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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 20

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

In Search of the Final Freedom:

An Erotic Socio-Political Novel:

BOOK TWO: Sexual Freedom, a Revolutionary Ideal

Chapter 20

Lamar Campbell

Kelli Preston woke in a bad mood. She hadn’t slept well. She could not get over her worries about what would happen at school the next day. She didn’t have a goodnight romp to help her sleep, as Misty had. Sure, she had given Cody a quickie blow job in his driveway. And, yes, it always made her feel empowered to say good night to her holier than thou step-father with Cody’s taste still in her mouth. Sometimes she even gave her mom a kiss on the cheek just to flaunt her sex life to herself. She had tried to get herself off in bed, but her worries kept the big “O” just one step away. At 7:30 in the morning she called Misty.

Misty had slept very well. She had been through four outfits this morning looking for the right one. She couldn’t help but make a post on Instagram: “Had a great time last night with my good friends Hope and John Paul.” It didn’t say anything about sex, but she was sure today of all mornings a good many people would read sex into it. What was funny to her was that some of those people would think they were dissing her by thinking such lurid things. That thought made her smile.

She had started with the grunge look but thought that would look like she was trying to disappear. Then she had tried on a mini-skirt that just barely (or didn’t quite) meet the school’s dress code. But she thought that might look like an invitation to the guys who had been looking at her photos all night. She had just decided to go with a retro look when the phone rang.

“Hey girl, ready for a big day?” Kelli said, fighting to be upbeat.

“Just trying to find the right outfit. I think I’ve decided to go with my long hippy skirt and a vest top” Misty answered.

Not paying a good deal of attention Kelli said “Sounds good. I’ve gotten Rebecca, Jeanette and Caitlin to meet us on the south parking lot at 8:15. They’ll run interference before school. You should have no problem making the 8:30 bell.

“Are you expecting problems this morning?” Misty asked naively. Kelli was surprised at how out of touch Misty seemed to be this morning. “Duhh, yes. Do you think the populars would miss a chance to treat you like shit?”

“I guess not” came Misty’s dejected voice.

Kelli had not meant to hurt her friend, “I’ve talked to a couple of people already, I think over all you will get good support, even from people you wouldn’t expect. And besides maybe this will generate more RSVP’S for the pool party.”

She referred to the annual end-of-school pool party Misty and her friends had planned. Misty and her friends had held one at the end of their freshman and sophomore years and they were planning to do it again this year. They had posted the invitation to all her Junior Class on the community bulletin board and in the school paper. She had only received a dozen or so RSVP’s out of a class of around four-hundred. Sadly (as happened to each group of juniors at Jefferson Davis High) her class had shrunk from five-hundred at the start of 9th grade. If her class stayed on par with the last two, less than three-hundred-fifty would graduate at the end of the next school year. This year had seen their class shrink decidedly as kids reached the age they could legally drop out. She knew this happened every year, but to see kids she'd been in school with since kindergarten just quit was still weird. The two previous years, the party attendance had been thirty-eight and forty-one respectively. They had been expecting about the same again this year since the drop-outs were not really part of her social world. This year all of the members of the newly minted “Euro Club” were co-hosting, which would keep the cost down. The Euro-Club sponsorship had not been a clever plan to promote the little group, but rather Misty didn’t want the cost to be an issue with the uncertainty of her dad leaving his job. Misty’s mom had speculated that the unusually cool wet weather was what had delayed the swim season and thus curtailed the RSVP’s so far.

After talking to Kelli, Misty was much more concerned about what would happen at school. Her stress level began to rise as the school came into view. She warned her brother not to have anything to do with sharing the photos online or by way of his phone, “That would be just asking for trouble. Dr. Collins was already mad at Mom. You can bet she’ll be looking to catch one of us doing something. She is just that way.”

Lamar almost said something snide, but realized she was right and so he just said “O.K.”

Pulling into the school parking lot she was grateful to see a knot of her friends waiting.

Jefferson Davis High School was much like any high school in America. Its clean modern exterior belied the rigid social structure hidden within. Like high schools, north and south, the 21st century found racial segregation within high schools almost, but not quite, universal. Additionally within the white and black student communities were distinct and rarely intermingled sub groups. The strange thing is that few people admit that they are a fixed social group, but the entire school knows to which group every single student belongs. Broadly defined the students were divided into the following:

  • The Populars: those girls blessed with wealth and/or uncommon good looks; and of course the cheerleaders. Boys were also welcome if they had talent in football or basketball, or were both rich and good looking.

  • The Rednecks: those white kids not blessed with wealth, academic or athletic inclination who found solace in the lost cause of the Confederacy.

  • The Jocks: those with athletic talent, but not good looking enough to be a popular.

  • Geeks/Nerds: those who are blessed with high IQ but are neither athletic nor unusually attractive. This label is a catch all for those who don’t seem to fit in.

  • Stoners: those who don’t care about academics, athletics or extra-curriculars. For those in this group, getting high as often as possible is a plenty good life ambition. Hip-Hops: The saggy pants wanta-be inner-city gangsters.

  • Extra-Curriculars: those whose identity is defined by other activities such as band, choir, drama, church or in Misty’s case school publications. Usually these people get the “nerd” or “geek” appellation tied to their activity such as “Band Nerd” or “Jesus Geek” when referred to by the Populars, Jocks or Rednecks.

Misty’s school social circle centered on girls who attended the St. Thomas Methodist youth meetings on Sunday evenings; but her larger group of friends included “News Paper Geeks,” “The artsy fartsy’s” and the “Drama Nerds”. Today she was glad to have all the friends she could muster.

As she stepped out of her distinctive yellow Mini Cooper and looked toward her friends she began to convince herself that no one really was going to say anything about the photos. A dirty white 4x4 with a couple of burly rednecks slowly rolled down the parking lot isle. A big Confederate flag waved from a pole attached to the pickup’s bed loudly telling everyone what kind of guys were in the truck.

“Hot pics Misty! How about we go parking sometime. I’m sure someone like you will appreciate what I have in my jeans.”, a guy in the truck yelled from the door as the truck passed her.

As politely as she could she just said “I don’t think so.” She wanted to give him the finger or just tell him to fuck off, but she knew that would only make things worse. The truck moved on. She could not help but despair that this would be just the first of many such incidences.

Her spirits lifted as her friends greeted her with hugs.

She blushed involuntarily.

Lamar, who was still pulling his bookbag from the floorboard piped up “I guess everyone knows now. Dad can’t kill me for telling my friends all about it after this. Do you know how many cool points I’ve sacrificed by not telling anyone?”

Her first reaction was to swing at him, but she knew he was right and just told him “Shut up pervert.” She knew that was unfair, and she felt bad about what she’d said, but didn’t apologize.

He cut to the right before saying “I wasn’t ‘the one posing naked on the beach for people I didn’t even know.”

Her friends met her at the edge of the parking lot. After some hugs, they formed a phalanx in front of her. Inside the building a guy yelled “Loved your pix”. Though she clearly got many stares, she only received one more (positive) comment on the way to her first class. This time she had the presence of mind to reply “Thanks, glad you liked them” just before ducking into class.

What was unnerving was the extra-long look she got from Miss Holland, her English teacher. She wasn’t sure what the look from the pretty twenty-something teacher meant, but knew full well it meant she had seen or heard of the pictures.

Misty tended to be one of those students that most teachers hardly knew existed. In each class she got the same look. The only teacher who she thought knew more than just her name was Mrs. Maybree, her photography/graphic arts teacher. Before class that afternoon, she walked up to Misty, opened her mouth as if to speak, then walked away.

It was during her second class in the morning that she had a problem. Somehow four of the cheerleaders had managed to be assigned to the same chemistry class. Listening to their conceited self-absorbed gossip at the table next to hers had made her want to puke more than a few times over the school year. But they were usually nice to her because she was on the photo staff and they were always wanting their photos taken.

