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Gregory James
Mar 11, 2022
In Ask the Professor
Hi Professor. I apologise for the length of this post. So in Chapter 5, Bonnie decides to end her and her daughter's beach mischief because she's (rightfully) worried about the risk of teen pregnancy. This is, of course, completely in-character for Bonnie, as she and her husband are seemingly meant to embody the cautious supportiveness that defines sex positive parenting. So it greatly surprised me that Bonnie was not so attentive to the other main issue in the scenario: that 16-year-old Misty was about to have sex with a college-age man. I'm sure that this forum has varying perspectives on the age of consent, and what constitutes sexual maturity. But even the most libertarian amongst us would agree that: Lying about the age of the younger participant is a major breach of trust. Having this sex in semi-public creates risk for all involved to get into trouble: not least Misty who could be taken away by CPS; and the college-age man who could face up to 15 years in prison and be put on the sex offender registry I must admit I felt a little bit of whiplash when I put the pieces together, and I was wondering if I was missing or misunderstanding something. I want to say outright that I am not attempting to insult your writing ability (on the contrary, this is already in my top 5 erotic web lit series). It's just that this has been taking up a ridiculous amount of my mental real estate, and I have missed obvious explanations before. Really, I just posted this to put my mind at ease. Please note that I have not yet read future chapters of Final Freedom (currently taking a break), so if this is addressed in the series itself, I apologise. Thank you for reading. Greg
Gregory James
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