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Surprise Saturday: Chapters 11 & 12

Chapter 11

Forty miles from Rock Hill, in the swing club’s playroom Stephen lay on his back panting.  It had been a night beyond anything he could ever have imagined. He was surprised at how tired he was. He instinctively knew it was because he was in his mother’s body and he’d taxed it to its limits. Had he been in his own body, he would have plenty of reserve left. Around him, the dozen or so nude people were relaxing… and of all things, chatting. The only action was with a couple that had arrived sometime during the big orgy doing it in missionary style at the far corner of the big bed.  The original threesome was gone and two couples had taken their places during the marathon fuck fest.  To the best Stephen could figure, four different guys had fucked his pussy and he’d sucked five different dicks. Two of those filled his mouth with jizz. His mom had been right, Bill Thompson’s cum did taste particularly good. Two more guys had given him a good taste of pre-cum, but had not climaxed in his mouth.  And he had eaten four pussies.  WOW!  In that time he’d completely rewritten his sexual history. As he lay there he realized that his sexual history actually had not been rewritten because it was not his body; it was his mother’s. It meant something to him that so many people knew his mom in this place and that what he had just done was not anything shocking or new; rather, it was what they expected from her.

“So Connie,” Calvin asked “how was your first orgy?”

The same question could have been asked of Stephen. How was his first orgy? Beyond anything in his fantasy life, this was the real deal. He knew he would re-live this experience for the rest of his life. But, to be fair, he was tired and sore. His jaws were sore from oral sex, his pussy was sore from being fucked. But he was not so sore that he regretted a single second. It was then he remembered he was supposed to have guided things along. ‘Oh well, things worked out anyway’ he thought.

“Amazing” was Connie’s one word reply.

“And Bill?” Stephen’s dad asked.

“I second my wife’s answer, amazing.”

“So, is this going to be a one-time wild weekend, or are you guys going to be regulars here?”

Bill and Connie looked over at each other, after non-verbal communication Connie said “This will not be a one-off thing. You can’t put the Genie back in the bottle.”

A face appeared over him.  It was the young woman (or much more likely teenage girl) who had joined their group. “Glad to see my work was appreciated,” she said.

Now he knew who had brought him that amazing orgasm. “Thank you very much,” he said with his mother’s voice still very breathy. “That was simply fantastic. You are really good at that.”

“From what Jim and Sarah have told me about you, that is quite a compliment,” the woman/girl said before pressing her lips to his. Her face was covered in his mother’s juices.  Pervy or not, it was so hot tasting his mother as he kissed her.

The kiss continued. Tired or not he was not going to turn her away.

In a slow relaxed way their hands caressed one another’s body. Her breasts were full but not overly large. He used his right fingers to make circles on her nipples. “Are you up to me returning the favor?” he asked the woman…or girl perhaps.  Now looking at her face to face he guessed that she was about eighteen, but still there was no way she was twenty-one.

With a sweet smile, she answered, “If you are up to it.”

“I’ll find a way,” he told her as he repositioned himself to place his face between her legs.  He couldn’t imagine he could do to her what she had done to his mother’s body, but he was learning. He reminded himself giving oral sex was not a contest, rather it was about tenderness and affection. In his head he heard his sister’s voice telling him, “In giving a girl oral sex showing affection is the most important thing: make her feel loved.  If doing that gives her a great orgasm or two that is a bonus, if you just make her feel good and good about herself you have still succeeded.

As it was, in making this girl who he did not even know her name feel good he managed to bring forth a series of orgasms.  He felt very successful.


At Jenny’s house, the intense sex had given way to a relaxed evening. Moments after Stephen had fallen to the floor after his orgasm, the two girls went to Jenny’s room to put on short tee shirts and panties. When they had emerged from the front of the house Emjay asked Stephen, "So is this what your mom wears around visitors at your house after they have sex?" as she twirled to show off her bare buns in the thong panties

The girls were actually in crop tops, not tee shirts. Sue’s tee shirts weren't quite so short… well some were actually pretty close, but she was sure to Stephen it would have been the same thing. She understood that other people thought that some of her attire at home was bold and even exhibitionistic, but to her kids and their friends it was just how things were at the Richards’ home.  Sue just told Emjay "Yea, pretty much that is how she goes around the house in the mornings."

Emjay smiled and then said, “Come on Collin!” “Let’s make some pop corn. Let Jenny and Stephen put on a movie.”

Sue (Stephen) initiated putting back on her shirt and boxers, Collin followed her suit.             When the other two had gone, Sue and Jenny took a place on the couch. They just sat quietly holding each other for a while. Jenny broke the silence. “That was wonderful. Thank you so much for going along with our plan.”

Sue kissed the side of Jenny’s head “It was wonderful. I very much enjoyed it and I’m happy to hear you did too.”

Jenny turned to kiss Stephen softly on the lips “I did. I really liked watching you and Emjay. It was so sexy and even romantic even if I know you were doing it to please me.”

Sue was happy to hear that the teenage girl saw his actions with her best friend for what they were.  “You looked very sexy when you were riding Collin. Tell me the truth, how much of that was natural and how much was performance?”

The question seemed to trouble Jenny. “None of it was fake if that is what you are asking. That was a real orgasm I had while I was on him.”

Realizing she’d been too direct Sue clarified “Oh, I didn’t think it was fake. What I was asking was, how much of what you did was because Emjay and I were watching? That’s not criticism. It’s only natural that when people are watching, you act differently. I know I do it during games when the stands are full and I even did it when we had sex at the Christmas party when the others were in the room. I’m pretty sure you did too.” Once again Sue was making guesses as to what her son would say, but she thought she was pretty close to the mark on this.

Jenny seemed to think for a few moments then said “Yea, I guess I was more active and more vocal than I am when it’s just me and you. And yea, at the Christmas party and even last year when I was blowing Mike’s friends I always had in mind how I wanted it to look. Tonight I guess I was trying to let you, well you and Emjay, know how much I was enjoying it. But, the feelings and my orgasm was real even if I let myself go more than I usually do. You don’t know it, but I often want to act that way when we have sex but I guess I’m too self-conscious.”

Sue knew exactly how she felt. She pulled Jenny close “I enjoyed watching.  You should not hold back though when it’s just us.” She considered what she wanted to say next before going on but decided she should be as helpful as she could. “And when you start doing other guys; doing that will help get you a reputation of a girl who loves sex for what she gets out of it, not for what the guys want.  I think that is what you said you hope people will say about you.”

“Yes. That is exactly what I want. Does what the girl does during sex really make a difference to guys?”

Sue wanted to laugh but didn’t “Oh, yes. It matters a lot.”

“OK, then that is what I will do” Jenny replied. “Oh, and Stephen, I also really liked my threesome with you and Emjay. That was special in ways you can’t imagine.”

Since she was talking to a woman who had been in Jenny’s place before, Sue completely understood though she knew Stephen would not. Her response was “I am so glad.”

Popcorn made, the two teen couples all snuggled on the couch, girls in the middle and guys against the arm rests.  The girls had downloaded a European movie about a couple who were exploring an open relationship onto a flash drive.  It was a “real movie” but the sex scenes were not simulated; the sex was quite real and explicit. The fact the dialogue was in French with subtitles actually prove conducive for conversation since no one understood the words anyway.  Sue was surprised and pleased she would leave with a new idea for her next adult get together.

