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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 59b

The evening played out exactly how Tommie had predicted. Since she knew Tommie couldn’t actually talk to her about it even though he wanted to; she sent him a text:

I love you. As you knew we would, Kelli, Cody, and I had a great time at my house tonight. It would have been far better with you there, though I understand why you couldn’t join us. Knowing I had your support to enjoy it all was what made it possible, so you were with me the whole time even while you weren’t physically here.

She added a string of heart emojis and then sent her message.

Two minutes later his return text was at least a hundred hearts. She began to cry out of grief knowing that her love affair with Tommie was nearly over.

It was some time before Misty could pull herself together. Still sitting in her bed, she opened up her laptop to check her email. There were a few messages from club members, but that was not the one that got her attention. There was an email from Richard Kyle of RK Entertainment Ltd.  She read it over, then again. She couldn’t believe her eyes, but it was real. She read and reread it twice more. She opened the attachment; it was a draft contract.  Up until this very moment her interactions with Mr. Kyle had been more of a dream than something she expected to pan out for her, but suddenly it was very real indeed.

Misty was giddy with excitement.  She went downstairs to tell her parents and found them sitting in the living room in their recliners. Her father was reading a book and her mother was working on her laptop.

“You won’t believe the email I just got,” Misty said excitedly. “It is from the company who owns the website that our nude beach pictures are on.  As I’ve told you before, I’ve been communicating with them. Back in the fall, I sent them a couple of sample photos from the ones we shot in Miami in August. They liked the photos and wanted to buy the whole set of me and Mom on the topless and nude beaches. But if you remember, you guys were concerned about repercussions if I sold them photos since I was not yet eighteen. Well…I’d written out a whole proposal for a website that is sort of a lifestyle site about me for after I turn eighteen. I sort of got the idea from Ms. Slosh’s story how her nightclub act was just recounting her sex life, so my pitch was sort of like that, but I said that I would include nude and sex pics of me to go with the stories. I let them know that the proposal was for after I turned eighteen and I included the day that would be. I hadn’t heard from them since around Thanksgiving, and I more or less thought all that was dead in the water.”

“Well, I guess they hadn’t forgotten about me after all and now that I’m about to turn eighteen, they want to buy not just my photos, but they want to enter into a business partnership with me to make my proposed website happen. Mr. Kyle, the owner, wants to fly us to the island of St. Martin in the Caribbean to negotiate the deal.  I guess they have made a lot of money off of those pictures of us they bought, and since I won’t just sell them our new pictures, they seem to be willing to spend some money to partner with me on a new site.”

Her parents were just as astonished as Misty. She handed her dad her tablet that had the draft contract on it. As he began to read it, her mother asked, “So they want to bring you to St. Martin to sign a deal?”

Misty nodded, “It seems so. I didn’t tell him we would do it, but before I came down here, I told them that my spring break from school is just a few weeks away. So, Mom, could we go to at least talk to him?”

Bonnie just sat a little dumbfounded at the suddenness of it all. She slowly began, “Well, I’m booked to speak all month, but I could talk to Amy about letting Gayle take a few of those dates if I need her to. I think she will be ready by then.” She seemed to think then said almost to herself, “And if we start the process tomorrow, by paying an extra fee, we could get you a passport by your Spring Break. That is what I had to do last fall to renew my own passport for my trip to Cancun.” She looked over to Cooper and asked, “What do you think?”

To Misty, he said, “Your mother is right, this is rather sudden. But, from my years negotiating contracts of all sorts, it is not unheard of. Some companies, especially small ones operate that way. We would need to let Mike Marshal look at this contract, though I suspect he will refer us to the man we talked to when your first set of beach photos came out. As I recall, Dean Tombs’ firm is the leading entertainment law firm in the state. So, he is likely the person to talk to.” He paused thinking, then added, “Why don’t you go upstairs and forward to me all the emails between you and this Mr. Kyle. I will send them to Mike Marshal after I speak with him. Also, go ahead and respond to the message and say you are interested but before you can agree to the trip, we will need to get legal counsel. He will understand that. While you do, your mother and I will talk this through.”

Once Misty had gone, Cooper said, “This might be an opportunity and it might be a trap.”

Bonnie agreed, “I think you are right. And Misty needs to consider the long-term implications of her creating a sex site about her life. It sounds like she is proposing putting photos of her actually having sex on it. But even as I say that, I know I show photos of me having sex every time I’m speaking. And… as you know I’ve started posting full frontal nude photographs of me on my blog, and though I haven’t done so yet, in time my blog will have photos of me having sex. So, it's not like I can tell her not to do that. In effect, I think she is proposing building a whole site that is more or less like my blog. Even though this needs some serious thought, I think we should take the steps necessary to make it a viable option. Can you call Mike tonight and get his input?”

Bonnie and Cooper continued talking about it even after they had gone to bed. The upshot was that they would support Misty on this project, but withhold any commitments until they got more information.

In addition to sending her dad all the information he’d asked for, Misty sent out texts to invite the club members to meet her at the House of Pizza tomorrow afternoon so she could get their input too. After all, this proposed website would impact on the club.  She knew that not everyone would be able to come at such short notice, but that seemed the best plan.

The next day, while at school she received another email from Mr. Kyle thanking her for her interest and asking for the dates in which she would be out of school. She sent the dates to him at lunch. By the time school let out, Mr. Kyle had written back stating clearly that his company would pay for her and her parents' airfare as well as lodging on the island.  When she called her mother to fill her in, her mother said, “It certainly sounds like this Mr. Kyle is very interested in your proposal. Your father had a conference call with Mike and Dean Toombs an hour or so ago. It seems Dean keeps up with the doings of the internet adult content business. He said he already has a number of clients who do porn on a semi-professional basis. He said that smaller operations like RK Entertainment are struggling to compete as the industry consolidates and that is likely why they are open to trying something new.”

Misty shot back, “But I don’t see what I’m proposing is porn. Yes, I envision adult content, but I see it as a platform to promote sex positivity and our vision of sexual morality.”

Her mother replied, “Yes, I understand that. I would not support you doing a porn site; however, since nudity and sex will be the themes, in the industry, your plan will be seen as just gussied-up porn. You have to understand that.”

Misty said she did.

“Dean thinks Mr. Kyle is willing to put out the money to bring us to see him, not just because he sees it as a good investment, but that he sees your idea as a new market strategy. If your proposed site gets off the ground, it might bring in an audience that would not go to porn sites. It all makes sense to Dean. He is going over the draft contract and we will work with him to make a counter offer to ensure your vision is what you are agreeing to.”

Misty was excited that her idea was being taken seriously. “So, Mom, what do we need to do next?”

“Well, right now I need you and your brother to meet me at the UPS store in town to get a passport photo made. Tonight, we will pull together the documents to get passports for you and Lamar.”

“Why Lamar?” Misty asked.

“Because if Mr. Kyle puts the family up in St. Martin, it will only cost us airfare to bring your brother too. No matter how this turns out, we are being offered a spring break vacation that we couldn’t possibly afford on our own.”

That also made sense to Misty. At 5:00, fourteen of the twenty-one Euro-Club girls met in the back room at the House of Pizza. Misty was able to get the use of the room as long as everyone was gone by 6:30 so that the Lions Club could have their scheduled meeting in the same room.

After everyone was settled, Misty stood up to address the club, “I have exciting news. After my birthday a week from Friday, my deniability of involvement in posting my photos will be gone. Back in the fall, I found a way to contact the guy who owns the website with that original set of photos of me and my mom at the nude beach.  He has agreed to jointly create a new web-site that would openly be mine after I turn eighteen.  I sent him six sample photos of my mom and me from both trips we made to Miami. He is willing to pay for them because there is a real demand for photos of moms and their teen daughters.  I think he has already made a lot of money off the site of us and he wants new photos.”

