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Surprise Saturday: Part 1

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Author’s Introduction:

The story plot of wishing to be someone else has been used to very good comic effect, notably in both movie versions of Freaky Friday. One day we were watching the Lindsey Lohan version and it occurred to me how different it would have been had Jamie Lee Curtis switched bodies with a teenage son rather than a daughter. In the film the sexual overtone was referenced, but in a family film sort of way that ruled most issues off limits.

So in this tale I take on the theme of perspective and honesty in family life via this well worn scenario. Additionally I look into the new hot-button issues of gender identity and sexual morality in this short novel. To fast-forward the addressing of all these issues, I set the story in a home, like the home in which our kids grew up, where the parents have an open marriage.

Sadly I am not so good at writing comedy, so if you are looking for laughs, this is not the place to look. I hope you find this entertaining. But remember it is just a thought experiment, it is fiction without any basis in real people.

Surprise Saturday

By Professor Polyamory©

Part 1

Sue woke slowly. She had slept very deep and had some vaguely disturbing dreams, yet as she pulled into consciousness she could not quite remember them. She rolled to her back, something didn’t feel quite right. Annoyingly the tee-shirt she’d worn to bed wasn’t fitting right. She didn’t dwell on the thought but brooded over the fight she had with her son at two in the morning. She’d been worried about his safety, but that was no excuse for what she had told him. Besides, she never slept well when her husband was gone overnight. She didn’t resent his absence. It was only that she missed him beside her.

Down the upstairs hallway, in his bedroom, Stephen slept on. It was Saturday with no baseball game scheduled, so he was likely to sleep till noon. Besides he’d gotten home way later than his mother had wanted so he’d been grounded. Curfews were for kids and he was not a child. He had been seventeen for over three months now and was taller than his dad. A junior he had been the starting free safety on his high school’s varsity football team in the fall, and now was starting shortstop on the baseball team. Additionally he had a part time summer job, a car, and an amazing girlfriend; but, his mother still treated him like a child. Yes, he knew it was past his 1:00AM curfew when he pulled in the drive an hour late; but he deserved some time with his girlfriend and it’s not like he was free to bring her home. But did his mother understand? No! She just went on and on about how irresponsible he was.

“Do you ever stop to think before you do something?” she had said. “I have got news for you young man, the world doesn’t revolve around you!” she had told him in an inappropriately loud voice. “You just think everyone has to cater to your needs. You just need to grow up!”

“Mom!” he had yelled “I am not a child. I am so tired of you treating me like one. All the other adults in my life, my coaches, my teacher’s my boss at work all tell me that I am the most responsible teenager they know. But not you! I don’t know how to make you see how much I act like an adult.” He wanted to add that he never drinks more than two beers at a time and has never had vaginal sex without using a condom, but decided against it.

She in turn swore that he was a child and there was no way he was prepared to take on adult responsibilities. “I wish you could see how childish you look through my eyes” before taking his car keys and slamming the bedroom door behind her. Though he didn’t know it, she reproached herself for the words and the actions before she made it to her bed. But when her husband, Calvin, was off for the night she was always jumpy. Then when Stephen did not respond to repeated texts and then calls she had been sick with worry. Then when he showed up at 2:00AM without a hint of contrition, that was enough to make her lose it.

It was now morning and she pulled the covers back and swung her feet off the side of the bed. She felt bad that she’d called Stephen childish. She knew it wasn’t true. As she moved off the bed her train of thought was interrupted. Something felt wrong. She wasn’t sure what, but the way the sheets moved across her body and the way her body felt on the bed. Off somehow, the thought began to percolate in her mind. She sat up, swung her feet to the floor and slapped her thighs preparing to rise.

But she did not stand. She did not move. Her eyes stared blankly at her legs. They were a mess; a hairy mess. Her mind was more muddled than usual in the morning. She didn’t even try to figure out why her legs looked like she hadn’t shaved in months. Shuffling across the room she flipped on the bathroom lights and moved directly in front of the brightly lit mirror.

What she saw did not make sense. She was looking right in the mirror, but it was Stephen, not her own reflection looking back. Some things need to be reasoned, but some things just need to be accepted. She stood there for some time looking at Stephen, wearing a very old and rather ratty Led Zeppelin tee-shirt. Her favorite night shirt that she, only after some time, realized did not reach Stephens waist. So she was looking at her seventeen year old son, essentially naked, looking back at her. The fully erect penis at her crotch was completely out of the little thong panties she wore. She was her son, Stephen. But why was she wearing women’s panties that did not begin to keep her … his …well above average sized erection covered.


She had no idea. Perhaps she’d always been Stephen and her life as Sue, the mother of two, wife & professional artist was all a fantasy. That was it. She was Stephen and she was having a mental break. She was still lucid enough to know she could not be Sue, she had to be Stephen. To end the discomfort she pushed the undersized panties to the ground.

