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Kate: A Sexual Drama in Two Acts: Act 1

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

A Café’ Conversation between Sisters

“But sometimes I feel so guilty.” Said the attractive middle aged, auburn haired professional woman dressed in an expensive spring weight woolen suit.

“After all these years?” asked the second, slightly younger, taller, less busty and more casually dressed woman. The two women looked similar, like sisters because they were indeed sisters. This was not the first time they have had this conversation.

There were three well coifed, attractive middle aged women sitting around the café’ table. It was a beautiful fall day and they had decided to take one of the outdoor tables for their luncheon. Though they did not notice it, they turned a few heads. The attractive sisters, Patricia and Kate, were sipping wine after a light lunch while best friend sipped a diet Coke.

Patricia continued, “Yes, sometimes I get that feeling of guilt. Not very often, but this time it’s worse.” She sighed “perhaps it’s the onset of menopause.”

“It’s not that Will is feeling neglected?” Her sister said speaking of Patricia’s husband of 29 years.

“Hell no” Patricia protested. “He still thinks I badger him for sex. And he still feels so special because I do. Hell no, he gets blown more than any married guy on the planet. He couldn’t be happier when I suggest we watch porn together while I ride him then suck him to climax. He calls it low demand sex. When we are out of town, we go to strip clubs on occasion together, and when I’m not there he jacks off to internet porn or our old videos, with my explicit blessing. What could a middle aged accountant want more than that?”

“Yea” her sister cut in “But, you fuck around on him so close behind his back that you once told me you do anal with him to hide the fact your pussy is all stretched out from doing one of your lovers right before you come home.”

Patricia smiled sheepishly “That’s beside the point, he likes doing my ass and he gets to do it regularly. He doesn’t complain. And, we both know he isn’t as clueless as he pretends. Deep down, I know he knows. And if he didn’t approve he’d tell me.”

“Yea” her sister countered “But does he know how much you fuck around? Damn, sister, you fuck as many different guys in a month as my other slutty friends do in a year….and you are fifty-four years old, not twenty-one.”

Kate’s friend, Cheryl, was clearly shocked by the talk. She’d met her friend’s sister several times and each time there had been some slightly embarrassing obtuse sex talk, but this was so graphic. Not that she thought herself a prude. After all she had the entire Sex and the City series on DVD, and she’d been married once before she’d met her current husband, but….. this was way beyond her zone of understanding. Patricia’s sister didn’t look like a slut. She was very well dressed, clearly very smart and her new BMW 650i indicated that she was successful as well. That’s not how she envisioned women who have sex with a lot of different men. Both of the sisters had the face and body that caused men to fall under their spell with a mere glance. Cheryl always felt like the odd-man out. While she was not unattractive, her slim figure had been positively boyish until she had her first child in her 30’s and so she’d never experienced being pursued by men for her looks.

“Yes” Patricia said leaning back “I’m fifty-four, have three grown boys and I’m soon to be a grandmother; but I love sex just as much as I did when I was in college. I know that I started younger than any of my kids have. Even after all these years, and all those men, each new one is an exciting new discovery.”

Cheryl, was thinking about what this well-dressed woman had just said and asked herself “how many?”, then realizing she’s said it aloud and quickly said “Oh, I’m sorry. That was rude. I didn’t mean to say that.”

In fact, Patricia had not heard the question and asked “What did you say?”

Kate had heard and repeated it “She asked how many?”

“How many what?” Patricia said swinging her gaze directly to Cheryl.

Timidly she said “I was just asking myself how many lovers might you have had. But it’s none of my business. I really didn’t mean to let that slip.”

“No, that’s fine” Patricia said. “Once I make new friends, I don’t hide who I am, and that is a common question.”

And it was indeed a very common question once she began to talk. She much enjoyed shocking people. The way she thought about it, if she were a man having sex several times a week while out on his traveling sales job, no one would be shocked. But for a woman, it was scandalous, even in the 21st century. “But let me ask, what do you mean by lover?” Patricia continued “Because if you mean how many men I have been passionately in love with, that would be eleven, in addition to my husband whom I love very much. There is just nothing like the soul filling rapture of total physical and emotional love. Once I was so in love I had to create an elaborate story about a crisis at my company’s main office to escape to the Bahamas with my lover for a week….and what a week it was. But those things don’t last over the long haul, they just require too much physically and emotionally.”

