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Our Decades of Open Marriage: Part 31 & 32

Updated: Oct 3, 2023


Paula increased her dating through the winter of 2011-12 and while she had sex with some of the guys, it was never of any consequence. However, in the spring of 2012, she was quite smitten by a new lover. The three of us had been out twice for dinner before their first full sexual encounter.

We both liked him and I thought he was her kind of guy. She’d kissed him with vigor at the end of both of our “dates.” The second time, I watched from our car while they kissed for quite a long time next to his. He soon had his hand up under her shirt (she didn't have on a bra). She did not try to stop him playing with her tits even though his actions were perfectly visible to anyone walking by.

This photo is from the same year as this story, but from a different story of another man feeling up Paula in public; but I think it is a good photo to illustrate this week. And, to be clear, this blouse she wore out to a local joint was more see-through in real life than it appears in this photo I took with my phone. Yes, I confess, I shot a phone pic (the shame).

I had not seen my wife so preoccupied with a new man in several years. She had talked to him every day for two weeks. His name was Charles and he was a handsome middle aged executive in one of the large corporations here in town. He was smart, good looking and he shared a very similar background as Paula; but, most important was that intangible thing that causes her to pass over other similar men, and choose this one. I stopped trying to figure out what that thing is years ago, but evidently Charles had it.

After our third dinner date, she decided it was time to have sex with this guy for the first time; but she said she wanted to be alone with him first, before I joined. He’d rented a room at a local hotel and I took her over and I watched her go into the room and the door shut behind her. That was actually a first, to see her go into a hotel room then leave her there. The plan was that I would give them two hours, then come and join them.

So I went shopping for the required two hours and then returned to the hotel. I knocked on the door, and it took a while, but my wife opened the door wide, naked. I kissed her and stepped into the room. On the bed was Charles, laying face up on the bed clad only in a condom.

She gave me another kiss before going back to the bed, sat on Charles, and reached between her legs to guide the condom clad penis back inside her. The hotel room had a business desk at the far side of the room and I took a seat to remove my shoes. From where I sat I was looking almost straight at their feet and up between his legs. I could clearly see his penis going up into my wife.

I know some people really love that angle, but ever the photographer, I didn’t think it the most attractive or sexy way to watch my wife have sex. Thus I moved off the chair and sat at the corner of the bed and enjoyed a three-quarters view of their love making. I could see her face and the shape of her body and could not miss how her boobs bounced each time he thrust up into her.

They were both covered in sweat from the two hours of nearly continuous fucking. Later Charles told me that when she arrived, my dear wife hadn’t wasted any time with preliminaries, but immediately began pulling off her clothes and told him she was ready to go at it right then.

I sat, and then lay, on the bed while they did it in a variety of positions for another over a half-an-hour more. When the rolled over and he stood on his knees and lifted her hips to his before re-impaling her with his penis, I moved up beside my wife so we could kiss as her body shook with each of his thrusts. Some of time we just held hands while they were in the missionary position, and when she got back on top I rubbed her back. He had amazing stamina, but eventually he needed a break.

She rolled off of Charles and lay on her back. They were both sweat covered and breathing very hard. In short order my mouth covered where his penis had been just seconds before. I tongue fucked her with abandon. She and the bed beneath her were both a sloppy wet mess Her entire vulva was bright red.

As I lay in the wet puddle between her legs I did my best to add to her pleasure. I knew her will enough to know when I was doing it just right. Charles left for the bathroom, but I kept going. While he was gone she told me that she’d already come eight or nine times. I didn't say so (because my mouth was busy) but I knew just from the copious amount of fluid that she had.

He came back in and they talked for a moment. From where I was between her legs I looked up to see him standing at the side of the bed guiding his dick toward her mouth. She picked up the cue and wile I licked and kissed her sensitive areas, I watched Paula pull his erection to her mouth and wrap her lips around the pink head.

While she tries to be good about using condoms for fucking, but she never uses one for sucking cock. And suck his cock she did. Over the hour and a half I was with them, I watched her give him head four or five different times. I’d never seen her so into giving a guy oral sex like this. She told me later that she just couldn’t get enough of sucking his penis. The truth was that I couldn’t have enjoyed watching more. The hottest of the times she sucked him off was when, after our second break, we were lying on the bed, with her in the middle. He got to his knees and she began to suck him really deep with my head right beside hers. Watching her lips around his penis from inches away was the most amazing sight. I must admit I really thought about leaning over to taste him too, but I didn’t risk spoiling the moment so I contended myself to watching. She worked on the head, then sucked him down deeply, then went back to the head. His cock was very nice, a good inch longer than me, I’m guessing about 7 ½ inches, and about the same as me in girth, though the head was larger than the shaft. She later told me how the shape of his penis gave her quite a nice sensation as they fucked when he took long strokes all the way in, then almost all the way out.

