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Surprise Saturday: Chapter 6

Sue pulled back on the sweat shirt and looked at her son in as motherly a way she could manage considering she was in his body. “You will probably find it easier to use the flavored condoms when you go down on the guys tonight. I nearly always use a condom when I give head to a guy I don’t know.”

“Nearly?” her son queried.

‘Good’ she thought, back to conversation. Though earlier she had not told him everything, she knew that was the best route forward. Sue said aloud “Since this is national total honesty day, I guess I should explain about how I approach safer sex. I nearly always use a condom for blow jobs with guys I don’t know. But, I confess I don’t always do that. If a new guy is like really hot, I usually want to taste his cum in my mouth. Even if we have used a condom to fuck, when he is close to cumming , I go back to oral and take off the condom. You seem to understand the turn-on that tasting guy’s semen is; so you will understand why I don’t’ use a condom on some occasions, even though I really should. And to be fully honest, I never use one when I suck men I know well. At the club, you will be able to tell who they are. The guys I have casually fucked a good number of times will have a relaxed attitude about sex around you: not pushy, but casual.”

He nodded, but she doubted he really understood. “And you need to understand most of the time we don’t have sex with new people at the club. It is most often people we know. And sometimes your dad and I enjoy having sex just with each other in a public place where other people can see us. It is like you and Jenny did it that first time at the party. There is something special about people watching you have sex. Have you guys had sex in front of other people since then?”

Her son answered so casually it showed they had really passed the point of embarrassment. “Not like that, but at the team Christmas party she and I had sex in a bedroom while the party was going on. After we had gotten naked but before we really got going, without any comment, she opened the door half way then climbed on top of me. It didn’t’ take long for word to get around that she and I were screwing and we’d left the door open. We went on a good while with lots of people looking in, and a few coming right in the room to watch…and take phone pics.

“Did you find that a turn on?”

He smiled, “Yea, we both did.”

His mother smiled back, “So you already understand the draw of the swing club, even to people who never actually swing.”

He nodded, clearly thinking it through. “Yea, I’ve never thought of it that way. Sure I’ve seen public sex videos on the internet, but I never really thought that Jenny and I have more or less done the same thing. I guess I’m more like you than I realized.”

Sue could not help but laugh. “I’ve known you are a young male version of me for years. Though you are way better looking and more popular than I was at your age. That probably accounts for a good many of our fights.”

Stephen again nodded in agreement. Then he asked “Do you use a condom when you fuck other guys?”

“Always” his mother said sharply. Then she paused and thought, in a less adamant voice she corrected, “OK, that is not true. During my wild time in college I rarely used a condom.” She took a deep breath. “And like I told you earlier, I paid a price. What I didn’t say was that I contracted STD’s several times and…” she paused again “I had two abortions about a year apart.” She just sat and let that hang. “I was actually fortunate that I did not get AIDS or herpes or any of the incurable diseases. By all rights I should have.”

She tried to read her son’s reaction, but he just nodded. She was sure that would make the point about safer sex practices better than had she lied and said she had always used condoms. “By the time I met your father I had become a committed condom user. For four years, your father and I used them religiously. But then we decided to make you. So Calvin and I tossed the condoms. As you know Kate is less than a year younger than you, that was because we did not go back to using condoms. After she was born your father got fixed, so he and I didn’t need them. The truth is I like semen to be part of the mix. I know a lot of women think cum is gross, but ever since I got turned on to sex for fun, the goo has been part of it. But I’ve also learned my lessons. When we opened our marriage, we again used condoms every time he or I screwed other people. It was only after we had joined the Pulaski’s poly circle did I remember how much I disliked condoms and liked semen as part of things. They introduced us to the idea of a closed circle. All the couples commit to use condoms at public places and when they are with people outside the group. After much thought, we became part. I’d gotten my tubes tied after Kate was born and your father had gotten a vasectomy when we had opened our marriage to other people. I could have gone back on birth control or gotten an IUD, but we were not going to have any more kids, so permanent was better for us. Till the first time we were with that group I hadn’t barebacked any guy but your father in like seven years.”

She watched Stephen on the chaise lounge. He had not dressed her body as told. Rather he was laying back on the chaise, watching the photos on the two 32” screens and gently caressing his (her) vulva. He made no effort to hide what he was doing and Sue didn’t object.

