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Surprise Saturday: Chapter 9

Dwight Richards’ wife had been late getting ready. That annoyed him so he said little before turning the game on the radio. He had no idea what was really going on.

With the basketball game playing, the fifty minute ride to the restaurant did not present any problem for Stephen who was wearing his mother’s body. He and his father only had a little small talk during commercials. He spent most of his time looking through his mother’s phone. He gleaned a good bit of information that he might use tonight. At least that was how he justified his invasion of his mother’s privacy.

The one bit of drama for Stephen during the drive was when the phone rang and it was Mitch’s mother. After the woman said they would be happy for Kate to spend the night in their son’s room she began to go on about how wonderful it was that Kate’s parents were so understanding about teenagers. Then she began to talk. It seemed she knew all about the kind of art Sue did and was very thankful about the time she devoted to helping Mitch and his friends with the weekly class. It was all well and good until she began to ask questions. Stephen was relieved when the mother accepted his need to get off the phone because she and Kate’s dad were out for dinner. As he had been instructed he said that he (well his mother) would call her back in the morning. Mitch’s mother suggested that they sit down for coffee and talk when she came to pick Kate up in the morning. Stephen agreed even though his mom had not told him to do so. He was sure his mom wouldn’t mind though.

When they arrived at Applebee’s, Calvin recognized Connie and Bill waiting by the door. His dad was right, Connie was prettier in person than in her photos. Her hair was longer than he’d expected. Sandy blond waves flowed over her shoulders and she had very nice breasts which in the very low cut dress were very much on display. ‘Very fuckable MILF’ he thought. He tried to follow everyone’s lead. The blond hugged Stephen then said “I’m so glad to finally really meet you. And I love your outfit” eyeing Sue’s body up and down. Stephen noticed how Bill was also checking out the leg and thigh showing up the side of the skirt, and the gap between the blazer and the nearly fully visible breast beneath. The man’s smile showed he approved.

Inside, it went much as his mom had predicted, Stephen thought he did a pretty good job all the way through. He hoped his smile didn’t seem fake. He hoped he didn’t sound like…well like himself. One bonus he’d not thought about, he could order alcohol. But he knew to order something he thought his mom would order: moscato wine. It didn’t taste all that bad. By the time they finished he’d had two so he was much less nervous.

Ten minutes after dinner his father pulled the car into a driveway beside an older, non-descript commercial building. They were not in Charlotte, but outside the city where patches of farmland were broken up by developed areas, mostly commercial. This particular building was shielded from view by thick woods on both sides. The drive went beside the windowless building and they drove through a gate in the high wooden fence. Dwight stopped the car to speak to an attendant then they proceeded to a parking lot beyond.

Stephen’s heart was racing as he walked up to the entrance of the club. Tonight he was an adult. Not a kid trying to pass himself off as an adult, but one of them. No one had any suspicion that he was not what he appeared to be: a hot looking grown woman looking to get laid. His mom told him about swing club etiquette. She said that just coming to a swingers club did not mean he should assume everyone he met would, or even wanted to have sex. That made no sense to him. How could that be true? Not in his world view it couldn’t.

Right off Stephen had to work to make like this was old hat to him. The woman behind the desk was a large middle aged woman who looked like anyone’s boring mother. However, her enormous breasts were fully visible through her see-through top. He wanted to stare, but had to make himself just glance at the boobs on display. He had not really prepared himself for how to act nonchalant when tits were there to ogle at.

Upon checking in at the club Connie and Bill were told it was a private club so they had to join to enter. She explained that before they could go further inside, they had paperwork to fill out. All this meant nothing to Stephen, but he tried to look as if he understood. What he did understand was the woman had great big tits. He had to work to keep his eyes from drifting over to them. He was relieved when the paperwork was done and she offered to have someone show the newcomers around. Stephen quickly said he would stay with them on the tour and Calvin could go on.

The guide was very helpful as Connie asked questions. Though he tried to act like he wasn’t really listening, Stephen hung on every word. They went through the large “club room” with a dance floor, bar and stripper pole, but people were just sitting around talking. The women were dressed pretty sexy but nothing Stephen couldn’t just act non-plused by. He remembered that his mom had said the women change into more revealing outfits later in the night. They then were ushered through the “sports bar” room which had another bar, two pool tables, a sitting area with leather sofas flanking a coffee table and a number of round bar tables. On the three very big TV’s were basketball games. Nothing said sex about the room until when they were across the room he could see that on one of the sofa’s a woman was on her stomach sucking a guy’s dick. They were both fully clothed so it was only when he could see her face did he see what was going on. Other than Jenny at the lake party he had never seen another guy getting a blow job in real life. While it was clear that both Bill and Connie took a good look, no one else in the room seemed to even notice.

The next room was called the theater room. It was quite dimly lit save for the light from the projection TV that filled one wall. The room had several couples (again fully clothed) sitting and talking at the four sofa/table sitting areas, but no one was watching the porn movie playing. From there the guide took them up to the second floor. She explained that men could not come upstairs without the company of a female. She led them to a locker room before turning to Bill and saying “That key on the wrist strap you were given fits one of these lockers. Other than club staff, everyone is expected to remove their clothing once they get upstairs. Though lingerie is OK and the use of towels is also permitted.” She pointed to a table with a large stack of folded white towels. As if on cue a man and woman passed them. He was nude and she had one of the towels around her waist. Stephen had to make himself pull his eyes from the bare tits that passed only a few inches from him.