Not today though, she could feel their eyes bearing down on her as she moved to her seat. Then it began. Whispering, but loud enough to be sure Misty could hear.

“No way would I do that.”

“What kind of girl would?”

“Not a decent one that’s for sure.”

“Only a girl desperate for attention would do that.”

“And one who doesn’t have much of a figure.”

“Only a skanky slut would do that if you asked me”.

The comments went on for the entire period. If they had only made a few comments, they might have hurt Misty’s feelings; but, as it was they just made her mad. When the bell rang at the end of class she quickly moved from her chair and stood to block their way. These were not strangers; she had known each of these girls for a very long time and all of them had, over the past school year, posed for her in some of the most suggestive ways. And from her access she had overheard more than a few stories of their less than virginal activities.

When the bell rang, Misty quickly stood and using a voice just a little too loud, glared at them and said “I’ll have you know I am glad I went to that beach. It was a wonderful experience. The photos don’t show it but I spent nearly a week wearing nothing but my thong bikini bottoms. Sure, I knew people were taking my picture. They’d been doing it all week but I’m not ashamed of my body. I am sorry you feel the need to project the shame you feel about your nude photos circulating in the locker room on to me, but it is your shame not mine.”

One of the cheerleaders, Darcy Moore, hissed “I would never let someone have a naked photo of me.”

Misty picked up her bookbag and slung it over her shoulder. “You forget, over the past year I’ve spent a lot of time around the football and basketball teams. Do I need to name names and describe the photos?” The fact was that Misty had not actually been close enough to recognize any of the girls in the phone pics she had seen the players covertly sharing while on her photo assignments; however, she was quite sure by what the guys were saying that the girls in the photos were from their school. However, the cheerleaders did not know that. Her words stopped the group of girls cold. They stood with a blend of fear and anger on their faces.

Misty saw the effect of her words and then drove the dagger home. “Before you call me a slut again for going to a nude beach, you need to know last summer I had not yet even given a blow job let alone had sex with a guy.” She walked by the stunned group in their matching outfits before turning to say “While I actually admire that despite what others might say, you were self-possessed enough to start having sex a year or two… or three before I did; you might want to reconsider lighting the wild-fire of slut-shaming because you might find you are the ones who get torched.” She then stalked out of the room.

She knew she'd made a mistake even before she had taken three steps. She’d put the most popular girls in school into a box. They would not respond well when word got out. She was under no illusion she'd regret her actions. She had just made some dangerous enemies.

The students at Jefferson Davis High had a love/hate relationship with the cheerleaders. They loved to idolize, admire and fantasize about them as the ultimate high school sex symbols. But they also despised them for their arrogance and the humiliation & disrespect they meted out to nearly everyone at school. By lunch time her public upbraiding of the cheerleaders had made the rounds. Even those who were uncomfortable about her photos now found a champion in a normal, wall flower, who had out sexed, and now out maneuvered, half of the varsity cheerleading squad.

What Misty had not yet realized was that her social status had already been irrevocably changed. Of this sea change she was unaware as she walked across the cafeteria, tray in hand. She noticed the eyes following her, but had no idea that she was now a star. Her friends already had a clue as they had been stopped in the hall by dozens of people wanting to know more about Misty, but were afraid to approach her. She opened her can of Diet Dr. Pepper and was about to start on her salad when something was thrust in her line of sight. It was a plain manila folder inside of which was an 8X10 print of her running nude through the surf. She jerked her head reflexively and looked around for teachers. Only then did she look up and hiss, “What are you trying to do, get us both suspended?”

It was George Stockdale, a senior and the best photographer on the staff. She had long sought his approval. He smiled “I was wondering if you’d sign it as a memento of the ballsiest girl at Jeff Davis” he said smoothly, “and don’t worry about me, they don’t much bother seniors in the last month of school."

She couldn’t have been more flattered. If he weren’t openly gay she’d be hoping for a date invitation. And seeing her photo as a print she was quite pleased at how it looked. She didn’t even notice that her table had been filled by onlookers and admirers as she pulled a gel pen from her purse. It was odd as the table filled up with girls, no guys sat down, but several stood towards the end of the table, as if they dared not get too close. Before she had started signing, the questions began.

A senior girl, to whom Misty had never spoken before, who had a reputation as a stunning dresser asked, “How’d you get the nerve? I’ve dreamed of doing that but I know I couldn’t go through with it even if I knew where to go.”

Mustering the courage to be herself, rather than to either shrink or grandstand she said, “It was really hard the first time I took my top off at the hotel pool. I was so nervous and was sure everyone was staring at me. I thought I’d lose my nerve, so as soon as I'd tossed it on my pool chair, I went out of the gate to the beach so fast my mom had to run to catch up with me. I went way down the beach in just my bikini bottoms…well, it was actually more like a thong.” She had the attention of a good dozen people. She could see that everyone listening was trying to imagine the scene.

“Before I’d left the pool area, I had put my top, cover up and towel on a lounge chair so that I couldn’t back out half way. I’m sure I was shaking like a leaf.” She laughed recalling the moment. “That was lots harder than at the nude beach. The regular beach was way more crowded, lots of families and stuff. And after we'd left the area behind our hotel, there weren't many girls topless or in bikini's that showed off their butt like mine did. I thought I was going to pass out for the first half an hour. But, after a couple of days of wearing only a thong or Brazilian bikini bottom at the hotel pool, taking that last bit off turned out to be no big deal.”

“Wow, at the hotel?”

Misty turned, the speaker was a girl that she knew well from the newspaper staff. “Yea, but it was actually a condo building, not a hotel. There were two pools and one was topless. The normal pool was just old people, but my family did not hang at that one. We went to the top optional pool which was right on the beach. At that one, only about half of the girls and younger women wore tops. See, the people were mostly Europeans: German, French, Belgian, Dutch and such. So I would have stood out even more if I had worn a regular swim suit. A thong and no top was just a normal thing there.”

“Is your pool party swim suit optional.” A band-geek girl, whom Misty had known since kindergarten asked.

“Like for the end of the year party? No, it’s not. I already asked my parents” Misty answered.

“But Jeannette said that she went topless at your pool half the summer last year.” The same girl followed-up.

“That is true. After I came home from Miami, I talked them into it. I said we should do like the Europeans. So the second half of the summer we went topless, but it was always all girls. We want guys at the party too; so the swim suits have to be American style, not European.”

“Are you mad your pictures are on the web?” A goth girl at the end of the table asked “Don’t you feel violated?”

Misty couldn’t help but smile at this question. “No, the guys asked our permission before starting to take pictures. Though my mom didn’t think so, I kinda figured they’d end up on the web at some point. But to be honest, I thought at least one would have found its way to school in some obscure little amateur post, not a full web site devoted to Mom and me. The guys who took those pictures were far from the only people photoing us. I saw people taking pics of us on their phones like every day I was there. I don't know why none of those pics have made it to school before now. But no, I don’t feel violated, I made choices that I wanted to make and I won’t let anyone tell me I should be embarrassed or ashamed. So I won’t apologize even though the whole school seems to have seen them and Dr. Collins is out to punish me for it. I’m not ashamed of what I do. I would think a goth would understand that?” She surprised herself with her own firm and even aggressive tone.

The goth girl nodded her head “Yea, I respect that.”

The questions continued non-stop. Eventually some of the guys had mustered the courage to participate. People came and went so she ended up answering the same question several times. From a few of the questions, it was apparent to Misty that at least word of the full set of photos had gotten out, if not the photos themselves. The only time she was evasive was when the band-geek asked about her mother’s evident sexual behavior. To her questions Misty outright lied and said she had not actually seen that, then to make her lie seem more palatable to herself she said “I was…uh…busy with one of the other guys so I guess I missed that part. Though it couldn’t have gone on too long because I didn’t really do much more than….” She paused long enough to question once more the wisdom of this prepared response before saying “making out. Me and this really hot college guy played with each other while we kissed. After all, with all of me right out in the open like that and his hard-on touching me, it was kind of hard to kiss him without grabbing hold of it.”