After a little while Sue asked “Well Emjay, did that all play out like you two planned?”

“Well yes and no” she answered. The first part was just like we planned, but you changed things.”

Sue naturally replied, “Oh, I’m sorry” though she knew her interventions had been for the better.

Emjay was quick to come back with “No, you really helped. It was like you knew exactly how to make it all really great.  In the kitchen I told Collin it was your suggestion to go join him and Jenny on the floor. I wasn’t planning on doing that.”

Collin backed it “I owe you one dude. That was super hot.”

Jenny also praised the intervention with “I’ll admit I was surprised at first to see Emjay’s wahoo over me, but I think I figured out what to do.”

Emjay leaned over to kiss her friend. “Oh yea, you sure did.”

Sue wanted to cement the positive things in their minds so she asked “So then Emjay, what was your favorite thing? What do you want to do again for sure?”

She didn’t answer immediately, but from her face Sue could tell she knew the answer but was embarrassed to say. Finally she opened with “It was all great.  I was surprised how fun it was for both Jenny and I to be on top of him like that. Both ways with me on his face and then with her on his face while I rode his dick. I really liked that and would like to do that again.”

Jenny put in “Yes, It was really special to kiss you while Collin’s dick was in me like that. I didn’t know that it was Stephen’s idea though. I thought you went off script on your own.”

“All of the new stuff was his idea. It’s like he was willing to put off his own fun for so long so as to make sure you and I had a great time.”

Collin put in “Well I had a great time too in case anyone is interested.”

Emjay twisted back to him and kissed him deeply. “Yes, I am interested. But I knew you had a great time. You’ve been dying to put your dick in Jenny for months and I know it.”

“Well can you blame me?” then realizing he said the wrong thing Collin added “What could be better than having sex with you than to have you and your best friend doing me at once. But, it is you that I love.”

Sue was glad Collin was not being a total bone head.

Emjay then sheepishly said “But my very favorite thing…” She paused and the other’s looked to see what she was going to say. Speaking so fast it was difficult to understand Emjay said “…was…was when Collin did Jenny from behind while she went down on me. That was even better than sitting on her face. I could have done that for hours.”

“I agree,” Jenny said. “That was the best part for me too. I could have done that for an hour as well.”

Emjay agreed “Somehow I expect before we go to sleep you will have a chance to pick up where you left off.”

“Good” Jenny said.

Collin added “Really good. Perhaps now that my balls aren’t blue we can try it again and it will last even longer this time.”

Jenny responded “That would be great, but even if you don’t have your dick in me, I can promise I’ll be down between Emjay’s legs for at least an hour before morning.”

Emjay smiled “Umm yea, I’m looking forward to it.” Then she added “But I want to do you too. I missed out before.”

Jenny moved across the couch to give Emjay a very deep and prolonged kiss. As she did so she made a show of sliding her hand into her best friend’s panties. Sue began to think the kiss would last until Emjay climaxed, but Jenny broke the kiss to snuggle back in Stephen’s arms. When she did, Sue instinctively slid a hand up under her tee shirt to hold one of her breasts gently.

Jenny sighed.

Long before the movie was done, the making out resumed in earnest.  Sue’s skill set in bringing pleasure to other women was far beyond that of her son. Had she known how much better she might have made an attempt to tone it down. As it was, the combination of the imperative message being sent by her never flagging dick and her many years of experience would have left Jenny helpless in her hands, even if she hadn’t wanted to give Stephen’s reputation all that she had.

Jenny melted at Sue’s gentle caresses up her stomach and across her bare back. Sue took her time as she brought the young girl’s arousal along with the deft touch of a master. She kissed Jenny’s lips, cheek, ears and neck.  Sue could feel the girl’s wanton reaction to her ministrations. By the time she touched Jenny’s hyper-sensitive vulva she was beginning to lose reason. The response to Sue’s work became increasingly vocal.

Sue decided the best course was to use her experience using her hands on women to get Jenny off as they kissed on the couch.  Poor Collin was hopelessly outclassed. He could not hope to compete with Sue’s skills.  Jenny was oblivious to the entire world.  Sue thought about suggesting to Collin what to do, but she was sure that would only make his clumsy efforts look worse.  Jenny’s vocalizing her pleasure filled the room as her hips lifted from the couch.


At the swing club, the two adult couples stood in the large group shower room. Sweat, grime and other bodily fluids were washed away by the multiple shower heads.  There was some groping, most notable to Stephen was the fact his dad kept grabbing his ass.  Though he didn’t like his dad grabbing him, he had gotten out without kissing or doing anything else with his dad (well other than his dad fucking him from behind). That was a relief.  Even here in the shower, Bill came to his rescue with a resurgent boner. Condom or no, he would rather Bill fuck him than his dad. So, he placed both hands on the wall and pushed his ass back at Bill “OK, Bill, you got one last chance to do me before we go.”

Bill took his chance and so Stephen got one last experience, bareback fucking. Even while it was happening, he knew he would have to apologize to his mother. But once he decided on that, he just enjoyed it. He was surprised that he could feel the difference between the bare cock and the ones he’d had in him that were covered in latex. He’d not expected that.

When Stephen invited Bill to fuck him, he’d been thinking “quicky,” But as Bill went on, he realized he should have known it would take the man longer since he’d had multiple orgasms in the orgy. That was fine with Stephen though, he really… really, liked the feeling of dick in him. He had not really expected to enjoy it so much… and the way Bill was positioned, his dick was hitting just the right spot inside of his vagina. Given some time, he’d have one last orgasm too. He suspected this would be the very last time he’d have this experience and so he was happy to let Bill take his time.

He was lost in his enjoyment when his father said, “Bill, I know my wife likes to put on a performance, but we are all sort of waiting for you. Can you piss or get off the pot?”

It took Stephen a moment to understand what his father was saying and why. As crazy as it seems, his reality had shrunk to just him and Bill and he’d completely forgotten that the showers were open to the hallway. Turning his head, he saw that the “show” that he and Bill were putting on had drawn a small audience. Rather than putting him off that a dozen people were watching him get hammered in the shower, it was quite a turn-on. It was just the kick he needed to bring on that orgasm that had been lingering just out of reach for the last few minutes.

He didn’t know if it was his moans of pleasure, or his scream of “Oh fuck, I’m cumming!,” or his pussy clamping down on Bill’s dick, but even as Stephen was working not to fall from the force of the climax, Bill began pumping cum into his mother.


After a pair of orgasms, Jenny snuggled with Stephen at their end of the couch. Regaining her breath, she said “Wow. When did you learn to do that?”

Sue had to think fast. “I don’t know. It just seemed the right thing to do and when you seemed to like it I kept on.”

“Well, you did it right. Next time do it just like that” and she turned to kiss him.

Now Sue was glad she’d gotten Stephen off the same way while in her studio in the afternoon. ‘I just hope he paid attention and can repeat it’ she thought.

When the French language movie came to an end, Emjay used the remote to switch to Netflix. She put on a teen-oriented, very sexually suggestive drama series. While Jenny had been enraptured by Sue’s finger work on her sex, Emjay had pulled Collin’s erection out of the fly of his boxers. They kissed on and off as she slowly stroked his penis.

