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Surprise Saturday: Chapter 7

Stephen brought her back to the larger topic ”So from what you are saying, all the people who come to the summer pool parties we go to are swingers or poly or whatever. Right?”

Sue nodded, “Yes pretty much. Even in the poly circle there are sub groups who tend to mostly play among themselves. You may have noticed the pool parties at the Pulaski’s have older couples like the Kramers and McSherry’s. While Vivian has worked to bring in some new younger couples you have seen at her pool parties the last few years, most of the younger people you see are children of the older poly group.”

Stephen nodded. Now that she told him, he saw it, but it was just one more thing in front of his nose that he had missed. Still he had to say, “I just don’t see how we guys never suspected about all the sex. The clues were right in front of us yet apparently only Dianna saw them”

“Were there other clues?” Sue asked.

“They are only clues now looking back. But like I said, I think both Kate and Dianna have been seeing more than we have. They tried to point them out, but we just couldn’t see.”

“Like what?” she asked

“We could see there was something you didn’t want the kids to see or know about. We just did not know what it was. But we didn’t think that was weird since adults do that kind of thing all the time. Like those summer pool parties, they are loaded with clues we just didn’t put together. So we all know we do them every year: the Pulaski’s for Memorial Day, the Flint’s for 4th of July, and until they broke up we went to Gill’s house for Labor Day” He did not mention it but the last two years the Labor Day party had been at the McCurry’s. “Like you said each party has a few different people, but the core is the same ten or twelve families. We kids knew who were the families that made up that central group; but no one let us kids know how you all know each other, other than from the parties. We assumed the big Halloween Party, the New Year’s Party and the Valentine parties were with the same people, but we never imagined the idea of swinger parties at a hotel like you said.”

Sue nodded, I didn’t know you guys had thought this through so much.”

“All five of us talked about it a lot. And we realized that while sometimes there were twenty or more kids at the pool parties, if you include everything from baby’s to high schoolers, we could tell we were tag-alongs. The parties were not kid’s parties at all and like half the people didn’t even bring kids. I think Gil was the first one to notice that those parties were the only time we ever saw our mother’s wearing thong bikinis unless it was just our families at one of their pools. Early last summer Dianna actually said that you all might be swingers. Collin and I dismissed it and said she’d been looking at too much porn. Even we know that most of what we see on porn is not real and we pretty much assumed all the videos talking about swingers was just made up. And she’s a real porn fiend. According to her brother she’s been eating it up since she was about twelve. So we figured that is why she even thought to say you were swingers.”

Sue took note. Sure she knew Stephen jerked to porn, but to hear him say that porn was so much part of their lives that even Dianna, younger than Kate by half a year, has been looking at it regularly for over two years made her think. Was porn as much part of the teenage experience, even in middle school, as rock music was in her day? Perhaps it was. From what she’d learned today her kids and Collin were more sexually knowledgeable than she’d imagined. But she was not sure that knowledge was all that unusual when she was their age, she just had not been a part. Clearly they knew more about sex than she could have fathomed when she was in high school.

Dianna was the only one of the four kids Stephen hadn’t talked about having sex. Likely she was sexually active by now too. If she was, surely Stephen knew all about it, but she didn’t want to put him on the spot by asking. Sue recalled back when those four were still potty training; she went to her first Poly Circle Christmas party at the Pulaski’s. Just in passing she had heard that while she was screwing her brains out at that party there was a parallel party at the McCurry’s for the teenage kids. She later asked someone about it.

She was told that the teenage children of the Pulaski’s, the McCurry’s, the Kramer’s and Lopez’s had their own Christmas party the same night of the adult party. At the time she was closer in age to those high school kids than she was their parents. Perhaps that is why even then, she saw the good sense in it. It was called The Safer Sex Christmas Party and all the gifts they swapped had a safe sex theme. She was told that twelve teenagers were being chaperoned by two college age kids of the poly circle members. Most but not all the attendees were children of circle members since five of the kids had brought dates. She’d seen the logic and practicality, but at the time her kids were too young to even imagine them that age, or being sexually active. That was then, but today, due to what she was beginning to think of as a miracle, she was not only coming clean about her open marriage; but she was learning how her own kid’s sexual values mirrored her own. They had been learning all about her positive view about casual sex even if neither she nor they knew they were. Perhaps she should help organize a Christmas party this year for the teenage kids. Certainly in the larger swinger circle there were far more than a dozen high school age children. Those kids were likely as sexually active as hers and Vivian’s. What a great way to help those friends open up to their kids?

