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Suprise Saturday: Chapter 10

At the swing club outside of Charlotte, Sue & Calvin and their new friends stayed in the pool for nearly an hour. Stephen was thrilled when Connie initiated a kiss and began caressing his tits. Of course he felt obligated to reciprocate. Bill’s kiss had been a surprise. A moment of revulsion at kissing a guy came to him, but he was able to put it down. When he felt his body really become turned on as their tongues danced he was not quite sure where to go with it. It helped that the man’s hands touching his breasts and nipples felt wonderful. It was all so odd. Strangest of all was that as naked women came and went, the guys acted so normal about it and didn’t have hard-ons. He was sure that his boner would never leave if he had his own body. During the whole time at the pool, the only sex he saw were two couples. The men sat on the side of the pool while the wives gave their guy a blow job, then the women switched men. But surprising him yet again, the blow jobs seemed just for fun, not to get off. The whole thing lasted less than ten minutes, neither guy came, and that seemed to be the point: just messing around. Swinger life, it seems, was more about regular kinds of hanging out and just messing around than getting off. This would take some thinking on. The only stress point was when his dad swam up behind him, put his fully erect penis up against the crack of his ass and cupped his tits. He had up to that point avoided the fact that his dad too would see him as his mom.

It was way cold when they got out of the water. After quickly drying with towels conveniently placed in a cabinet by the pool, Stephen tried to look as competent as possible redressing. He was less confident than ever about what he was supposed to be doing. Even when the guys were getting blow jobs, it seemed no one but him even noticed. The hosiery was difficult but he managed. Once again he didn’t know how to negotiate the bra without help. He decided to skip it. Then he recalled his mom said the blouse looked sloppy if she didn’t have the bra on. The sheer blouse folded up into a very small bundle, actually less bulky than the open cupped bra. He stuffed the shirt in one of the jacket’s outer pocket and the bra in the other. Pulling on the blazer and buttoning one button, he was sure that would be fine.

From the swing club's swimming pool, the four adults went to a large room with a dance floor. Around the floor were small tables and chairs. People were drinking and talking at the tables. On the dance floor just two couples were dancing. There was also a small stage with a stripper pole, but it was as yet unoccupied. Stephen had seen his mom dance a little in their living room and knew full well he could not pull off dancing like her. At least for a good while he was able to get by with sitting, sipping very slowly on a glass of wine and talking. As the night wore on, he watched the behavior on the dance floor go from just regular dancing to something more like dry-humping, flashing and feeling up. He thought how if his high school dances allowed that kind of thing they would be far more popular.

They had been in the dance room a good hour, and he was less than fully with it due to the fact he'd consumed four glasses of wine since the night began. Two other couples had joined them. It was clear that these were friends. He tried to remember what the couples looked like in the photos his mother had showed him, but he couldn’t. He reasoned that these were most likely those couples and they would join them for the orgy. One couple was older and rounder than he had expected the other was about his parents age and better looking. All four people had greeted him with a kiss on the lips, two of those kisses added some tongue for good measure. Stephen could only assume this was normal for her swinger friends.

He’d gotten hot and unbuttoned the blazer. He liked the looks he got as he moved. In his slightly inebriated state Stephen found it very easy to play the role of the hot milf flirting shamelessly with both men and women. While he avoided trying to dance on his own, he did not turn down invites to slow dance with several people. Each and every time he did so, he had hands on his tits or ass.

He did not object.

The stripper pole was used too, sometimes by one woman, but more often by two together. Calvin and Bill began to needle Connie and Sue to do a turn on the pole. Without asking, Connie decided to drag him to the stage. Suddenly he wanted to find a way out but could not think of one. On the small stage at the front of the main room, he tried his best to emulate what he’d seen other women do. He tried wiggling his hips and such, but it just didn’t feel natural. Not knowing what else to do, he took off the blazer and tossed it over to Connie's husband. He got hoots and applause from several people for that. He liked the attention. Connie was clearly comfortable up front and removed her top and bra as well.

He took the opportunity to kiss Connie. The kiss lasted longer than he’d planned. As their tongues explored the other’s mouth and he felt her breasts press up to his, he could tell his nipples had hardened and become very sensitive. Connie broke the kiss and began to dance around the stage. He could tell all eyes were on the two of them. Stephen, not knowing what else to do, shook his breasts the way he’d seen it done on videos of strippers. He felt the heavy flesh sway as he moved his body. The big tits had their own momentum and it took some doing to move to the rhythm of his boobs. It was a rush. From behind him, Connie’s arms reached around and her hands clasped his breasts. He felt her bare flesh on his back. Her fingers caressed his soft boobs. It sent shivers through his body. When she pinched his nipples it was almost too much, almost.

