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Surprise Saturday: Chapter 8

He went to the studio and a few minutes later his mother joined him. He briefed her on the interaction with Kate then asked what to say when Mitch’s mother called. She told him to agree but if she wanted to talk, “tell her you are at dinner and will call her in the morning.” When she asked some questions, he found himself explaining how he and his sister had worked out their own code of conduct regarding nudity. He told her that he felt he had violated it by watching her pick out clothes wearing just her panties.

“You did good Stephen” his mother praised. “I must say I did not know you’d never been in the prolonged presence of your sister while she was undressed before.”

Stephen corrected “Oh, she had on her panties, so she wasn’t naked.”

“Yes, yes, I heard what you said, but you are missing what I’m saying. Your father and I just assumed the solution that ended the fighting a few years ago was you two just gave up trying to keep from being seen naked. Not that I’m criticizing your choice, I think it was an elegant one and shows more maturity than we gave you credit for.”

Stephen sitting at the desk chair said “I suppose it might seem weird to you since you, as an artist, see nudity as so normal. Now that I say that I think both Kate and I would agree, despite what it might appear. I have no doubt if you went in to her room right now, as me, and said that Mom said it was up to us to decide if the family should adopt nudism; she would totally say yes. So it’s not about embarrassment. I think our approach to sharing the bathroom has been about our trust. But, the boundaries by which we show both trust and respect have been changing already. The change in how we interact started a year ago the night Monica and Kate came in my room together about having sex with Monica. I have no doubt that when she left the room for us to do it; that Kate stayed in the bathroom listening the whole time to ensure I treated her friend right. I say that because the next day she came and asked how it went for me. At first I was hesitant, but after she recited the details and it was apparent she knew everything that happened I opened up. She said that Monica had told her what we did but I suspected it was more than that. Kate wasn’t asking what happened but rather she was just asking for my take on it. Since she clearly already knew all the ins and outs of what we did as it were; I had no reason to fear embarrassing her with what I said so I told her how it was from my perspective. Then surprise of surprise she gave me suggestions, very detailed suggestions of what Monica wanted me to do differently the next time. I had the good sense to listen and do what she said. Over those first three or four sessions Monica and I had, Kelly couldn’t have been more involved if she were standing beside the bed coaching.”

Sue could not help but laugh. She’d laughed more on this crazy day than she had in a long time. But this too was funny to her. Stephen must have seen it too and for a while they both just sat there laughing at the absurdity of the whole situation. She laughed not only about what he’d just said, or the craziness of switching bodies, but the entire way they had all been ignoring the things going on at home for so long. After a while Sue told him to go on.

“After that, without any plan, we have been completely open as far as talking about our sex lives.” He seemed to think, then suggested, “You know, the truth is I wanted to tell you, but I thought I couldn’t. It also helped that Kate couldn’t talk to you either about the ups and downs of her sex life, so we confided in each other. And of course we also began to compare what we each heard from the other room and we both learned to put actions to sounds. I bet from the bathroom I could write a play by play of one of Kate’s hour long sessions.”

Sue took all this in. It was just so much new information to process. “I guess I didn’t realize how sound traveled between your rooms. So earlier, when you talked about being with Monica while Kate has been with her guys, I didn’t quite grasp what that meant. So what I think you are saying is that you can more or less hear and know what the other is doing in bed? Is it almost like watching even though you can’t see it?

He nodded “Yep. I can’t hear your room though because it is down and across the hall. It was a process but by the time she asked if I would do Dianna we were talking as much about what she and her guys were doing as about me and Monica.”

Sue jerked her head over to look at him “Dianna? What about Dianna?”

Stephen sighed. “That is what I wanted to tell you before I go off with Dad. It looks like all sorts of stuff is coming out and I don’t want you to think I was hiding something. Because I’m not, and I don’t regret my choices”

Sue continued in a sharp tone “Don’t tell me you have had sex with Dianna?”

Stephen shot back, “No Mom, you can’t play that game! You say you are proud of fucking Rob Pulaski a few weeks after his seventeenth birthday when you were what? Thirty-Seven? I was sixteen and she was fourteen and if you will let me explain you will see I did the right thing.”

Sue just sucked in and said “OK, explain.” Vivian had told her last March she’d made an appointment for Dianna to get an IUD put in because she said her daughter had become becoming sexually active. It seems she took that step because she had started having sex with Stephen, though she’d never given a hint who Dianna was screwing. ‘What else hadn’t Vivian told her?’ she asked herself.

Steven began “The reason Kate asked me to have sex was because the night before Dianna told her there was a guy in her neighborhood that had all but asked if she would come over to his house to get it on. Not the guy who she started having sex with in the summer. The guy she was talking about was not her age or even in high school, but he was like twenty or something. So that day Dianna told Kate that she was planning on telling him she would have sex with him the next time she saw him. She insisted she would just do it once to see what it was like. That got Kate really worried and concerned. You know as well as I that at fourteen, she was as tall as her mother and had bigger boobs. Kate knew full well that if she did it just once with a grown man that would not be the end of it. It would be like what happened to Jenny but way worse. Of course we didn’t know about Jenny at the time but she knew that men took advantage of girls just like that. Kate didn’t want her to wreck her life so she asked Dianna if instead of that man she would do it with me. When Dianna said she would much rather have sex with me but didn’t think I would. She’d been thinking about it ever since I’d started having sex with Monica, but given how we are almost like brother and sister she didn’t ask. She knew I would be a way better choice than what she was planning on doing, but didn’t think I would. Kate came to me and told me what Dianna had said and asked if I would take her on just like I had Monica. That was right at a year ago.”

