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Patrick & Angie: Part 2 & 3

Part 2

Angie and her family left Friday night for New Jersey. Patrick's little sister used the kid's upstairs phone all night so he did not get to talk to his girlfriend before she left. However, on his own he attempted, successfully, to replicate coming twice, one right after another. He succeeded that night and then every night but two for the entire eight days Angie was gone. He discovered that if he stopped masturbating for a few minutes and just thought about having sex with Angie his penis would stay almost completely hard, but when he waited about five minutes,  he was relaxed enough to start jacking off again. On Thursday night he did it three times and then twice Friday morning and twice again Friday night. In two days, he came seven times and each time he shot jizz several feet, even the last time. He was sure he was ready not to disappoint Angie.

A note to readers under forty, before cell phones, long-distance calling was very, very expensive that is why Patric and Angie didn’t talk on the phone while she was in New Jersy with her family.

He finally got a call from her on Saturday night at about 9:00.  He and Angie had only been a couple for six weeks before she had left, but at his age, it seemed like forever.

Though their sex talk on the phone had been the most memorable, the reality was that the vast majority of their talk was more routine, school, family, activities and of course gossip about people.  They talked about her trip and general things till 9:30. When they had finally gotten to the sex part. He told her about his solo exploits and assured her that he would not disappoint her. He asked her “Did you have any place to do yourself?”

There was a pause then she said “You know what. I think I love you.”

Patrick was not prepared for that. It was not that he didn’t like hearing it, but he had wondered if she felt about him the way he felt about her. She continued “I didn’t know how I felt about you until on the way home today.”

“What brought that on?” he asked.

“Patrick, I really want us to be a couple for a long time, but if I don’t tell you this now, I’ll regret it later.”

Puzzled he asked, “What are you talking about?”

“I don’t know how to say this any other way but straight out. I had sex last week. Not once but three different times.”

Patrick was completely blindsided. It was not that he felt any sense of hurt or betrayal; rather he was just shocked.

“Patrick?” she said “I’ll understand if you don’t want to talk to me.”

There was silence as he tried to think what to say.

“Patrick, it was just one of those things. Well, not for me, something like this has never happened to me.” She was talking fast “I know we didn’t promise to be exclusive, but I guess since this is the first serious relationship for both of us, we didn’t think to…” She chattered inanely for some time.

 Patrick wasn’t listening. He was just trying to picture her getting fucked. It was turning him on even though he really didn’t have enough experience to get a clear image in his mind. He cut her off “Angie, slow down. It’s all right. I’m not mad, just tell me about it.”

There was another silence as it seemed she’d not expected that response. Finally, she said softly, “This is really embarrassing, and please don’t tell anyone… I mean anyone.”


“I did it with my cousin. His name is Tony.”

“Your cousin?”

“Yea, my mom’s brother’s son. But it’s not like we grew up together, I only see him once a year or so, but still, it’s really embarrassing now that I say it. I don’t want you to think I’m kind of a pervert.”

“I don’t think so. All my cousins live in Houston and I hardly ever see them. I have a cousin my age and I’ve thought about having sex with her before, so I get it. If you don’t mind, could you tell me all about it?”

“Really? You want to hear about it?”

“Yea” he said, “Since what is done is done. You can’t un-fuck your cousin and you are on the pill and all. So, we either have to just talk it through or break up. So, I think that getting it all out in the open will be the best thing.”

“You are the best boyfriend. That kind of thing is why I love you.”

“And I love you too. Now tell all.” he cajoled. It was the first time he’d told her that he loved her. He hadn’t really meant to tell her the first time in such a flippant manner, but it just came out.

She didn’t say anything for a moment or two. He hoped she was smiling. Finally, she said, “Before I tell you what happened, let me tell you something I’ve only told my girlfriends, no I’ll tell you more than I’ve ever told them. See my mom ran away from home when she was sixteen. My grandparents were very strict Catholics and when they found out she had been having sex with her boyfriend I guess they just went berserk. A couple of years ago she told me that while her parents were deciding what to do with their trampy daughter, she climbed out the window and didn’t go back home for almost seven years.”

“Wow.” He didn’t know what else to say.

“Yea. Although after my grandfather died a few years ago things between my mother and her mother got better, there are still bad feelings from all that, and my existence is part of the problem. That is why I rarely go up to Jersey.”

“What do you mean by your existence is part of the problem?”

“Mom had me while she was living in New York City and didn’t marry my real dad. They, well mostly my uncle, sees me as a stain on the family. They are pretty rich and like hoyty toyty. No, he doesn’t say that to my face, but I can tell he thinks both Mom and I are dirt. It is also one of the reasons why Herb moved us down here to Texas, to get me and my mom away from those people. I might complain about him sometimes, but he has been really good to both my mom and to me.”

Patrick didn’t know what to say. He finally asked, “So were you born in New York, not New Jersey?”

“Yea, from what Mom has told me, she and my real dad had an on-and-off-again relationship. I guess the last time Mom and my real dad were together, she got pregnant with me. After I was born my dad just disappeared. She’s never heard from him since.  I’ve never met him. Mom tried to stay in the city, but by the time I was ready to start school she decided it was just too hard.  My grandparents agreed to help her move back to New Jersey when I was four years old. I don’t really remember living in New York very much. Just some vague memories of a park and one of the apartments we lived in. Things weren’t great when we moved back to my grandparent’s house though. I remember a few things from that year we spent with them. I mostly remember my mom crying after her parents said mean things to her. They are really rich, but, to them I am illegitimate, the child of Mom’s rebellion and sin.  Once, one of my cousins called me their bastard relation. I didn’t know what that meant, but when I asked Mom about it, she got really, really mad.”

Patrick didn’t know people even talked that way anymore, let alone called kids that.

“Mom met Herb while working at a bookstore about a year after we moved back to Jersey. So, he’s been my dad for most of my life.  You remember I told you how mom and I talked a lot after you were at my house that day? I didn’t tell you, but in that talk, she told me the big secret that she and Herb lived together for a year before they got married.  He doesn’t want anyone to know, but she thought she should tell me that even Herb hasn’t always been a fuddy-duddy. She promised she would take me to the city on this trip to see some of the places where we lived when I was little.” 

“Occasionally she mentions things from her life when she, then we, lived in the city. It was a place called Greenwich Village. I don’t know why it's called a village, because it's right in Manhattan, not far from Wall Street. From the way she talks about it, it was a really special time in her life. I guess somewhere along the way she had developed a reputation as an artist and made a living doing artwork for posters and stuff for the musicians and writers that lived there. One of the things I remember from when I was a little girl was that we lived on the fourth floor of this apartment building in the city. No elevator, just lots of stairs.”

Patrick cut in, “Oh, so that is why you talk funny.”

Angie laughed, “Yes, that is where I got my accent, but when I’m up there, they say I sound like a Texan. I told you all that so that you’ll understand why Mom seemed to go overboard in showing me that she wasn’t like my Uncle Michael. And perhaps she was also trying to show me that she really is, deep down, not what she pretends to be to please Herb. That was in part what led to what I did with my cousin, Uncle Michael’s son.”

Patrick jumped in, “So Herb didn’t go with you to New Jersey?”

“Oh, no. I’m sorry, I guess I just didn’t think to tell you. It was just me and Mom who flew up to Jersey. Since her mother now lives with Mom’s brother Michael, we stayed in his huge house. But he is an unbelievable jerk. He’s some big shot rich guy and they live in this huge house and her sisters are just about the same way, so not surprisingly, most of my cousins are really stuck up around me. They are always rubbing their expensive clothes and stuff in my face, like I’m some poor kid to be laughed at. That’s why I don’t like going up there.”

Patrick didn’t imagine how anyone could think that Angie was poor. Her family had a big house and a swimming pool. He didn’t understand how anyone could be so rich as to think she was poor. But he didn’t interrupt her to ask.

“The only one up there who is ever nice to me is Tony.  He’s, well, he’s a freak. His car smells so much like pot you can smell it before you get in. He doesn’t live at home because his dad kicked him out when he quit high school a couple of years ago. He and Mom are now the two black sheep of the family. So you can imagine that I was glad when he came over to see Mom and me on Sunday.  He dropped out of high school last year when he was just months from graduating. He hates all of his siblings and  cousins, except me.”

