstice parties, there were no drugs, not even grass. And we drank beer and wine, not whisky and vodka. I won’t tell you about it because that was not that long ago, and my guess is Twyla saw more of what all went on than I did since I had dick in my face or pussy for hours and hours that night.”

Twyla laughed, “Oh yea. I can tell all about it. Some other time I will and Mom, you will love to hear about it since I know how little you really saw. And now that you have told Pat all this, I think I’m absolved of my pinky promise not to ever tell anyone what happened at your parties.” As she was speaking, Twyla finally stood up and moved to the table, depriving Pat of the view.

Sitting in a chair she looked back to Pat, “She didn’t see much of what other people did that night because she was screwing on the living room floor, in her bed and out here for, what I am sure was more than half of the time from about ten at night till seven in the morning. I tried to keep up with who all she did it with, but it was impossible. But I can tell you I watched ten of the guys screwing her, or rather her screwing them since she was on top most of the time.”

She paused for effect, then repeated, “Yes, I watched her with guy after guy. Twice she even had me get her a glass of ice water while she was on top of a guy. I’d seen her carrying on conversations with people while screwing before, but it was like she was Miss Chatterbox with one guy after another underneath her. My guess is she has no idea how many guys took turns on the bottom, or behind her while she was on all fours, still talking.”

Her mother laughed. “I’ll confess, you are right. I haven’t a clue exactly who I did, or more accurately who, if any, of the guys I did not do at least twice. But I do know I took showers twice during the party because I was sticky with semen all over me.”

Twyla went on “And she is leaving out that for a lot of those nine hours she was making out, or eating out the girls; or doing one of the guys and one of the girls at once.”

Momma Jill waved her hand “All right, all right, you have made your point. I did say it was quite a party. Still, it is a shame that you’ve only worn that dress twice. I’m sure it would look fabulous on you now.”

Twyla smiled, “Oh it does. I tried it on a couple of months ago.”

Her mother nodded and went on “When Jo Lynn made you that dress two years ago, I know she assumed you would wear it till you went from being a novice druidess to one of us dancing around the fire and making love. I know that for a fact because she told me so. I’ve never told you before, but after that party my friends all agreed that you looked like a young woman. They speculated that if we ever did have another party that you would ask to fully participate rather than just serve drinks. At the time I thought they were crazy, but I guess they were not since you just proved they were right on the money. I’m doing lunch with Donna and Barbara next Sunday afternoon. They will get a kick out of it when I tell them they were right and I was wrong. It is funny that you told about surprising Cindy that first time she was at our house. She told me the same story and said it was only a matter of time before you would want to do more. In telling the story she made the point she had only been fifteen at the time. But even while she and the others speculated about you wanting to have sex at my parties long before you finished high school; I knew it was a moot point since I was sure that was the last Solstice Celebration I would hold.”

She took a deep breath then said “I have not changed my resolve. I am done with that part of my life. I won’t host another party like that. And even if I did we couldn’t have one party with both my friends and yours. That simply would not be possible given the fact our fertility rituals are what made those parties go. No, that is all behind me now. However, I promise you here and now, whenever you and your girlfriends are ready to talk about holding your own Solstice Celebration, I will help you plan; but it would be your event, not mine.

Twyla nodded. “I still think it would be fun. But I understand.”

Looking back to Pat, still grinding away on the ice cream maker Momma Jill went back to the story of that first party. “We thought up the idea of fertility rituals so as to make for some fun activities. As expected the guy’s so called costumes were pitiful; but we had planned for that. I hope it doesn’t sound vain, but we looked great with our dresses with small wreaths of winter greens and red berries on our heads. Other than that we did not even have on a watch or ring. Somewhere around here I have some Polaroid photos of the four of us from that party.”

Twyla said “I’ve seen them, but it’s been a while. I’ll look for them tomorrow. But go on.”

“The first activity we had planned was simply an ice breaking party game to get things going, but after that the four of us girls put on a sort of skit that told our fanciful version of pagan solstice traditions. It was our way of outlining what would be happening the rest of the night. Then came hors d’oeuvres. We imagined what our European ancestors would have eaten at a solstice event but actually went with pretty conventional finger food. When it was completely dark outside, we told the guys to come out and join us by the fire wearing only the blankets we had left on the kitchen table for them.”

“Before the guys arrived the four of us had lugged my big hi-fi out to the patio to provide music. This was before 8-track tape, so we had my record player with side one of the Zombies first LP on the turntable with their new album waiting to drop down. That gave us just over half an hour of non-stop music. We had planned carefully what we were going to do before the music stopped. While Barbara got the hi-fi started, Eleanor got the bonfire going. She had been a Girl Scout up until the end of the prior summer and knew exactly how to set one up to start burning quickly. Though it only took the guys a few minutes to make it out, the fire was already blazing.”

“When the guys came out wrapped in the blankets, we told them to sit on the benches, one on each, while the four of us girls danced for them. We didn’t have any idea how to dance like ancient Britons. That is why we played the Zombies. We figured their British psychedelic music would set the right mood. We’d even practiced the whole thing a few days before. I don’t mind saying, we were pretty damn sexy; sexy enough to get them hard and slobbering as we’d planned.”