Connie let go and moved around him and pressed her breasts up against his again and they kissed once more. He could have stood there kissing her like that for an hour, but as it was they were putting on a show; the kiss lasted only a few moments. It was his turn to hold her tits: to feel their weight; to tweak the erect nipples; then to kiss and suckle them. More hoots from the audience told him to continue the act. He let Connie dance around him. He decided to unfastened the skirt and let it drop to the floor. He was nude in his mother’s body save for her shoes and hosiery.

Though he’d been nude in the pool for a long time, no one seemed to take it as sexual; but here, he was the center of attention and it was blatantly all about sex. Why the difference? He was quite sure he did not know. He was so out of his depth, but he was dancing with a beautiful woman who had also dropped her skirt and was now wearing but a tiny thong. A third kiss brought Connie’s hand to clutch his vulva. The palm of her hand rubbed his clitoral shaft bringing forth a very strong feeling of sexual stimulation. He had no idea it could be done like that. The fingers parting his little lips and entering him was a lesser, but still pleasant sensation. This was now akin to something he knew, it felt similar, not the same; but the intense pleasure was similar to getting a hand job. He could feel the arousal rising to the point that orgasm was a possibility, though still distant. He so wanted to keep going, to let the arousal build, to cum.

Connie broke the kiss when the song ended, picked up her clothes and exited the stage. Stephen followed suit, putting back on his mom's skirt and blazer. Soon after when a slow song was played, Bill invited the person he thought to be Sue to dance. Stephen exuded encouragement when the man put his hand inside the blazer and once again caressed his breasts. He whispered a sigh in Bill’s ear when the other hand reached inside the slit of the skirt to grab his ass and then the mound of his vulva. It all felt so very good. He was quite ready to move on to the main event so he moved his lips to Bill’s ear and quietly asked “Are you ready to go to a play room?”

Rather than answer, Bill took Stephen by the hand back to the table and said to Calvin “I think your wife is ready to get this party really going. How about you guys?”

He saw his dad go over to the two couples Stephen now knew had come to the club specifically to be part of the planned orgy. He spoke to them and they nodded. Then he moved to Sue and whispered in her ear “I told them to wait a few minutes so we can get our new friends comfortable.”

Stephen nodded with agreement. Calvin and Connie picked up their things and followed Bill and Stephen up the stairs to where the playrooms were. They first went to a locker room, removed their clothes, put them in a locker and wrapped towels around their waist before looking for an open bed in the smaller play room.

The beds were full with people in various erotic couplings. Stephen was unsure what to do. His dad was not deterred. He led the group to the bigger play room. It was much larger than the other room. The four king sized beds were all pushed together to form one huge play area; but it still left plenty of room for a divan, a swing and seating along two walls for spectators.

Calvin went over to one corner where two nice looking women who appeared to be in their 30’s were in an energetic threesome with a bald guy who Stephen knew had to be in his 50’s. “Joyce” he said slapping one of the women on the ass. “Do you guys mind moving over a bit for us?”

“No problem.” The mass of naked flesh moved over to one corner of the bed without the guy’s penis ever leaving the second woman’s mouth.

Calvin motioned Sue and the others over. It was hard for Stephen not to watch the threesome not a foot from him when he’d crawled on the bed. He’d never in his life been so close to someone else having sex. Well other than the times he’d been with Dianna and Monica in his bed, but he’d been the only guy then. The dark haired woman sucked the man’s dick not a foot and a half from where Stephen lay on his stomach. He watched mesmerized, not even aware of how he was being so obvious. It was such a turn on. When the man said “Jackie, I think Sue wants a turn” Stephen didn’t hesitate when the woman released her oral grip on the shaft and offered it to him. Though the day before such an offer would have been unthinkable, he found himself sliding on his stomach to cover the short distance before wrapping his mother’s lips around the hard phallus. He gobbled it down like he was starving. It was hard to understand why, but having a man’s penis in his mouth felt wonderful. Not a split second of hesitation. Right off he began savoring the taste and the texture with relish. Oddly it didn’t even surprise him how much he enjoyed sucking this man’s dick. Unbidden came the question ‘Would Collin let his suck his dick?’

He knew what would feel good to the man, and he did it. The dark haired woman’s hand rubbing his back only intensified the manic desire. In the back of his mind he wondered would this lust for a man’s cock in his mouth disappear when he returned to his own body. He did not know. He did not care. He just wanted to feel this stranger’s arousal in his mouth.

Strong hands gripped his hips as he lay on his stomach and pulled him up to doggie position. Without introduction or preliminaries, he felt a penis pushed into his vagina for the first time. It was like the dildo, but he was surprised he could feel the penis’s warmth inside of him. ‘So this is what it was like to be a woman’ he thought. On one hand it was really really nice, but on the other, that pull toward climax was there but he was not sure how to make the climb. He told himself the man behind him was Bill. Stephen knew it was most likely his father, but he would not even consider that as a possibility. The unidentified man did not stroke hard, but he went on steadily for some time even after the dark haired woman reclaimed her lover’s cock.

