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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 47-B

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Tabitha struggled to her feet “No, I'll get up. I think Sue Ann has it well enough… in hand.” Which generated a round of laughs. “Besides, I need to get my pictures.” She went to the game room where she’d left her shoulder bag and came back with a large manila folder.

Tabitha stood in front of the big screen and began, “As most of you know, my dad is a fundamentalist Baptist preacher. I went to my dad’s church’s little Christian school and we didn’t even own a TV while I was growing up. He completely isolated us from the secular world. It was like I lived on another planet. I went to our tiny Christian school, I never went to a movie, the beach or even a restaurant that served alcohol. Neither me, my sisters nor my mom even owned a pair of pants, let alone shorts. When I hit puberty, the only thing I knew about sex was that it was some vague evil. What is funny is that my home was so secretive about sex, that by the time I realized that masturbation was one of the things Dad meant when he preached against sins of the flesh; I’d been doing it for years, not knowing it was the same thing as sex.”

That brought general laughter.

She smiled then said seriously “No, really, I’d been regularly masturbating to orgasm since I was thirteen. Even now, if I haven’t already had sex, I get myself off most nights or I can’t go to sleep.” She looked at Butch, “Right?”

He nodded, “Yep, unless she is really tired, most nights as long as I’ve known her, it’s either sex or she plays with herself… or both.”


“So…” She continued, “…it was several years after I hit puberty, I was sixteen, and the wife of our new youth pastor took us girls on a retreat to a camp in the mountains. Among other things she told us it was a sin to touch ourselves ‘down there’.” Tabitha emphasized the words ‘down there’ in such a way to get more laughs. “In retrospect, I can see we had been told masturbation was wrong many times. But since they always used euphemisms for not only masturbation but for dick and pussy I really and truly did not know what they meant. I’d been blissfully getting off several nights a week for years. When I was like fourteen, I started putting my fingers inside of me while I rubbed. The next year I found that using a roll-on deodorant bottle as a dildo gave me a wonderful feeling. Though of course, I didn’t call it that. It scared the crap out of me when I broke my cherry, but since we never ever talked about anything that happened ‘down there’, I didn’t ask my mother about it.”

“If your mother never told you anything, what did you do when you first started your periods?” Bonnie inquired.

“Well, when I was twelve, she gave me the briefest of explanations that women start having a monthly time when they bleed and gave me a pack of pads. That’s why, when I deflowered myself before I’d had a period, I thought I’d started. I just couldn’t figure out why it didn’t happen again. Of course, I didn’t even know what a tampon was until I moved out. My first actual period didn’t start until months after I broke my cherry. After that, a new package of pads magically appeared in the bathroom each month, but my mother and I never talked about it.”

“I told you all that to get to the point that when I was told that what I’d been doing, and enjoying, for years was supposed to be a sin according to our new youth pastor’s wife; I was blown away. I was a model Christian girl and yet she said I had been sinning day in and day out for years?”

Tabitha paused for a moment and then went on “Well one thing about being the pastor’s daughter is I already knew the youth pastors we’d had at my church were not infallible. I’d heard my dad complain about how bad several were and the lady who was leading the retreat was new at our church because the last youth pastor had been fired a few months before. When I got home from the retreat, I did a lot of thinking. As if a light of understanding was turned on, I realized for the first time, at sixteen years old, that the adults in my life were not God and did not speak for him. Most people who are not raised in that kind of church just can’t grasp how the church and the pastor’s opinion become the sole standard of right and wrong. Since in my case, my pastor was also my father, he was the singular source of information about virtually everything in life. Therefore, when that night I realized that my father didn’t speak for God and was not the source of all knowledge, it occurred to me for the first time all that evil secular stuff I had been sheltered from, might not be wrong after all. I decided that night I wanted to know what all the rest of the world believed and I wanted to decide for myself what was good and bad for me. I knew full well the pleasure I got from ‘down there’ was real and was more tangible than the stuff my dad was preaching.”

“I wasn’t about to openly challenge my dad, so I began to secretly explore the other world I had never seen. I, for the first time in my life, made an effort to learn about the other kids in my neighborhood. In the past, all my contact with them had been to preach to them and to try to get them to come to our church, but the next week I went to visit Elisabeth Terranova who lived two doors down. She was ….OH NO!….. Catholic. She was my age and we’d vaguely known each other since my family had moved into our house when I was nine. I told my dad that I felt the Lord leading me to befriend her to lead her to the truth. Since I was a model child, he believed me hook, line, and sinker. It actually took me more time to convince Elisabeth that I was no longer trying to convert her.”

“For sake of time I’ll skip the details, but from Elisabeth and her best friend, Vicky, I learned about pop music, TV, movies, wine and, don’t laugh, pretty much everything about sex beyond the most basic biological stuff. They already knew what a bubble I’d been raised in so they were willing to tell all they knew. Elizabeth was a virgin, but had recently let her boyfriend feel her up; Vicky had not been a virgin for over a year and was already on birth control so she had more detailed answers. I think the biggest shock for them was when they started to describe masturbation, I let them know that I did it several nights a week and had for years. The more we talked the more surprised they became. I thought their eyes were going to fall out when I told them how good it felt to put the roll-on deodorant bottle inside myself when I did it and how I thought I had orgasms every time, but I wasn’t sure. After I described how it felt they were astounded that the Bible girl had been getting herself off and didn’t even know it. They were so impressed that Vicky decided it was time for me to meet a boy. Two weeks later Elisabeth and I lost our virginity on the same day when her boyfriend and his best friend came over on Saturday afternoon when her mom had gone out shopping.”

“That was most definitely not my best sexual experience. I really liked the kissing and the full-body skin-to-skin contact a lot, but once he put it in, he was done and gone long before I was even fully warmed up. I had used her older brother’s room for the deed, he was off in the Navy; so once both boys were gone, I went to Elizabeth’s room and we compared notes and we both told Vicky what we thought of our first-time experiences. I told them how I really felt let down. Losing my virginity was supposed to be this super special thing, but it was not. I told them how I felt I was just given a tease of what I really wanted. I don’t remember who suggested it, probably me, but I lifted up my skirt, put my hand in my panties and I got myself off in front of both of them… twice. Of course, I’d never had anyone watch me and I was a bit shy at first. But I liked being the teacher for a change and besides that, I was really turned on. After I came the first time, I took my panties off so they could see what I was doing. Without my panties, I was able to put two fingers of one hand in me while I rubbed with the other, which was the most common way I did it.”

“Did you really get off in front of your friends, or did you fake it?” Sue Ann asked.

“Oh, yea I really came. I’d been doing it for years, so it was easy” Tabitha answered. “At the time I didn’t really understand why it was different, but later that night I realized that for them to watch me made it really exciting. I was sure I’d be doing it again. That first time they just watched me masturbate, but the next afternoon it was just me and Elisabeth. We started out with me masturbating in front of her again, but soon I showed her what to do and she copied it, then I’m not sure why, but we started kissing while we did it. That was way better than the quickie sex I had with her boyfriend’s buddy. Even before we started having full Sapho sex a couple of weeks later, I knew that what we were doing was something my dad would condemn as the ultimate sin. But I didn’t stop.”

“Once we had started kissing while we masturbated, it just seemed natural to use my hand to get her off too, and from there it was a short hop into us getting naked and doing everything to each other. So again, I was faced with something that felt fulfilling and wonderful and clearly made my friend feel the same. Yet I knew what we were doing was proclaimed to be a terrible sin by none other than my all-powerful father. A father that I, only then realized, manipulated the truth about the outside world and made it appear to be a terrible place that it was not. Now I’m not saying my dad is a bad man because he isn’t. And in time, I found out that he was partially right because some things in the outside world really are terrible. But not everything is. He is stuck in seeing all recreational sex as subversive and just can’t get over that. Otherwise, he really is a good man. He has helped many, many people.” Then she paused and added “It’s just too bad he didn’t have the same time for me. I wouldn’t have made some of the mistakes I did if he had been as focused on his own kids as he was on other families.”

“I’d been friends with Elisabeth for over a year, and we’d been having sex for half of that time when my father got suspicious that my friendship with her was not just about leading her to the Lord. At first, he said I could only go to her house once a week, then he said he might forbid me to talk to her at all. That would have been bad enough on its own; but while spending all that time at Elisabeth’s house, I had fallen madly in love with Burton, an old friend of Elisabeth’s brother.”

“What happened was that when her brother, James, came home on leave from the Navy, I had sex with him…more than once. Unlike the first boy I did it with, sex with James was good, really good. Elisabeth idolized her brother and she thought it would be great for me to do it with him. Even before he came home, she’d told me that she thought I would have a better experience if I had sex with her big brother. When he got home, she told him about my dud first (and only) experience with doing a boy and asked him to help me out to show me what good sex was. I had just turned seventeen, so it wasn’t like I was a little kid or anything. Every time James and I did it, she waited in her room for me to finish and tell her all about it afterward. He and I did it seven times in the two weeks he was home over Christmas. It was when he was there, I met Burton who became my first love. He was tattooed, bearded, and rode a Harley; all the bad stuff. OK, looking back he didn’t really have a beard, but a rather scraggly goatee, but he really was tall."

There were a few comments about how girls’ first loves often seem more desirable than they really are.

Tabitha continued her narrative, "He was the classic charming bad boy. On top of that he drank, smoked pot and bragged, right in front of me, about his sexual conquests. I think it helped his case that Elisabeth’s brother really was caring and kind in bed. My first time with Burton was also my last time with James. Our threesome was really sweet and Burton followed James’s lead in not just what we did, but how I was treated. That carried over to our sex when it was just me and Burton. For over a month, when I told my dad that I was going to Elisabeth’s, half of the time I would meet Burt a few blocks from my house and we would go off. Not only did we fuck like rabbits, he took me to my first real party, which I loved. So, when my dad finally forbade me to go to Elizabeth’s, I was without an excuse to see Burt. A few nights I got away with crawling out the window late, but when I got caught, I was put under lock and key. It wasn’t that I just got caught; they found my bed empty at like 2:00 AM and called the police. They didn’t even begin to consider the possibility that their obedient little girl had snuck out.”

“Oh no!” Marcy gasped “I guess they were terrified.”

“They were, and to this day I feel bad about that” Tabitha answered. “You see Burt dropped me off around the corner as usual, but when I walked to our street, I could see three police cars in front of the house. Then I was scared something had happened at home. It didn’t even occur to me that the police were there because I had disappeared. To put it mildly, it was first a scene of rejoicing, then it got real bad for me. My dad is not one for empty threats, and when he said that he and mom would not let me out of their sight for the next year… until I went to the Christian college they had picked for me, I knew I would never see Burt again. So, I made my choice. The next Monday I put some clothes in my book bag before going with my dad to the church which was also my school. During lunch, I took off. I didn’t see my dad again until after Butch and I moved back here two and a half years ago.”