“Of course he likes you. How could he not,” Patrick put in.

Angie didn’t respond to his comment and just went on. “Uncle Michael’s house might be really nice, but, but I just felt out of place. The one good thing was that Grandma has her own apartment in Uncle Michael’s house, so Mom and I stayed with her most of the time. About half way through lunch on Sunday Tony showed up, in his cut-offs and Stones concert shirt. Right in front of us, his dad gets on him for being late and for his appearance. It just made Tony look cool and his dad look like a jerk. He’s nineteen and works at a record store, and he really knows a lot about music, so I finally had someone to talk to.  You know I’m not a freak, but I figured it was better to be with a fun, hunk of a freak than with my other stuck-up cousins.”

“After we finished lunch Tony asked if I wanted to go with him to the shore to meet some friends. Mom knew how miserable I was and although she knew Herb didn’t like it, she said I could. He tried to tell her that Tony's friends were not a good influence and he made a big deal about the fact I was only fifteen. He said I was way too young to be around those kinds of people.  Tony argued back that his dad had never met his friends and there would be a couple of girls my age there too. So my mom let me go anyway. I think she did it to spite him as much as anything. But I also think she was showing me that without Herb there, she would treat me more like an adult.”

“Uncle Michael’s house is in Lakehurst, so the beach isn’t too far. I knew it wouldn’t be warm enough for swimming but I didn’t realize how cold it would be. It wasn’t as bad during the day, but it really wasn’t warm enough for the turtle neck and jeans I’d worn. They all seemed to think the weather was great, but they were crazy. What kind of lunatic goes from Texas to the Jersey shore for Spring Break? When the sun started to go down, I froze my ass off. Fortunately, the others got cold too, so we came back pretty early in the evening.”

Patrick laughed.

She continued “Of course I’d had to wear a bra at Uncle Michael’s, they are good Catholics, but as soon as Tony and I left, I pulled it off under my shirt. I didn’t show Tony anything while I took it off, but he swerved the car trying to watch me do it. Once it was off, the clingy fabric showed off my tits pretty good.  It was obvious that he didn’t mind what I’d done. It wasn’t I wanted Tony’s attention in that way… well not at first, but I liked how he looked at me.”

“Despite what Tony told his dad, I was pretty sure I’d be younger than any of his friends and I knew full well that my tits in that double-knit shirt would get me accepted by the guys, and sure enough it did.  There were like about twenty girls and guys hanging out at this one area near a beachfront parking lot.  As I met people, there were several girls around my age, but I’m sure I was the youngest there. Some guy had a boom box and everyone was drinking beer and smoking pot.  Now, like I told you before I’ve only smoked pot once and it made me sick, so I downed a couple of beers before I first took a joint. I already had a buzz by then and even so, I only pretended to inhale it, at first. I figured that getting sick would really make me look childish, but I guess it was better pot than I’d tried before because it didn’t make my stomach queasy. So, after a while, I felt…uhhh… pretty relaxed.  I had a great time. I made out with one of Tony’s friends and I let him put his hand under my shirt and play with my tits right in front of everyone. I’m sorry Patrick, but the truth is that I liked it, and at the time I didn’t even feel guilty for doing it… I guess the beer and pot helped me not to. But nothing more happened that day. Of course, I wished it was your hands playing with my boobs, but I was there and you were here and I was horny. I hope you understand.”

Patrick said he did.

“On the way home Tony and I talked, in the conversation I told him I wasn’t a virgin and that I was on the pill. I kinda fudged and told him you and I had been dating for months and we had been having sex all that time.”

Patrick interrupted “I wish.”

“Yea, so do I, but I’m glad we’re together now, and six months from now maybe we can say we’ve been having sex a couple of times a week since Spring Break. But like I was saying, nothing happened that night except I got felt up. When Tony dropped me off at Grandma’s house, Mom was right there to rescue me by shuffling me off to the tub before anyone smelled the pot on my clothes. I told Mom about the day and she tossed my clothes in the wash right quick. I guess I’m lucky to have a mom who I can tell I’d had some beers, some pot, and got felt up.”

Author’s note: The mid and late 1970’s was the heyday of the sexual revolution in the USA. Contraception was easy to obtain for teenagers and the AIDS crisis was still years away. Teenage sexual activity was not only at its peak, but it was the closest that American adults came to accepting teen sex as normal and positive. Even in Texas, my 8th grade school sex-ed class took a fully accepting, and inevitable, tone regarding highschoolers having sex. So, Angie’s mother’s view of Angie having sex was no different than my mother’s was with my little sister.

“Yea, you are” Patrick agreed.

“On Monday, Mom, Herb, and I took the train to the city, I mean New York City. Herb had a client to see and that gave Mom and me all day alone. I asked her to take me to where we lived when I was little. As we walked, I tried my luck to see if she would tell me more about her life in those years after she ran away before we moved back to Jersey. After all, I was there for a lot of it, but I just don’t remember. Some of the places seemed familiar, but I really didn’t remember being at them. As we walked around the Village, as she pointed out different places she and I had lived, Mom really surprised me when she pointed to a place we had lived and she named the guy she’d lived with while we were there. I guess until that moment I’d not even considered that she’d lived with other guys after my dad left. When I asked, she laughed and asked me how she thought I’d been able to live in the Village for seven years when she and my dad never lived together more than three or four months at a time.   I’d never thought of that. To keep from sounding foolish, I shot back and asked how many guys she lived with in those years. I guess it was a sensitive question because she jumped to pointing out to what is now an upscale shop and said it was once a coffee house and she’d met a young Bob Dylan there before he’d become famous.”

Patrick asked, “Did she ever tell you?”

“I asked her again about an hour later and she just said quite a few. If I know Mom, if I give her a month or two, she’ll tell me. But I have to give her time. While we waited till the time when we were supposed to meet my Uncle Michael at Union Station, we went to a couple of clothing boutiques, where we both tried on some really hot things, stuff I couldn’t even think to wear to school dances. We’ve never been shopping together like that; like she wasn’t shopping for me, but with me. She didn’t buy anything for herself, but she bought me two outfits.  I can’t wait to show them to you. I got to wear them both on what I could only call dates with my cousin Tony.”

Patrick asked, “Did your mom catch on that those were dates, not just your cousin entertaining you?

“No. When I told her what I did, and I told her everything, I made it sound like it was Tony’s friend, Curt, I did it with, not Tony.”

Patrick understood and said “Yes, I can see that telling her you had sex with her brother’s son might be just too much for her.  So, what did happen?”

‘Well,” she began again “On Tuesday Tony came by Grandma’s house about six at night and asked if I wanted to go out with him and some of his friends for pizza. Mom let me put on one of the outfits she bought me in the Village on Monday. It is an orange and yellow knit, zipper front jumpsuit. Without anything under it, it shows off all my parts.  When Mom saw me in it, while I was brushing my teeth, she was impressed at how I looked. She said I’d knock people’s eyes out. When I tried it on before, I was wearing a bra and panties, but when she saw me in the bathroom, I didn’t have anything on underneath. She told me to put on her hip-length jacket before I left the bedroom because Herb and Grandma were in the living room. She didn’t want them to see how skin-tight it was and that I very obviously wore nothing under the clingy fabric.”

Just to show off, as we walked to his car, I took off Mom’s jacket and unzipped the front of the jumpsuit almost to my belly button.”

“Damn,” Patrick breathed.

Angie laughed and said, “That’s what I said when I realized how cold it was without the jacket, so I put it back on once I was sure Tony got a good look. And that is also what Tony said when I got in his car. In the bathroom before we left, Mom had warned me if I unzipped it that far I would have to be careful not to move side to side too fast or I’d come right out of the top. She was right, I almost did when I got in his Charger. So, I zipped it up a bit, but I had Tony’s attention that was for sure. I didn’t know how much until at a red light he asked me to show them to him. I’m not sure why, but I didn’t even hesitate to lift them right out for him to see. It was still daylight so I was really visible if anyone looked. You’ve seen them, and he liked what he saw as much as you did. He told me what great tits I have.”