“What to do?” she said out loud. “Well if I am still a teenager, I must be at my parent’s house. I will find my mother and all this will straighten out.” To convince herself she was in control she took a towel, wrapped it around the naked waist of Stephen and went to look for her mother. Or should she look for the real Sue? Could she be my mother? This was getting more confusing by the second. But one thing was clear. She was not in the home in which she remembered growing up. She was in the home of her delusion that she was really a grown woman. That at least was real. But that did not clarify anything.

She started down an open staircase. Below her, in the living room, sat her daughter, or was it her sister? Either way it was Kate. Sixteen year old Kate looked up at her brother’s darting eyes. “What?”

Sue realized Kate was asking her, or rather Stephen a question. Forcing calm Stephen’s voice said in a solid baritone “Where is Mom?”

Kate returned to her book and said “She’s not out of bed yet.”

Sue knew that was not true, she’d been in her mother’s bed. If Stephen had been in his mother’s bed, then perhaps the mother was in the son’s bed. And so she was. Sprawled on the bed in the middle of a typical teenage boy’s room was the mother he (or was it she) had been looking for. It was still just so confusing.

“Mom! Mom!” Sue said as she shook what, she somehow thought should be her own sleeping body.

A groggy voice said “What?” before pulling the covers over Sue’s strawberry blond locks and saying “Are you going to bitch at me again?”

Instinctively Sue snapped back “Don’t use that language to me…..” but before she could say “young man” the voice came to Sue’s brain and it didn’t match.

From under the covers, Stephen also noted the incongruity of the words and voice. He pulled the covers back to see himself, standing at the side of his bed, wearing his mother’s Zeppelin shirt and a towel.

Unlike his mother he did not look for a logical answer, he sat bolt upright and said “What the fuck?”

He looked down, he was still in his clothes from last night. But, like his mother’s first thoughts, he felt something wrong.

He pulled back the neck of his old practice jersey, and where his hard earned abs should have been, were a pair of pinkish white breasts. Even in this state, the teenage boy looked hard and long at these tits before looking back to….to…. himself?

Where the older person looked for rationality, the teen took the circumstance on face value. He rolled to his knees and looked at the mirror that hung on the wall beside the door. He was in his mother’s body. He looked back at his body and said “Mom?”

What could she say? He had broken her delusion of reason. “Yes, honey, I’m afraid so.”

“But how?” he muttered

“I don’t know.”

“Why? What are we going to do?” He said in his mother’s voice, now almost pleading.

“I don’t know” she said again. “Give me a few minutes. I’ve got to think” and she shut the door as she left the room.

Stephen fell back to the bed. This was just more than he could handle. How did he turn into a woman? Not just a woman, his mom. She might be over forty, but she was beyond doubt the best looking mom he knew. Well, except Carlos, his mom had him at like fourteen and she didn’t look anything like a mother. But as far as MILFs went, his mom was the most popular. The guys always liked coming over to his house in the summer as his mom was very friendly to the kids and often wore skimpy clothes. She even sunned in their back yard in thong bikinis. His friends all drooled over both her ass and her tits. Being the teenage boy he was, his hands went to his chest and cupped the breasts beneath the jersey.

The feeling was a surprise. Not for his hands, he’d cupped a good many boobs in the last few years, but in the breasts themselves. They were so sensitive. It felt good, not the same as holding his dick, but not completely different either. As he lay there, he felt the nipples harden. His nipples! And they got more sensitive as he rubbed them. He pinched one. The intense sensation made him jump.

Without any thought to the seriousness of the situation; Stephen jumped out of bed and stood in front of the full-length mirror pulling off his jersey and kicking loose his sweats as he went. How many times he’d stood in front of that mirror and jacked off. But this was something completely different. It was like a video game. He was in a female body, his mom’s body, and could make it do anything he wanted.

“Fuck me!” he said aloud. While he’d had brief looks at her naked many times, this was not a brief look. The Richard’s home was not uptight about such things, after all his mother was a professional artist that often painted nude women. When his mother’s friend Mary posed buck naked for his mom, neither his mother nor the woman ever batted an eye if he came into his mom’s home studio. However, her case was the rare exception, not the rule. When almost any other woman posed for her, his mother put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on her studio door. She had made it clear to both him and Kate that nudity was not the issue, rather the model’s privacy and comfort. All this did not mean his mom deliberately let him see her naked either, because she did not. Yet, in the summers her outfits could be revealing enough to give his friends wood.

Other than his best friend Collin, the rest of his friends begged to come over in hopes of seeing his milf mom sunning in a thong bikini, or working in her home art studio in what she called her togs. Collin had not begged only because he was there so much already and the truth was Mrs. Flint, Collin’s mom, dressed way more provocatively than did Mrs. Richards. The two families were as close as could be and to the two boys that was how all mother’s dressed. Though their friends assured them that was not so and swore they were the luckiest guys on earth. So he more or less knew what she looked like under her clothes. But this was totally different.