She guided them to a series of “private play rooms.” Each room was decorated in a different theme and was the size of a small bedroom with just space for one queen sized bed and end table. While she called them private, all of them had windows opening into the hallway though he could see the seemed to have curtains that could be drawn. None were in use at the time. The guide explained how an open door meant you could stand in the doorway and watch, but could only enter if asked. Opening directly to the hall was a big communal shower. Two couples were in it, of course they were all naked. It was getting harder and harder for Stephen to act casual. Only when the guide pointed it out did he realize that while the shower area was open to all, there were men’s and women’s restroom doors opening on either side of the tiled shower area.

When the tour guide showed them one of the two “public play rooms”, despite his best effort Stephen could not help but stare. In the first room, which was not much bigger than his parents’ bedroom, were four beds, leaving just enough room to walk between them. In one bed a nude woman was bent over sucking a guy’s dick. Neither where particularly attractive, but that didn’t matter one bit to Stephen. On another bed, were three naked people all kinda tangled up and not seeming to move much. As he stared he concluded that it was one man and two women. The man was very slowly screwing one of the women, as that woman in-turn had her mouth over the third woman’s pussy: eating her out. Sure he’d had at least a dozen threesomes with Dianna and Monica, but seeing five people having sex in an open room like that was completely different. He’d seen plenty of porn on the internet, but this was… was… real. This was right in front of him. When the tour guide said something to the nearest man getting a blow-job he looked up, smiled and welcomed Connie and Bill…while the woman kept sucking his dick! If the guide hadn’t moved on Stephen would have stayed and watched.

The second room was much larger than the first. Just one couple was on the main bed, which seemed to be four king-sized mattresses pulled together all on one central platform. To the right of the doorway were things that Stephen had never seen before in real life. There was a chair of some sort, sort of like a doctor’s examining table and beyond that an “X” shaped thing attached to the wall that had a series of metal rings attached. He found the thoughts of people using them rather creepy and wondered if his parents ever used those things.

The tour guide took them into the room and said a few things about the room’s possibilities. She even pointed out that in this room there were benches for couples who just wanted to watch. It was evident that neither this couple nor those in the other room seemed the least bit put off by the fact three fully clothed people saw what they were doing. For a moment Stephen thought that was odd and like he should not be watching. Surely they were embarrassed or at least put off by clothed people seeing them have sex. Then he realized that when Jenny had opened the bedroom door at the Christmas party the people who ended up watching must have felt the same way. He knew full well that not only didn’t Jenny mind that people were watching her fully nude having sex, it turned her on. In fact in the few moments the guide stopped to let Bill and Connie watch the couple, he knew that he and Jenny had been in almost the same position at one point that day. She’d been on her back and he had used two fingers in her and his thumb on her clit to bring her off while six people stood right by the bed watching and another two had been at the door. And sure enough, the woman on the bed began to thrust her hips as if rising to climax just as the group left the playroom.

Finally they headed back down the stairs and out the back door where there was more seating and yet another bar out in the enclosed courtyard. On either side, against the tall fence, there were two hot-tubs on the large deck. Between the two bubbling tubs was a rectangular swimming pool. As the night temperature had dropped down to the mid 40’s, Stephen could see steam rising from both the pool and the two tubs. In one of the two hot tubs was a man and an exceptionally pretty woman. From their motions they seemed to be having sex, but it was not possible to see for sure. In the pool Stephen’s eyes landed on the bare tits of three women clearly visible above the water’s surface. Again he would have stopped and stared if he could.

He thought how his friends would react when he told them about this place, but quickly realized he couldn’t tell anyone he’d been here. The sign at the front was clear: no one under 21 allowed. Damn, how could he keep this a secret? Well, he could tell his mom, and he would.

After the tour, they found Calvin. There was some discussion, then it was decided that Bill and Connie wanted to try public skinny dipping in the pool.

Unencumbered by any self-consciousness about imperfections of his borrowed body, Stephen didn’t hesitate to slip out of the skirt, blouse and blazer. He asked Connie to unhook the bra since he was unsure about doing that on his own. Both Connie and her husband were very slow to undress, but still did so. Connie had nice big round boobs with very small nipples. He was far too inexperienced to realize they were surgically enhanced. After checking out her boobs, he then took note of the nicely trimmed strip of pubic hair, and the long legs, and the ass and well her whole naked self.

“You are so pretty” he said honestly.

“Thank you, so are you” Connie replied before they both stepped in the water. It seemed an odd response till he understood she was talking about his mother, not him. Stephen was cautious to stay in the shallows. His mom had told him that under no circumstance should he get his hair or face wet because he could not fix them back on his own. Once he was in the water he looked around he counted five women besides Connie in the water. Twelve tits for him to look at! To be fair, only Connie’s and one other woman were fine, the rest, well….. were not as perfect, but they were tits. He was in a pool with naked women! Now he wished he had his dick.



Back in the town of Rock Hill, Sue pulled up to the Flint’s home in Stephen’s Civic and beeped the horn. Collin came out and approached the little car. It had been a long while since she had taken a hard look at her son’s friend. He’d really filled out nicely. He’d grown past six feet several years ago, but he’d been so gangly. Now….he was very impressive, even in his light jacket she could see he had quite grown up.

“Well Dude!” Stephen’s best friend said. “This worked out better than we’d expected.”

“It sure did” Sue agreed “too bad I still have to be home by one.”

“Emjay has her mom’s car for the night” Colin said. “Maybe I can get her to take me home later than your 1:00 curfew.”