“My plan was to move in with Burt. Right off, my dad tried to get the law on him, but since I was seventeen and clearly had not been kidnapped, the police didn’t do anything about it. I was madly in love with Burt and so it took me some time to realize he was not nearly as in love with me as I was with him. I should have gotten the hint when I showed up at his trailer that first day and he wanted to know why I was there. When I explained I had run away from home to be with him, he was not as overjoyed as I expected him to be. His only comment was that he was glad I'd chosen him over my family because I was a hot piece of ass and he would hate to lose me. Looking back, I can't believe I was so stupid as to not see what he was saying. I twisted his words to mean he loved me and I hung onto that delusion for months, hoping the sacrifice I’d made for him would be reciprocated. I was so naive. I really believed that because we were having amazing sex, he loved me. I sure loved him… with an all-consuming passion.”

“That night I met his roommate, Junior, and Junior’s girlfriend Debbie.” Tabitha looked over at Sherry and said in an aside “In some ways my story is a modern-day version of yours. But instead of idealistic hippies, I fell in with tweeking redneck bikers. While Burt was young and seemed to be the romantic tuff guy to me, Junior was much older and much nastier. He was closer to my dad’s age than mine, and he really was scary looking. Debbie wasn’t much older than me, but she already had that emaciated look that I now know is a sure sign of being a meth head.”

Then back to the whole group Tabitha continued “That night I didn’t even know what Burt meant when he told Junior that he didn’t like sloppy seconds so he’d better not go bareback with me. But I soon found out. After we all ate some frozen pizzas while watching a Dukes of Hazard marathon on TBS; Burt, who had been wearing just some boxers and a tee shirt, took off his boxers right in front of Junior and Debbie. He had a full hard-on. He threw a cushion from the couch on the floor and told me to get naked so he can show them how hot I am. I was completely taken by surprise. I had concocted a love affair right out of one of Elisabeth’s dirty romance novels. Rather than sweeping me up in his loving arms, my true love wanted me to lay naked on the floor of a nasty trailer to show off in front of his friends for our first night together.”

“So what did you do?” Bonnie asked incredulously.

“I got naked and put on the best sex show I could. I wanted him to be proud of me. Yet, no matter how I was acting, deep down it was humiliating. I knew I’d made a huge mistake, but I saw no way out. I could tell that Junior and Debbie enjoyed watching Burt fuck me, so I did my best to pretend that was what I’d expected and wanted. My self-deception worked because when I saw how much they liked watching, I began to feel sexy. And I guess because I had jilled off in front of Elisabeth and Vicky dozens of times, I had already begun to enjoy being watched.”

“Besides that, in the past Burt had made a real effort to ensure I got off when we had sex. So, for a full episode of The Dukes of Hazard, we fucked and I sucked and we fucked some more. I even convinced myself, for a little while at least, that I actually liked what was happening. However, my self-deception began to fall apart when I realized that Burt was making no effort to get me off. It was all about him showing off for Junior. After he came, he told the others that I masturbate almost every night and told me to show them how I do it. I knew deep down that I did not like what was happening, but still I closed my eyes and pretended I was back home. At some point, I don’t know when, the other two got naked. When I came, I opened my eyes to see her giving Junior head on the couch. I’d never actually seen someone do that. Right off though, I could tell she had way more experience and skills in that area than I did. When Burt was ready to go again, I went back down on him and tried to emulate the things she was doing to Junior. He clearly liked it.”

“Debbie stopped sucking off Junior and they went back to watching the TV and sometimes us. When Burt came the second time, I found out what he meant by sloppy seconds. I’d never heard that term before. See, so far that night, no one had offered to use a condom, even though I’d always used one with Burt. In fact, it was the first time I’d ever had sex without one. So when he came again while I was leaning over the side of the couch, I could feel the goo in my pussy. Burt finished his orgasm and was still in me when he asked Junior if he wanted his sloppy seconds. Without even thinking to ask me, Burt stepped aside, and I felt Junior slide his dick into me. It was way too unreal for me to be offended. I just leaned over and made eye contact with Debbie while her boyfriend fucked me from behind. I could feel Burt’s cum being squished out and dripping down between my feet. I will never forget that night; just watching her watch her boyfriend. It was not erotic or a turn-on, but neither was it the nightmare it became later. Instead, it was like I was playing a part in a movie. It wasn’t me bent over that couch, but I was a spectator. At least that was how I framed it to keep my sanity. Over the next year I did that quite a bit.”

She paused. Her face betrayed that this was not a good memory. Bonnie filled the space “So, how does that lead to the most erotic moment in your life?”

After a moment Tabitha responded “That was several years later, but that night set the process in motion. That night I would call a lot of things, but wonderfully erotic was not one of them.” She seemed to think for a minute. “I didn’t mean to go into all that depressing stuff. I had intended to just give a little background because I wanted to tell you about the day I met, and made love to Butch for the first time. That night with Butch under the stars really was the most erotic moment of my life. But I’ve talked long enough.”

“Oh, come on, we want to hear it” Bonnie chided. “You gave us a really sad story, now you have got to make up for it.” Even as the words came out, Bonnie realized she should not have said that. Just telling the story had clearly upset Tabitha.

Before Bonnie could think of the words to undo what she’d just said Tabitha shook her head “No, it’s someone else’s turn” as she snuggled in beside her husband.

Bonnie, in a soft voice, said, “It’s OK. I shouldn’t have pushed you.”

Butch spoke up “I’ll tell that story then. After all, I was there too. But I’ll just sit here if it’s OK with you all.”

"Yea I guess you will do that," Bonnie said using her eyes to draw everyone's attention to his penis which still had Sue Ann’s hand on the long shaft. Bonnie laughed “OK, Snake, you can keep getting your hand job there while you talk.”

Butch laughed but stayed where he was as he began his story. “Well, it was the big Harley event at Sturgis. It is a great time: bikes, booze and babes. Law enforcement is always lax there, so the pot was as open as the booze and topless chicks. I had my ’78 hard-tail and had come up from Tennessee with a couple of buddies, they had both brought chicks with them, but I was alone. It was Wednesday afternoon, I remember it clearly. I was tuning up my carburetor and these two chicks walk by coming from the showers. They were both wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around their waists. They were both pretty, but the one on the left got my attention. She was so hot. She was slim, but not too skinny with a deep tan that brought attention to the untanned perfect perky little tits. I couldn’t help staring at her. She was so pretty and so sexy. I almost ran over and said hi, but I was afraid of getting shot down.”

“I told my buddies about her, and they just teased me about not having a woman. And they were right. I was horny and lonely, especially since I could hear my buddies and their girls getting it on every night and they weren't the kind of guys who share.”

“Oh, poor baby,” Tabitha teased. Butch’s starting their story seemed to wipe away the sadness that her narrative had brought up.

“Well, the next night, I went to a wet-tee shirt contest sponsored by one of the clubs. Guess who was stealing the show? Not that she had the biggest tits, because she didn’t; but she was so, so sexy as she danced way better than anyone else on stage. It didn’t hurt that she was one of the few who stripped completely naked, she was so hot and when the MC announced that Tabitha had won, I decided then and there that I wanted to meet her. Of course, I knew a chick that hot was not there solo; but that didn’t deter me. After the contest, I made my way over to her and put on my charm.”

“Your charm?!” Tabitha exclaimed “He couldn’t get out a coherent word. I’d seen him working on his bike the day before and thought he was so handsome. I’d actually asked a few people about who he was and if he was at the rally alone. So when he comes up to me with this stupid grin of his, I knew who it was. But his smile was so cute, and he just seemed to be stumbling over his words. He was clearly enamored with me.”

Butch cut back in “I was, and am” he leaned over and kissed her on the lips. “Yea, I wasn’t so smooth, but she agreed to take a ride with me into the Black Hills.”

Tabitha continued “And we made love right beside a dirt road under the stars. It was wonderful.”

Butch jumped back in, “The next morning, we drove back to the rally and Tabatha gathered her things from her former man’s camp, then we took off on my bike.”

“And we have been together ever since” she concluded.

“Oh, that is so romantic” Bonnie gushed.

“Romantic hell, we want more sweaty details” Beth Ann complained.

“Yea, more details” her sister seconded.

“OK,” Butch relented with a smile.

Bonnie was happy to see Tabitha was smiling too. This was the story she’d wanted to tell after all.

Butch began, “After I talked to her that first time, we left the club and walked down the street to where my bike was parked. We rode out of town up into the Black Hills National Forest for about an hour. She’d worked at unbuckling my belt and getting into my pants as we rode.”

“and that was when I met the snake” Tabitha injected. “At first I had just the top and didn’t realize how big it was. By this time in my life, I was quite sexually experienced, but as we rode I realized I’d never done a guy hung like him. There was no way we were going back before I got to put it in me.”

Butch cut her off “It was good that it was a moonless night and we were on a dirt road in the forest because she had my wood completely out of my pants while we were still riding. Finally, I pulled off the road and pulled a blanket out from my saddle bag. She was naked again before I had gotten the blanket down. She didn’t want foreplay. The truth is I’d had girls before who saw my dick and it scared them off. I’d also had quite a few who wanted to try it on for size. She was the second kind and she was like a wild woman. She virtually pushed me down and straddled me, then held my dick and took it all right in like very few women had ever done before. One try, and she was sitting on my balls.”

“He’s right” Tabitha agreed “I did want it in me. And when I squatted down over him I couldn’t believe how it kept going in and in and in. Now understand, I’d had a lot of dicks in me and I’d sat on some pretty big ones before, but his felt like it was going to hit my stomach before I was all the way down. I have never before or since had anything in me that feels remotely as good as Butch does. And on top of that, he can keep it up indefinitely. That night under the stars, I sat on him for hours, I mean literally, not figuratively. I just barely moved my hips as we talked for half the night. Sitting on him like that with his dick in me, I opened our conversation by asking his name. By the time we finished, I was in love.”

Butch picked up, “That’s what happened, as I lay on the blanket beside that dirt road in the forest, she rode me forever and we just talked and got to know each other that way. That was more than five years ago. Since that night we have done things that would make a porno director proud. Before we moved to Sparta, we had watched the other fuck a good dozen of our close friends and even more acquaintances. So, tonight will not be anything like the first time we have watched each other have sex, but nothing compares to that night with Tabitha under the stars.”

“That is so good,” Beth Ann said “You guys are so right for each other.”

Bonnie stood and said “I love how many different kinds of stories we have. Now, let’s see, Brandy, you and Dwight haven’t shared. She looked over at Brandy and Dwight. They looked at each other and Brandy said sheepishly “We don’t have any stories like yours. I was a virgin until Dwight and I got carried away one night. I got pregnant the next month. All our sex back then was in the seat of his pickup. And I'm sorry, but none of those times was really great, at least for me. I have never had sex with anyone but him. Everything I’ve done that’s the least bit wild has been right here with you guys. So, if I had to name one thing, it would be that first time in June when Dwight and I had sex in front of all of you beside the pool. That was the hottest thing I’ve ever done by a long shot.”