Patrick couldn’t help but agree with her cousin’s assessment.“I knew he’d looked at my tits before, but it was the first hint that he might have the hots for me. Then the light changed and off we went.  I guess in his freak world that kind of thing might be normal, but to me, it was a shock. Not that I minded, I’d worn the outfit to get attention, but it was like way out there and turned me on like crazy. It’s one thing to try to get laid, it's something else when I first realized it might actually happen tonight.”

Patrick put in, “So you planned on screwing even before you left?”

“Not really. You know full well how much I have wanted to have sex again for months and months, but it never works out for me.  I knew I would do it if Tony’s friends, Mark or Curt, tried; but I didn’t really plan to have sex… and I’d not even considered it might be with Tony. I was up to whatever he and his friends wanted to do. Tony let me know that every one of his buddies wanted to do me when we were at the beach but they were afraid he would beat their ass if they did.”

“We met his friends at some local pizza joint, it was really good. Right out he tells the group what a rack I have and says for me to show them. Really! Right in the restaurant! I didn’t want to seem square, so, because we were in a booth, I just turned my body toward the wall, unzipped the jumpsuit more, and lifted them out for a couple of seconds. I can’t believe I did that, but it was after I had two beers. After I put them back, Tony suggested that I not zip it back up, so we sat there with my tits half hanging out for the guys to look at for the rest of the meal. But before we left, I zipped it back up enough to keep them from falling out accidentally. From there, we went over to the apartment of a guy they called Flash. We drank some more. One of the other girls there, Maria, took off her top and danced on the coffee table. Tony said I should unzip my jumper again. I did. At first, I did it almost down to my belly button like I had earlier. But seeing how he looked at me, I began to think this might be the night, I unzipped it further, past my belly button. Sure enough, my tits didn’t stay in. When Maria and Curt started making out, Tony pulled me over and we started French kissing right off. It was only then that I was sure that my cousin had the hots for me and he would likely be the guy I balled.” She paused before asking “Are you sure you want to hear the rest?”

Patrick, his erection already in his hand, quickly said yes.

“OK, but it’s pretty wild. I can’t believe it all happened to me, but it did.  So we were drinking, everyone was smoking grass and I look up from kissing Tony, and saw that Maria was on the floor, sucking Curt’s cock while he sat at the other end of the sofa. She didn’t care if everyone could see. I say, everyone, there was only me & Tony, Curt & Maria, Mark  & his date, Barbra, Flash, and one guy who was so stoned that even by then he just sat and stared into space. I could have backed out, but I wanted to fit in. And by then I was more than buzzed and horny as hell.  So, I ask Tony if he wants me to suck his cock. Of course, he did.”

Patrick quipped, “Like duhhh. I certainly would have said yes.”

“And I’d love to suck you. You know that. Like I told you before, other than making out and the three quickies with Sam where I put his dick in my mouth for just a minute or two, I have no real experience having sex. When I undid his Levi’s, Tony’s hard-on was right there for me. I looked over to see what Maria was doing and kinda copied it. After I finished doing that to him …..”

Patrick interrupted “What did you do to him?”  He’d never known anyone who had actually given (or received) a blow job. The truth was he wanted to know more about it to ensure he was ready when they got together.

“You're getting off on this aren’t you?” She asked.

Patrick didn’t answer, but his straining penis said he was, but she couldn’t see that. Perhaps she intuitively knew. “Are you playing with yourself?” she asked.

He gave a muffled “uh huh.”

“You are a bad guy, or is it you are a good boyfriend? I don’t know, but I’m happy you’re not mad. I think it’s kinda cool me telling you this turns you on too, because I’ve already kicked off my pants and panties. Since you are getting yourself off while I tell you, I will too.”  She paused and Patrick felt much better knowing they would be masturbating together while she told her story.

“OK,” she said returning to her narrative, “Well, I took his hard-on in my hand and licked up one side and then the other, the whole time I was watching Maria. Only after I could feel how much he wanted it, I put the head in my mouth. It was a little weird; his head was bigger and more spongy than the one I’d done before.  The first time I tried to suck it down, I gagged a little. I hadn’t, in fantasizing about doing that to you thought about being gagged, and I know you are bigger than Tony down there. So, I looked over again to see what Maria was doing. I saw she was holding the bottom of Curt’s dick in her hand so her fist stopped her from going too deep. I tried that and it worked.”

“Did you like doing that? I mean sucking his dick.”

“Yea, it was cool and it really turned me on. I didn’t realize how much a turn-on sucking cock really was. I’d heard a couple of my friends say how much they liked it, but I guess I hadn’t done it enough to know. I could like feel him tense up after a while, so I kept doing what I was doing figuring he would ejaculate soon. I’d already decided I’d let him spew in my mouth. Sharon does that to her boyfriend and she says she loves feeling him cum while she sucks him off. But, I know it will be better with you, I’m sure” she reassured Patrick, then she continued “So, after like forever, out of the edge of my eye I see that Curt and Maria had moved from where they were on the end of the sofa to the love seat. I took Tony’s dick out of my mouth to see what they were doing.  Just as I turned to see, she was stepping out of her Levi’s… and she didn’t have any panties on. That made me feel more confident since I didn’t either.  I just stared, holding Tony’s dick in my hand as she got on her knees over Curt and held his cock with one hand, putting it up into her as she lowered herself onto it. I could see it going in. I watched for a couple of minutes; it was wild. I never imagined people did that anywhere other people could see.”

“Mark and his girl had left the room. Later I found out they went into the bedroom to screw. So we didn’t see them for a while. I watched… well both Tony and I watched Curt and Maria getting it on. Before that, the closest I’d come to seeing what sex looked like were the drawings in our sex-ed textbook, and that didn’t show anything. But, from where we were we could see his dick going in and out of her as she moved. I knew what needed to come next. I got up and unzipped my jumpsuit all the way. I totally had Tony’s attention even while Curt and Maria were screwing across the room. So, I took my time to peel off the outfit. It was only then that I realized I wouldn’t be able to get it off until I took off my shoes. I had been trying to be sexy, but then I just felt stupid.  Fortunately, I had worn my platform sandals, so I was able to kick them off to pull the jump-suit all the way off.”

“I’d never been completely naked with a guy before, but his big brown eyes told me he liked the way I looked. I felt so sexy. I even turned around for him to see all of me. That’s when I realized that Curt and Maria had stopped what they were doing to watch me… as was Flash.  With as much grace as I could, and trying to keep from showing I was so nervous I was about to jump out of my skin, I did just what Maria had done. Tony was still sitting on the couch, so I got on my knees, facing him, and reached between my legs to guide his dick as I lowered down on him until he was completely inside of me. I was super wet and ready, so it went right down to the base so that I was sitting in his lap.”

She paused, then said, “Feeling him filling me up like that, it was… well it is hard for me to put into words. It was more than I expected. It was more than just having his dick in me. Although it was not my first time, I knew that finally, I’d found the feeling I’d been wanting for so long. I couldn’t help but kiss him with everything in me. I had this feeling of love wash over me. My times with Sam had left me feeling jipped, but the longer we kissed with him inside of me like that, the surer I was that I was finally experiencing what sex should be like.  I was sure for him too it wasn’t just porking a girl to get off. Don’t think I’m pervy, but the fact he was my cousin too, he was family, was a good thing. Right then I thought of him as my first lover. With his tongue in my mouth and his cock in my pussy, I felt totally and completely fulfilled.”

She stopped for a moment. Patrick knew she was overwhelmed with feelings. Slowly she said, “Don’t be jealous or hurt, because Tony is family it made it something more. The love I have for him is not the same as what I feel for you as my boyfriend. I knew that because he was family, he would be in my life forever. When I’m old and married, I will think of him as the guy I made love to for the first time.”

Patrick tried to think of what to say, but couldn’t think of anything. For the first time, he felt a little twinge of jealousy. He had wanted to be her first real lover, just as much as he wanted her to be his.

She continued, “You see, Patrick, you have your mom and dad and brother and sister, a whole family. But it's always been just me and Mom. Yes, Herb has been good to me, but he is not really my family, he is just Mom’s husband.” She let out a big breath, then said, “I think I’m going to tell my mom the truth, that I had sex with Tony and it was wonderful. And, if I had the chance to do it again, I would.  But, I think I’ll wait until you and I make love to tell her. That way I can tell her I understand the difference between my boyfriend and my cousin Tony.”