Near the end of the television episode, Jenny turned to whisper to her boyfriend.  “You will need to leave in less than an hour, are you ready to go again?”

Sue whispered back “Is there a Part “B” to your plan?”

Jenny just smiled, then reached over to tap Emjay. With an exchange of looks, the lithe girl moved to her knees on the couch and pressed her face to her boyfriend’s. The kisses were deep and aggressive.  Collin distracted, Jenny rolled to her left and down to the floor to take a position on her knees between Collin’s feet.

It was obvious to Sue the girl’s plans for the night had not yet been fully executed. Sure enough, Jenny looked back to Stephen, gave a smile then leaned over to pull Collin’s hard-on from his boxers.  She glanced back again at her boyfriend before closing her lips over the head of the cock belonging to the boyfriend of her best friend.

Once again Sue marveled how much planning these two sixteen year olds had done. She could not imagine, even if she had the opportunity, that when she was that age that she or any other girl she knew could have thought this out so well.  This was a sign of a major power shift in the world of teenagers. If these two girls were any indication of the larger culture, and she suspected they were; teenage girls were no longer the passive recipients of boy’s advances, but were fully empowered agents of their own sexuality.  She was sure that was a very good thing. She would most definitely ask them both to pose for her as soon as she could.

Collin’s blow job lasted much longer than Sue had expected. Just as she had while riding him, Jenny used her whole body in mouth fucking. And mouth fucking it was, with long deep strokes taking him down to the base over and over again.  In between those rounds of swallowing his (very average sized) cock, Jenny looked over to Stephen as she ran her tongue up and down the shaft.  There was no question in Sue’s mind that she was performing for her boyfriend even while she just as obviously was relishing in what she was doing.

Meanwhile, Emjay alternately kissed Collin and looked down to watch the show. Several times she put a hand on Jenny’s shoulder or head. Her smile clearly said she was also enjoying what her friend was doing. And Collin, he was in hog heaven. Several times he turned to Stephen with a look of total self-satisfaction.  Sue knew that there was little chance he would object when she and Jenny took Emjay to the blankets and jointly pleasured her till she couldn’t take anymore; and that was precisely what Sue intended to do before she had to go.

Sue imagined that Jenny had the same thing in mind as she shifted her actions to work on the pink head of Collin’s dick. She had gone from playing and showing off to working to bring him off, and it didn’t take long before he began to thrust his hips and groan. Jenny once again took most of the penis in her mouth when Collin said “Fuck yea! Here it comes!”  Jenny sucked him all the way through his orgasm and well into the refractory phase. Then lifting her head, she kissed the tip of his penis once, looked up to Collin, and said “Thank you. I’ve been wanting to taste your cum for the last six months.”

In his post orgasmic haze, Collin smiled broadly but said nothing.

Sue could not help but think ‘Damn, that little girl knows what she is doing all right.’

Jenny stood up, stepped over to Stephen, fell in his lap and pressed her mouth to his. Her tongue quickly moved in.  Sue had another surprise when she realized that the girl had not actually swallowed all the semen.  Jenny had saved some of the ejaculate in her mouth so she could share it with her boyfriend.  Sue knew full well the difference between cum flavored kisses and snowballing. Of course Jenny had no way of knowing she was really sharing Collin’s semen with her boyfriend’s mother who could tell clearly what she had done. However, it was very obvious that the girl had planned it all out and very much enjoyed her kinky little game. The penis in Sue’s boxers told her that she was more than ready to go again.

After some time Jenny freed her mouth to say “I love you so very very much. I don’t deserve a guy as good as you. I’ve been fantasizing about doing that for months.” Then she whispered in his ear, “All of that, especially that last part.”

Sue actually felt bad that her son was not really here for this very special moment. She vowed to tell him in detail about this special act of love from young Jenny.  She was sure it was true when she replied “I am the lucky one. No guy could ever hope to have a more wonderful girlfriend than you.”

Jenny pulled Stephen into a very tight embrace.

It was time for Sue to take charge again. She rose, sliding Jenny to her feet as well. Escorting her back to the blankets on the floor, she knelt in front of the standing Jenny and slid her thong panties down her legs. The girl’s smoothly shaven mound of Venus was before her, but Sue began by kissing the center of Jenny’s navel. Jenny shivered. Sue made small but ever widening circles with her lips and tongue. She gripped the young girl’s hips as the kisses moved downward. Jenny’s entire body shook when the first kiss came below the bikini line; but Sue was not the seventeen year old boy she appeared to be, she would not go straight in. That kiss was the nearest Jenny would feel Stephen come to her sensitive organs for a good while.

Both of Stephen’s hands drew down the inside and outside of her right leg, pressing into the flesh as he went. The kisses slowly followed, down along her hip bone down to the front of her right thigh. When the kisses went around to the inside, she could tell Jenny was shaking so badly that she was having difficulty standing. But Sue continued. She turned her face to press her lips and tongue onto the inside of Jenny’s left thigh. Slowly the kisses moved upward. When Sue could feel the warmth of Jenny’s sex on her cheek as she kissed and licked the very top of Jenny’s right thigh, she really was worried the girl might fall.

Sue stood back up.  The two on the couch watched as Stephen removed his shirt and boxers just a little slower than necessary.  His long erection stood up proudly. Sue stroked it twice just to tease before helping Jenny out of her crop top.  In the corner of her eye, she saw Emjay watching his every move. Sue knew she should not have, but she was sure she now looked forward to doing Scamp again. “Would you like to invite Emjay to join us?” Sue quietly asked.

Rather than answering Stephen, she turned and asked Emjay “What are you waiting for girl? Get naked and get over here.” Then she looked to Stephen and whispered “Why don’t we take turns eating her out?”

Sue nodded. When a nude Emjay stepped onto the pile of blankets Jenny said “Now lie down.” She helped Emjay down to the soft carpet. Stephen put a throw pillow from the couch behind her head. Jenny and Stephen joined her on the ground, she went high and he went low.

The two girls began to kiss. Softly at first but quickly they were devouring each other’s tongues. As gently as she could, Sue repositioned Emjay’s legs. Much to her surprise, the girl continued to spread her thighs even after Sue had released them.  At almost fully perpendicular to her torso, the legs came to a rest. Sue could tell there was no strain on Emjay as her toes pointed outward ten inches above the ground. Incredibly it was evident that this was a relaxed position for the fit and limber teenager.

In a seemingly well-practiced and casual motion, Emjay deftly reached between her legs with one hand and spread her little lips. When the hand was gone, the two dark pink inner lips remained open to form butterfly wings.  She gave no explanation for her actions, yet Sue found herself staring at an erotic butterfly at the nexus of Emjay’s thighs.  It was an impressive sight to behold. Sue had seen many, many beautiful and sexy labium in her time, but few were perfectly symmetrical like the one in front of her.  Once again she could not help but think she needed to ask the girl to model for her. What a fantasy painting the sight would make. Sue took a position on her knees before gently, oh so gently, running Stephen’s long fingers along the inside of Emjay’s thighs.  There was no visible reaction, but Sue knew how that must feel.  She continued on with her fingers, ending each stroke at the edge of the sexual mound, but not going further. It was only when she heard “Oh that feels so good” did the strokes end by pressing his knuckles on the sides of her vulva. That elicited a quiver in the slim but very firm thighs.