“That would be cool” Sue said. She knew that while Vivian had the same 1:00 curfew for her kids, she had already known she did not really enforce it on Collin. Now with all the other things she’d learned Viv had not told her, she wondered if they really did actually share house rules. Prior to this day she had believed she and her friend coordinated so that their four kids, who often acted like a unit, would have a consistent set of rules; now she was not so sure. Viv’s late husband Jack had been the enforcer and James Otis had the good sense not to pretend he was her children’s father. Sue was glad that both Stephen and Dianna were good kids and more or less self-regulated.

Collin buckled up. With a wide grin he said “We have it good my friend, really good. Even if you have to be home early I am sure this will be a night to remember for both of us.”

Though this was an entrée to the news Sue wanted to share, she wanted to do so with all four of them together. So she just agreed.

Collin went on, “Emjay said that Jenny told her that you were bringing enough condoms for both of us. You did didn’t you? I didn’t bring any.”

“Yes, I brought a whole box. We should be set.” Sue had been having group sex for decades so she knew always to bring more condoms than you think you will need. With two teenage dicks to keep covered this night, it would likely take quite a few.

Though Sue had never been to Jenny’s house, their community was not large and the girl lived in one of only a hand full of large housing tracts in the whole county. Her son had briefed her on how to get into the back yard without being seen by the neighbors. After checking Google Earth she knew where she was going to park. On foot, the two boys approached the corner house from a side street. A six foot privacy fence ran along the sidewalk and they ducked into the bushes so as to approach the side gate unseen. Jenny had taken off the padlock for them in advance, so they were quickly inside the safety of the fenced in yard. Sue found the whole exercise a thrill even if she did not approve.

Jenny met the boys at the back door of her parent’s house and ushered them in through the kitchen to a breakfast room that overlooked the well manicured back yard. Sue had gotten to know her son's girlfriend quite well over the past few months, and she liked Jenny. She’d all but known they were having sex, but since he did not leave evidence behind in his room as did his sister; she hadn’t really been sure before today. Jenny was a serious girl, very committed to her academics. Unlike all the other teenagers Sue had met at home, she had not seemed the least bit surprised when Stephen first brought her back to the studio and found her in her work togs. She showed a surprising knowledge of art styles and asked very grown-up questions as Sue showed her some of the paintings she had in the studio. Even the erotic art had not generated any negative or childish response. That had been about six months ago and even then Sue had been impressed. When she later realized her parents were very conservative church people, Jenny’s response to the openness of the Richard’s home became even more significant.

Jenny had straight light brunet hair almost to her waist. To Sue’s eye, she decided that the girl’s above average height, ample 32 D bust, very narrow waist and curved hips gave her a very classically sexy pin-up figure. She was sure Jenny would not have displayed it for the two boys in skin tight jeans and a not quite fully opaque spandex tee-shirt without a bra had her parents been home. ‘Very nice figure on a cute girl’ Sue said to herself. That thought was interrupted by a second girl walking up behind Jenny.

‘Oh shit!’ Sue thought. The girl standing behind Jenny was someone she had known since she’d been the leader of Kate's Brownie Girl Scout Troop. Emma Jean Smith was the same person she’d heard called Emjay for months. She’d not made the connection between Emjay and Emma Jean. That brought home the reality that Jenny was also in the same grade and school classes as her daughter. When Sue had been the Brownie and later Girl Scout troop leader for four years, Emma Jean had been known as Scamp. Sue vaguely recalled that Scamp had hated to be called Emma Jean. It made sense that the girl had adopted a new nickname. Sue not only knew Scamp, but she knew the girl's mother very well.

Suddenly she was flustered. Sue knew she couldn’t dwell on this and get through the night. She tried to tell herself that 8-year-old (or even eleven-year-old) Scamp was not the same person as16-year-old Emjay; however, the girl she was looking at was still the too-cute-to-be-real pixy she had always been: slim with short hair and a slim face. But she had grown. Now evident were the very fit and muscular arms & legs she’d gained from training for competitive jazz, as were the distinctly round breasts under her snug tee shirt. She knew from the local news paper that Scamp had won accolades from her jazz dancing and she certainly looked the part of a jazz dancer in her skin tight burgundy yoga pants: slim but all muscle. Her athleticism was evident even if she did seem like a woodland nymph. For want of a better word, Sue thought of the word lithe to describe her. But still it was little Scamp, and that unnerved her. One reality outweighed her memories of Scamp though; that penis she wore. It was once more hard and insistent. She knew that would help to put any worries about Scamp out of her mind when the time came.

As she ushered them in Jenny said, “My parents are out for the night, but they have the nosy neighbors spying. You guys can’t go into the front part of the house. We will need to stay in rooms in the back so there will be no chance of you being seen.”

The two girls had made fresh snickerdoodle cookies and the four teenagers relaxed in the kitchen’s breakfast nook. They talked of typical high school things for a good twenty minutes while they ate. It took a while but eventually Sue accepted that Scamp was not a child anymore. In her leather bolero jacket over a gold lame’ tube top she certainly pulled off the look of a jazz dancer. That helped banish the vision of her in her Brownie uniform.

Then without any transition Jenny said “It was so glorious making love with Stephen under the stars last night. Perhaps before Stephen has to leave we will have time to go out to the back yard with a blanket and make love in the open air again. Who knows when we might be able to do something like that again?”

That was the opening that Sue was looking for. The group heard Stephen say “Actually, we can do that anytime we want now. Even in the middle of the day.”

The other three teenagers looked to Stephen.

Sue put on a smile like she’d been given a great gift. “And Jenny is right. Making love under the stars last night was amazing. What she didn’t say was that we went way past my curfew and when I got home I caught hell.”

