Surprise Saturday: Chapter 9

Dwight Richards’ wife had been late getting ready. That annoyed him so he said little before turning the game on the radio. He had no idea what was really going on.

With the basketball game playing, the fifty minute ride to the restaurant did not present any problem for Stephen who was wearing his mother’s body. He and his father only had a little small talk during commercials. He spent most of his time looking through his mother’s phone. He gleaned a good bit of information that he might use tonight. At least that was how he justified his invasion of his mother’s privacy.

The one bit of drama for Stephen during the drive was when the phone rang and it was Mitch’s mother. After the woman said they would be happy for Kate to spend the night in their son’s room she began to go on about how wonderful it was that Kate’s parents were so understanding about teenagers. Then she began to talk. It seemed she knew all about the kind of art Sue did and was very thankful about the time she devoted to helping Mitch and his friends with the weekly class. It was all well and good until she began to ask questions. Stephen was relieved when the mother accepted his need to get off the phone because she and Kate’s dad were out for dinner. As he had been instructed he said that he (well his mother) would call her back in the morning. Mitch’s mother suggested that they sit down for coffee and talk when she came to pick Kate up in the morning. Stephen agreed even though his mom had not told him to do so. He was sure his mom wouldn’t mind though.

When they arrived at Applebee’s, Calvin recognized Connie and Bill waiting by the door. His dad was right, Connie was prettier in person than in her photos. Her hair was longer than he’d expected. Sandy blond waves flowed over her shoulders and she had very nice breasts which in the very low cut dress were very much on display. ‘Very fuckable MILF’ he thought. He tried to follow everyone’s lead. The blond hugged Stephen then said “I’m so glad to finally really meet you. And I love your outfit” eyeing Sue’s body up and down. Stephen noticed how Bill was also checking out the leg and thigh showing up the side of the skirt, and the gap between the blazer and the nearly fully visible breast beneath. The man’s smile showed he approved.

Inside, it went much as his mom had predicted, Stephen thought he did a pretty good job all the way through. He hoped his smile didn’t seem fake. He hoped he didn’t sound like…well like himself. One bonus he’d not thought about, he could order alcohol. But he knew to order something he thought his mom would order: moscato wine. It didn’t taste all that bad. By the time they finished he’d had two so he was much less nervous.

Ten minutes after dinner his father pulled the car into a driveway beside an older, non-descript commercial building. They were not in Charlotte, but outside the city where patches of farmland were broken up by developed areas, mostly commercial. This particular building was shielded from view by thick woods on both sides. The drive went beside the windowless building and they drove through a gate in the high wooden fence. Dwight stopped the car to speak to an attendant then they proceeded to a parking lot beyond.

Stephen’s heart was racing as he walked up to the entrance of the club. Tonight he was an adult. Not a kid trying to pass himself off as an adult, but one of them. No one had any suspicion that he was not what he appeared to be: a hot looking grown woman looking to get laid. His mom told him about swing club etiquette. She said that just coming to a swingers club did not mean he should assume everyone he met would, or even wanted to have sex. That made no sense to him. How could that be true? Not in his world view it couldn’t.

Right off Stephen had to work to make like this was old hat to him. The woman behind the desk was a large middle aged woman who looked like anyone’s boring mother. However, her enormous breasts were fully visible through her see-through top. He wanted to stare, but had to make himself just glance at the boobs on display. He had not really prepared himself for how to act nonchalant when tits were there to ogle at.

Upon checking in at the club Connie and Bill were told it was a private club so they had to join to enter. She explained that before they could go further inside, they had paperwork to fill out. All this meant nothing to Stephen, but he tried to look as if he understood. What he did understand was the woman had great big tits. He had to work to keep his eyes from drifting over to them. He was relieved when the paperwork was done and she offered to have someone show the newcomers around. Stephen quickly said he would stay with them on the tour and Calvin could go on.

The guide was very helpful as Connie asked questions. Though he tried to act like he wasn’t really listening, Stephen hung on every word. They went through the large “club room” with a dance floor, bar and stripper pole, but people were just sitting around talking. The women were dressed pretty sexy but nothing Stephen couldn’t just act non-plused by. He remembered that his mom had said the women change into more revealing outfits later in the night. They then were ushered through the “sports bar” room which had another bar, two pool tables, a sitting area with leather sofas flanking a coffee table and a number of round bar tables. On the three very big TV’s were basketball games. Nothing said sex about the room until when they were across the room he could see that on one of the sofa’s a woman was on her stomach sucking a guy’s dick. They were both fully clothed so it was only when he could see her face did he see what was going on. Other than Jenny at the lake party he had never seen another guy getting a blow job in real life. While it was clear that both Bill and Connie took a good look, no one else in the room seemed to even notice.