Suddenly the penis was withdrawn from his vagina, and another set of hands lifted him up and over onto his back. It was obvious the man fucking him had not been Bill since it was Bill who had taken over. Had it been his dad? He knew it must but would not admit it to himself. He put that out of his mind. Bill wasted no time in spreading Sue’s womanly legs and placing his penis where the other “mystery” man had been. As he was rolling to his back, Stephen briefly glimpsed that the other two couples had joined, it was now an orgy. Bill wasted no time in planting his lips on those he believed to be Sue’s. This was the third time they had kissed but the revulsion came back. Stephen wrenched away. He remembered his mother’s warning that it was best to keep his mouth full of penis. He saw standing to the side of the bed, a woman’s legs and pussy. He quickly reached his hand out to the leg and grabbing it said “Oh, Oh, sit on my face.”

Eating pussy was something he was sure he knew how to do; so when the legs straddled his face, he wasted no time in taking the darkish lips that hung down into his mouth and sucking on them. Bill pulled Sue’s legs up to the vertical and resumed his thrusting. The room was full of heavy breathing, groans and squeals of delight. He knew at least some of the noise was from the sounds that came from the woman on top of him, as well as the grunts of Bill as he began fucking hard.

From that point forward, the events became a blur of body parts all disembodied from real people. An orgy, a real all out orgy, Stephen found out was not like regular sex at all. It was a

Kaleidoscope of sounds, tastes and pleasures. Even when he felt a finger pushed up into his anus, it was only vaguely a jump due to the ongoing activities. This collage was only punctuated by one quivering orgasm. How long it went on before they all took a panting break he did not know. Who had fucked him, whose dick had he sucked, whose pussy had he licked…he did not know. Most of the time his eyes were closed and he more or less stayed in the same spot as people engaged and disengaged with him over and over.

He had more or less instigated the break when he had to go pee. When he said he needed to go, Connie said she did too and they went to the large unisex toilet & shower room. He was surprised when Connie took his hand as they walked.

“This is so fuck’en awesome. Thank you so much for all your help over the last month and then inviting us. Oh, and thank you for last night too. Letting me borrow your husband like that was like the nicest thing in the world.”

Stephen had read their messages back and forth so he knew what his mom had said. But the idea that this woman would be so grateful hadn’t occurred to him. He knew the right thing to say was a simple “Thank you.”

The younger woman pulled Sue closer, “When we get back I get first dibs on you. The others can do their own thing, but I want some real time with you.”

“I would like that” was the quite honest reply from Stephen.


At Jenny’s house, Stephen’s mother was negotiating her own set of challenges to be someone she wasn’t.

“OK, I think we’ve given them enough time” Jenny said as she stood and led her boyfriend through a doorway into the home’s den.

It was a good size room that seemed laid out primarily to watch TV. There was a maroon striped sofa opposite the rather large television mounted on the wall, two overstuffed chairs and a pair of what appeared to be TV chairs with foot stools. The girls had moved the TV chairs and coffee table to pre-position a pile of blankets and pillows. Sue was impressed at the girl’s planning. She knew how the environment had a significant effect on the sexual activities; so she considered all the possibilities and limitations the room presented.

Collin lay in the center of the blanket pile, completely naked. Emjay was on her stomach between his legs, still fully dressed; one hand gripped the base of his shaft, the rest of his penis in her mouth. When Jenny and Stephen entered the room Emjay took the erection from her mouth, looked up and made eye contact with both of them; then went back to work. Jenny led Stephen across the room, past the couple on the floor, to the couch so that they sat just a few feet from Collin.

All the while, Jenny’s eyes never left the nexus of mouth and erection. Sue could tell that for her son’s girlfriend this was quite an experience. While for her the sight of another couple having sex was very old hat, that did not mean she did not enjoy watching. What was new was how young the couple was. She’d never seen high schoolers having sex in her life. She watched carefully to see what, if anything, stood out as being different than what college students or adults did. Right off she could tell how much energy Emjay was putting into the blow job. She wondered if that was due to porn conditioning or just her youthful enthusiasm. Using her entire upper body her hand and mouth worked the pink bullet head penis at a pace she wouldn’t even try to match.

Jenny took Sue’s hand and squeezed. She leaned over and whispered “This is so cool and so hot. I can’t believe we are finally going to do it.”

Sue guessing at what her son would say replied “Yea, super hot.”

Jenny had just settled her head on Stephen’s shoulder when Emjay virtually jumped to her feet. Sue’s head popped up and they seemed to pass a pre-planned signal. Jenny sat up and said in a monotone “Alexia, play Emjay jazz music.” From one of the chairs, Emjay picked up a hat and cane. All That Jazz from the musical Chicago came on. Emjay began to dance.

There was no question to Sue that this entire exchange as well as Emjay’s dance had been carefully choreographed in advance. The girl was good and the moves crisp and very sexy. As she danced, she slid her tube top to her waist without taking off the jacket. In doing so she revealed her two almost perfectly half-bowl shaped breasts, not large but not small either. Her two pink nipples stood out proudly. As she continued her moves, the tube top went down over her hips and to the floor. A quick move took her to one of the ottomans where the skin tight leggings she wore slid off just as the song ended.