As Sue worked toward Emjay’s vulva, Jenny’s kisses moved down her face, neck, and sternum. Sue turned her hands around so the backs of Stephen’s fingers began to caress the sides of Emjay’s opened labia majoria with a steady pressure.  A moan came from Emjay’s lips as Jenny suckled her right breast. Sue slowly let the backs of her fingers slide to just brush the edges of Emjay’s opened labial lips. As she did this, she moved her mouth so close to the pink butterfly that she was sure her breath could be felt on the hypersensitive flesh.

Jenny surprised Sue when she slipped down beside her to watch what Stephen was doing. Given the splits that Emjay still maintained, between her muscular thighs there was more room than needed for both of their faces. Sue knew there were few things as special as working with the one you love to pleasure a mutual close friend and she would not deprive Jenny of the experience. Though she normally would have moved to perform cunnilingus next, Sue and Jenny began to use their hands together to explore Emjay. Sue eased two of Stephen’s fingers into the canal but whispered quietly, “Let's keep it slow, this is still the warm-up.” Jenny followed the instructions and gently petted Emjay’s clit while watching her boyfriend very slowly caress her best friend's inner sex.

Up till this point, Emjay had maintained her position with legs perpendicular to her torso and her feet about ten inches off the floor. However, during the joint ministrations of Stephen and Jenny, Emjay twisted her thighs and bent her knees so that her feet planted themselves on the floor without closing her legs an inch. This allowed her to begin slowly thrusting her hips upward. Sue knew she had completely succeeded in her prep work and it was time to bring Emjay off.

Putting her lips to the butterfly, Sue gave it a tender kiss; then a longer more passionate one. Her thick male tongue pushed between the wings into Emjay’s vagina. From there she went into what had long been her favorite cunnilingus routine. With Stephen’s tongue, she was able to go deeper than she’d ever been able to reach with her own. She knew that not only was his tongue longer it was also thicker so it was more like a real tongue fucking than she’d ever been able to achieve before. However, the trade-off was when she switched to using Stephen’s lips and tongue to caress and suck Emjay’s clit, it all felt too big and clumsy. However, the cute girl lying on her back with her legs spread did not seem to notice anything amiss. The soft moans of pleasure became nearly constant.

Sue had done three rounds of tongue fucking/clit sucking and brought Emjay to a bucking orgasm before she moved aside to let Jenny take over. Sue had to move Stephen’s big body quite a bit to make room for Jenny to put her lips to Emjay’s butterfly. As expected, Jenny followed Sue’s example and pressed her tongue in as deep as it would go. Just above a whisper, Stephen told his girlfriend “Yes, like that. Nice and slow.” “Don’t rush. Don’t think about trying to get her off. Simply show Emjay how much you love her with your lips and tongue.”  Sue knew she was giving more direction than her son would have ever done, but Jenny did not seem to mind.

As Jenny’s tongue delved the moist canal, Emjay began to slowly lift her buttocks and push her hips up. To both girls, Sue quietly said “Relax. Don’t rush. Don’t try for an orgasm. Just let it come when it will.”

The pace of both the thrusting and licking slowed. Minutes went by as the two girls worked into an erotic synchronized ballet of lips, hips, and tongue.  Sue looked up to see Collin sitting on the couch, transfixed with what was happening. She hoped he would not move until this played itself out.

The hip thrusts became more pronounced, but they did not speed up. Jenny continued to take her time, licking deep into Emjay’s vagina then wrapping her lips around her clit and sucking gently for a minute or two before pushing her tongue back inside. Beads of sweat were forming on Emjay’s forehead. Sue knew it was time. She reached up and took the clitoral hood between Stephen’s thumb and index finger and pinched gently.

The reaction was instantaneous. Emjay let out a deep breath and her hips held at the highpoint of the thrusts.  The orgasm was not there yet, but it was close, very close. Jenny pressed her tongue on the pink button Sue’s squeezing exposed and reached to put two fingers as far into Emjay as she could.  In under a minute, Emjay’s hips began to quiver.

The orgasm visibly flowed over Emjay. When the spasms ceased, Jenny started to disengage, but Emjay said, “No, keep going. Don’t stop.”  Jenny’s face went back down. Emjay’s hips had not touched the floor in several minutes.  Sue could not help but think what a sexual athlete Scamp had become, and she was surely not even aware most grown women couldn’t hope to put in the performance she had in the past two hours.

When her second climax had finally subsided, Emjay’s hips went to the ground, but only for a short while before they began to slowly thrust again. Sue watched as Jenny continued to make love to the pink butterfly with tenderness and persistence. Sue kissed Jenny’s neck as she brought her dearest friend whom she loved very much to a pair of orgasms that came in rapid succession.  Once Sue decided that Emjay’s substantial endurance was close to her limit, Sue rolled over to reach for the condom packets that lay beside the blanket.

She tapped Jenny on the shoulder.  Seeing Stephen’s erection clad in latex, Jenny moved aside.  Emjay was breathing very heavily and her thighs tremored with the after-effects of the orgasm string. Sue stroked her thighs several times before reaching under her hips to pull them up to meet his. When she saw Jenny straddling Emjay’s head, Sue began to rub the tip of her penis on Emjay’s pink butterfly.  At the same time Jenny lowered herself till her labial lips just barely touched Emjay’s mouth. Sue slid Stephen’s penis all the way in. Emjay’s moan was muffled by Jenny’s moist lips.

Sue had no trouble at all holding Emjay’s hips up by gripping her spread thighs. Sue really liked being so strong and to have such stamina.  She thought perhaps she finally needed to start that workout routine she’d been thinking about for the last three years. Jenny leaned forward and she and her boyfriend began to kiss. Sue worked to grind Stephen’s hips in small circles on Emjay’s pelvis while holding his upper body still so as to maintain the kiss with Jenny. Emjay seemed to have just melted into nirvana as Stephen’s thick shaft gently rotated inside of her body. Sue was sure all three were right at that plateau of arousal that felt like it could go on forever. It was rare for a threesome to fall into that kind of synergistic state and she did not want to disrupt it.

However, the eternal bliss was brought to a halt when Collin blurted out, “Dude, it's 12:35. I mean it’s really great watching you three and all, but you need to start wrapping it up.

Collin was right, time was running out. The truth was that Sue had been working hard to keep the screaming voice of that penis down for some time. She gave Jenny an air kiss before gripping Emjay’s hips with both hands and began to ramp up speed and pressure. Jenny got off of her friend’s face and went back to kissing her and caressing her breasts as the sounds of slapping flesh and Emjay’s vocalizations filled the room.

When Sue’s orgasm finally hit, she pulled Emjay tight so her penis was as deep as it would go. The feeling of the semen rising and then racing through the shaft before the physical ejaculation was fascinating to Sue.  There simply was no female equivalent.

After three strong streams of semen and two smaller ones, the orgasm passed. She lowered Emjay’s hips and carefully lay down over the girl to kiss her without the erection coming out. She was sure Stephen could have done that without the concentrated effort she put in. Sue had been crushed by heavy men after they had cum more than once, so she made sure to carry most of her body weight on her hands while still making firm contact along her entire torso. She kissed Emjay softly and began to stroke the mostly hard penis once more, very slowly. A few moments later, from deep in Emjay’s throat came another moan.  Sue felt the vagina contract and squeeze her penis as yet another orgasm gripped the girl. She was pleased she had made Scamp feel so good.