Sue tried not to sound aggressive “Why was she going to do that? If a grown man was hitting on her she should have told her mother about it.”

Stephen looked at his mom with incredulity. “I thought I was blind. Don’t you know that Dianna and her mom’s relationship has been on a rollercoaster ever since her dad died? I know you know how Mrs. Flint went crazy with sex and alcohol for like two years right? To this day, Dianna has not forgiven her mom for bringing home a strange man for sex just one week after they moved home after staying with us. To both Collin and Dianna it looked like she was spitting on their dad’s grave by bringing men into their dad’s bed. Now you told me all this stuff today; I can see Flint was not forgetting their dad, but she was just continuing what she had been doing before he was killed. But they did not know that. I’m pretty sure they still don’t know that.”

Sue did not know why she’d never thought of how it looked to the Flint kids before. Of course they thought their mother and father had been monogamous, why wouldn’t they? Every message from the overculture taught them that normal married people were. Worst yet they were taught that sex outside of marriage was betrayal. So by openly screwing other men Vivian was, in effect, betraying their dead father. Without a counter narrative, that must have been what the Flint kids had believed. Keeping their lifestyle a secret had done actual, and possibly irreparable, harm to Dianna & Collin.

But, in her mind Sue considered that Dianna had been eleven when her father died. Even if she’d had the insight to explain to Dianna, how could she have understood at that age? Perhaps she, Dwight and Vivian had mitigated the situation by taking in the family and openly having Vivian sleep in their bed. Sure at eleven Dianna likely didn’t understand, but at fourteen she must have seen the sexual component of that relationship. Of course she did. How had she and Vivian convinced themselves that the kids would not see it? That was why the girl had essentially guided her mother to confirm what she already knew about the fact she’d been having sex with Calvin. Even as Dianna was once again told a half story, she knew that her mother had not been having an affair; but that her mother and her best friends parents were, in effect, one grafted family and sex was just naturally part of it.

Sue thought back to last summer when Vivian called her over to the house to explain to Dianna.

There had been no push back when she’d told the girl that she thought it was a good thing that Dwight and her mom were lovers. She let her know it had never been a secret. Sue assumed that Dianna thought that the sexual relationship had started while her family had lived with the Richard’s. She did not disabuse her of the idea. And if, as Stephen said, Dianna was such a fan of porn, she would know full well that with three of them in the bed the two mothers were having sex as well. Sue put it all together in her head; ‘Yes, that was it, Dianna hadn’t been confronting her mother with proof she’d been having an affair, but was seeking confirmation that all was well. No wonder that after Sue had told the girl that she knew and approved of her mother and her husband’s sexual relationship she had latched on to Sue in a hug that wouldn’t quit.’

Still Sue knew that reality would not mitigate the damage Vivian had done by leading her children to believe that she only became sexually active with other men after their father had died. As far as Sue knew, Vivian had convinced herself that the kids knew nothing about her time of using booze and an endless stream of men to drown the pain, even while having the comfort of Dwight’s arms. She doubted that the kids had missed that. Yet, how could an eleven year old girl and a thirteen year old boy understand why their mother was behaving so? Sue understood. She’d done much the same thing when she was nineteen and twenty. Actually Viv was far more responsible than Sue had been in her wild years. Even when drinking, Vivian was and still is a condom fanatic with men outside their circle. She knew that first hand, she’d been with Vivian on a good number of those cruising expeditions. Ostensibly she had gone with Vivian to keep her safe, but they actually had a lot of fun on some of those outings. Yet, in all the times they dragged a man, or two to a nearby hotel; she never once had to remind Viv to use a condom. And Viv always used condoms for blow jobs as well. Sue was not a fan of sucking latex, but when she was with Vivian it was the rule for both of them. She remembered how Vivian had said on multiple occasions, even before Jack had died, that to her a condom is an emotional barrier as well as a protective one. She said she believed that it It keeps the man from touching her spirit. Only bare back sex counts as real sex to Vivian.

Yet her children knew none of that. If they had been like the McCurry’s, the children would have known and understood that there was no betrayal there. Yet that alone did not seem to explain why, at fourteen, Dianna was bound and determined to start having sex with random men.

“I didn’t say what you did was wrong” Sue told Stephen though she knew full well that was her first response. “I’m just seeing a lot of things much more clearly than I did yesterday. And you are right, we were both blind to what was right in front of us.”

Speaking slowly Sue asked “Do you know why she told Kate she was determined to start having sex? Was it just because Kate was having sex so she thought she should too?”

Stephen had just assumed his mother knew everything about what Mrs. Flint had done in those years after she was widowed. But perhaps she didn’t. He decided he needed to fill her in.

“Mom,” he said “do you know what happened to Dianna and her mother’s relationship after Mr. Flint was killed?”

“I thought I did, but perhaps I don’t. Why don’t you tell me?”

Stephen took a big breath then began. “Dianna was, and is, conflicted about her mother’s behavior in the two or three years from when her dad died till when her mom married Mr. Otis and he moved in. I know for sure she resented how fast her mom seemed to move on from Mr. Flint’s death. Collin wasn’t really around home much due to football and baseball; so it was just the two of them most of the time. From what Dianna has told me right off her mom started talking to her like she was an adult friend, not her mother. At first it was just normal stuff, but after a few months she started telling Dianna all about her sex life. I don’t think she ever told her about doing it with Dad or the people we know, but it was like she wanted Dianna to be her adult best friend. It wasn’t that she just would go on and on about what she did with guys she picked up, but she did that. I mean she told Diana really detailed stuff about what the guys did right and wrong in bed; but as Dianna got older and her body developed, her mom started teaching her all about what to do in bed with a guy or guys.”