The body he saw in the mirror was a youthful forty-one, just under 5’4”, curvy but not fat. As a natural redhead, her skin had a pink hue and many small freckles just about everywhere, but they were more prominent on her face and shoulders. The pink breast seemed large to him. Certainly larger than any girl with whom he’d had sex, but they were not so big they sagged too much to be unattractive. Her hips flared more than those girls too, and Stephen was surprised at how the mound of her sex stood out. Looking at his mom in the mirror couldn’t help but to turn him on. He felt the tingling sensation in his thighs and lower abdomen, but instead of radiating out into his engorged penis, the arousal flowed inward.

He reached down and touched the patch of red pubic hair cut cleanly into the shape of a flattened five-sided diamond that sat on top of her pussy crease. For a moment he lost track of lusting over his mom’s body when he wondered how she kept the triangle so perfectly cut. He recalled how his mother had first showed it off two summers before. He had almost finished his first year of high school when his mom had surprised even her friends at the annual Memorial Day pool party at Gill’s parent’s house. When she kicked off her shorts so that she was down to the bikini top and an absolute minimal thong bikini bottom; that perfectly cut diamond of red pubic hair showed above the tiny bit of fabric that just barely covered the crease between her outer lips. Nobody there mistook that for an ooops moment. It was plain that was how Sue Richards intended it to be. She had proudly told everyone that she was not going to let bourgeoisie rules tell her how to cut her pubic hair. Since then he’d seen her show her pubes at almost all of the three annual big pool parties with her friends. Not always, but often enough, and it was always shaped exactly the same. His mom might be bossy sometimes, but she really was super cool. Perhaps that is why he and his mom were so close, he really did respect and look up to her. If that made him a momma’s boy, as some of the guys had said, well he didn’t think any momma was half so great as his.

Soon however the nude woman in the mirror ceased to be mom in his mind. How could he feel off his mom? Up till this moment, he thought he knew all about female bodies. Even before that really strange day six months ago when he and Jenny had sex the very first time they had met, Monica had been a friend with benefits for half a year and Dianna was too. So for over a year he’d been having sex about twice a week. Beyond those three special friends he’d gotten over a dozen blow jobs from eight different girls, had gone down on three of those and had fucked one of them. So he thought he knew what he was doing. He recalled how Jenny, Monica and Dianna responded to his touch. He also recalled how his sister had told him that girls were different than guys in how they experience sex. Now he finally understood. He felt the sensitivity of his groin area. Without thinking about it he pressed his legs together at the thigh, the feeling was not too unlike when he touched the shaft of his hard penis. But rather than pointing out like his dick, it went into him. The sort of shaft that ran between the, his, inner lips seemed to be like his penis only super small. Not just the tip, the clit, but back and down too…and it felt like it had gotten hard, like his dick did. It was like how the head of if cock was super sensitive, but other parts were sensitive too.

He tried feeling himself off, the way he’d done to girls. He groped his new vulva, and found out right off why this didn’t get him very far, it was irritating. Not a turn on, just irritating. He quickly backed off the intensity. With such feedback it didn't take long before he got the right amount of speed and pressure. Soon it began to feel really good. And in the mirror, it looked good. So hot! With instantaneous feedback, he began masturbating in earnest and it was like nothing he had ever even imagined. While rubbing his vulva, he used the other hand to cup a breast, then began to experiment with different sensations on the sensitive nipples. It was all so cool and felt so good.

When Sue had left her son’s room, she went back to her own and sat on the side of the bed. She appraised the situation. It seemed apparent that the fight and her accusing him of still being a child caused this reaction. If so, what was to be done? Like the ghosts in A Christmas Carol this supernatural event must have a lesson to tell. If so, she needed to learn it quickly and get back to her life and her body. She reasoned that no one should know of this. Not her husband, certainly not her daughter. No one can find out. “I must live Stephens’s life” she said to herself.

Sitting half-dressed in the master bedroom was not living his life. So she headed back to Stephen’s room.

Stephen had just found the road that led to a woman's orgasm when his bedroom door swung open almost hitting him. In all the weirdness he had forgotten to lock it.

Sue found herself standing right in front of herself, at least her body, fully nude. It was evident he was masturbating; playing with her. Stephen leaped to the bed and covered up. Sue shut the door behind her. She certainly had not anticipated this. She would deal with this boy’s disrespect of her body, but not now. She had to end this.

With no mention of what she had just caught him doing, she laid out the plan. He would go to her room and get dressed in her clothes and she would dress in his. They would pretend to be the other until a way to return to themselves showed.

“Now, your sister is still in the living room, just go to my room and get dressed.”

He hesitated to get up.

“That body you’re in may be new to you, but I’ve seen it every day of my life. Now get!”

He slowly slid from beneath the covers and, still naked, passed his mother to head up the hall to the master bedroom. The implications for this little switch were quickly becoming apparent. Under the towel, she could feel the newly acquired penis pushing up against the terrycloth. She rummaged through Stephens drawers, and found some clean clothes and went to the bathroom shared by the two kids.

The rogue penis was mostly hard when she removed the towel. Unlike her son, she had a great deal of experience with the opposite sex; not just in the fact she’d been married for two decades, but she’d handled a great many penises of all shapes and sizes over her lifetime. Far more than her son could imagine. Removing the tee-shirt she took a good look at the body she inhabited. Though it seemed somewhat perverted to look, this was her body now, possibly forever. She might as well get to know it sooner rather than later.

