Surprise Saturday: Part 12 (conclusion)

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

As Jenny’s escorted her boyfriend to the back door, Collin stayed in the den with Emjay since he would be staying the night. As Stephen left the room Collin had said “Have a nice night. When you are in bed you can think about how I’ll be fucking your girl till dawn.” Sue had to laugh to herself at his bravado, though she was glad that he didn’t show any resentment for what his best friend had done with and for his own girlfriend.

Sue knew how bold it was for Jenny to walk him to the door in the nude. Most adult women would not do that, let alone a teenager. She made a mental note to add this in her narrative to her son and let him know to praise Jenny’s self confidence.

As she opened the back door Jenny told Stephen “Kate said she will talk to your mother about lunch tomorrow, so you don’t need to worry about that.”

Sue turned to kiss her one last time. “Thank you again. I had an amazing time.”

After their kiss Jenny said “I did too.”

Sue left feeling she had carried off being her son in a way that he should thank her for. At the same time she had learned more about teens and teen sex than she would ever have learned had it not been for the ….could she now call it a miracle? Well if she woke up in her own body then she would call it a miracle, but not until then.

Sue was so tired. It had been a very long day. She passed out on top of Stephen’s sheets no sooner than she got home. Less than an hour afterwards the parents also came home very tired.

According to plan, once Calvin was asleep, Stephen changed into one of his tee shirts & boxers and went down to the couch to sleep. He didn’t want to take a chance he’d wake up in his body in his mom’s bed.


The sun was coming through the sliding glass door woke Stephen. He was so groggy. He had to fight to regain consciousness. Where was he? He was not in his room. Then it all came flooding back. He looked under the blanket that covered him. Yes! It was his body under there not his mom’s. His mom? No, that was all some sick kinky dream. He stumbled to his feet and headed back to his room. Opening the door he found his mom, wearing his clothes, sleeping in his bed. She opened her eyes and looked hard at him, then to herself, then back at her son. Then she smiled a smile of deep relief.

It had not been a dream. It had all happened.

Sitting up his mother said “Well Stephen, that was quite a day.”

Clearly his mother was taking this better than he was. “Yea, a day and a night.”

His mother stood up, his jeans were way too tight in the hips and one of his football jerseys hung on her. “Yes, an eventful and I think faithful day and night. There is no question we both learned quite a bit that will take some time to absorb.”

Stephen just nodded.

She went on very much the mother again. “We both learned about each other and about ourselves I would think. You and I have a lot to talk about before your father gets up. I figure we have about half an hour. You do know we have to get our stories strait don’t you?”

“Yea I guess so.”

“First we both need to get dressed in our own clothes, and then we can meet in the living room.”

Stephen was waiting when his mother came downstairs. “Let’s get some breakfast” she suggested as she bypassed the living room and went into the kitchen. Being in the breakfast room, they were less likely to be eves dropped than in the kitchen or living room. She was sore as she walked. That told her volumes about what her son had done with her body last night.

She poured two glasses of orange juice and they both sat at the breakfast table. Now she was herself again, it would be easy to pretend that all this hadn’t happened. Mutual amnesia is what many, if not most people, would do. Perhaps this kind of thing is not unique, but no one talks about it. It was tempting to do just that, she was sure if she acted like none of it had happened Stephen would gladly mirror her. She could not live with lies. She would address it head on. She opened with “I really don’t know what happened yesterday or how, but it would not be healthy for us to pretend it didn’t. Neither of us asked for what happened, and I want to make an agreement with you that neither of us will be embarrassed or feel guilty by anything we said, saw or did while in the other’s body. Can we agree on that?”

Stephen just mumbled “Yea, I agree.” Sue could tell his response was not at all enthusiastic. She was sure he just wanted her to drop the whole thing.

“Stephen, I mean it. Neither you nor I have anything to be embarrassed about.” He still did not respond. “Do I have to get naked for you to believe me?”

That got a grin. She had an idea as to how to get him over the hump. “Come on, bring your juice and come with me to my studio.”

She led and he followed her to the studio. It was just as it had been the day before, but they were in their own bodies. That would make a huge difference. Booting up her computer she said “Did you read over my SLS profile and messages?”

He nodded.

“What did you learn?”

With less hesitancy than before he said, “Last night on the way home I was thinking about it. I pretended I was asleep so Dad wouldn’t try to talk to me. While I learned more than I thought possible about sex from a female perspective; what really stands out to me is that for you and Dad having sex with different people is like just really part of your normal life. It isn’t your whole life, but just a part of it that I never saw. I mean you guys are like super normal kind of people. You come to lots of my games, Dad was my Little League coach, you led Kate’s Brownie troop, you were one of the classroom mom’s when I was in elementary school and you even participate in the 5K walks for cancer every year. How much more America & apple pie can you be.”

Sue corrected “Well I do make and sell paintings of nudes and erotica right in the house.”