Bonnie nodded in understanding.

Sue Ann said, “It was really, really sexy. The way you seemed so confident like you’d done it a hundred times. It turned me on for sure.”

There were several concurring opinions before Brandy said “I might have appeared calm, but inside I was nervous as hell… and super turned on. So yes, that is my most erotic moment ever.”

Bonnie smiled then looked at Dwight “What about you?”

“I’m the same. Brandy was the first girl I went all the way with. Though I had sex with two other girls during those years when I was not ready to settle down to be a husband and father. She knows about those girls and doesn’t hold it against me. But we have talked about it and we are prepared to watch each other have sex with someone else tonight. The only thing I would disagree with Brandy on is that I thought she was so hot back then, and doing it with her in my truck was great, at least for me.”

His typical male viewpoint received some comments and amused laughter.

Brandy put in with a voice that barely contained her excitement, “We are actually both really looking forward to the rest of the night. I’ve given him permission to do anything he wants with anyone he wants to do it with.”

“What about you?” Bonnie asked. “Do you have permission too?”

She nodded “Oh, he really wants to watch me do it with Calvin. He’s seen me looking at him all summer at your pool parties and knows I think he’s hot.” She paused then very timidly added “but…”

“But what?” Bonnie asked.

Sheepishly she said, “While I really do want to have sex with Calvin, the person I most want to be with is…” She paused again and looked up to Bonnie “… is you.”

Bonnie didn’t express the least bit surprise. In fact, she didn’t feel any. She’d gotten those vibes from Brandy for several months. She wasn’t sure why young women seem drawn to her, but clearly, they were. And, Bonnie enjoyed the role of lover/teacher to those women. Though she loathed to admit it to herself, she was developing a taste for having sex with pretty young women. She thought of how Nell had arranged so that they would be alone together at her new office. There was no question they would be having sex again. And she had no doubt she’d enjoy making love to Brandy… very possibly tonight. “I would love to be with you Brandy” Bonnie replied with a smile. “If circumstances don’t work out for us to have the kind of time we would need to… get properly acquainted… we will work out a time next week for just me and you.”

Brandy’s joy at Bonnie’s response showed

Turning to the other side of the room, Bonnie said, “Carlotta? Do you have a story to tell?”

Carlotta gave a pretty smile and said “I’ll confess, I’m a little overwhelmed by all of this. As you ladies know I am a recovering Catholic, so I’m still having to process that what feels good actually can be good. I have had an amazing year of self-discovery, and perhaps when you do this again, I will be ready to share. But not tonight.”

Bonnie smiled back. “We all go at our own pace. Just know you have friends in this group who have been down that same path and would always be glad to help you negotiate the twists and turns. Too many women have to find their bodily independence by themselves. You do not need to do that.”

Carlotta nodded and Bonnie turned to Ronda, “I know you have stories. There is no question that your two daughters think you are the greatest mom in the world and you have raised them in a sex-positive environment that makes what I did with my kids seem conservative.”

Ronda sat up. “I’m glad to hear they think that way. I think a lot of my two girls too. But, be sure, the sex-positive education seems to flow both ways in my home. The truth is that while I have to work to make myself believe that sex is totally natural and our sexuality isn’t something that should be hidden; both of my girls truly believe it deep down. They simply can’t conceive of life any other way.”

Only when she handed an 8x10 picture frame to Cooper did Bonnie even realize she’d brought a photo. Under the glass was a picture of a teenage version of Ronda riding in a rodeo. “Like Tabitha, I grew up in a conservative home. Not terribly religious, but solid Iowa farm folk who were sure they knew right and wrong and they fully expected me to live according to what they thought was right. And like Tabitha, I fell in love with a handsome older guy. As a teenager, like my girls, the rodeo was all that mattered to me.” She paused then added, “Though it appears now that Bethany has made the varsity softball team at Jeff Davis, her life in rodeo has become a sideline. In my head I know that isn’t a bad thing, though it is hard for me to let her out of my grasp. But Haley is following my footsteps in rodeo and is gunning for the Under-18 state barrel racing

championship this next month. I won that trophy for Iowa twice back in the day. That photo is of me when I was sixteen. Barrel racing and rodeo were my life and it is no surprise I fell for a bull rider.”

She went on to tell a much more sexually explicit version of the story she’d already told several of the women. It was the tale of joyfully giving up her virginity to a bull rider at fifteen and some of the wild sexual escapades they had in carrying on under her parent’s nose at rodeos for almost two years. She went into some of the crazy places they found to do it and told of a couple of close calls when they almost got caught. “I am sure that is why I still want high-intensity athletic sex. Only in the last few years have I learned to truly enjoy slow sensuous love-making.” She looked down to where Cooper sat on the floor, “My time with you last month was like the final transition to truly appreciating a kind of sexuality that is unhurried and tender. Be sure I’m looking forward to a repeat.”

In answer to questions from Sherry and Carlotta, Ronda explained how when she and her two girls moved to Sparta, she had built for her family a world on her terms. “I resolved that my girls would grow up in a home where women owned their sexuality without shame or remorse. I currently have four men at work with whom I have an ongoing sexual friendship. About once a week I meet one of them.” She went on to tell how she had always been forthright with the girls that she took men and women to bed for sex and simply added more details as they got older.

Carlotta was both taken aback and impressed that she had been direct with her girls as far back as when Bethany was five-years-old.

Ronda repeated that she had determined not to raise her girls the way her parents had. She explained that she wanted Haley and Bethany to grow up to believe their womanhood was both good and empowering. She said she had decided the best way to do that was by example. She went on to tell them “From when they were old enough not to need after-school child care, I have called to let them know when I’ll be home late from work. If I’m going by the store I tell them so, but if I will be late because I’m going to have sex, I tell them that too. Since I’ve brought all four of my regular men home at least once, I let them know with whom I’m doing it. And I should say it’s not an accident all four of those men are married and not looking for a new wife, only a little friendship and sex. That was deliberate on my part because I don’t want them to get the wrong idea. While three of the men hide it from their wives, one man actually invites his wife to join us when she can get someone to watch their kids. They aren’t swingers and I’m the only woman they do it with, but they’ve come together to my house a dozen or more times in the past four years.”

Bonnie could tell Sherry was clearly impressed by Ronda’s words, but Carlotta was struggling to understand so Ronda explained her long-standing arrangement about inviting cowboys to their trailer at night. After she’d laid out what Bonnie had already heard she finished by stating, “For my two girls, Mom having a romp with a cowboy behind the curtain in my loft bed is just a normal part of our rodeo life. And I know Haley also told you how in the past few years she’s built up her own stable, though she beds her guys during the day while I do it at night. It’s a good arrangement.”

Then Ronda told the group how last month, a hot young couple with whom she had played a number of times, had invited Haley to join them. “She asked me if I minded if she did it with my playmates.”

“What did you say?” Sue Ann asked.

Ronda laughed to herself. “For the first time ever, I felt jealous. Not just of my daughter but of any woman. I guess my fear was of being put out to pasture. But when I asked for details, Haley explained they had actually asked if she would like to join the three of us to make a foursome. You see, pretty much everyone in the rodeo circuit knows both Haley and I ride the bronc & bull riders regularly. I’ve never hidden the fact I do, and when Haley became sexually active nearly three years ago, it never occurred to her to hide it either. But Haley told the young couple that she didn’t think I was up to both of us playing with them at the same time… yet. That is why she asked me if I minded if she went to go herself. Though she made it clear she would not object if I wanted to come too.”

“Did she?” Sue Ann asked.

“Yes, she did. But, no I did not join them. On the drive home Sunday morning, she told us all about her night. For Haley and I to have sex with the same guy…well couple, is something new. But I guess it was inevitable given that we fish in the same pond at the rodeos. I would expect at some time in the future we will be in that couple’s trailer at the same time. The truth is I don’t think either of us would be embarrassed by finding ourself right there while the other had sex.”

Even as she was still stroking the snake in front of everyone, Sue Ann quipped, “It’s not like I haven’t fucked my sister’s husband. And if I don’t get a chance to do him again before the night is over, you can bet I will before the week is out.”

Beth Ann looked over to her sister and agreed. “I was thinking that when you come over tomorrow afternoon to watch the Falcon’s game, we can take turns dragging Calvin to the bedroom.”

With a huge smile, Calvin almost shouted “Oh YEA!”

His wife turned to him with a wicked grin, “You say that now, but by the time we are done with you, you will be curled up in the fetal position begging to be put out of your misery.”

Calvin didn’t miss a beat “Yea, but what a way to go.”

That got the whole room laughing.

Then, more seriously Beth Ann said “But to share my man with my sister is not the same as sharing him with my mother. That is too much of a leap for even me to think about.”

Ronda got a wicked smile and said “Oh, didn’t you realize, I’m not the only mother here to have had sex with the same guy as her daughter.” Then she turned to look right at Bonnie and then at Slosh.

Bonnie knew there was no point in denying it. She plugged her flash drive back in to the TV and opened a different folder. As the photos of her and Brett began, she proceeded to tell the group how Misty had sent her ‘vacation boyfriend’ in to ask to have sex with her. After giving it a moment to build up some tension, she explained that she had agreed, but had him do her in the ass so as to prevent any comparison issues. When she explained that the terrific photos of Bonnie taking it from the teenager had actually been shot by Misty, several people said that was as kinky as anything yet revealed.

When Bonnie finished with the dozen photos, Slosh said she might as well ‘confess” as well. But she made it clear that she’d had sex with Squirrel before Sarah had. She then took a turn showing yet another set of highly explicit photos. She went on to tell about having sex for Misty’s camera and how, “Sarah was right on the bed with me the whole time with the reflector board. Watching her mother up close like that as Misty shot photos didn’t bother her a bit. Then later that evening, when Sarah had sex with the same guy, she emulated the positions she had seen me do with him. I didn’t see that part, but Trish did.”

Trish nodded to confirm the story.

After she and Slosh had made their short explanations and shown the photos, Bonnie said “In total Misty shot almost fifteen minutes of video of those two little episodes. So why don’t we just let them run on the TV while we take another food and potty break?”

As people got up to move around while the first set of video clips of Bonnie and Brett began to run. While the photos she and Slosh had shown were carefully and artfully framed, the videos had more of a “you are there” feel to them. In them, the reflector board (and the nude girl holding it) showed up frequently. Amy asked Bonnie “I heard Slosh say her daughter held the reflector for her erotic photoshoot; did she do the same for yours?”

Bonnie didn’t miss that Sherry called Marcy Slosh. She had no doubt that among their group, Marcy had indeed become Slosh. “Yes,” she answered. “Normally Caitlan was Misty’s assistant, but for those two photo sessions Sarah filled the role.” Indeed, the video clips on the television screen clearly showed the reflector board and parts of Sarah’s body a good many times, though, in the few that caught her face, Misty had pixelated it out to obscure her identity in the video they’d kept.