Her friends nodded, but several had a look of concern about what she was saying.

“He first made an offer to just buy my photos, but my mom put the kibosh on that idea. Over the fall as the club’s website was gaining a following, I first thought about the idea of my own website; something to promote my ideas as well as photography. I think it would be sexy and fun to run my own site. It’s still in the early stage, and it will have to wait till after my birthday to kick off. I was thinking about writing articles and using photos of me and my family to show we are just normal people, but we are nudist and believe in open sexuality. I also want a venue to show off my photography.”

“Really? How cool.” Sarah said.

Misty nodded her head. “Yea, I’m going full-out to prove I believe in what the Euro-Club says. I believe, we believe, that nudity and sex are natural, beautiful and nothing to be ashamed of. As I envision it, the site will have both pictures of me and photos I take of other people… a lot of both. And, just to be clear, I plan on posting photos of me having sex with different people.”

“So is it going to be like a membership site?” Bailey quizzed.

“That isn’t my plan. I want to get the widest possible reach. In my proposal to the company, I made it clear that I wanted the site to have a social mission, not just naked photos for nasty old men to jerk-off to.”

The girls at the table laughed.

“For me, the point of this is not to make money, it is to put my commitment to sexual freedom in the front and center.”

“But you don’t mind money do you,” Caitlin asked. “From what my mother told me about her prior career, there is a lot of money to be made in adult websites.”

Misty smiled, “No, I don’t mind making money. I think you all know that I am already getting paid for some of my photography.  Now, I won’t get any money from this new site until after I sign a contract.  The tentative plan is for my parents and I to go to St. Martin, in the Caribbean, over Spring Break. It’s complicated legal stuff so mom has already asked Sarah’s dad to be my lawyer in this.”

Sarah seemed pleased with that.

“How much will you make with the website?” Haley asked.

“It’s hard to say because it depends on how many people visit. But Mr. Kyle says that he manages a good number of websites that make over $10,000 a month, but of course, mine will be different by not using paid memberships, so he’s taking a risk too.”

“A month?”

“Yea, a month, but like I said I surely won’t make that much, but we’ll see.  What we are working for is an agreement where I provide the content and he provides the technical stuff, and then we split the money. How exactly to do that is still to be decided. Once we work it out, Sarah’s dad and an entertainment lawyer in Atlanta will look at the contract before I agree. So it may be real money, but it might be nothing.”

Joanne asked, “Are you talking about using the pictures you took of us?

“Only if you agree to it. In those cases, I will pay you for the use of your images.”

The room buzzed with excited conversation, especially from those girls who had already posed in nude and erotic photos for Misty.


Friday night was Cooper’s first romantic date with DeeDee Hildebrandt.

Walking into the restaurant, he was puzzled that his stomach was full of butterflies. Why was he so nervous? He’d been regularly talking on the phone to DeeDee for months, they’d had sex several times and the two of them had even spent a whole weekend together in Macon and Gorden. Yet, the butterflies were there nonetheless.

When she saw him, she stood up at the table across the restaurant. He saw that tonight, she was not in her scrubs or her business suit, rather she was in a very nice, very expensive, and very sexy dress. She was showing far more of her body than was normally seen in rural Georgia. He’d never seen her dressed up like that before. He had no doubt that the dress had come from one of her well-heeled clients. That did not bother him at all. He considered that perhaps she was as nervous about this as he was and had dressed to fit the role of his mistress. She radiated a sensuality that was impossible to miss, yet it was difficult to pinpoint why. The objective truth was she wasn’t as pretty as Heather or even Bonnie… yet, there was something about her that exuded hypersexuality.   

When he approached, she stepped forward and kissed him lightly on the lips. That was unexpected given they weren’t that far from Sparta. He was again surprised when he already felt a stirring in his pants.

They both sat at the small table for two, her smile was radiant. She reached out and took his hand before saying, “I was sitting here thinking and I realized, this is the first regular date I’ve had… ever. I mean, a date where I was not getting paid.”

It had taken him months of talking to her for him to fully grasp that the core of DeeDee’s self-identity was that she was a sacred prostitute. Everything else in her life was layered on top of that, her education, her career, and even her role as a parent was predicated on the idea that at her core, her body was given to God to express his love through sex… and she was paid for that service. When she called herself a harlot or whore or prostitute, which she had done several times in their conversations, she did not do so to abase herself. Rather to her, those titles were simply an evident truth. So it did not surprise him that the first thing out of her mouth was a reference to the fact that throughout her life all her dates had been with clients who paid her for sex. Yes, he understood that many of those payments were token amounts, but to her what mattered was the fact they paid her.   

She didn't even stop to let that comment sink in, it was a given and she expected that Cooper knew that. However, she went on to elaborate, “While as a teenager I was having sex several times a week starting before I’d even begun high school, but I was never Brother Paul’s or his brother’s girlfriend. I never went out on a date with either of them because their father forbade them from dating someone like me. To their father, my pastor, I simply provided them with sex.  I didn’t date in college either but for a different reason. The rules were strict at my fundamentalist Baptist school, and normal dating was simply not allowed. Though when I started my clinical work, away from campus, I started having sex at the hospital almost immediately. Yet, the men who screwed me never took me out. I never had a date per se with my husband either. We fucked at the hospital, I got pregnant and we got married. But he never took me out like this. After that, I had a string of affairs with doctors, but those affairs were all sex and no dating. And of course, I’ve been on many dates with clients. So, here I am forty-one years old on my first romantic date.”

Cooper didn’t know what to say. Where was she going with this?

She gave him a smile before saying, “And I’ve even cheated on this first date. We are bypassing the awkward getting to know you phase and are skipping to the point where we simply enjoy being in one another’s company. And Cooper Campbell, I am very happy to be here with you.”

Now he had something to say. “And I am very happy to be here with you too. Strangely happy. Scarily happy.  Happy enough to simply wash away any competing thoughts or feelings.” There was another word for how he felt about DeeDee, but he’d not used it yet… though he knew deep down that feeling was love.

“Cooper, I told Brother Paul and Mary that we have become a couple when I was with them on Wednesday, but they weren’t the least bit surprised. They saw what was going on between us when we were with them, even though we were still unwilling to see it ourselves. They saw that we are lovers in the truest sense of the word. It seems they saw the love we share plain as day. They knew we were a couple no matter what we called ourselves.”

Cooper had to force himself not to respond. Yes, he’d thought of the “L” word a lot. But both he and DeeDee had avoided using it.

It was a very good beginning. He deliberately changed the subject to the progressing, but still tentative plans to go to St. Martin and the website Misty had proposed creating.

After their food arrived, Cooper casually asked, “You mentioned that you were with Brother Paul and Mary Wednesday night. How did it go?”  He knew that the relaxed way they frequently talked to each other about their sexual relationships with the people they “ministered” to would seem strange to others. However, to them, discussing their use of their bodies to show love to those in their circle of influence was neither titillating nor embarrassing. It had been that way from the first night they had spent together. That night, it did not take them long to realize that they both used sexuality to show love to others in a way that most people could not understand. As such, talking about with whom and how they’d each had sex was sharing their spiritual service, not anything tawdry or cheap.

“Wonderful,” DeeDee replied. “I was going to get to this later, but since you brought it up, I guess we will do it now. Mary has started a relationship with another man… a Rahab-type relationship with a widower in her church.”

“Oh. How did it go?”

“I’ll put it this way, she now wants to be consecrated as a Rahab.”

“Mary wants to be a Rahab? Where did that come from?” But even as he asked, he thought back on all the things he knew about Mary and he could see it had not come out of nowhere.