Jenny’s face fell. “Oh I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have asked you to stay so long.”

“Don’t be. This morning my mom and I had a long talk. Well a couple of talks that it seems she has been wanting to have for like over a year, but has not known how to start it.” Sue knew this was the time to roll out her announcement. “You see, well…you all know my mom’s no prude when it comes to sex.”

Both Jenny and Collin laughed and seconded the thought.

“It seems that Kate and I had misunderstood the house rules. My parents, way back when I was in 8th grade, made up a list of house rules for Kate and me. Not kiddy rules, but rules governing when we could have boyfriends and girlfriends over. They meant them to tell us what we could do, but we only saw it as a list of what we could not do. They meant for us to understand that when we were each ready to have sex, they wanted us to do it right in our house rather than other places. We thought the rules were telling us not to let them know we were having sex and we should never do it when they were home. My mom told me that we had their intention all wrong. She said I should feel free to have Jenny over for sex when she was home. Then at breakfast my mom told Kate directly that if she and her friends from the Art Club wanted to have sex in our back yard it would be fine with her. She even said she’d lay out the blankets and bring them drinks when they needed a break.”

“No way!” Collin said and the thought was echoed by the others.

It was Jenny that caught on “So, like you and Kate and your friends can just be naked and mess around at your house now? Like you can have sex in front of each other or even your parents?”

Sue nodded, “That is what it sounds like. She told me later that two of her friend’s whole families are nudists. And she said that when their kids were our age, they were allowed to have sex right in the living room even if the whole family was home. She said if we want the same freedom all Kate and I need to do is to tell her so. She also said if Kate and I want our family can go to a nude resort this summer.” Sue knew she hadn’t explicitly said that, but she would tomorrow.

The others just sat stock still for the longest time. Finally Jenny said “Yea, I talked to Monica today. She told me what Kate said your mother said. From what she told me it sounds like if I go over to your house tomorrow we could just tell your parents that we are going to have sex in your room and it would be OK with them. Should I?”

“That is exactly what she meant, and I’d love it if you came over.” Perhaps she could make up for Stephen missing this night with his girlfriend by setting him up a date for tomorrow afternoon.

“Maybe I will” Jenny said with a sly smile.

Sue suspected there was more that Jenny was not saying, but did not push it. Instead she went on “My mother even told my sister she could spend the night with one of the guys from her art group… tonight. Right now Kate most likely is having sex with him. Before she left my mom actually reminded my sister to take extra condoms since she was spending the night and they would likely have sex again in the morning.”

That last comment drew attention to the box of condoms on the table.

Jenny appeared to think for a moment, “All this really doesn’t surprise me too much. Your mom has made pretty broad hints to me that she knows we have sex and approves.”

Stephen nodded “Yea she wasn’t surprised when I told her about us having sex last night in the park. She actually seemed happy that I finally just told her right out that we had been screwing. Her only response was to ask why didn’t we just come home and do it in my room when it got late. That is what led to all the rest.”

Emjay then asked “Stephen, is it true what your sister told Shelly about your parents?”

Sue suddenly got very interested “What did she say?”

“Well”, it seems that about three months ago Kate told Shelly that your mom and dad are sex swingers, they do it, I mean all of it, with other people, not just each other.”

Sue sat befuddled, but she understood the question. Collin however did not follow and asked “What are you talking about?

Emjay continued, “Last week, Shelly told SueAnn a secret that Kate had shared with her back in the fall. It seems Shelly is in that super secret art group that meets at the Richard’s house. Kate told her that your mom and dad fuck other people at sex parties and stuff. Now, I'm not saying that to hate on them, I actually think it's really cool. I wish my mother was open minded enough to even consider stuff like that. So according to SueAnn, Kate showed Shelly a pic of your parents doing it with other people. I don't mean like kissing and stuff, but an orgy pic with both your parent's fucking other people. And from the pic, Shelly could tell your mom is also into women. I guess the pic was really hot. Like I said, I'm not down on them. I like looking at that stuff plenty, but it's really different to hear that your friend’s parents actually do it."

Sue’s blood went cold. ‘Had Kate really showed Shelly from the Tuesday art group an orgy photo? That just didn’t sound like Kate, even if she did know about the cache of sex photos. But if so, then why just one? Surely it had been an accident. What if it hadn’t been Kate’s fault at all? What if I had not properly shut down the computer? Why else would it be just one?’ Sue had to push those thoughts out of her mind for now. She had to focus on what was happening in this room.

Jenny asked “So are you saying Stephen’s mom fucks around with guys and girls?”

Emjay nodded “I guess that makes sense because Kate goes both ways too. I’ve personally seen Kate making out with both guys and girls. I've never seen her, like, have all the way sex, but last fall at Valerie Hagen’s Brownie Troop reunion sleep over she and Hillary Evans made out, sucked each other's tits and used their hands to get each other off in front of us all. Not that I’m criticizing. Jenny and I have done the same, it’s just a girl thing; but we’ve never done that when people could see us. I know Kate and Hillary aren’t even like best friends or anything and I could see they were doing it just for fun.”

Sue did not like them talking about her daughter but did not know what she could do. She knew Valerie and Hillary; they too had been in the Brownie troop she’d run, but neither were in the art club she taught.

Jenny nodded, "And guys, nobody knows Emjay and I do that too. We expect you will keep our secret. But I think it’s normal for girls to kiss and play with each other. It’s just messing around.”