Patricia took a breath, and then continued “If you include the men I’ve had sex with who were passionately in love with me, well that would be more like a hundred or more. I don’t know what it is about men that equates great sex with love? Oh well, those relationships don’t last either. If you mean good friends with whom I occasionally have had sex with over the years…. I guess three dozen or so, and that includes a couple women as well as men. I’m mostly straight, but I have had two close female friends over the years, one is a lesbian, and the other is a happily married wife and mother. They are the only women that I have slept with… I mean slept without a man there. See, when I have sex with women as part of a threesome I don’t consider that the same thing. But those two have been my best friends for a very long time and well, if you can’t have sex with your best friends who can you have sex with?”

Patricia enjoyed taking in the other woman’s look, then she dropped the bombshell “But, if you’re asking me how many different men have I just fucked, like ever in my whole life? Well that would be hundreds and hundreds, I’d guess in the 500 range. But, if you figure I first had sex when I was 16 and I’m 51, that’s 35 years, and even at the rate of one new guy a week it would be what…..close to 2,000. So 500 is not all that many if you consider that averaging out the busy times and the slow times an average of one new guy once a month. It’s really not that many at all.”

Cheryl was just dumfounded. How could anyone think having 500 sex partners was not that many?

She thought she was experienced having had sex with two guys before her first husband and three between husbands for a total of six. But Five-Hundred!

Patricia took in the woman’s look. It pleased her. She didn’t know why. Perhaps it was because back home in Charlotte, no one knew that about her. She could not tell her friends at the Methodist Church, or Rotary or the country club. Even her husband didn’t know the “real” her. Sure she knew he willfully ignored the signs over the years that she was cheating on him. Cheating? Not the right word given the fact for every time she had sex with him she had generally been with two different men in-between their love making sessions. It was the unusual trip that found her alone in the hotel bed at the end of two days in a row.

“Yea, come to think about it, that number might be a little low, but in recent years I’d say I have less than one totally new partner a month, so for now it is about right, but a few years back it would it was most definitely at least one new guy a week. You see, just like male sales reps back in the 70’s had their little black book full of women to keep them company, I have my Blackberry that does the same. So, though I have company nearly every other night on the road, it’s usually guys from my virtual stable. Like tonight, a very nice man named Kenneth will be buying me dinner and afterword I’ll fuck his brains out for an hour or so. At 9:00, Kenneth and I will take a break so I can call home and check in with my husband, then we’ll rock and roll till about 10:00 when I’ll tell him to wrap it up, he’ll cum and I’ll let him see himself out. Just another night on the road.“

Kate added to her friend “Don’t challenge her on her certainty of that plan. Back about ten, no fifteen, years ago I thought I’d be clever and show up at her hotel about 8:00.”

Patricia laughed adding “That was so funny.”

Kate continued “See, she was staying at the downtown Holiday Inn, and I knocked on the door, a couple of minutes later she lets me in. She was wearing a robe, but no man was in the bed, as she said there would be. So I sit down on the side of the bed and just as I start to tell her how she is full of shit for telling me that bull story about how she fucks around on Will, the bathroom door opens and this very handsome, very naked man with a full erection comes out of the bathroom.”

Patricia interjected “You should have seen her face. See, Kate and I had lunch, just like this earlier that day and I had, for the first time, told her how, since shortly after I’d gotten married to Will, had lovers on the side and, just like a minute ago, I told her how I’d be meeting a man for dinner and sex. Well, since I’m seven years older than her, she was never aware of how much I screwed around in college or any of that. She had not the slightest idea I was anything but the devoted wife and mother that our mother still thinks I am.”

“Not the slightest” Kate agreed

“So, I told her at lunch if she didn’t believe me to drop by around 8:00. I knew she didn’t believe me so when I heard the knock on the door at precisely 8:00 I knew it had to be Kate. So I had Jeff (who was a regular) go in the bathroom and told him to wait a few minutes then come out ready to do me before my sister could escape.”