Mirroring his thoughts, DeeDee said, “It's one of those things where initially I was surprised, but then I realized she’d been telling me that she was moving that way for over a year, perhaps two. I just didn’t put all the pieces together until she spelled it out for me and Brother Paul. For well over a year, she has been asking me about my life as a Rahab, not just with her husband, but in general. In particular, she has been trying to understand how I can freely use the most intimate parts of my body as simple tools for Christian service, rather than holding them back for a single special relationship. Though she’s embraced Rahabism in theory for decades, the idea of giving her own body in the way I do took time for her to embrace. We have talked repeatedly about how sex as a ministry both gives me purpose in my life and brings me closer to God.  What I didn’t pick up on was how with the last of her kids off to college this past fall, she was no longer a full-time mother. While that had been her primary vision of herself for virtually her entire adult life, with her kids out of her home she felt lost. She told me the idea of her becoming a Rahab had been growing stronger through the fall; yet prior to her night with you, she’d never had any kind of sexual contact with another man, ever. She’d never even kissed another guy before she did with Brother Paul. That was why she’d been talking to me about my experience serving God with my body. That was also the motivation for her to begin coming into the bedroom while her husband and I made love, and then more recently, joining us.”

“Though I didn’t realize it, she has been expanding her sexual horizons with a purpose. After she and I added a sexual component to our relationship, the natural next step was to ask me if I could have sex with you, my lover. For her, it was just one more milestone on the path to becoming a Rahab. As it turned out, it was God’s providence that their daughter, Anabelle, walked in on you two. For Mary, it was that event, well the whole night and morning with you was all one event, one divinely ordained event. After you and I left, she, her husband, and her daughter spent the whole day discussing what had happened and why. That day, Anabelle for the first time told her parents that way back as a teenager, she had embraced the idea of using sex as a service to God, just like I do. They had long known that their daughter had looked up to me, they didn’t know she saw me as a role model in that way. When she was still in high school, she’d told me that some of the teenagers with whom she’d had sex, had been strictly to show God’s love; however, she’d not been willing to tell her parents until that day.”

Cooper was puzzled, “I thought you said Mary wants to be a Rahab. So, you meant Anabelle. Right?”

“No, I mean Mary. Anabelle doesn’t want to be a Rahab, she just let her parents know that she embraces the Rahabist values. Her parents have long known she is very promiscuous and has been since she was in high school. When she was a teenager, she’d created somewhat of a scandal when two sets of parents in their church confronted her father about Annabelle introducing their children to sex. After that, they had to talk to her about being more discrete with her sex life, but they did not tell her not to have sex with the young people in the church or at her school. However, they had not understood that a good many of her daughter’s sexual encounters, going back to when she was sixteen, were in service to God and those in need. I’d known that Anabelle has been trying to emulate me since she had sex the very first time; and since that first time, she’s thought of sex the same way I do.”

“In our conversations over the years, she has often used the language of the Rahab in describing her active sex life. She’s told me repeatedly how she’s looked for guys and girls who were in need of the kind of joy and release that having sex with her could provide. But unlike me, in her life, she’s served God through sex mostly through short-term relationships, often a single session. And while I have only recently begun to use my calling to serve women, she has served nearly as many females as males. Most importantly, unlike me, she sees Rahabist values as just one part of her life, not her central vision of self. But she’s also had a string of boyfriends where the sex was all about romantic love, whereas for me, you are my first. And she’s made it clear she will never take money for sex like I do. Not that she thinks I’m wrong, but it is not her. She and I have talked about that issue for years.”

Cooper just nodded. He couldn’t see there was anything for him to add.

“While Anabelle incorporates Rahabism as just a part of her life, her mother feels the call to become a fully consecrated Rahab. She knows how much I’ve done for her family over the years, and she knows all about the lives I’ve touched through my service. Now that she no longer defines herself by her children, she feels the calling to use her body as a vessel to share God’s love. Unlike Anabelle, she understands and embraces the reasons for seeking referrals and taking payment for her services. So, when I was there on Wednesday, she told Brother Paul she wants to be formally consecrated as a Rahab. It totally blew him away.”

This was all a lot for Cooper to take in. In a way, he understood Mary’s desire to find new meaning in her life as mothering became a part-time, rather than a full-time job. He’d seen that exact same pattern in Bonnie’s life. It was no coincidence that it was also at this stage of her life that Bonnie had thrown herself into becoming the active arm of the FFF. Cooper just had to ask, “But why does she want to become a Rahab who is paid for sex? Is it wise for her to jump straight into the deep end after a single instance of extramarital sex with me?”

DeeDee seemed to have thought of that already. “I understand what you are saying. I had the same question. Mary understood it was one thing to see the need, but it is something else entirely to get into bed with someone as a service. Mary had thought this all out in advance. She knew she needed to find out if she could do it. Over a month ago, she had decided there were two different cases that she thought she could take on. One is a man in their church who had lost his wife to breast cancer last year. The other is a woman who had talked to her repeatedly about problems in her marriage because their sex life had become so stale that both she and her husband thought it a chore. That is when they had it at all, which was infrequently. Mary was aware that for the last month, Brother Paul has been laying the groundwork to talk to both the man and the couple about Rahabism and how I could help them. I’d never taken on a couple as a client, but several of the Rahabs at other churches have done so. After things went so well with Elizabeth, I’d told him when they were ready, I would drive down to meet them.”

Cooper interrupted, “But I thought he’d closed down that program at your church years ago and he’d told you that he was not going to give your name to anyone else.” 

DeeDee nodded, “Yes, he did, years ago. But he’d already set me up with Elisabeth. Remember how I told you that last spring I told him that with Bailey becoming more independent, I wanted to take on new cases. Although he’d resisted, the fact I, on my own, took on Mr. Dallas as my client sort of undermined his resolve. But, in the end, it didn’t matter because Mary asked him if she could take on the widower’s need. She didn’t tell him at that time she was feeling the calling to be a Rahab, only that she wanted to help the man who was a very old friend of the family.”

“What did he think of that?”

“Well…” DeeDee said, drawing the word out. “It certainly put him on the spot. As you know, back when they were first married over twenty years ago, he had told her that since I was in his life, she had the right to do the same with a man if she wanted. The night he told her that he was supportive when she said she wanted to have sex with you was a big step for him, but for her to have sex with a man in their church was a leap into the unknown. Like I said, Annabelle had caused a bit of a scandal by her sexual behavior when she was a teenager, if his wife began having sex with people in the church it could lead to a much bigger scandal.  But he was true to his word and not only did he let her, he completely supported her decision.”

Cooper put in, “Good for him.”

“At the man’s next counseling session, Mary was there. After Brother Paul had set up the idea that it would not be morally wrong of him to find solace in the arms of another woman, Mary spoke up and offered that she would be happy to provide that physical comfort for him. As I understand it, he got rather confused until Mary directly said that she would be honored to join him in his bed for the next four Friday evenings. A week ago tonight, she had sex with him for the first time. She told me that while he was not up to your standard of performance, it went very well. She let me know she felt very good about herself afterward. So, when I was there on Wednesday, she told Brother Paul that she was absolutely sure that God was calling her to be a Rahab taking referrals from him and expecting payment for sex. She asked him to set up a time so she could meet in his office with the other couple. If they agree, they will be her first case as a paid sacred prostitute. She also told him that she wanted a formal consecration, just like he’d done with me all those years ago. But she told him she wanted her consecration to be public, not something done in secret.”

Cooper cut in, “She wasn’t asking to lay naked on the communion table in front of the church congregation was she?”