Her explicit answer seemed much more than anyone, even her friends had been expecting. She had been counting on that. Last night, after they had played, she Hope and John Paul talked about what she should tell people. She had decided that the best way to end questions would be to say more than anyone expected to hear.

Someone else said “So you didn’t see your mom having sex?”

“I’m not going to say she wouldn’t have done that. I know my mother and I saw the pictures yesterday for the first time. I agree a few of those photos sure look like she was screwing that good looking guy.”

Yet someone else asked “Did you ask her?” and another voice said “What did your dad say?”

To this question she did not have to lie. She was sure her answer would put off anyone really pressing her to say she had been right there watching while her mother fucked that guy. “Oh, Mom just smiled and said something like she doesn’t kiss and tell.”

Her publications friend said “Oh, there is no question she kissed. The pictures tell the story?”

Someone else came back with “Are your parents going to split up over this?”

Several other people made comments that they were sure they would. One even said his mother had said she had heard the Campbell’s had already split up.

“No.” Misty said emphatically. “My parents are not going to split up over this. My dad saw the photos last night too. He is the one who paid to be able to access the whole set. He is not mad at all that she went nude like that or that she’d messed around with that guy. Mom and I told him the whole story that very night over dinner. Last night he was as excited as Mom and me to finally get to see the pics. We simply forgot to exchange email addresses so those guys could send the pictures to us as planned. So my dad has known all along. He even agreed with my mom that the pictures of her were really good and tastefully done; all of them, including the sexual ones. But while he did not object to her doing any of that, he told her that she hadn’t used great judgment in doing the erotic poses with me right there with her. It didn’t bother either of them for me to see those pics of Mom apparently screwing that guy. I might not have seen all that she did while she was doing it, but had I been paying attention, I would have. She and I talked all about it on the way back to the hotel. At the time she seemed to be a little confuse as to what she did and didn’t do. She had just gotten carried away and didn’t actually plan to fuck him. Only seeing the pics last night made it fully clear, even to her, what had actually happened. But she has never once pretended that she had not gotten hot & heavy with that guy. She has never been hypocritical that way. My dad has always been concerned that if those pictures ever came out, some people would try to use the fact I was only sixteen against them. Even before yesterday proved he was right, she had agreed with him.”

Those revelations generated some buzz. But it was the concept that her father had known all along, more than anything yet, that set back her audience. She had not meant to drag her parents into this, so in an effort to change the narrative she added “My dad has never believed a husband owns his wife. He would never disrespect her by making that claim. She is her own person and has always been. They have had an agreement for some time. So everything is fine at home; but my mom also told me that my dad was more than a little uncomfortable that I was in the pictures too though. Not mad I went nude, or even that I’d messed around with a guy; it just creeped him out that in order to see the photos of Mom, he saw the photos of me. According to my mom, my dad still imagines I’m six years-old, and…well those pics do not fit that image he has of me.”

She was pleased the laughs seemed to dispel the tension and made her family seem much more normal. By the time lunch ended, Misty felt very successful. She’d set out the narrative she wanted and she was sure her aggressively direct answers to the questions would soon be all over school; just as she’d wanted.

The next few days brought only more questions. However, since she had established her “official” narrative and stuck to it, she found herself repeating what she’d said many times. By the end of the second day, she had seamlessly merged the true story of making out with the guy at the hotel pool with the incident at the beach. Just to make her feel better about her “arranging” the truth, she provided the explicit details of what she’d done with the teenage guy in the pool as if that was what had happened with the guy on the beach. Specifically in telling the actual part about how great the guy on the beach was at stimulating her clit just to the point she was dying to fuck but not so much as to make her cum; she included how it felt to jack a guy off for the first time and to feel him cumming. It made a sensible and very hot narrative that effectively decoupled what she had done on the beach from what her mother had been doing at the same time. By the end of the week, she’d told the most explicit details of the combined story, mostly to groups of people she barely knew, so often that it was difficult to keep in her mind the actual order of events. She did not think it really dishonest to merge the events into a single coherent story and that version of events became so well known that even Lamar didn’t realize she cut-n-pasted the details from the swimming pool. Though the Euro Club girls had more or less heard the actual sequence of events that first night, they too helped spread the official narrative with all its lurid color.

That whole week at school she continued to receive both accolades and harsh criticism; however, the social media attacks had begun building from the first day and did not peak until Saturday. But those attacks were not one-sided. In a nearly tit-for-tat game, every nasty comment on Facebook or Instagram prompted at least one, usually more, nasty posts about the attackers. What was odd to Misty was how few of the people making comments (either way) went to Jeff Davis. Misty tried to get her friends to keep the tone civil, but it was hard. In the end there were quite a few “un-friendings” over the next few days. The next Monday started a new phase when the kids from conservative churches began to bring the more pointed attacks that they'd heard on Sunday back to school.

Misty Campbell who had been just ‘the quiet photo geek’ was now one of the most, if not the most well-known girl in school. The last issue of the school paper (online) was dedicated to upcoming graduates, but a long article on unusual vacation plans had been planned well before the photos surfaced. Though the article never mentioned the nude photos directly, her friend Mark, did a full interview with her about South Beach as an exotic destination.

She also got a much more explicit interview (conducted by phone) by a mysterious guy who ran the “Jeff Davis High Underground” web site; the modern online equivalent of the underground school newspaper. In the interview, and subsequent written story, she talked in candid detail about her trip to Miami. In truth she told him the exact same story that she had been telling over and over, though he did ask some pretty good questions that brought out more details regarding her life in Sparta. He asked her to talk at length about the Euro-Club, though she omitted a few names (such as Kelli & Caitlin) who did not want to be mentioned. It was the first time the name Euro-Club had been used outside their little group. She was startled but not entirely surprised when after she thought he’d came to the last question, he asked “I have been told by my sources you often have sex with a number of your Euro-Club friends. Do you consider yourself a lesbian?”

“I consider myself a sexual human and a Christian. Those are the only labels I need” she said indignantly.

“But do you deny you have sex with other girls from our school?” said the voice on the phone.

“That is not the same question” she said, and then gave a statement she had prepared in advance for the interview. “Just as I have no embarrassment about having my nude photos public, I have no problem telling anyone who asks that this last year I have had the pleasure of enjoying sex with many of my female friends. Additionally, in the last month four of them have let me join in when they have been with their boyfriends. I have no shame in anyone knowing that either, none whatsoever. Someday I’m sure I’ll marry and have kids, but at this point I don’t see myself restricting my sexual expression to just one person or gender. Life is just too short.”

Just before hanging up, he asked if she could email any of her own photos from her Miami trip. Though she knew she shouldn’t, she created a new yahoo account and sent two photos of herself, without her mom. One at the hotel pool and one at the beach. In both she was wearing only a thong bottom and she’d posed looking back over her shoulder to the camera. Her bare butt and an almost complete side view of her breast was exposed, but importantly, only part of her areola and none of her nipple was visible. These were the same two photos she’d had on her camera since last summer. The next day she checked out the site and found her interview faithfully reproduced as well as the photos she’d sent. The photos, as she’d requested, were labeled “From the family photos from Misty’s summer vacation.” He also provided a couple of photos from “her” website” that had not been in the set passed around at school (and a link to the site). The five pics from the site that he put in the article were the “glamor” shots of her and her mom, but they were all overtly censored with black bars over her and her mother’s naughty bits. The black bars in themselves were a statement by the guy who ran the site. She knew far more students read this online “paper” than the official school paper, so she was really “out of the closet” now; but she was pleased it was on her terms.


Misty wasn’t the only Campbell at Jefferson Davis High. Lamar had long felt he lived in his sister’s shadow and that feeling had only become more acute since he’d started high school. While his sister was not one of the populars by any stretch, she was always the leader of her own little crew. On the other hand, Lamar was sure no one at school, outside of those who went to the St. Thomas Methodist youth meetings, even knew he existed.