She continued. “We have several interlocking groups of friends, or circles. Two identify as poly groups but beyond that is the larger regional swinger community. In addition to the club outside of Charlotte you will go to tonight, there are two groups that sponsor hotel and house parties. Except for when we are with members of that closed group centered on the Pulaski’s, your father and I use condoms. The few times we have failed and one of us did not use condoms with people outside the group we always get an STD test before we have bareback sex again. So last night your father used a condom, and all the guys you see tonight will too.”

“Do I know any of the other couples in your groups?”

She almost said that she would not tell him, but the photos were showing already. Given the circumstances he might not recognize the people today, but when he goes back to look again he would. Almost all the sex photos were of people in their two closer circles of friends, many of whom are in their friends group in the “vanilla” world as well.

“Yes, you have actually met almost all of them, and some you have known most of your life.”

He impatiently asked “Who?”

“Well, I just mentioned the Pulaski’s”

Somehow he had not grasped that the Pulaski’s she mentioned before were in fact the same Pulaski’s who owned a horse farm just over a mile from them in a huge house with an amazing swimming pool. From what he had heard they had moved from Chicago around the time he was born. Mr. Pulaski somehow made a fortune off of soybeans and pork bellies in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Though for the life of him Stephen could not understand how anyone got rich off of pork bellies and soybeans.

Sue added “We were part of their circle before we moved to this house. They were the ones that let us know it was on the market. That led us to move here rather than closer to Charlotte.”

Once again, Stephen suddenly found connections he had not seen before. Though the Pulaski’s kids were grown and gone now, he knew all four of them. When he was in first and second grade, the Pulaski’s oldest was in college and the two girls were in high school. So to kids like him and Kate, they were just like adults. Their son was only four years older than Stephen, but still that meant he was not a peer. Those memories were firm in his mind because of the times when he was in elementary school and he and Kate and Mom went over to swim in their pool. Both the high school aged girls had big tits that were barely covered by their bikini tops; and even more memorable, both girls almost always wore tiny thong bikinis. It was the first time he remembers seeing a live girl dressed like that. While his mom wore bikinis that showed just as much, those girls were not his mother; and with their thongs the girls looked naked from behind. He might have only been seven or eight years old, but he noticed that. Even when the two girls went off to college they still showed up sometimes in the summer, and always in the same very hot swimwear.

Six year old Stephen takes notice of nineteen year old Margarette Pulaski

Even now while Mrs. Pulaski was a grandmother, she was still hot with huge tits and he’d seen her wearing stuff that would make Beth McCormick blush. For the last four summers they had paid him to maintain their swimming pool. He knew they had money to pay professionals to keep their yard, so he suspected his parents and the Pulaski’s had him do the swimming pool just to teach him responsibility. That was OK with him since they paid him and gave him permission to use their pool whenever he wanted. Sure Collin’s parents had a pool too, but the Pulaski’s was so much better. And while Collin’s mom was younger and thinner, there was a lot to like about looking at Mrs. Pulaski when he found her sunning.

Sixteen year old Stephen takes notice of Mrs. Pulaski

Though she always covered up when she knew he was there, more than a few times he caught her laying out naked. Now it made sense to him that his parent’s, or sometimes just his mom or just his dad, took the fifteen minute walk over to the Pulaski house on weekend afternoons and even late at night. And how many times did they talk of going to meet friends at the Pulaski’s house? Then there was the big pool party at the beginning of each summer with like a hundred people. At that party (and the two other summer pool parties his parents took him to) almost all the adult women and lots of the older girls wore outfits and swim suits that showed off way more than was legal at a public pool. Yes, it made perfect sense. He had just begun to think that through when his mother added.

“Everybody at the three big pool parties we go to each summer are in our poly group. If you think of all the adults you have seen at the Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Labor Day parties, you can make up a mental list of our playmates.”

Of course the parties were the highlight of the summer for him and his sister and his best friends Gill and Collin. It had been so since they were too young to understand the significance that some of the mothers and older girls wore swimsuits that made them almost naked. But as they got older, they came to appreciate what they saw at the parties. He and his buddies had a whole cache of photos they had taken with their cell phones: bare asses, nipple slips, his mom’s pubes showing above her bottoms and even a few of the older teens feeling each other off when they thought nobody was looking. The parties were nothing short of epic.

