Surprise Saturday: Chapter 11

Forty miles from Rock Hill, in the swing club’s playroom Stephen lay on his back panting. It had been a night beyond anything he could ever have imagined. He was surprised how tired he was. He instinctively knew it was because he was in his mother’s body and he’d taxed it to its limits. Had he been in his own, he would have plenty of reserve left. Around him the dozen or so nude people were nearly completely motionless. The only action was with two women who had arrived sometime during the big orgy doing sixty-nine in a slow, relaxed manner. The other remaining people just lay, sweat covered, catching their breath. The original threesome was gone and two couples had taken their places during the marathon fuck fest. To the best Stephen could figure, four different guys had fucked his pussy and he’d sucked five different dicks. Two of those filled his mouth with jizz. His mom had been right, Bill Thompson’s cum did taste particularly good. Two more guys had given him a good taste of pre-cum, but had not climaxed in his mouth. And he had eaten four pussies. WOW! In that time he’d completely rewritten his sexual history. As he lay there he realized that his sexual history was not rewritten because it was not his body; it was his mother’s. It meant something to him that so many people knew his mom in this place and that what he had just done was not anything shocking or new; rather, it was what they expected from her.

“So Connie,” Calvin asked “how was your first real orgy?”

The same question could have been asked of Stephen. How was his first orgy? Beyond anything in his fantasy life, this was the real deal. He knew he would re-live this experience for the rest of his life. But, to be fair, he was tired and sore. His jaws were sore from oral sex, his pussy was sore from being fucked. But he was not so sore that he regretted a single second. It was then he remembered he was supposed to have guided things along. ‘Oh well, things worked out anyway’ he thought.

“Amazing” was Connie’s one word reply.

“And Bill?” Stephen’s dad asked

“I second my wife’s answer, amazing.”

“So, is this going to be a onetime wild weekend, or are you guys going to be regulars here?”

Bill and Connie looked over at each other, after non-verbal communication Connie said “This wont’ be a one off thing. You can’t put the Genie back in the bottle.”

A face appeared over him. It was the young woman (or much more likely teenage girl) who had joined their group. “Glad to see my work was appreciated” she said.

Now he knew who had brought him that amazing orgasm. “Thank you very much” he said with his mother’s voice still very breathy. “That was simply fantastic. You are really good at that.”

“From what Jim and Sarah have told me about you, that is quite a compliment” the woman/girl said before pressing her lips to his. Her face was covered in his mother’s juices. Pervy or not, it was so hot tasting his mother as he kissed her.

The kiss continued. Tired or not he was not going to turn her away.

In a slow relaxed way their hands caressed one another’s body. Her breast were full but not overly large. He used his right fingers to make circles on her nipples. “Are you up to me returning the favor?” he asked the woman…or girl perhaps. Now looking at her face to face he guessed that she was about eighteen; but still there was no way she twenty one.

With a sweet smile she answered “If you are up to it.”

“I’ll find a way” he told her as he repositioned himself to place his face between her legs. He couldn’t imagine he could do to her what she had done to his mother’s body, but he was learning. He reminded himself giving oral sex was not a contest, rather it was about tenderness and affection. In his head he heard his sister’s voice telling him “In giving a girl oral sex showing affection is the most important thing: make her feel loved. If doing that gives her a great orgasm or two that is a bonus, if you just make her feel good and good about herself you have still succeeded.

As it was, in making this girl who he did not even know her name feel good he managed to bring forth a series of orgasms. He felt very successful.


At Jenny’s house, the intense sex had given way to a relaxed evening. Moments after Stephen had fallen to the floor after his orgasm, the two girls went to Jenny’s room to put on short tee-shirts and panties. When they had emerged from the front of the house Emjay asked Stephen, "So is this what your mom wears around visitors at your house after they have sex?" as she twirled to show off her bare buns in the thong panties

Sue saw how sexy the outfit looked on Jenny in particular. No, her tee-shirts weren't quite so short, but some were actually pretty close. The girls were actually in crop tops not tee-shirts, but she was sure to Stephen it would have been the same thing. She understood that other people thought that some of her attire at home was bold and even exhibitionistic, but to her kids and their friends it was just how things were at the Richards’ home. Sue just told Emjay "Yea, pretty much that is how she goes around the house in the mornings."

Emjay smiled then said, “Come on Collin!” “Let’s make some pop corn. Let Jenny and Stephen put on a movie.”

Sue initiated putting back on her shirt and boxers, Collin followed her suit. When the other two had gone, Sue and Jenny took a place on the couch. They just sat quietly holding each other for a while. Jenny broke the silence “That was wonderful. Thank you so much for going along with our plan.”

Sue kissed the side of Jenny’s head “It was wonderful. I very much enjoyed it and I’m happy to hear you did too.”

Jenny turned to kiss Stephen softly on the lips “I did. I really liked watching you and Emjay. It was so sexy and even romantic even if I know you were doing it to please me.”

Sue was happy to hear that the teenage girl saw his actions with her best friend for what they were. “You looked very sexy when you were riding Collin. Tell me the truth, how much of that was natural and how much was performance?”

The question seemed to trouble Jenny. “None of it was fake if that is what you are asking. That was a real orgasm I had while I was on him.”

Realizing she’d been too direct Sue clarified “Oh, I didn’t think it was fake. What I was asking was, how much of what you did was because Emjay and I were watching? That’s not criticism. It’s only natural that when people are watching, you act differently. I know I do it during games when the stands are full and I even did it when we had sex at the Christmas party when the others were in the room. I’m pretty sure you did too.” Once again Sue was making guesses as to what her son would say, but she thought she was pretty close to the mark on this.