“Like what?” Sue asked.

“Well, like each part of having sex with a guy or a girl and what to do when she had two guys or a guy and a girl in bed at once. She told me how her mother told her how good it felt when a guy’s penis was long enough to hit her cervix when he fucked her. Whenever she’d had sex with a guy who could do that to her, the next day she’d go on and on about how good it felt. I think it was for her thirteenth birthday her mom got her a long dildo so she could see what it felt like. In the first few months hearing about her mom screwing guys she just met grossed her out; but by the time she turned thirteen she had come to like how her mom talked to her like she was an adult. She said she came to look forward to hearing all about the sex her mom had the night before. It just became their normal conversations and it didn’t seem weird at all to her. Dianna told me that her mom right out asked her about how she masturbated and how often she did. That led to her telling her mom about playing with herself just like her mom talked about fucking. That was when she bought Dianna the dildo and suggested some porn websites to look at.”

Sue was incredulous. “I thought Vivian told me all about what she’d said to Dianna about her sex life. Clearly she had not told me a great deal of it. Last spring Viv had told me that Dianna had become sexually active with a pair of boys who lived near their home, but she never mentioned the two of you having sex. I guess I don’t know her as well as I thought I did. I’ve heard that some single mom’s often over share with their teenage daughters and start treating them like peers; but I didn’t have a clue that Vivian had done that.”

“Oh she told her mom all about us. I guess Mrs. Flint has heard about every single thing we have done. But it is strange that her mom told you about the two guys in her neighborhood, but not about me.”

Sue just nodded. It seemed odd to her too.

Stephen went on “It took a while but Dianna figured out while her mom brought home a lot of different guys for casual sex, it was usually one of the same three guys. Oh, and there was a couple who she would have over too, and not just for sex. They seemed to be regular friends that had known her dad. Perhaps that is why Dianna knew what was going on when none of the rest of us did. Now I can see they were probably a couple in your group.”

“That would make sense” Sue agreed. “It would also help to explain why Vivian has always been vague and evasive about what she had told Dianna. Did she hear their names?”

“Oh yea, it was a man named Simon and his wife Belle. Like I said, they came over for dinner and stuff before they went to her mom’s room to have sex. Dianna said Belle was really nice. They still come over to her house, but they haven’t had sex there since Mr. Otis moved in; well not when Dianna’s been there at least.”

Sue nodded. “Yes, Simon & Belle Frazier. And yes they are part of our group. Dianna would have seen them at all the pool parties for the past four years, so she knew they were part of our social group. Did she not tell you that?”

Stephen was surprised. “No she didn’t. So I’ve seen them?”

Sue turned to the computer and pulled up a directory. The photos were of a pool party at the Pulaski’s but not one that Stephen had been to since most of the people were nude. Sue opened an image of a nice looking couple perhaps in their late twenties and the woman was clearly pregnant. The man was completely naked but the woman had on bikini bottoms. “This is from two years ago. Now do you recognize them? Last summer they brought their baby with them to all three big pool parties.” His mom then pointed out “You can see Mrs. Pulaski and her daughter Michelle, and to the left is the McCurry’s daughter Marcella laying on the deck and Glen and Stella Eisenstein’s son Seth and his wife. And of course that is your father on the chaise lounge. In the background you can seem more people I’m sure you recognize. Viv and Mary and the others are at the other table out of the frame. But I guess you can see now that those three big parties are just about the only time swimwear is expected; though of course you know full well that most of the swimwear at those parties would not be legal at a public pool.”

Stephen recognized everyone, even those in the background. ‘So why didn’t Dianna tell him that that couple were at the pool parties?’

As if thinking the same thing Sue said, “This all but confirms that Dianna knows full well about the poly group and our lifestyle. I guess Vivian had just totally convinced herself that her daughter just couldn’t add two plus two. That would also explain her response when Dianna showed her the video she’d made of your dad and her mom together. Dianna has been keeping her mother’s secret. That is why she never told you all of what she knows. That is commendable. But then why was she sexually acting out if she had come to enjoy her mom talking to her like an adult about sex?”

Stephen answered “Her mom and Mr. Otis got married only a few months before Kate started to have sex. When Kate started it was only a matter of time before Dianna did too. After all, if you were fine with Kate having sex before she turned fifteen, she thought that she should start having sex at fourteen as well. She was sure her mom thought she should have already started having sex by then, but Dianna thinks a lot more of your opinion than of her mother’s. Importantly, after the wedding her mother had gone back to talking to her like she was a little kid. That pissed her off. And I think you are right about that video. I’m sure that is why she filmed Dad and her mom screwing. I’m sure that you are also right about her wanting to keep her mother’s secrets since she has never once mentioned to me anything about Dad and her mom. She is not the least bit embarrassed about anything else with me and she told me a lot. Some of which will help you understand why she was frustrated. Like the story about when, a few months before the wedding, she was watching porn in their living room while she… uh… jilled off as you would say. She was on the floor in front of their TV wearing only a tee shirt, nothing else. The dildo her mom got her has a suction cup base, we’ve played with it while we screwed a few times. She was sitting on it so it was up her ass while she fingered her pussy. She likes doing that. When she is with me of course she uses my dick rather than a dildo.”

Sue broke in “I guess you are right she isn’t embarrassed about what she tells you. Not many girls would tell a boy about that.”