In two of the rounds of oral sex, she gave him very deep head while he lay on his back. I was quite surprised when the first time she did this that on each down stroke she got deeper and deeper until she was reaching so far down that her lips almost touched his pelvis. During one of the times she blew him like this I watched from the chair to take it all in, on the other I mounted up and fuck her from behind while she gobbled up his penis. Of course I couldn’t directly see her sucking him from that position, but what could be better than fucking her while she gave her boyfriend a passionate blow job.

I warned him that when she gets too excited she bites, but it was me who got bit a little later while he ate her out as she sucked my dick. OUCH!

He went through at least five condoms putting on a new one after each round of bare backed oral sex before pushing his long penis all the way in her vagina.

Later on the way home she told me, though she’d been with guys with dicks that long before, she'd never really gotten into having it hit her deep and hard in the past; this time however, it felt so good when his penis hit her cervix. She pointed to her stomach and said “I can still feel it right here”. I could understand why he hit her hard deep inside because when he did her missionary style, he lifted her legs and hips up so that he drove straight down with all his weight as his cock went into her. In all our years of an open marriage, I had never watched, close up, her having sex for as long as I did that day. For the ninety minutes I watched them, in addition to all the oral sex, fuck in every position I could imagine. Sometimes I joined in for a real threesome, other times I just sat at the desk and watched my beautiful wife have an amazing time.

I know that while I was doing her, I brought her to four more climaxes and he did at least that many more while I watched. About half way through I had pulled back the duvet cover as it was soaked and she then wet the sheets below. I think we went through four rounds of him fucking her hard followed by me going down on her each time. When they were doing doggie, I reached under and rubbed her clit while he pounded her. I could feel him on each stroke. On their final round, she was on top again and I got behind her and rubbed her ass cheeks and kissed her back. He was thrusting upward from below when she came again. Her juices began spattering out on my legs with each of his hard upward thrusts until he too came.

After they had both climaxed I lay beside him and looked up at my wife as she slowly rocked her hips, enjoying his penis still inside of her. I knew right then that she had never been so beautiful as she was right at that moment.

For all the hard sex I watched, I think I most enjoyed the tender moments. I knew she was not only hot for him sexually, but she had a real emotional crush on him as well. So to me the thing I most enjoyed was to just sit and watch while he slowly ground into her in the missionary position and they kissed tenderly. I think that was far sexier than just his hard pounding.

The other thing I really liked was three times, we took breaks and just lay on the bed talking casually. At times she’d hold his penis or mine for a slow hand job, at other times he or I caressed her breasts and at other times she’d snuggle over to me or him. It was so sweet and natural and it was at those moments I knew I had the best wife in the world.

When Charles and Paula went to take shower together, I checked the time. I had been going with them for ninety-six minutes. That was in addition to the two hours before I arrived. I turned off the table radio that had been on since I arrived so I could listen to them messing around as they showered. The two of them were laughing and just having a good time. Later she told me they'd kissed and played with each other and she'd given him one last blow job under the shower. I was so happy she was enjoying herself. I reflected on how I just don’t understand how a husband who dearly loves his wife could not feel good when he sees (and hears) her feeling so good and so good about herself. When she came out of the shower and I looked at her she was just glowing with joy.

She’d spent right at four hours having sex with her new boyfriend, but in the end it wasn’t about him or even them, it was about us. When I first wrote up the events that very night, I wrote “Even if this turns out to be a long term love affair with Charles (and I hope it does), their sex (and even love) will always be about Paula and I and our life together; a life now richer because of an amazing threesome we shared.”

As much as Paula wanted to see her new lover, Charles, right off, life just didn’t work out for weeks. We had to be out of town for nearly a week and afterward first Paula then I had come down with a flu-like bug. Because of this, Paula had not seen her lover in nearly three weeks when he showed up at the Victoria’s Secret where she works. Having no shame in the fact she had a husband and a lover she readily introduced him to her coworkers who had not met him on his previous visit soon to the store. This wasn't the first time a lover has come to her place of business. She was very open about the fact she is married and has lovers.

When I would go by to see her at work, I would get looks from her co-workers when I’m there. Not, bad looks though. Her Victoria’s Secret friends though I was the best husband ever for not objecting to her having sex with whomever she chose. While I was sure some people would look down on me with pity or contempt, that was not how her workmates treated me.

About 10:30 AM on a Thursday morning in April, I was in my office at Clemson and my lovely wife calls me to let me know she would be meeting Charles for lunch in a little while. I tried to work, but it was hard knowing the last time she met him like that they had fucked for four hours solid. Sure enough, she called me later to say they are heading to a local hotel.

