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Our Decades of Open Marriage: Part 65

A House Party And A Busted Date

In early August of 2014, we had a nice second date with the couple we'd gone out with the week before. I made dinner and everything went well. This was the first time we've had a couple over to our home in a very long time. There was no question that there was real chemistry between Charlotte and me.  Paula didn't dislike Don, but she wasn't dying to jump in bed with him either. That was just as well because our son had two of his friends over for the night.  That was not a real disappointment to us because we really liked this couple and we have found it hard to make new friends with couples when it is all about sex. While nothing sexual happened, we agreed that we wanted to work out a time to get together so something sexual could happen. 

The next night, we went to a house party. It was the first house party we'd attended in several years. Paula had only spoken to the hostess via the Internet, so we were not sure what to expect. The theme was lingerie, and so I bought Paula an amazing new royal blue lace bra and panty set to wear with her sheer robe. Although the house was huge, there were so many people that it was quite crowded.  We stayed for a couple of hours and socialized both together and individually.

There was a hot tub in a courtyard space between the main house and their guest house (which was nearly as large as our home).  Even the area around the hot tub was crowded with a milling and ever moving group of people. We were invited to join those in the water. While Paula didn’t want to get wet, after a short discussion I removed my black silk robe and matching boxers and got in. She went on to socialize on her own.

As such we talked to people in an out of the tub the whole time. For a little while, a young woman mounted her date in the water. They fucked slowly and somewhat inconspicuously for perhaps ten minutes. A second woman, about my age sat to my right and began to give me a hand job under the water as she watched them intently.  She told me she and her husband, who sat on the other side of her, had never been to a party like this. For her, just being in the hot tub naked, with lots of people around was quite exhilarating.  The fact that she hadn't hesitated to take my penis in her hand was a sign that, while this environment might be new, she was not a life-long monogamist.

Once the fucking couple left, the woman beside me began to make out with her husband. He eventually guided her to sit up on the side of the tub and began to eat her out.  Since she was still beside me, I rubbed her thigh. She began to slide back into the water, but by keeping her thighs on her husband's shoulders, she allowed him to continue to stimulate her.  However, he did move to the center of the tub to continue to eat her out. With her husband's movement, she was partially in the water and her face was right beside mine. While her husband continued to lick her pussy, she turned her head toward me and we began to kiss. As we did so, I reached up and began to caress her breasts.

After some time, her husband appeared to get tired, and he started to move away from between her legs. I told her I would be happy to take his place. She did not hesitate to agree. I moved to the deep center of the tub, put her thighs on either side of my head and lifted her hips until her vulva was clear of the water again. It was the first time I'd given oral sex to an unshaven woman in quite some time. But, I wanted to make her first time at a swing-party memorable. However, my position greatly limited my range of action. Still, she began to respond to my efforts and though it took longer than I expected, I was able to give her a nice orgasm. When I let her down, she straddled me and stuffed her tongue down my throat in a wonton kiss. As I regained my full hard-on, it pressed on the front of her vulva. I was quite sure she was about to reach down and guide it into her when her husband said it was time to go. Only then did I see his unhappy face. She looked over to him, and said "OK."  She gave me one more kiss, thanked me for the orgasm and then whispered in my ear that she would return the favor later, then left the hot tub.   It was all rather odd.

From the people we'd spoken to during the night, Paula and I concluded that only a minority of the people there were actually active "swingers."  In fact, the sex in the hot tub which I witnessed and participated in were some of the few acts of public sex that went on all night.  Nearly all of the sex that did happen occurred in the five bedrooms with the doors closed. When a couple began to use a play swing in the home's very large den, the room was packed with spectators.  From their chatter, it was apparent most had never seen another couple have sex in public before. None of this was bad, and if there had been half as many people, it would have been nice to play our role as experienced sages.

Since I had been in the hot tub longer than expected, Paula had a good while to socialize by herself. The one memorable thing she saw was a guy injecting his penis with a medication to give him an erection. She thought it was fascinating. All I could say about that was I was glad I didn't see. 

Paula got an offer to join a couple in one of the bedrooms, but Paula didn't feel good about the man.  He was handsome, but pushy and his wife was clearly drunk beyond the ability to meaningfully consent. So we left. It was not a bad night, but it was a reminder why we didn't go to many house parties.