While they were on the break, Bonnie decided to move the party along. She suggested to Slosh since the story time was almost over, it was time that they help get things going.

When the videos ended, Bonnie could see Slosh had done as asked. In fact, all she and Trish now wore was their body jewelry, pseudo-panties and harem shoes. Over half of the women were bare-breasted, and Calvin & Mike had lost their pants (and Butch’s had not been put back on). While Mike was taking it in stride, Calvin had a nearly full erection.

Ronda was the last to return from the bathroom. She surveyed the changes and detached the fabric from her top and skirt before finding a place between Cooper and Brandy on the floor.

Nearly nude Trish stood grouped with Beth Ann and her husband… much to Calvin’s obvious pleasure. On the other side of their ‘harem,’ Slosh & Mike flanked Carlotta. In the back, Sue Ann & Tabitha still braced Butch, though the snake was less firm now. Amy, Sherry & Herb stood in a group in front of the sofa. As they all settled back into the pillows on the floor, it was clear to Bonnie that her guests had coalesced into five groups of threes in advance of the sex everyone knew was coming soon.

With everyone settled, it really did look like a scene out of a teenage boy’s fantasy about a Moorish harem. The air of sexual anticipation had clearly made itself felt… just as Bonnie had hoped. She looked at Dr. Douglass and said, “Amy, I know you have some great stories.”

Looking up at Bonnie, Amy said “I think the stories have been great. I don’t think anything I have to add will do more to make this get-together a success.”

Bonnie chided, “Come on, the Executive Director of the Final Freedom Foundation can proffer at least one hot story.”

Amy laughed and said, “OK, remember you pushed me into it.” Standing, she produced a jump drive of her own. Right then Bonnie knew Amy’s reluctance had been feigned. She was totally prepared to give a story. What followed was a narrative of the after-show party in the New York hotel’s hospitality suite, complete with dozens of photos, none of which Bonnie had seen before. The tale that followed was not so much Amy’s personal erotic experience of that night, but what happened around her, including Bonnie’s totally uninhibited behavior.

After a few photos of people in sexy outfits crossed the screen while Amy set the stage, she stopped on a photo of the large crowded room. In it, Bonnie was laying on a sofa, her breasts fully out of the dress, while a good-looking man (Jim Peterson) had hiked up her dress to finger her. On the big TV, it was obvious that her hips were thrusting up to meet the man’s fingers. That made it clear Bonnie was not simply passive eye candy. Even Bonnie had to admit to herself it was a very sexy image.

Bonnie blurted out, “Where did these photos come from?”

Amy laughed. “It was my party after all, and I’d hired a professional photographer. I just quietly let people, especially those who were public figures, that the photos were for my reference and that I would not to share them with anyone without their express permission. I guess since you two were part of the FFF, the photogene didn’t tell you.”

It took some thinking but Bonnie vaguely recalled seeing the FFF photographer at the party. A minute or two later, Bonnie was even more surprised when a series of four, very good, photos of her making love to Gillian Moyers came up on the screen. Her surprise at seeing the pictures was actually mild compared to the reaction by the rest of the people in the room. The first was a close up of her and Gillian kissing, but the next frame was a wider shot. In it, Bonnie was again making love with Gillian, but in that photo, it showed that the two women had men behind them and all four were fully engaged. In context, it was clear that the two men were simply adding to the women’s make-out session by fucking them. It was intensely hot. And most importantly, Gillian’s face was fully visible.

“Is that Gillian Moyers?” Calvin asked incredulously as the image filled the 70” TV screen. It was fully life-sized.

Amy calmly said “Yes. It is Gillian Moyers, the “A” list movie star with your friend Bonnie. They made love for nearly an hour that night, along with two hot men who were sort of accessories for them. I was only in and out of the room they were using a few times, but it was truly beautiful to behold.

Trish, almost incensed said “You didn’t tell me about this!”

Bonnie shook her head slowly. “No, I didn’t. Though not because it was not an amazing experience, nor was it that I was embarrassed about having a foursome. No, the reason I didn’t tell anyone is I thought it would be gauche to talk about having sex with a movie star. So, yes I had a terrific sexual encounter with Gillian Moyers. But I’ll disagree with Amy, the man doing me in this picture was more than an accessory. Yes, in this photo he was, but he had ample opportunity to show me his skills. His name is Francois and I’m not insulting my husband when I say he was the most skilled lover I’ve ever been with. It was a truly amazing experience.”

Amy’s story was derailed by a dozen questions, including where Cooper was while she was with Gillian, Francois, and Danial for an hour.”

Amy artfully stated, “He was commandeered for a threesome before he joined me in the main suite for our own love-making session.” Bonnie noted she did not say the two people with whom Cooper was having sex at that moment were both men.

After two more, wonderful, photos of Bonnie’s foursome, a frame showing Amy and Cooper out in the hospitality suite came on the screen. They were both nude and she was sitting on Cooper in the lotus position. Amy said. “Later that evening I had a chance to experience Francois. Bonnie isn’t exaggerating, he is very skilled. But I can tell you from multiple first-hand experiences, that Cooper Campbell is also a world-class lover.”

Bonnie was gratified when Trish and Ronda both seconded that statement.

After another dozen photos, of both Amy & Cooper making love and the goings on in the Hospitality Suite, two images of Bonnie and a pretty, very young, woman messing around on one of the sofas, both fully nude, came up. Bonnie took the opportunity to say “That is Nell, she is the girlfriend of Amy’s graduate assistant. If any of you haven’t seen it yet, one of the new photos in the game room is of her, Heather, and Misty on inflatable rafts in our swimming pool.”

Amy added “After Bonnie and Cooper wimped out and went back to their hotel, we had one last burst of erotic fun. That is when Nell and I spent a memorable time with Monsieur Francois. Bonnie was right about him, no matter how many lovers a woman has had, she won’t forget that Frenchman. But I would be remiss if I didn’t say that over all, I’d rather make love to Cooper than any other man I know… including my husband. No, he doesn’t roll my eyes back in my head as Francois did, but when I’m with Cooper, I feel loved, not just sexually satisfied.”

Again, she got seconds from Ronda and Trish.

Slosh took advantage of the time it took Amy to find her seat to ask “What about Cooper? We haven’t heard a story from him.”

“OK Coop, your turn,” Bonnie said.

As had the others before him, Cooper put a jump drive into the side of the TV and turned to tell his story. But before he began, Bonnie added, “I know I’ve told you girls all about my swinger cruise last winter, but you haven’t seen nearly all the photos we actually have and my husband has a slightly different take on the events than I do.”

“Yea, this is my version of the events, well of a couple of the events. But my version is the right one no matter what my wife says.”

“Don’t believe him” Bonnie contradicted.

Cooper ignored her. “As Bonnie said, though you all have seen our photobook there are a great many photos you haven’t seen. The pictures I’m going to share tonight are from three of the high points for me. It would take all night to tell about everything, so I’m just going to tell about these three events from my perspective.”

Bonnie agreed with him on that.

Cooper began with a preface, “Just like you have learned about Marcy, Bonnie continued to have sex with other guys while we dated. Though Vanderbilt is a good-sized school, it is fairly conservative and the stories of Fuck on the First Date Bonnie were legend. On our first date, she literally dragged me to her dorm room for sex.”

He paused to give time for the responses he knew would follow.

Bonnie in pseudo-defensiveness answered those comments with “Well? What was a girl to do? If I’d waited for Cooper to make the first move, I would have had to wait for the third or even fourth date. I wasn’t about to do that. My nickname was well deserved, I always expected sex on the first date. After all, how was I supposed to know if I wanted a second?”

She got more comments from her friends.

Cooper went on, “We dated for nearly a year before she told me that since she had an engagement ring on her finger, she was going to stop having sex with other guys. In all that time, right up until we got married, people warned me not to marry her because while she was a great lay, she wasn’t proper wife material for someone like me.”

He looked to Mike, “I had no idea people had told you the same about Marcy. So, I totally understood what you were saying. In my case, several of the guys in my department knew firsthand how good she was in bed… and they were quick to let me know all about it. Unlike Mike, I had never physically seen my wife having sex, at least not until our cruise in February.” That introduction led into the first morning of the cruise where he, for the first time ever, watched Bonnie have sex with another man live and in person. The photos that Martin LeMarco had taken of the event were both explicit and erotic. In several of the images, Martin had included Cooper’s reaction to watching his wife riding Brian LeMarco’s cock.

Bonnie felt a little silly for feeling pleased with the compliments the photos garnered from her friends. From her seat to Cooper’s right, she was more or less facing most of the party guests. She had watched how Sue Ann and Tabitha started back on the snake as soon as Cooper started speaking, but it was Slosh who really got things into gear. She began by leaning over to nuzzle and kiss Carlotta’s neck. Evidently, Mike had been prepared on what to do at his wife’s cue, because he followed suit almost immediately. Bonnie suspected that Slosh had also spoken to her friend in advance since while she tensed up initially, she soon relaxed and enjoyed the attention. When Slosh and Mike eased her vest off, Carlotta turned to kiss Mike. She began tentatively but was soon wrapped in his arms in a passionate embrace. Slosh watched with obvious pleasure.

On the other side of the room, Trish took the cue and first turned to her right to kiss Beth Ann at length then turned to her left to kiss Calvin… and grip his erection even as she did so. “Yes,” Bonnie thought, “Our church group is on its way to our first orgy.”

Cooper jumped to the luau story. As he progressed, all five of the trio’s began foreplay. Sherry had Slosh help unclasp her top so that she too was bare-breasted before they shared an extended kiss.

Bonnie watched Brandy smiling as her husband suckled Ronda’s breasts with relish. She appeared surprised when Ronda turned to kiss her, though that surprise was momentary. Soon the two attractive young women were lustily kissing and exploring each other’s bodies with their hands. Dwight’s full erection let Bonnie know what he thought of what his wife was doing.

At one point Cooper stopped and asked “Should I stop now? Is anyone listening?”

To which he got several “Yes, continue” and “We are listening, go on” comments.

Sue Ann had been kissing Butch while Tabitha used her hands on her voluptuous body for some time. But as Cooper continued to tell about the luau, Sue Ann swung a leg over Butch and began to work the snake into her body… well as much as she could.

In the days before the party, Cooper and Bonnie had talked at length about what Cooper should say. They both agreed that it was time to own everything they had learned about themselves on that trip. So he’d chosen two stories that included male-on-male sexual contact. He first broached the idea when he showed a luau photo of him and Brian LeMarco “sharing” Judy’s vagina. When he said, “I was surprised what a turn-on it was to have another guy’s cock rubbing on mine like that,” it appeared no one fully understood what he was saying.