Of course, I was not going to get any work done after that.

About twenty minutes later, she called me again. She gave me the room number and told me her car was doing something funny and asked if I could leave work early to pick her up at the hotel after they had sex. I agreed to come for her at 3:30.

Now there was no way I was going to get anything done. As I sat at my desk, I knowing full well what my wife and her lover were doing every second I sat there.

Right at 3:20 I arrived at the hotel. It was a standard mid-range business hotel. The clerk asks if she can help me. It was a strange feeling knowing that my wife of twenty-five years was already checked in, with someone else. I just let her know I had a room number and she directed me to the elevator.

Paula swung the door wide open and stepped, fully nude, partly into the hallway to greet me with a prolonged kiss. She had no concern that if someone came in the hall she'd be visible.

It seems I arrived a a good time. I’d caught them at a break. On the ground near the bed were three used condoms and their wrappers. I could not miss they were labeled "magnum." I tried to look, without being conspicuous, if the condoms were full, or had he just changed them between rounds. I couldn’t tell.

I undressed and we all lay naked, talking for a bit. After a while, I slid down between her legs and began to lick her labia that had clearly been well used over the past several hours. Soon, he stood on his knees and fed her his cock as I focused on pleasing her labia. I licked her while she ate his cock till she climaxed, twice. After the second orgasm she told me I had to stop because she just couldn’t take it anymore.

While I moved up and snuggled with her She continued to devour the bulbous penile head. It was so very sexy watching her lips and tongue work on his cock from so close. Watching her work his large tool was a sight to behold. She would slowly slide her lips over the edges of his head then suck hard till it was out of sight, then pull it back out under pressure. As she worked on his erection, him I told him how on the way home last time she’d said she couldn’t get enough of sucking his cock. He clearly liked the ego boost. He was enjoying, she was enjoying and I was enjoying. How could this be anything but good for a marriage?

I then moved between her legs and slid my six and a half inches into her and slowly fucked while she continued to work his cock with her mouth. I rolled her to the side so I could take her scissor style. This allowed him to begin to feed his shaft right down her throat. It was an unbelievable sight as he began to rhythmically push his shat nearly all the way in, them ease it out. For her part she seemed to be mesmerized by the feeling and just held on to his hips letting him set the pace. It was not hard to match his rhythm with mine. However, once we were in sync, it was too much for me. I knew had to stop or I would cum. The sensations and view of me fucking her pussy while he fucked her mouth was just more than I could handle in a relaxed manner. I moved to lay beside her.

I took a break and he donned his fourth condom. Lifting and pushing her legs nearly back to her chest, he stroked down into her with such force as to shake the bed. It was only minutes before I could hear the sloshing of her climax. After she'd come back down she mounted him. She was clearly ready for a little less intense sex and rode him gently.

I sat up and moved up behind her, my hard dick pressing on her puckered anus. She warned me not to put it in her ass, so I suggested I put it in her pussy with him. She thought about it for a few moments. I pointed out how much she likes being fisted, and our two cocks would be smaller than a fist. She was almost ready to say yes, but I decided not to press it, but I certainly planned to do so the next time I shared a bed with them. So, I just stroked down the crack of her ass till the head of my penis was pushed up against his shaft as he stroked up into her. It felt so great to feel him fucking my wife with my dick. We stayed in this position, me rubbing my wife’s back feeling her lover thrusting up into her as she ground down on him for quite some time. Eventually, all this was too much for him and he climaxed hard. We all stayed still as his cock deflated inside of her.

Paula rolled onto her on her hands and knees for me to do her from behind. Looking down, I saw his used condom hanging half out of her vagina. So l had the very interesting privilege of removing the used condom full of her lover’s semen from her bright pink flesh and tossing it over with the others. She stayed on all fours while I mounted her and stroked as hard as I could before I filled her with my semen while he watched.

I was not there but an hour, but they had been fucking for over two hours before I arrived. And besides I was still not quite over my sickness of the week before, so I was tired.

I dressed and kissed my wife as she stood naked in her lover’s arms. I told her I would go on down stairs to give them a few minutes alone before we left.

As I sat in my car waiting I thought how this seemed like a perfect example why we tell others sexual openness is a benefit, not a hindrance to our marriage.

As it turned out that was the last time she made love to him. His work scheduled changed then family issues. It was an intense if brief relationship of which she has very fond memories.

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There is nothing like a threesome for a couple to express their love for each other and know love is unlimited. "sharing the body of another human being is the greatest ego challenge we face in our desire to experience unconditional love. Polyamory questions the requirement of sexual monogamy. This may feel like a great threat to our sense of security. However, there is no greater sense of security in a relationship than knowing that your love is not threatened by the presence of more love." (Life, Mystic.Spiritual Polyamory)

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