After the final climax and a very prolonged but tender kiss, Emjay looked up into Stephen's eyes. Her face was one of total contentment. In just over a whisper Emjay said “That was wonderful.”

“Yes, it really was wonderful” Stephen replied.

Emjay, still smiling blissfully, said “Thank you so much …for everything.” She reached up and kissed Stephen. “It was better than I had even hoped for, and you made so much of it happen.”

They kissed long and passionately once more, the penis still moving in and out slowly. When the kiss ended, Sue felt Jenny at her ear and she turned her head to kiss her son’s girlfriend who now reclined beside him. After that kiss, she said, “And thank you too.”

Jenny responded “It was wonderful wasn’t it. Emjay’s right, it was better than we hoped when we planned it out. You seemed to know just what to do and when to do it.”

The three of them again took time to imbibe the moment; to take in all the happiness they could, while they could. Sue continued to move her penis in Emjay, but she could feel it softening. Only when it slipped out did Sue lift herself off of the slim girl. She looked down to take off the condom, but it was not there. A split second of panic was followed by the realization that the blue rim of the condom’s mouth was visible in Emjay. It had only come off as her deflated penis came out. She gently pulled it free.

Both girls evidently realized what had happened and their laughter was a fitting end for what Sue thought was a very good performance that would help her son’s standing with both girls.  Then she reproached herself for trying to deny the truth: it had been one of the most memorable experiences she’d had in years. The simple truth was that she had loved every second of it.

Sue looked over to Collin.  He had a full erection again. He had obviously been jacking off while watching. He looked horny, but not jealous.  She suspected if he had seen the look in Emjay’s face a few minutes ago he would either feel jealous or inadequate or both. It really wasn’t fair to him. There was no way he could compete with Sue’s level of experience, let alone the fact she knew what the girls wanted in a way no male of any age could ever know.


Outside of Charlotte, Sue & Calvin Richards relaxed in a hot tub with their new friends Connie and Bill.  Stephen, wearing his mother’s body was lost in his own thoughts as the two men talked about basketball.  He had to force himself to tune out the sport’s talk.

A couple, perhaps in their mid or late twenties, stepped into the water.  Stephen noted that the woman was pretty with a nice body, but that was all.  It was only when she was all the way in the water that he realized he just took the sight of a hot naked woman as nothing special. He marveled at how fast nude women around him had gone from extraordinary to normal.  He was sure this was a good lesson somehow, but he couldn’t quite figure out why.

The young woman said, “I hope we are not intruding.”

Stephen’s father said, “Oh, no we are just relaxing getting up the energy to get dressed and drive home.”

Indeed, they had not dressed at all since putting their clothes in the lockers.  How long ago was that? Stephen actually had no idea since his, or rather his mother’s, phone was in the locker too.

Back when they had been in the playroom, after Stephen had gone down on the young woman whom Stephen was sure was not twenty-one years old, the couple with whom she had come to the club had joined in. He was sure that the last round had not lasted nearly as long as the other two, but even still he had tried to revel in what he assumed would be his last time to feel what it is like to be fucked and to feel a man cum in his mouth before they had gone to the shower.  As he went from kissing and pleasing the girl, the man and his wife, Stephen’s father, Bill, and Connie simply relaxed on the bed watching them.

Only once the man was spent did they go for the communal shower. Helping wash Connie’s body would certainly be one of the best memories for Stephen, well that and getting fucked by her husband one last time leaning up against the shower wall as dozens of people walked by and saw them.  After that was the experience of walking behind that great bare ass, down the stairs and through the club to the hot tub completely nude. When he felt Bill’s semen dripping out and onto his mother’s thighs, he wasn’t sure what to do. That was nothing he’d ever seen in porn.

He had deliberately not participated in the light banter among the six naked people in the hot tub. However when Connie brought up that Sue Richards was a well-known artist he felt he had to say a few words. When Connie said she would love to pose for a painting, Stephen committed his mother to calling her next week to set up a date for her sitting. He felt sure she would not mind.

While they talked, Stephen could not help notice the young woman across from her had brought her man up to full staff with her hand.  When Bill said “Well Sue, are you going to let that cock pass without asking to sit on it?” he had no idea what his mother would say. Nor did he know if this was just a ribbing or did his dad expect his mom would be ready to fuck again. He knew what she said about condoms even though he’d let Bill do her without one; even still he thought of what would be a good response.

“It certainly looks ready.” Then Stephen looked right at the woman “But I have not been asked and it doesn’t have on a condom anyway.”

The woman quickly shot back “Oh, I have one right behind me, and I would love to watch if you would like to.”

Stephen had seen the sign by the hot tub “No Swimmers” with a picture of a smiling sperm to make the point. In smaller letters, it said “Show respect: Use a condom when sucking or fucking in or around the water.”  He was committed now.

Three minutes later, Stephen’s vagina was filled with a latex-covered penis one last time. Unsure of his skill in putting it in, he asked the woman to guide the shaft into him as he sat in his lap facing the others.   It felt good in him, but just sitting like that it was not like it suddenly made him super turned on. It was more like comforting and relaxing than it had been up on the bed.  However, as he rolled his hips the pleasure began to build very slowly. At first, he’d seen this as just a way to avoid the conversations, but down below his belly he felt the arousal swell.  Whether it was instinct of his mother’s body’s muscle memory or him trying to imitate what he’d felt done to him; it was almost like autopilot from that point till he found himself doubled up, one hand in his crotch as the orgasm swept through his female body.  Even in the midst of the spasms, he wondered why his mom had different kinds of orgasms. This one felt different somehow than the others, but he had no idea what was different or why.  When he slid off the man, the young woman took her place.

His father evidently decided that was a good point to exit the tub so as to begin the process of heading home, so he stood and offered to help his wife out of the water.  As the young couple made love in the hot tub, the group of four took towels from a table and dried off, after which they went up to the locker room.

 Chapter 12

As Jenny escorted her boyfriend to the back door, Collin stayed in the den with Emjay since he would be staying the night. As Stephen left the room Collin had said “Have a nice night. When you are in bed you can think about how I’ll be fucking your girl till dawn.”  Sue had to laugh to herself at his bravado, though she was glad that he didn’t show any resentment for what his best friend had done with and for his own girlfriend.

Sue knew how bold it was for Jenny to walk him to the door in the nude. Most adult women would not do that, let alone a teenager. She made a mental note to add this in her narrative to her son and let him know to praise Jenny’s self confidence.

 As she opened the back door Jenny told Stephen “Kate said she will talk to your mother about lunch tomorrow, so you don’t need to worry about that.”

Sue turned to kiss her one last time. “Thank you again.  I had an amazing time.”

After their kiss, Jenny said, “I did too.”

Sue left feeling she had carried off being her son in a way that he should thank her for.  At the same time, she had learned more about teens and teen sex than she would ever have learned had it not been for the … miracle. Yes, she was sure it was a miracle that would greatly benefit both her and her son.   That is if she woke up in her own body, if not she might classify it as something else.