‘But’ the thought burst in ‘then why were Collin’s and Gill’s parents there?” He looked at his mother and started to ask something…Sue smiled “Yes Stephen. Gill’s parents were part of the Pulaski’s poly circle when we first joined, they only dropped out last year when things fell apart for them. Collin’s parents joined about eight years ago. I’ve had sex with all four of them many, many times.” Then she added “With the five of them if you include Vivian’s new husband.”

Nothing that had happened so far, not even waking up in his mother’s body was any more of a shock to his world than what she said so casually. He even stopped playing with his pussy. He just lay there with his mouth open.

She went on “The fact we all had kids about the same age drew us into a pretty tight three couple poly group. As you know we did everything together for years. We thought of you five as our communal children. When Gill’s mother withdrew from us we were sad to see her go. Gil’s dad’s girlfriend, now his wife actually joined our group, but this past fall she asked him to stop seeing me outside of social settings. That was really hard on me.”

Stephen was unsure what she meant by that. Though he knew how Gill’s parents broke up just before the start of their sophomore year, Gill had never given him or Collin any details as to why. Perhaps he did not know. It had been really rough on everyone and that was more or less the final straw that broke the Three Musketeers apart.

Stephen finally saw the whole picture. His two closest friends in his whole life were only his friends because their parents had sex together. From the time they were in second grade he, Gill and Collin were like the Three Musketeers, and before that it was just him and Gill. They thought it was great that their parents were all friends. That meant they could hang out anytime the grown-ups did things together. Stephen tried to remember life before Gill and Collin. He could not. They had been inseparable. And she was right. Gill and Collin’s parents, in one grouping or another were more a part of his life than any of his aunts or uncles or grandparents. From when he was a little kid, very few weeks went by without seeing at least one of them in his home, and/or spending time at one of their homes with one of his parents. The grown-up’s drove them to each other’s houses, why would they have questioned why they stayed while he and his friends played. Now for the first time he knew the answer to the unasked question. While he and Colin and Gill played, the parents fucked.

Sue turned to the computer and turned off the random slide show. He had not really been looking at faces, only the nudity and sex. But when she opened up a set of photos taken at Gill’s swimming pool the reality was clear. The photos showed the three sets of parents. They were all nude. “This was the last time we were all together before Jack’s accident.” she said quietly. “I’m just glad we took the time to get a group photo.”

The last group photo. From left to right Sue Richards, Jack Flint, Judy Kenopple, Ken Kenopple, Vivian Flint & Calvin Richards

His mother started a slide show again. This time the settings had the images changing every fifteen seconds so as to give Stephen time to really see who was there and what was going on. She began again “Gill’s parents were some of our very first playmates back when you were two years old. Collin’s parents joined when you were in second grade. When Jack was killed in that wreck, your father and I all but made Viv part of our marriage. You surely remember those months after the accident, when she and her kids stayed over with us. We made no effort to hide it from any of you that she slept in our bed.”

Of course Stephen remembered that fall all too well. He was in seventh grade. Collin and his mom & sister more or less moved in for more than a month beginning the night of Mr. Flint’s funeral. Collin slept in the guest room, Collin’s little sister Dianna slept with Kate and their mom slept with his parents. That didn’t seem weird at all at the time. It never even occurred to the boys that the parents were having sex together. In recent years he had begun to realize that it was a little strange that Mrs. Flint slept with his parents at least once a month when she and the kids stayed over; but still the idea they were screwing was not within the realm of the possible. Now he felt stupid having not realized that it was not only possible, but he should have seen it for what it was.

As Stephen tried to sort things out, his mother continued. “Before they got married, even before he moved in, Vivian’s new husband became part of our poly group. From their first date she told James that your father and she were lovers and she did not intend to give up Dwight in her life. Understand, she was already your father’s lover when Jack died, but that whole experience drew them much closer.” She took a deep breath. “Gill’s father, Ken, and I are lovers too, or were. Like I said last fall his new wife asked that we break off our special relationship. It hurt, but he deserves the chance to move on with his life. The new wife is more swinger than poly. She doesn’t’ want deep relationships with their playmates, just sex.”

Stephen’s face was a blank. His mind was so full of swirling images and ideas he just couldn’t bring any of them into focus. She was just piling on new stuff for him before he could digest what she’d already told him.