Emjay seemed to agree then looked at Stephen, "So, do you think Shelly just made it all up? The stuff about your parent’s being swingers and stuff.”

Sue was put on the spot. What to do to keep her lifestyle from causing her kids problems? She had thought she’d kept them out so carefully. “OK,” She said “You heard from SueAnn, who heard it from Shelly who supposedly saw a photo of my parents fucking people at an orgy?”

Emjay replied “No, I heard it from Cadence who heard it from SueAnn. But, I know Cadence wouldn't lie about it.”

“I guess I need to talk to my sister, because she has no business telling people about what our parents do.”

Emjay was taken aback, “I didn’t mean to make you mad, I was just asking if you knew anything? I like your mom, really I do. I was just curious.”

“I’m not mad. But this is much more public than it should be. Do you know how much trouble it would cause if this got to the wrong people? Can you imagine a viral meme about sex fiends in South Carolina? Nobody would be safe from the witch hunt.”

That last bit seemed to get the other teenager’s attention. Sue let that hang in the air. She knew she needed to contain this. Sure it was likely her fault that she had tried to hide it so long. Tried ineffectively for sure, but she had tried. It occurred to Sue that perhaps this was why fate had chosen to do this to her and her son. This conversation would have happened if Stephen were himself tonight. But he would have no clue as to what to do since he had no idea of the truth. As it was, there was no hiding it, so perhaps, just perhaps this was what the body switching was all about. The question for Sue was to answer in words her son would use.

Stephen’s mouth said “My parents are not hung up about sex and you all know that for sure. Come on, my mom’s an artist who mostly paints naked people. And all artists are pretty much sex fiends.”

The others laughed.

“But, don’t assume I know who my mom fucks. Do you guys know who your parents fuck? Do you just assume they don’t ever do it with other people? How would you know?”

All three of the others laughed. Jenny said “I doubt my parents even fuck each other. I think your mom is great. I’m so jealous. I wish my mother were more like her. But, if your parents are players I want to get to know both of them better.”

Sue answered “I know my mom has never hidden the fact she had sex with more people than she can remember when she was in college. I overheard her say she is sure that when she was at The College of Charleston she fucked more than a hundred guys and almost as many girls.” Though she knew Stephen would not have known that had she not told him today, it made a good talking point.” The faces on the three teens let her know they were processing the idea that Mrs. Richards had done so many people in college.

Emjay quietly said “A hundred guys? Wow!”

Sue looked at Emjay “Yea that is what she said. I don’t think you have seen all my mom’s paintings, but Jenny and Collin have. Some of them are…” Sue looked for the word that Stephen would have used.”

Collin said “Like porn.”

Jenny nodded and looked to Emjay “Yea, some of the ones I’ve seen show people having sex and they show everything. I mean everything. They actually are super hot.”

Sue winced at the word porn, but she could understand why a seventeen year old boy would call it that. “I don’t think my mom would like anyone calling her work porn, even though I’m sure that is exactly what some… well a lot of people in this town would call most of her stuff.”

Emjay looked to Stephen and said “Oh, I’ve seen her website. I love her paintings and drawings. I guess I’m just a super geek but I love fantasy books and art. And your mom’s is super sexy on top of that. I would like to see them in person some time. I’m sure it is even better like that.”

While Sue didn’t only paint fantasy art, it was not surprising that is what Emjay was drawn to. The reality was that she sold ten times as many prints of her fantasy work than of her fine art. That was well and fine, but it was her originals that brought in the real money and she only sold slightly more fantasy originals than fine art.

“It is” Jenny put in. “And you haven’t seen the ones that show elves and fairies and people from fantasy books openly fucking and sucking. They aren’t on her site. I’m sure his mom would love to have you over to see them. All you have to do is ask. She’ll be happy to show you what she has in her studio.”

Emjay smiled. “That would be fun. I’ve known Mrs. Richards since I was a little kid. She was always really nice to me and I liked her too; but if she is a swinger I would like her even better. As for my mom, she’s such a hypocrite. She preaches abstinence to me, but I know full well she has been screwing the married dad of one of my friend’s from dance team for at least a year. They both chaperone our overnight trips, but when they think we are all asleep, he goes to my mom’s room.”

Sue knew Emjay’s mother rather well. She’d been a single mom all the time that Scamp was in her Brownie then Girl Scout Pathfinder’s troop. She’d known Lilith dated a number of guys over the years and though she’d never said so directly, she politely hinted that she had an active sex life. She was rather attractive and personable, so it was no surprise she had men just waiting to bed her. Lilith had seemed open minded enough that after a few years, Sue invited her back into her studio to see her work. In rural South Carolina, such an invite always carried some risk. Scamp’s mother’s verbal praise of Sue’s nudes was enough for Sue to take the risk of showing her a very sexual paining she was working on at the time. The reaction was sufficiently positive for Sue to begin laying the ground work to ask the woman to pose for her. She was sure Scamp’s mother would have said yes; but when the troop broke up as the girls entered middle school, she’d lost touch with the woman.

Collin was the last to answer, “I don’t doubt my mom still screws around even though she is remarried. I don’t know if she’s done a hundred guys, but all of you know that she is really slutty.”

“Collin!” Jenny cut in.

“What? It’s true. She fucked her brains out with all sorts of guys after my dad died. She brought home guys to screw in their bed and didn’t even try to hide it from me and my sister.”