Kate picked up “And that’s what he did. I hadn’t even thought about the fact that Patricia didn’t sit down when I did. Then this guy steps out and I’m like ‘Oh my God’ and suddenly Patricia no longer has on her robe and she gives the naked man a French kiss and before I could get my wits together she begins to fondle his penis.” Kate covered her face to demonstrate her surprise. “I’m like frozen. I didn’t know what to do. I’d only seen a tiny bit of porn at that time and there was my sister, whom I’ve looked up to as my role model, naked kissing a strange man in her hotel room. It was horrifying, or would have been if he hadn’t been so handsome. Damn, was he hot? As soon as my head cleared I grabbed my purse and headed for the door.”

Patricia interrupted again “But she didn’t leave. I told her that I thought she’d come by to watch, which of course I knew wasn’t the case and she blubbers something about she couldn’t believe I’d do this to Will. She stood by that door for at least 20 minutes, maybe longer.”

Kate picked up “It was like when you stare at a car wreck. You know you should not, but you can’t tear your eyes away. So, like she said she pretended like I’d come by to watch and I was so flustered I didn’t realize at the time she was being sarcastic. While I stood by the door searching for the way to explain why I was there she rolled a red condom down the man’s penis.”

“You remember the color?”

“Well yea, it might have been just a routine night of sex to you, but for me it was traumatic and the first and only time I’ve ever seen real live people have sex like that. So, yea, I remember it all clearly.”

Patricia was surprised “I guess I’ve never thought of it that way. So, I’ll let you tell the rest because, like you said the sex was pretty routine except for you standing by the door.”

Kate resumed “So, I knew I should leave. Part of me was disgusted by what I was seeing, but another part of me had to see how far she would take this. At least that’s what I told myself, but looking back, if I’m really honest I think that other part was both curiosity and arousal. Patricia looked back at me standing at the door after she’d finished putting on the condom and gives me this wicked grin as if she could see what I was feeling. I actually turned the door knob at that point, but couldn’t open the door. Not yet. I had to see what she would do.”

“After looking at me she takes him by the hand and led him to the foot of the bed and pushes him back, so I see him in profile, his penis standing straight up. She crawls up and over him and they began to kiss. At first I still didn’t believe she would actually have sex with him in front of me. But in just a few minutes, from the side, I watched her reach between her legs and guide him up into her. Something in my mind changed right then, instead of it being gross to watch, it was suddenly beautiful, she was beautiful as she rocked on him. I’d always thought my big sister was pretty, but watching her on that man, her back arched and her breasts swaying, she was amazingly beautiful. I lost any desire to leave. So, I stepped away from the door and sat on the arm of the chair by the door. I can still see it so clearly. They rolled over and this guy had the perfect ass and I watched it as it relaxed, drawing his penis out then tightened as he pressed it back into Patricia. For her part, Patricia wrapped her legs around his waist pulling him in deeper. “

“I didn’t know you got off on it so much” Patricia said with a smile.

“I didn’t say….” Her denial was half hearted

“Your head lights tell me you got off on it back then and clearly it still excites you all these years later. Come on admit it.”

Kate kicked at her sister under the table. “I’ll admit nothing.”

It was Cheryl that brought Kate back to what she’d seen “And what else did you watch them do? “

Patricia jumped at that “Ah, someone else is getting off on this.”

Kate ignored the comment and said “Well, I was there way longer than 20 minutes. It was just after 9:30 when I started up my car, so I watched them for over an hour.”

Patricia interrupted again “I knew that, I just wanted to give you an out in front of your friend. I moved in positions so you could see him going in and out, like when I laid on my side and he held my leg straight up and did me scissors style, it turned me on that my little sister was watching his cock go all the way in me.”

“I thought it was odd you said 20 minutes because you kept looking over at me. I knew you wanted me to watch. And, yes, that position did give me quite a view. “ then to her friend she said, “You gotta understand this was not a huge suite, the bed was perhaps ten feet from where I sat on the arm of the chair, so I could see and hear everything, and from that position, like she said, I could see his penis come nearly completely out of her, and then he would slide it back in till his pelvis hit hers and his ball sack lay on her ass cheek. When he did it hard I could hear first the smack of their pelvises hitting, then a split second later his balls would hit her with another smack. They did that for a while, and then she took off the condom and sucked his penis, and I mean all of his penis and he was longer than most but she went down to the base and would hold him there. I don’t know how she did that.”

“Practice” her sister commented.

“Then he went down on her.” Kate looked at her sister, “and you opened your eyes and looked right at me just before you climaxed while he gave you oral sex.