Fifteen-year-old Lamar was totally unaware of how much he had going for him because he simply did not stand out. He was bright, certainly in the top tier at school; yet because he was middle of the pack in his honors classes, he had never been the one to win accolades. He had been good at club league soccer for years, but he was not good enough to make the high school team. He was reasonably good in band, but he knew he simply did not have the talent to ever make first (or even second) chair. He loved art though he hadn’t really found his footing in that either. Soon he would have to put in for his sophomore classes. He would need to decide a course track for his remaining three years. He and his parents had been discussing him dropping band and entering the college-prep visual-arts track next year. While he did not like that it was the same track his sister had followed, it was the best fit for him. He hated following behind her…again.

It was not that he didn’t like his sister. The fact was he looked up to her…well at least when she wasn’t trying to act like she was his mother. It was just she could be unpredictable as to what was OK and what was not and it seemed that she made many of their parents’ house rules without his input. One day what he was doing was fine, and the next she was screaming bloody murder for the same thing. Perhaps the most blatant example of Sissy making house rules were the changing demands about seeing each other unclothed.

The two of them had shared the upstairs all his life and while he understood that she did not have a penis like he did, that was of no consequence. He and Sissy had shared the upstairs bathroom without problem their entire lives. For a long time they almost always bathed together. The only time Mom fussed was when they splashed too much water out. Only when they were just too big to both comfortably fit in the tub (he was in about first grade), did they start taking baths (and then showers) by themselves. Perhaps it was because their parents had never seemed to think family nudity was a problem, they did not either. In the heat of the Georgia summers, he and Sissy would often play in the back yard and go swimming in their pool completely naked. After all he knew Mom, Dad and Miss Gina all went bare at their pool a good bit of the time. He was simply too young to realize that Dad and Miss Gina were never naked at the pool at the same time as was the case; all he knew was swim suits were something you had to put on when company came over and Miss Gina & Caitlin not company).

They neither shied from nudity, nor flaunted it. It just was. None of the three children were ever taught that going naked around family members (which included Miss Gina and Caitlin) was anything of note. Then out of the blue (at least to Lamar it seems so) Misty actually screamed at him for looking at her naked and told him never to come in the bathroom when she was in there. A few days later the same thing happened when he walked into her room one day without first knocking and saw her in just panties. After that, Mom set down the rule he was never to go into the bathroom or Sissy’s room without knocking and waiting to see if she was dressed. That began a problem, especially on school mornings. Daily they would fight over bathroom access as she progressively used more and more time, leaving him less and less. That rule stood firm for several years, until Sissy (without asking Lamar) decided to change it.

He had to admit to himself, looking back, perhaps he had actually started the bathroom battle, even if inadvertently. It was in the winter just after Lamar had turned ten (Sissy had just turned twelve). One day, when she had gotten out of the tub, he noticed that she had pussy hair and had grown little boobs. Not big boobs like Mom’s or Miss Gina’s, but they were boobs. Of course it had not happened overnight, but since he never thought about her body, he’d not noticed until that day.

The prior summer, the two mothers had gushed over Caitlin’s new boobs and her bright red pussy hair. They seemed to think it was great she was growing up and Caitlin seemed quite proud of the fact as well. Sissy seemed to be jealous because she only had funny little cones where Caitlin had real boobs, and she had just a hint of red fuzz over her pussy. Lamar had not seen what was such a big deal, but he had noticed how the moms reacted. So that day, when he saw Misty in front of him with nice little round boobs and a triangle of dark red hair between her legs he, trying to be nice, made a big deal about it. Yet rather than smiling and telling him “Thank You,” she just covered her boobs with her forearm and her pussy with her hand before screaming at him to get out.

Did she get in trouble for screaming at him? No. He however was told he’d been inappropriate with no explanation as to how or why. That was the start of almost three years of erratic and often abusive behavior by Sissy that Mom and Dad just seem not to notice. One day she’d act like they were best friends and the next she’d treat him like dirt.

The daily battle over the bathroom improved when his parents enlarged and remodeled the upstairs bathroom when Sissy was going to start high school. While before it had been a normal bathroom, once the linin closet was incorporated to make the space much larger. To Lamar it seemed the space had become his sister’s beauty parlor. The long counter with room for all her hair and makeup stuff seemed to be the real point of the remodel; but by putting the toilet in a little stall with a door, he could brush his teeth if she were on the pot. Perhaps best of all, in the remodel his parents had added a tankless water heater so Misty could never use up the hot water before he showered again.

Right off with the new bathroom, Sissy had adjusted the rules to the new space easing slightly on her concern about being seen by him. She let Lamar know that she would allow him to go to, and from, the toilet cubical if she were in the bath or shower as long as he knocked first and waited a few seconds to enter (unless she told him not to). The new free-standing tub was quite deep and it was easy for her to cover her tits and the new shower stall usually fogged up so that it was often not really see-through, but with warning Sissy could easily turn her back so that as long as he went right into the stall and left again without looking her way she would not yell at him. Not surprisingly those same precautions did not apply to her and she felt free to come and go without knocking when he was in the tub or shower.

It had been after the trip to Miami things changed significantly. He had been more than a little surprised when he saw Mom and Misty showing off their boobs to everyone at the hotel pool. He was not about to complain about his parents taking him to a place where he was able to ogle at boobs and booties big, small and every shape and hue imaginable. That was way cool. Though he loved looking, he also loved that his parents thought him grown up enough to take him.

However, it dug at him that when Mom and Misty went to the nude beach, they went without him. But that minor irritant faded quickly when they returned home Mom and Misty both totally abandoned their bikini tops. And for Mom, she usually skipped the bottoms too, only wearing them when she was with lady friends. Though he had been officially barred from going out to the pool when Mom or Misty’s friends were going topless (or nude), his parents did not seem to try to keep him from looking out the windows. Concurrently, Sissy rarely put on anything more than panties going past his door as she went from her room to the bathroom. A few times he caught sight of her walking back to her room without even the panties. Though the remaining strictures she’d put on sharing the bathroom were fading away, it was late fall before she decided to ditch the rules all together.

It had been a Saturday and he’d been playing a pick-up football game with the kids from the church youth group. When he’d come upstairs, he could hear Sissy and her friend Kelli having sex. As usual her door was only partially closed so the sounds were easy to hear. In the shower, Lamar couldn’t help thinking about his sister doing it just down the hall. Once he’d gotten clean, he began to jack off. Just as he was about to cum, something caught the corner of his eye. He turned to see Misty, completely naked, standing by the shower door. She’d not done that since he was ten. His orgasm had already begun, so even as he realized she’d been in the room while he’d been beating off, he splooged three big shots onto the shower’s glass wall. Making a mighty attempt to act as if she was not there, he used the sprayer to rinse his cum off the shower wall, shut off the water and turned to open the clamshell doors.

Before he could say a thing, she very casually said “I was just going to ask when you would be done in the shower. But it seems, you are.” A little smile crossed her face.

Lamar’s dick was still over half-hard, but he managed to calmly ask her for a towel to dry off. As she did she told him that since he was done, she would go get Kelli. “We thought we should clean up before we get dressed again.” She knew full well he knew they’d been having sex.

“No problem” he replied as he toweled off. This was the first time since he was ten that they had talked like this while naked in the bathroom. Oddly he didn’t get turned on, rather it seemed like life was finally back to normal after four years of crazy Sissy’s rules. Yet, once again this change was entirely Sissy’s doing. Once again, he had not even been asked. It didn’t matter that he was happy for the change, it was a lack of concern for his feelings or wants that bugged him.

Misty turned and began to leave, but at the door she looked back and said “I didn’t realize how grown up you had become. If you learn to use that very nice tool, you will be very popular.” That befuddled him like nothing else from the incident had. Even seeing Misty and Kelli, both nude, walking up the hall was not stranger than his sister’s comment.