Jenny, still upset, said “To slut shame your own mother is not OK. Perhaps that was just her way of coping. You all know full well how many guys I’ve blown and the truth is I like sucking dick. Each guy’s dick is different. Maybe you think I’m a slut, but I think it is fun and exciting to do a new guy.” She was visibly getting worked up and raising her voice. “I’ve been planning to ask Stephen if he would mind if I fucked some other guys just for fun. Two guys from your baseball team have asked me to do them in the last month. It seems I already have a reputation. I almost told them yes without even asking Stephen, so perhaps their perception of me is right on. The only reason I didn’t was I wanted to talk to him about it first. My guess is when I ask him, he will say my body is mine to do with as I please. He has said that a dozen times before and I doubt he’s changed his mind.” She looked to Stephen “Am I right?”

Sue in Stephen’s body was impressed at her fire. She was even more impressed that Stephen had told her that. He had not told her that little detail. She nodded and said “Yep.” She was sure that was what her son would have done.

Almost shouting Jenny asked “So if and when I do suck off or even fuck those two guys would it make me a slut? Well would it?” Suddenly she seemed to realize she had said way too much. Her face got red and she sat back looking away.

Sue could tell by Emjay’s reaction to that outburst that her friend was not surprised by what Jenny said; but would Stephen be? He had told Sue that Jenny had made hints she would like to have sex with other guys, but this was way more than a hint; it was a declaration. She decided to play like Stephen had fully understood Jenny’s hints, even though she knew he had not. “If you call my girlfriend a slut I’ll break your nose. If she wants to fuck other guys just for fun, I’m going to back her 100%.”

Collin waved his hands “I wasn’t saying anything about Jenny. I was just saying my mom has had sex with lots of guys since my dad died. And though at first it pissed me off, I now think it’s OK if that is what she wants to do.”

This was the opportunity Sue needed. “The fact is I already knew Jenny wanted to have fun sex with other guys. I was just waiting for her to ask before directly saying I was cool with it. And Collin you know full well about my relationship with Monica and your sister. Jenny does too. She has known from the start. She knows how I continued to have sex with your sister for the first few months after we became a couple. She also knows I still spend about an hour a week with her in my bed, not having sex but we are together naked. She’s not worried, she knows what I do with Dianna is not a threat to her, nor is it cheating. We have known about each other’s sexual desires better than you can imagine even from that first day we met. You saw at the lake party. After Jenny and I made out she went over and blew the equipment manager while I watched. After that she gave me a cum kiss and then we had sex right in front of everyone. I knew then that she liked sucking him while I watched and she knew I liked watching. We both liked that kiss flavored by Ronald’s cum. We don’t have any secrets about the fact we both would like to have sex with other people, yet we have not done so. I’ve never told her I expect her to only have sex with me and she’s never asked me not to have sex with Dianna or Monica. We have refrained not because it would be wrong, but because we have been building our relationship to the point sex with others would be OK. If we decided tonight that we were ready for an open relationship where we were each free to do other people, it would not change our relationship one bit. Even more it certainly wouldn’t make her a slut. Jenny is not anymore a slut than your mom or mine. Both our mom’s have a husband and yes, they both have lovers; but that does not make them sluts, cheap or whores. My mother calls it polyamory and it is no less moral than having sex with one person at a time.”

There it was. It was out. Sue now just waited to see the response.

All three of the listeners sat stunned. She’d been quite forceful and perhaps had used language that Stephen would not. She looked to Jenny, she hoped she’d not presumed too much. When Jenny saw her boyfriend’s gaze, she smiled and leaned over to give him a kiss. It looked like the gambit had paid off.

Sue went on “Here is the truth. Both Collin’s sister and mine have told us they have had suspicions for a few years now that both our mothers are players. This morning my mother told me directly that she and my father have an open marriage. They have sex with their friends and have since before they were married. To them that is totally normal. They have never been like only having sex with each other like people expect. Fuck what people expect. They do what works for them. Yes, today my mom told me that there are hundreds of pics of them at sex parties on her computer. Tonight when I told my sister about what Mom had told me, she said she and Dianna had both been looking at our parent’s group sex pics for years. Clearly she should not have shown one of those photos to anyone without my knowledge. My guess is it was an accident."

She stopped. She’d forgotten who she was momentarily. “I mean without my mom’s permission. But what is done is done. I expect none of you will tell anyone I confirmed that story. Do you understand?” She took a breath. She knew she’d slipped into mother speak.

Less forcefully she went on to relay the suspicious behavior that her son had told her earlier in the day. She spiced the narrative up with things Stephen did not say so as to make him seem more observant than he'd been. Finally she said, "When I was a kid, I didn’t think the least thing about finding Gill’s dad at our house when I'd get home after school." She paused as if to be thinking then went on "Now I know the truth, lots of other things make more sense. I guess it should have seemed odd when Collin’s parents or Gill’s dad was over at our house; my mom would be in regular clothes when she went upstairs with them, but when she came down again she would be in her night shirt. But like I said, I was just too young to read anything into that and by the time I was old enough to realize she’d taken off her clothes, it was just so normal I didn’t notice. And besides the same thing would happen even if my dad was there too."

Collin said with a grin "I love it when I’m at your house in the morning and get to see your mom when she gets up. He’s right, even if I’m there she wears nothing but one of her rock band shirts. She's a milf if there ever was one."

Sue did not like his tone. "No, not just a tee-shirt, she wears panties too. OK, they are almost all thongs or see-through, but you haven’t seen her without panties since we were in like fourth grade.”

Collin clarified “Totally see through. I have seen her pussy lips through her see through panties more than once…and the last time was about a month ago, not when we were in fourth grade.”