Since nobody commented one way or another, he just went on with this narrative. He wrapped up the luau and went to the End-of-Cruse Party. By that time Sue Ann was riding Butch full tilt, Trish was giving Calvin a blow job, Amy and Shery were making out and Ronda was on her stomach eating Brandy. He cued up the first of two sets of photos of him up on the San Dinero’s deck daybed that he planned to show. The first was of his second threesome with Brian and Judy. Again, several photos showed him and Brian with both of their penises in Judy’s vagina at the same time. This time the lighting was better and the resultant photos made it clearer what was going on. He went on, ignoring the fact that it didn’t appear that anyone besides Bonnie was listening. “As I’d found out before, it was really hot sharing Judy like that. I was actually pleased when he came and I was able to hold off. But the feeling of our two cocks sliding on each other with his cum as lube was almost too much for me, but I held back because I knew it was going to be a long night.”

This time, Cooper’s words got a response. Amy broke off from kissing Sherry and said “I’m impressed. That had to be quite a turn-on.”

The next photo showed Judy holding Brian’s, still erect, penis in her hand, but what made the picture stand out was that the last quarter of Brian’s dick was in Cooper’s mouth. In Cooper’s memory, he’d only sucked Brian’s dick less than a minute as he cleaned the semen off of it; but the three successive photos made it appear to be an extended blow job. Though he knew it misrepresented what had actually happened, it was good for his ‘coming out’ as bisexual. The close-up images made it clear that he very much enjoyed the experience of sucking cock. Which he had.

It was Sheri who said, "Oh, well that is new."

Bonnie, not Cooper said "Yes, this is the first time we've shown any of the bisexual stuff. Neither of us had ever seen guys giving blow jobs until this trip, and while Cooper has thought about sucking dick since he was young, he’d never dreamed he would actually have a chance to try it. Like the Euro-Club and their boyfriends, to the people on the cruise, two guys getting each other off was as normal as two women doing it."

That comment got everyone's attention. Even Sue Ann stopped actively riding Butch to turn to look at Cooper and the TV screen.

Brandy asked "Really? The teenagers who hang out at your house think it's normal for guys to fuck each other?"

Bonnie replied, "Well, according to the girls, it’s usually more about sucking each other off, like in this photo; but they don’t see any issue with those of their guys who like having anal sex with each other."

Ronda jumped in, “She is right, to the club girls, guy-on-guy sex is quite normal. The very first time Haley’s boyfriend, Gregg, came to our home, they had a foursome with Rebecca and her boyfriend Devin. According to my daughter, for part of their time together, she and Rebecca had sex beside the boys who were also having sex with each other.”

Beth Ann asked Bonnie, "What do you think about guys doing guys?"

Bonnie said "I must admit I was surprised. At the luau, I was done for the night and was just sitting talking when I looked over and saw Cooper's boss sucking the boat captain's dick. But given what was happening, it only took a moment for it to feel like it was a natural and normal part of group sex."

Sherry stepped in, "I know you can't imagine it, but in the late 60's and all through the 70's guys doing each other in group sex was only slightly less common than girls doing girls. I didn't mention it in my story, but over the few days of that big love-in I saw several guys sucking and fucking other guys. It was just part of the scene. We didn't call it gay or even bi. There were some guys who really liked getting fucked in the ass, while other guys would never let a guy fuck them but would happily put their dick in any hole available. Everyone was pretty cool with whatever turned them on. It wasn't until the AIDS thing that the casual attitude toward male-male sex changed. But, in my book, watching two hot guys get it on is amazing."

Sue Ann seconded "Oh, so it's not just me who likes gay porn?"

Amy shook her head, “No it is not just you. I read somewhere that the primary market for gay porn is women. After all, there are more women than gay men.”

Sherry said "But in our day it wasn't gay at all. And it sounds like that idea is coming back in the new generation. So, go on Cooper."

He went back to finish his story and the photos of him doing sixty-nine with Martin then one of Cooper on all fours taking Martin’s cock up his back door. In the photo, Bonnie could clearly be seen in the background smiling as she watched. As the photo stayed on the screen, she commented, “I’ll confess, I was surprised how much it turned me on to watch Cooper like this. We’ve actually shared a guy since then and we’d gladly do it again if the opportunity presented itself.”

Even before the video clip of Martin drilling Cooper in the ass ended, the church group had made the irrevocable transition and had begun their first orgy. Trish and Beth Ann had given Calvin a double blow job before they both mounted him. Cooper, having ended his story, stood beside the TV deciding what to do, Trish rode Calvin’s dick while Beth Ann rode his face as the two of them made out.

Across the room, Amy & Sherry were taking turns sucking Herb, and to his left Slosh & Carlotta were doing the same to Mike. To his right things had rearranged themselves as he finished his story. Dwight was now face-down between Ronda’s legs and nearest to him Brandy and Bonnie were wrapped in each other’s arms kissing with passion.

Cooper stood for several minutes as Brandy slipped a hand into Bonnie’s top, and caressed her right breast before lifting it up and out of the sheer cup. Soon her mouth went to the nipple and she began suckling. Cooper was deciding if he should ask to join when Bonnie looked up to her husband and put up a finger as if to say “Wait.”

A minute or two later, Bonnie tilted Brandy’s head up, gave her a kiss and whispered something to the young woman. Then she put her breast back into her top and stood up. “Great job Cooper, I thought you did a good job telling it right.” She continued “OK everyone let’s take a break for a few minutes. There will be plenty of time to make tonight into your new most erotic experience, but let’s all untangle now.”

She did this because Sherry had told her that the worst killer of a sex party was letting things get too hot too early. Cooling things off with planned activities was the key to a party in which there is more intermixing and where people wear out at more or less the same time.

She moved to stand in front of the TV. It amused her to watch Trish and Beth Ann (who was now nude), move off of Calvin who just lay on his back, stunned. The two of them were a good match since they were both rather tall and big-boned women with wide hips and large breasts. Bonnie had never thought of how well-matched they would be as playmates, it seemed quite obvious now. Even through the buzz of conversations she could hear Beth Ann say “You don’t know how many times I’ve fantasized about being in an orgy like this.” She leaned over to kiss Trish then added “I don’t know how I never realized how sexy you are. Would Byron mind if you spent the night with Calvin and me, perhaps one night next week?”

Trish smiled at the offer and said “No, he wouldn’t mind one bit. What about your kids?”

Beth Ann gave a smile back, “If the rest of you can be open with your children that you have sex with your friends, so can I. After all, Tracy remembers full well me having men over on a fairly regular basis before Calvin came into my life. And now we have planned that their aunt will be fucking the shit out of their dad tomorrow afternoon during the game. Our house is too small for that to happen without their notice. And it’s not like Calvin and I have always been all that discrete about doing it.”

Bonnie had assumed this kind of thing would be the outcome but she hadn’t expected to hear that offer so soon. To the whole group, she said “So, whose story was the best?”

She looked around the room. Then pointing to people who were slow to disengage she began to ask “Was it Marcy’s story becoming Slosh? Or was it Trish’s tale of fucking nineteen different guys in Miami? Was it Beth Ann’s story of cheating with Calvin’s cousin or Calvin cheating with her sister, or even Sue Ann’s story of watching Beth Ann cheating with all sorts of guys in their bedroom?”

Bonnie was pleased when she got some laughs from the way she’d presented it.

“Or perhaps it was Mike's story of their time with the German exchange teacher and her boyfriend. Was it Sherry’s story of living as a hippy? Or was it Herb’s reminding us of the day Sherry deep-throated Butch at our pool? Was it Brandy and Dwight’s non-story? How about Ronda’s story of a teenage rodeo star falling in love with the bull rider and doing it anywhere and everywhere they could for two years? Then we can’t forget Tabitha’s tale of running away from home that led into Butch’s story of meeting Tabitha at the wet tee shirt contest and then taking her away for sex under the stars. Then Amy’s description of the New York After-Show party with those photos that even I will admit was pretty sexy. Last but not least, Cooper’s version of our swinger’s cruise opened a few eyes for sure.”

“The prize for best story will be…,” Bonnie said with a measured delay, “by agreement of all us women, is that the winning person will be invited over for dinner and a full night of bedroom delights with each of the other couples or singles here tonight. Since Amy lives in South Carolina, she will treat the winner and their date to a weekend with her at the Hyatt Regency Centennial Center in Atlanta. Having spent a night sharing her with my husband, I can assure you it will be a weekend to remember.” She looked over at Carlotta and said “Don’t worry, we aren’t asking you to participate since you are just visiting.

The women, who had devised the plan, smiled as their surprise was sprung, the men looked on incredulously. Bonnie felt the need to restate this “Do you men all understand all this? The winner will get dinner from each couple here, and spend a night in their bed. We girls cooked it up weeks ago.”

Still blank stares from the guys.

Amy cut in “Has anyone else noticed that Bonnie seems to have completely skipped out on telling a story herself? We can’t go on until she tells one.”

There was general agreement, and Bonnie’s effort to say she’d told parts of several stories got her nowhere. But she was prepared and turned the TV back on to show a series of photos from before and after her tryst with the Latin man in his Miami Beach penthouse. The high point was when she explained “So, I was bent over the balcony rail right at the edge of orgasm as he pounded his cock into me. Somehow, through the impacts and the haze of my arousal, my eyes drifted across all the hundreds of people enjoying themselves around the two pools thirty-two floors below me. It was such a turn-on that they simply had no idea I was having sex up above them. I’m not sure how, but I found my family sitting at a table. I watched them even as the man I’d just met fucked me like crazy. It was an amazing moment.” She went on to tell of more high-intensity sweaty sex inside the penthouse and how she came three times in just over half an hour of sex. Then how when he’d come a second time, she dismounted him and walked directly to the private elevator, picking up her thong and cover-up as she went.

“I just barely had time to pull on my thong and pull the cover-up over my head before the elevator door opened at pool level. Now, as Cooper pointed out, I have had a lot of sex in my lifetime and I honestly don’t know how many guys I’ve had sex with; but, that moment I exited the penthouse elevator, sweaty and flushed from a trio of orgasms was the single most erotic moment of my life. It felt like every one of those hundreds of people knew that this married mother of two teenagers had, just three minutes before, been filled with the cock of a rich playboy in his penthouse. They had to see I looked like a woman who’d just had amazing sex. With my coverup stuck to my body making it totally transparent, I walked across the pool deck to where my family waited. They saw I was flushed and sweaty and asked where I’d been. I just casually told them that I’d been up in the penthouse having sex with the man I’d met at the cabana bar.”

As she talked, she slowly went through a series of six photos Misty had taken of her as she approached their table. Knowing the full story, she looked like a woman who’d been having hot sex just minutes before. She closed with “They didn’t believe me at the time. But the next day, when Misty saw the college guys’ dick go into me at the nude beach, she believed.”

Heads nodded and she knew they liked her story. She then returned to conclude the contest. “OK, Slosh is handing out sheets of paper.”

Slosh had already retrieved a stack of paper slips and a box of pens. She handed them out.

“Now, put the name of the individual who told the best story. I know several stories were told jointly, but just list one person who did the best telling.”

She saw Carlotta pass on taking a piece, “Carlotta, I know you aren’t participating in the reward, but we would like your vote. The fact you have no skin in the game might make you less biased. Some of these reprobates might be voting for the person they most want in their bed for a night, not the best story.”