Though all this was going on in her head, she didn’t say anything as Stephen went on. She noted he had stopped masturbating, but she didn’t ask why. He sat up and said “Oh, just to let you know all the guys, even the ones who are older than us, have talked about your tits and ass for years. Not just yours but all the moms at those parties. Even Mrs. Pulaski, Mrs. Eisenstein, Mrs. Lopez and Mrs. McCurry get looks and boners. Damn Mom, Mrs. Eisenstein might even be old enough to be my grandmother, but that crochet one piece thong she wears, the one that you can see everything through, gave all the guy’s wood.”

Sue chuckled “I’m sure she would be more than pleased to hear that. Anyone else Francine would tell that suit is too revealing for her Memorial Day, but Stella is sort of the grand dame of our group and she can do what she wants. And yes she does look good in it.” She couldn’t’ help adding “And when she takes it off she is even more impressive. It’s hard to believe she has seven grandkids and the oldest is not much younger than you.”

Stephen liked the thought. “I’d bone her in a heartbeat if I had the chance. That is if I weren’t with Jenny.”

Sue smiled, “Give it a few more years and if you ask nicely I’m sure she would be happy to. But I’ve never known her to do it with any of the next generation until they are in their twenties. She is more scrupulous than Maria Lopez or Janice McCurry, either of them would probably jump at the chance at the Memorial Day party if you asked.”

They both laughed and Stephen tucked yet another nugget of information away. This was just not like he was talking to his mother at all. So it was easy to continue on. “It’s weird that all of a sudden I now see your friends as, like sexy in the way I’d like to do it with them. Before today there really had been a separation between your friends and younger women in my mind. Though I knew other guys didn’t see it that way. I’m sure I’ve never told you about it, but I have a distinct memory of the first time I realized that guys who were not grownups, just the guys older than me, saw you as someone they would like to screw. We were at the Pulaski’s big pool party and Rob Pulaski, the Lopez boys, and …what was his name? Zach, I don’t remember who his parents were. I heard them talking pretty dirty, at least to me at the time it was dirty. They looked at you and Mrs. Flint and Mrs. Kenopple and said things that made it clear they thought you three were super milfs. It was three summers ago, I guess it will be four this year, so I was thirteen. Rob and the other older guys were still in high school. I heard them talking about all the moms, not just you and your friends. They were comparing their tits and asses and stuff. I couldn’t help but listen. It was the first time I really understood that guys saw you different than I did. They saw you as just a hottie, not at all like a mom. To me no matter what you wear, how much skin you show, you are just Mom not a milf. Well, I guess until today. You are still mom and I can’t see you the way those guys do, but I won’t see you quite the same way again. That’s not bad, but it is true.”

She just shook her head “I know. I won’t see you as a child ever again.”

They both thought on that for a moment. How much will this event change their lives? But Stephen went on. “But this was almost four years ago. I understood why they looked at the McCurry’s twin daughters like that. Sure they were mothers, in that they had babies, but I’d seen them at those parties for years before they were moms. I remember Joliette and Marcella for sure. They might be the first two females I ever noticed as being…I’m not sure hot is the right word. Perhaps they were the first females I looked at as females, if you know what I mean. But even when I saw Joliette posing for you in November it was different because she was still not like a mother in my book, even though I know she has two kids now. But back then, to the older guys, they didn’t see you any different than Joliette & Marcella. That was weird.”

Sue couldn’t help but ask “And, what did they say about me?”

Stephen laughed, “It was the first time I’d ever heard the word milf. And pretty much all the moms with kids who were not grown were milfs to them. But why I remember that so clearly is that Rob bragged that you had agreed to boink him before the end of the party. I was just old enough to understand what that meant; but I knew that his brag was not only impossible, it was just gross. The other guys in the group told him he was full of shit and that he would get a chance to screw you when pigs fly. So I never once thought there was a word of truth to it. It was just how he looked at you that was weird.”

He looked at his mom. Her face, well his face, said something. A light came on. “Did you? Did you fuck him?”

Though she’d had thousands of sexual experiences with men and women of all ages, this was one she remembered well. And not just because his mother had given her a print of the photo she had taken of the two of them laying in the bed (barely covered) after they were done.

Rob had been skinny and very socially awkward. Because he was four years older than Stephen it was unlikely that her son realized that. For some reason, of all the women he saw at his pool, he latched on to her when he was fourteen. He would be underfoot anytime she was at their place, but it was sort of cute like a lost puppy.