She decided quickly Stephen had become a good looking young man. Sure he was still somewhat gangly, but he had really filled out in the last year. His 6’ 1” frame showed defined muscles on his arms, chest and legs. His hair was more blond than strawberry but still had that pink hint, though his skin was less pink and more tan. He was so much like his father except for that classic Celtic hair and skin coloring. And that half-hard penis, had nice size and shape, and was clearly on the thick side nestled in fine blond hair. She laughed to herself “Well, if I get stuck in this body forever, I’ll have no problem getting girlfriends or boyfriends or both”

She found the right temperature, and began to shower. Sure she lingered on cleaning her new genitals, it felt damn good. The full blown arousal came on so incredibly fast. It truly surprised her. In her own body she had an unusually fast arousal cycle, she could climax in less than five minutes under the right circumstances. But, this new body of hers was close to climax in seconds. No wonder teenage boys are so pervy. She gave into her curiosity to give the thing a few strokes. Just a few, it would be going too far to make Stephen’s penis ejaculate. Though she was sure she could do it in less than a minute. She left the shower with a full hard-on.

It was still hard when she was back in the room. Not just hard, but insistent. She just couldn’t ignore the call of that penis. So it was, she found herself just where she had found Stephen; standing in front of the full length door mirror, masturbating. But she remembered to lock the door. It did feel and look good, standing, slightly wet stroking. She was enjoying the feeling greatly when the climax just rushed up to meet her. She wanted to keep on, to slow down, but she didn’t know how. Her male hands stroked faster, seemingly out of her control. She felt the testies pull up and she felt the rising semen come up and out of the penis in her hand in long streams. Her knees became weak and she back to the bed and sprawled out.

Wow! She’d be less pissed when a guy came too fast in the future. It was like a freight train, impossible to stop without prior warning. She lay back and let her heart slow, her hand still slowly caressing her son’s dick.

In ‘his’ room, Stephen took time to look at “himself” in his mother’s mirror before dressing. He found himself touching that body again. He really wanted to find something to fuck himself with. He’d always wondered what a girl felt, but that would have to wait. He rummaged around until he found a pair of sweats and a tee-shirt. He thought to himself, ‘I’m sure this is what Mom would wear since it is still February and the house has not yet warmed for the day.’ He pulled them on without trying to mess with the female undergarments. He said to himself, ‘good thing Mom goes really casual most of the time around the house. It would be a real pain if she were like Mike’s mom and didn’t leave the room till she had fully dressed and put on jewelry and make-up. I’d be in real trouble then.’ Going down to the ground floor he stepped into the living room where Kate was still reading. He sat down in his mother’s favorite chair.

Without looking up Kate asked “What’s for breakfast?”

Stephen had to swallow the inclination to say “Whatever you make.” Instead he asked as nice as he could, “How does biscuits and eggs sound?”

“OK” his sister responded.

He and his sister had always been close, even though they have different interests and traveled in very different circles at school. Perhaps that is why they got along so well, they have never really stepped on each other’s toes. Sure they fought, but in the last few years things had been different. She was less than a year younger than him. For a few years she looked older and was taller than him, but when he was in 7th grade that changed and by the end of 8th grade he towered over her. As that change had been going on they both had become interested in the opposite sex and without really planning to, they had become confidants in new and wholly unexpected ways. Though dealing with or rather competing for their parent’s attention and favor continued to be a sore spot. Like in many homes the little girl had daddy wrapped around her finger; while Stephen tended to be closer to his mom. Both of them fought more with Mom than Dad. Anyone who knew their family knew full well that Sue ran the Richards home. Now he WAS Sue Richards. The idea that this might be permanent frightened him.

With that on his mind, he rose and went in the kitchen. He looked around and then realized he’s the mom now, so he can make the plans. He looked back out the kitchen door and said “How about The Riverside Cafe’ instead?”

Kate responded “Sure. When?”

“Maybe an hour?”

“OK Mom, sounds like a plan” Kate said.

With the first bit of parenting done, Stephen headed back up the stairs to the master bedroom. He could hear that his mom was still in the shower. It seemed very odd, and kinda kinky that his mom was washing his naked body. “I wonder if she’ll play with me? After all I know how morning wood can be” he wondered as he walked by “his” door. He was tempted to walk in on her. It was she who pointed out that there was no reason to be modest around one another when they were in one another’s bodies like this.

He decided he’d take a shower too. If she could wash him, he could wash her.

How many movies had he seen with the woman taking a sexy shower? Now he’d know what it felt like. The glass shower stall was steamed when he stepped in and just stood under the shower head. Getting seven inches shorter sure was nice here in the shower. He took a handful of the body gel and began to caress his mom’s skin. It was smooth and responded to the touch. He felt the tingle all over that seemed much more diffused than it did in his own body. All roads did not lead to the crotch in this female form. He cupped the breasts, lifting them slightly. They were heavier than he’d imagined they would be. When he released them he could feel their weight change his center of balance.