Sue went on as the slides showed the couples just playing around at the pool. She went on “There is a difference between a play mate, even a poly playmate and a lover. Our playmates are just friends with benefits. We are more than friends with our poly circle, more like intimate friends. We share our bodies and our hearts. Almost like one big family.” In the past she’d used that analogy but had always thrown in that they were ‘one incestuous family.’ Normally that was sure to get a laugh, but this time she decided that was a bad choice of words just now. “A person who becomes my lover goes beyond the sex. It means that person is an active part of my life. Can you even remember back before Vivian Flint was a part of our family life? Or do you remember a time, prior to this past fall, when Ken Kenopple was not part of our life on a regular basis? They are your father’s and my lovers and so they are effectively part of the Richards family.”

Sue saw Stephens mind racing. She went on “Ken still does our taxes, and we still love each other. We talk, but not very much and like I said, we no longer make love. Now I guess you can now see that the reason Ken stayed in our guest room while he looked for a new place after he and Judy split was not because he couldn’t afford a hotel.”

Stephen had to ask “Did their marriage break up over you?”

Sue understood the question and knew she had to provide more information than she wanted. “No, it was Leslie. You saw her at the pool parties before he and Judy broke up. She is also a CPA. She is in the same accounting group as Ken. She knew he had both a wife and lover even before they ever had sex and he told Judy about the first time they slept together on a business trip. Initially she seemed to embrace the polyamorus way of life. For over a year Judy, Leslie and I had a great time sharing Ken. Truth is, she is great fun in bed with or without Ken. However, in retrospect it was not what we thought. She actually spent that whole time undermining his marriage; but it was only after the fact that I saw it. Then after she had pushed Judy out of the picture, she asked him to reduce his time with me to once or twice a month. The final straw was at last year’s Halloween party when she watched us making love. She saw what we had was very deep and she just couldn’t handle him having another relationship like that. That was the last time we had sex. We still see them at parties, but we do not play with them. Your father knows I still love him deep in my heart and frankly I hope he comes to his senses and goes back to Judy.”

She took a deep breath and re-gathered her thoughts.

“I’m sure you remember when you were in elementary school. When Gill came over in the afternoons I’d put a video on for you or give you something else to do. Once you two were busy Ken and I made love in my bedroom. Did you never notice that when Ken got here I would be in my street clothes, but when he left, I was always in my night shirt? I’m sure you have never noticed, but I don’t get dressed right after I’ve had sex no matter what time of day. It’s sort of a ritual to put on my nighttime shirt just like when I get ready for bed. That is another habit I have that goes back to my college days. I’ve never really thought about how many things I do date back to those four years. Once you and Kate were approaching puberty I made sure I always put on panties before I left the bedroom. I think that is the only accommodation I made for you two getting older.”

While Stephen and Collin played video games downstairs, Sue and Ken had been playing upstairs. Stephen didn't even notice what his mother wore when she returned

Stephen was still working things out in his mind. Gill’s dad or Collin’s mom had come along with them on more than half of their family trips and vacations. He’d only thought about his friends coming along, parents were background. Finding his parents sitting around downstairs late at night with Gill’s or Collin’s parents was so normal it was not noticeable. Until that moment he’d never thought anything about the fact the married couples did not usually sit with their spouses. In a flash a hundred memories of his dad sitting with his arm around Collin’s mother, or Gill’s dad sitting super close to his mom rushed through his brain. And she was right. He had actually noticed that his mom changed into her night wear when Gill and his dad came over. But how could he know that was what she did after sex?

Stephen shook his head, "I didn't think anything of it, but now you tell me that, I remember. It all makes sense now. I sort of vaguely remember years ago you coming down with Mr. Flint without any panties, but perhaps that is just because you brought it to mind. Obviously I didn’t think anything of it when I was in second or third grade. But you still sometimes come down stairs wearing a concert shirt and one of your little thongs that are hard to see from a distance. You know the ones that are the same color as your skin, or maybe they are just see through; I don’t pay enough attention to know the difference. Either way, it never seemed to be telling me anything that you dressed that way in front of Gill’s dad. After all the swim suits you wear around him show even more skin. Now I get it that you and his dad had been screwing, but we didn’t know that. And I guess to me that is how I thought all moms’ dress at home. Collin’s mom pretty much does what you do. I’ve seen her in just a bra and thong lots of times, but she wears like fancy lingerie, not old tee shirts. And like you, she has never freaked out if Collin sees her completely naked from time to time. But he’s told me that in the past few summers she just swims and hangs out by their pool topless all summer. But she’s only done that with me there twice, and that was back before Mr. Otis moved in. And the time we caught her sunning nude” He paused and shook his head, this time with a smile. “I can't believe you were doing Gill’s dad in your room when we were right here in the house.”