As Sue had concluded already, there were no panties underneath. This series of dance moves was not as slick as the rest of the routine. ‘Some practice in advance, but not enough’ Sue thought. That idea was immediately replaced by the stark realization that Emjay was both very much a girl and yet a woman at the same time. Sue was creeped out at the thought this was still very much Scamp and she had already agreed to have sex with her. On the other hand, her trained artist’s eye told her that Emjay had well developed and defined muscles in her arms and even more in her legs that were not child like at all. She even sported well defined abdominals.

The second song began and Emjay’s movements once more were both fluid and precise showing strength that no mere child could duplicate. ‘She is child-like, but she is not a child’ Sue told herself. She glanced over to Jenny just as her son’s girlfriend gave Emjay a thumbs up. For her part, much of the time Scamp had her eyes on Jenny & Stephen as she did her dance over her boyfriend’s prone body. It was obvious they were her primary audience. Several times she did squat moves down to his erection and to his face but her eyes were on Jenny and Stephen. This was a dance of seduction aimed at both of them, ‘and as good as I’ve ever seen’ Sue thought. Collin did not seem to understand he was only a prop in Emjay’s dance, consequently his penis did not flag the whole time. As the song ended, from nowhere Jenny produced a condom, already out of the package and held it up.

Sue looked over and whispered “So this is all pre-planned. Right?”

Jenny replied “Oh yea, we’ve been working on it for hours. Of course I played Collin’s role for her. But it’s not the same when we are both dressed.”

Once the condom was in place, Emjay lowered her body onto Colin’s penis. When it was all the way in, she looked back to Jenny for affirmation. “You go girl. Fuck him good” came the supportive response.

Lithe Emjay continued with the same energy she had shown while giving Stephen head and in her seduction dance. Sue had expected to see three or four minutes at most of sex before Collin climaxed; but it went on for a very good while. Emjay showed her dance skills by doing squats, back bends and full splits with her boyfriend’s penis inside of her. It was actually quite a show. Most impressive though was how Emjay was able to rotate and thrust her hips while keeping her upper body perfectly still or moving in a totally different way. It was as if she was gimbaled at her waist separating the two parts. She’d seen belly dancers do that, but she’d never seen it as part of a sexual performance; and a performance this was.

Sue thought she’d seen everything there was to see in the area of two people having sex, but this truly was new. Emjay’s jazz routine while keeping Collin’s penis inside of her was creative, artistic and very sexy. She decided she would have to find a way to get Emjay to pose for her while putting on this performance. ’This would make a great series of paintings’ Sue thought. She worked to fix the images in her head. While the sexual dance provided both Collin and Emjay with plenty of stimulation and a visual feast to Stephen and Jenny as spectators; it changed so often as to prevent orgasm by either of the participants.

Sue leaned over to Jenny and whispered “This is really impressive.”

Jenny nodded, “She told me that he usually finishes really fast and she has been looking for a way to make it last. From what she told me this surely is the longest they have ever actually fucked before.”

That made sense. These girls knew what they wanted and knew how to get it. She was looking forward to having Scamp over to the house.

Emjay motioned to Jenny. Without comment Jenny stood and began to undress. When she had removed the last of her clothing, Emjay seemed to just slide up to a standing position as if lifted by a rope till she stood over Collin. It was an impressive move.

The two naked girls began to dance in front of each other beside the prone Collin. Sue suspected he had not been clued in to what was on the agenda. His eyes were glued to Jenny’s nude figure. And quite a figure it was too. Whereas Emjay looked girlish, Jenny looked to be a grown woman. She was also slim, but had clearly round womanly hips, a narrow waist and lovely large teardrop shaped breasts.

The two girls embraced and kissed deeply. They seemed to whisper to each other for a few moments before Emjay then Jenny both nodded in agreement.

Emjay knelt down to Collin. Sue couldn’t hear the words but she thought the lips said “Do you want to fuck Jenny?”

Collin twisted his head to look to his best friend. Sue nodded to indicate it was OK. Collin looked back to Jenny standing above him, then to his girlfriend kneeling. She smiled and kissed him then went to the couch and sat down beside Stephen. In short order Jenny was on her knees, holding Collin’s penis in her hand. Her eyes locked on her boyfriend’s as she backed herself down to let the penis fill her.

A wide smile full of pearly white teeth covered her face. Sue knew it was not due to the feeling of Collin’s penis, but on the idea of having sex with another guy with her boyfriend watching. She understood that feeling well. Sue actually felt bad that her son was not really here for this important moment. Jenny then spread her hands and said “And so it is done.”