Over the following few months, Sissy began to have sex with one of her friends at least once a week. One week she did it with someone every other day. And, like their parents, she never fully shut the door. He soon found that by sitting in the hallway, it was almost like being in the room with them with his eyes shut. If someone got out of the bed, he could hear it and scoot back to his room. He did a lot of masturbating in that hallway. More than once, he tried to peek around the half-opened door, but it was never opened far enough for him to see the bed around it. As a consolation, a fair number of times over the fall and early winter, once the sound of sex stopped, Sissy and her friend went to the shower. He knew to slip back to his room and sit at his desk to get the best view.

As much as Sissy’s changing the rules at a whim annoyed him; even worse was when, after the Miami trip, his parents seemed to suddenly treat her like an adult. Often, he felt he was cut out of conversations because they saw him as just a child. It irritated him for months. He tried to make it clear he did not like it, but no one listened. It came to a boil when his parents came back after a week in the Caribbean. Mom and Dad were more than vague with him about what had happened, then he found out his mother had told Sissy all about it. Mom told Sissy, but not him that she and Dad spent the week having sex with literally everyone on the boat. He wasn’t going to let that stand.

He had always had a good relationship with his mom, even through the years she and Misty fought all the time. After Sissy had told him a few of the things that Mom had told her happened on the trip, he went to his mother and complained about being left out. She seemed surprised that he felt that way. He did not understand how she was surprised, but at least she told him quite a bit. She even sat down with him in the study to look at the nude pictures the LeMarco’s had sent. Though she’d never tried to hide nudity from him, and the photo book filled with topless and a few nude photos had been in the living room for half a year, it was the first time they sat down together to look and talk about her nude photos. Sure, he’d seen the first two sets of pics from the cruise already, but for her to sit with him and tell him about each picture made him feel much more a part.

She and Dad must have talked because a few weeks later, when he and his father had a Dude’s Nite while the girls went out, Dad agreed they could watch a movie Lamar asked for, even though it had graphic violence and real (not simulated) fucking and sucking. As important, as they watched the movie his dad answered every question he asked about their trip. He didn’t skip any of the gory details about their sex cruise. He was right up front that he and his mom had fucked literally everyone on the boat multiple times. He even let Lamar know he’d eaten other guy’s cream pies from the women (including Mom). Though he didn’t say it directly, he hinted that he’d sucked dick just like Mom had eaten pussy. Not only did he feel good to be respected, what Dad said was super-hot. It almost killed Lamar to act like what he was hearing was no big deal. In truth, it was a huge fucking deal for his dad to talk about him and Mom fucking their brains out like they were in some gonzo porn movie. To cap it off, after they were done Dad more or less told him to go in the game room and beat off while watching the movie’s sex scenes again. That seemed to be the night it all changed for him. After that there was no more treating him like a child.

Later that very night when Sissy and Kelli came home and immediately started to have sex in her room, he crept into the hallway to listen as usual; but this time, he saw she’d left the door wide open. Not only was the door fully open, the hallway lights had been shut off making it very dark. Sissy’s bedroom lights however, were on. They had been turned down, but not off. He crept into the far corner of the hallway, and sure enough, he could easily see them in the bed while staying hidden in the shadows. For an hour he watched them from the dark hallway. It was so hot. He watched them make out, and finger each other, and stick a dildo in each other’s pussy and eat each other out. He saw it all! He was sure he’d been too quiet and still to be seen but the next day he found out he had not.

He been seen, they had set him up to get caught watching them. That is what his mother later told him. Before admitting she and Kelli had cooked up the scheme, Sissy had complained to their parents about him spying on her having sex. For once, Lamar did not get into trouble for something his sister had done. Rather than punish him, his parents clearly stated that she could not object if he looked in from the hallway when she left the door open like that. The end result was for his mom to make an official a house rule that said if Sissy, or anyone, leaves the door open while they have sex, he (or anyone) could watch them as long as he was unobtrusive. True, that basic idea wasn’t exactly new. Mom and Dad had never closed the door when they had sex. Not only had Misty and Lamar (and Caitlin) seen them doing it more times than they could remember, they had never hesitated to walk right in if they needed one of the parents for something. So, in practice the rule had been in place practically forever, Mom had just clarified that it applied to anyone in the house. The girls had intended it as a prank on him, it turned out to be a gift from heaven.

A few days later, his family had one of their long-standing Wednesday family movie nights. For years, unless there was a school activity or something like that, the four of them would watch a movie together while they ate snacks and drank sodas. It was a regular part of the family’s routine. The Wednesday after he and his dad had their Dude’s Nite, Mom put on a BlueRay movie. It would have been awful since it was all about love and romance; but it showed real sex and a lot of it. It had only been a year or two back when they had started watching movies that had nudity, so for the whole family to watch a movie that showed dick sucking and dick going into pussy was a huge step towards treating Lamar like an adult. It wasn’t a porn movie, but it did have real sucking and fucking and that made up for it being a romance.

After a scene where a girl wen to a party with one guy but snuck off to fuck another guy before she and her boyfriend had sex in the car; Misty had asked Mom if she’d done anything like that in college. Lamar couldn’t believe that Mom paused the movie to tell a whole story of her doing pretty much the same thing.

“When I was in college, football games were the highlight of the year. We stood and cheered all the way through home games, but on road games we had big tailgate parties in the stadium parking lot. I almost always went with a guy friend, and as a routine I sucked him off during half-time. We’d slip off and find a place between a couple of trucks or vans so that we were not likely to be seen. Since I didn’t let guys cum in my mouth back then, I would usually pull up my shirt (and bra if I wore one that day) so he could cum on my tits. All my friends knew exactly why I dragged the guy off. If it were a warm day and I’d just worn a tee-shirt, some of the goo would leave a wet spot. That would just make my girl friends laugh and the guys had no idea why.”

Misty asked “How many guys did you suck off before you met Dad?”

Mom laughed and told her “I have no idea. A lot. At tailgates, normally that would be all I did, I’d just blow the guy I was with; but more than once… OK more than once or twice, while the game went on I would flirt with some other guy and drag him off suck him off unknown to my date. Only once did I do like the movie and actually have full sex with some other guy while I was at a tailgate with a date. We had full sex because he had a pick-up with a camper on the back. So when I pulled him aside to blow him, he suggested we go to his truck. We went at it from just after half-time till the start of the fourth quarter. Of course I had sex with my date after the game was over, but that was the only time I had sex with one guy while on a date with another.”

Then Sissy jumped in to say “Mom’s friends called her Fuck on the First Date Bonnie because she didn’t even call it a date if she didn’t have sex with the guy.”

Lamar had been dumbfounded, yet his mom just smiled and said “It’s true.”

Though there had been sex talk at the table ever since the Miami trip, that story was far more direct than anything she’d ever told to the whole family like that. Then the next week, over pizza, his sister told all about having sex with Cody the night before. All about it. With excitement she told what she, Kelli and Cody did in different rooms of the house. It took her half of dinner to tell it all, then his mom didn’t even hesitate to spell out in detail what she’d done the same night at the LeMarco’s sex party. Mom described how she’d fucked two different men right in the ballroom while everyone watched, then she explained how later in the evening, in front of a whole group of other people, Dad ass fucked her while some other guy they didn’t even know his name fucked her pussy. Then just as casual as could be, she explained how once the guy came in her, adding his cum to that of the other guys’; she’d laid out on a bench and spread her legs so that Dad could eat all the splooge out of her. To that, Sissy just laughed and said “You guys have turned really nasty.”

Mom laughed too and said “Yea, I guess so. It even surprises me how much I now love semen in my mouth and, amazingly, I’ve found I now like taking it in the ass…a lot.”

Misty said “Really? So you really are into anal now?”

“Yea, it just came over me in the last year or so. But it was when the two French guys did me front and back at the same time in the rain that really turned me on to actually want and ask for it. I told you how awesome that experience was.”