Sue smiled back. “Yep, but to be clear we didn’t always do it in the bedroom. We sometimes had sex right in the living room or the kitchen or in my studio or even on a blanket in the back yard. But that was usually round two when I was just in my panties, or when you were young just in my tee shirt.” She made a motion as if she were pulling down panties and bending over. “Sloppy seconds are fun no matter who gives the first dose.”

Stephen gave a visible reaction to that bit of information.

She almost bit her tongue. Sure she’d said that very line many times, but this was her son in her body. It was so easy to forget who was really lying on the chaise almost naked in just that sheer shawl slowly masturbating. She was happy to see that the reaction was of surprise and perhaps a little titillation, but he was not upset. On the screen was a photo of her on her back with Gill’s dad drilling her. Gill’s mom was fully clothed in the background sipping a drink while she watched. “Did you know that you actually walked in on us a couple of times, but you had no idea what you were seeing.”

Stephen looked perplexed, “When? I don’t remember that.”

She nodded. “Of course you don’t. People only see what they expect to see. That’s the point I am making. You saw me having sex not just with Ken, but with Collin’s parents. One time at their place, you and Collin walked right in on Vivian watching Jack pounding me. You just didn’t know what you saw, so you forgot it. Think of all the times I took you and Kate over to swim at Gill’s in the summer or right after school. His dad always came out from that home office of his to join us.”

Stephen nodded, “Yea I remember. His mom works at an office, but his dad mostly worked from their house. Nothing seemed crazy about that. The swimsuits you wear when we swim at Collin’s pool and you used to wear at Gill’s are the same tiny ones you wear to the big parties. I guess that is why wearing your thong panties around Collin and Gill didn’t seem weird.”

Sue nodded, “That is true. I never really thought of it that way.” She wanted to remind herself as much as him that it was her son in that body, so she called him by name. “You see Stephen, virtually every time I took you guys over and Ken joined us n the water, he and I had sex. We did it in the pool right in front of you, but you didn’t see it for what it was. I’d wrap my legs around him and to you it looked like we were just talking. You never thought to suspect anything. And since their pool is above ground, when you guys were off the deck, we could pretty much do anything and you wouldn’t see.”

Stephen nodded. He knew what she was saying. Gill’s house, which was now his mom’s, has an above ground pool with a large deck around it. He and Gill would often get out of the pool and go down in the grass to have water gun fights. Inevitably, when he and Gill got off the deck, Gill’s dad and his mom would get into the water. He just said “And we never had a clue.”

“No you didn’t” Sue said. “But it was trickier at the Flint’s house. Their pool is in-ground and Collin’s little sister was the most observant of our combined five kids, even if she is the youngest. When there were other adults there they all knew when people were having sex in the water; but you and the other kids just saw what you expected to see.”

Dianna's mother talks to her twelve year old as if she were a peer. Though the boys were oblivious to what Mrs. Richards and Mr. Kenopple were doing in the pool, their younger sisters were not.

“Well, except Dianna. We found out last summer that she has been noticing for years. Viv has been trying to explain away things since she was about ten. But finally last summer Dianna confronted her mother about having sex with your father. Since the little rascal took a really explicit video with her phone, Vivian couldn’t deny what was obvious. But even when she admitted it, she didn’t tell her as much as you know now. Vivian hopes that Dianna just thinks she’s been having an affair, but she did tell her that I know and don’t object. I think her mom led Dianna to believe that it started after her father was killed and her family stayed with us. She wanted to tell Dianna the whole truth, but I talked her out of it. Perhaps this is one more reason you and I have had this experience. Now that the four of you are teenagers, we need to be honest about the relationship we have with Colin’s mom and step father.”

Stephen shook his head. “You need to be open about all of it. Not just our two families. And if Dianna knows, Kate does too. I told you that Kate had said many times she suspects you and dad are hiding something sexual. But if that is all it is, why didn’t she tell me? I wonder if she’s told Monica or even Jenny?”

More questions. And Sue knew he was right. “Yea, I think you are right. Like I said all of you have at one time or another walked right in on their parents having sex with other people over the years. Even more, many times you walked in the bedroom to find me or your dad with one of the other parents just relaxing talking, but we were nude under the covers. You never actually saw what was right in front of you. Not just at home, but on family trips in hotel rooms as well. How many times have we been to the beach with one of the other families? And how many times did one parent watch you while the others rested. Or said they were resting.” She smiled “We have picked up more couples who have never had sex outside of their marriage on beach trips. First timers are a ball. Usually they just can’t get enough.”