The next room was called the theater room. It was quite dimly lit save for the light from the projection TV that filled one wall. The room had several couples (again fully clothed) sitting and talking at the four sofa/table sitting areas, but no one was watching the porn movie playing. From there the guide took them up to the second floor. She explained that men could not come upstairs without the company of a female. She led them to a locker room before turning to Bill and saying “That key on the wrist strap you were given fits one of these lockers. Other than club staff, everyone is expected to remove their clothing once they get upstairs. Though lingerie is OK and the use of towels is also permitted.” She pointed to a table with a large stack of folded white towels. As if on cue a man and woman passed them. He was nude and she had one of the towels around her waist. Stephen had to make himself pull his eyes from the bare tits that passed only a few inches from him.

She guided them to a series of “private play rooms.” Each room was decorated in a different theme and was the size of a small bedroom with just space for one queen sized bed and end table. While she called them private, all of them had windows opening into the hallway though he could see the seemed to have curtains that could be drawn. None were in use at the time. The guide explained how an open door meant you could stand in the doorway and watch, but could only enter if asked. Opening directly to the hall was a big communal shower. Two couples were in it, of course they were all naked. It was getting harder and harder for Stephen to act casual. Only when the guide pointed it out did he realize that while the shower area was open to all, there were men’s and women’s restroom doors opening on either side of the tiled shower area.

When the tour guide showed them one of the two “public play rooms”, despite his best effort Stephen could not help but stare. In the first room, which was not much bigger than his parents’ bedroom, were four beds, leaving just enough room to walk between them. In one bed a nude woman was bent over sucking a guy’s dick. Neither where particularly attractive, but that didn’t matter one bit to Stephen. On another bed, were three naked people all kinda tangled up and not seeming to move much. As he stared he concluded that it was one man and two women. The man was very slowly screwing one of the women, as that woman in-turn had her mouth over the third woman’s pussy: eating her out. Sure he’d had at least a dozen threesomes with Dianna and Monica, but seeing five people having sex in an open room like that was completely different. He’d seen plenty of porn on the internet, but this was… was… real. This was right in front of him. When the tour guide said something to the nearest man getting a blow-job he looked up, smiled and welcomed Connie and Bill…while the woman kept sucking his dick! If the guide hadn’t moved on Stephen would have stayed and watched.

The second room was much larger than the first. Just one couple was on the main bed, which seemed to be four king-sized mattresses pulled together all on one central platform. To the right of the doorway were things that Stephen had never seen before in real life. There was a chair of some sort, sort of like a doctor’s examining table and beyond that an “X” shaped thing attached to the wall that had a series of metal rings attached. He found the thoughts of people using them rather creepy and wondered if his parents ever used those things.

The tour guide took them into the room and said a few things about the room’s possibilities. She even pointed out that in this room there were benches for couples who just wanted to watch. It was evident that neither this couple nor those in the other room seemed the least bit put off by the fact three fully clothed people saw what they were doing. For a moment Stephen thought that was odd and like he should not be watching. Surely they were embarrassed or at least put off by clothed people seeing them have sex. Then he realized that when Jenny had opened the bedroom door at the Christmas party the people who ended up watching must have felt the same way. He knew full well that not only didn’t Jenny mind that people were watching her fully nude having sex, it turned her on. In fact in the few moments the guide stopped to let Bill and Connie watch the couple, he knew that he and Jenny had been in almost the same position at one point that day. She’d been on her back and he had used two fingers in her and his thumb on her clit to bring her off while six people stood right by the bed watching and another two had been at the door. And sure enough, the woman on the bed began to thrust her hips as if rising to climax just as the group left the playroom.

Finally they headed back down the stairs and out the back door where there was more seating and yet another bar out in the enclosed courtyard. On either side, against the tall fence, there were two hot-tubs on the large deck. Between the two bubbling tubs was a rectangular swimming pool. As the night temperature had dropped down to the mid 40’s, Stephen could see steam rising from both the pool and the two tubs. In one of the two hot tubs was a man and an exceptionally pretty woman. From their motions they seemed to be having sex, but it was not possible to see for sure. In the pool Stephen’s eyes landed on the bare tits of three women clearly visible above the water’s surface. Again he would have stopped and stared if he could.

He thought how his friends would react when he told them about this place, but quickly realized he couldn’t tell anyone he’d been here. The sign at the front was clear: no one under 21 allowed. Damn, how could he keep this a secret? Well, he could tell his mom, and he would.

After the tour, they found Calvin. There was some discussion, then it was decided that Bill and Connie wanted to try public skinny dipping in the pool.

Unencumbered by any self-consciousness about imperfections of his borrowed body, Stephen didn’t hesitate to slip out of the skirt, blouse and blazer. He asked Connie to unhook the bra since he was unsure about doing that on his own. Both Connie and her husband were very slow to undress, but still did so. Connie had nice big round boobs with very small nipples. He was far too inexperienced to realize they were surgically enhanced. After checking out her boobs, he then took note of the nicely trimmed strip of pubic hair, and the long legs, and the ass and well her whole naked self.