That got some laughs and exaggerated denials.

Bonnie took a piece of paper and put down Butch’s name, then folded it. In her opinion, it was impossible to compete with his romantic story.

Cooper disagreed and wrote down Sherry’s name. He thought her story was simply amazing and couldn’t be beaten.

Moments later Bonnie read out the names. Sherry, Trish, and Slosh each received four votes. Bonnie received two. Ronda, Butch, and Beth Ann one each. Bonnie hadn’t expected the votes would be spread out so much. She thought that the fact there had not been one story that stood out to everyone seemed to be a good sign of the party’s success. She decided to have a run-off vote between Sherry, Trish, and Slosh. Reading the slips Bonnie announced, “So it looks like each of us will have Trish over for dinner and entertainment sometime in the next month or so.” She looked at Beth Ann, “I guess you have already gotten your bid in to have her first.”

Both Beth Ann and her husband nodded with a smile.

Then to the group, Bonnie said, “We will be looking to hear who they say was the best host.” With a flourish, she said “That concludes the planned activities for the evening. Food and drinks are still in the game room, the pool has been heated up so that it is plenty warm if you want to swim, and both our bedroom and the guest room are set up for adult play. The whole house is open to be used as you see fit. Other than the requirement of mutual consent, there are no fixed rules tonight. With the kids out, their bedrooms are also available for any of you who simply want to stay the night. But before we get busy, I’ve asked Sherry to share with us a few words from her extensive experience at parties like this.”

Bonnie sat down and Sherry took her place in front of the television.

“As you now know, I have been to many, many social events where open sexuality plays an important role in both setting an atmosphere and in providing part of the night’s activities. What perhaps you have not thought about is that you have too. All summer at our swim times sex has been either just out of sight, but very present, or right out in front of all of us. Even at the Sunday family swims, pretty much every week a couple or two have gone inside to have sex and then returned to the rest of us with smiles on their faces. If you consider what has already begun tonight as simply an extension of what we’ve been doing all summer, you will have a better experience than if you think of this as something new.”

“I’ve been to a number of parties where the sole purpose is to have sex, then people leave after they have gotten off. No matter how good the sex is, most people leave disappointed from such events. I’ve listened to the women plan this and that is not what they want. Yes, the expectation is that most or all of you will have sex with someone other than your spouse tonight; but, the purpose is to embrace social sex as just a part of this group’s cultural ethos. Everything we have done and will do tonight is about both breaking down barriers and opening up new opportunities. With that in mind let me make a few suggestions about etiquette.”

“First and foremost is respect and politeness. Both are a must. Nobody owes anyone sex; but, at the same time, it is perfectly acceptable to simply ask someone if they would be interested in playing. Just as it is perfectly acceptable for them to accept or turn-down the request without any explanation needed. Never take it as a personal affront if, or when, someone declines an invitation to play with you. The euphemism of asking someone if he or she wants to play is common because at an event like this, sex is simply adult play. If that person has a partner, it is polite to ask their partner if they mind as well. Afterward, a thank you for the pleasure you receive is never amiss and if your playmate did something you particularly enjoyed, let them know.”

“It is also appropriate to thank your playmate’s spouse when you see them. After all, by their unselfishness, they made your good time possible. It is also appropriate to brag on your playmate to their spouse. For instance, if you played with Beth Ann, it would be nice to tell Calvin that you really liked how when his wife climaxes her vagina clamps down on your penis.” She looked to Tabitha “or for you to tell your playmate’s spouse that he or she gives amazing cunnilingus. In doing so, you not only make both your playmate and their spouse feel good, but you normalize having sex with them.”

She paused to let the group think about what she said for a few moments, then went on. “Men, do not think you need to cum every time your penis goes into a mouth or vagina. If you do, you will short-change yourself and the women here. That is true when there are an equal number of men and women, but it is even more true tonight when we only have six men for eleven women. Now, I understand we women don’t need dick to have great sex, or as they said in my day ‘a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.”

She waited till the laughs died down, then continued “My experience is that all too many men think the party is over when they shoot their load. Don’t be that guy.”

“Finally, let me remind you of what you learned at the first adult-only swim day: enjoying watching your friends have sex is almost as much fun as doing it. At the very best sex parties, people have more vicarious sex than physical sex. Please understand in advance, sex at a party will not be the same as sex in an intimate setting. It’s not better or worse, but it is different. At its best, sex at a party is a social experience, bonding with the group rather than an individual. Social interaction with others while you are engaged in sex acts is part of the experience. If you try to tune out everyone but your playmate, you deprive yourself of a large part of the joys of an event like this.”

Once she was done Sherry sat down and Bonnie stood “Thank you for the words of experience.” To the group she simply said “Now Enjoy.”

As the group broke up, Brandy stood and gave Bonnie a kiss. “Thank you. I haven’t even told my husband, but I’ve been dreaming of making out with you for months. I didn’t know if I could go through with it.”

Bonnie was a little taken aback by her enthusiasm, especially since they didn’t do anything but kiss and play with one another’s breasts; but she was sure for Brandy that was a huge step. Though in the past, she’d not been particularly sexually attracted to Brandy, Bonnie had very much enjoyed that little bit of foreplay. She was sure both of them would enjoy carrying it further. “I enjoyed it too” Bonnie replied. “For now, I need to play party host. If we don’t get time later on tonight, we can talk tomorrow in the nursery at church.”

Brandy nodded, “OK. Yea, that’s a good idea.”

Bonnie leaned in to whisper to her “And if you really do want to do Calvin tonight, I suggest this is the time to grab him before someone else does. I think you would find my bed with the mirror over it a great place to have your first experience with sex outside of your marriage.” Brandy was nodding as Bonnie went on, “And, if you want to make sure your husband is totally into it, go get your cell phone out of your purse and give it to him before you grab Calvin. He will know what you want him to do.”

Brandy gave Bonnie another kiss and said “Yea, I’ll do that. Thank you… for everything. You have been a real mentor to me in so many things, now in this too.”

As soon as Brandy was off, Carlotta approached Bonnie, “Thank you so much for inviting me tonight. I have more to think about than I can explain, and I guess you saw what I was doing with Marcy and Mike just now. A part of me really wants to stay and do it all; but, I’m just not ready for that. Not yet.”

Bonnie assured her that she should not do anything that she would regret.

Carlotta said “Actually I haven’t, yet. But I’m sure I would if I stayed. You see I have a lifetime of Catholic programming to overcome. Marcy and Mike have invited me to their house to explore my options at a more relaxed pace. They even said I could bring my boyfriend too if I wanted.” She laughed, “I don’t doubt he’d jump at the chance to go nude hot tubbing or even to have a foursome. And the truth is, I think it would be easier for me that way because …” she moved closer to Bonnie “I actually would like to have sex with both Mike and Slosh. I want to do it tonight, but I think I’d regret going so fast.”

Bonnie understood. She and Slosh walked Carlotta all the way to her car. On the way, Carlotta told Slosh, “I will have to keep in mind you are still Marcy Marshal at school, but I think after tonight, I will think of the real you as Slosh Hidelman-Marshal. I actually can’t believe I had the nerve to do what I already did, but I don’t regret it at all.”

Bonnie was actually surprised at the passion, and length, of the deep kiss Carlotta gave Slosh beside her car. “Yes,” Bonnie thought, “she does want it now.”

By the time Bonnie made it back to the living room, she could see that Brandy had already led Calvin into the bedroom and was removing the last of his clothes for him. Though most of the guests were in the game room getting food and drinks, Brandy’s husband was loitering outside of the bedroom door. He seemed to be a bit unsure of what to do, until Sue Ann arrived to lead him in. Bonnie suspected that Brandy had put her up to that since it was just a little bit too well synchronized.

It appeared to Bonnie that Brandy didn’t want to give herself time to change her mind and went right to giving Calvin a blow job without any warm-up. Since Dwight appeared to be mesmerized by what he was seeing, Sue Ann took the cell phone from his hand to start getting photos of his wife sucking Calvin’s dick.

Bonnie had finished tidying up the harem just about the time the others began to make their way back into the living room. As the remaining guests took places on the floor, they began to watch the action in the bedroom. That action soon became a foursome when Sue Ann put down the cell phone and guided Dwight to join her beside Brandy. Over the next hour, the four of them stayed on Bonnie’s bed engaging in a variety of mix-and-match combinations. From what Bonnie saw, there was no question how much both Brandy and Dwight were enjoying sharing their spouse and their own bodies with the other two.

In the living room, Beth Ann sat beside Trish with a good view of what was happening in Bonnie’s bed. As she watched Brandy mount her husband to ease his erection into her body, Trish slid down to put her face between Beth Ann’s legs. Just a few minutes later, she lay back and simply enjoyed Trish giving her cunnilingus. Perhaps a half-an-hour after they’d come back to the Harem, the two women jointly asked Sherry if they could borrow her husband, so their duo became a threesome.

Even as that was going on, Bonnie was pleased to see how naturally all her guests coalesced into couples and trios without anyone getting left out. Clearly, there had been some sorting during the break that she’d not noticed. Below the television, Amy and Mike snuggled up as if they had known each other for years. Cooper, Slosh and Sherry huddled by the cushioned bench. To the back of the room Ronda and Tabitha flanked Butch and near the doorway to the kitchen Beth Ann and Trish were taking turns sucking Herb as he lay prone on the floor.

Bonnie played hostess and was the only one in the house still fully dressed. She delivered drinks, lube, and even a few kisses and caresses to the groupings; but turned down offers to actually join. She thought it best to just be the good attentive hostess… at least for now.

One of Bonnie’s tasks was to keep videos running on both the living room and game room TV’s. Slosh and Sherry had both been asked to bring 45-minute-long compilations from their old videos for this part of the party. Bonnie had called Jill and gotten her permission to show the video of their threesome out by the pool which she used with clips from her time with the three builders to make a 45-minute composite. She had also made-up a similar composite video of the sex from both the Miami trip and the swinger cruise. With a total of four videos to swap between the two rooms, there were plenty of sex videos to keep running the rest of the night.

In the ‘harem’ there was a lively conversation the entire seventy-five minutes of what Bonnie would later call “round one.” Even those who were actively engaged in sexual play participated in the discussion. Most of the talk was about the stories they had heard. As the night wore on, many new details emerged. As she moved around, it was quite obvious to Bonnie that Sherry enjoyed watching her husband serviced thoroughly by the two much younger women.

On Bonnie’s second visit to check on the foursome in her bedroom, she sat on the bed for a good ten minutes holding Brandy tight as they both watched her husband and Calvin double-team Sue Ann. As they sat together, Bonnie very quietly asked if Brandy would like to come over Tuesday afternoon after she picked her kids up from school so they could spend an hour with just the two of them in bed. Brandy emphatically said she would like that very much.