Rob was sort of an “oops” baby. The oldest of their other three children was ten years older than him and they had not planned on any more. The Pulaski’s chose not to even try to determine his paternity though they knew it could not possibly be Will himself. As far as they were concerned Rob was the son of William and Francine Pulaski and that was that. It was helpful that he looked so much like his mother as to keep down any unwanted questions. Sue had noticed over the years that Rob was treated unusually well by the poly group as sort of a child of the community.

While not as open as the McCurry’s the Pulaski’s were far less concerned about secrecy with Rob than they had their older kids. After all he was the only one in the family who didn’t know. Since he was young he’d seen men, women and couples go into his parents’ bedroom for hours on end. And as the years wore on, his mother was less and less concerned about walking around the house in the nude. When they spelled out to him they were polyamorous and had a group of friends with whom they had sex when he was thirteen, he let them know he had already figured that out on his own. After that they declared themselves nudist, not just in their home and their pool, but the family went to nudist resorts in the summer. They were very careful around whom they went nude at their house though.

Additionally, as the McCurry’s had done, the Pulaski’s ceased hiding sex from Rob at that time. So he began to see how adults interacted in new ways. As a very young teenager, he witnessed how adults behaved when working up to proposing & initiating sex, foreplay and engaging in a whole range of sexual acts. As part of the circle, Sue knew that before he was sixteen he had seen her having sex a good many times with a good many partners. However neither she nor the Pulaski’s ever removed their swim suit when Sue’s kids were with her at the pool. She was aware though that on several occasions Stephen had found Francine sun batheing when he arrived to clean their pool. She told Sue she had not made a big deal about it and just covered up each time. Stephen had never mentioned it, she only knew about that since Francine had told her. Looking back she could not find a good reason why she had not OK’ed nudity when Kate and Stephen were there. Now she saw that as a mistake, or at least a missed opportunity. The Pulaski’s taught Rob to keep family business in the family. His boast that he would have sex with Sue was a rare breach of the family agreements.

A few weeks past his seventeenth birthday Rob was still behind his peers in physical and social development, so he struggled with fitting in at school. But perhaps because at home he was treated as an adult in many ways, he seemed very comfortable with adults. When had turned sixteen, he first asked Sue if he could have sex with her. She still laughed to herself thinking back about how earnest he was. She was at their pool sunning beside his mother, nude. He was two months past his fifteenth birthday, less than a hundred pounds of skin and bone sporting a full erection. His fully grown penis looked odd on his rather juvenile looking body. Despite his appearance, he was very smart and observant. Imitating the strait forward way he’d seen men and women ask others to have sex, he looked Sue right in the eye without a hint of embarrassment. He told her that he was still a virgin and he wanted her to be his first sex partner. Of course he meant that very minute. She could have laughed at the ridiculousness of it or cried at how pathetic it also was. She did neither. She looked him back in the eye and thanked him for thinking of her, but she let him know clearly she could not have sex with him until he was at least seventeen.

His mother later thanked her for her polite but candid response. What they did not know at the time was that Rob took that to heart as a promise. For the next year he continued to follow her around. A few times she was sure he was spying & masturbating when she had sex at his house or by the pool; but she never said anything to him. He had turned seventeen in early May, and it just so happened the first time he had seen her was at the Memorial Day pool party. In a repeat of what he had done the year before, he again walked up to her; this time she was in the Pulaski’s kitchen helping his mother with the food. He was less juvenile looking than the first time and fully dressed, though he could still pass for a middle school boy. She knew right off what he was going to ask, but she waited for him to do so. Then again looking directly into his eyes, she said she would love to, but he would need to wait till the party died down. She was impressed with his self control. He simply thanked her and suggested they meet in his parent’s room at 5:30PM. She agreed. When he walked away, his mother hugged Sue and thanked her profusely.

At 5:30 she walked into Will and Francine’s bedroom. She’d had sex in that bed at least fifty times over the prior years. It was a California King with a faux canopy that hid that there were mirrors over the bed. Rob was there, already fully nude with an erection. She knew how long he had been waiting for this moment, so she was determined to make it special.

Unlike the year before when she was still slightly taller than him, this time he topped her by at least four inches. He was clearly petrified. She stood in front of him and softly kissed him on the lips. “It’s OK. I will let you know what to do at each step. Your body will fill in the gaps naturally.” Then again kissed him softly, but let the kiss linger.