“We went through several songs just dancing as a group around the fire. But then we separated. Each of us took a bench and the guy who sat on it. We danced and touched and teased the guy sitting there for a few minutes before we went to the next bench. As the music played we all had a turn with each of the four guys. When the first album side ended, we used the time it took for the next song to start to go to the guy we brought. We took the blanket off him, leaving him naked; and put the blanket on the ground between the bench and fire. We told our guy to lay down on the blanket. Of course they all thought we were about to fuck them right then. But no, we had lots more planned. The second album started. We went back to dancing for our guy. As planned, we made a point of dancing right over the guy’s head so he could look up our dress at our coochie before moving on to the next guy. On the second time round the fire we began to undress and used our feet to play with their dicks.”

“I mean we each did it to all of the guys. When we’d done that to all four of them and were back to our date, on my cue, we all took off our dresses. We danced standing right over their heads. As part of the plan, while dancing we squatted down right over their faces for just a few seconds. My pussy was only an inch or so above Mitchell’s mouth. With my legs spread like that I was wide open for him. Of course he lifted his head to lick the pink of my open snatch each time I went down like that. I let him, but only enough to get the briefest taste. The other girls did the same. We stayed with our guy for an entire song. The end of the song was the cue to move on to the next guy. This time I was with Brenda’s date. He got a little more than I had given Mitchell. We each fully sat on the guy’s stomach and leaned over for some heavy kissing. As planned, we moved so that our pussy’s pushed on their dicks, but we did not let them go in. Again we let the whole song play before moving on. But we did not go to the next guy yet. Just to amp up the tension, we returned to dancing around the fire as the guys lay with their dicks standing up. When the song, This Will Be the Year, ended, we moved to the next guy in our progression.”

Twyla looked to Pat. “Since they more or less have done this same thing at every party, I can tell you it is comic and sexy to see the guys laying in the firelight with their poles standing up.”

Her mother nodded but just went on. “So at the next guy, we fully went to our knees over their heads facing their feet. That time I planted my pussy right on Jo Lynn’s guy’s mouth. I leaned over and told him to eat me. Of course he did. Well all the guys did. Once they got started we leaned over to suck their dicks. Since few guys will cum doing sixty-nine we didn’t hold back giving them head, and we kept it up for two songs. This assured they were fully hard because at the start of the next song, we went to the next guy and sat right on his hips. I guided Eleanor’s guy into my pussy.

As planned, right as his cock was all the way in me, Time of the Season came on. It’s a great song for dancing like that. The four of us more or less ignored the guys we were riding and just danced using our hips, upper body and arms. It was so cool and so sexy. The fact we were all on guys we had never so much as kissed before made it all the better. Not surprisingly like Twyla said, this whole routine became a central part of all our Solstice Celebrations.” She took a breath then added, “Though all the rest of the solstice parties had more people. It was always the six of us, and then each of us would invite one girl who would bring one guy. So, at the most we had a dozen girls and a dozen guys. Jo Lynn made six loaner dresses so when invited, the girls all agreed to fully participate and they knew that meant fucking guys they did not know. When everyone showed up, like they did for six straight parties, every girl sucked two new guys and put three new dicks into their pussy’s during the fertility ritual. I know some of the girls keep count of all the guys they have had sex with, though like Jo Lynn says that doesn’t count as sex since it is just for that one song, like two and half minutes and the guys never cum that way. But to Donna it does count and according to her she has fucked over forty guys over the years around the fire. Me, I don’t really think it matters what I call it since I don’t keep count. I don’t keep count how many movies I go to, why should I keep count of every time I put a dick in me?”

Twyla put in “I’d thought about that before. Not that I told my friends any sort of details, but one day last fall we were talking about sex, which we do a lot. Francis said her aunt was really slutty because her mom said she thought her little sister has had sex with over twenty guys. I was surprise when they all agreed that was a huge number. Like I said I didn’t give details but I told them I was sure my mom has done more guys than that, but I didn’t see anything wrong with it. To make my point, I said that if we were talking about an uncle and not an aunt, guys our age would think it was nothing that their uncle had screwed twenty women. If the uncle had screwed fifty or a hundred women, that still wouldn’t be a bad thing. In fact guys would think it was super cool. I’m sure they had never thought of it that way, but right off they said I was right. And when I asked why they thought we should miss out on having a great sex life just because we were girls, they didn’t know what to say. Sure we talked about how we were ready to have real sex with real guys. We’d even said we wanted to do it this school year, but the idea of having sex with a lot of guys over the years was…was…not that it was too much; but it was not yet something they had considered.”

“After that day, things began to change. Now they are all for girls having the same right to have as much sex as they want, just like boys do. Of the four other girls at the table three have already started having sex. Of course I haven’t and Stacy hasn’t but she did give two boys head at their church skiing trip over Christmas. She really wants’ to do more, but her parents keep her in a cage”

There was no question her mother was following closely to what Twyla was saying. Pat wondered why she’d never told her mom this before.

