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Our Decades of Open Marrige: Part 68

My Birthday Treat

For my birthday in October of 2014, Paula and her boyfriend James planned a wonderful overnight trip up to Asheville at the height of the fall colors.  To some, an overnight hotel trip less than a hundred miles away might not seem a big deal; however, given the fact I’d had no income in over four months, such a little trip was quite a wonderful birthday present. The weather couldn’t have been better. We have always loved Asheville and the fall is the best time to visit the mountains.

The only problem was that my left knee was giving me a serious enough problem that I was walking on my cane and couldn’t even drive our car due to my inability to press on the clutch pedal.

When Paula and I arrived at the 4-star hotel in  Asheville, James had already checked into our room on the 9th floor. As soon as we stepped in the room, Paula wraped her arms around James and pushes her tongue into his mouth. No matter how many times I see her deeply kissing another man, it never fails to give me a smile. They kissed for some time, and I just watched, happy to see her so happy. The hotel was wonderful and the room was just perfect for what we had planned. The picture window gave a wide view of the mountains and provided all the light I could want for photos. 

Since it was already late afternoon, I suggested we take advantage of the light to shoot some indoor photos of Paula.  She had bought some new lingerie for the trip and she quickly agreed to my idea. I always like shooting her when she has a "friend" present since she puts on a show for him and that in-turn means better photos for me.

She put on the red gown we had bought for the trip and we went to work. All the while she is flirting with him.  We go from "PG" photos to "R" photos, then to nudes in the space of twenty minutes or so. When I had her pose nude in front of the big window, James took advantage of the situation and began to suckle her breasts. Soon they were making out and Paula had his penis out of his underwear giving him a hand job. Of course I shot photos of the whole thing. The thickness of his penis was accentuated by her small hands. It was a very erotic sight.

Paula however was in a playful mood, and when he tried to bend her over to fuck her, she said "No, we don't have time for that. I'm ready to eat."  So she left him hard as we dressed for dinner. 

She put on a very sexy and revealing mini-dress with no bra or panties. We walked several blocks to the restaurant district. She turned every head we passed. He and I alternated holding her hand since the sidewalk was too narrow for us to walk three abreast. There is something special about going out publicly like that as a poly triad. Paula commented about how much she liked showing off that she had a husband and a lover, and that in Ashville that wasn’t as likely to make passers by angry.

Dinner was excellent. We talked and laughed and had a great time.  Though there were some sexual innuendos, there was no direct sex talk. It was all quite normal. This of course was not the first time the three of us had dinner before or after a threesome. But, by the time we got back we were all ready to go. However, Paula had a plan. She made James and I wait in the room while she went back to the car.

She came back a few minutes later with a box of éclairs from her favorite bakery. She said "This is your birthday present." Of course I knew exactly what she planned. The background was that she on several occasions had brought éclairs to her dates with other men over the past year. She just loved the combination of cock and éclair in her mouth. But, the two times she brought éclairs home, she'd eaten them before we made it to bed.  So she'd brought the éclair for me.

She asked if I wanted to just eat the éclair or did I want her to eat it off my penis. Of course there was no question as to my answer. We all got naked and pulled the sheets back on the king sized bed. She went right to work and downed my Bavarian cream flavored erection. James watched closely, then she stopped sucking me and reapplied the cream before asking James if he wanted to try some. In short order I was receiving an amazing blow job from both my wife and her lover.

Now I'd had "double blow jobs" from Paula and her girlfriend before, but this was in a whole different league. They took turns sucking my cock for what seemed like forever. I simply can't put into words the experience of seeing and feeling my wife holding the shaft of my penis as she fed it to her lover. It is simply one of those things that must be experienced.   Eventually Paula moved over so she could suck James while he sucked me. That was also a first, and it was every bit as good as the fantasy. I only wished we had someone to photograph us in this most amazing triad.

Finally I just couldn't take it anymore. I was sure they were going to kill me with pleasure.