For the next hour she introduced him to a whole new world. She hadn’t even gotten his penis in her mouth when he blew the first time. She was afraid he was going to melt down, so she scooped up the semen from her breasts and put it in her mouth. That seemed to calm him. The second ejaculation went down her throat and the third in her vagina. All in the space of an hour. She enjoyed the whole process so much that she offered to continue his “lessons” the next week, and the next. For the rest of the summer and through his senior year of high school Sue had a weekly “tea” with Francine Pulaski. She missed some of the Thursday afternoons but she made most of them. She thoroughly enjoyed planning for each of Rob’s “after school lessons.” He was always so eager, compliant and grateful. Francine seemed almost as grateful as her son. She knew he lacked the confidence and social skills that came so easily to her older children. Fourteen months after that first time, the eighteen year old who left for The Citadel to become a cadet was far more poised and self assured than would seem possible by a single year’s passage. Sue felt some pride that she had helped him in ways far beyond sex lessons.

By the time he was an upper classman at the Citadel the scrawny scared kid had become a solid young man and leader at the South Carolina military college. Long gone were the lessons. The last time Sue met Rob in his parents’ bedroom, over Christmas break, he easily lifted her by the thighs to hold her in the air while he drove his cock into her. She was exhilarated by the ride and the knowledge she had made it possible.

All those memories shot through her mind in a matter of seconds. “Yes,” she told Stephen. “When he ask me if I would have sex with him before the party I told him I would. I was honored that he wanted me to be his very first sexual partner. You never heard any more about it because he knew our actions were not for public knowledge.”

Stephen thought he should not be surprised, but he was. Rob had been telling the truth. ‘Mom had really fucked Rob Pulaski when he was my age!’. He asked “Why?”

Sue smiled. “I thought it was the right thing to do. He needed confidence and I knew I could help. Sex is good for a good many things, and in his case it helped him overcome his self doubt. I spent time with him almost every week throughout his senior year at Francis Marion. I know it really helped him. He is now a supremely confident leader in the cadet corps at the Citadel. I’m actually very proud of what I did for him.”

Stephen had never thought of it that way. His mother was far more interesting than he had ever imagined, and he knew his mom was the most interesting mother he knew even before this day. “That’s cool Mom. It really is. Are you still doing it with him when he is home from school?”

Sue nodded.

“Did his mother know? I mean back then.”

“Of course she did. I wouldn’t have done it otherwise. She thanked me many times for helping him.”

“Did he know his mother knew?”

Sue was a little exasperated. “Yes, we did it in his parent’s bed that first time and most of the time he was still in high school.” She laughed out loud, “Later in the summer he asked to have sex right out by the pool, His parents and sisters were out there with us, as well as Margret’s husband and their two kids. I made a point to make him look better at it than he really was. I guess we went on for about a good half an hour; long enough for him to ejaculate twice. Of course the kids didn’t pay any attention to us, but he was very pleased with himself when Margret came over and talked to me while I rode him. But understand back when he was only fourteen he was out with us when I had sex Ken beside their pool. By the time he and I had sex that day in front of his parents and sisters, he’d seen all four of them doing the same thing dozens of times, so it was his way of joining the club as it were.”

Stephen then got the look as if he were a little offended. With a sour face he asked “So when he was my age he’d been allowed to watch adults have sex for years? I’ve never seen it live like that. Why didn’t you tell me about your swinging and stuff until this thing happen to us?”

Sue didn’t have an answer. “I really am not sure. I’ve never been ashamed of what I do. I think it’s just like the house rules. Things just happened and I never found the right time to set things straight. I know I should have. As far as I know, all the other parents in the poly circle told their children when they were around fourteen and several of them let their kids watch if they wanted about the same time.”

“Why didn’t you? That kinda pisses me off” Stephen said.

“I know. I don’t blame you. Like I said before, we almost told all four of you last summer but for some reason I can’t explain I asked her to wait another year. If I had to do it over, I would do it like the McCurry’s did. They never hid any of it from their kids. Their three children knew their parents played naked with their friends from the time they could talk. Seeing adults have sex was just so boring to them I understand they would walk right past an ongoing orgy and never even notice. Now, looking back I think their approach might have been right. Perhaps someplace between what they did and what I did would be the ideal.” She didn’t say so, but she was sure this was one more reason for this strange event. Why had she been the holdout for coming clean with the kids? Then she added, “I know the Pulaski’s will be happy to know they can tell our friends they can go nude and they no longer have to refrain from sex when you and Kate, and I guess Viv’s two children, are at their pool this summer.”