“Yea, now that you tell the story, I do remember all of it.”

“After he’d gotten her off a few times, Patricia put a second condom on the guy, a green one that time, and did it all over again. I left after she once again gave him a blow job without a condom and he told her he was about to cum but she sucked him all the way through his climax. That was my final shock for the evening. But, I didn’t want him to know I’d watched the whole thing so I slipped out.”

“and what did you do after you watched?”

“I went home and found Steven” to Cheryl she added “I’d been living with him since we graduated from UNC Charlotte…..and fucked his brains out, and when he was done and I was still wanting more I jilled off right in front of him. That was the first and last time I masturbated in front of him because he moved out a few weeks later.” Kate paused “That was also the last time we had really hot sex. By then I knew he was doing that Sarah woman from his work, and it was the only time that I used the image of him screwing that married whore to get off.” Then to Patricia she said “Not that you’re a married whore”

Her sister said “I know what you meant.”

Kate continued “But I guess because it was watching you and your guy, well….you know, got me ready. That was the last really good memory I have of my relationship with Stephen. Watching you commit adultery for an hour, right in front of me, was the most erotic thing I have ever done in my life. Really, nothing even comes close. I had to resist the urge to jill off right there in the hotel room. Do you still see him, the guy I watched you with?”

“No, he moved to Boston years ago. But, no doubt he was good looking and not a bad lay, not great, but his good looks made up for it”

“SO.” Patricia said with some finality “This brings me to where I started. I want to tell Will everything. I don’t want to hide this anymore.”

“Oh wow.” Kate responded “From ‘honey I’ve never fucked anyone but you’ to ‘Honey I’ve been fucking other men every week since our first date.’ How will he take it?”

Cheryl just nodded and added, “I don’t think my husband would do well with that and we carried on an affair for a year before he left his wife.”

“It’s not like he thinks he’s the only guy I’ve ever had sex with.” Patricia came back “He knew full well I had done dozens and dozens of guys before we met at UNCC. I’m sure I had a reputation and we had casual sex a number of times before we were a couple and he knew full well that I’d continued to do other guys right up until we got engaged. He even liked to hear what I’d done. But, when we got engaged I said I would have sex only with him.”

“And did you? I mean did you have sex just with him?” Kate asked.

“Yea, well for the most part. But I never once planned out a tryst, the few that did happened while we were engaged and then the first five or so years of our marriage were just spontaneous happenings. Remember I’ve been on the road for pharma or medical equipment since I got out of college thirty years ago next May. In all those years I doubt I’ve had more than ten weeks where I didn’t spend at least one or two nights in a hotel. That’s a lot of time alone on the road, and things would occasionally happen. I don’t know a single person in my business who makes it six months without cheating on their spouse.”

Kate cut in “but you didn’t make it that long”

Patricia laughed “Hell no. But, I never went looking for it, at least not until after Henry moved in.”

“Oh, yea, I remember that.” Kate recalled “It was right after Megan was born and Will’s friend Henry came to live with you guys for a while when his wife kicked him out.”

“Yep.” Patricia looked over to Cheryl and explained “Nothing about Henry living in our home or what happened was my idea. You see, Will’s best friend in the world and his wife had a falling out. Of course Henry insisted that it was all his wife’s fault, but you know how those things go. So, we’d just bought our house in Gastonia because Will had landed his first city manager job, and they had a residency requirement. Like you said, Megan was less than 6 months old and Little Will was in pre-school. Will knew full well that I’d slept with Henry a good many times before he and I got serious, but that didn’t seem to bother him because Will had succeeded in catching me, where Henry had tried and failed. I think it was an ego thing, and I think, to him what happened between the three of us was a kind of macho rubbing in in his face that Henry didn’t get me.”

Kate inquired “And what did happen?”

“Henry had been in the guest room for about two weeks. It was Super Bowl Sunday and we had planned for a little party with friends so the kids were at my mothers, but something came up and it ended up just Will, Hank and I. So we began to drink the case of beer we’d bought. I say we drank, but I’m not a beer fan, so more correctly they drank a lot of beer. In time we began to reminisce about college. Will and Hank were already in grad school when I met them, but I was just in my junior year. Since we were drinking, the subject of parties came up and it seems they knew me as a party girl before they knew me as a person. And to my great surprise, Hank told us in detail his memory of the first time he and I had sex. Now, clearly he was not so memorable to me since I couldn’t have said even how many times we’d had sex let alone any details, but for him the experience was clearly more important. With that they both started telling college stories of having sex with me as if I wasn’t even in the room.“

“So were you the great party girl they remembered?” Cheryl asked.