At the party though, something happened that would prove problematic. Paula caught her stiletto heel on a loose piece of carpet and fell on her rear end….hard.   Through the use of almost a full bottle of Champaign she did not feel the pain in her back that night, but by Sunday she was quite sore and somewhat dizzy.  Monday she was better, but not up to doing what we had planned.

Paula’s newest boyfriend, James, had taken Monday off work so we all could go on a nude photo shoot in the mountains. He was quite excited about being my photo assistant.  But as it turned out, in addition to Paula's pain, on Sunday it had rained heavily throughout the region and the chance of rain continuing was 50%.  Even if we missed the rain, I didn’t see any way Paula could do a good job posing after navigating the ups & downs of the mountains in pain, in the mud.   So I told her we would have to cancel the shoot. 

Plan A was dead.

Well, she was looking forward to the shoot and didn’t want to cancel, so we agreed that we could do a hotel shoot.  That way, she figured she’d also be sure to have a good round of sex with James as well as get a photo-shoot.    So, Sunday evening, I booked a room via one of the pre-pay websites because there was very little chance we’d not make our hotel date the next day.  I booked a big room for a remarkably low rate and was quite pleased with myself.  So, plan B was in full swing Monday morning. We picked out a number of pieces of lingerie that we’d shoot her wearing and packed her a bag with a full bottle of wine. We were on our way to meet James for lunch before we checked-in.  However, I got a call. It turns out I’d made an agreement sometime before to be an on-call courier for a medical company. That worked well with my adjunct professor's job and each run brought in more money than a full week of teaching. They’d never called before but they needed me to drive to Charleston in the next hour.

So much for plan B. 

Paula was disappointed that I’d have to cancel the photo shoot, but she would still get to spend the day with James in the hotel room I’d booked.  We were now on plan C: a whole day of love making for Paula and James in a nice hotel room.

So, Paula and James went out to lunch then to "my" hotel.  Well, I hadn’t done as well as I’d thought. Unlike the photos online, the place was quite run down and there were disreputable looking people hanging out in the parking lot.  She was even more nervous when they got to the room and found the inside door latch had been broken. Someone had evidently kicked the door in recently.   This all made her uncomfortable.   The room itself was actually rather nice and soon she was naked. She just happened to be walking near the door when she heard someone using a key card on their door. Then the door opens.  No knock from housekeeping and no inside door latch to keep the door closed.  She pushed against the door and closed it hard in the face of the intruder.

It turns out that it was the manager coming to ensure housekeeping had properly turned the room, but by this time Paula was in a state.  She was back in her clothes lickety split and declared she could not be comfortable having sex in that room.   So they left the prepaid room without having had sex.  

So much for plan C.

In the end they spent the afternoon at a local strip-club and enjoyed one another’s company.  I made the eight-hour drive to Charleston and back and it all worked out well enough.   Of course we both felt bad that poor James had taken the day off and driven to town just to see her, only to have all our plans fall apart.   Oh well, as I try to tell people, having an open marriage does not mean you have all the sex you want when you want it. Real life has a tendency to interrupt…..and once again we got proof as to how true that is. 

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writing here because it's the newest post. Has the DM chat feature been disabled?

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not that I know of


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This reminds me of when I dispatched interstate buses. Your being called for the first time at the very last minute tells me the dispatcher was desperate. I didn't have enough drivers in Oklahoma City, and I relied on a trio of retired guys who were working major hours as casual employees. One man's wife once reminded me that "He's an old, old man." I was still going to keep calling. Thanks for going to Charleston.


Jan 28
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As human beings we are constantly experimenting with our values and our behaviours. The more rigid our story’s values are, the less we experience. Someone once said; “You cannot learn from experiences you’re not having.” Sex acts can never be like having a meal. Sex involves our deepest emotions, our souls and even Spirit as we are expression of God. When Plan A, B and C didn’t go according to plan, life reminds us who and what we are. Some would say there are no coincidences or accidents. And that raises the question: Do we have a free will? What about responsibility? We can only be present in the moment and do the best we can to treat others the…

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