Jenny seemed to think for a few moments then said “Yea, I guess I was more active and more vocal than I am when it’s just me and you. And yea, at the Christmas party and even last year when I was blowing Mike’s friends I always had in mind how I wanted it to look. Tonight I guess I was trying to let you, well you and Emjay, know how much I was enjoying it. But, the feelings and my orgasm was real even if I let myself go more than I usually do. You don’t know it, but I often want to act that way when we have sex but I guess I’m too self-conscious.”

Sue knew exactly how she felt. She pulled Jenny close “I enjoyed watching. You should not hold back though when it’s just us.” She considered what she wanted to say next before going on but decided she should be as helpful as she could. “And when you start doing other guys; doing that will help get you a reputation of a girl who loves sex for what she gets out of it, not for what the guys want. I think that is what you said you want.”

“Yes. That is exactly what I want. Does what the girl does during sex really make a difference to guys?”

Sue wanted to laugh but didn’t “Oh, yes. It matters a lot.”

“OK, then that is what I will do” Jenny replied. “Oh, and Stephen, I also really liked my threesome with you and Emjay. That was special in ways you can’t imagine.”

Since she was talking to a woman who had been in Jenny’s place before, Sue completely understood though she knew Stephen would not. Her response was “I am so glad.”

Popcorn made, the two teen couples all snuggled on the couch, girls in the middle and guys against the arm rests. The girls had downloaded a European movie about a couple who were exploring an open relationship onto a flash drive. It was a “real movie” but the sex scenes were not simulated; the sex was quite real and explicit. The fact the dialogue was in French with subtitles actually prove conducive for conversation since no one understood the words anyway. Sue was surprised and pleased she would leave with a new idea for her next adult get together.

After a little while Sue asked “Well Emjay, did that all play out like you two planned?”

“Well yes and no” she answered. The first part was just like we planned, but you changed things.”

Sue naturally replied, “Oh, I’m sorry” though she knew her interventions had been for the better.

Emjay was quick to come back with “No, you really helped. It was like you knew exactly how to make it all really great. In the kitchen I told Collin it was your suggestion to go join him and Jenny on the floor. I wasn’t planning on doing that.”

Collin backed it “I owe you one dude. That was super hot.”

Jenny also praised the intervention with “I’ll admit I was surprised at first to see Emjay’s wahoo over me, but I think I figured out what to do.”

Emjay leaned over to kiss her friend. “Oh yea, you sure did.”

Sue wanted to cement the positive things in their minds so she asked “So then Emjay, what was your favorite thing? What do you want to do again for sure?”

She didn’t answer immediately, but from her face Sue could tell she knew the answer but was embarrassed to say. Finally she opened with “It was all great. I was surprised how fun it was for both Jenny and I to be on top of him like that. Both ways with me on his face and then with her on his face while I rode his dick. I really liked that and would like to do that again.”

Jenny put in “Yes, It was really special to kiss you while Collin’s dick was in me like that. I didn’t know that it was Stephen’s idea though. I thought you went off script on your own.”

“All of the new stuff was his idea. It’s like he was willing to put off his own fun for so long so as to make sure you and I had a great time.”

Collin put in “Well I had a great time too in case anyone is interested.”

Emjay twisted back to him and kissed him deeply. “Yes, I am interested. But I knew you had a great time. You’ve been dying to put your dick in Jenny for months and I know it.”

“Well can you blame me?” then realizing he said the wrong thing Collin added “What could be better than having sex with you than to have you and your best friend doing me at once. But, it is you that I love.”

Sue was glad Collin was not being a total bone head.

Emjay then sheepishly said “But my very favorite thing…” She paused and the other’s looked to see what she was going to say. Speaking so fast it was difficult to understand Emjay said “…was…was when Collin did Jenny from behind while she went down on me. That was even better than sitting on her face. I could have done that for hours.”

“I agree” Jenny said. “That was the best part for me too. I could have done that for an hour.”

Emjay agreed “Somehow I expect before we go to sleep you will have a chance to pick up where you left off.”

“Good” Jenny said.

Collin added “Really good. Perhaps now that my balls aren’t blue we can try it again and it will last even longer this time.”

Jenny responded “That would be great, but even if you don’t have your dick in me, I can promise I’ll be down between Emjay’s legs for at least an hour before morning.”

Emjay smiled “Umm yea, I’m looking forward to it.” Then she added “But I want to do you too. I missed out before.”

Jenny moved across the couch to give Emjay a very deep and prolonged kiss. As she did so she made a show of sliding her hand into her best friend’s panties. Sue began to think the kiss would last until Emjay climaxed, but Jenny broke the kiss to snuggle back in Stephen’s arms. When she did, Sue instinctively slid a hand up under her tee shirt to hold one of her breasts gently.

Jenny sighed.

Long before the movie was done, the making out resumed in earnest. Sue’s skill set in bringing pleasure to other women was far beyond that of her son. Had she known how much better she might have made an attempt to tone it down. As it was, the combination of the imperative message being sent by her never flagging dick and her many years of experience would have left Jenny helpless in her hands, even if she hadn’t wanted to give Stephen’s reputation all that she had.

Jenny melted at Sue’s gentle caresses up her stomach and across her bare back. Sue took her time as she brought the young girl’s arousal along with the deft touch of a master. She kissed Jenny’s lips, cheek, ears and neck. Sue could feel the girl’s wanton reaction to her ministrations. By the time she touched Jenny’s hyper-sensitive vulva she was beginning to lose reason. The response to Sue’s work became increasingly vocal.