Sue understood what she meant. Though Jenny already had a reputation for her sexual activities, the act of having sex with someone else in front of your significant other was always a crossing of the Rubicon moment for people. She had seen many people do so and it was never done lightly. Jenny did not break eye contact with Stephen until she was well into working her hips on Collin.

Without changing her rhythm, Jenny turned to Emjay she said “Yes, his dick does feel great inside of me.”

“Yeah, I knew you would like it.” Emjay replied.

“When was the first time I told you I wanted to fuck Collin Flint? Do you remember?”

Emjay laughed, “Oh yes I do. I hadn’t known you for very long and had no idea you were not a virgin. It was after the first pep rally last year when we were brand new freshmen. When we were leaving you asked if I’d see the tall blond guy, then said you would love to feel his cock inside you. I almost tripped going down the bleachers.”

Jenny laughed “Yep. The look on your face was priceless. The truth was I had no idea how to get from that fantasy to reality, but it was the first time I’d said anything like that to anyone.”

Emjay also laughed “But it wasn’t the last time. You must have the sluttiest mind at Francis Marion.”

“Yes I do. And starting this week, what has been just in my mind and my reputation will become reality.” She then turned to look down at Collin, “And your part is to make sure by Monday morning half the people in the school hall will know I had sex with you and Emjay.” She then seemed to think and turned to Emjay “Are you OK with that.”

Emjay didn’t hesitate, “If you are good with it so am I. Girls coming out as bisexual is very much in vogue right now.”

Then she looked at Stephen “And you?”

Sue answered for her son “How many times do I have to tell you, your body is your own. I would never want anyone at school to think that I think that I own you. I’m as proud of my values as you are.”

Then back to Collin “So you have a mission.”

Collin just nodded.

Emjay turned to Stephen and with a false bravado said “Let’s fuck.”

While she was impressed by the girls pluck, it was time for Sue’s experience in these things to show. She patted Emjay on the knee and said “I’d love to but first let’s watch.”

Emjay’s face seemed confused, but she did what Stephen said. Pulling the girl close Sue said “We have plenty of time for us to play, I think we should both enjoy this moment of watching them. There will only be one first time for this.”

Understanding seemed to come to Emjay, then appreciation. After all Stephen had just told her he was more interested in the special moment than in getting his dick into her. “Yea, I think you are right.” Then she added “Thank you.”

They began to watch Jenny using her whole body, a rolling motion of chest and hips that was positively hypnotic. Sue also watched Emjay out of the corner of her eye, she was mesmerized by Jenny’s performance. Sue supposed after Emjay more or less danced while she screwed Collin, Jenny was trying not to look lame. And lame she was not. It was a wonderfully sensual and erotic show. She eventually shifted to leaning down and grinding hard with matching vocalizations. Sue knew that this as much as Emjay’s pre-planned routine was also a performance for the spectators.

Sue looked over to Emjay. She saw the girl was tense so she asked quietly “Would it make you more comfortable if I took off my clothes too?”

With another grateful look she said, “If you don’t mind.”

As Jenny went up to a squatting position to pogo up and down on Collin, Sue undressed. Sitting back down she again pulled Emjay tight and this time turned to kiss her. The girl responded eagerly.

When the long kiss broke, Sue saw that Jenny had returned to that super sexy full body roll and was once again looking at Stephen and Emjay. When she caught Sue’s eye there was not even a hint of jealousy for her boyfriend kissing another girl passionately. She even winked to make sure Stephen got the message that she approved.

Sue whispered “Emjay, I think the thing to do now, would be for you to go sit on Collin’s face. That will distract him and keep him from cumming just yet. It will also make him feel great being the center of attention. That way when he sees you and me having sex, he will be less likely to feel jealous.”

This time Emjay seemed all too ready to follow Stephen’s suggestion. Without a word she rose, took a few steps and then lowered her slim hips over Collin’s face. Unsurprisingly Jenny leaned into kiss her best friend as they both rode her boyfriend. Sue was pleased with her stage managing.


Once back in the big play room, Stephen had a chance to see what the overall situation was. Their group now more or less took up half of the giant bed. One of the other couples had left, but three people had joined. Though he could not be sure the three had joined the group at once, he was pretty sure they were together. He concluded it was a couple, perhaps his parent’s age, with a younger playmate. The couple’s friend was a female that didn’t look anywhere close to twenty-one; the age the big sign at the check in desk said was required. He was sure that the girl was his age, or perhaps Kate’s. He wondered how many couples had sex with high school girls. Then he considered his mom had done it with a high school boy, so it wasn’t just a girl thing. From off the bed he could see not everyone in the group of seven were having sex. Two of them were talking rather than screwing. The other half of the huge bed had two groups, a twosome and a foursome. They all seemed more or less static in their poses. He also noticed on the little bleachers along two walls there were seven or eight couples just watching. It was not at all what he had expected an orgy room to look like.