Again, she paused, then said, “While I was on him and we were making out, for a long time I totally forgot where I was and who else was there. It was like the entire university consisted of just Tony and me. I know we did it for a really long time because my tongue started to get tired.  It was only when I sat up to catch my breath that I became very aware that I was not only fucking my cousin, but I was the center of attention. I looked over to see Maria looking at me with a big smile on her face. She was happy for me and for the first time, I really felt part of their group. Even before I went in to kiss him some more, I began to move my hips on him for the first time.  It was a new sensation feeling him moving inside of me as I moved on him. I’d not done anything like it with Sam.”

“At first, I just tried to mimic what I’d seen Maria doing, but after a while, I understood what moves felt the best and began working from there. It seemed to come naturally and I just made it up as I went. The cushion on the couch gave me some bounce and I went up and down on his dick as well as rocking front to back. He sucked my tits really hard, but it felt good.  Damn, it felt great.  I’m sorry if you're mad, but I can’t lie, I could have done that all night, but way sooner than I wanted, he stood up and bent me over the couch and did me from behind, the way Sam had, but much, much better, and way longer. His buddy and Maria had gone back to their business and I watched them while Tony did me from behind. When Curt and Maria did what we were doing, she watched me while I watched her.  Flash was watching all of it and jerking his dick. One thing I learned, and it really surprised me; it didn’t bother me at all that other people were in the room. To be honest, I liked it. Mostly because it gave me confidence to watch what Maria did. We went on for a really long time and did some other things. Each new thing we did produced new, wonderful sensations inside of me.  Curt and Maria finished before I was done with Tony.  I guess he couldn’t hold back forever. When I was bent over the arm of the sofa and he banged me from behind Tony jammed it all the way in and held it while he came in me. And that’s what happened.”

Patrick was speechless for several seconds.  One thing he knew though, he wasn’t hurt that she’d had sex while she was gone. That in itself was not what bothered him.  What made him a little sad was that he had been waiting for a month just to kiss her again. He’d really wanted to be the first one to make her feel that good.  Pushing those feelings aside, he got out, “How much of that did you tell your mom?”

“Everything exactly how it happened, except that I said Tony did it with Maria and I did it with Curt. That is why I was able to tell it in a complete story, I had already told it to her. But in that telling, I’m sure it was a lot more disjointed.”

“Let me guess, she was cool with it?”

“Yes and no. She kinda fussed at me when I admitted that part of the reason I went along was that I wanted them to think I was one of them, and that I let myself be carried away because I was high. But when I told her that I clearly remembered the moment I offered to give the blow job.  I did it because I’d been wanting to give head to a guy who would let me do it the way I wanted to, rather than rushing to finish. Mom and I talked a long time before we went to sleep. At one point I asked again about what she did at my age and had it felt the same. She told me not about her time with my dad, but with her first boyfriend who she’d had sex with. Then she gave me a hug and I went to bed and then got off, several times imagining doing the same things with you.”

“What about the other two times you did it with your cousin?” Patrick asked, jacking off hard.

“Well, I didn’t see him Thursday but Friday night he took me out with his friends to a real party. I can’t believe that was only last night, but I guess it was. I wore the blue lamé pants and matching halter top that my mom had bought me in The Village. I looked like the girls in Abba. When I first put them on, my panty lines were like super obvious, so I didn’t wear anything under the pants… or halter of course.  When Mom saw me finishing up my hair and make-up, she pulled out a twenty-dollar bill and said it was in case I became uncomfortable at the party, I should take a taxi back to Uncle Michael’s house. For Mom, I think sending me out to a New Jersey party was like I was making my debut as a woman. She went on to warn me not to drink more than one drink an hour, and if I smoked pot to drink even less. She said that under no circumstances should I take any pills offered to me, and don’t leave my drink unattended.  She really stressed that if I put down a drink and walked away, I should never go back and pick it up again because it might be spiked with a mickey. And above all, I was to stay around Tony, even if that meant asking Tony to stand at the door while I balled. Not only was it a little shocking that she was that direct about me having sex, but I knew that she had no idea that Tony was the guy I would be balling.”

When Tony arrived at Uncle Michael’s house, Mom pulled him over to him and said something I couldn’t hear. As soon as we got out of the house, I asked him what she said. He said my mom told him she knew what would happen at the party and she thought I was grown up enough for it, but on his life; he’d better never let me out of his sight no matter what we were doing. We both laughed since we knew he’d be the one I would be doing it with. He asked if I minded if we went to his pad for a little bit before we met Curt and Maria for dinner. Of course, I knew that meant he was asking to have sex before we ate. And that is what we did. We made love. It was the first time I’ve made it in a bed. After we were done, we just lay in the bed holding each other. While we lay there, I kept thinking of Janice Joplin’s song, Me and Bobby McGee. You know the line where she sings about wanting to feel Bobby’s body close to hers. I’d never understood that line till I did that after we’d had sex that second time. Patrick, I want to do that with you. I want to feel your body close to mine after we have made love.”

Patrick felt sad that she’d had to go to his cousin for that first, but happy that was what she wanted from him. Then the idea occurred to him that perhaps it was a good thing that she’d done all this with her cousin so that at least one of them would know what to do. The worst thing would be for him to mess it up. “Yes,” he thought, “it was good she now knew what she wanted, so he could do it for her.”

Angie went on, “But we were supposed to meet Curt and Maria, so we had to get dressed way too soon. We met up with them at a local place to eat then we all went in Curt's van to a place about half an hour away.  The guys sat up front and we girls sat in the seat behind them. It was nice getting to talk to Maria like that. I found out that she was nineteen and studying at a junior college. I was going to lie about my age, but I decided to tell her the truth, that I was just fifteen. She didn’t seem surprised at all. I guess my effort to act older didn’t fool her one bit.”

Another note to readers: in the youth culture from the late 60’s to the late-70’s, there was little interest in separating minors from other young people. The fact Angie was fifteen and Tony was nineteen was of no consequence back then, though it would be today.

The party was at a rundown house in the kind of neighborhood that I wouldn’t want to walk through at night.  Tony said it was the crash pad for a group of people he knew. There were a lot of people in a house that was not very big, so every room was crammed. The party spilled out into the front and back yards. The whole time we were there I kept expecting the police to show up. I can’t believe that none of the neighbors complained. Though, in that neighborhood, a bunch of drunk and stoned young people was the least of their concerns. Mom’s order to stay close to Tony was not necessary. I don’t think I was ever more than one step from him and most of the time I was hanging on his arm. Even a shot of vodka and half a joint didn’t make me less.

uncomfortable. Well… I guess I was less uncomfortable with a buzz, but that is not to say I was comfortable.  Drugs, not just pot but coke, acid, and pills I don’t know what they were called, were everywhere. You will be glad to know I did exactly what Mom said, and turned down all offers of pills and cocaine. If my mom wanted to make a case for not hanging around freaks and stoners lest I become one of them, that was just the party to teach me that lesson. Oh, you might be interested to hear that I saw two girls with completely see-through shirts, and twice I saw a girl giving head. I don’t know how anyone could be in the mood to do that at that party.”

Patrick asked, “How long did you stay?”

“I’m not sure, but Tony realized how uncomfortable I was even after we’d shared that joint. So, we went outside where it wasn’t nearly so bad. We talked until Curt and Maria came out. They were ready to leave too, so we went back to Curt’s van and drove to Maria’s apartment. We went there because her roommate had recently effectively moved in with her boyfriend, so Maria had the place to herself.  We talked for a really long time before they went to Maria’s bedroom, and Tony and I went to her roommate's room. That was fine with me because Tony’s apartment wasn’t exactly clean. I had my clothes off in a flash. It was the best time yet. I think that was because I was learning what to do and he was learning what made me feel good. That last time was the only one where I came. Afterward, we snuggled again. So that was the third time I had sex with Tony. He took me home at about 2:00 AM.”

She seemed to be finished with her narrative then added, “Oh, one more thing. Do you remember how like the first time I asked you what you wanted to do with me that you said you wanted to French kiss my pussy? Remember I asked you if you thought it was gross? Well, now that I have had my pussy French kissed, I can tell you it feels amazing. Way, WAY better than I ever imagined. So, if you still want to do it, I am so up to you putting your tongue into my pussy for hours on end.”