Stephen was getting more into his masturbation. “Really? You’d just meet normal couples and they’d have sex with you?”

“Pretty much” Sue said “It is amazing how many straitlaced couples on vacation far from home are just looking for an excuse to romp with another couple...or two.”

She made a point to look directly at his hand rubbing small circles on her labia. “So I guess you are figuring it out?” she asked.

“Yea. I’m slowly getting it. It feels good, but not like needing to cum like when I jack my dick.”

She actually understood what he was saying. They both were learning and she suspected this comfort with the other’s sexuality would not disappear when they got their body’s back. She certainly hoped not. She liked this new way. “That makes me think how we all became more careful when you boys discovered internet porn. You were about twelve and we knew after that you would know what you were seeing. Perhaps the girls have always known.” That was a frightening idea to Sue, but she was beginning to think she had been deluding herself. Girls were more advanced than boys. After all, Viv had been shocked when fourteen year old Dianna told her mom that she’d known about her having sex with Dwight for way over a year. And like Stephen said, if Dianna knew, certainly Kate did too. Her talk with Kate couldn’t come soon enough.

Stephen looked at his mom quizzically. He did not share his mom’s thoughts, rather he asked “You all knew when we started looking at porn?”

She gave him an ‘I’m your mother look’ even though it was his own face. That made her wonder ‘how much of what I’ve told him today would I ever have said to his face?’ The answer was plain as day ‘None. Not one word.’ She could never ever have told these things to Stephen’s face. Then why was she telling him now? She went silent.

Stephen brought her back to their conversations when after some thought, “I do remember walking in on you laying buck naked on your bed. You do that a lot. But I guess you are right, I don’t ever remember catching you having sex with anyone. Well, I’ve caught you and Dad a couple of times, but that is different.”

Sue laughed “Just trust me, your eyes have seen me having sex with people other than your dad before today. Your brain didn’t register it. But surely you remember all those times you and Kate have interrupted me jilling off.”

“jilling off?” he queried.

“Yea, jilling off. I guess I’m dating myself. That is what we used to call masturbating for girls. You know guys jack off and girls jill off. Like you have been doing on and off since we started talking.” He started to move his hand. She added “Go on, I don’t object. Well, not now at least, though is is a weird experience.”

Stephen laughed hard. “You’re telling me. If it weren’t so hot I’d be so weirded out.”

He had a good point. If it weren’t for the dick she was wearing…which was hard again….would she be so open?

His eyes were on the screen, photos of from their own living room. In the current image she was on the coffee table taking if from a beefy young man. She didn’t remember the guy’s name, but she did remember the day. One of the Pulaski girls had brought a sorority sister from Vanderbilt, where she was a student at the time. It seems the girl (Sue could not recall her name) was a fan of fantasy books and art. She had even bought one of Sue’s prints at DragonCon a couple of years before. When she found out that Michelle knew Sue Richards she began begging to go with her on one of her visits home.

Sue was all too happy to show off her art to a fan. She was surprised she had one. After the Vanderbilt student saw a full dozen sexual fantasy paintings the conversation turned to sexuality and that one of her newest paintings were of Sue’s husband and her favorite model having sex.

“Yes” she had told the young woman. “We went out to the National Forest last spring and I spent the day sketching them make love love in a couple of different locations.”

That led into a long discussion about open marriage. When Michelle put in she’d had sex with both Sue and Calvin, her friend was flabbergasted. A little while later Sue offhandedly quipped that she’d do the girl’s muscular boyfriend right then and there if he asked nicely. The girl surprised Sue when she turned to her guy and said “So ask. I’d love to see it.”

Sue and Calvin have a group of college kids over. to their home.

Sue chats with her husband as she enjoys entertaining one of the young men.

Looking at the photos Stephen asked “When did you have sex in the living room…in the middle of the day?”

“I guess these photos are little more than three years old. Don’t you recognize Michelle Pulaski?”

Stephen nodded, “Yea, I saw her, and her husband.”