When he and Connie climbed back onto the bed, she made good on her promise to keep Sue all to herself for a while. Once her lips closed on Stephen, his world again shrank to the very small space in front of him. He tried to use all the skills he had learned in the last year as he had sex one on one with the pretty woman. They kissed and touched for a very long time before Connie when down on him. He focused on how it felt to have his pussy eaten so as to remember what felt good and what did not. There was no way to miss that he had not been as good at it as he had convinced himself. It seemed that while the head of his clit was super sensitive, touching it only felt good in certain ways. He also found how wonderful the slow licking and sucking on his inner lips felt. Then when she used her fingers to stimulate the inside of his vagina while she sucked on the clitoral shaft, he felt himself climbing to an orgasm. No sooner had it crashed than another one started to build.

Three! Connie brought him to three orgasms right in a row. That was something he could not have possibly done as a guy and it was intense beyond description.

After a few minutes of pussy tasting kisses, it was Stephen’s turn to go down on Connie. While just a little while before he had felt sure of his competence in cunnilingus, now he was much less so. He tried to more or less imitate what she had done to him. Quiet surprisingly, it seemed to come even more naturally than what he had done in the past. Laying on his stomach, Connie’s full labial lips gave him plenty to suck, kiss and lick. His mom’s narrower face also changed the experience and made it easier to close in on the narrow gap between the woman’s thighs. Just as he was getting his tongue into the soft warmth of Connie’s vagina, a voice in his ear said “May I fuck you while you eat my wife?”

Stephen did not remove his lips from the labia as he nodded to indicate yes. He felt Bill grip his hips and lift them. Someone slid a pillow or two under his stomach. He tried to keep his focus on giving pleasure, but as the head of the penis spread his inner lips a chill ran through his body. The feeling of the penis pressing in was genuinely wonderful. When it hit home he let out a groan of pleasure without intending to. He wondered if it would feel the same if he was in his own body and a guy was putting his dick in his ass. He was surprised that he actually wondered if Collin would be willing to do that. Once in a threesome with Dianna and Monica, Dianna had worn a dildo harness. After watching Dianna use it on Monica, they had pushed him to let her fuck him in the ass with it. While it had hurt a little at first, it had been a real turn-on. Though he liked it and would have been happy to do it again, he’d been too embarrassed to tell her so. He pushed the thought out of his head to concentrate on the task at hand: getting Connie off.

The smells, sounds and feelings once again engulfed him. Once again his focus was so very narrow it was hard to imagine anything outside of his personal experience going on. How long it went on he had no idea, but he was pleased when Connie came to a shuddering orgasm. As he had been taught by Monica (and his sister) he kept going, though slower, through the time her thighs clamped down on his head. It was only in the back of his mind did he understand that Connie’s husband was climaxing watching his wife do the same.

Rather than a penis refilling him after the man’s orgasm and withdraw, he felt the sensations of a tongue licking his pussy from behind. He felt it probe into his newly emptied vagina then up along the ridge between pussy and ass, then press to enter his butt hole. His whole body shook with the pleasure as the tip of the tongue pushed the tight and oh so sensitive orifice open a tiny bit. Another groan of pleasure followed.

It was so hard to keep his rhythm on Connie as the tongue, he was sure of a woman, went back and forth from pussy to ass hole. Connie was rising to a second orgasm when he felt two fingers (it had to be two) slide easily into his vagina.

Another spontaneous groan.

The fingers began to slide in and out, pressing on the roof of his canal. It felt oh so good.

Connie’s hips began to thrust. He had to keep it up.

The fingers sped up.

He let out another groan of pleasure.

Stephen had never mastered eating pussy and fingering at the same time. There must be a trick to keeping both activities going at once. He’d never tried it from behind like he was feeling. Perhaps it was easier, it certainly felt amazing. As he was thinking on this, he felt Connie’s next orgasm arrive. When her second orgasm crested, he could feel his own was close. Evidently so did the woman pleasuring him. The fingers sped up and the impacts of her hand became pronounced. Before Connie was done with her orgasm, he had to pull his head up out of her crotch. His own climax was at hand and he could not cum and lick at the same time. He could hear his (or rather his mother’s) voice almost squealing as the intensity built. He knew if he were in his own body he would have cum already, but it kept building to the point of ….what? Not pain, he didn’t have words to describe it but his whole body seemed to wind up like a spring before releasing in wave after wave of full body convulsions. He buried his face in the wet pussy in front of him and held on to Connie’s thighs for support.


In Jenny’s living room the two couples had moved on. Sue had been pleased how the threesome progressed. As she had expected, when Emjay sat on Collin’s face, it distracted him enough to derail his impending ejaculation. The girls rapidly acted like lovers, just as she had also expected. Sue moved down to the floor and sat beside the trio. When Collin got close again, Sue quietly suggested to Emjay that she could lay on her back and let Jenny eat her while Collin did her from behind. They all danced to her tune and moments later Jenny’s mouth covered her best friend’s vulva for the first time ever.