DeeDee laughed, “No, not in front of their congregation, but yes, she wants it done right in the church like I was. She wants to invite the other Rahabs and Rahabist pastors to be present. It actually shocked me when she asked for that, and you know how hard it is to shock me about anything sexual. She’s not like me who’s been seen naked by all sorts of people, and even for me going nude at the Marshal’s hot tub the first time was a big deal. As far as I know, you were only the second man to ever see her fully in the nude. But in this, Mary is asking for perhaps a couple of dozen witnesses not just to see her naked, but to see her penetrated.”

It took Cooper a moment to see exactly what Mary was asking. Rather than asking about the word penetration, he asked, “You say perhaps a couple of dozen people. Are there that many Rahabs?”

“No, Mary will only be the ninth Rahab that we know about. But the Rahabist community is larger than just the practitioners. Do you recall how Brother Paul told you he had made contact with five other churches in Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, and Tennessee that still practice Rahabism?”

He nodded.

“Those six pastors, including Brother Paul, have been discussing Rahabism for over a decade. In the process, they developed the theology and spelled out practices for a new Rahabist movement. They have worked to ensure this new version will avoid the exploitation that Brother Paul’s father and his generation of pastors seemed to have encouraged. Those discussions came to include those pastors, their wives, a few other people in church leadership, and the women who had given their lives to be Rahabs. That group began laying the groundwork for a rebirth of Rahabism with a new commitment to ethical behavior and stronger guardrails.”

“In their study and discussions, they concluded it was when male pastors took control of the program that led inevitably to the abuses. They concluded only a Rahab program primarily implemented by the women involved would stay true to its original purpose. The male pastors still have a role in helping provide referrals and to help with guiding their churches to slowly expand their vision of Christian sexuality; but they would not recruit or control the women. They decided that pastors should not simply assign women to have sex with men as had been done in the past. And pastors most certainly can’t expect the Rahabs in their church to have sex with them… which was nearly universal in the last generation of Rahabism. Pastors, even female pastors, can only ask if the Rahab would be interested in a particular case. They also decided that it had to be expressly stated that Rahabism should never involve teenagers like what happened to me. So, while until I took Elisabeth as a client, our church had not practiced Rahabism since Brother Paul became pastor. Now with Mary becoming a new Rahab, it has been fully revived.”

There was no question that DeeDee had sold Cooper on the legitimacy of the Rahabism that she practiced months ago. And of all people, he understood that for a man to support his wife using her body to serve a higher cause was a noble act. After all, hardly a week went by when Bonnie didn’t do the same thing to serve the goals of the FFF. Yet, he knew it would take him time to process all of this new information.

DeeDee continued, “I don’t think Brother Paul or I explained fully when you were at their home, but slowly over the last few years, a community of Rahabists has begun forming. Those original six pastors were the core, but by using private Facebook groups we have created a real community. The women who are Rahabs and those women who are supportive of Rahabism, like Mary, have gotten to know each other in an all-female group. At first, it was just us who were actual Rahabs, but in time the female church leaders and the wives of the pastors who support Rahabism also joined in. That is why Mary has been in that group for close to two years. You see, in the two largest Rahabist churches, female staff members are in charge of the program, and several of those associate ministers practice Rahabism in an ad hoc manner, similar to what Annabelle does.”

“You might be interested to know that among the women in that group, there is quite a lot of support for ethical non-monogamy like you and Bonnie practice, even from those women who are fully monogamist. There is also a separate discussion group specifically to address the theological and moral issues involved in Rahabism, and how to revise their congregation’s view of Christian sexuality without tearing the churches apart.  It is made up of the pastors and other church leaders who support Rahabism. All the Rahabs are part to ensure the others fully understand how Rahabism actually works. But the truth is I’m not very involved in that group. Frankly, I find it rather boring.”

Cooper jumped in, “I’d love to be part of that group. Would it be possible? After all, I am a church leader and I’m certainly supportive.”

“That is why I wanted to talk to you about this tonight. Your work with the FFF and your writings on Christian sexuality would make you a great fit. And besides, you are the nearest thing I know to a male Rahab. I’ll talk to Brother Paul about sending you an invite. I think you would have a lot to offer since nearly all the people involved in Rahabism are non-monogamous to one degree or another. That is true for both of the online discussion groups. Mary was one of only four in our women’s group who have been fully monogamous throughout their married lives. Of course, that is no longer the case for her.”

Cooper gave a little laugh. “I guess not.”

“Even if Mary wasn’t my closest friend in the world, I would still know from her posts to our group how excited she is about the new turn in her life. There are over thirty of us in our women’s online community, though only eight of us, including the one pastor’s wife, are what we call full Rahabs. By that, I mean that we have been consecrated in a ceremony to the Rahab ministry and we take referrals from our pastors… and all eight of us are paid for our services. We embrace our identity as sacred prostitutes like Rahab was.  As far as any of us know, there have been no new Rahabs consecrated in close to fifteen years, so all eight of us have been doing it for well over a decade. Even though only a few women in our group are Rahabs, everyone in our group embraces the spiritual nature of sex. While the majority aren’t Rahabs themselves, most consciously use their sexuality to show Christian love to those in need who come their way.”

All Cooper could think to say was “Oh, that is very interesting.” He knew that was inadequate, but he felt a little blindsided by all this new information.

When Cooper didn’t say more, she went on, “While I call it an online community, I know Mary speaks on the phone with a couple of the other pastor’s wives at least once a week. That is not uncommon, and a good many meet up with others in the group in person from time to time. There are two little nodes where the churches are close enough for several Rahabists, to get together socially.  One of the women Mary has developed a particularly close relationship with is Patty Miller, or I should say Rev. Miller since she is ordained and is on her church’s pastoral staff.”

“They talk on the phone at least once a week and have met in person once. Patty is the Rahab who is also the wife of one of the six pastors who have been working with Brother Paul on the history and theology of Rahabism. I’ve talked to her at length a couple of times as well. She’s a lot like me in that she’s been a Rahab for over twenty-five years. Unlike me, for the past decade or so she’s worked almost exclusively with couples. She didn’t begin her Rahab ministry until she was in her early twenties. You see, she went to the University of Kentucky, in Knoxville, and she paid for it by working as an escort on weekends. Her journey was one of incorporating her growing commitment to Christ into her sex work, rather than the other way around. Fortunately, or perhaps providentially, the church she began attending while in college, was one of the Rahabist churches.  She didn’t know that until she’d been dating the pastor’s son for over a month and she finally told him she was a part-time, high-end call-girl. She expected him to condemn her for being a prostitute and end their relationship. Instead, he told her about Rahabism. Just over two years later she had graduated from The University of Kentucky with a master’s degree in counseling, had stopped working as an escort, was consecrated as a Rahab, and had married her boyfriend, who was by then the church’s assistant pastor. Her ordination and move to work for her husband’s church came much later.”

“From the original six churches that Brother Paul brought together, we now represent nine congregations; however, in one of those churches, the entire program is done by lay people. The current pastors of that church have no idea about the program that has been operating in their congregation for decades. So for two years, Mary has been getting to know other like-minded women, and importantly, she has been sharing her family’s experience of having a Rahab as an adjunct part of her family for over twenty years. After her night with you, she told the whole group she was no longer monogamous.”

“I hope she gave me a four-star review,” Cooper commented with a smile.

“Oh, she did indeed. She went into what it was like to have sex with someone other than her husband for the first time in her life. And when I say she went into it, she gave quite a lot of detail. For instance, she told them all how surprised she was that you felt so different in her vagina and mouth than Brother Paul. But, she also bemoaned that the plan to have her husband walk in on her having sex with you didn’t pan out. She let them know she is looking forward to when you come back so she can make love to you with Brother Paul and me in the bed right beside her.”

Cooper was surprised, “You didn’t tell me that.”

DeeDee cocked her head, “She told you that herself when we were eating breakfast.”