“They weren’t married yet.” And she told him about the day and how after the first guy came, Michelle and his dad did it in front of the others “And finally Brent, Michelle’s boyfriend and later husband, did me too. Only Michelle’s friend didn’t have sex that day. But later I found out she’d greatly regretted not having the courage to take off her clothes and join in. So the next time Michelle came home she brought her friend again so that she and Michelle and your dad and I could have a foursome.”

Now Stephen had two fingers as far into her vagina as he could and the other tweaking a nipple. She wondered if he might actually get himself off. She could tell Stephen was trying to work for an orgasm. She said “Try directly rubbing the head of your clit. If you are really turned on it will be great, if not it will be too much.”

She wasn’t sure why she said that. To change the subject she continued her narrative. “Collin was about seven or eight when his parents joined our little group.” Though she had not really planned to offer, she asked “Would you like to know how we got to know Collin’s parents? The story is actually funny. Do you want to hear?”

Stephen looked from the screen to his mom, “Of course I want to hear.”

“Well…” Sue began “It was… let me think, you and Collin were both in second grade. Vivian and I were the Class Mom’s for Mrs. Pindergrass so we had spent a good amount of time together, but neither of us had given the other even the slightest hint we both were non-monogamous. In Vivian’s case she and Jack weren’t actually swingers, but they had an ongoing threesome with a woman Vivian had met at her yoga class and an ongoing thing with a couple that used to live a few doors down from them. You might not know it, but Vivian is far more into women than I am. I love having sex with women for sure, but I usually have sex with women when men are part of the mix.” Then she laughed and added “Except for Vivian I guess. But she actually identified as a lesbian when she was in her late teens and early twenties. So every Valentine’s Day our regional swingers group has a big party at a hotel in Columbia. That is far enough away that there is little risk of exposure even when the marquee welcomes the Upstate Lifestyle Club’s Valentine Party. You know we always go off overnight for Valentines. That is where we go.”

Stephen nodded that he knew what she was talking about.

“So, at the hotel we had checked in and changed into our party outfits. At that event the rule is we have to be covered in the lobby, but our group fully takes over several floors so we can go between rooms nude if we want. Over my sexy outfit I wore my good wool wrap and we went to the grand ballroom. It was full already since your dad had been delayed at work. In no time I’m bumping and grinding on the crowded dance floor. I had saddled up behind a woman and was grinding on her ass to the music. When the next song came on she leaned back to me and I took it as an invite. I reached around and cupped her boobs under the loose top she was wearing and began to kiss her neck. As sometimes happens, I kept kissing her as she turned toward me and right on the dance floor we were making out and still sort of dancing to the music. Tonight you will see what I mean. It’s pretty common at swing parties. Each of us had our hands all over the other. I had on a mini-dress and of course I wasn’t wearing panties. So when she reached under it she had her hand on my pussy and before the next song was done I was weak at the knees as she fingered me close to an orgasm. It was only then that I opened my eyes and pulled my head back. Viv and I just stared at each other, then we both busted out laughing. Half an hour later we were in their room having a foursome. Life in the swinger world can be a lot of fun and full of surprises.”

She decided to shift gears “Do you think Collin has ever suspected, or has Dianna told him what she knows? I guess I can tell you about Vivian. After that night she and Jack became full on swingers, more than Dwight and I have ever been. Then after his death she was a single. For over two years, she had an inordinate amount of casual sex: unsafe sex. And from me saying she had an inordinate amount of casual sex you have to know that meant more than one pick up week after week. Not unsafe like disease and pregnancy dangerous, but unsafe by going off with men she just met dangerous. She tried to bury her pain in an ocean of orgasms. In a way she had her period of wall to wall irresponsible sex the same way I did from the beginning of my sophomore year well into my junior year of college. Do you know if she kept her wild time all a secret from Collin and Dianna? She’s never really told me the whole truth from that time.”

Stephen, still masturbating said “That she was a swinger? No he doesn’t have a clue. But he knows all too well she slept around a lot when she was single. She also drank a whole lot for the first year. He and Dianna were worried about her. They much preferred her going out with you and dad than going out alone. In the two and a half years between his dad’s death and when Paul Otis moved in, Collin said that his mom had quite a few men spend the night at their place for one night stands. It sort of creeped him and Dianna out. They were glad when Mr. Otis moved in. They like him because he treats their mom like a queen. He also said if she didn’t bring a guy home she stayed out till like 2:00 night after night. They liked it when they stayed here with us so they weren’t alone and their mom was less likely to go out. At least they knew where she was. Even now they think for like that first year she was screwing a new guy like every night. Had they known she was having sex with you and dad I think they would have encouraged that idea you had of all of us living together.”