Patrick couldn’t help but laugh at her enthusiasm, yet he also felt vindicated that he’d said the right thing. And he assured her he’d jump at the opportunity to carry through on his promise to do just that.

She went back to her narrative. “I was surprised to find Mom had waited up for me. This time she said that not only did my clothes reek of pot again, but they smelled like sex too. Oh, the first time I did it with Tony, Maria took me to the bathroom and showed me how to clean up my pussy after sex so that the cum didn’t make it look like I’d wet my pants. But last night, Tony had cum in me twice and I didn’t remember to clean up the second time. By the time we got to Uncle Michael’s house, the crotch of my pants was soaked with cum and pussy juice. So, last night, Mom did something she hasn't done since I was really little. She helped me get undressed and into the tub. I don’t think she could have missed the semen in those shiny blue pants if she’d tried to. After all, lame’ doesn’t absorb moisture the way cotton does. She told me not to worry, jizz does not stain. Then while I was washing up, she sat on the commode and asked me what happened. It was weird for her to just sit and talk to me while I was in the tub; but it didn’t make me feel like a child, but like I was one of her friends.  After I’d told her about my night, she began to tell me about her first party she went to in high school where there was booze. She said it was 1958 and it was pretty tame compared to the parties she went to in The Village. There were no drugs, just booze, and only a few of the couples went into the bedrooms, and they locked the door behind them. You have to understand, that before this trip, Mom had never told me anything about that part of her life. But with me lying there in the tub, she went on to compare that party to the first one she went to in The Village just half a year later.  It had both booze and drugs everywhere, and while she hadn’t seen girls giving blow jobs right in the open, she said that there had been a girl dancing in the nude that night. As she talked it sounded like that party was a lot like the one I'd just been to. And she was just as uncomfortable. Then, after I was dry… oh, you see, for the first time since I was seven, she helped me out of the tub and used the towel to dry me as I just stood there. The whole time she was talking. She said that over the years she went to a lot of parties in The Village, mostly before I was born. She told me about one in an artist's loft where she’d gotten stoned, danced naked in front of everyone, then had sex with a guy she’d never even met before. After I was dry, she said that she thought I’d handled myself better than she had when she first was presented with that kind of lifestyle.  I know Mom and I have always been close, but that talk was really different.”

They would have continued talking, but Patrick’s brother picked up the other end and demanded the phone.  “Sorry,”

Angie said “I won't be home much tomorrow. Since Mom and I got like two hours of sleep last night, we are going to sleep in then we have tickets to a play at the Casa Mañana. Afterward, Mom wants to go downtown in Ft. Worth, just me and her. I’ll call you when I get home.”



Part 3

He didn’t get the promised call, as it turned out his sister was using the phone.  He had been lucky the past few weeks, his little sister had been in the finals of her soccer season so when she was home, she was too tired to yak on the phone with her friends. But the season had ended and she was once again dominating the phone.  So it was Monday at lunch before he got to speak with her again. As usual, she and her friends were talking before he made it through the lunch line. When he sat down all the girls looked over at him, he knew what was up before Angie said, “I hope you don’t mind, I’ve started to tell them about what I did last week… with Curt.”  Clearly she was telling the same story she told her mom, mostly but not completely what really happened. But he understood why she didn’t want to tell her friends she’d had sex with her cousin. "They all think you are great for not being mad about it."

"One of her friends backed it up with "Yea, really cool."  Until that moment he'd not started to consider how he’d feel when it got around his girlfriend had done it with another guy. He didn’t have much of an ego, but the look he got from the girls seemed to be positive, but he thought he detected some pity as well.  It was the pity part he didn’t like.

When she had finished her short version of her weekend, not that the explicit parts were completely omitted in this version, she said “….and Patrick is so amazing. He could freak out, but he’s so understanding. I will make it up to him, this week, if he can come over after school on Wednesday, because my step-dad has an out-of-town meeting and won’t be home on Wednesday or Thursday.” She smiled. “Then in a couple of weeks, he is going to be gone for the whole week. If you guys are up for it, we’ll have a skinny dipping party one of those afternoons.”

Patrick barely heard the last part, all he heard was he would finally have her alone.

As it turned out, happily for Patrick, Wednesday proved to be a perfect day for him to go to visit Angie at her home after school. Because it had rained the day before, his mother suggested that it was a bad day to ride his bike to school, but he’d done so anyway. By afternoon it was clear and sunny.  He had no trouble finding the house since he’d been there before. When Angie opened the door, he knew he would finally go beyond talk.

She wore a light waist wrap over her bikini, her hair was wet, she was dry though, so she’d evidently not yet been in the pool.  Wearing only the bikini and lace wrap, he could see her amazing body in a way he had never seen it before. Her large breasts, even contained in the bikini top, dominated her mid-section, her waist was small and her hips, compared to her bust, was also very slight. Her legs curved invitingly to the apex covered in a royal blue bikini bottom that matched the top which seemed to be straining to contain her. Though this was a sight he would simply never forget, her smile was what got his attention. It seemed to glow an exuberance and excitement that Patrick could not miss.  Just the fact that this pretty girl wanted him, though she could have gotten many other, cooler and more popular guys, was more than payment enough for her telling her friends about having sex with another guy last week. The fact she wanted to be with him was enough to make him feel like the luckiest guy on earth. She grabbed him from the doorway, pulled him in and slammed the door behind him. Without a word, she pressed him against the back of the closed door and pushed her tongue down his throat. She kissed him with power and aggression. She was going to be in charge today, he could tell.

She pulled him hard to her body and the kiss became even more intense. His arms wrapped around her and he felt the smooth skin of her bare back. In short order though, as their kisses progressed and his penis was pressed against her pelvic bone through his pants. His hands moved downward until he slid his hand under the waist wrap to grip her ass cheeks, which were not quite fully covered by the rather small bikini bottom.

The aggressively sexual kissing continued. She reached behind herself, and guided one of his hands under the thin fabric, directly onto the skin of her ass. It was soft, softer than he’d expected. Both hands were under the suit, and he felt free to leverage the waistband down. As she was not much over 5’ 2” and he was a gangly 5’ 10”, the length of his arms didn’t allow him to do much more than push the back of the bottoms down a few inches, not enough to even clear her ass without breaking their kiss, something he did not wish to do.

She on the other hand was ready to move on.  She pulled her body away from his. Then she said the first word since his arrival. “I do love you.”  She pulled the tie of the wrap and it fluttered to her feet, then pushed her bikini bottom off her hip till it fell as well. She kicked them both free. She quickly followed by untying the back of her top and pulling it over her head before pulling him once more tight to herself and kissing deeply.  Patrick worked hard to respond to her kissing with his best effort, but his mind was overwhelmed by the concept that she was naked. She was naked and kissing him standing right inside her front door. If he could have, he would have liked to take that moment just to look at her, but clearly that was not her plan. He tried his best to be fully focused on kissing her but it was hard. His hands traced from her shoulders down to the cheeks of her ass without a single fabric barrier. She began to lift one leg, pressing her bare mound against the ridge that formed the front of his Levi’s. With out thinking about it or even knowing why, he gripped the raised thigh, then the other, lifting her off the ground. Bracing his shoulders on the door to his back, he thrust his pelvis forward and perched her on the, not insubstantial, bulge his confined erection formed. She responded immediately with a pleased moan and wrapped her legs around him and began to grind on the perch.

He could feel her kissing become more insistent nearly immediately. Her grinding on his confined penis actually hurt, but he wasn’t about to say a thing. In his mind, he was pondering what to do next, but he had read in numerous articles in his dad’s magazines about men who rushed women and how they were lousy lovers. That was something he did not want to be.  He didn’t know what to do next. He knew he should do something, but what? His quandary was solved when she broke the kiss and arched her back.  Even novice Patrick could see she was focusing on her crotch in an effort to climax.

Looking down, he now had a view of most of her wonderful tits. Even while pressed on him, they moved somewhat up and down, but mostly, the mass of the two fleshy orbs swayed side to side. He was lost in watching the wave action of the soft flesh as her moving hips sent them in one direction then the other. When she arched her back to lift them free of his chest, they were free to fully move.