He continued to explore, rubbing the soft round ass and spongy thighs. It was so very different than his body in more ways than he had previously realized. His mom’s body wasn’t as slim as Jenny or any of the girls he had seen naked and touched all over. Even Carrie Phillips, with whom he had spent whole afternoons in her bed on three different occasions last summer, had bigger tits, thighs and ass than his mom, but she wasn’t shaped the same. Not that the nude body he’d seen in his mirror wasn’t hot as hell. As far back as middle school his friends had called her a super milf, and she was; but now he had a better understanding the difference between a hot milf and even an average fifteen or sixteen year old girl. One wasn’t better or worse, just different. He realized he would never look at grown women the same again. All his exploration began to build the arousal he felt. His hands closed on the mound and his index finger separated the, oh so sensitive, lips. ‘Fuck this feels good’ he thought as his fingers lightly touched the most sensitive areas. ‘I am so going to have a woman’s orgasm now’ he said in his head.

Then the water went cold.

“Damn!” he said as he jumped out of the shower. “She used up all the hot water.”

He grabbed a towel. He dried himself then wrapped it around his waist. The mirror told him he had to retie the towel, he couldn’t go down the hallway with his (her) tit’s hanging out. Again he took a few minutes to look at the nude body. If he let himself he could stand in front of the mirror all day. He re-tied the towel over the protruding breasts, then headed to his own room. The door was locked. ‘Why?’ he asked himself. He knocked on the door.

His mother was still lying on the bed naked, hand caressing the penis she now wore. She jumped at the knock, pulled her wet towel to hold in front of the mostly hard penis, and unlocked the door.

In the short time between knocking and his mother opening the door, Stephen made an educated guess as to why the door was locked. He opened the door. Inside his mom stood holding the towel to cover both chest and waist. He looked down at the floor. Three streams of milky fluid were visible on the hardwood. One was smeared by a footprint, but no matter, he knew exactly why she’d locked the door.

“I thought you said there was no reason to cover up” he said sarcastically looking at her effort at modesty. “And besides I don’t have tits to cover.”

Sue followed his eyes to the semen on the floor. The blood rushed to her face. He knew she’d been giving herself a hand job, using his penis. When she had caught him doing the same thing she had been so angry she’d made him walk past her and up the hallway nude. Normal rules of propriety seemed to make no sense now, the world was so mixed up. All she could do to recover her dignity was to pretend she was not ashamed.

She released one hand and the towel dropped aside. The penis stood nearly strait out.

“Does this thing ever get soft?” she asked, looking down at his penis. She hoped that would shift the issue to him.

“Sometimes” he said smiling. The tension was broken, not just today’s, but the unspoken issue that had created a wall between them for over a year. In that instant, the normality of his adult sexuality broke through. This she understood. She used her foot to push her towel toward him. “You might want to clean that up before someone slips on it.”

He picked up the towel and put it on the wet semen. “Well, at least once we get back to normal you will understand why I need my door locked.”

She moved to his dresser, then answered “Once we get back to normal, I guess you won’t need to lock your door. At least not for me.” She even genuinely laughed at her own joke. She pulled out some boxers, sweat pants and a shirt.

“Yea, I guess not” he agreed now smiling.

“You know,” she said while she dressed “I think this is all about you and me and the fact I have not wanted to see the truth that you really are a young man. I have used that term for a couple of years now to describe you, but only right now do I fully understand it. Somehow the fates have decided we need to learn a lesson. I think we need to be open to understanding each other so that the lesson gets learned quickly and we can get back to our bodies.” She was pleased how she’d now made logical sense of all this and was again in the parent role.

She pulled on the shirt and said “Though I think we would agree we have already found some of this enlightening, I don’t think either of us wants to stay this way.”

“Right on both counts Mom.”

Sue tried to laugh and made a point of looking down at where the semen had been. “I certainly understand one thing in a way I never have before.”

Stephen saw where she was looking and what she meant. He could not help but laugh. She was right; he did want to get his body back, but perhaps not just as fast as she wanted.

Dressed, Sue looked to her body. “Now let’s get you properly dressed and see how we can make this work for the day.”

She decided to first check on Kate. She didn’t want her to walk in on her brother dressing her mother. In the living room at the bottom of the stairs she found Kate still reading. When “her brother” walked in Kate looked up and said “Mom’s taking us to The Riverside Cafe’ in a few.”

That was news to Sue, but not a great surprise. It seems her son had figured out that “Mom” could do lots of things outside Sue’s control.

Once back in the master bedroom Sue pulled out a bra and panty set. “Come over here and take those clothes off. You will need to put something else on to go out to eat.” Once her son was nude again, she expertly began dressing him. ‘No need to teach him how all this works, hopefully he won’t need to know how to do this on his own.’