Misty laughed and said “Maybe in twenty-years, but I can’t imagine getting Cody’s penis all the way in me like that.”

Lamar had to work hard to act casual. His mom loved anal? Mom and Sissy were just talking about getting fucked in the ass like it was nothing! It really was too much at once; but yet, nearly the whole time he had a raging boner.

A couple of days later Mom asked him to help her unbox some big pictures. He’d started to grumble; but when he saw they were all photos of the sex cruise, he gladly helped. Though the first huge big as life photo of his mom nude on the yacht was an eyeful; later he came to photos of her with dick in her pussy, ass & mouth, as well as eating out other women. Yet she didn’t seem to think a thing of him seeing them. She even gave him some back stories about some of the photos. As they worked, they also came to pictures of Dad fucking other women. They were hot and she seemed to really like looking at those big pics of Dad. She even said “I really liked watching him, especially with Heather. I didn’t think it would bother me, but I didn’t expect to like it so much.”

For over an hour he helped her unbox, hang and arrange pictures. She set up quite a display in Dad’s study, but told him that she was just putting that many out for a month or two. Eventually, she would only leave a few, and likely none of the actual sex photos. Even with more than a dozen in the study, the majority of the pictures they unboxed she had him take to the upstairs store room. The biggest three where actually taller than him, and quite heavy. In his parent’s bedroom, as he straitened a large close-up of an orgy that clearly showed Mom getting fucked, she casually told him “Your father took that photo. It was one of the few times he had use of the camera. I think it is quite good.”

Lamar pulled out a photo that he couldn’t help but stare at. It was an 8x10 of his mom watching and smiling as Dad took it in the ass from his boss. Sure, he’d hinted that he’d sucked dick on the trip, but this was a surprise. It was only then Mom seemed concerned and asked “Does seeing any of this upset you?”

He answered “No” right off. He thought for a second then asked “Does Dad do that a lot?”

“No, that was his first time with a real penis; but over the years I have done him with my dildo and harness set.” Then she asked him “I hope that was not too much information?”

It was a good question. While the answer itself was easy, “No”; the pictures had filled his head with a multitude of questions and they were spinning in his head making it hard to grab hold of one. Primarily there were two issues competing for his attention. One was about wrapping his head around the fact that just last month, Mom had been fucking all sorts of people in every way possible. Sure, she’d told him about it, but seeing it made it real for the first time. The problem was that from what he heard guys say at school and he’d read on the internet girls (or women) who did all that stuff were whores, sluts and skanks. Not that he said things like that, but he’d heard it a lot and seen it a lot on-line. But his mother wasn’t any of those things. She was just a normal mom and everyone liked her. Even more, people looked up to her. Not only did she lead their very popular church youth group; he knew full well that his mother was a somebody around town. Above all she was anything but skanky.

Lamar had never thought that girls who had lots of sex should be treated badly, but so many guys seemed to think they should. He did not understand why that was. It would take time to sort all that out, so he decided it was actually easier to talk about something else; something he had been wrestling with well before his parents started talking to him directly about these things.

He shook his head “No. It’s not too much information at all. I appreciate you being straight with me.” He then took a deep breath “Actually it was exactly what I wanted to know. I just thought that….” He stopped to pick up a couple of large photos that were going upstairs. His mom was telling him a lot, and he thought he should be just as willing to talk about things, but was he up to it?

As his mother followed him up the stairs with a photo in each hand, Lamar was on the cusp of his question as they carried four pictures to the storage room. Once inside he added the photos to the stack of large ones in heavy frames that they’d made against the wall. Mom put hers on the stack of smaller pictures they’d made on a shelf. He decided it was time. He turned a large photo of his dad with Mr. LeMarco’s penis in his mouth toward his mother. Rapidly he asked “Do many guys give other guys blow jobs like girls do girls? I don’t see it in porn at all. I guess it’s in gay stuff but that is not what I mean. Why is girl on girl porn just normal but guy on guy is called gay? Regular girls, like you and Misty and her friends, eat each other out, but they aren’t called lesbians just because they like to eat pussy; but it seems that if a guy ever sucks dick he is called gay. I…I’m not gay for sure and I really am looking forward to having sex with girls ...but…when I watch videos of girl’s suck off guys while I…you know…get myself off, I find myself imagining I’m the girl, not the guy. I’m not sure why, it just is what turns me on. I’d never like kiss a guy and I can’t imagine for the life of me why a guy would want to like have a relationship with another guy like that. It’s just well I guess I would like to do that, like what Dad is doing. I think about it as much as I do eating girls out.”

His mother had listened carefully before quietly replying, “I asked Judy LeMarco that very question. She has decades in the swinging scene. According to her, in private threesomes and foursomes men very often give other men head. She told me that in the hundreds of times she has been in bed with a woman and two men, as often as not one of the men suck dick. Not quite as often as the other women did her, but often enough that it is not unusual.”

Lamar had not expected that answer. He’d thought she would say it wasn’t unheard of, but not that it was common. With a little more confidence, he asked “What is it like? I mean to suck dick.”

He could tell that was not a question she had expected, but still she had an answer ready. “Well, in some ways it is like giving a woman oral sex, and in others its completely different. It is similar in that when I am giving oral sex, I am focused on reading the man or woman’s responses to what I’m doing. While I love the physical sensations of both, they are not turn-on’s in a direct way. The real pleasure is in feeling how I am making the other person feel. To give someone sexual pleasure is very, very satisfying. But of course, the mechanics are very different and frankly, it is much easier to give good oral sex to a man than to a woman. To be honest with you, I’ve loved doing both since before I was your age.”

Again, that was far more answer than he’d expected. And it brought up more questions. “Since you were younger than me?”

His mother smiled and said “Yes, I was fourteen when I first went down on my best friend and not long after that I gave my first blow job to a guy who lived near me. If you want, I’ll tell you all about it, but right now let’s get these pictures finished.”

Not wanting to lose momentum he looked at the photo and asked “Did Dad swallow his splooge?”

She smiled again and said “Yes he did. That was actually the first time he’d ever had a guy cum in his mouth. He had eaten other men’s semen off me & out of me before that trip, but it was the first time he’d done so with other women. This photo was taken in the last few hours of the trip and it was his first time to bring a man off like that.”

Lamar followed up, “Do all guy’s taste the same? I’ve tasted mine, but is that what other guys would taste like?”

His mother laughed “Oh no. Just like every penis is different, every man’s semen tastes different. Though until Vic Banning I’d never let a guy ejaculate in my mouth, I’ve actually never had an aversion to tasting semen. In college I normally put the guy’s penis back in my mouth after he’d cum and I could always taste it. But the idea of the semen coming from his dick into my mouth just seemed gross to me back then. Yet one day it just suddenly went from gross to super-hot. I’m not sure why. It was the same with sushi. Forever just the idea of it made my stomach turn, then one day it didn’t; and now I love sushi. You know, that is a really good idea, let’s go out to the Dragon’s Den for dinner tonight.”

Lamar wondered how his mom just moved from sucking dick to going out to eat just that fast. Perhaps to her it wasn’t all that different. Just things she liked. He was just glad that she was now willing to talk like that to him. Finally….FINALLY….he was getting treated like Sissy.

As he moved and hung the pictures, Lamar knew his friends would really love to see all those new photos. He also knew it would be awfully easy to take phone pics of those big pictures. However, he would not go against the family rules and take phone pics, his buddies would have to wait to see them when they visited his house. He had no doubt when they came over they would want to jerk off in the store room looking at them. It’s not like that would be violating his parents trust, after all Mom had put sex pics in the study so that anyone could see them.

For almost a year he had faithfully abided by the orders his dad had given him about not revealing a single word about his sister’s or parent’s “unconventional” activities. The only knowledge about those things had come from the three guys who had seen the big family beach photo in the game room and Byron who had seen the vacation photo-book on the living room table.