All the new thoughts were muddling up Stephen’s brain. So much to process. He heard her apology, but still that seemed to be inadequate. It was just too much. He had a hard time remembering what they had been talking about when he went off on the rabbit trail regarding Rob.

Sue realized Stephen lost track of what she was trying to tell him. She tried to bring him back with “There are also some people that are in our group but we all know to keep it very quiet. They don’t come to the big pool parties because they have to keep their identity secret. I am going to trust you with the name of someone I know you know, but you have no idea she has an open marriage. I’m only telling you because there are two sets of photos with her in them on my computer.” She again opened a new file and opened an image of a naked middle aged woman standing in a living room he did not recognize. But he did recognize the woman’s face.

She said “You know Yvette Carter. She and her husband Franklin are dear friends and wonderful playmates. “

If anything that photo was more of a surprise than even hearing that his best friend’s parents had sex with his mom and dad. Mrs. Carter was an English Comp teacher at his high school. He’d taken her last spring. Even then he couldn’t help but conclude his parents knew her outside of school, but he had no idea how they knew her. He thought she was older than his mom, but he couldn’t be sure. But he would never in a million years guessed that she fucked for fun. He didn’t think she knew what the word fun meant. He laughed “I bed she is demanding in bed.”

Sue cocked her head, “No, not at all. She’s actually a very tender, even artistic lover. But, your sister also thinks she’s a bear in class. It’s funny how people in private are often something totally different in public.” She took a breath and in a firm voice said OK, let’s get moving. We have more to do. Time to put some clothes on my body. You can play with it more before you go. Your dad never comes in here so you know where to hide if you want more practice.”

Stephen began to sit up and said, “Oh, Dad wants you to, me to, email the couple your meeting tonight with directions and tell them what restaurant to meet at near the club.”

Would the complications never cease? “Ok I’ll do.” She then added “You still need to put some clothes on my body, though I’ll confess I’m starting to like looking at it that way. Perhaps after this I should go nude around the house like Francine does. Would you or Kate mind?”

Stephen continued to move. “No I wouldn’t. I’m pretty sure that Kate would be up for us joining the Pulaski’s as nudist, or even do like the McCurry’s and have sex when and where we want to. After all I think you and I like to watch each other get off.” He just got a devilish grin. Sitting on the side of the chaise he spread his (her) legs wide. He took two fingers and began to use them to fuck himself.

She waited a moment. It was hot, and her dick began to tent the sweat pants. She knew he could see she got an erection again. “I won’t pretend that doesn’t’ tempt me, or at least my dick, but we are out of time. And besides that, we’ve resisted doing too much by the skin of our teeth. We can only hope we will have our bodies back by tomorrow morning. Get dressed and go upstairs and brush your teeth. Be sure to use mouthwash, your father has an uncanny ability to taste semen on my mouth hours after I’ve sucked dick. It would not be good to have to explain why my mouth was full of jizz when I’ve been home all day. Oh, and use a wet washcloth to get your semen out of my hair too.”

With a grin that made it clear what he wanted, he stood. The look made her uncomfortable, though on the other hand she felt much better about his ability to pull off being her at the club. She’d used that look many times. She watched as he worked to get dressed. He managed it surprisingly well.

Once he was gone Sue moved over to the chaise lounge and began to work on her phone. As she had done many times over the years she noted how the antique was remarkably comfortable. ‘What else?’ Now she would have to brief him on what to say at dinner. Those affairs are usually her little red wagon. It was good that even though he was young, Stephen was very articulate and had great social skills. She had silently began to bank on the idea that when she and Stephen woke up in the morning they’d be back in their right minds, or bodies or whatever. She comforted herself that she was learning a lot and so was Stephen. She just hoped it was enough.

Once Stephen was back in the studio, she directed him to take a seat at the desk and she sat on a stool beside him. She told him how to open the profile of the couple he’d be going out with. A photo of a woman came up, perhaps mid 30’s, thin, but not bad looking. “This is who you’re going to see tonight. Her name is Connie. She and her husband Bill and I have been emailing for about a month.” He clicked again and a full screen photo of an erection came up. “That is Bill’s dick. You can be sure you will be sucking it, but from what you did before I don’t think you will have any problems.” The next photos showed them in different poses, sometimes having sex, other times clothed. “She does something in shipping, and he is a contractor.” She directed him to click to another screen “That is their profile. I need you to read all of this before you go. If you have any questions what something means just ask me.” She went on for several minutes about the etiquette about meeting new people and some of the challenges he might encounter.