When she returned to the harem, she found Tabatha, Ronda, and Butch were not in the room any longer; however, Beth Ann was riding Herb hard, while in a pillow nest by the television, Mike was slowly spooning Amy. Bonnie knew that for both men, publicly having sex with other women like this was quite a step; however, both of their wives clearly were enjoying watching as they sat snuggled with Cooper. When Bonnie returned from the game room with a bottle of wine to refresh the spectator’s glasses, Herb had reached his limit. He grunted and groaned his orgasm into Beth Ann who was apparently working toward a climax of her own. By the time Bonnie was done pouring, they both were done.

Sherry brightly told her husband, “So Herb, on the way over you said you were too old for this kind of stuff. It seems you were wrong. Though I think we both appreciate Trish and Beth Ann doing most of the physical work.”

Her husband gave a happy but mumbled reply.

Bonnie decided to go look for the missing threesome. She found Butch, Tabitha, and Ronda upstairs in the playroom. Ronda was riding The Snake with enough noisy energy to allow Bonnie to know what was happening even as she was still on the stairs. Walking into the room, Bonnie was impressed to see she was not only taking every bit of it inside of herself, but she was banging him hard to drive it deeper. The sheer energy Ronda and Butch were putting into their coupling made for a very erotic sight indeed. Bonnie had no doubt this was exactly what Ronda had meant when she spoke of her love of athletic sex.

When Tabitha saw her enter the room, she slid off the bed and gave Bonnie a hug before saying, “I’d thought we’d never get to do this kind of thing again when I rededicated my life to God. It’s amazing how the more you think you are giving up, the more He gives you.”

Bonnie hadn’t actually thought of it that way before, but Tabatha was right. She replied “While God asks for us to give up selfishness as part of our commitment to loving others; no matter what church leaders might claim, he never asks us to give up the joy of physical love. And I would agree, I think we do get more out of it than we give up.” She paused for a minute as they watched then added, “I am only honored to be with you on your journey. The kids in our church are lucky to have you as a role model.”

Tabatha pulled Bonnie tight as they watched Butch and Ronda go at it. Soon the couple move to a scissors position. The active enthusiasm they displayed was something to behold. Bonnie was sure she’d never been able to maintain that pace, even when she was young. She also noticed how his overly long penis gave Butch a flexibility of angle that would not be possible with an average-sized tool.

After they witnessed Ronda climax a second time; she, dripping with sweat, looked over to Bonnie and Tabitha and said “OK someone else’s turn. Which of you will it be?”

Bonnie assured Ronda that she would like to try the snake on, but she had other duties just now. When Ronda just blew her a kiss rather than getting off the bed, Bonnie took it as her cue to head back downstairs. She stopped by the game room to pick up a few bottles of water before making her way back to the living room harem. She found things had changed while she’d been gone. Slosh and Sherry evidently had decided to put on a show for the other five, using Cooper as their prop. Not that Cooper gave any sign that he objected as he lay on the padded bench so the two of them had convenient access to him. As she entered the room, Slosh was kissing him while Sherry sucked his dick. When Bonnie crossed the room, Sherry looked up from ministering to Cooper and said, “We thought your poor neglected husband needed some attention.”

Bonnie snorted, “That man has gotten more attention from more women this year than most guys do in a lifetime.”

Sherry replied, while holding his erection firmly, “That may be true, but he hasn’t had any tonight.” With that she put the head back into her mouth. Bonnie watched for a while before remembering she’d brought the water bottles for the foursome in the bedroom. As it turned out, she was right on time. They’d evidently just finished up and they were all laying out looking up into the mirror breathing hard. Seeing Bonnie, Sue Ann said, “That was simply amazing. I’d seen foursomes in porn, but I didn’t realize how great it could be in person. How long were we at it?”

Bonnie began handing out the bottles of water and said, “Just under an hour. And you are right, a foursome is terrific when you have the right people; and from what I saw, you four make a great group. I don’t need to ask the guys if they had a great time, it is abundantly clear that they did.” She then looked right at Brandy “but, what did you think of it?”

“Do you mean having sex with somebody besides Dwight for the first time? Or all of it?”

“Both” she answered with enthusiasm.

“Well… I guess I’d never realized it really does feel different doing it with a different guy. He kisses differently than Dwight, he holds me different and… he feels different inside of me. Not necessarily better, but it was really great because it was totally new. But I know I would feel guilty if Dwight hadn’t enjoyed watching so much. He even put his dick in me after Calvin had cum in my pussy. I know Dwight really liked feeling Calvin’s cum in me when he put his dick in because he came right off when he did.”

Dwight spoke up “Oh it was so hot. I heard both Mike and Cooper talk about how they liked having sex after you and Marcy have been with other guys, now I get it.”

Bonnie nodded, “Oh I understand. That’s why I’m going back out to see the show that Slosh and Sherry are putting on with my husband. I like to watch him doing other women too.” Then just before she left the room she said “Oh, Calvin. If you want to try what sex is like with your wife full of another man’s fresh goo, Herb left her full.”

In the living room, Bonnie saw Cooper drilling Slosh while kissing Sherry. It was quite a sight. The two women’s husbands were most definitely enjoying the show their wives were putting on. There was not even a hint of resentment or jealousy.

The foursome from the bedroom was not far behind Bonnie into the living room, and the threesome from upstairs was down before Slosh and Sherry finished their performance. And quite a performance it was. Though the two women had never shared a man with each other, and most of their experience was decades out of practice; Bonnie never would have known by watching. The two of them seemed to just know how to work together to move Cooper to new positions with both ease and fluid grace. Bonnie was proud of her man in that no matter what they did, he held back from cumming. Since they moved from one position to the next fairly often, he had his dick in both of their mouths and vaginas multiple times before the two highly experienced women ended by doing sixty-nine on each other. She had no idea how many orgasms Slosh and Sherry had with Cooper (and each other), but to her what was important was that, none of them were her husband’s, so he was not done for the night.

Because the party had begun early in the evening, it was only 11:00 when the first round of sex came to an end. Bonnie was not too surprised when Sherry let her know the party so far had been terrific, she and Herb (mostly Herb) were spent for the night. She said she’d want to hear all about what had happened in her absence. Bonnie assured her she’d get a full report.

By the time she’d seen the Connors to their car, everyone had migrated to the game room since not only was that where the food and drinks were, but there was enough comfortable seating for the fourteen people left. Mike, Calvin and Beth Ann had pulled their pants back on, and several of the men had put back on their vests. For her part, Bonnie continued to play the role of The Jin of Ceremonies so she still wore her complete outfit, including her high-heeled genie sandals.

As she moved between small groups eating and drinking wine, Bonnie was pleased with what her friends had to say. There was no question everyone there saw this as the beginning of a new chapter in their group’s development. Since she’d been on her feet (in her heels) since the story time ended, she took a seat in one of the overstuffed chairs near the sliding glass door. In the other three chairs were Beth Ann, her sister and Tabatha. Sue Ann was talking about how much fun her foursome had been. Beth Ann told her sister how much she’d enjoyed watching her with Calvin and she’d certainly be looking in on them while they did it at her house during the football game tomorrow.

Bonnie thought she should say one thing. “Beth Ann, before you do that, you might want to talk to your kids, especially Tracy. In our case, my kids grew up with Cooper and me having sex right out in the open, even when we knew they were watching us. Beyond that, they’d seen the photos and video of me with Vic and Jill Banning and our swinger cruise before they actually saw us in our bed with another couple. Tracy is what ten now? And like you said, she would know exactly what her aunt and Calvin are doing even if the bedroom door is firmly closed?”

“Yes, Tracy is ten, she’ll be eleven in a few months.” Beth Ann answered. “But I really don’t think it will be any big deal to her. You have to know she, like all the older kids, actually watched couples screwing in your bedroom this summer at family swim days. If it wasn’t one of the adult couples, it was the teenagers. After all, even if the couple shut the door they could see right through the glass. Tracy and the other kids could, and did, go in to see who was doing who most Sundays. And then there is the photobook from your cruise and the pictures in Cooper’s study and the guest room upstairs.”

While Bonnie had assumed that Brandy’s 14-year-old DJ and the other younger teens would notice those things, she hadn’t really thought about kids Tracy’s age.

Beth Ann went on “After that first nude family swim day, Tracy did have some questions even though she seemed to take the nudity completely in stride. Your photos actually opened the door for a very good conversation.”

“Oh?” Bonnie asked, “What kind of conversation?”

“Just the kind you and Ronda are all for. She wanted to know why Mrs. C. had sex with all those people on her trip.”

Tabatha cut in “If I’d seen that book at Tracy’s age, I actually don’t think I would have understood what I was looking at.”

Beth Ann snorted “Tracy lives in the world of internet porn and her mom has been having men come to the house all her life. As I said earlier, she has interrupted me doing it with several different men. It gave me an opportunity, for the first time, to directly acknowledge that I’ve had sex with over a dozen different men in my bedroom while she has been home. I knew she already knew that, but I’ve never said it outright before. I used their questions about your book to tell her that all women can choose who they want to have sex with and when she is older she will have that choice too.”

“When I was pregnant with her brother, I had first explained where babies come from. Then when Tucker was actually born it made even more sense to her. When we had the talk about your book, she surprised me when she reminded me that she’d almost walked in on me having sex with Uncle Jimmy a year before. Though I hadn’t expected that from her, I didn’t hesitate to confirm she was right, she had almost walked in on me having sex with Jimmy. There was no point in denying it, but I let her know I hadn’t been with any other men since we got married. Back in June, I already foresaw what we have been doing tonight. I saw it as inevitable, so I made a point to tell her that Calvin and I had not promised we would never have sex with other people in the future. So, no I don’t think she or Tucker will bat an eye when I tell them their aunt will be sleeping over with Calvin and I.”

As Beth Ann spoke, Cooper had come up behind bonnie and put a hand on her shoulder. Tabitha congratulated him on keeping up with Slosh and Sherry. “Given their combined experience with men, I suspect they gave you more of a workout than we could see.”

Cooper laughed, “Oh yea. It was quite the experience. I felt like I was just hanging on for dear life.”

The four women laughed since they evidently knew exactly what he was saying.

Then he added “It was really fun, but it’s not the same as regular lovemaking. That is one of the things I’m still learning about this life that my wife, Sherry, and Marcy… I mean Slosh, already knew.”

Tabitha put in “Yea, you are right. I might not have their experience, but I’ve had group sex dozens of times in the years between the day I ran away from home and when I moved back to Sparta; and yes, it’s not the same.”

Without preliminaries or noting she was changing subjects, Beth Ann looked at Cooper and asked “So? If one of the guys here asked, would you blow him?”

Bonnie could see Cooper was taken off guard by the question and was going to intervene when he said “Sure I would. I haven’t had a chance to do it with a man since the New York trip, and I actually wish I knew a guy in town who liked it.”