Lamar could have been a real hero all year by telling his friends all he knew but he had not…well not exactly. The big beach photo in the game room made it clear his mom and sister went topless, not just in front of him, but in public. Once Byron told them about the vacation photobook, Lamar reasoned that the cat was out of the bag, so when his friends were skeptical, to get the guys to believe him, he partially broke the rule about the photos. He copied a couple of dozen vacation pictures onto a micro SD card. He figured since everyone who had been at his house had seen the vacation photo book, it would be OK. One night in November he was at Byron’s mom’s apartment, and he showed off the pics he had copied. It had made believers out of his friends and they’d been begging to hang out at his place ever since.

He’d long ago realized not all families were quite as open as his, but he was truly surprised to find out that night that he was the only one of his friends who had seen his mother fully unclothed.

“No way!” Todd said jaw dropping.

“Really? she walks around the house naked? She doesn’t care if you see?” Lucas asked incredulously.

Lamar answered “Not all the time, but yes from time to time I see her going to the kitchen from her bedroom. Just a couple of weeks ago, on Saturday morning I was eating breakfast when she walked in butt naked. She didn’t even try to cover anything up. She just told me good morning, asked what I had planned for the day then got a cup of coffee before going back to her bedroom.”

Byron backed him up by recounting how several times at the end of the summer Lamar’s mom had worn a thong bikini that was see-through when it was wet, right in front of him. “I mean I could see her nipples and pussy lips right through it” he told the guys. He also reminded them how in the summer Misty had let him have a good look at her tits while Mrs. C had just barely covered hers with her hands. That was not a new story, but Byron liked telling it.

On Friday afternoon, the last day of Byron, Lucas and Todd’s suspension for selling the nude beach photos at school, they all gathered at Byon’s place. Bonnie had been all too glad to have Misty drop Lamar off at Trish’s to stay with Byron while she and Cooper went to Atlanta to see a lawyer about issues brought up by the photos. She had no idea the two other budding entrepreneurs were at the Simm’s apartment as well.

Of course, all the boys talked about was Lamar’s family. At one point Lamar told the guys, “I’m not making it up. Just last week my mom had me help her hang this really big picture of her naked from their nudist cruse right on the wall of my dad’s study. I mean BIG, like life sized. And she put a bunch of smaller ones out showing both my parents having sex with other people. I know Misty’s friends have seen them, and so if you come over some time, you can see them too.”

Because these were the guys who had first found the photos of his mother, they were inclined to believe him. After all he had confirmed that his mom was fucking that guy in the pics. But his stories were just too unbelievable for Todd and Lucas to fully swallow.

A little later Todd asked. “Do your parents really leave the door open when they fuck, and don’t stop if you walk right into the room?”

“Well they usually stop moving, but they don’t move off each other. Like one time last fall, my sister and I came in the room and my mom sat naked on my dad. She just sat there talking to us like it was no big deal, but I could see his dick stuck in her pussy. She had to know I could see, but she didn’t say anything even though I was looking right at it. They say sex is natural and so they don’t hide it.”

“Do they let your sister fuck?”

The week before Lamar would have had to be evasive, but since Misty had told like a hundred people at school, that in the past month she’d fucked the boyfriends of three of her friends, he decided it was OK for him to answer. “Yes. When she first fucked Cody Taylor, she told mom and dad all about it sitting right in House of Pizza, with me sitting right there. I mean she told us how she and Kelli Preston had blown him together then, Kelli held his dick while my sister sat down on it. Then she just went on and on telling how they did it on the living room floor, and in the game room, in her room and even in the shower. I got such a boner that I had to go jack off in the bathroom or I would have creamed my pants just by listening.”

He’d not planned on doing so, but he also told them that a few weeks before his sister had asked him to take a photo of her after sex. He didn’t feel too bad about telling since she’d made a print of it and put it on the game room bulletin board for everyone to see. Sissy walked naked to his room and asked him to shoot a phone pic of her with Hope and John Paul. Of course he knew they’d been having sex. For the prior hour he’d jacked off as he listened to them from the hall moaning and groaning. Jacking off in the hallway had become totally normal for him by then.

In Sissy’s room he found both Hope and her boyfriend sitting on the bed, still nude. Hope was small, almost tiny. Not unattractive (especially naked), she had a nice figure, it was just everything was smaller than it was on Misty. Until that moment he’d never thought about the fact girls come in all sizes and surely that changed what it was like to have sex with them. Briefly, he imagined picking Hope up and holding her.

Misty put their father’s Cannon in his hand. For the photo they covered their tits with their hands and pulled up the covers to hide dick and pussy’s. Before and after he took the series of pictures, Hope didn’t seem to care at all that he was there and could see everything. It was odd when after he’d taken the photos, Hope stood and chatted with him. She asked about school and who his friends were.

As they talked, Sissy and John Paul started making out again. He was about to suggest he could take pictures of them doing it, but Misty looked over and politely, but firmly told him to leave. Just before leaving the room, he looked back to see John Paul’s hard-on in her hand, as she was leaning over to take it into her mouth.

Even while he told the guys a lot more than he had before, he had kept quite a bit back even from that story. He’d realized how serious things could get if the wrong people knew too much, and he knew Lucas and Todd would not keep anything he told them secret. He only trusted Byron with the rest because he was at his house so much he had seen a lot of it himself. Once Byron had even caught a quick look at Misty walking by Lamar’s door naked. Lamar had not told the other two guys. how he now saw Sissy nude all the time in the bathroom, nor how she’d deliberately allowed him to watch from the hall while she’d had sex with Kelli. Though it was hard, he didn’t even give the other two a hint at what he’d seen last weekend.

His parent’s teenage friend Heather had spent the weekend with them and she slept with them, not in the guest room. On Friday night he waited for everyone to go to bed, then slipped down the stairs. All the downstairs lights had been off so it was dark in the living room when he poked his head up over the back of the couch to look into his parent’s room. As he knew it would be the door was wide open and with their two end table lamps on, he had a good view of what they were doing. Seeing his mom and dad have sex was not anything special, it didn’t even get him hard; but to see Dad’s dick stuck into Heather’s pussy was something else entirely.

He had his shorts off in a flash and began to jerk watching his dad fuck her from behind while she and his mom made out. He knew the watchword was discretion so he made sure to keep his head still as he stroked his meat from behind the sofa.

He jumped when beside him came Sissy’s voice. “Don’t be in such a rush. Take your time like Dad is.”

He pulled his hand from his dick as he spun to see Misty on her knees beside him looking over the back of the couch. She was wearing her armless night shirt as she also watched the threesome. He wasn’t mad exactly that she’d joined him, but it was not what he had expected.

“It is not a race to cum” she continued in just above a whisper. They could both hear the music playing in the bedroom, so there was little chance of being heard. “Watch Dad, how he is just barely moving his hips. I can assure you that feels great to Heather, and I have no doubt to Dad too. But he is in no hurry. Guys who are good in bed know to take their time and I suspect Dad knows what he is doing. From what Mom said, all the women on the cruise said he was an excellent lover.”

Lamar was stunned and didn’t know what to do. Yes, he could see what she was saying, but watching them barely move was not what he’d hoped to see. No matter how pretty Heather was and how hot the idea of watching her in a threesome, the visuals were almost boring. He thought about just going back upstairs.

Misty went on “Don’t miss this opportunity to see what you should do when you start to have sex. According to my friends nine out of ten guys at Jeff Davis are duds who cum just minutes after sticking it in. If you learn to do what he is doing, you will have girls begging for you to do them. I know Bethany, Haley’s sister, would do it with you today if you wanted. You made a real impression on her at the party at the McBride’s house.”