Jenny put in “I’ve seen her in your house dressed like that a couple of times too. Even more times I’ve seen her in her painting overalls without a shirt. In that she pretty much shows off her boobs and doesn’t seem to even think about it. Collin is right though. She looks amazing. If I look that good when I’m her age, I’ll dress the same way.”

Emjay nodded in agreement.

Sue was flattered, but she had to make herself remember she was Stephen tonight. “I guess perhaps I don't think it is unusual because it's just what she's always worn around the house. I guess I was naive to think all moms’ wear that kind of stuff at home. But Collin you told me your mom has taken to wearing even less. But is that really so bad or slutty?"

Collin’s response indicated that perhaps he had been too embarrassed to tell Emjay how his mom occasionally walked around topless at home and for the last few summers she regularly sunned and swam in the nude even when he was home. But she’d not said that explicitly, even still Sue hoped that was not a betrayal of her son’s best friend’s trust.

Emjay said "When it's just me and my mom at home, we both dress like your mom in just a shirt and panties. But Stephen, most moms don’t wear just a thong and tee-shirt when guests are home like your mom does. But from what Jenny tells me, your mom is really comfortable with her body and doesn’t seem to see a problem with people seeing it."

Jenny laughed “And from what Kate said that both of your moms wear at swim parties, what I’ve seen is tame. I think Mrs. Richards is a great role model for all the girls who hang out at your place.”

Sue was ready to wrap this talk up. "Yes, I’m sure you are right. I know what she wears at swim parties. And I've also seen her leaving the house at night in outfits that I know most moms would never wear. It's not like she looks like a hooker, but if she went downtown showing that much skin she'd get arrested. I guess there are a lot of signs pointing to my parent’s hippy free love lifestyle that I missed." She thought throwing in the hippy comment would shape their thinking even though she was sure Stephen would not have made it.

Jenny said “I think your parents, not mine, are showing our generation the way forward. We should have the right to expose our body as much as we want and to enjoy sex with whoever and however we want. As much as I despise Beth McCormick; it is not because she lets everyone know she has sex with anyone she chooses to. And yes I know she lets everyone know she chooses to have sex with a lot of people. Even before I had my run-in with her, I fantasized about being her. To a lot of people at school, like your teammates, they only see me as the girl who took off her top at a school party, sucked off eight guys in front of everyone, then stripped naked and fucked a guy she just met right in public. I’m actually proud of that now even though at the time I was conflicted.”

Emjay nodded and added “Don’t forget the Pep Squad Christmas party when you and Stephen left the door wide open when you got naked again and screwed for like an hour. I mean the room was filled with people going in to watch.”

Jenny got a big smile. “Well I don’t think it was an hour.”

Emjay lifted her phone “You had me standing watch to make sure you weren’t caught by Mrs. Martin. I watched my phone. It was fifty three minutes from the time you went in to the room until you came out again.”

Sue considered what Emjay said. Stephen had said they had sex at that party, but to plan in advance for Emjay to keep a lookout. That was impressive. Now Sue was sure the two girls had talked about tonight’s conversation beforehand. ‘These girls have a plan for tonight’ she concluded. ‘But what is it?’

Looks passed between the two girls. Emjay said “Time to go to the den” and she stood up and put out her hand to Collin. Jenny did not move however.

When the other couple had left the breakfast nook, Jenny turned to Stephen. “Emjay has never done it in front of anyone. We’ve been waiting for this opportunity for months, but she is afraid she would have a hard time getting started with us in there. You don’t mind waiting in here do you?”

Sue took another cookie from the plate and replied “Of course not.” Sue was quite sure that her son would eagerly say yes. Sue also couldn’t believe how many cookies she’d eaten and had taken another. Did he always eat like this? She knew the answer to that question already.

“I didn’t think you would mind. After we watch them for a while…well you will see. Is that OK with you?”

Sue nodded with a mouth full of cookie.

Jenny went on “Oh, and thank you for acting so casual when I said I wanted to have sex with two of your teammates. Just to be sure, you are OK with it? You didn’t agree so as not to make me look bad?”

Sue knew for sure what her son would say. “Of course I meant it. Your body is your own. How many times do I have to tell you that?” She leaned over to kiss the girl for emphasis. She was not sure that Stephen would have had the good sense to kiss her, but it was the right thing to do.

After the kiss Jenny said “It seems just amazing that it just happened to be today when your mom told you that she and your dad are polyamorous. Your sister has been telling Megan and Dianna and me about polyamory for months. We think it’s a great idea. Your sister thinks it is silly to only have sex with one person. You do know that she sleeps with all of the guys in your mom’s Tuesday art group but no one else don’t you? Well she does it with the six guys in the group that are into girls that is. Not the strictly gay one, but it does include the two guys who go both ways.”

That elicited a laugh.

Sue had more or less concluded from what Stephen said that her art group made up her daughter’s sexual partners, but it was good to have clarification.

Jenny went on “Kate has bemoaned the fact she only gets to have sex with guys when your parents go off while Dianna does it with guys in her neighborhood whenever she wants. Of course she leaves out that she does it with girls when your parents are home all the time. But I guess she’ll be having sex after the club meets on Tuesdays now.”

Sue had not yet considered that every Tuesday Kate’s playmates (or where they a poly group?) would be at the house. So should she expect at least one friend to stay late each week? Would it be just one? Then without waiting to ask if she should Sue asked “What girls does she sleep with?”