Stephen replied, “That isn’t the part I was getting at. See her mom and Mr. Otis showed up unexpectedly while she was getting herself off. It made her mad that her mom acted like she was doing something wrong. She’d looked at porn in the living room lots of times when her mom was home. A couple of times her mom had walked in while Dianna was using her dildo and her mom had just praised her for being so grown up. She said as long as Collin wasn’t home it seemed the more sexual stuff she did, the more her mom treated her like an adult. By the time her mom got remarried and Mr. Otis moved in Dianna had become what her mom had wanted her to. As Dianna described it she was a virgin slut just waiting to start fucking her brains out. Then overnight it all changed. Like right up to the weeks before he moved in she and her mom laid out by their pool to sun naked anytime Collin wasn’t home; but after her mom got married, she couldn’t come out of her room unless she was fully dressed even if it was just the two of them. To make it worse, her mom didn’t change how she acted at home one bit. It pisses her off that even when Collin is home her mom sometimes goes topless; yet all of a sudden she couldn’t do the same even if neither her brother nor Mr. Otis were there. To spite her she started going around the house completely naked in front of Collin when it was just the two of them. When she told me she did that, I found it odd that Collin had never told me. I would have thought he would tell me because he has told me how his mom sometimes walks through the house in nothing but thong panties and suns nude even if he is out with her, but nothing about his sister.”

Sue now understood what the conflict was and why Dianna had been so bound and determined to start having sex. It also told her that once a family develops a culture of secrecy, it pervades everything. Once again she felt ashamed for her poor decision making.

Stephen continued “When Kate told her mom about us having sex her mom let up as long as the guys were not at home. They started talking about sex again. Her mom liked to hear everything Dianna did with guys and gave her pointers. They even went back to sunning nude and skinny dipping last summer. She said that they even did it if Collin or her husband were home; though she had to put her suit back on if either of them came out. Her mom only sometimes put hers on when Collin came outside. She planned on pushing her mom to let her go nude whenever she wants; but now my guess is that you have taken off the table that as an issue.”

His mom put in “I know about some of that. Recall when two summers ago when Vivian and I took Kate and Dianna to the Outer Banks. I spent the week doing sketches of the three of them, mostly in the nude. I can tell you both girls loved going naked out in the sun. I guess I didn’t know things changed when Viv got married. Just as we have the last three summers Kate and I sunned and skinny dipped with Viv and Dianna a number of times at their house. But I didn’t know Viv was sunning nude when Collin was out at the pool. When we have been there without our suits on Viv has the guys stay inside. Not that there is anything wrong with it; it’s just she had not told me that she goes nude in front of Collin.”

Stephen nodded. “OK, so you do know some of this. So by spring things with her mother had gone back to how they were, at least partly. I guess I forgot to say that before Mr. Otis moved in she had been telling her mom about her sex life with Kate and Monica too. That had stopped when Mr. Otis moved in; but after she and I started having sex her mom seemed to want to hear everything again. Dianna was all too happy to tell her mom every little detail about everyone she has sex with. She was happy that she finally was doing the things her mom had talked about. Like Mrs. Flint had told you, in April she started screwing a guy who goes to Francis Marion in her neighborhood, and in May she started doing a second guy who she also knew from riding the school bus. She can pretty much screw one or both of them anytime she wants. Oh and since you don’t count her or Collin as company, starting in the fall she began to join Kate and her guys from the art club for threesomes from time to time. She tells her mom all about all of it.”

Vivian had kept so much from her. It was hard for Sue to believe. Then a bolt of understanding hit Sue. Stephen had run right over the physical nature of Kate and Dianna’s relationship as if that were obvious. Well it hadn’t been obvious to her. Yes, Viv had told her that her daughter had become sexually active with a pair of boys who lived near their home last May; but Stephen seemed to be saying that the two girls had been having sex for a good while before the events of a year ago. It sure sounded to her like he was implying that Kate and Dianna had been having sex for years. Again she wondered if the teen culture had changed that much. When she was a pubescent girl such things would not have occurred to her, but to Dianna and Kate….? Sure, since the terrible day four years ago, Dianna and Kate had slept in the same bed at least one night out of every four or five. She and Vivian didn’t even consider the other’s children company; Kate, Dianna, Collin and Stephen had been effectively jointly parented by her and Vivian together. Like her son had reminded her, even the house rules about having friends over didn’t apply to the Flint kids. But now she saw what she should have realized. Dianna knew her mother had sex with women and that meant Kate did too. Given that knowledge and their access to porn and the fact they were in the same bed at least once a week… how had she not seen it? Then she asked herself ‘Did Vivian know and just not tell about this also? Of course she had. Perhaps Vivian just assumed she knew full well what the girls had been doing night after night just across the hallway.’ She thought it best not to acknowledge to Stephen that she had been so naive to what was going on behind Kate’s door.

Cautiously Sue summarized “So Dianna was resentful that her mother changed the rules and expectations regarding her sexuality. It sounds like with her mother’s encouragement she had been moving toward embracing the same lifestyle of recreational sex with a variety of partners that her mom had been flaunting for the prior few years. Then suddenly, as it seemed to Dianna, her mom changed all the rules and expectations with no explanation or input from her. Do I understand it correctly?”


“So you can tell me now how it happened you had sex with a fourteen year old girl who is almost like family?”

“It was the long weekend when you guys went to that big Martin Luther King Day art show last year to sell your paintings. I guess that means it was right under a year ago. You left the four of us here from Friday night till Monday. You had even arranged with Monica’s parents to drop her off to stay the weekend so the three girls could have fun. Well we did have a lot of fun, but not the kind of fun you expected. We were all hanging out in the family room that first night. We were all just chilling.