Stephan was not put off “Yea, but that is your job. It’s not like you dress like Collin’s mom does around town. And the truth is the simple fact our family is just my mom and dad and my real sister makes me a minority among they guys on my teams. There are all sorts of family arrangements that are pretty normal now, but ours is like from an old black and white sitcom. Yet at the same time you go to sex parties and clubs at least once a month or more. It’s like you and Dad see fucking your friends as just as normal as other parents see going out to a movie with them.”

“Yes son we do. And while you say you didn’t consciously know that you dad and I treat sex with friends as totally normal, both you and your sister seem to have adopted the same beliefs. How many guys do you know would start dating a girl after watching her suck off your buddies in public? Really? Have you ever asked yourself why you are fine with it yet other guys just see Jenny as a piece of ass to use and discard?”

Stephen nodded, “Actually I have. Jenny and I have talked about it and I really don’t know why. It just doesn’t bother me guys think she’s a slut.”

His mom smiled “Perhaps you saw and understood more than you realized. Kids are like that. They absorb their parent’s values even if the parents don’t explicitly tell them what those values are. That is just as true for parents who are closet racist as those who are closet swingers.”

Stephen didn’t say anything more but clearly was processing what his mother has just said. Sue opened up the Zazzel directory. “Yesterday when I said when you got your body back you could masturbate as much as you want with my photos, I meant it. What I didn’t tell you was that at least once a week, I masturbate right here in this chair looking at them too. Now I understand how that penis of yours gets hard constantly, demanding attention day and night, you officially have my sympathy and full understanding. And if you would be more comfortable, as long as you agree not to share them with anyone, you can copy anything here onto your laptop.”

Photos appeared on the two large screens. They were of Stephen’s mother and a man making love in the woods. His eyes got big.

Sue knew that no matter what happened yesterday this would still come off as new. He looked at the photos for a while. It took him a few moments to regain his composure so that he could casually say “I’ve seen that guy before but I don’t know his name.”

His mother laughed “Yes of course you have. He married Juanita, Juan and Susan Lopez’s girl, a couple of years ago. They live in Atlanta. Not only did you see him at the Pulaski’s swim party last year, but he and Juanita both posed for me here in the studio the same weekend they came to town to do the photos; though I’m not sure you were around that day. I worked on three different paintings from those sketches and photos on and off all fall. I only finished just before Christmas. This set of pictures were shot at King’s Mountain State Park as reference photos. Perhaps we were at the National Park part of the mountain, I’m not really sure which; but we shot a whole series of your father, me, Juanita and Simon. Some were just nudes but we also did erotica with different combinations of the four of us. You have seen the paintings. In all of them I painted myself as an elf queen. If I recall when you saw me working on them you said they were super hot.”

His eyes got big. “That was you?” Then he thought and said “Of course they were you. How did I miss it?”

He got up and pulled a framed painting that his mother had put aside to pack for shipping and looked at it. “How did I miss that was you?” he said a second time. Then he added “Is that guy with long hair Dad?”

She nodded.

“How blind am I?” he said with a face palm.

Sue smiled and said “I told you yesterday people only see what they expect to. Sure I made our hair silver-white, but now that you know it is me and your father, you can’t help but see it can you?”

“Yea. It is the same as the photo just in a different place. Kate told me that you had shown what must be this painting to her class; but she didn’t tell me that the painting was of you.”

Sue agreed “Now that I know she was looking at the photos she could not miss the paintings I used based on them were actually self-portraits.” Sue actually found that funny.

Stephen asked “Wasn’t that pretty risky? What if one of the others had noticed?”

Sue smiled again. “Like I said people see what they want to see. Kate knew it was me but the others, like you, only saw a painting of elvish sex. They didn’t look for someone they knew, even when I was right in the room.”

As he put the painting back and returned to his stool, a thought occurred to him. “So you just asked Mr. & Mrs. Lopez’s son-in-law to have sex with you so you could do the paintings?”

“Not exactly that abrupt, but yes and no. Juanita has posed for me since she was a child. Her family were actually my first commissioned fantasy family portrait. Juan was Bacchus, Susan was Dianna and their kids were little centaurs & wood nymphs. I know you have seen that one since it is on my website. I’ve sold a dozen commissions like that since. I keep planning on doing one like that of our family but I’ve never had time. Perhaps I can ask your sister and father today if they would be willing to sit for a painting like this.”

She pulled another painting from behind several others leaning against a wall. It was another based on the sittings with Juanita and Simon. “That would give us a clear reason to drop the barriers about nudity.”

Stephen looked at the painting of four nude elves having a picnic. Once again he could not believe he had not seen that was his mother as the elf queen. He thought that her idea was a good one even though he found posing for his mother very boring. He’d been dragged into acting as model all his life, but he hadn’t done it in the nude since before he was too young to remember. Those paintings in the hall of him as a naked cherub had been a source of embarrassment all his life. He thought perhaps with his mom and sister in the nude with him it would be more interesting. “You could get Collin and Dianna to be the guards.”