Her breasts were far more fluid than he had imagined a girl's boobs would be. In photos, they were always so static, but in real life, they moved with a rolling grace. Sometimes they began to form a full arc, but as often as not, her body motions caught their mass in mid-circuit and caused a momentary compression and elongation as the laws of physics took hold and their bulk wanted to continue in its previous motion while her torso had suddenly shifted direction.  In the background, he also was taking note of the expression on Angie’s face and the spreading pink slowly covering the tops of the amazingly elastic orbs. Just before she began getting loud, the cue he knew to be her arriving orgasm, he was imagining presenting a school science fair project on the motion of Angie’s breasts during sex. This thought was pushed out when she screamed, literally screamed, “Oh GOD, Oh GOD, Oh GOD….Cumming, Cumming Yes I’m Cumming!”

Though he had heard her over the phone do this in a quieter fashion, the volume and raw energy of the live action took him off guard.  It was no wonder her mother had come running that night.  She went through three cycles of the same clenching of her legs against his back, screaming and then momentary release before she was spent; legs slipping to the ground, she leaned on his chest, her chest heaving for air.

After letting her make all the decisions, he took the initiative to guide her into the living room and together they fell into the love seat. Whereupon, she snuggled and began kissing him again, this time slowly and sensually.  

She fumbled in her effort to undo his pants.

“Do you want me to undo them for you?” he asked quietly.

She nodded. As he stood to unbutton his Levi’s 501’s, she added, “Mom went shopping, she won't be back for a while.”

That was a relief to Patrick. He kicked off his shoes and let his pants fall to the ground. He decided it was time to go ahead and get naked like her. For the first time as he looked at her while he undressed, he saw her, all of her, naked. To him, she was indescribably beautiful as she leaned back against the side of the loveseat, her chest still swaying with each deep breath. Below her belly a triangle of dark brown hair spread from the point where her legs came together. 

Surprising to him, her pubes were not the tangled mass of semi-afro his pubic hair was, rather, it had wavy, but more or less straight strands radiating from the center. It was lighter in color and thinner than he’d expected.

Angie must have noticed that he stopped undressing and was staring, at her crotch. “I hope you are not disappointed,” she said.

He shook his head, “No, you are so beautiful.” He knew the words were corny but he didn’t know what else to say. She was beautiful. He knew full well he could be content just standing there and looking at her for the entire afternoon.

“You weren’t kidding, you never have seen a girl naked in real life before, have you?”

He shook his head “No, you're so, so …” he stopped himself from repeating how beautiful she was.

 “Here, have a better look,” she said and sat up, and slightly spread her legs. He was sure he was gaping now. As the hair neared the epicenter, it became denser, but not so thick that he could not see the light skin beneath, and from the hair a ridge of pink skin emerged that ran several inches along what was certainly where his penis should go.

This was the 1970’s long before the nudie magazines began publishing gynecological photos of women with the legs spread and even longer before the fashion of shaving off the pubic hair arrived. As a result, Patrick’s only knowledge of the intimate female anatomy came from the drawings in the sex-ed book, and this did not look like the drawings.

She took her index finger and ran it up and down the center of the ridge twice, before, as if magically, the single ridge divided into two thinner lines. The finger slipped into the bright pink crevice they created. He knew now what he was seeing, her labia minora: her little lips.  He stood stock still as the finger dipped deeper into the valley, past the knuckle, down until the palm of her hand was on the outer lips and the middle finger was completely lost in her … her pussy. His penis which had relaxed over the time since Angie began grinding on him was now back as hard as it could get. And as sometimes happened when he only wore underwear, the turgid staff pulled the waistband away from his abdomen by a good inch. She must have seen it because when he had finally pulled his eyes away from her body and pulled his shirt over his head, she moved to the edge of the loveseat and used the gap as a handle to pull down his Jockeys. He felt her pull him toward her.  His shirt dropped to the living room floor and with one pull, she ensured his briefs joined it on the ground.

“Oh, you are bigger.” She said her face inches from the upright phallus.  He looked down with some satisfaction at her gaze. Her hands moved up his outer thighs, then around to his buttocks.  Gently but firmly she pulled him closer, he watched, wide-eyed, as her lips softly kissed his stomach, his pelvis then the head of his virgin penis.  The first kiss was followed by a second longer kiss and a third in which her lips parted and ringed the head. He felt what had to be her tongue on the tip of him that was in her mouth. She drew in more of his organ until the head disappeared into her lips.  Much to Patrick’s surprise, though her sight of his penis in her mouth excited him, there was little sensation, until her lips gripped the region just south of his prow-shaped head.  There he was very sensitive and suddenly a jolt of electricity radiated from his groin, down his legs and up his sides. His legs gave an involuntary quiver.

Angie released his penis and looked up at him. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited to do that. I’ve been longing to taste the guy I love in my mouth since I first started imagining sex when I was like eleven.”

“But you did it last week with your cousin.” Patrick corrected gently as he looked down at her.

“This is different. Sure, I won’t pretend I didn’t like doing that, but this is different.” She brought her right hand from his ass, and gripped the base of his penis firmly. He was pleased that her hand did not quite make it around his girth and just over half of the way up the length. She leaned forward and took the head back into her mouth.  He watched in amazement as she slowly began moving her lips up and down on his penis. He couldn’t believe he was getting his first blow job. At first, she just let her lips glide over the shaft as she worked her rhythm up to take in all of his penis that was not in her hand.  Once her lips met the hand holding the bottom half of his organ she paused. The inside of her mouth was warm and unlike anything he’d ever experienced. When she pulled back her lips gripped him tightly and the friction, especially as it cleared the head was so much he had to grip the arm of the loveseat not to fall. Slow but steady she drew his penis into her mouth, she pulled back with her head, fighting the suction and her lips to free him before sucking it back down again. Between the sensations he felt and the view he had it was no wonder that he began to feel a building orgasm. However, before he was quite up the climax mountain she looked up and said “If I suck you till you cum, will you still be able to have sex with me afterward? When Tony came, he wasn’t good again for a couple of hours. But in my romance novels… well the dirty ones, they talk about how the guy quickly gets hard enough for them to do it again after he cums.”

He so wanted her to keep that up till he came. He would have said yes even if he couldn’t really do it, but he knew full well he could keep going for at least a second time and maybe a third. “I promise. I will be ready and willing to have sex when you’re done. Keep going. This is so good. I’ve never ever felt anything like it.”

So she did. She gradually upped the speed and pressure and he responded. He steadied himself with both hands on the sides of the love seat and prepared for his first real girl-induced orgasm. The tension started in his thighs and then his buttocks pulled tight and he felt the muscles in his groin tense in preparation. He held his breath, made a hip thrust and then the first stream went up from his balls and he felt it run down the urethra inside his penis before it burst out with, what felt like incredible force.

Though Angie was more sexually experienced than Patrick, she too was a novice at this and it showed. A more experienced lover would have easily known the cues that her “man” was about to cum, but Angie didn’t. That was because, for all she’d done with Tony, she’d not sucked him to orgasm.  Even the totally inexperienced Patrick couldn’t miss the shock and surprise as her head jerked free of his penis with the onset of the first spray of semen. The stream which started in her mouth, shot over her left shoulder as she made a reflex jerk to the right. A string of white was left across her cheek and into her hair before splattering on the grey leather of the loveseat back.

Patrick’s second spasm again brought another healthy stream, all of which flew over Angie’s shoulder and onto the leather. By the time that string of pearls had begun their flight, she had recovered from the shock and moved back to her work. By the time the third jet came, she didn’t miss a drop of it. That third good stream and the subsequent final three spurts she helped along with a strong suction sent the fluid into Angie’s mouth.  She didn’t rush but kept sucking until he was totally done before swallowing it all down.

From above, Patrick watched, only partially comprehending as the hormones washed over him and he struggled to keep standing.  He felt how she kept up the sucking for the last of his semen. It was a level of sexual fulfillment he, before that moment, could not even have imagined.  It seemed she was trying to suck the last drop from deep in his balls, and he was more than happy she was trying. But when she suddenly began pumping his, now indescribably sensitive penis, with her mouth again; he had to stop her.  “Way too sensitive for that now!” he exclaimed as he pushed her head back. “Just hold it for a minute till I relax.”