He thought for a moment, then replied, “OH, I thought she was just being polite because we’d been interrupted by Annabelle. So, she’s been waiting for me to come back?”

DeeDee nodded. “Yes, she has. More than once she’s told me that you have an open invitation to come with me when I go down to Gorden to spend time with them.”

“That is certainly flattering, but it will take some planning.”

DeeDee replied, “Yes, I know that. That is why I haven’t bothered you about it. But yes, she told the women’s group all about how loved you made her feel. It started a whole discussion of the possibility of having male Rahabs. I didn’t use your name of course, but I told the group how you have impacted the lives of several women in your church by showing them God’s love while you made love to them. I made a point to let them know that your wife, not you, was the one who put those women in your bed. All that to say, yesterday Mary told the group she’d surrendered to God’s call to become a full Rahab and invited them to come to her consecration ceremony.”

Cooper asked, “So, what does she have in mind for her consecration?”

“Oh, she already has a pretty clear idea of what she wants. Over the last year, the group has had several discussions about consecration to the Rahab ministry. While there has been talk about women in their churches who might be interested in becoming Rahabs in the future, Mary will be the first. The idea of spelling out the procedures of a consecration ceremony has come up several times. It seems that four of the eight of us Rahabs were consecrated in nearly the exact same way that I was, even though I was much younger than any of the others when I was consecrated. Clearly, that part of Rahabism came from a single source. Mary will be the first newly consecrated Rahab since we became a community, so a lot of thought will go into what is done. While Mary is still working on the details, she will include the same elements that have been present in most Rahabist consecrations.”

Cooper tried to recall what DeeDee had told him about her consecration ceremony when she was fourteen years old. But he definitely remembered how she told him that Paul’s younger brother, with whom DeeDee had never had any sexual contact, did her bareback and pulled out to “anoint her with his holy seed.” With that in mind Cooper asked DeeDee, “Does Mary want all the other Rahabist to watch a man have sex with her while she lays on her church’s communion table?”

“Yes, actually she does. She wants a man she’s never been with to ritually enter her, in the same way Brother Paul’s brother did me.  She is thinking about asking one of the pastors of a Rahabist church, perhaps Patty’s husband to fill that role. Mary likes the symbolism. For her to invite a man with whom she does not have a relationship to enter her will represent her willingness to give her body to those in need. After he anoints her skin with his semen, her husband will follow up by putting his own erection into her. The plan right now is that the final act of the ceremony will be Brother Paul ejaculating into DeeDee to show that he is completely supportive of her new ministry. She has already asked Rev. Patty to officiate the whole thing.”

Cooper smiled and said, “It sounds like quite a ceremony.”

“As far as anyone knows, she will be the first married woman to ever be consecrated as a Rahab. Every one of the Rahabs, except me, had their pastor as the one to fill them with Holy Seed to seal and conclude the ceremony. Even Rev. Patty, whose pastor was her father-in-law-to-be. However, there is universal agreement, that while women should have the option of asking their pastor to perform that role, it must be someone she chooses based on trust and a longstanding relationship. Half of the eight Rahabs in our community are now married, but all of them took a husband after they’d been consecrated and had begun their ministry.”

All of that made sense to Cooper.

“Not only is Mary courageous for inviting the others to be there, I think she is very wise. The entire community understands that ritual and ceremony are very important to creating a cohesive religious community. As well as being the first consecration in a decade and a half, it is the first since we became a community and the first that will have witnesses. In the past, Rahabism was practiced in isolation. This will be the first time we’ve physically come together as a group, so this first-ever assembly of the modern Rahabist movement needs to be something people will not forget.”

Cooper let out a laugh, “Oh, from what you’ve said already, I don’t think anyone will forget.”

DeeDee smiled and nodded, “I think you are right. Mary told me the leadership group has already decided that it will be an all-day event with teaching and testimonials and such. Mary’s consecration will be the last thing on the agenda. We have no idea yet how many will come. Including spouses, we could easily have over fifty people. The leadership group has already begun planning and they are looking to find a hotel where all the people who are coming to town can stay in one place.”

“So when will all this happen?”

“They haven’t set a date yet. Mary said she wants it to be sometime around the end of April or early May. She asked me to invite you and Bonnie to attend as well.”

Cooper replied, “We’d love to come, but you know how busy her speaking schedule is.”

“Yes, I know. But of course, I could be your plus one if she can’t be there.”

This certainly was not the conversation that he’d expected to have tonight. But perhaps he should have expected something like this because this is the way they always talked.

Unlike most people’s first dates, there was no mystery what would happen after dinner. Because of Cooper’s late schedule, they had met at the restaurant, so he escorted her to her car. The parking lot was dark, without any lighting. Several days ago, they’d agreed that even in Milledgeville they should avoid drawing attention to themselves. Though Milledgeville was a small city (as opposed to a town like Sparta), the chance of someone recognizing them was real. In that dress, she’d drawn every eye as she walked out of the restaurant. Just watching her walk in the very thin and very short dress was sexy indeed. Not only did it expose enough of her breasts in the front to garner stares, but the clingy stretch fabric followed her every curve in the back.

 When she turned to face him beside her white Range Rover, he pulled her tight and pressed his lips to hers. Instantly their tongues touched and began to press against one another in their erotic oral dance.

 One thing he’d not gotten used to was how short she was and how far he had to bend over to kiss her when they were standing. Though in truth they hadn’t done much of that. When she’d come over to his house to spend the night, each time they both calmly removed their clothes and lay down in the bed before they’d even begun kissing. So this was new as he leaned over kissing deeply as his hands ran along her back. Seemingly on its own, his hand moved down until he cupped her ass. To him, it seemed very apparent that she wore nothing at all under the dress. He was tempted to reach underneath the hem and find out for sure. If they had been in a dark parking lot in Atlanta, that is exactly what he would have done. Yet, this wasn’t Atlanta, so he broke off the kiss.

He followed her home in his red Audi. Even though he’d never been to her house before, as a member of the Sparta Preservation Committee, he knew the houses on her street well. He’d been inside several of them. They represented the last intact stretch of mill homes from the heyday of the Sparta textile mills. Each home on the street was identical and these days they were all well-maintained. Just a decade ago many of them were quite run-down. Several had been at the point of being condemned when the committee stepped in to preserve them. What made this street unique in their region is that there were three blocks where not a single one of the old mill homes had been torn down. With the designation of a historic district, the houses had become attractive enough investments to bring in young professionals. Those families had been willing to invest the money to bring the houses back from ruin. When she pulled up in front of one of the clapboard houses, Cooper was sure he’d been inside the house as part of that committee.  He realized that DeeDee was one of those who had brought this street back from the brink.

While he and DeeDee had resisted the urge to get more physical in the parking lot, they did not do so once the door shut behind them. This time she was the aggressor and she pushed him against the closed door and began to kiss him with white hot intensity. He became lost in the moment, the feeling of love for her simply overwhelmed him. When she broke the kiss momentarily to push her dress to the floor, she confirmed his guess that she wore nothing under it.

She again pulled him to her and resumed the kiss. Cooper became utterly lost to the world beyond the two of them standing just inside the door.  He hardly noticed how with a deft touch and practiced hand she undid his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and drew his erection out. Even in his haze of passion and arousal, he knew it was the hand of a professional who accomplished that feat with him hardly feeling it. Only when she had his cock in her hand did he realize what she’d done. She certainly had a skill set that neither Bonnie nor any of the other women in his life had.