Sue was so tired. It had been a very long day.  She passed out on top of Stephen’s sheets no sooner than she got home. Less than an hour afterwards the parents also came home very tired.

According to plan, once Calvin was asleep, Stephen changed into a pair of his own boxers and went down to the couch to spend the rest of the night. He didn’t want to take a chance he’d wake up in his body in his mom’s bed.


The sun coming through the sliding glass door woke Stephen. He was so groggy. He had to fight to regain consciousness. Where was he? He was not in his room. Then it all came flooding back. He looked under the blanket that covered him. Yes! It was his body under there not his mom’s. His mom’s? No, that was all some sick kinky dream.

 He stumbled to his feet and headed up the stairs to his room. Opening the door he found his mother, wearing his clothes, sleeping in his bed.  She opened her eyes and looked hard at him, then to herself, then back at her son. Then she smiled a smile of deep relief.

 It had not been a dream. It had all happened.

Sitting up his mother said, “Well Stephen, that was quite a day.”

Clearly, his mother was taking this better than he was. “Yea, a day and a night.”

His mother stood up, his sweatpants were way too tight in the hips and one of his football jerseys hung on her. “Yes, an eventful and I think faithful day and night. There is no question we both learned quite a bit that will take some time to absorb.”

Stephen just nodded.

She went on, very much the mother again. “We both learned about each other and about ourselves I would think. You and I have a lot to talk about before your father gets up. I figure we have about half an hour. You do know we have to get our stories straight don’t you?”

"Yea, I guess so.”

“First we both need to get dressed in our own clothes, and then we can meet in the living room.”

Stephen was waiting when his mother came downstairs. “Let’s get some breakfast” she suggested as she bypassed the living room and went into the kitchen. Being in the breakfast room, they were less likely to be overheard than in the kitchen or living room.  She was sore as she walked. That told her volumes about what her son had done with her body last night.

She poured two glasses of orange juice and they both sat at the breakfast table. Now she was herself again, it would be easy to pretend that all this hadn’t happened. Mutual amnesia is what many, if not most people, would do. Perhaps this kind of thing is not unique, but no one talks about it.  It was tempting to do just that, she was sure if she acted like none of it had happened Stephen would gladly mirror her. No, she couldn’t do that. She could not live with lies. She would address it head-on.

She opened with “I really don’t know what happened yesterday or how, but it would not be healthy for us to pretend it didn’t. Neither of us asked for what happened, and I want to make an agreement with you that neither of us will be embarrassed or feel guilty by anything we said, saw or did while in the other’s body.  Can we agree on that?”

Stephen just mumbled “Yea, I agree.”  Sue could tell his response was not at all enthusiastic. She was sure he just wanted her to drop the whole thing.

“Stephen, I mean it. Neither you nor I have anything to be embarrassed about.” He still did not respond. “Do I have to get naked for you to believe me?”

That got a grin.  She had an idea as to how to get him over the hump. “Come on, bring your juice and come with me to my studio.”

She led and he followed her to the studio. It was just as it had been the day before, but they were in their own bodies. That would make a huge difference. Booting up her computer she said “Did you read over my SLS profile and messages?”  

He nodded.

“What did you learn?”

With less hesitancy than before he said, “Last night on the way home I was thinking about it. I pretended I was asleep so Dad wouldn’t try to talk to me.  While I learned more than I thought possible about sex from a female perspective what really stands out to me is that for you and Dad, having sex with different people is like just really part of your normal life. It isn’t your whole life, but just a part of it that I never saw.  I mean you guys are like super normal kind of people. You come to all of my home games, Dad was my Little League coach, you led Kate’s Brownie troop, you were one of the classroom mom’s when I was in elementary school and you even participate in the 5K walks for cancer every year. How much more All-American & apple pie can you be.”

Sue corrected “Well I do make and sell paintings of nudes and erotica right in the house.”

Stephen was not put off.  “Yea, but that is your job.  It’s not like you dress like Collin’s mom does around town. And the truth is the simple fact our family is just my mom and dad and my real sister makes me a minority among they guys on my teams.  There are all sorts of family arrangements that are pretty normal now, but ours is like from an old black-and-white sitcom.  Yet I now know that at the same time, you go to sex parties and clubs at least once a month or more.  It’s like you and Dad see fucking your friends as just as normal as other parents see going out to a movie with them.”

“Yes, you understand it correctly.  And while you say you didn’t consciously know that your dad and I treat sex with friends as totally normal, both you and your sister seem to have adopted the same beliefs. You didn’t realize it, actually until yesterday I didn’t realize how much you had absorbed our values. How many guys do you know would start dating a girl after watching her suck off your buddies in public? Really? Have you ever asked yourself why you are fine with it yet other guys just see Jenny as a piece of ass to use and discard?”

Stephen nodded, “Actually I have. Jenny and I have talked about it and I really don’t know why. It just doesn’t bother me guys think she’s a slut.”

His mom smiled “Perhaps you saw and understood more than you realized. Kids are like that. They absorb their parent’s values even if the parents don’t explicitly tell them what those values are.  That is just as true for parents who are closet racist as those who are closet swingers.”

Stephen didn’t say anything more but clearly was processing what his mother had just said. Sue opened up the Zazzel directory. “Yesterday when I said when you got your body back you could masturbate as much as you want with my photos and videos, I meant it. What I didn’t tell you was that at least a couple of times a month, I masturbate right here in this chair looking at them too. Now I understand how that penis of yours gets hard constantly, demanding attention day and night, you officially have my sympathy and full understanding.  And if you would be more comfortable, as long as you agree not to share them with anyone, you can copy anything here onto your desktop PC.”Photos appeared on the two large screens.  They were of Stephen’s mother and a man making love in the woods. His eyes got big.

Sue knew that no matter what happened yesterday this would still come off as new. “This is part of a set shot last September.

 Stephen looked at the photos for a while.  It took him a few moments to regain his composure so that he could casually say “I’ve seen that guy before but I don’t know his name.”

His mother laughed “Yes of course you have. He married Juanita, Juan, and Susan Lopez’s girl, a couple of years ago. Although they live in Atlanta, you have seen them at several of the big pool parties. Simon and Juanita posed for me here in the studio the same weekend they came to town to do these photos; though I’m not sure you were around that day. I worked on eight different paintings from those sketches and photos on and off all fall. I only finished just before Christmas. These pictures were shot at King’s Mountain as reference photos. We shot a whole series of your father, me, Juanita and Simon. We did both nudes and erotica that day, like these photos with me and Simon. Then after he and I were done, it was your dad’s and Juanita’s turn, and after that, Juanita and I had a round together. As you can see, my models don’t simulate sex. That wouldn’t give me the pathos I want. We were in the woods all afternoon, but only about half of the photos taken that day were erotica. I actually made two different sets of fantasy paintings from the photos we took that weekend. I know that you have seen the paintings.  If I recall when you saw me working on a couple of them you said they were super hot.”

His eyes got big. “Yes, I recognize that one on the right. You did a painting of that very pic, but you were an elf. But that was you?” Then he thought and said “Of course it was you. How did I miss it?”

Sue laughed, “Perhaps because my skin was blue in the painting.” She got up and went to a stack of canvases that were awaiting packing and shipping.  She pulled out one and showed it to Stephen.