The girls got talking and laughing. I couldn’t belief how explicit they got in their sex talk right in front of me and Collin. They talked about masturbating and sucking dick and eating pussy. Both Monica and Dianna had sucked a couple of dicks before that day, but of course Kate had done twice as many guys as both of them combined. I think they were trying to embarrass Collin and me by talking about all the things the three of them had done in bed together. Then something came up about Collin having never had sex yet. Collin might be good looking but girls scared him to death last year. Kate was the only girl he was really comfortable around, though he was getting used to Monica as well. The girls asked him why and he told them how he was just not good enough with girls to get to the point where sex was on the menu. Kate being Kate, just asked Collin if he wanted to go up to her room and have sex right then. At first he thought she was picking on him, but she took him by the hand and they went up to her room and screwed.”

“So on that Friday night Kate and Collin had sex for the first time while we waited for them down stairs. Later on Monica and I did our thing in my room and Kate and Collin did it again, that time they did it in the guest room. Since you had been the one to put us all in the same house, for the first time Monica and I actually spent the night together. When Kate had worn out Collin she left him in the guest room and slept with Dianna in her bed. Well they had sex first then they went to sleep. Are you following?”

Sue nodded, “Yea. I get it. I guess I was kind of naive to think you guys would just play Yahtzee for three days.”

Stephen and his mom both laughed before he continued explaining “That night was the first time for them. Like I said, it was the first time he had ever had sex.”

Sue was not nearly as surprised by the revelation that Kate had offered to be Collin’s first sex partner as she was about Stephen having sex with Dianna. After what else she had learned that day it made perfect sense that Kate would offer to be Collin’s first. Her daughter seems to have fully embraced the idea that sex is a normal thing that friends did with friends. After all, the boys Kate was screwing from the art club weren’t boyfriends any more than Collin was.

Stephen had not meant to spill the beans on that. It was not his to tell his mother last spring and summer, from time to time, his sister and his best friend had sex just for fun. He had to put it into context of how he came to have sex with Dianna lest his mom get the wrong idea. “Let me explain what happened. The next morning, Kate came into my room with me and Monica still in my bed. She told both of us what Dianna had told her the night before and, right in front of Monica, asked if I would have sex with Dianna…like right then. The three of us talked and when we were done, I agreed it was the right thing to do. Mom, I think you would have been proud of me. Even though I was still new to sex I knew to go slow. Kate’s coaching had really helped a lot and I spent way over an hour just talking to her and us getting used to touching each other’s naked bodies. She hadn’t expected that. That was not what she saw on the internet, but she really liked it a lot. Not to get ahead of myself, but in the end, like by the summer, that was normally most of what we did together. And…though we haven’t screwed since the fall, from time to time we still snuggle naked, especially when she is feeling down she just wants me to hold her with our bodies touching.”

“Does Jenny know?”

“Actually she does, but the last time we had sex, like dick in pussy sex was the week before I met Jenny, and we haven’t had oral sex since the first week in October and the last time I put my dick in her ass was a few weeks after that. We now just cuddle naked and kiss though I know she wants me inside of her again. Dianna sometimes spends the whole time that we are in bed together crying. It’s like she can just let go with me. When she is spending the night with Kate she just comes through the bathroom, already naked, and crawls in with me. I know what she wants, so I push off my underwear and we snuggle. Mostly it’s just being together. Before, she’d ask me to lay on my back so she could work my dick into her ass before we just snuggled with me in her. Once she started having sex with other guys doing that became more important to her. She doesn’t do it with anyone but me. But as often as not we doing do anal to get off, she just liked that physical connection so I only moved enough to keep hard.

Since the fall we haven’t had sex, but it wouldn’t be right to say it isn’t sexual. Instead of putting my dick in her she likes to hold my erection in her hand and she likes me to softly touch her breasts or put my hand on her pussy. Not to get her off exactly, she just wants to feel my hand there. So all this time we have mostly been doing the same kind of thing, talking softly and snuggling for about an hour. Usually, but not always she will jerk me off while she masturbates. Sometimes she likes me to put my middle and index finger in her to help her get herself off. Then we go to sleep. When I wake up in the morning she’s gone.”

“If I’m at their house we only do it if Mr. Otis is gone. I know her mom knows what we are doing in her room, but we never directly talk about it when I am there. We do it at her house mostly in the daytime. If Mr. Otis comes home while we are in her room her mother or Collin will knock on the door to let us know. I think both of them see what I do with her as helping Dianna. I’m real sure they don’t think I’m taking advantage of her.”

“In her ass?” Sue asked. “You say it as if that part is really common. I can assure you it is not. Most women I know are not fond of anal sex, especially with a guy with a dick as thick as yours. In my whole life I’ve only been close to two women that really are into anal sex: Mary and one woman in our poly circle. I don’t do anal with your father because his dick is just too big and…well Dianna is just a girl.”

Stephen looked hurt. “She doesn’t let me, she asks me to. I would never pressure her. And besides, I actually prefer regular sex over anal.”

Sue knew she’d said the wrong thing and apologized.