Sue was sure that once Collin started doing Jenny from behind while watching her eat his girlfriend he would not last long, but that was all right. She was sure the boy had gone many times longer without spewing than he ever had before. He was unlikely to object to his best friend putting his dick into his girlfriend after that. Or so was her plan. Sure enough, once Collin was in place and began to stroke into Jenny, his eyes became fixed on what the girls were doing. It actually took him longer than Sue had expected to drive his penis as deep as it would go and declare he was cumming.

Sue was not surprised when once Collin collapsed on his back, seemingly in a daze, that Jenny came up from between Emjay’s legs and crawled over to Stephen. She lay her head in his lap and looked up at him. “Well?” she asked.

“Well, you did it” Sue replied. “We have made the big leap.”

“Yes we have.”

There was silence in the room for a good three or four minutes as Sue gave each of the teenagers time to process what had happened. Once again she thought it was a very good thing that she was there. She had seen couples first time with non-monogamy go bad. She’d seen even more times where it seemed to go well, but later there were recriminations. She’d have to talk this all through with Stephen.

Sue was a little surprise when it was Emjay, Scamp, who sat up and broke the silence.

“I think its Stephen’s turn.” She turned to her boyfriend who was regaining his breath. “Don’t you agree?”

Collin rolled to his side, a used condom hung from his deflating penis. “Yes I do. It is time to give Stephen a work out. See if he can outdo my performance.”

Sue did not expect the macho competitive response, but perhaps she should have. Younger men often seemed to have a need to prove themselves. She hoped that her own son would not have seen the two sweet girls as nothing more than a way to prove who is the manliest. Then she considered how that older men do the same, but they do it with more finesse and subtlety.

Taking the girl’s cue to start, Sue positioned Stephen’s face between Jenny’s legs, Sue began rubbing and kissing at her left knee, and worked up, ever so slowly back to the nexus between her legs. Jenny just sighed in response. In his peripheral vision he sensed Emjay moving right beside her friend to watch.

After a few minutes of Sue deftly using her lips and tongue to stimulate the left side of the mound of Venus right up to the crest, but not down to where the really sensitive parts lay; she drew her oddly large tongue up to the top of the mound then began working the right. She heard another sigh, then the sounds of the girls kissing. ‘This is going quite well’ Sue thought.’

She didn’t think she’d been pleasuring the girl all that long when Jenny said “Don’t tease me any longer.” Evidently her expectation for oral foreplay was much briefer than Sue was used to, or perhaps it was only because Jenny had been screwing for a good while beforehand; but either way, she could feel the girl’s hips lifting to her mouth. Jenny was fully ready so Sue let Stephen’s tongue press down into the cleft to explore her inner lips, then pressed between them into her canal. The hips began to undulate faster as Sue was able to press this tongue in deeper than she could do with her own. She heard Jenny say “Oh yes! Like that.”

Once she felt the hips begin to thrust with urgency, Sue used one hand to pull back the hood and pressed her tongue firmly to Jenny’s clit. As she’d hoped, Jenny began breathing hard the second the little head was pressed, and in less than a minute she began climaxing. Sue didn’t let up, even after Jenny asked her to. Jenny’s body shook with orgasmic wave after wave and Sue only stopped when the tight body went limp and tears rolled from her eyes. Sue was sure that was a first for Jenny, and there was no way Emjay had ever seen anything like that. Sue was pleased with herself, but that dick she was wearing was all too ready to fuck.

“Condom please” she said to Collin.

He tossed the whole roll of condoms to Stephen.

Sue looked to Jenny asking non-verbally which of them he should fuck. Stephen’s girl friend motioned to Emjay. She had expected that response and scooted over to face the sitting Scamp. She had to put the thought of the girl as Scamp out of her mind. She snapped one package lose, tore it open with her teeth, and rolled it down her shaft in one fluid motion. Emjay lay back and opened her legs wide. Compared with Stephen’s big frame, Emjay was tiny. Sue reached down with both hands, and lifted her hips to meet Stephen’s. ‘Was she that light, or was Stephen just that strong?’ Either way it took no effort to lift the slim hips and slowly, very slowly, push the penis in to the hilt. He knew both Jenny and Collin were watching the long shaft disappear into the diminutive body. Stephen’s penis was a good inch and a half longer than Collin’s, so even to Sue it seemed a marvel that the whole thing went in so easily. Once it was all the way in she and Emjay locked eyes. Sue was still concerned it would be too much for the girl, but her face showed nothing but pleasure and happiness.

Sue was also surprised that there was not more feeling in the shaft of her penis. She long had known that the head was the most sensitive part of a guy’s penis, but she’d just assumed the shaft was highly sensitive too. With her penis all the way in, she could feel Emjay’s warmth and the tight channel; but it was less intense than she had always imagined. Holding the girl’s ass with one hand, the other long arm easily pulled her torso up to him so she sat on his cock facing him. Her legs naturally wrapped around Stephen’s waist. His knees on the blankets over thick carpet were not even slightly taxed by their combined weight. Their lips met and they enjoyed each other’s company for quite some time, with the only motion being Emjay’s slow pelvic rocking.