She complied, but as the overwhelming imperative of sexual energy waned, he found it difficult to hold his knees steady and began to sink.  He felt rather silly, but he had to sit or lie down or he would fall. The living room, like the rest of her house, was very well-appointed. On the hardwood floor was a thick oriental rug. He slid down to his knees, his head falling on her stomach, and sliding down the aromatic path between her legs. He wanted a long taste, but all he could bring himself to do was kiss the now, self-parted, lips as he slumped to the ground.

Sprawled on the soft cream and red rug he looked up at Angie and, for the first time since he arrived at her home (what close to a half an hour before?), he came up with a complete sentence, “That was amazing. You are so good at that. I didn’t know I could cum that hard. I never have.” 

True they weren’t very good sentences but they were better than grunts or phrases.  Looking up, he had a clear view of her pussy between her parted thighs. It was a sight he’d only dreamt of before. Yet, somehow, he mustered the will to look up to her face. He was glad he did. Without taking her eyes from his, she used her fingers to push the cum that had landed on her cheek into her mouth. From her eyes and her smile, he could clearly see she was pleased with him, and with herself. Even in his inexperience, he knew that this was a very special first time for him. One he would relive and retell for the rest of his life.

She slid down the slick leather of the loveseat to join him on the floor. Without responding to his words, she got on all fours and crawled till she was directly over him. Her face was flushed but she glowed with happiness. Before he fully realized what she was doing, she had sat back on her haunches and used one hand to guide his firm, but not fully rigid penis into her body till she was sitting back, her weight on to his pelvis. Just that fast, with no fuss or fireworks, he was no longer a virgin. If it was an anticlimax for years of fantasy, he supposed it only fair given the over-the-top experience his first blowjob had just been. Angie, on the other hand, seemed to be in bliss. Her eyes closed, she ran her hands up her body, first cupping and lifting her breasts, then up to hold her face. Her hips moved several inches front to back in a slow, deliberate pace. Her breasts swayed just a tiny bit to her slow rhythm. He couldn’t see himself going inside of her but her pubes and his meshed. His penis had fully hardened as soon as she’d guided it into her. The sight was anything but anticlimactic.

She seemed to emit a kind of hum as she was lost in her own pleasure. He lay beneath her, more than content to watch her in that state of bliss.  Finally, after what must have been ten full minutes of him watching her slowly move with her eyes closed, she looked down at Patrick and uttered her first words. “It was worth the wait.” She leaned forward, bracing herself with her hands and kissed him lightly on the lips. “You feel so good inside me. You feel right, like my body was made to have you inside of me.” And she leaned down and kissed him again, this time harder and deep.  The taste in her mouth was unusual. It took him a moment but then he understood that it was the taste of his semen. There was something especially intimate about the reminder that he was kissing her after she’d sucked down his jizz. It meant something that she’d wanted to swallow what she’d brought forth from his balls. How could he not love her for that. It was just another part of the experience he had not anticipated; and yet another part of the day to be pondered and relived for years to come.

Her breasts were so soft. They spread out over his chest as she put her weight on him. They  seemed to have no definable shape like this.  She ground her pelvis down into him as she kissed. It was much like she had done when they had made out at the door, when she’d had her orgasm; but this time was so different. She was warm and soft inside. He could feel the walls of her vagina surrounding his hard-on. Not tight like some of the magazines described, but soft. It was nice, very nice, but not the kind of thing that would bring on an orgasm.  He instead focused on kissing her and running his hands over her back and ass as she worked on him. Clearly, she knew what she was doing. He knew without a doubt it had been what she’d learned by screwing her cousin that made this work so smoothly. He was now sure that he was truly glad she’d had those three times with Tony to learn before they did it the first time. Not just accepting, but thankful that she’d had that opportunity. He made himself a promise to tell her that later.

Once she got into a rhythm, it did not take too very long for her to cock her head back and yell “Yes! Oh fuck YES!” He felt her legs clinch tight on his hips, much more tightly than he thought her capable.  Bound so tightly to her hips he could feel the series of spasms as her orgasm careened through her body. He could even feel her pussy gripping his penis inside. Then, like a marionette cut from the strings, she collapsed completely on top of him.

Such was his first taste of sex.

She lay still except for the heaving breathing. He said nothing. Then as her breathing slowed, as if brought back to life, she kissed him on the cheek, hopped up and stretched out her hand to help him up “Let’s go swimming.”

His first experience was evidently not over.

They went out the back door fully naked. Beyond the outdoor table and chairs, was a rectangular swimming pool with a slide and diving board.  She let go of his hand and splashed down the steps in to the shallow end.  He stood at the edge. Very aware that his penis was still fully erect, he looked at the person who was now undeniably his girlfriend, standing in waist deep water; nude. If he hadn’t already been hard, that would have done it to him.  She looked at him, looked directly at his erection and said “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of that boner soon enough. You promised me a full hour if you will recall. Now get in.”

They swam and splashed and laughed and groped each other until their hands had turned to prunes. He finally got to hold her breasts. He could not believe how very soft and pliable they were; softer than water balloons, more like pudding. He tried not to bother her but as they played he kept coming back to holding her tits. She did not seem to mind.

She, on the other hand, kept coming back to grab his dick. A couple of times she wrapped her legs around him and slipped down on his penis as they played. The last of those times turned into a long session of her bobbing up and down on him as they fucked, kissed, and talked. “I really do like how you feel in me” she said. “I don’t think I’d want a bigger dick in me, that would just be too much, but you are so much better than Tony or Sam.”

He was pleased and said “I’m glad you like it.”

She went on “I know what they say about the first guy a girl has sex with, but I don’t buy it. If you had been the first I wouldn’t appreciate, well, what we are doing now, just talking and balling. I wouldn’t have known to do this before last week.”  With that, she bobbed up and down while she initiated a long kiss. She broke off the kiss and went right back to talking “Now, to be honest going down on Tony was easier, but again, only because I knew what to expect I was ready for your size. I don’t think I could have taken nearly so much of you in my mouth if I hadn’t done Tony last week. See, it was a good thing I did all that shit.” She kissed him again then again picked up her narrative “But, when you came in my mouth that was a surprise. A surprise I really, really wanted, but when it happened, I jumped. Tina and Sharon, both told me I would not be ready the first time. I told them they were wrong, but they were right. I didn’t expect it when you came. That is because I never sucked Tony or Sam till they blew their load. So, while I may have screwed two other guys, yours is the first cum I’ve had in my mouth. And while they were right and I wasn’t ready when it happened, I did get the last full shot. I can taste it in my mouth still. Could you taste it when you kissed me afterward?”

“Yea, I still can.”

“You don’t mind, do you?” she asked. “Sharon said her boyfriend won’t kiss her after he’s cum in her mouth.”

“No, it didn’t bother me at all. It wasn’t something I’d expected though. But thinking about it, it’s kinda well… it’s like it is loving. If that makes sense.”

“Yes, you are right. I’d not thought of it as loving, but yes still tasting you in my mouth is like the love that lingers,” she said before diving into another deep kiss, giving him a fresh, if now very subtle taste of his semen.

“Come on, do me good, I want you to finish inside me.” She insisted. He tried but there was no way he could even begin to do that standing in the chest-deep water. He walked, with her attached, to the side of the pool, in slightly shallower water. She held on the side of the pool with her arms and he gripped her thighs and began to pump. Water splashed everywhere, and it felt good, but the water resistance worked against him. He took a short breather, the water stopped splashing and he gasped for breath.

She, evidently sensing the continued difficulty of the water’s resistance, slipped away from Patrick under the water. Popping up near the steps at the shallowest part of the pool, she almost left the water, but not quite. On the top step, in ancle deep water, she bent over and held the metal railing. “Come on, it will be easier here I think”

He wasn’t going to disappoint Angie, not on this day. He slipped his cock between her little lips again. He drove it home then quickly began thrusting hard and fast. He could move much easier now. He gripped her hips and thrust as hard and fast as he could. He could see his penis go into her, then come out and back in. He could see her ass compress with each stroke, and feel his balls slap against her if he did it hard enough. It occurred to him that this was what real fucking was, far better than anything his hand could do, even better than her mouth. 