“You are so pretty” he said honestly.

“Thank you, so are you” Connie replied before they both stepped in the water. It seemed an odd response till he understood she was talking about his mother, not him. Stephen was cautious to stay in the shallows. His mom had told him that under no circumstance should he get his hair or face wet because he could not fix them back on his own. Once he was in the water he looked around he counted five women besides Connie in the water. Twelve tits for him to look at! To be fair, only Connie’s and one other woman were fine, the rest, well….. were not as perfect, but they were tits. He was in a pool with naked women! Now he wished he had his dick.



Back in the town of Rock Hill, Sue pulled up to the Flint’s home in Stephen’s Civic and beeped the horn. Collin came out and approached the little car. It had been a long while since she had taken a hard look at her son’s friend. He’d really filled out nicely. He’d grown past six feet several years ago, but he’d been so gangly. Now….he was very impressive, even in his light jacket she could see he had quite grown up.

“Well Dude!” Stephen’s best friend said. “This worked out better than we’d expected.”

“It sure did” Sue agreed “too bad I still have to be home by one.”

“Emjay has her mom’s car for the night” Colin said. “Maybe I can get her to take me home later than your 1:00 curfew.”

“That would be cool” Sue said. She knew that while Vivian had the same 1:00 curfew for her kids, she had already known she did not really enforce it on Collin. Now with all the other things she’d learned Viv had not told her, she wondered if they really did actually share house rules. Prior to this day she had believed she and her friend coordinated so that their four kids, who often acted like a unit, would have a consistent set of rules; now she was not so sure. Viv’s late husband Jack had been the enforcer and James Otis had the good sense not to pretend he was her children’s father. Sue was glad that both Stephen and Dianna were good kids and more or less self-regulated.

Collin buckled up. With a wide grin he said “We have it good my friend, really good. Even if you have to be home early I am sure this will be a night to remember for both of us.”

Though this was an entrée to the news Sue wanted to share, she wanted to do so with all four of them together. So she just agreed.

Collin went on, “Emjay said that Jenny told her that you were bringing enough condoms for both of us. You did didn’t you? I didn’t bring any.”

“Yes, I brought a whole box. We should be set.” Sue had been having group sex for decades so she knew always to bring more condoms than you think you will need. With two teenage dicks to keep covered this night, it would likely take quite a few.

Though Sue had never been to Jenny’s house, their community was not large and the girl lived in one of only a hand full of large housing tracts in the whole county. Her son had briefed her on how to get into the back yard without being seen by the neighbors. After checking Google Earth she knew where she was going to park. On foot, the two boys approached the corner house from a side street. A six foot privacy fence ran along the sidewalk and they ducked into the bushes so as to approach the side gate unseen. Jenny had taken off the padlock for them in advance, so they were quickly inside the safety of the fenced in yard. Sue found the whole exercise a thrill even if she did not approve.

Jenny met the boys at the back door of her parent’s house and ushered them in through the kitchen to a breakfast room that overlooked the well manicured back yard. Sue had gotten to know her son's girlfriend quite well over the past few months, and she liked Jenny. She’d all but known they were having sex, but since he did not leave evidence behind in his room as did his sister; she hadn’t really been sure before today. Jenny was a serious girl, very committed to her academics. Unlike all the other teenagers Sue had met at home, she had not seemed the least bit surprised when Stephen first brought her back to the studio and found her in her work togs. She showed a surprising knowledge of art styles and asked very grown-up questions as Sue showed her some of the paintings she had in the studio. Even the erotic art had not generated any negative or childish response. That had been about six months ago and even then Sue had been impressed. When she later realized her parents were very conservative church people, Jenny’s response to the openness of the Richard’s home became even more significant.

Jenny had straight light brunet hair almost to her waist. To Sue’s eye, she decided that the girl’s above average height, ample 32 D bust, very narrow waist and curved hips gave her a very classically sexy pin-up figure. She was sure Jenny would not have displayed it for the two boys in skin tight jeans and a not quite fully opaque spandex tee-shirt without a bra had her parents been home. ‘Very nice figure on a cute girl’ Sue said to herself. That thought was interrupted by a second girl walking up behind Jenny.

‘Oh shit!’ Sue thought. The girl standing behind Jenny was someone she had known since she’d been the leader of Kate's Brownie Girl Scout Troop. Emma Jean Smith was the same person she’d heard called Emjay for months. She’d not made the connection between Emjay and Emma Jean. That brought home the reality that Jenny was also in the same grade and school classes as her daughter. When Sue had been the Brownie and later Girl Scout troop leader for four years, Emma Jean had been known as Scamp. Sue vaguely recalled that Scamp had hated to be called Emma Jean. It made sense that the girl had adopted a new nickname. Sue not only knew Scamp, but she knew the girl's mother very well.