He looked carefully at the canvas, “Yea, I see it. Now that I know it seems so obvious.” Then he added “Is that guy with long hair Dad?”

She nodded.

“How blind am I?” he said with a facepalm.

Sue smiled and said “I told you yesterday people only see what they expect to. Sure, I made our hair silver-white, but now that you know it is me, your father, Juanita and Simon you can’t help but see it can you?”

“Yeah, it’s like so obvious now, especially Juanita. You didn’t even change her hair color.” He pointed to the first painting in the stack on the floor, “But right off I knew that was Mary in that one. Even so, it didn’t even occur to me that I could ID more of the models.  So from what you said before, is that little fairy in her hand Dianna?”

“Yes, it is. She is in four of the eight paintings from that set. In the last year, I’ve used her and your sister as fairies in over a dozen paintings. But I was careful to schedule their nude and lingerie sessions while you were at football or baseball practice.  But after what I saw last night, I think Emma Jean, Emjay, might soon become my go-to fairy model.”

Stephen went on “That would be really cool having her pose here for you. I guess after last night I could come right in and watch.”

“If she is comfortable with that,” his mother rejoined.

Stephen nodded in agreement before going back to what he was saying. “Kate told me you had shown all those paintings, even the sex ones, to the Tuesday art club as you finished them. But she didn’t tell me that the paintings were of you and Dad.”

“No, she didn’t. If she had it might have revealed that she has been looking at each new set of photos I take; which I now realize she has been doing for years. She surely made the correlation between this set of photos and the paintings I started right after I took them. Though I make changes in the environment to create the fantasy, the figures themselves I paint from life as much as with any portrait.”

Stephen asked “Wasn’t it pretty risky? What if one of the members of the art club had noticed the elf having sex looked just like you?”

Sue smiled again. “Like I said people see what they want to see. Kate knew it was me but the others, like you, only saw a painting of elvish sex. They didn’t look for someone they knew, even when I was right in the room.” 

As she put the painting back, a thought occurred to him. “So you just asked Simon and Juanita to have sex with you so you could do the paintings?”

            “Not exactly that abrupt, but yes and no. Juanita has posed for me since she was a child. Her family were actually my first commissioned fantasy family portrait.  Juan was Bacchus, Susan was Dianna and their kids were little centaurs & wood nymphs. I know you have seen that one since it is on my website. I’ve sold a dozen commissions like that since.  I keep planning on doing one like that of our family but I’ve never had time. Perhaps I can ask your sister and father today if they would be willing to sit for a painting like this. That would give us a clear reason to drop the barriers about nudity.”

            She pulled another painting from behind several others that were leaning against a wall. It was another based on the sittings with Juanita and Simon. Stephen looked at the painting of the same four elves, but the picnic had evolved to where his mom was sitting in the lotus position on Simon’s lap while his dad and Juanita watched smiling. Once again, he could not believe he had not seen that his mother was the elf queen.

As he looked at the painting, he considered his mother’s idea of a fantasy family portrait of them all in the nude. He thought that her idea was a good one even though he found posing for his mother very boring. He’d been dragged into acting as a model, usually as a background figure, all his life. However, unlike his sister, he hadn’t done it in the nude since before he was too young to remember. Those paintings in the upstairs hallway of him as a naked cherub had been a source of embarrassment all his life. He thought perhaps with his mom and sister in the nude with him it would be more interesting. “You could get Collin and Monica to be the guards.”

            “Good idea,” she said putting the painting back. Perhaps their armor could be more revealing than in this set.  But, perhaps you don’t know,  but the prints from this set picture have proven quite popular. Even though I only put that last one it on my website just before Christmas and have only taken it to one show; I’ve sold fifty-nine of the one hundred lithographs I had made.  I’m holding off on selling the actual painting till my show next fall in London.”

Stephen knew his mom was working for her first big European show and had seen hand-signed lithograph prints of that painting on her website selling for $300. He had wondered if anyone would really pay that much for a print of his mom’s work. It seems there were people who would.

Sue then went back to her son’s question. “But yes, I just asked Simon and Juanita to pose for erotic art with me and your father. At the Pulaski’s Memorial Day party last May, we were all talking and I told them of my new project. They seemed interested so I asked if they would like to be part. From there it was a short skip to tell them I planned the elf queen to be a self-portrait and asked if he would like to model with me as my sexual partner.”

Stephen shook his head “So much went on I didn’t see. I guess this kind of new information will be coming out for months.”

“Or years perhaps” his mother countered. “One thing is sure, from the way my bottom feels, you did this and a lot more last night wearing my skin. Since you were there being me, I don’t have much room to be embarrassed at these photos.” She could see her son's hesitancy melt away as her tactic did its work.

Stephen got a Chesher Cat grin. “Oh yea! You talked me into it and prepped me. When I got there, I put your body through the ringer. And, it was really great. Fantastically amazingly great.” She clicked to bring up another photo from the set.

“I’m glad you enjoyed. And I reciprocated by giving Jenny a time I have no doubt she will remember forever. You will have to really put out to not disappoint next time.  Collin thinks you’re just ‘the man’ for your last performance with Jenny and Emjay.” She paused, “Oh, and you didn’t warn me that Emjay was Scamp from Kate’s Brownie troop.”

“You did both of them?” His voice was incredulous. “You work fast Mom.”

Now she had him. The awkward part was past. Now to just make this kind of talk normal. “No. You were at Jenny’s last night, not me. And yes you had sex with both of them together, twice.” 

She thought she also needed to focus on the fact it was him not her who had sex with Emjay and Jenny. “Between you and Jenny, I’m sure you two gave that poor girl a string of orgasms unlike anything she had ever experienced.”

“Jenny? Did she have sex with Emjay too?”

His mother nodded. “Here is the real surprise though. It seems those two girls had already planned to have group sex and partner swapping last night.  It would have happened even if we hadn’t switched bodies. As it was, you miraculously had the skills and experience to guide what the girls planned in a way that turned out better than they had hoped. At least that is what they said about your actions last night. I actually am sorry you missed it. Just take it from me you enjoyed watching her have sex with Collin almost as much as Jenny enjoyed watching you have sex with Emjay.  Unless I am way off, you will find Emjay joining Jenny together in your bed in the very near future. You made quite an impression on them both.”

With that introduction, she launched into a narrative of the night at Jenny's, taking care to repeat the things Jenny had said and all that he had told her. His mother then went on to give a play-by-play of the whole night. By the look on his face, she could tell that Stephen was stupefied.  She promised him she would go into more detail as to how she did what she did when they had more time. She ended her narrative by adding  “Oh, and unbeknownst to you; your sister, Jenny, Monica, and Dianna have been talking about polyamory for months. They have been waiting for Jenny to talk to you and ask if you would like to have a poly quad with the three of them and you. She made it clear that while they all love you and all want to have sex with you, all three of them, including Jenny, want to have the freedom to have sex with whoever they want.  You told her that if she wants to do poly, then you do too. It seems she already has two of your teammates in mind for her first experience with purely casual fun sex… well the first after Collin. She told you that a pair of your teammates have directly asked her to have sex with them. She put them off but I don’t think she said no. She plans to tell them both yes next week. Jenny said she intends to make it clear to them that you have told her that you fully support her and her choices about how to use her body. She will also let them know she has seen you have sex with other girls and likes watching. Are you OK with that? Because I told her you were.”