Stephen tried to keep up, but his mom talking to him like an adult was hard to get used to. And despite his bravado, he was far less than sure of his ability to pull this off. Like his mom, he hoped this would be over in a day, but what would the consequences be if he slipped up? He didn’t know.

“When your dad gets up tell him you told them to meet us at Applebee’s on Division Street. Now one more thing; at dinner I am the one who leads these conversations. In most cases we talk about normal things first, job, family and the like. You should be fine on that part since you know more than enough about my art work for a first meeting. By the time the food is delivered the conversation always turns to sex. A good way for you to go is to ask to hear all about what happened last night. Talk mostly to Connie. Ask what she liked, how she felt about it now, and those kinds of questions. They have kids in grade school, so they will be interested in how we were active swingers while having kids at home without them finding out.”

Stephen nodded.

“All these years” Sue emphasized “and, until today, you didn’t know. That will give you plenty to talk about over the dinner itself.” She rose to go. “I’ve texted your sister that you will be driving over to get her. Which means I need to go now. You read over that profile. And when you are done, read over ours too. You need to know what they know.”

Once his mother was gone Stephen read through the couple’s profile, then his parent’s. It didn’t surprise him that it noted that his mom was the sexually dominant one in the relationship. They listed themselves as “full-swap” and noted that they play as a couple and individually. He then went to the message section and began to read through the messages (both in the inbox and in the delete box). There were far more invites to meet up from couples and single men, that were not answered than those which were. The responses that did get sent were always written by Mom. She had quite a few people with whom she kept up regular correspondence. He had expected all the emails to be about meetings for sex, but in fact, most were just chit chat or flirting. That was not to say there were not a couple notes per month that said something like “Last night was great” or “I can’t wait to do it again”. He looked at the profiles of those who she had met, and her pattern was clear, couples that were their age or somewhat younger, and single men who were well built. He figured looking as good as she did, his mom could be picky.

He was surprised about one thing. Although looking at all those messages, and the sex photos on the profiles had turned him on quite a bit. He didn’t feel that normal irresistible urge to jack off. Was it that mom’s body was older and more mature, or was it she just didn’t have a dick? He didn’t know. But it was clear to him that being mom he was less bothered by the sexual urges that he had lived with for the past few years.

“MOM!” Kate’s voice pierced the quiet of his reflections. Stephen had the good sense to shut down the desk top before leaving the studio. He didn’t realize she’d been gone so long.

When he entered the living room, an angry Kate was waiting. “He’s trying to boss me again!” the complaint began.

It was all Stephen could do to keep his reaction to a slight grin. This was all too funny. Now his mom would know how he felt when he was trying to be helpful and his sister accused him of being bossy. He was able to overcome the desire to bless out his mother for all the times she’d done it to him. Instead, he took the long view and redressed Kate for being overly sensitive.

After the altercation was over and Kate had stomped out Sue said to her son, “Jenny called, there is a change in plans. You, well I, need to pick up Collin. It seems her parents will be staying overnight for the funeral tomorrow and her parents have asked Emjay to spend the night with her to keep her company.” Then in a lower voice she said “and her parents insisted no other friends can come over, so she told me to be extra discreet when we get there.”

Her half grin worried Stephen. It would be the first time the four of them have had time at one of the houses with no adults around since way before Christmas break, perhaps before Thanksgiving. A lot had happened since then. He also had worries about what his mother would do. But he didn’t want to say not to go too far or anything like that. How could he? And it was too late for him, (or rather his mom) to back out now. But he added, “Don’t fall asleep there, even for an hour. We don’t know how this thing works. It would be a real problem for Jenny to wake up with my mother naked in her bed.”

“And same for you” Sue replied, though that was still just a hopeful theory that they would switch back tonight.

Stephen managed the evening’s outfit with only some minor hang-ups. The thong was an irritant when he put it on, so his mom said to just go bare. That reminded her that she needed to shave. She didn't trust her son not to cut her vulva, so they did it together in her bathroom since Kate had settled herself downstairs in the family room to watch TV.