He was sure she was wrong…but…was she? She wouldn’t have said that if it weren’t true. Sure he and Bethany were friends at church and they had made out big time at the McBride’s New Year’s party, but they lived in very different worlds at school. Bethany was into sports and was on the junior varsity softball and soccer teams. But…they did hang out every Sunday night and she had, without his encouragement, taken off her panties so he could finger her pussy while they made out at that party. She seemed to like what he did. She seemed to like it a lot. When Mrs. McBride caught them in Glenna’s bedroom, Bethany was just working his hardon out of the fly of his blue slacks. She’d just told him she was going to give him her first blowjob, but getting caught put an end to that. There was no way the minister’s wife had missed Bethany pulling her hand out from inside Lamar’s pants and Lamar stuffing his cock back in, but she did not say anything other than they needed to rejoin the party. It had been the first and only time he’d touched a girl’s pussy or a girl had held his cock. He thought about that night often. For weeks he’d considered asking her over to the house, but that just seemed so lame. When she and Allen went to the Valentines dance together, he knew he’s missed his opportunity. At least that is what he thought.

“You know she really liked how you kissed and she told Haley that you were the first guy she’d let finger her, though she thought you were a little rough on how you did it. You should practice taking your time when you masturbate, so that when the time comes, you will be used to enjoying the process.”

Though he didn’t like the idea of his big sister telling him how to jack off, he saw the reasonableness of her statement. He wanted to grip his dick again, but couldn’t do that with her right at his shoulder. A movement caught his eye and he saw her reach under the hem of her night shirt and put her hand to her crotch. He still wasn’t sure what she was going to do when she said “Start by just enjoying the feeling of your fingers on yourself.” She paused and closed her eyes. He could not tell exactly what she was doing, or even if she was wearing panties or not. In almost a coo, she said “If you make yourself, you can detach the feelings on your penis from the fact it is your hand.” Again a pause. “Yes, it is someone else touching you. Just enjoy the sensations resisting the desire to speed up and work to orgasm.”

She stopped talking and he began to think she might really be playing with herself. He watched her as she opened her eyes again to watch Mom suck Heather’s nipples as Dad continued to move ever so slowly in and out of her.

Lamar’s hand crept back to his shaft. He took it lightly in his fingers and tried to do as Sissy said. It was not easy doing it right in front of her, but it seemed his shaft was more sensitive doing it that way. He tried to remember what it was like when Bethany first put her hand on it. His penis, which had lost some of its firmness, stiffened. He closed his eyes as Misty had and imagined it was her hand on him. Slowly he eased his fingers up and down, not gripping it, just touching. It did feel good. He finally worked up the nerve to tell Sissy it was working.

He opened his eyes. She’d pulled up the hem of her night shirt, and he could now see her rubbing her middled finger down between her inner lips very slowly. With her left hand she’d pushed the fabric of her armless shirt over to expose her boob and was making circles with her finger on the pointy nipple. The sight put what he was going to say right out of his head. She did not react at all to his surprise. Her slow movements with both hands did not change their rhythm.

“While guys seem to find jacking off easier than girls, we girls have more places to stimulate. Perhaps the coordination of both hands makes it more difficult.”

It was her next words that brought his attention to her face to see she was not looking at their parents and Heather, but down at him caressing his penis. “Yes, I can tell you are feeling it. Just keep that up. The arousal will still build, only slower.”

She looked back to the bedroom and so did he. Mom and Heather were kissing again. Heather was touching Mom’s nipples. Dad was still slowly working his dick in her. She was right, but he was loathed to admit she knew more about this than he did.

After a while he noticed her left arm dropped so she could touch her pussy with both hands. In a matter-of-fact tone she said “Lube really helps. Especially for you. My vagina will produce lubricants as I go, but your dick doesn’t.” She paused a moment then corrected “Actually it does. That precum is a lubricant. It’s really slick and it tastes good too. But, if you will start with some lube, it heightens the sensitivity as well as make it feel more like being inside a vagina.”

They watched in silence for a good while as they each generated pleasure with the movement of their hands. Lamar was finding this experience not at all what he had expected to do tonight, but it was really, really nice. Sissy was treating him as a peer as they knelt side by side masturbating. Then she let out a sigh “This is nice, but I was supposed to call Caitlin fifteen minutes ago.” She fixed her night shirt and headed back toward the stairs leaving Lamar feeling…well he didn’t know how he felt. It took him few minutes to admit to himself he was disappointed. He really would have loved for her to stay till they both came. He wasn’t sure why. But he did.

He spent most of the next day at Byron’s, only to find out later that Misty had done a nude photo shoot with Heather while he was gone. He’d not been told that had been the plan before Mom asked if he wanted to spend the day at Byron’s. It pissed him off they had intentionally sent him off. Misty let him see the photos, which only made him more annoyed that he hadn’t been able to be there.

That night however, he had yet to find out what he’d missed. Instead, he was excited that he was able to get a second night of watching, and masturbating. This time the action was livelier and he had brought lube with him. He did not see or hear from Misty until…he’d just unloaded a huge stream of cum onto the back of the leather couch.

“I told you by showing patience and some lube it would be much better” came Sissy’s voice from behind him. “Just make sure you clean up your mess before I get back with Caitlin.”

He’d not heard her come up behind him. He had no idea how long she’d been there. By the time he’d turned around, his sister was walking away toward the front door.

He used his shorts to clean the semen off the back of the couch.

The next day he’d brought a medium sized photo of the five women from the trip posing nude from the storage room and put it behind his door. He’d planned to hide it in his closet, but when his mom came to get him up for church the next morning, she saw it leaning against the wall but didn’t say anything. Later in the day he used two-sided tape to stick it to the back of his door. It didn’t bother him that his mom was one of the women, he didn’t get off on either. To him she was a non-entity in the photo, but he wacked off to all four of the other women in the photo every night since.

He had told all of it to Byron, but not a word to the other two guys. Though they begged to spend the night at Lamar’s house while he was at Byron’s, he told them that all the commotion over the photos made it impossible. Not long after that, as they sat in Byron’s room looking at the photos of Misty and his mom, he had his first experience with the age-old ritual of adolescent boys: ‘the circle jerk’. He let them think he was getting off to the pics of his mom fucking the guy on the beach, but in fact it was watching his friends splooge all over the floor that made him cum. He did not tell them that.

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Maybe I'm just projecting my lonely, anti-social self into this story, but If Lamar didn't have the multitude of female friends at church and school to consider starting a relationship with, I'm sure he'd be more into his sister. I grew up with almost no relationships to any females, especially outside the home; in fact, the very idea of dating was terrifying for me [still is] and it was also absolutely forbidden for most my life while I was still at the strict church. In those situations, all I dreamed of [from a VERY young age, long before I knew anything about sex] was a loving sister to be intimate with and close to.


Feb 27, 2023

The two narratives, the first of how Misty handles the fallout of the nude photos of her and Bonnie; and the second of Lamar how he became part of the sexual openness of the Campbell family, climaxed when Misty joined him watching Cooper and Bonnie making love to Heather. He was no longer a kid in the house but was exposed to images and information none of his friends could imagine. Cooper watch Caligula with Lamar and talked about sex, and how men should treat women. Bonnie was more explicit in her guidance, while Misty gave him instructions on how to masturbate.

The author made sure that Lamar didn’t lust after Bonnie or Misty, as that would be incest. Cooper…

Replying to

Replying to Sandra... and what would be the great immorality if Lamar or Cooper HAD had incestual thoughts? I mean I guess the sibling rivalry would possibly be enough to quell those feelings in this case, but if they had taken the time to really think about the love they have for one another, things could have started. I personally believe incest was banning biblically only to stop genetic harm. If two people love each other fervently, sex should be a common indicator of that.


Dec 15, 2021

Absolutley got stiff reading this, WOW


Nov 14, 2021

T's Rule: "The intensities of orgasm and the effort to achieve it are inversely proportional." Misty is a wise young woman.


Nov 14, 2021

One more thing: Your created images are great, enhance your stories and let the reader take a peek into your creative mind. Well done.

Replying to

Thank you so much. I actually love how I can make the things I have in my head "come to life" as it were.

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