Perhaps as much as twenty minutes passed with Emjay impaled on Sue’s lap, softly kissing, slowly rocking. Twice Sue lifted her up standing fully on Stephen’s knees so that Emjay was well off the ground. She realized she could easily stand up but thought that would be too showy. She used Stephens’s strength and endurance to stroke her whole body up and down on the rigid phallus for a good three or four minutes at a time. There was no mistaking that Emjay loved it and that Jenny loved watching.

Eventually Collin lost interest and turned on the television. While he might have become board as his best friend and girlfriend when on and on, both girls were enraptured. After the first ten minutes or so, Jenny had pressed herself onto Stephen’s back and then onto Emjay’s; kissing and nuzzling their necks. Moving to the side she broke in to kiss both Stephen and Emjay at length while the odd man out imitated her nuzzling and neck kissing. Sue was glad that Jenny was making herself a part, yet not impinging on her friend’s experience. Somehow Sue knew that for Emjay this would be an experience she would take to the grave. That made her very happy indeed. The silent magical bliss was not broken when Jenny, looking over Stephen’s shoulder said “This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life”

They broke the kiss and both agreed but said nothing more before resuming their kissing. Even for Sue, this was a very special moment. She could feel the intensity of youthful love for her son radiating from Jenny even as Stephen’s penis was in her best friend’s vagina. It was the kind of unalloyed love that only teens have. She did not want this girl hurt, and she vowed should she get her body back, she and Jenny would become real friends.

Emjay waited a little while then broke the kissing again and looked to Jenny. “Is it always like this for you two?”

Jenny replied “No, I’ve got to say, this is different. I am so glad we did this.”

The spell was broken so Sue thought she should interject “I think it is because I love Jenny and she loves you and she is channeling that love through my body into you.” No sooner had she said the words than she feared she’d assume too much. She had no idea if these two girls could understand that concept. It was certainly not something Stephen would have said.

However that got Jenny to move beside her so she could put her lips to Stephen’s. Emjay’s hip thrusting became more aggressive. Evidently she had not said too much. Sue felt it was time to get more physical. She rocked forward till Emjay’s shoulders were on the carpet. Emjay let go of Stephen and without being told to do so, Jenny straddled her best friend’s head. She and Stephen began to kiss again as Sue held the lithe girl’s hips up to his, her legs straightened, her toes pointed up and out. Sue began to aggressively fuck with long strong strokes while keeping her upper body still so as to keep her lips in contact with Jenny’s.

Stephen’s body was so very strong and could move in ways Sue had not been able to for years. At the same time Emjay was both flexible and strong. Even when he let go of her hips with one hand so as to lift one of Jenny’s breasts to her lips, Emjay’s legs stayed firmly in a “V” shape, toes still pointed. Sue could not help but think what a great image this would be on canvas. The sound of her dense male hips hitting Emjay’s filled the room. Slowly Emjay’s athletic legs moved down to the ground, but did not close at all. Before she stopped, Emjay’s legs were almost in full splits.

This must have gotten Collin’s attention. He moved from the couch to sit on the blankets. Sue was sure they were giving him quite a show. Though he could not see, she was sure Emjay was tasting her friend for the first time.

Amazingly, even after the long time with Emjay in his lap and a good ten minutes of stroking, Stephen’s body did not seem to tire; but Sue’s ability to with stand the urge to cum was weakening. She had completely forgotten Scamp existed. Emjay was an active and, even with Jenny sitting on her face, vocal partner. She even found it a turn on to watch Stephen’s penis going in and out of the girl’s body. But that was not the thing which pushed her over the edge. Jenny reached between Stephen’s legs and gripped her ball sack. That was it, she began climaxing. Hard and forceful like her whole being was concentrated on her penis she brought on the orgasm. As she felt the streams of semen going from her body into Emjay’s, it felt like her energy was being transferred from one body to the other. Even the knowledge that the condom caught the semen did not lessen that feeling of sending psychic energy into Emjay.

Moments later, as she rolled to lay on the blankets Sue said to herself ‘So that is what it feels like.’

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Mar 07, 2021

Great : both group sex and deep love

Mar 08, 2021
Replying to

I was also moved by this. The passage when Sue/Stephen is fucking Emjay and Jenny is nuzzling their necks is inspiring.


Mar 04, 2021

I wrote my earlier reply immediately after reading, but as I did some housework and attempted to muck the compost it occurred to me that what the chapter was about was both Sue's and Stephen's learning something about what the other sex's experience of fucking is. How much better I would be at kissing pussy, if I knew what it felt like to have a pussy. Taking direction isn't the same, but the game of learning how to pleasure someone by pleasuring her is making love.


Mar 04, 2021

This was arousing. It amazes me that people can come to an agreement to have group sex, and I want it.

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