When that was done Sue took him back to her own bathroom to finish him up since there was more chance of Kate coming upstairs than Calvin. While he was trying to settle his boobs into the dark blue open cups of the bra his mother had picked out Stephen asked “Why wear this at all? It doesn’t cover anything and it’s not like you are all saggy”. She thought of giving him something else, but this is how she almost always wore it when she wore that completely see-through pale blue shirt under her blazer.

Handing him the shirt she said “Thank you for saying I don’t have the body of a hundred year old woman. But the bra actually does give me lift and my jacket fits better with it on.” She helped him into the diaphanous fabric. “Be careful with this. It is more fragile than your Francis Marion football jersey. Just as important, under the shirt, the bra draws the eye to my breasts more than if I went without. While my breasts are fully on view, I still look dressed. Without the bra the blouse can look sloppy.”

Stephen thought to himself ‘If I were her for a year, I’m sure I’d be learning things each and every day.’

Once he was dressed, Sue decided there was no teaching him make-up. It would take a month just to get started. It was very fortunate that a basketball game was on so that his dad stayed down stairs while she made her own face and hair up. Sue had heard Kate go into her room while she worked to get Stephen ready. When she was done she sent him across the hallway so that “Mom” could touch base with her before she left. Kate had told “her brother” that she would be spending the night with a boy, but had not told Mom.

Sue gave Stephen a specific piece of advice for Kate about spending the night with a guy. It was good advice that he would remember for himself as well. Moments later, just like he’d seen his mother do a hundred times he knocked once on the door before going in his “daughter’s” room.

Kate was laying on her bed wearing a yellow cotton bra and matching panty when her mother knocked and opened the door.

“So what are your plans tonight?” her mother said stepping inside.

Kate looked up from her laptop, “Well, I thought I’d take you up on the new rules. I’m going out with Mitch and then we are spending the night at his house. His parents are cool with the idea of me sleeping with him in his bed. They are real hippy types, way more than you are. They told him two years ago that he could have a girl spend the night; but he has actually never had sex while they were in the house.” She paused then added “And yes I’ve been having sex with him for well over a year now. We have done it in his bed after school five times and in my bed about the same number of times. The other times we’ve had sex have been out in the woods. I actually like doing it like that but of course the weather has to be right. He was actually my first, but we are not and have never been a couple. We are just good friends who like having sex together.”

Stephen would have to pass that bit of information on to his mother before she left. He had to be careful, he knew Mitch’s name and had met him several times but that was about it. He had been part of the Tuesday art group from the very first, so his mother actually knew him well. All he could think to do was nod thoughtfully and say “Thanks for letting me know. I like him and I couldn’t have picked a better guy for your first. Just make sure his parents call and let me know it is OK you spend the night with him.”

Kate surprised him when she literally sprang out of bed and gave her mother a hug. “Thank you mom. You are the best.”

Stephen was completely taken aback.

Kate sat back on the bed. “And Mom, don’t think it was all your fault we had the miscommunication. I could have just asked if I could have sex with my friends while you were home. But I didn’t so I’m just as much at fault. It’s not like I made any secret about it, I left the used condoms and wrappers out knowing full well you would see them. I don’t know why I didn’t talk to you about it right off. I really did want to tell you all about it the very first time Mitch and I had sex. It was his first time too. Perhaps tomorrow when you have more time we can talk.”

Stephen did not want to get into this. He might look and sound like their mother, but he was not her. Looking for a way out he said “Yes I would like that. Tomorrow for sure we will find time to talk. I will tell you anything you want to know about my sexual experiences as well.” He made to leave.

Kate was not done, “And Mom I really appreciate you saying I can wear your clothes. But I have to confess something. Well…on nights you are out I’ve worn some of your outfits. Not the super crazy stuff, or even like what you have on right now. I haven’t been quite that daring, at least not when I was going out of the house. This isn’t Charlotte and I didn’t want word to get back to you if some busybody thought you needed to know your daughter wasn’t dressed right.”

“I know you have. But thanks for telling me” Stephen said again trying to get out. He actually had no idea if his mom knew or not.

“So can I wear one of your blouses?”

Stephen might be wearing his mother’s body, but he did not have a lifetime of keeping aware of when and how much of her chest was showing. He literally had to look down and then over to Kate to realize why she asked. He had been sitting on her art stool causing the blazer to hang half way open. Kate could clearly see he wore a see through shirt over an open cup bra. It certainly was no problem that “his daughter” could see his right nipple, but it would matter at Applebee’s.