This time it was he who was surprised by how quickly his orgasm sprang on him. One moment he was fucking as hard as he could, the next he could feel the semen rising fast. He pushed his organ in as far as it would go before disgorging all the cum remaining in his balls into her.  He felt waves of spasms run their course, then let go of her. Losing his balance, he stumbled down the steps and fell back into the water. She followed him and they embraced once more.

They stood in the water and kissed. Together, they were now lovers and for the first time they both knew what that meant. A chill suddenly came over him. In the time they’d been in the pool, it must have been some time, the sun had fallen behind the oak trees and a shadow had covered the pool.

She led him up the pool steps toward the house. Two towels were laid out on the wrought iron table that was between the pool and the back door. He knew in the back of his mind that they were not there when they came out, but his mind was on other things at the time.

Once inside he looked for his clothes on the floor. They were not there. His heart jumped; they now lay neatly folded on the couch. And the semen he had sprayed on the loveseat was gone too.  Someone was home.

A voice, an obvious adult voice came from beyond the doorway that led to the kitchen. “Do you want Coke or Dr. Pepper?”

He jerked his head toward the sound. it was obviously Angie’s mother. In a clumsy and almost slow-motion moment, he grabbed his pants and pulled them up, not bothering with the underwear.

Angie just continued using the towel to dry her hair. She didn’t even flinch, even though she was naked.

From the doorway, a slightly taller, older and to be honest, prettier version of Angie appeared. It wasn’t that Angie was unattractive, especially in the nude, but she was not stand-out beautiful. Patrick knew full well if Angie had looked like her mother, it would be some big-man-on-campus fucking her, not geeky Patrick. Her mom’s hair was very dark, almost black, straight and hung down her back.  She wore hip hugger jeans and a red plaid halter top that showed off that it was from her mother that Angie got her boobs. She had larger hips than Angie, but she retained a very fine hourglass figure.  She was looking straight at her daughter and Patrick without flinching. “I see you found the towels I left for you. I called out for some pizza. You went so long that it arrived a few minutes ago. I didn’t expect that. When you’re done drying off, come and get some. You seemed to have known just when to come in.”

Angie wrapped the towel around her shoulders and said “Thanks, Mom. I’ll take D.P.” and she looked over to her mortified boyfriend who just stood wide-eyed. “So, what do you want?”

“Coke,” he said in the strongest, calmest voice he could muster.

“Oh, Mom, this is Patrick. But you must have guessed that,” Angie added.

 “Nice to finally meet you.” The woman said “I’ve been hearing about you all the time for quite a while” she said “but she didn’t do justice to how cute you are.”

Patrick would liked to have seen that as a sexual comment, but it was clearly in the vein of how cute your puppy is, not how sexy your man is.

“Come on in the kitchen when you’ve gotten dressed,” she said then turned to go.  Then in an apparent afterthought, she looked back and added, “You know how I insist on propriety when I’m home.”  She laughed at her own joke before disappearing.

Angie with a smile said, “You must not have seen her come out with the towels while we were doing it?”

Patrick just shook his head, “When? How much did she see?”

“Oh, she saw everything. I’m sure of it. She came out and put the towels on the table while I was riding on you. You didn’t see her because your back was to the house right then. She knew exactly what we were doing. She even gave me a thumbs up to let me know she was cool with it. Later when you were banging me while we were on the steps, at one point I’m pretty sure I saw her looking out through the kitchen windows. So, like I said, she saw everything. I’m sure she didn’t want to interrupt our first time, and she didn’t want to ruin the moment by embarrassing you. I haven’t looked at a clock, but including the time I was on you inside and the time I was riding you while you stood in the pool, you lasted way more than the hour that you promised. You were inside of me a really, long time. Like Mom said, she had time to order pizza and have it delivered before we came back in.”

“Damn” was all he could say.

“Our first time was nothing short of amazing,” Angie said after a second.

By the time they’d finished the pizza and he was getting ready to go, Angie’s mom suggested that she could put the bike in her station wagon and give him a ride home in another hour or so. Even Patrick couldn’t miss that was so as to give them time to live out the rest of their long-held plans in Angie’s bed before he left. Among other things he spent a long time “French kissing” her pussy, much to Angie’s delight.

Laying in his bed that night, Patrick decided he was going to get along just fine with Angie's mother.


Author’s epilogue:

As I edited this story in 2024, it brought back so many memories, because parts 1 & 2 are very much based on what happened. Only part three is fiction. In the real events, my first girlfriend went to visit her mother’s family in New Jersey not for a week during spring break, but for six weeks over the summer. And yes, during most of that time she had an ongoing sexual relationship with an older cousin. Through our letters and talks when she got back to town, I did my best to piece the story of her and her cousin together. By condensing it into a week, not six weeks as it really was, I was able to make a single coherent tale. One thing I do remember was that she was more embarrassed that she and her cousin had been having sex than I think this story conveys. Initially, in that first phone talk we had, she was quite willing to talk about it, but by the time school started, her attitude about what she’d done had totally changed. From excitement to mortification. In fact, she was so embarrassed, she didn’t even want us to get together when she got back to Texas. I don’t think I ever got the full story of what happened in New Jersey, but whatever happened, things for us were never the same.

 Her introduction into the sexual world of older guys was a one-way trip. We continued to talk in the weeks between her return to Texas and the start of the new school year; but when she went to 10th grade at Lamar High School, she had no interest in having a boyfriend who was in 9th grade at Shackelford Junior High. In some of our last talks on the phone after school started, she was telling me about a couple of guys at the high school who wanted to take her out… guys who had cars.  She was right up front that she fully intended to have sex with those guys when they went out in their cars on dates. How could a guy on a bicycle compete with a guy with a car?

My time with Angie remains a nice memory, though I long wondered how my life would have changed if I had been quicker on the uptake of her sexual desires. The part where I relate that I was fully ready to accept her happiness at having spent the summer having sex several times a week was entirely factual. There is no doubt my ready acceptance of her having sex with another guy while she was in New Jersey foreshadowed my relationship with my “first true love” when I was a senior at Lamar High. As Angie had done, the girl with whom I first experienced total and consuming love began to have sex with other guys not long after we were separated by a thousand miles. In that case, I’d gone to Chicago for my first semester of college while she was in her last year of high school. Just like with Angie, I never felt betrayed or hurt when I found out. It simply didn’t occur to me that I should feel that I somehow owned her body and that she didn’t have the right to share it with other guys. But that is a different story. Both of those experiences foreshadowed my life of open marriage where Paula spent nearly three decades having sex with other people… and I never once felt betrayed or hurt by that.  

It is only by looking back at one’s life do these kinds of patterns show themselves. So in that, Angie did me a great favor by making me make a decision, at fourteen-years-old, that I didn’t even know I was making. And that decision led to the life I’ve had. So how can I not hold a special place in my heart for her.









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Apparently some one somewhere was offended by the content of my site and has complained to the web host. I have been blocked from finishing this weeks update. I can only hope that I will get a fair assessment so that it will be unlocked and my work here can continue.

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Amen, sister!


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I wonder if your/Patrick's comfort with your crush's taking pleasure with other boys has to do with your being busy. You apologized in one of your introductions for being "lazy," while you refine and illustrate your multimillion-word novel, build Ren-faire costumes, raise two kid while earning a PhD, and take endless rolls of glamour photos. (Were you an Eagle Scout?) I was a jealous little teen, myself, and never bothered to exert myself except for three semesters when math was lucky enough to catch my interest.

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LOL.... No I'm not an Eagle Scout. As a teenager I was not involved with most of the things my male peers were. I guess I learned way back then to just do my own thing.


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Your first foray into erotica mixing fact with fiction is a success in my humble opinion. I love that you kept the point of view to the third person limited. As Nancy Kress says in her book on viewpoints: “This, the essence of close third person, delivers maximum emotion and maximum reader identification with the character. It gives third person almost as much freedom to range over thought, memory, and emotion as you get in first person. Finally, close third person carries the pitfall of confusion over which are the characters’ thoughts and which are the author’s exposition. This occurs because the POV is so close that we assume most passages occur in the character’s head.” (Kress, Nancy. Write Great…

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I think the real reason I used 3rd person is that I did not want to be disingenuous by leading the readers to believe this is my story in the same way "Our Decades of Open Marriage" is.

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