Paula took my call for a halt as a time to take a potty break. When she came back she found me sucking James's cock with gusto. She watched for a while before she said "OK, guys it's time for me to save a horse and ride my cowboy."  She literally pushed my head out of the way as she moved to mount him.  I did not let go of his cock however, but I guided it into her and kept my hand at the nexus of their intersection for a good while. Putting a man's penis into her then feeling the union of Paula and her lover is something I'd only done a handful of times; but, every time was a special moment of unity.

I had brought the camera very specifically to shoot photos of them having sex. They fucked and fucked and fucked.  Paula was very vocal and climaxed repeatedly as I shot photos. I was able to take advantage of the mirrors in the room to get some photos of me shooting photos of them having sex. Another first.

Finally, with her on all fours, he climaxed and filled her with his semen.  When James pulled out, Paula rolled her back and spread her legs. Ever since she first began having sex with other men, I’d been going down on her afterward. Most of those times it was when she got home from a date, but over the past year she had really come to like me going down on her right after her lover ejaculates into her.  I did that  regardless of whether the man wore a condom or not. In the case of James, he had not been using a condom with her for the past few months. I ate the semen off the outside of her labia and then pushed my tongue into her where most of his semen still resided.

After the cum was all gone, I then went down on James to get the rest that was still on his penis. She interrupted my blowjob to tell me to mount her. She simply had not had all the fucking she wanted. We went a good long time and James took photos of us. When I came, I came hard.  If that had been the end of it. I would still have called that a great night. But it was not the end.

They wanted to go out for drinks, but I told them my knee was just not up to more walking, so they went on their own. Again she wore the mini-dress with nothing underneath. Paula later told me that they had a nice time making out in a bar and James felt her up in full view of a group of college kids. That got them ready for when they returned.

The next round of sex started immediately after they walked into the room.  Paula and James pulled off their clothes and fell into the bed.  Though technically we had a threesome, I was really quite tired and it was mostly them.  James eventually told Paula he could not go on and so we turned out the lights to go to sleep. Paula snuggled up to me and James snuggled up to her.

I was just drifting off the sleep when she turned back to James and began to kiss him again. Soon she was playing with his dick, then she was once again on top of him.  I listened to them screw and talk for a while then turned over to see them in the dim light that came from the window. Over the next few hours, I drifted off to sleep several times as they continued to kiss, caress, and fuck. Later they told me that they'd continued on like that till 4:00AM.

James is just one of those guys who is ready to have sex all the time; however, she was taxing his reserves.   Sure enough as soon as she was awake Paula played with his dick until it was hard and climbed back on him. We planned to do an early morning shoot on the Blue Ridge Parkway, so she had to unmount and get dressed.   The plan was to shoot nude photos of Paula; however, my arthritic knee was so bad that there was simply no way we could do it.   So without accomplishing our mission, we went back to the hotel so as to check out.

Since I was having difficulty walking I waited in the car for Paula and James to bring down the luggage that we had packed before we left for the photo session. I sat and waited in the car. And waited and waited and waited. Eventually I decided what was happening, they were having one last round of sex.

Once she was back in the car Jeannie played coy about why it had taken twenty-five minutes to go up to the room and bring down two bags. It took some time, but she finally told me what had happened. Paula said once they were in the room they had started kissing right off.   She, not he, pulled down her jeans to initiate sex. With her pants at her knees, she bent over the bed and waited till he got his hard-on out. He did her from behind, then she got one leg out of her pants so he could do her missionary.

When she told me all this as we headed south on I 26, she also said that her panties were full of his jizz.  I thought that was a fitting end to our weekend. 

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What a sexy way to spend your birthday and what an erotic birthday present. Paula is a lucky girl to have such a supportive husband and you are fortunate to have a wife who includes you in her sexual love affairs. I read somewhere that poly-relationships don’t last that long. Yours are rare and your readers are privileged to share in a nonmonogamy lifestyle, even vicariously. Thank you for sharing.


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Very nice view you are a beautiful lady with lots of good assets.

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