Not giving away he had not foreseen that, Stephen closed the jacket and buttoned one button. He found it noteworthy that Kate did not seem at all surprised at what he was wearing. He certainly would have been. Once again it was confirmed that he was a doofus and had not seen what was plainly in front of him. He was mostly concerned that there was some subtle difference between a blouse and a shirt that he did not know. So he just said “Sure. This morning I said you could wear whatever you want of mine and I meant it.”

“Great!” Kate said as she got off the bed and opened the door. He couldn’t miss she didn’t get dressed but headed across the hallway in the bra and little panties. It is entirely possible she would have done the same the day before when it was just her and Mom; but it was also possible she was testing the new rules. He had no idea. He followed her into their parents’ bedroom and into the bedroom’s walk-in.” He tried not to look at her ass, but it was hard. It was very, very nice looking. He gestured to his mother’s clothes, “Go ahead. Pick away.

Without a word she peeled off her bra and tossed it to him

When they first moved to their house over a decade ago they were young enough to not have any concerns at the fact they would be sharing a bathroom that connected their two rooms. For the first couple years after that his mom showered them together, but that was a very long time ago. And like when he looked in the mirror at his mom’s naked body, this was far from the first time he’d seen his sister’s boobs. Because Kate was a just year younger than him they began puberty at almost the same time. They had both gotten a good talking to about both privacy and the realities of sharing a bathroom after a few rounds of deliberately embarrassing one another about their sprouting pubic hair. At their parents suggestion they agreed not to lock their end of the door as a sign of trust (especially since they both knew the “locks” could be so easily bypassed). Over the prior four years they had indeed accidently briefly seen parts of the other naked more times than they could count. Yet in all that time neither of them had ever deliberately watched or stared at the other’s “private parts”. To both of them it was an important point of mutual respect. Even still Kate knew enough of what her brother’s erection looked like to tell both Monica and Dianna when she suggested they ask him to be their first sexual partner. And for the last year, more Saturday nights than not, they could hear the other sibling having sex both through the wall they shared and when one of them was in the adjoining bathroom. They both had more than once teased the other about the noise they or their partner had made. Yet despite all of that, this was the first time he had ever stood looking at length at her bare breasted, well since she had breasts that is. He knew it was a violation of their pact but he had to act like their mother and her mother would not have turned away.

Even conflicted as he was, he could not deny his sister had developed quite a figure. Almost nude she looked even more like a sixteen year old version of the body he was wearing than when she was fully dressed. The only real difference was her butt, thighs and boobs had less mass. It was like looking at a slimmer and smoother version of his mother.

Kate picked out and donned a green button up top that had an opaque placket and vertical seams, but was mostly see through. She then pulled a dark green wool mini-skirt from a hanger and pulled it on. From the other side of the closet she took a brown leather jacket. Lastly she picked one of the three remaining pairs of boots. The pair she picked was brown lace up with a low heel. She commented that if she wore high heels she would be taller than Mitch and he was sensitive about his height. When she pulled them on, they went almost to her knee.

She left the closet and stood in front of her mother’s dressing mirror and said “And?”

In the mirror, dressed so similarly, they looked even more alike than ever. What Stephen was thinking in his head was ‘She is way too smok’n hot for that art geek she is going out with and screwing tonight’. What he actually said was “Nice. Sexy, but if you keep the jacket mostly closed, even without a bra it reveals very little but promises a lot.”

Kate beamed, turned to her mother and said “Thanks. I love you so much.” She then hugged her mother and turned to leave.

Stephen had almost forgotten what his mother had told him to tell her. “Oh and Kate, take the whole box of condoms. Spending the night with Mitch will mean you will have more stopping and starting than you are used to. Each time you take a break and he loses his erection you need to use a fresh condom even if he has not ejaculated. And expect he will be ready to go when you wake up.” Stephen was pleased he had repeated his mother’s words almost verbatim.

Kate turned back, a look of both surprise and joy on her face. “Thanks. I didn’t think of that.”

Finally alone in his parent’s room, Stephen felt like he was finally off the hook…for now. He went down and across the upstairs landing into his own room. He knocked once, his mother was laying on her back using her iPad. In a casual voice loud enough to hear from the bathroom he said “Stephen, I will be in my studio for about half an hour before I have to go.”

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Feb 01, 2021

this is the most i have masturbated to any chapter of this story. i can relate to rob in the flashback parts of the story. the growth in erotic confidence from learning sex directly.

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