She had him dressed in just a few minutes and she sat him in her vanity chair. She stood behind him and began to brush out her own strawberry-blond hair that still draped over her shoulders. She did have nice hair she mused as she was working. From the dresser her cellphone rang. Instinctively she picked it up, but paused before answering. The screen showed it was her husband Calvin. This was bad. She had not thought of how to head off her husband from telling Stephen about what he'd been doing last night. He had not been helping a friend move as they had told the kids. He had been in-fact spending the night with a couple that Sue had met on the swinger’s site, The reason the suburban housewife had so much experience with different men’s sex organs was not just that she’d screwed a lot of guys in college, but she and her husband had an open marriage. Since not long after Stephen’s younger sister Kate was born they had both been dating and having sex with other people. All these years they had so carefully covered their tracks, and now….


“It’s your Dad, just agree with anything he says and hang up as soon as you can” she said before giving the ringing phone to Stephen.

Stephen took the phone and his mother’s voice answered “Hi, how’s it going?”

His dad answered “Great, I’m a little worn out, but it went really great.”


“Did you know this was this couple’s first time?”

“Ah, yea, sure” Stephen answered, though he had not a clue what he meant.

“I thought you did.” Calvin said “Well, it seems they have been married over ten years and both of them had been completely monogamous all that time, but they have roll played other partners for years. It seems your emails convinced them to give it a try.”

Stephen was struggling to put this into context. He and his sister have suspected for a couple of years that his parents were covering up something about the parties they went to. He suspected they might be doing weed, but Kate’s money was on something sexual. Still he had nothing more than guesses and he assumed his sister did too. Now was he going to find out the truth? Could it really be that his dad had sex with another woman last night? Was he calling to tell Mom all about it? And did Mom really set it up? Perhaps Kate was right. He didn’t want to let his mother know yet what he was thinking, still he wanted to take advantage of this situation. He encouraged his dad to elaborate “And….did it work out?”

Sue was trying to guess what the conversation entailed and wondered about what Stephen was asking. She sunk down to sit on the side of the bed.

On the phone Stephen’s dad took the bait and continued “Great! She had a first rate dinner made and waiting when I arrived. All through the meal she was so nervous. It was funny, but I felt a little sorry for her. After dinner they took me to their living room and we had some drinks and talked for a while. I told them about us, and how we have had an open marriage for the last sixteen years. She asked if you got upset when I have sex with other women, and I explained that it is unusual for me to meet a couple without her. I told them how it is nearly always you who goes off on a date with a man or a couple while I stay home. That took them off guard. As we’ve done so many times before I explained how in the open marriage community the women are the leaders in nearly all these kind of encounters. That was the right thing to say wasn’t it?”

Stephen just agreed as he was told.

Sue did not like this extended conversation. She strongly suspected this was the normal de-brief after a date that she and Calvin had. In that case her son was getting a rundown on a night of sex with his dad and a younger couple. She had to work to keep her thoughts hidden in case it was something else.

“Good, I thought you’d agree. So, after we talked and had several glasses of wine, Connie went to their bedroom to change into lingerie. She is way better looking than her pics online. You might want to teach her about taking good nudes. Bill put on a porn movie while we were waiting. When she came out she was in a really nice negligee. Not cheap sex shop stuff or even Victoria’s Secret, but something from a high end boutique. I’m not normally a fan of negligees, but I think you’d look great in this one. You will need to ask her where she got it. Well, she sat between us. Her husband and I took turns kissing & playing with her. She then took turns leaning over to give us head. She did her husband first, but did me much longer and with more vigor. Once she got naked, her shyness disappeared. She couldn’t get enough. Her husband and I took turns with one of us fucking her then she wanted to suck and fuck at the same time. When we were both spent she wanted to sit on our faces. She had talked about it twice earlier, but I’m not sure it was her kink or his. She had me pull out and take off my condom just before I came so I could cover the outside of her vulva with my semen. Then she sat on her husband’s face. Of course he came inside of her, so when she sat on my face it dripped as I ate her out. She was on me again in the middle of the night, then again this morning. After a second round of morning sex before I left she asked about us taking them to the club tonight. I have no doubt she is dying to do it with you too. She said she and her college roommate had a long running thing, but she hasn’t been with a woman since. Though he acted noncommittal, I’m sure her husband wants a chance to do some swinging too. You up to it?”

Stephen tried to wrap his head around all the information, but he knew it would take time to process all of that. It was more than he’d imagined, more than even Kate had suggested. It would change how he looked at his parents. They weren’t just cool and edgy, they were really, really hot. Again he answered in the affirmative “Ah, yea, sure”.

“Good”, I’ll give them a call but I think you’ll need to email directions to the club and pick out someplace to meet for dinner before we go. Oh one more thing. She made it clear she hopes for more than just a foursome. If you think it is appropriate could you email a few of the crew and see if any would like to meet at the club for a group thing tonight. I think that would be easier than just hoping to find people we know when we get there. I told them how you normally are the emcee of group sex events and how everyone agrees you are better at that than anyone in our circle. Well, I’m getting into some traffic; I’ll see you in about an hour and a half.”