“Let me explain and you will see what I mean” Stephen said. “That first morning I focused on touching and kissing for a long time. During that time she showed me how she got herself off. She rubbed herself to two orgasms right in a row while I had two fingers in her pussy and my thumb in her ass; and understand that I only did that after she told me exactly what she wanted. She is really good at telling me what she wants. After that I went down on her. Before that she’d sucked dick a couple of times but she’d only had girls, no guys, eat her out. She offered to blow me but I put her off saying I wanted her to be completely sure of herself before I went on. She seemed to appreciate that. It was really nice. Only after she had an orgasm as I licked her just the way she directed me did I agree to let her suck me. Even still we stayed in sixty nine on our sides. We each rested our heads on the others thigh. It was very low keyed and…well pleasant. In time that became one of our favorite things to do. Finally together we put a condom on my dick. She was super ready when I put my penis in. I’d heard breaking a girl’s cherry takes effort, but it just slipped right in all the way. It seems she didn’t have one since she’d been regularly putting a dildo up herself for over a year, but I didn’t know that at the time. We started with me on top and I went real slow. Each time I got too close to cumming I pulled out and we went back to snuggling before we tried a new position. According to Kate, Dianna says she had the best first time experience ever. I’m pretty proud of that.”

Sue said “You should be. That is a rare gift to a girl. Given the circumstances you did the right thing in the right way. I’m proud of you too.”

Nothing could have made her son feel better than those words. With new confidence he continued. “It was past noon when Dianna and I finally went down stairs. It seems while we were in my bedroom, Kate and Monica had gone to the guest room and together pounced on Collin. It is funny that both of the Flint siblings lost their virginity that weekend: Collin in the evening and Dianna in the morning. The girls were like super talkative about what everyone had been doing. Collin and I got really embarrassed, but we didn’t dare leave. From then till you guys came home Monday evening we had all sorts of combinations in the different bedrooms. I hope you don’t mind we used your bed a couple of times.”

“That’s fine. Go on”

“Dianna wanted to try everything that weekend. We did all the positions I knew. Then we went on to other things. She had me cum in her mouth and she had me fuck her in her ass. I was really surprised at that. I didn’t know she’d been doing that with a dildo just about the same size as me for the past year, so again I went super slow. She liked it way more than I’d expected her to. It was only later she told me her prior experience, though she said my dick felt a lot better than the dildo. The last time we did it that weekend, she had me put it in her like that when we were snuggling in spoons. Not to fuck exactly, but we just lay there with me behind her and my dick in her butt and I held her. Eventually she got her self-off with her hand. I’d always wondered if girls really like anal. Neither Jenny or Monica do, but Dianna asks me to do her that way more than pussy sex. Is that unusual?”

Sue shook her head. “Yes it is unusual but not unique. Like I said, most women either hate anal or only do it occasionally like I do. But every woman is different, so if that is what she likes, then that is good for her.”

Stephen thought on that for a moment and said “I’ve been wanting to ask you for the longest time about this. Her mom told her that when a guy has on a condom she is not really having sex with the guy, but the condom. The same is true for blow jobs. Her mom told her if she were to suck or fuck every guy at school but she always wore a condom she would spiritually be a virgin since she would have never had the skin of a penis touch her insides. So when we do oral or anal, I never wear a condom. She has never let any other guy but me do her in the ass nor has she blown a guy without a condom. Just me. She says that is because I’m the only guy who is really part of her. What do you think?”

Sue had to collect her thoughts. She knew Vivian believed that but it seems that her daughter had taken the idea to heart. What should she say? Certainly there was no danger that Dianna would get a disease or pregnant by having bare back anal sex with Stephen.

“I think” she said slowly, “you should continue doing what Dianne wants. Well that is what Dianne wants and will not harm your relationship with Jenny.”

Stephen nodded “That’s what I’ve been doing. Jenny has hinted that if I asked she would say it was OK to go back to putting my penis into her again. For that matter she’s brought up having sex with Monica recently too, but I’ve never pursued it out of fear I would be like her old boyfriend. But I am sure Dianna is one of those few females who really like it. After that first time, she brought this little bottle of slick stuff just for that reason. I hope it’s OK we didn’t use condoms for oral or anal sex.”

“Normally you would not want to have anal sex without a condom, but in your case I think it’s OK if that is what she wanted.”

“How often do you two do it?” his mother asked.

“It varies. Around the anniversary of her dad’s death at the end of September and the first of October she wanted to do it every day. We couldn’t work it out to do it every day, but for a couple of weeks it was close to every day. She found reasons to come over like three nights both weeks. I had my car by then, so several times after football practice I picked her up and brought her over when you were out. But since then sometimes we go weeks when we don’t do it at all.”

“And Jenny is OK with it?” Sue asked.

“That first long day, on the dock I told her pretty much everything I’ve told you. I didn’t tell her Dianna’s or Monica’s names, but of course she found those out later. And I usually tell Jenny about every time we snuggle like that. She’s not jealous. She knows I don’t think of Dianna like a girlfriend. Pretty much Jenny’s only close friends are Emjay, Kate, Monica and Dianna. It’s kinda strange how our family bring people into our orbit. It’s almost like the poly circle you talked about. ”

Sue had thought that same thing, but had not said it. Somehow their kids, even though they didn’t know about the poly circle or even their open marriage, had absorbed the values that made it work and created their own circle.

He continued “So that first time while you and dad were gone it was the first time for any of us to have a threesome; well if you don’t count the three girls all in Kate’s bed together. It was really great being between the two of them. We had a good many more times with the three of us until Monica and I stopped having sex. It is really hot watching them eat each other out while I rest. It can be a lot of work keeping up with both of them.”

Sue had to laugh. “Yes, I’m sure it was. But somehow I don’t think you complained.”

Stephen laughed too. “No I didn’t. So, that first day, eventually Monica went to Kate’s room to joined her and Stephen. She was busy all weekend doing threesomes with both me & Dianna and with Kate & Collin. Like all day on Saturday and into the night there was sex going on. We used all the condoms in the bathroom but Kate knew where to get more from your room.” He stopped. “Do you keep condoms in your room someplace other than that suitcase you showed me?”