DeeDee’s home was built for the mill workers in the 1920s; by modern standards it was quite small, under 1,000 sq/ft. There was a compact dining room/living room space, a kitchen, two small bedrooms, and a single small bathroom. In their phone conversations over the past five months, DeeDee had told Cooper that even if Bailey had tried very hard to hide that she was having sex at home, it would be nearly impossible given the size of the house. After all, even before she and her daughter began talking about sexual issues, she’d realized that Bailey and Sarah were lovers. She’d also known full well every time that Kevin came over to their house, he and Bailey were having sex in her room. DeeDee firmly believed that by allowing it to continue for months with her tacit consent, she’d contributed to the abuse her daughter had endured. More than once DeeDee had told Cooper that even while Bailey had overcome that mistreatment, she would never, ever fully forgive herself for not stopping it.

The house was small enough that DeeDee only needed to drag Cooper a few feet to pull him down onto the couch… on top of her. The kissing continued without a break even as she’d skillfully guided his erection into her.

Three-quarters of an hour later, they struggled to sit up on the sofa, panting hard. Though they had not made it to the bedroom yet, Cooper was now as naked as DeeDee, his clothes on the floor beside them. Her dress still lay where she’d dropped it just inside the door. He’d come to cherish hearing her say her prayer of thanksgiving for the holy seed he’d put into her body. Even while they made love, the knowledge she would recite that prayer after he’d cum put a spiritual glow on the pleasure they were both experiencing.

After she’d thanked God for the gift of Holy Seed, they sat in silence simply enjoying each other’s presence. After some time, DeeDee said, “Bailey was right.”

“Right about what?” Cooper inquired.

“She was right about bringing you to my home. I’ve never had sex in this house… well unless you count having sex with myself, which I’ve done a lot.”

Cooper laughed.

“But, I’ve never had a man here. I know it sounds weird, but to me allowing a man to come into my home, requires more trust than letting a man into my vagina. The truth is, I’ve let any number of men into my vagina that I would never let into my home. My home is my sanctuary, the place I have created to make me feel safe and secure. Letting you come in here with me feels far more intimate than simply letting a guy fuck me.”

He could see her point, and it made him feel good that she’d invited him in. He wondered if the other women who shared his bed felt the same way.

She nuzzled her face into his chest and sighed. “My girl is surprisingly aware of my feelings. She could tell how I felt about you before I fully understood it. She knew what I needed and she stepped up to push me to ask you to come home with me this time. That too makes me feel loved and comforted.”

Thinking on what DeeDee had just said, perhaps for the first time, it dawned on Cooper that in their circle of friends and their teenage children, it had become a symbiotic system. In it, their children impacted the behavior of the adults as much as the adults impacted the behavior of the children. While the adults worked with directives and leadership, their teenage children have been just as effective with gentle nudges. Here he was completely naked in the living room of the girlfriend of his son’s girlfriend. Without the influence of the kids, there is no way he would be here. He knew full well that Misty and Sarah had nudged their families to normalize nudity not just at home, but within their circle of friends. He also knew that Bonnie, Marcy, and Sarah working as a team had changed the life of Bailey. The change in Bailey brought change to DeeDee’s life.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing of all, is that his wonderful relationship with DeeDee is just one of many such stories among their group. Such as last week, his mother went completely nude in their hot tub with his wife and his daughter, and their friends. His conservative mother had told that whole group an astounding tale of her summer of abundant and freely available sex and drugs when she was Misty’s age. He didn’t know if he was more shocked by his mother’s drug use or the fact she’d had sex with something like a dozen guys before she’d met his father.  It was a story she’d kept to herself for fifty years. There was no way that would have happened without the interactions between the teens and their mothers. And, he knew, without that intergenerational symbiosis, there was no way his wonderful relationship with DeeDee would have ever happened.

They sat for some time quietly enjoying the feeling of one another’s body. Even though they’d not said it in words, he knew he loved her and that she loved him. His heart was filled with love in a way he’d never felt for anyone but Bonnie before. Yet he knew he didn’t love Bonnie any less, but rather his capacity to love seems to have grown. Yes, he knew he’d written about that very thing, yet the reality of it was so much more than he’d ever imagined.

Without turning to look at Cooper, DeeDee said, “For months I’ve wondered why Bailey enjoys having sex out here in the living room so much. Now I understand. Doing it out here in this public space makes it all feel like comfortable sharing and less… well less like fucking. Not only do these two sofas feel like they were designed to be used for sex, but the openness of the room lends itself to open, unashamed lovemaking. Perhaps it is part of my Rahabist values, but I don’t believe love should be hidden from view. I suspect my daughter thinks the same.”

Cooper asked, “Am I right in understanding from what you’ve told me in the past that Bailey does it out here fairly often?”

DeeDee laughed, “Oh yea. The Saturday morning, back in September, after she and Byron had vaginal sex for the first time, I had to go deal with something at work. When I got home, I found them right where we are now… making love. Even that first time Bailey sort of instinctively knew I wouldn’t object to her doing it out here, and she was right. She has come to use the sofas in here for daytime sex quite a bit. At night she normally doesn’t have but one person with her so they do it in her bedroom before they go to sleep.”

Cooper had heard that story from Bonnie, and several times over the past months DeeDee had made comments about Bailey and her friends taking over the living room, but he’d not asked for clarification.

DeeDee continued, “As you can see, my home is a rather small place. When it is just me and Bailey here, it doesn’t feel crowded. But even with one of Bailey’s friends here, it begins to feel tight. When she has more than one person over, it feels like we are on top of each other. I know that her double bed really isn’t big enough for a threesome, let alone for two couples, so right off she felt pushed to move out into the living room. But it’s proven not really to be a problem since when I’m home during the day, I’m either in the kitchen or working on my laptop at the dining table. That first time I walked in on Bailey and Byron was an accident, but the fact I reacted positively gave her all the permission she needed to entertain her friends out here anytime she pleases… and she does rather often.”

Cooper asked, “By friends, I assume you mean Byron, Sarah and Lamar.”

“Yes. Byron sleeps over most Friday nights, but it is not just Byron, Sarah, and Lamar. Bailey has had several of the other club girls over and as often as not, they bring their boyfriends. We don’t have the kind of space you have, so the living room here is effectively our playroom.”

Cooper let her know he understood, “Yes, we have a lot more room so I rarely witness Misty’s friends doing anything, even though I know they are doing it somewhere in the house. And now Lamar also regularly has a club girl over to see him, particularly on the days when Sarah is at play practice, like tonight. Gabby is over at least once a week and has fully blended into our home the way Caitlin, Sarah, and Kelli have for years. She is a very sweet girl. Our playroom gets a lot of use from couples who come over just to use that space even if our kids aren’t even home.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that.”

“Yes, and that was by design. We wanted a safe space for kids who can’t do it at their own homes. Not only do club members come over, but so do a few couples from the Youth Group.”

DeeDee replied, “That is really great of you to provide a safe and inviting place for them. Hannah has actually told me how she and Troy go to your place after Youth Group. Perhaps you aren’t aware, but since January, they come over here too. You see, Hanna drives over from Milledgeville on Thursdays to take Bailey to the Community Theater for rehearsal. She is really coming over to see Troy. He only lives a few blocks from here so he just walks over. I make dinner for all three of them before the girls leave for the theater. I now expect to find either Hannah or Bailey filled with Troy’s dick when I come home. It’s a small price to pay to avoid having to drive my girl to Milledgeville for play rehearsal. But they don’t even slow down when they see me. They just tell me hello and get back to what they are doing until I tell them dinner is ready.”

Cooper commented, “I didn’t know Hanah and Troy also used your place as a love nest.”

“Oh, they only came over once in the fall, but it's only been this semester they’ve become regulars. But Steve and Josh have been coming over since before Bailey and Byron became a couple.”

“Steve and Josh? Who are they? I don’t think they are in Youth Group.”