“Oh, I’m sure she’d do any of the girls in the art club, but I think she’s only done it with Shelly and last year with Dallas Smithson before she went off. Then of course Kate, Monica and Dianna call themselves a poly triad. Though when they said it they made it like a joke, but I think there is a level of truth to it. But that is why Kate has been talking about polyamory. I guess they have sex quite a bit. I mean, after all Kate and Dianna have been sleeping together since before they even knew what sex was. I think it was about two years ago when Monica became their third. I was flattered last month that they invited me to join them for a foursome one afternoon when I was at your house but you were at baseball practice. I said not then, but I didn’t say no. I regret not saying yes but it hasn’t worked out to get a second opportunity. Other than making out with Emjay and getting her off with my fingers, I’ve never actually had real sex with a girl. Other than Collin, Emjay hasn’t had sex with anyone at all. She hasn’t even given any other guys blow jobs. How sad is that?” Jenny smiled at her little quip.

Sue knew she should not have been the least bit surprised about Dianna and Kate having sex. Stephen had said as much already, though to hear it from Jenny was a little jarring. The two girls have been sharing a bed at least once a week since they were little. The fact they liked looking at photos of their moms having sex with both men and women, and that Stephen calls Dianna a porn fiend, and that they had actually watch their mother’s have sex in the studio one day; the two of them having sex was inevitable. But she hadn’t even considered they had embraced the concept of polyamory among themselves. She didn’t know they had even heard of the word. Now the story Stephen had told of Kate encouraging both Monica and Dianna to have sex with him made perfect sense. In her place that is exactly what Sue would have done.

Jenny did not pause her narrative. “I have to tell you that I only pretended to be surprised when you said that your parents sleep with other people. The truth is I wasn’t. Yes the group sex stuff was new to me; but Monica and I have known your parents have sex with Dianna’s mom and step-dad for a couple of months now. That is why we talked about me and you and Monica and Dianna. Your sister has suggested there was no reason all three of us all couldn’t love you and have sex with you. Not like a harem or anything, but in what she calls an open poly-quad. She said we should talk to you about it. So I guess that is what I am doing now. You have to know we talk about you a lot. We have all admitted to each other that we love you and all three of us want to make love to you. They don’t resent that I’m the only one who has felt you inside me since the end of October, but I know they want to do it again.” She again paused “Now I think you know that Dianna doesn’t love you like a boyfriend exactly, but her love is just as real. We have talked about doing polyamory since the end of Christmas break and well…

Sue was truly astonished. She really had thought she had gone out on a limb with Stephen today, but she had only brought him up to where the others were already. Jenny had been planning a break with monogamy and now she was sure it would actually happen tonight with Emjay and Collin. She thought how it was too amusing for words that Stephen would miss it. Yet, almost as soon as she laughed in her head she recalled how at each step she had found this body switch has been for a reason. It could not be just happenstance that this big change in her son’s relationship was coming tonight. Even the change in Jenny’s parent’s plans had been last minute. The fates sure were playing a game today. She now knew beyond any shadow of a doubt why this had happened and she must play out her part to benefit everyone.

Jenny went on “We, I mean me, Monica and Dianna are all on board. I told them both on the phone today that from this moment, I would not object if you had sex with them. But, conversely, you need to agree that all three of us will have the freedom to have sex with other guys (or girls) when we want. We believe this is the best way forward. Like I told Collin, the truth is I really would like to do it with those two guys on your team. They are both hot. It’s not I want another boyfriend, but deep down the desire for doing other guys has been growing. How many guys will I do right off? I’m not sure, but I know I will do Jake and Vince…and tonight I am sure I will feel Collin’s penis inside of me. I want you to watch him do me. Yes, that is what Emjay and I have planned out for tonight. We want us to have a foursome, and I’m looking forward to watching you do her too. I told Emjay that you would be OK with all of that. I hope I was right.”

So this was the plan. Once again the thought came to Sue that there is a reason that she, not her son was in his body tonight. ‘How many first time foursomes have I guided over the years? These kids don’t realize how easy it is for things to go awry or to just be a disappointment for one of the participants. I am here to guide them into a new world.’ Aloud she answered “I trust you. If you think this is the right time for this, I do too.” She thought a moment then added, “It is funny you are telling me all this tonight. Just today my mother told me to tell you that she would be happy to talk to you about her polyamorus life. From what she said, she and my dad were poly even before they’d heard the word back when they were dating in college. I guess she had sex with other guy’s like right up till the day they got married, then she stopped only from when they got married till after Kate was born. So she’s both had open relationships dating and when she was married and she said she’d be glad to tell you anything you want to know.”

That seemed to get Jenny thinking. “Wow! Really? That is so cool. This has worked out so amazingly all at once.”

Sue was happy to see her response but added “But she won’t come to you. She is afraid of seeming pushy since you are so young. But if you ask, she said she won’t hide anything.”

“I will” she said, then leaned over to kiss him softly. “And one more thing. Collin is going to stay the night. Emjay has her mother’s car and will take him home before my parents get home tomorrow. Is that OK with you if I sleep with both of them in my bed?”

Sue just nodded.

Jenny then added, “But you won’t be lonely too long. I hope I’m not spoiling a surprise, but Kate and I talked this through on the phone today. She has invited me and Monica and Dianna over for lunch tomorrow. All three of us have been planning all day. I’m jealous that they have done threesomes with you and I haven’t. They have told me how fun it was. So, tomorrow you can expect a busy afternoon with all three of us in your bed after lunch.”

Sue was dumb founded, but quickly recovered and started making lunch plans in her head; assuming she would be back in her body in the morning.

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Feb 21, 2021

Thanks for the tour of the swing club. Would you be able to do a blog about your 3D graphics?

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