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Our Decades of Open Marriage: Part 64


It began quite routinely in early July. Paula let me know she'd set up "meet & greet" dates with two different guys that week. Little did we know that one of them would begin the longest lasting and most serious relationship she'd had since her decade long love affair with Diane.

James had responded to our profile on SLS. He, like many people, found our profile to be intriguing. Paula had talked with him on the phone for a week or so before setting up to meet him at our favorite sports bar.  He was a very successful businessman who traveled to our city about twice per month. When we met him in person, we both found him interesting and pleasant. Not only was he a successful business owner but he had played college and minor league baseball back in the 1970's. As such, even though he was ten years older than me, he was in great shape.

 He and Paula hit it off. He was right up front that he is bi and prefers to have what I call “full contact” threesomes with married couples. The evening went well and we agreed we wanted to see him again.

We originally had planned on meeting him together for the first hotel date, but I unexpectedly had to go out of town on Thursday night so she met him alone.  They had a nice dinner and then went to one of the best hotels in the city.   She called me after their first round of sex and said “He's great and he’s so big!”  

This was an unusual thing for her to say because Paula isn’t a size queen. In fact, some men have put her off with their overly large penis, but James knew how to use his tool and she had an amazing time.   Since I would not be back in town till the next day, she stayed the night and got a 3:00 AM wake up from her new lover.  She did not mind at all being awakened for a very early morning fuck.

She told me all about her night and we agreed that he had plenty of gear for us to share when we do have a threesome. She scheduled another date with him for the next Monday. Since I was teaching, and he could not stay overnight, I did not join them. Once again, she came home a happy camper. Not only was the sex great, but she was rapidly falling for him.

One problem showed up though. Mr. New York had been out of town for almost two weeks and he finally arrived back a few days after Paula's second hotel date with James.  He was distressed to read in my blog how I had written that she’d had two very enjoyable hotel dates with James and was rapidly falling for him.  Even though Paula had been telling Mr. New York about the nature of polyamory since their first date, he clearly did not get it. After all she had never hidden from him that she had continued to date Anderson and other men the whole time they had been dating. But once he talked to her it was clear he did not grasp the idea that starting a relationship with James in no way diminished her feelings for him.  In his mind, he felt demeaned that she had enjoyed herself while he had been out of town.    She tried to reassure Mr. New York he was not devalued just because she’s added one more person to her circle of love.  Though they dated for another month or so, their relationship was never the same.

 It was another two weeks before we were able to finally work out a threesome with me, Paula and James. He'd booked a room at the nicest hotel in the area. We were late and skipped dinner because Paula had eaten chocolate brownies at work that upset her stomach.  We had drinks and talked for a good while in the lobby bar. I’d brought the book I recently had printed called "Paula: A Model Wife: 22 Years of Glamour Photography."  As the title suggested, it was a book of nude photos of Paula I'd shot over the years. I was not surprised that he liked the book quite a bit.  He and she were funny to watch looking at the book in the lobby but making sure that no one else saw what they were doing.  After drinks we went up to his room and since by then the two of them have had two hotel dates before, there was none of that shy hesitation. 

As I usually do when I join Paula with one of her lovers, I partially undressed and relaxed while they got on one of the two queen beds and began to kiss and explore one another’s bodies.   I was trying not to appear like I felt left out but James seemed to think that I was being ignored.  So they both came over to the bed on which I lay and proceeded to blow me…together. Their actions were totally unexpected and I was flabbergasted. Watching them take turns going down on my erection was beyond any words I can write. How far had we come from the first time Paula and Dianne had done the same to me?  When Paula moved up to start kissing me, he continued to suck my cock while we kissed lovingly.  I have always liked the experience of someone else sucking me while Paula and I kissed, and that was the best version of that ever.

Eventually I said it was my turn and I slipped off the bed and moved to his feet and began to nibble at his inner thigh.   I was a little impatient and soon his thick penis was in my mouth.  Despite Paula's earlier gushing about how big he was, he was not much over seven inches long but, he was rather thick which made his erection look very large indeed.  Even still, I had no trouble gobbling down all of him when I chose to.

For quite some time Paula alternated between just watching me do him and kissing him. Later she said that she’d never really sat back and watched while I had given a man oral sex before, and that surprisingly she found that she enjoyed watching quite a lot. She said it was like watching an educational porn movie on how to give head to a guy with a large penis.  I finally offered to hold his dick while she mounted up, and so I guided him into her. I think that is one of the more special things we do when we share our bed with a man. When I guide her lover’s penis into her body, we get a unique sense of oneness.

  She rode him long and slow enough for it to be very relaxing for her. As she did so we all talked as casually as if we were still in the lobby bar.  We went on for another hour or so in different combinations of twos and threes, but it was one of those days of light fun sex, not hot and sweaty rutting.  As she often does during low-keyed sex play, she just chattered away a good deal of the time (except when one of the penises was in her mouth).   He seemed amused at how light-hearted the whole thing was. He pointed out that he's been having sex since he was sixteen, and for the past twenty years or more he has been sleeping with couples on his travels, but he'd never seen a couple take having a threesome so casually.

 Even in a session like that, one nice thing about a threesome is that one person is free to take breaks while the other two continue on, and that is what we did. He used his phone to take a few pics of Paula and I while she rode me, but sadly they were a good deal short of artistic.

It was all quite funny when James and Paula were doing missionary on one of the beds and I went to rub her legs as they wrapped around him.  I guess I “accidently” tickled her foot and she began to laugh and told me to stop.  That broke their moment and we ended up going out to dinner. The plan was to come back for round two after we ate, but sadly her stomach continued to get worse and we had to go home about 11:00.

Even though we had to cut the evening short, we had a good time and we both had a good feeling about how this was going.

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James sounds cool and a lot like me. Same endowment and sexual urges



Casual sex, but meaningful.



This is a wonderful display of what polyamory and open marriage mean. There are differences between monogamy and polyamory:

“Monogamy, therefore, favors consumerism, presented as the key to growth, prosperity, and, by consequence, happiness within a materialistic society. One final theory, clearly linked to the previous one, is that monogamy corresponds directly to values of ownership and power, as promoted by a market society. To be married is to be the sole keeper of another being for one’s exclusive enjoyment, much to the satisfaction of the dominant narcissist who lies dormant in so many individuals… Polyamorists believe that monogamy sterilizes love and fosters unhealthy codependence, whereas multiple relationships feed off of each other’s differences and ultimately lead to enriching fulfillment.”…

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