“No, they aren’t. They go to school with Bailey. She had a super crush on both of them for several years. They were the two guys she had sex with at that terrible party for the football team in July. Just a few weeks after she got back from Miami, she and Sarah invited them over for a foursome. I guess they were here a couple more times in the fall, but since football season ended, they are over here once every other week or so. Sometimes it's just one of them but usually they come together. They are cousins and they look a lot alike. Several times Sarah has shown up when both guys are here. It is quite busy in the living room when all four of them are present. The very first time they were over, the foursome went on for hours. Though they started in Bailey’s bedroom, they migrated out here. Initially, the boys got freaked out when I got home from work, but by the time they were done that day, they had just accepted that I would be in and out of the room while the four of them carried on. And I’ll confess, I don’t mind seeing those two guys over here, they are quite good-looking.”

Cooper laughed and added, “Just don’t tell Trish, she’ll be over to join in.”

DeeDee nodded and laughed too.

 When she’d told him how back in September, Bailey and Sarah had a foursome with Josh and Steve, it brought back a memory of Lamar telling the family about it. He recalled how while they had been camping in Tennessee, sitting around the campfire, Lamar told the family that at that very moment, Sarah was having sex with Bailey, Steve Richter, and Josh Lackey. His son had been concerned that something was wrong with him because it did not make him feel bad that his girlfriend was having sex with those guys while he was hundreds of miles away.

That evening had been the first time Cooper had talked directly to Lamar about dating and sex, because Sarah was Lamar’s first serious girlfriend.  He’d told his son how, while he was in college, when he picked Bonnie up for their dates each Saturday evening, he fully expected her mouth to taste of other guy’s semen when he kissed her. Cooper had told his son, that he’d known his mother nearly always had a Saturday afternoon tryst with one of the guys from her dorm before their dates. Around the campfire, Bonnie explained to both of their children that from the very beginning of their relationship, their father’s attitude was that her body was her own to share with other guys as it pleased her… and importantly his masculinity was not threatened by her having sex with other guys. She had told both of their kids that it was that attitude as much as anything, that led her to conclude he was the man she wanted to marry. It wasn’t the sex with other guys as much as Cooper’s unselfish love that led to their wonderful marriage. He wondered if that talk led directly to a relationship where Lamar and Sarah were totally in love, yet both of them had sex with other people on a regular basis… like the two boys who came to the Hildebrandt home.

  Cooper asked DeeDee, “So are those two guys like Bailey’s other boyfriends? After all, Lamar has two girlfriends and no matter how much Misty loves Tommie, her love for Caitlin has never been a secret. I also know Misty’s playmate Mimi has two boyfriends. Is it like that?”

“No, they aren’t boyfriends exactly. As I understand it, they both have dated other girls in the months they’ve been coming to my house. But, they are more than just fuck buddies. I see the way the three of them interact, Bailey most definitely cares for them and they seem to care for her. Yet as I understand it, they have kept their relationship undefined and I don’t think they are public about it either.”  DeeDee thought for a moment and said, “Perhaps it's like your relationship with Trish. You guys care about each other and you’ve been having sex for close to a year, yet you are not romantically involved. You two don’t have the relationship you and I have.”

Cooper understood that, and it's true he couldn’t really put a label on his relationship with most of the women with whom he had sex. Yet he and Amy, and Ronda, and Ashley, and Brandy and Heather and even Nell were far more than casual sex partners. He loved each and every one of them, but he was not in love with any of them… not in the way he loved DeeDee. Yes, he loved DeeDee. He wondered why he’d been so afraid to tell her so. With that on his mind, he pulled her close and whispered in her ear, “I love you, DeeDee Hildebrandt.”

She twisted in his arms to look into Cooper’s eyes. “I love you, Cooper Campbell. I love you in a way that I’ve never loved a man before. You are truly a co-traveler in life, a real peer in a way I’ve never had. And when I am with you, I feel complete.”

The second round of lovemaking happened in DeeDee’s bedroom. While the first round in the living room was hot and passionate, the second, in the bedroom, was soft and loving. Words of affection and love were spoken over and over by the two lovers between soulful kisses.

When Bailey finally made it home at nearly midnight, Cooper’s lips were on the lips between DeeDee’s legs. He was riding her undulations as she was on her way to a third climax since he’d moved down to give her cunnilingus. The very first time he’d been with her half a year ago, he’d realized that she reached orgasm easier than any other woman he’d ever been with. Whereas most women have to work up to their climax for a good while, DeeDee’s orgasms came within minutes of Cooper hitting the right spot… and she had a lot of ‘right spots’. Though she routinely had over ten orgasms in a single love-making session, they appeared to be less intense than the other women with whom Cooper shared a bed. He reasoned that was why she was able to have so many of them before she was spent.

Since that first time, their emotional bond had grown stronger, and he had learned DeeDee’s sexual response patterns. Consequently, he knew exactly when she wanted to simply enjoy sexual touching and when she was ready to climax, and he knew exactly how to make that happen when she did. By now, each time they made love, he fully expected that she would have several strings of orgasms before they were done. Months before, she told him that when she began comparing sexual experiences with other nurses, she was surprised to find out they did not have half a dozen orgasms from a fifteen-minute session in a side room or office with one of the doctors. She was flabbergasted when other nurses told her that if they got one orgasm from those kinds of quicky sexual encounters, they felt lucky. Several told her they simply couldn’t imagine having five or six climaxes when they were with doctors at the hospital. For her, it was expected. She’d told Cooper that years ago she concluded that her gift of easy orgasm was part of her calling as a Rahab. Nothing gave a man more confidence than finding he could bring a woman to climax over and over. She was a lover like no other. Cooper was sure that no man ever forgot a night with DeeDee Hildebrandt.

Cooper gripped her clitoral shaft between his lips and feathered his tongue on the head until DeeDee had cum… again. As soon as the climax was past, in a breathy voice she said “Come up here. I want to feel you inside of me again.”

He began to move up her body. When he did, he was surprised to see, just inside the doorway, Bailey.  Cooper wasn’t surprised she’d come to see what was going on when she got home. By now, it simply didn’t seem unusual for the teenage children of his partners to look in while they made love. Even Brandy’s son, DJ, who had only just turned fifteen, had openly watched the foursome from the doorway the night he and Bonnie had gone over to the Connelly’s for “dinner”.

Cooper and Bonnie had discussed it and she said it was quite the accomplishment that to the teenagers, seeing their mothers have sex with him wasn’t embarrassing in the least.

He was quite sure Bailey’s presence wouldn’t bother DeeDee either. Lamar had told the family about two different evenings in the Marshal's hot tub where Bailey’s mother had sex with Sarah’s parents right in front of him, Sarah and Bailey. From Lamar’s description, neither time was just a little messing around; they were complete sexual encounters from the first kiss all the way until DeeDee had multiple orgasms as she fucked Mike.

When Bailey realized Cooper had seen her, she took two steps to enter the small bedroom and stand beside the bed at her mother’s right shoulder.  “Mom, I just wanted you to know I was home.”

Cooper could see from DeeDee’s complete lack of response that she’d already known her daughter was there. How long had Bailey been in the doorway? Apparently, she had asked him to come up and fill her again knowing full well her daughter was there. For a brief moment, Cooper paused considering what to do. He had planned to lay down on DeeDee to give full body, skin-to-skin contact while they went back to kissing with him inside of her. But he reasoned, that perhaps she would want to say something to her daughter first. So, he stayed up on his knees and pulled her hips up to him.

Sure enough, DeeDee turned her upper body and head to be able to look right at Bailey. Even as she did so, she pulled her knees up, nearly to her chest to make it clear what she wanted Cooper to do. Because he’d been inside of her before he’d gone down, he could clearly see the glistening wetness that made it quite obvious she was ready for him.  He reached down to guide his head between her bright pink and somewhat swollen inner lips… and paused.