It took Stephen a few moments before a grin came across his face.  “She already has plans for screwing two of my friends? I mean you were right to say I am cool with it, but I didn’t realize she’d gotten that far in her mind.”


“She said she already has a reputation at school as a girl who does it with lots of guys and seems to think you know that. I think she was actually excited when they outright asked for her to have sex with them. She said she wants to take Beth McCormick’s place as the school’s leading advocate for free sex. She used the word slut, but I suggest you help her rephrase that in more positive terms. You told her about your mother’s sexual history with hundreds of guys and that even now she has sex with men other than your father. She and Emjay both thought that was super cool. She seems to know she will never live down the reputation she already has, so she plans on living up to it. And again, she seems sure you are fully supportive.”

Stephen didn’t miss a beat. “Yes, I am. We’ve had that talk before, but it has been purely abstract. So you were right in agreeing to it.” He paused then asked, “Did she really specifically say that I could start having sex with Monica and Dianna again?”

“Yes, she did.”

With a gravity that made his mother smile, Stephen said, “I don’t know if she mentioned it, but I’ve told her that her body is her own many times. If that is what she wants to do I will be supportive no matter what people say.”

“She told Collin and Emjay that is what you had said. So I guess I answered the right way.” 

“You did.” Stephen, in listening to his mother’s narrative just accepted it as fact. He had become used to such miracles in the last 24 hours. When she was done, he just said “Thanks for making me look good.”

His mother bowed her head “You are welcome.  When you had to go, you left Emjay naked on the den floor dripping with sweat.  Both girls had hoped the four of you would spend the night on a blanket in the living room. Since you had to be home at one, they had to settle for just Collin as their all-night playmate. I don't think they planned on getting any sleep.”

Stephen didn’t know what to say. He was actually concerned that she’d set the bar too high for him. He saw what his mother had seen last night “I would have been blindsided if you and I hadn’t talked. This thing about us switching bodies wasn’t just coincidence, it was for a reason.”

Sue smiled and nodded. “I have no doubt. And one more thing. Even before you arrived last night, unbeknownst to you, Jenny and Kate had arranged for the three girls to have lunch here at the house.”

“Lunch? All three of them? Why?”

Sue read his expression, he wasn’t playing stupid. He really was that dim. “Why do you think? The four of you are going to have group sex afterward. Likely all afternoon and I wouldn’t put it past Jenny to drag you downstairs so you two can do a round in the game room.”

Finally, it was just too much for him. He just sat dumbfounded.

Sue was pleased at how the talk had gone so far. When she asked Stephen to fill her in on what she had done at the swing club.  It didn’t take him long to get into the story and it was obvious that not only had he had a great time, but he’d learned more than he could describe about women and sex.   She was not terribly surprised that given all that had gone on, he’d had sex with Bill, their date, without a condom in the shower.

Before the conversation finished, Stephen’s phone beeped from where his mother had laid it on her desk indicating an incoming text message from Jenny.  Sue nodded giving him permission to interrupt their talk to see what the message said. He picked up the phone. When he opened up the message his eyes went big.

“What is it?” his mother asked.

He turned the phone to face her. It was from Jenny and the text said “I really am thinking of you.” It was a camera-phone photo of Jenny, Emjay and Collin in a threesome.  

Sue said, “That is in Jenny’s den.” Then after a moment, she added “We did much the same with Emjay right before you left last night. Before you left Jenny told you they would continue on with the threesome action. I guess they did. I’m glad they had the good sense to make sure they could not be identified in the photo.”

Stephen was coming to the end of his narrative about all the things he had done in his mother’s body when a second bing indicated another message. Stephen opened the second pic message. It had almost the same photo but had Collin fucking Emjay while she ate out Jenny.

Since the two photos were almost identical, Sue suspected that the girls had staged this to tease Stephen. Then she realized that the photos were well lit with sunlight beaming through the window to the photo’s left. The pictures had been taken this morning. It was definitely posed, though there was nothing simulated about the sex. 

When his mother pointed out her conclusions, Stephen agreed that the photos had been staged.  He nodded “Yea, that is something that Jenny would do. After we did what you said we did, she would want a memento.” Then he added “Oh, I will make you a copy of all the photos of Jenny and me.  Turnabout is fair play and I bet the composite video Ron made of Jenny and I from August would make for the basis of a great painting.  Not that you will see anything you didn’t see from last night, but I thought you might want a copy for your reference archive.”

 “Thanks, but that will have to be encrypted.”  He seemed to agree then she added “I’ve got to say I grossly underestimated Jenny. I just thought she was sweet, but there is much more to her. She is quite a girl.

They sat for a few moments before Sue asked “All in all, did you have a good time yesterday being me?”

He smiled that handsome smile of his. “Of course I did. It was something I’ll never forget; but I don’t think I’d want to be you all the time. I’m too stuck on being me.”

Sue liked the answer but added, “And you missed your penis.”

“Yea, that too. But I hope you don’t mind that I really liked looking at you naked in the mirror.”

She laughed, then so did he.

“Then I’ll confess as well, Stephen, I enjoyed looking at you too. I can tell you without a doubt that Mary isn’t the only one of my friends who you will find hitting on you this summer. If Jenny doesn’t mind, you might find yourself servicing a whole gaggle of middle-aged women.”

Sue was very pleased with how their debrief went. That long-standing barrier was removed. She went to get in bed with her husband. She didn’t think he’d mind an early morning fuck before she had to go get their daughter from her first sleepover with a boy.







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Dec 24, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I like the new rating system. 😍


Dec 21, 2023

Openness. Finding themselves in each others bodies forced Sue and Stephen to see what they should have shared all along. There's an idea I've heard a couple of times, that women can't abandon themselves sexually with men they can't trust. That makes sense, and as with the Erotic, sex models openness, but doesn't exhaust it. I am not as open as I should be because I don't trust the world with what I have to share, consequently I hide things, making myself seem less trustworthy, and so on... It's one of the ways of being that ancient storytellers were thinking about when they spoke about the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.


Dec 17, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Pillow talk after a most pleasurable sexual encounter with a few friends can deepen relationships, more than the biggest penis on the block. At the break between the teens, Sue as Stephen, reiterates his/her initial mantra that Jenny’s body is her own and she can do with her body what she wants. I just wondered what about a man’s body. I never heard or read anyone saying that a man can do with his body what he wants.

Pillow talk is a great time to discuss the ins and outs of what the partners enjoyed while having sex and what they didn’t like. If I didn’t inform some of my lovers what gets me off, I would still be waiting…

Dec 19, 2023
Replying to

Of course, woman or man cannot use their bodies as they wish without consequenses. One therefore needs values by which one operates. Free love is never free - somebody has to pay for it. That is why the 12 Faces of Eros are so important, especially the first five. "Each face of Eros is an expression of a different texture of radical aliveness. When all of these awaken in you, you are living an erotic life. Each face is a portal through which to return to Eros. The twelve faces are: •​The First Face: Interiority: Living on the Inside •​The Second Face: Fullness of Presence •​The Third Face: Yearning and Desire •​The Fourth Face: Wholeness and Interconnectivity •​The Fifth Face: Uniqueness…

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