Stephen ended the call and handed the iPhone back to his mom. She looked at him expectantly. “Well? What did he say?”

Stephen couldn’t help but get a Cheshire Cat grin. He’d caught his mom not just in the lie about where Dad was, but hiding a whole secret life. Right off he could see all sorts of clues he just had missed. But now it was all plain as day. “He said the girl you set him up with screwed him on and off most of the night. He also said she wants to go to the club with you guys tonight. The woman wants to have a foursome with you and Dad. But he said he thinks the wife really wants for us…well you…to email some of your friends to see if they want to meet at the club tonight for an orgy. He said only if you think that is appropriate.”

When he was done, he just sat in the chair looking at his mom (in his body) with that grin. He had her caught. Or so he thought.

What he did not seem to understand was while he might have an adult body, he still didn’t have the experience that came with it. Though she was mortified that all, ALL of their secrets had just been revealed in one fell swoop; she would not, could not, let it show. Sue knew her son would not be too hard to maneuver. It would not take long for her to reclaim the power position. Without hesitating she asked “Well, are you?”

That took him aback “Am I what?”

“Are you up to going to the swing club and participate in an orgy with this couple?” She tried to use her eyes to remind him who was in charge.

In the back of her head she thought on how long and hard they had worked to hide their lifestyle from their kids. Last summer one of her two closest friends, Vivian Flint, called her in a panic that her fourteen-year-old daughter had confronted her about her “affair “with Sue’s husband, Dwight. Of course the girl’s accusation was entirely justified. Four years ago after the death of Jack, Vivian’s husband and Dwight’s closest friend, Vivian and her kids had effectively lived at the Richard’s home for well over a month, and continued to spend most weekends with them for over a year. There had never been any thought of Vivian sleeping anywhere but in the bed with Sue and Dwight. To all appearances, the four kids had not seen that as in appropriate given how devastated Mrs. Fling had been. It was at that time, as part of the grieving process that Viv and Dwight had gone from affectionate playmates to a deep and abiding love. There had actually been talk about the Flint family moving in and openly becoming a hybrid family with all four kids and three parents. Had they lived in Seattle or Portland perhaps they would have done so, but in rural South Carolina that was simply not an option.

With the door to joining the Richard’s family closed; Vivian became a free-wheeling single for close to three years. Contrary to Sue’s advice, she made no effort to hide her sexual activity from her kids. The sheer brazenness of her hyper-active sex life as a single actually helped hide the relationship she had with Dwight. From what Dianna, Vivian’s daughter, had told her mother; it was only when James Otis moved in just before her remarriage did the observant fourteen year old begin to suspect that her mom and Mr. Richards were more than just very close friends. Her mother had taken that timeline on face value, though perhaps she should not have.

Vivian had concluded the combination of Dianna getting older and the frequency with which the two families spent time together led the girl to put together the pieces. And perhaps it was also because she, the youngest of the combined four children, had become sexually active over the summer. From what Vivian said, Dianna had been quite open to her about her budding sex life over the summer. Sue wished her daughter was as open what she was doing as was Dianna.

When Dianna showed her mother a phone video taken from her bedroom window just weeks prior when she confronted her about the 'affiar', it appeared to confirm the assumption that Dianna had just learned about the relationship. The ten minute video was of Viv and Dwight having sex openly by the Flint’s swimming pool. With such evidence Vivian had no way of denying it. However rather than telling the whole truth about her free-love lifestyle she presented it as a love affair begun after the death of Dianna’s father, which was true in a way. She even told her that had it been legal she would have married Mr. Richards to make one big family.

That same day Vivian called Sue to come over and assure Dianna face to face that she knew and fully supported the relationship. Sue thought that information initially confused the girl. She did not blame the teenager, after all that was not how she was taught marriages work. It was only when she asked if the two moms were also a couple or where they just friends with benefits, it became clear to Sue that Dianna knew far more than she had initially told her mother. Vivian had initially tried to deny she and Sue had a sexual relationship, but Sue had stepped in to clarify. She said she and her mother were very close friends with the addition of “yes we have sex as part of that friendship. We think it is perfectly natural for women to show that kind of affection.” That frank admission seemed to be what the girl was looking for.

In only a matter of days Dianna seemed to accept what she’d been told as just how their families operated. At the time both Vivian and Sue were actually surprised how quickly Dianna came to see the arrangement as not at all wrong or bad. Perhaps it was because Dianna already had come to see Dwight as her father’s replacement, so knowing her mother and her father figure loved one another only cemented their bond rather than strain it. The biggest hurdle was to convince her that James Otis had known about their mother’s “other relationship” even before they were married. But a verbal assurance from Mr. Otis was all it took for the fourteen year old to fully accept that neither spouse saw the relationship as a threat to their marriages. It seemed to both Sue and Vivian that the case was closed, at least for Dianna

Viv had suggested at the time to come completely clean and tell all four of the children everything: that all four parents had an open marriage for years before Jack Flint had been killed in that awful auto accident. In particular she wanted her kids to know that she and Dwight had been casual lovers for years before that terrible day. But Sue talked her out of it. Now she wished she had not. Now Sue knew she would pay for not taking that opportunity to make things right.