Twyla went on, “As it turns out, one of that little group, I won’t tell you who, was already having sex. She had been doing it with two different guys in her neighborhood since the beginning of summer, but hadn’t told any of us. She had been afraid we’d call her a slut, but after that day, my friends see things differently. Now she tells us all about what she does. Since then she has had sex with three more guys. One of them is the older brother of one of the guys she’d been fucking since summer. When the brother was home for Christmas he walked in on them doing it in the room they had shared since they were kids. Her friend wanted to show off for his big brother so he told him he could stay and watch them. That kinda annoyed her. Not that the brother watched, she liked that. It was that he hadn’t asked her first. So when he shot his load, she asked his brother if he wanted a turn. According to her, they fucked for a really long time, longer than she’d ever done it before. And they did it right next to her friend. She said after that she had threesomes with both of them four times before the brother went back to Texas Tech. Then over Spring Break, they had two more threesomes and she did it with just the brother another time. He took her to a keg party where they had sex in front of a bunch of people. The guy told his friends she was a senior. She liked that too. The other girls are jealous that she has so much sex. She doesn’t want a boyfriend, but now she has a total of three guys who live near enough to her that they can walk to her house. Her parents don’t work, so she has the house to herself for over an hour every day after school. And she does look like she could be a senior. She has great tits, she’s shown them to me. They are at least as big as yours Mom. Like I said, I have friends, who if you would let me tell them all about it, would love to be part of a Solstice Celebration. Probably not for summer but I’m pretty sure they’d want to do it for next winter.”

Her mother seemed to think for a few moments about what Twyla was saying, then suggested “Perhaps it’s time we had your little group over. Together we can tell them what living a life of free love really is like. Not everything mind you, but enough to whet their appetite for more.”

“That would be far out.”

Twyla and her mom talked for a few minutes about when she could have her friends over, then Momma Jill went back to her story. “As I was saying before we got sidetracked, again. So we were dancing with our upper bodies while we each fucked another girl’s guy. When the song ended, we simply got up and went back inside with not so much as a word to the guys. They were confused. Horny as hell, but confused. When they got back inside we had our dresses back on and were pouring drinks and putting food on our plates as if nothing at all had happened. The guys just stood at the back door, naked, full wood with the most confused looks on their faces that you’ve ever seen.”

Twyla burst out with laughter. That must have been hilarious.

“It was. And it did a great job of dialing back the sexual tension…for a while a least. The guys got dressed and we all talked and listened to music. Only when it began to look like any other dull cocktail party, we surprised them again. The four of us got up without saying a word, moved the coffee table out of the way and brought some big pillows we’d kept in my bedroom. I brought out the big timer I use for timing hair coloring and set it for thirty minutes. I told them that any guy who got down on the floor before the timer went off would have to go home and miss the orgy. That was the first time any of them had heard one of us explicitly say there was going to be an orgy. I knew that would keep them in their seats.”

We lit about two dozen candles and turned off all the lights. This part was not as clearly scripted as the rest had been so far. We had only agreed that the four of us would make love while the guys watched. It was a huge jump for us. Only Jo Ann had ever gone down on a girl before and none of us had so much as kissed each other; but we had talked about what we would do for weeks. Having been the only one to have done the whole Sappho thing, we had asked Jo Ann for suggestions. She said flavored sex oils would be good, but none of us were old enough to go into a sex shop. I know that sounds funny, but not one of us were twenty-one. Barbra said she could get her older sister to go for us. We had her buy some flavored sex oil and a rubber penis. When we were doing the final set up before the guys arrived, we all found we were really looking forward to this part. We took off our dresses and got down on the floor. Putting the oil on each other was so sensuous, then licking it off was even better. The time went by so fast though. We all wished we told the guys an hour, but we knew we would have more girl time in the future. I French kissed all three of them and went down on Eleanor. I remember wondering why the four of us had not had sex way back in September. It was beautiful. We were lost in our own world.”

“When the timer went off though, the guys didn’t really disrupt things they just blended right in. I’m sorry but I really can’t give much of a narrative. To me it is just a bunch of little vignettes. By agreement in advance, each of the four of us made love to each other before the end of the night, as well as making love to each of the four guys. So my memories are like snapshots. Like I clearly remember the first time I put my mouth on a pussy, Eleanor’s. It just seemed so natural and pleasant. Or my memory of having Franklin’s penis in my mouth while Jim fucked me slowly. And I vividly remember when I went down on Jo Lynn, her pussy tasted strongly of a guy’s cum. I had no idea whose it was and never asked. ”

“All of us took breaks from time to time, but at least four people were on the floor until past two. It was exhausting, but everything that we’d planned, we did. The guys did not disappoint, they were able to recover after ejaculating several times each. By the end it was messy. Everybody had sweat, oil, cum and pussy juice all over them. We had not anticipated that. After that, to me it is that mix of smells and tastes that turns simple group sex into a real orgy. All in all it was so much better than we’d thought it would be.”

Momma Jill stood up. “And that’s it for stories today. Now time for your presents, my almost grown daughter.”

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