Tabitha didn’t wait for him to say more before saying “Oh, I’ve seen guys suck Butch off dozens of times. When we have been in bed with other couples it’s quite common and completely normal for both the man and the woman to go down on Butch and me both… at least when we are behind closed doors. I’d say right at half the time we had foursomes in the years before we moved here, both the husband and wife gave Butch head. He doesn’t do guys, but he never turns down a blow job.”

Both Beth Ann and her sister seemed quite surprised at Tabitha’s words. Without asking Cooper first, Tabitha called her husband over from talking to Calvin, Bethany, and Dwight. “Butch dear, could you come over.“ When he did she said “I don’t think either of these two” referring to the two sisters “have seen a guy suck off another guy. And Cooper said he’d been hoping to suck some dick for several months. Would you mind letting Cooper have a taste of the snake?”

Butch looked to Cooper who seemed both a little embarrassed and eager at the same time. Cooper looked to Bonnie who nodded back before he motioned to Butch to come over and stand in front of him as he sat in the overstuffed chair. Since Butch was still bare below the waist, Cooper, without any warm-up, wrapped the head of Butch’s penis between his lips. Once it was in his mouth, he rapidly brought it back to full staff. The remaining guests turned to watch Cooper sucking the unusually long penis without the slightest bit of temerity.

Bonnie could see their looks of unabashed fascination with what was happening. There was also no doubt that Butch was enjoying receiving the blow job as much as Cooper enjoyed giving it. However, after just a few minutes the surprise wore off and the little crowd began to move back to what they were doing.

Perhaps five minutes after Cooper had put Butch’s penis in his mouth, Beth Ann then posed a new question. “Tabitha, would Butch fuck Cooper if he asked?”

Tabitha laughed, “Have you ever met a guy who would turn down a chance to have anal sex?”

Beth Ann laughed too. “No, I haven’t. Though I only offer it to guys with slim dicks. I’d never ask for that” her eyes went to the snake, “to be put in my back door.”

Bonnie finally stepped in “Well Cooper, would you like to take the snake in your ass?”

Cooper took his mouth from Butch’s penis and looked up at Butch, “Would you like to fuck me?”

Butch answered by asking Bonnie to get him a bottle of lube.

When Bonnie returned from the living room, her husband was bent over one of the stools by the wet bar… and Tabitha was behind him licking and fingering his ass. That was even more surprising than the whole thing with Butch. Bonnie gave the younger woman the small bottle and she poured some onto her hands before handing it to her own husband. Then with practiced precision, she began to work one, then two fingers of her right hand all the way into Cooper’s rectum as she stroked his cock with her left.

Butch eased his long, but not overly thick, penis into Cooper very slowly, asking several times if he was going too fast. Several times Cooper said, “Oh yea, that feels so good.” Again, all the guests watched as over several minutes of short strokes going deeper each time, the long shaft completely disappeared into Cooper. When it did, both men seemed to groan in pleasure.

Five minutes from the moment he’d pressed the head of his penis into Cooper’s sphincter, Butch was fucking hard. The room was filled with the sounds of slapping flesh and both men’s vocalizations.

As they watched their husbands having sex, Tabitha turned to Bonnie and said “You have to know I’m jealous now.”

“Of what?” Bonnie asked?

Tabitha gave a surprised look, “You don’t know I’ve been crushing on your husband for over a year? And since we all started going nude, it’s been driving me crazy.”

Bonnie had no idea. She was sure Cooper didn’t. “You should have said something. You should know Cooper would never ask. Every single one of the women he’s been with this year has had to directly ask him to sleep with them.” Bonnie laughed “Even all those years ago, I had to take him by the hand and take him to my dorm room.”

They watched Butch fucking Cooper for a minute longer before Tabitha just said “You mean I should just out and ask to have sex with him? Wouldn’t that be weird?”

Bonnie laughed “A year ago it would have been, but not now.”

“But what if he doesn’t think of me like that?”

“He likes you. That is all that he needs. You of all people should get that we have embraced the idea that sex between friends is normal.” Bonnie used her eyes to cut to Tabitha’s husband slamming his dick into Cooper who was groaning with pleasure.”

Tabitha nodded, “Yea, I guess so.”

Bonnie turned and smiled and said, “The guys have made the point about guy-on-guys sex, now it’s time to move this thing to a conclusion.”

She tapped Butch on the back and said “OK Butch, you proved the point. You can quit now before you fill my husband’s ass with cum.” Butch nodded and gave one last thrust before pulling out.

Bonnie stepped to the center of the room to get everyone’s attention. In a firm voice, she said “Things have gone incredibly well so far. Would you all agree?”

Everyone did.

“We have spent a fortune to heat the pool up to the point it is steaming out there in the cold. So, as of this moment, I am resigning my duties as The Jin of Ceremonies and I am going to get naked and get in that water. You can all grab a glass of wine or other beverages, then join me in the warm water and relax. Well, if any of you really want to fuck in the water that’s OK too.”

There were laughs.

“While I might just crawl up on one of you guys out there, likely I will wait till we get back inside to get my fill of erotic pleasures for the night. And be sure, I expect my share too.”

She got several voices supporting her idea.

“My plan is that after we go back in, one of you guys will move the little table we put in the center of the room and see who would like to join me for an hour or two of talking & touching before we call it a night. OK, there will likely be kissing, licking, sucking, and fucking by couples and trios in the center of the room; but mostly I expect to simply relax and watch as the pleasures come naturally. I’ll reiterate that you all can stay as long as you like even if I give out and go to sleep. You can use any of the beds upstairs to sleep or otherwise metabolize the alcohol you have consumed.”

And that is what happened. They stayed out in the water relaxing and talking for about an hour (and yes there was some fucking such as when Tabatha mounted Cooper) before everyone came back in to join Bonnie in the living room harem. It was quite mellow, though an orgy it clearly was. The talking and laughter never ceased while the entire time, in the center of the room, one couple (or trio) after another provided “ambiance & entertainment.”

Tabitha and Cooper opened this last phase of the party making love right in the center of the room. As they did, Bonnie snuggled up with Brandy and her husband as if ‘on-deck’ as the next act. Once Tabitha had wrung Cooper out thoroughly, Bonnie had her first sex of the night in a threesome with Brandy and Dwight.

She had expected Dwight to be an artless fuck, but she was pleasantly surprised. Perhaps it was that he’d had an hour-long foursome already, or that Trish had ridden him in the pool, or perhaps it was that Brandy made it clear that the threesome was mostly about her and Bonnie and that he was just an auxiliary to their time together. But for whatever reason, he took his time and seemed to be sensitive to what Brandy wanted him to do.

What Bonnie had not expected was that when it was evident that their threesome was wrapping up as Dwight stroked into her from behind while she ate out Brandy, Amy spoke up. While she made it appear she was just talking to Dwight, it was clear she wanted everyone to hear. “I have been told by a little bird that Cooper Campbell’s very favorite dessert in all the world is Cream Filled Bonnie. You might consider injecting some cream into her muffin so that Cooper can have a little treat too.”

Dwight looked over to Amy and said, “I think I can do that.” Amazingly he actually waited to do the “injecting” until Bonnie brought his wife to orgasm.

She’d had four glasses of wine, but that is not what led Bonnie to roll on her back and tell Cooper “Dessert is ready.” Nor was it that she knew Cooper would love doing it. No, the real reason was she knew he’d get her off while he did.

Even as Bonnie was thrusting her hips into Cooper’s mouth, Amy followed up her suggestion by saying “If any of you other three gentlemen wish to give our wonderful hostess an end-of-party thank-you fuck, I’m sure both she and Cooper will be glad for a few more bites of cream filled torte.”

An hour and a half later he and Bonnie lay in their bed, alone in the quiet house. No one had taken them up on their offer of a bed for the night. Given all that had happened, and the fact everyone had pitched in to put the house back into order before they left, it was still remarkably early, around 2:00 AM.

Bonnie looked up into the mirror at her husband. “Well, that went better than I’d expected. I think everyone had an amazing time. Amy said that it was hands down the best sex party she’d ever been to, and Sherry said something similar before she left. I hope you had as good of time as I did.”

Cooper chuckled, “Well, a few times I felt a little overwhelmed. I’ve never in my life felt so popular. I think I had sex, either vaginal or oral, with around half of the women who were here tonight. That last time, while I was eating Calvin’s cream out of you, when I felt Brandy get on me, it was a real surprise.”

Bonnie smiled up in to the overhead mirror “I was impressed when, before I sat on your face, I saw you were fully hard again. After the effort you put in with Tabatha, I thought you were done.”

Cooper laughed “So did I. I’m not like those young guys. I think all three of them came three times each over the course of the party.”

Bonnie replied “Oh, I think that last time with Slosh, right before Calvin did me, was Dwight’s fourth.”

Cooper’s eyes went wide in surprise. “I couldn’t have done that even when I was his age. I can assure you I had all I could handle tonight. Like I said, sometimes it was a little overwhelming.”

“But you enjoyed it didn’t you?” Bonnie asked.

This time Cooper gave out a full laugh. “Oh yea, I enjoyed it all right. After we came in from the pool, it seemed women kept asking me to go down on them. Not that I’m complaining. I love eating women out…you most of all.”

“I hope you liked the three cream filled muffins. I’m pretty sure everyone liked Amy’s game of watching me feed you what the three younger guys left in me.”

“I’ll take your word for that since I couldn’t see while I was eating. I won’t pretend I didn’t like doing it.” He seemed to think for a moment before saying “I hope it doesn’t sound pervy or like I’m objectifying you, but watching the three young guys service you was quite an experience. I remember Slosh saying that at the orgy at the club in Miami, you were the queen bee and that everything centered around you. I saw that tonight. Not just that you were the hostess, but sexually you were the center of the night. Then in that last session after we went swimming, the three young men were all waiting to service you. I know how it is a common perception that women serve men sexually, tonight that isn’t what happened at all. As I watched them do you one after another, they were serving you, not you them. It reminded me of a documentary I saw of male bees servicing the queen.”

Though Bonnie pretended not to understand, she knew exactly what he was saying. Young people, men and women, seemed to seek her out to serve her sexually. She wasn’t sure why that was, but she knew it was true.

Cooper continued “And the honest truth is I enjoyed watching it. I enjoyed it a great deal. In fact, I absolutely loved watching Dwight, Butch and Calvin fucking you hard. I loved watching the pleasure you got from them doing it. I loved how all conversation seemed to stop as everyone watched you climax. And I love watching the guys straining and groaning as they ejaculated into you… or as Amy said ‘injected their cream into your muffin.’ Getting the chance to eat the cream they left in you as soon as they pulled out was… well it was enough to get me hard even after my time with Tabitha. I’ll have to thank Amy for her little suggestion next time I talk to her.”

This time it was Bonnie’s turn to laugh. “I don’t know whether to thank her or kick her butt for her little suggestion. But the truth is, I really liked getting it from the three young guys followed by you eating me out right afterward. Just don’t you tell her I said that.”

Cooper promised he wouldn’t then he said “I don’t think anyone will ever forget this night.”

“No, I don’t think so. I certainly won’t.”


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