And there was the other issue of what had Dianna told Kate. What they told Dianna was only the tip of the iceberg; even so, Sue braced herself for Kate’s reaction. She was sure the girl who was practically her daughter’s sister would tell what she’d learned.

The Richard’s, the Flint’s and the Kenopple’s (Gill’s parents) had been a social group for years. But since the Kenopple’s only had a son, the two girls formed a defacto unit while the three boys did their thing. Unlike the three boys the two girls were separated by one grade at school even though they were only born eight months apart. That meant they were friends at home but not in school functions. Now she again suspected that Kate knew everything they had told Dianna and that the fact her mother had not talked to her about it only made the barrier between Sue and Kate larger.

This was not the first time she wondered if they had been wrong in hiding their open sexual lifestyle from their kids from the very beginning. From the moment they joined the Pulaski’s poly circle, Sue had seen how other families had handled their open marriage with their kids. The most extreme approach was that of Doug and Janice McCurry and their three kids, all of whom had been teenagers fourteen years ago when she & Dwight had joined their group. As she understood it, Doug and Janice had never tried to hide their lifestyle from their kids, even when they had been young. They had just put it right out in the open. To their kids sex, even their parents having casual sex with friends, was just a normal adult activity; no different than playing bridge or going to a play. As Janice explained it to her all those years ago, by making it normal to see their parents having sex it took all the mystery out of it. She said that until their kids were in puberty, they just ignored the nudity and sex they saw at home. Sue thought on how it seemed to have worked for them. Their son and two daughters were all happily married and have been bringing the grand kids to the Pulaski’s annual Memorial Day pool party for years. At this moment she wished she had followed their example.

But, back then she’d thought it wildly inappropriate when she realized that all three of their kids were in the house during one of the swinger parties the McCurry’s sponsored. Their twin girls, Joliette & Marcella, at the time were the same age Stephen was now. Neither Janice nor her husband seemed the least bit surprised when over the course of the party, both girls let their mom know they were taking a break from their hostess duties to have sex with adult couples. Later that night, Sue looked into a room to see Joliette and her mother in the same bed. Joliette was taking it from behind from a man while his wife and Mrs. McCurry were doing sixty-nine right beside them. She couldn’t believe Janice would do something like that. True, over the years as she’d gotten to know the family, particularly Joliette (who she now counted as a friend), her position had softened quite a bit. She now was pretty sure the McCurry’s had the right approach all along.

Not all the other poly circle parents had been quite so open, though at different times in the past decade, in addition to the McCurry’s, both the Pulaski’s and the Lopez’s had brought their adult children with them to Poly Circle events. But as far as Sue knew, all of the circle parents had told their kids about their open marriage sometime during puberty. Somehow she’d missed the importance of taking that step. Perhaps the fact that none of their “swinger” friends had told their kids anything about their lifestyle had clouded her judgment. For the first time she saw that was one of the bright lines that separated poly couples and swingers. Even though she and Vivian would be a little late in telling their kids about their open marriages, she was hopeful it was not too late.

Stephen, apparently trying to evade the question about going to the swing club as long as possible shifted the topic with, “Oh, before I forget, Dad also said something about how he told them how good you are at as the master of ceremonies for group sex. I guess you are good at guiding things and ensuring everyone has a good time.”

Just like her son, Sue was not yet ready with a coherent response to the situation. So she answered the last comment first. “Yes. Among our friends both in our poly-circle and at the club we usually go to, people look to me to guide things. You see, when there are more than three couples together, it takes someone to keep an eye out so that some people don’t get left out.” This gave her time to see where to go. Her next words put her back on track. “If you don’t call your father back now and tell him you are not up to it tonight, you will have to be me at the swing club. I know it sounds impossible but I actually think you can do it. The key to guiding the evening as a whole and the orgy itself will be to keep aware of what is going on with everyone involved all the time. I guess it is not that different than what you do on the football team. As free safety you have to be aware of what everyone else is doing even while you have your own job. You told me that in a game you have to watch the quarterback and the receivers and your linebackers while running full speed. To guide social situations of all types you do the same. Know who is who, predict what they will do and adjust your actions to cause them to do what you want. Whether you have a foursome or an orgy tonight you must maintain situational awareness, even when you are fully engaged in hot and heavy sex. You won’t have the luxury of just laying back and enjoying.”

That little speech firmly shifted the balance of power back to her. This time it was his turn to sit like a deer in the headlights.

She went on. “Unless something changes real soon, we can assume it will be you, not me, tonight no matter where you are. So you need to decide now if you want to be here alone with your father, or at the swing club with lots of people. If you think you are up to playing the part of me tonight, l will be glad to spend the afternoon preparing you. If you want, before you decide, I could show you their SLS profile. She is really quite pretty and in her profile she says she hasn’t had sex with a woman since she was in college. She wrote that she has a lot of Sapphic desire she wants to let out. I have no doubt you will like that part.”

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