Sue put in “Perhaps we should have been more open. And she wasn’t getting picked up every night, I think they are misremembering. You know full well that Vivian and the kids were here most Friday and Saturday nights that whole year. But I do think when she and the kids moved back to their place, she did go out to bars till late several nights every week when the kids had school the next morning. In that first winter without Jack I would not be surprised if many weeks she did have sex with two or even three new guys. But that was only for a few months. Still I’m pretty sure she did at least one new guy every week for more than a year. She just went to bars and left with any good looking guy who seemed to offer a good enough time to let her forget for a while.”

Stephen just nodded “Yea, that is pretty much what Collin and Dianna think happened. And along with that in his view, overnight she went from normal mom, to dressing and acting like she wanted to tell guys ‘come and fuck me’. Though I told him that she really hadn’t changed what she wore or acted that much. I guess it was the way he saw it. The truth is I have always liked the way Mrs. Flint, or now Mrs. Flint-Otis dresses. Even before I really understood sex, I liked to look at her. She’s pretty. Now we are older I think he is kind of proud his mom is a MILF that the other guy’s on the team drool over. Especially when she wears those super short skirts and low cut tops.”

Sue looked at him sideways “Is she that much better looking than me?”

Stephen had never realized that mothers think that way. “No. Now I’ve gotten a good look, I can assure you that your body is way better than hers. WAY BETTER. But you don’t show it off in town the way she does.”

Sue nodded, “So he is OK with how she dresses and acts now?”

“Well she’s married now; I think that makes a real difference to him. But all through middle school Collin went back and forth feeling angry, disgusted, embarrassed and though he didn’t admit it till later, he even got turned on by the fact his mom was fucking all those men. That was when she started walking around the house topless. Like I said, she’d only gone like that in front of me once years ago. She has nice tits, smaller than yours, but nice and perky. Last summer I saw her really clearly and close up by accident. We found her laying out completely nude on her back by their pool. She was oblivious to the fact we were there until we jumped in the water and splashed her. But I got a good long look. She was really embarrassed and apologized saying she didn’t know I was even at her house. But I got a really really good look. She is hot, just not as hot as you.”

His mom cut in. “She wasn’t surprised or embarrassed. She told me about it that very day. She knew full well you were there and that you two had come out of the house when she was sunning. She knew you guys watched her for a while before jumping into the water. Her embarrassment that you saw her was a sham.”

Stephen just shook his (his mom’s) head. “Collin said as much at the time, but I hadn’t believed him. Now you have me wondering if Collin knows more than he has let on. He says that he is happy his mom isn’t fucking around, but now that we are talking, I have to wonder if he really thinks she has stopped. And now that I know that Dianna knows she has sex with Dad and you…..” He paused “There was this one time though, we were in 8th grade. I was over at his place to spend the night. His mom came home at like 7:00 that night, she had a man with her. She took him right to her room as if we were not supposed to see, then she came out by herself to talk to us. She gave us her debit card and told us to order pizza. She gave Collin a hug and said that she would be in her room for a couple of hours. Collin acted like that was normal, but I thought it was weird and hot that his mom was all but telling us that she and that guy were going to fuck for the next two hours. I guess I was really turned on by the idea they were screwing right behind the door knowing full well that I was there and knew they were doing it. I talked Collin into sneaking right up to his mother’s door so we could listen to them as they did it.

Sue was intrigued into this insight as to how teens looked at adult sex. “And? Could you hear?”

“Oh yea. All of it. We clearly heard his mom moaning and telling him to eat her or to fuck harder and all sorts of stuff. We could hear when he was drilling her too. At first Collin was embarrassed, but it was hard not to get a hard-on listening to them screw. I pulled mine out and it was the first time the two of us had wacked off in front of each other. We thought it was funny when we were done we left the carpet in front of his mom’s door wet with our jizz.”

After the death of Collin's father, Stephen helps him see the upside of hearing his mom fuck other men in her bedroom.

Sue laughed and shook her head. “Yea, Viv can be quite vocal.” In her mind she wondered how much of their sex had Kate heard over the years since her bed room door was almost right across the hall from hers. And of course she and Dwight had both had sex with Vivian in her home many times as well. They’d thought of that issue before and dismissed it, but now the reality that the kids could deliberately try to hear dawned on her.

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