“Only with the guys in my sororities’ brother fraternity the Kappa Sigma’s.” Patricia defended “And, yes all the stories of wild parties among the sororities and frats are true. I’m most definitely not the only well paid professional woman today that has a legacy of fucking every single guy in their brother frat when they were in school. Connections count and connections with a guy who remembers you as the best night of his college life count even more. That’s why the code of silence is so important. I could tell stories of very well-known women that would ruin their public image. But of course, they could do the same for me. That was the prudish 80’s and nothing would be more dangerous than a puritanical sister, so our initiation procedures weeded those girls out. And don’t ask what we did, just suffice it to say that it was not possible when I was in school, to become a sister if you didn’t put out.”

Patricia could see her sister and Cheryl mulling that over so she went on “I’ve got to wrap this up, I do have a business appointment to make. So, someone, perhaps it was me, suggested we get in the hot tub. Now that house had a nice built in tub on the patio surrounded by a brick lattice wall. We get out there and I thought I’d be daring and took off my top, under which I had a lacy, semi sheer bra, well, Hank must have assumed I was going to get naked from that, though I hadn’t planned to. So, he drops his pants and underwear and gets in nude, and Will does the same. It’s not like I was a prude, so I go ahead and get naked too. It was only then I thought this was possibly a way to get out of my promise of monogamy and got into the tub between them. But, I didn’t have to connive to make something happen. My husband Will, begins to talk about one of my sorority sisters and asks if he remembers the manage a trio’s the two of them had with her out by lake Murray. Not surprisingly Hank did, and well, they relived that experience with me. For nearly six months we had Hank join us at least once a week. It was some of the best times Will and I have ever had. That was when I found out about the unique DP experience.”

“What’s DP?” Cheryl asked.

The question caught Patricia off guard. “DP? You’ve never even heard the term?”

Cheryl shook her head.

“Double penetration; when one guy is in your vagina and the other in your ass.”

Patricia was actually surprised at the look of total disbelief on both the women’s faces. “Do you want me to go on?” They both said to continue so she did. “It was like this Hank was well.. how do I say, less endowed. I guess that’s why I didn’t remember anything about having sex with him in college. It’s not that he’s particularly short, but his dick is thin. So thin that when he would do me after Will had been in me first, I could hardly feel it. Now, I’d done the back door thing with a couple of guys in school and had even enjoyed it on occasion, but never equated the small size with how much I liked it till, like the third time Will and Hank did me together. When I was on top of Will, Hank saddled up behind me, and slides his lubed cock up my ass. I’m sure my eyes got as wide as saucers, but after the surprise, it was really, really nice having him fucking me like that with Will inside me. Like I said he was thin and it didn’t hurt at all. I had told Will about the disappointment of the size of Hanks penis, so when this worked, it fed Will’s vanity. After all, he already felt superior to Hank in that I rejected Hank and married him, the small dick thing made it all the easier for Will to accept the fact that Hank earns so much more than he does. So, we did DP nearly every time we had sex as a threesome. Will and I still occasionally talk about it when we are having sex. It was with Hank I really began to like anal. I still don’t let guys with big dicks do my back door, but I can really enjoy average sized guys, and I think I prefer it with smaller men. “

Kate and Cheryl just looked shell shocked.

“Was that too much detail?”

It took a few seconds but Cheryl said “No, not too much, but certainly a lot to think about. I really thought that stuff was just in porn.”

Kate also commented “It’s not that you do DP that surprises me, because it doesn’t’. It’s that Will did it with you. That’s hard to fathom.”

“Like I said, it fed his sense of superiority. Maybe it says something that he wanted to marry the girl who had fucked every one of his friends, repeatedly. A jealous guy couldn’t do that. I mean, how many guys would stand at the alter knowing that every one of the groomsmen had done his bride. I think it was a point of pride to him that he got to keep me and they just had me for a night or two….or three… or a dozen.”