Sue was thinking the same thing. “No” she said flatly. There was only one place to get condoms in her bedroom, in her play bag. Sue did not mean to, but aloud she said “Kate knows about my play bag? I would be irrational to pretend she had just found it that day. She must have known about it for more than a year, probably she’s known for years. If she knows about the bag she has seen the photos. If she has seen the photos she knows everything.”

Even though Sue had begun to convert to digital when Kate was a baby, there were still a few prints of newer photos in the bag, and there was a protective case holding 8x10’s. In that case were prints of photos that counted as art in their own right. There was a print of a beautiful nude studio portrait of the three couples taken only a few months or so before Jack’s car wreck. Printed on heavy archival paper, it was a very special keepsake. More significantly were the dozen prints made from the photo session with Mary and her ex-husband that Stephen had seen earlier. They were the smaller versions of the 20x30’s she sold at conventions. There were also a dozen or so more 8x10’s that Sue had taken as reference images, but had later edited in Photoshop to make artistic erotica. None had her in them since she had taken the photos, but all had Calvin, Viv and/or Mary engaged in sexual acts. Those photos would tell Kate a great deal. Not everything, but enough to know for sure her parents were non-monogamous. Her mind was racing. That was a year ago, how long had Kate known? If Kate knew a year ago so did Dianna, yet she had never let on she knew more than her mother had admitted to. Then why didn’t Stephen know? There was only one way to find those answers and she couldn’t do that now.

To Stephen she said “Well, I will have to talk to Kate tomorrow…assuming. Thank you for telling me all that, but you really do need to go.”

It was past time for Calvin and “Sue” to leave. There just was no more time. She had to hope Stephen pulled it off. She wanted to walk them to the door but she knew that was not something her son would do. Instead she waited for them to go and then went to decompress in the family entertainment room. She had a good while before she needed to leave for Jenny’s and there was little she could do while staying in character. She turned on the TV.

Kate’s voice woke her from her nap. “What is going on with Mom?”

“What do you mean” Sue said, a little disoriented. It was only Stephen’s voice coming from her mouth that brought her back to her strange reality. She tried to act casual and didn’t even bother to look up at his sister.

Kate took a seat on the arm of the couch. “I’m glad she’s changing the rules, but don’t’ you think it is weird that like in one day all of the complaints we have been making among ourselves got through. Before she left she told me to take extra condoms because I’d be having sex on and off all night. I guess she knows all about it, but she said it like she was telling me to take a book to read. Just that normal sounding. And even the way she talks sounds weird. Like…like her vocabulary has changed.”

That last got Sue’s attention. She sat up and turned to look at Kate. Kate made no effort to keep Stephen from seeing her breasts through the see-through shirt. Perhaps Stephen was right and Kate wanted to make nudity a non-issue between them. As she raced to find the words Kate, perhaps in response to her brother’s startled look, said “Oh yea, Mom let me pick out clothes from her closet to wear to the movies and to Mike’s Pizza Shack. She didn’t even try to get me to put on a bra under this shirt. So I figured if she is OK with me wearing this out in town I can wear it around the house too. You aren’t embarrassed are you?”

Her brother assured her that it did not.

“Good. Then perhaps we can call off our efforts to not see each other in the bathroom either. After all Collin and Dianna have stopped caring if they see each other naked and it isn’t like I haven’t seen your junk fifty times before.”

Sue wondered why Stephen had not said Collin has been going nude with Dianna, or at least not keeping his sister from seeing him that way. Perhaps he didn’t know. That was likely the case given the pattern of deception she was seeing. She agreed assuming her son would do the same then began. “OK, here is what happened. This morning Mom came in to apologize for what she said last night. She said even if I was late, she should not have talked to me like that. And, well….I took the risk and just out and said that Jenny and I were making love in the park and we went on so long it made me late. She was like all cool with that and said she was glad I finally was open to talking to her about having sex with Jenny. She said she hadn’t asked because she’d been waiting for me to open up to ensure I was OK with talking about my sex life. I suppose she’s been waiting for us to talk about it first.”

Kate sat there thinking for a while then she said “Yea maybe that is it. She’s just been waiting for one of us to say openly that we are having sex. But it was so weird for her to tell me to take extra condoms since I’d likely be having sex on and off all night. Just as normal as could be she said we needed to use a new condom each time we took a break where he lost his wood. And she didn’t seem the least bit shy or embarrassed. You and I talk that way to each other, but it was Mom. Like I said, I’m really happy she is doing it; but why has she acted like she didn’t want to hear about it for so long, then ‘boom’ this morning she’s like it is no big deal. And then she lets me wear this out on my date tonight. Why?”

Sue knew she had to just tell her everything, well rather that “Mom” had admitted all the things that she was now sure Kate knew already. “So I told her that Jenny and I had sex for over an hour in the park and then told her about me and Monica and Dianna. After I was done she blows me away and tells me that she and Dad both have sex with their friends. Including the Flint’s and the Pulaski’s. She just spilled out that she and Ken Kenopple were lovers for like ten years. And get this….tonight they are going to a sex club with another couple. She just told me all of that and I was like ‘Oh my god!”

Sue expected Kate to say she’d always known, but instead her eyes got big and she said “She told you that?”