“Well, if that’s so, how did you go from having sex with another guy in front of your husband all those years ago, then afterward always doing it behind his back?”

Patricia sat a moment “A couple of things happened. First, Will Junior walked in on the three of us going at it one morning. Now he was only four, so he had no idea of the significance of what he saw, but he did ask why we were naked. That freaked Will out. But even more was the fact that after a few months of us as a regular threesome, even after he’d moved into his own place, if Hank would see me in town he’d be overly familiar, touching my arm, standing or sitting too close and a couple of times he tried to cop a feel in public. It wasn’t that Will was jealous, he knew full well that Hank would stop by for a quickie once or twice a month, on days I happened to be at home. It’s not that Will minded, but he couldn’t let even the hint of scandal taint his name. Gastonia was a small conservative city and even a casual rumor that the three of us were sexually involved would have ruined Will’s career. We talked about it and we agreed that too much rode on his career and as much as we had enjoyed our time with Hank, it was not worth the risk. So he told Hank we couldn’t do it again, and we didn’t. “

Her sister asked “So, you just started doing it on your own and he’s never known.”

“I didn’t miss the fact that he did not ask for me to agree to monogamy again, like he had before we became engaged. I don’t believe that was an oversight. So, yes I already had clients and coworkers who had been hitting on me, all I did was started saying yes to the offers. “

“And he never got suspicious”

“What I think is he’s always known, but he’s maintained the fiction even to himself that Hank was the last man besides him I’ve slept with. Why? Deniability. When he took the job in Charlotte, the stakes were even higher, so the need to keep up a pretense of being the all American family became all the more important. After a while it became the way we lived. I’ve carried condoms in my purse forever, yet I had my tubes tied when our youngest was born. Not that he digs in my purse, but I know without a doubt he has seen them. And, though I’m usually careful, I had a hot love affair with one of our neighbors. Many a time I’d come back to the house after visiting a “friend” reeking of the smell of sex. Once, I came right from my lover’s bed to a family drive to the beach only to be confronted by the kids that I stank. If my kids had been older they would have known the smell of sex, but certainly Will knew the smell, yet he chose not to notice. “

Cheryl began to catch on “So, do I get this right, he knows you sleep around but pretends not to and you feel guilty about that?”

“Yea, pretty much, but I don’t know for an absolute certainty that he knows and I’m sure he has no idea of the scale of my sleeping around. So, yes I feel guilty. I also remember how nice it was to talk about what I had done with Hank. Like I said, to this day, he still occasionally brings up Hank and our threesomes when we have sex. I’ve also found porn about wives cheating really gets him going.”

Patricia signed the bill and gathered her stuff to go.

“Before you go, I want to ask one of you, or better both of you, to consider doing me a favor. I’ve decided to make a couple of videos of me with some of my regulars as a way to show Will what I do. I’m certain that if I stage it so that he doesn’t realize it’s me until the video is well underway, he’ll be way to excited to object. I could do it with a tripod, but it would be better to have a photographer. I’ll be back in Asheville next Thursday and Friday, and I’d like the two of you to consider being my film crew. I’ve already booked a nice suite so there will be plenty of room to work with. Think about it and give me a call, later today if possible so I can plan. OK?”

She left them at the table. She hoped they would say yes. She could tell they were entranced by her stories, as she’d planned.

Cheryl looked at her best friend. “Boy, when you asked me to join you for lunch with your wild sister, I didn’t expect this. “

“Believe me this was way more information than I’ve gotten out of her in almost fifteen years.” Kate replied. They sat for a moment, both thinking about Patricia’s request.

“Well?” Cheryl asked “What are you going to tell her. I can’t decide until you do.”

Kate thought for a minute then said “I’m just trying to salve my conscience by saying I’m thinking about it, the truth is there is no way I’d say no.” She leaned toward her friend, lowered her voice and added “It helps me to justify it by saying I’m doing it to help her, but if I were to be really honest with myself, I’d admit I want to watch again.” She blushed and sat back, “I can’t believe I told you that. Patricia has always been my role model, and now I’m talking like her too.”

Her friend leaned toward her and whispered “I want to watch too. Is that honest enough?” Then she sat back, “but I can’t promise I can bring myself to go through with it.”

Before she’d even arrived at her appointment Kate sent a text saying “Yes, both of us will.”

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