“Yea. She like told this whole long story, but what it comes down to is she and Dad have been fucking other people since before they got married. She told me that only in the few years between when they got married and you were born that they were not doing other people.” Now Kate’s face began to show she already knew about most of that, but Sue thought she should open the door to a mother daughter talk tomorrow. “I’ll admit she dumped way more on me than I could follow, but she did say she was going to talk to you tomorrow about it.”

Kate nodded and seemed to think “OK, that makes sense. Dianna and I got the idea that they were waiting till she was sixteen to spill the bean since they know that once they come clean to any of the four of us we will tell the others. So how far do you think she and Dad are going to go with this? Is it going to be like we all can just tell who we banged last night at the dinner table? Not that I wouldn’t love that, but do you think Mom…no do you think Dad is ready for that? Now that I say it I’m sure Mom would be fine with us talking about sex at the dinner table, but I don’t know about Dad.”

Her brother sat looking at her. Inside his body Sue wondered what to say. Her point was a good one. She’d done all this without even consulting Dwight. Yes he was flexible, but this was a lot at once. They’d talked about this many times. It would all be fine. “Well she told me that the new house rules would be mostly up to us. We can just do like you said. Would you be OK for Mom and Dad to talk about who they banged at the dinner table?”

“Sure I think it would be cool. It’s not like I haven’t been looking at the pictures she takes at her sex parties for years.”

Sue jumped “You have known about those pictures for years? She just told me about them today.”

Kate shook her head. “You are so dim. Dianna and I have been looking at them for…well since we started middle school. It’s always fun when a new set of photos shows up. I guess that is why we keep going back to look.”

Sue sat slack jawed. Since middle school? Had she really been that unaware? She must have been. Struggling for a better response she said “I guess so. I didn’t have any idea Mom and Dad did that before today.”

With a look of superiority Kate said “I tried to tell you, but you just wouldn’t listen. No, I didn’t tell you about the pictures, but the signs were so obvious. How you and Collin missed them is beyond me and Dianna. Didn’t you even once think it was odd that when they lived with us Mrs. Flint slept in Mom and Dad’s bed?”

Sue did not have to pretend to feel embarrassed at her stupidity; she really did feel stupid thinking the kids would not notice. “No, not really.”

Kate kept up “And for a year after that she and Dianna and Collin spent almost every weekend here. And Mrs. Flint always slept with Mom and Dad. When my door was open, sometimes Dianna and I could hear the three of them having sex. Once when we were in the back yard, Dianna just happened to look through the studio window. Mom and Mrs. Flint were having sex on her chaise. We watched them for quite a while getting it on. I just can’t believe you didn’t know any of that.”

Sue thought ‘They saw us? They heard the three of us from her room? Of course they did. Vivian is as loud in bed as anyone I know. That would have been the time to tell them, but we missed it.’ Sue sought a way to rectify her past errors. “Mom said that if she had to do it again, she would have done like the McCurry’s or Pulaski’s. They didn’t hide anything. She said the times we’ve been at the Pulaski’s house to swim were some of the rare times anyone wears anything in their pool. And even when adults have sex around the pool, they didn’t send the kids in. She said Mrs. McCurry told her that they had just made sex so normal their children didn’t even notice it until they reached puberty. Then as teenagers, the McCurry’s told the kids they could have sex whenever and wherever they wanted in the house. That was because their parents had been doing the same with their friends for years. You know Joliette McCurry-Carter, she is their daughter. She has sat for Mom a couple of times.”

Kate said “Yea, I like her. Mom told me how you walked in while she was posing a while back. I’ve actually done my own sketches of her when she posed for Mom the last few times, and yes she is very pretty and looks great in the nude. But I can only vaguely remember what she looked like when she lived with her parents. So Mom would like us to be like them?”

“I don’t think she thinks you and I would be OK with just jumping to that level.”

Kate cocked her head “Why not? I think it would be so cool to have my friends over after school and just pull off our clothes and get with it right here on this couch. After all Mom and Dad do the exact same thing at the Pulaski’s and the McCurry’s. I know because I’ve seen lots of photos where their friends are hanging out like normal but Mom or Dad are naked and having sex with someone while the other’s hardly seem to notice. I actually can see Mom coming in the room while I’m riding Collin then asking us if we wanted anything to drink or some snacks while we fuck. This has always been our room to do our thing in, so why shouldn’t we treat sex just like any other kind of activity we do with our friends in here?”

Sue, trying to act like she already knew that was what Kate would say though it was hard not to responded. Her natural response to all his was to sit slack jawed and bug eyed. With great effort to act how she thought Stephen would, she said “Well then when you talk to Mom tomorrow, tell her that. She said I’m pretty sure she will say what she said this morning at The Riverside Cafe’, that you can make your own choices. But what if you came home and found her with some man fucking on the couch? Would it work both ways? She told me that she has been there when Rob McCurry was younger than us and his parents had sex with their friend’s with him in the room or out by the pool.”

“All I have to say is that she should not have waited so long? Maybe I didn’t make it clear to you. I have seen at least fifty video clips of Mom and Dad having every kind of sex you can imagine with lots of different people. Dianna and I have seen them all. So, no it wouldn’t bother me to come home and mom was fucking in the living room … well as long as I was allowed to watch.”

The doorbell rang.

Kate jumped up “Well, time for me to go spend the night with Mitch. We will talk more about this tomorrow.” And she was off.

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A comedy about breaching a wall of secrets.

After you're done with this story, see if you can get your hands on "Angels Fear: Towards an Epistemology of the Sacred," by Gregory and Mary Catherine Bateson. They have an interesting discussion of what Matthew 6:3. means in living systems. They raise the issue of "Let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth," saying that too much information is pathological, but can't find the line between enough and excess.

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