  Before he entered her, DeeDee addressed her daughter, “Hi Sweety, I hope you had a good time out tonight. Is Byron with you?”

Without being obvious about it, Cooper glanced over to see Bailey, from her position at her mother’s shoulder, was looking directly to where the head of his penis was nestled between her mother’s labial lips. She had a clear view as he then eased his shaft into DeeDee. He could not help but give it a little showmanship. He slid into her a couple of inches then pulled it out completely. The next time he went in a little further. It was only on the fourth penetration did he hit bottom. When he did, DeeDee let out a soft groan.

Her mother’s vocalization seemed to finally draw Bailey’s eyes up to her face, “No, Byron’s not here. It is his weekend to be with his dad. After rehearsal, Lindsey took us to a party of Baldwin Central drama and artsy people.”

Cooper began long steady strokes, just giving a little push once he was all the way in. This caused DeeDee’s breasts to shake just a little each time. Bailey’s eyes cut back to the point of penetration, then back to her mother’s face. “When you two are done, I’ll tell you all about it. But the short story is that it seems that Sarah and I have fans at Baldwin Central… like quite a few of them. We were treated like celebrities. And you know Sarah, when she gets a stage, she lights up. She told quite a bit more about what she and I did on our trip to Miami than she probably should have. Her telling was very explicit about all the times she and I did it with both Zac and Mitch as well as with the Guild guys. I don’t think any of them had ever heard a girl spell out the details like that.”

Cooper absolutely loved the feeling of his erection inside of DeeDee. It wasn’t just the physical sensations… even though she had quite the ability to grip his dick when it was inside of her. Instead, with DeeDee, he always thought of the scripture that says “and the two shall become one flesh” when he was in her.

Her mother answered Bailey, “I’m not surprised. But, unless Sarah talked about the adult's role in those things, it should not do any harm to give sticky details.”

“No, she didn’t breathe a word about our so-called chaperones. Like, she told all about our last night in Miami, but completely omitted the moms. You should have seen their eyes as she described my foursome with Caitlin, Red, and Stephen in the common room with everyone watching us. They kept glancing over to me to see if I was embarrassed. Of course, I wasn’t in the least, even when she told them how I did both of the guys at once. But the way she told it, her mom and Mrs. Simms were not present at all… even though that night they were right there, having sex with the Guild just like the rest of us.”

“That’s good she showed a little restraint. Cooper and I won’t be fully done for quite a while… like until the middle of the night, but I’m going to need a break pretty soon. We will come out to see you when we do.”

Bailey replied with an OK, then looked right at Cooper and said, “Thanks for coming over Mr. C., I’ve never seen Mom happier than she has been the past few months. Every time she talks to you on the phone she lights up, and after you two have had sex, she glows for days. She doesn’t do that when she’s with other men. She’s had a lot of crappy things done to her, and it's nice to see how God has brought you into her life like this.”

Cooper wasn’t sure what to say. After all, as she was talking, he was slowly working his erection in and out of her mother. But it was blindingly obvious that all Bailey saw was that he was making her mother happy. Perhaps DeeDee saw his indecision, because she said, “Yes, you are right, it was the hand of God who brought Cooper into my life. But go on so I can savor every second of this. He feels so good inside of me, and that is what I want to focus on.”

Bailey's chipper voice said, “OK. I would tell you to have a good time, but I can see you already are. Is it all right with you two if I turn on the TV in the living room while I wait for you?”

“That’s fine,” Her mother answered. “Love You.”

“I love you too, Mom.” Bailey turned to leave then turned back, and added with a grin, “Oh, I’ve picked up your clothes from the floor. It was pretty obvious what you two did out here when you got home from dinner.”

With that, the conversation was over. Cooper heard the television come on in the living room. He leaned down but did not yet actually lay on DeeDee. He wanted to give her a chance to say something before he covered her mouth with his.

She looked up at him. “I hope all that was OK with you. It's not the first time she’s seen me having sex. A couple of times I got carried away while in the Marshal’s hot tub with her there. Given what you’ve told me, I didn’t think it would bother you for her to be in here.”

“No, it didn’t bother me. How long had she been there before I saw her?”

“I know she was there for a few minutes. I saw her when I opened my eyes after that first pair of orgasms from you eating me. But she waited until you’d worked me up to that last one. It was only after I’d crested and came down she spoke up. I think she felt vindicated in pushing me to bring you home.”

They began kissing again as he slowly ground into her. They had done a lot of kissing since getting to her house, and his lips were already puffy. By the time they broke the kiss, his lips were numb.

He’d not climaxed since they were in the living room which must have been at least an hour before.  He knew that they’d made love enough times for her to know he was good at holding off so as to prolong the session, and from what she told Bailey, she wanted this to go on for some time after they took a break. For them to take a break to catch their breath while he was still hard was not something unusual for them. They were both givers in bed, which had made their first night together back in the fall a little awkward, but they’d long since worked that out. Sex with DeeDee was unlike what he did with any other woman, even Bonnie. She had told him virtually the same thing; that sex with him was different than with any other man. To Cooper, it appeared obvious that once they’d worked out how two givers could make love, it was the first step toward the special relationship they had now. 


While Cooper was out on his date, Tommie was able to spend the night with Misty because his parents were out of town. Misty decided in advance to avoid any of the issues that brought them into conflict. She knew she would have to face them, but she wanted one last joyous night. 

Apparently, Tommie was more than ready to close his eyes to their problems as well. After they ate the Chinese food that she’d ordered, they once again shared the hot tub with Lamar and Gabby. This time Tommie didn’t appear the least bit uncomfortable. He’d now done this with half a dozen of the club girls. She suspected that he would miss that once they broke up… then she considered that perhaps by ending their romance, it might actually make times like this with him more likely, rather than less. 

For a second time, Misty and Tommie made love in her room while her brother and Gabby were doing the same next door. It was a wonderous night of love for both couples. Gabby left at 11:00 that night, but Tommie didn't leave Misty's room until past 10:00 AM on Saturday. 

After pointedly avoiding the subject during Tommie's overnight stay, on the phone Monday night Misty had to bring the subject of her birthday back up. She needed to tell Amy what the plan was going to be. She called him about 9:30 that night.

Misty directly asked Tommie, “Is there any possibility you can come with me on Friday?”

“There is no way my mom would OK me to go with you, even if we pretended it was a career day thing. I didn’t bring it up the other night, but my mom has a friend from church that is on some committee that is working to oppose moral degeneracy. And guess what she asked me after church yesterday?”

“Nothing about me I hope” Misty replied.

“Oh, yes it was about you. She asked about the girls at school who call themselves the Euro-Club.  Even worse she brought you up by name.  She knows we spend a lot of time together because of publications, and she knows we are really good friends, but as you know I have not told her the true nature of our relationship.  She asked if I knew that your mother worked for an organization promoting immoral lifestyles.  I played ignorant, but it won’t be long before she puts all the pieces together.”

Misty’s heart fell to her feet. She knew this might be the beginning of the final act for her and Tommie.  She was acutely aware that his mother’s approval as well as his status at the big evangelical church where he was a youth leader were very important to him. When they put the pieces together, he would be under real pressure. Tommie was in a hard place. By the very fact he was having sex with Misty, he was violating his church’s moral code.  If his church people found out he would be kicked out of his leadership positions and ostracized. So far, it appears that no one in leadership had gotten wind that the infamous Misty Campbell was his girlfriend. If/when they found that out, Tommie would be asked directly if he was “living in sin”. There would be no way out for him. This news meant that it was rapidly coming to the point that soon he would have to choose between Misty and his family as well as his entire church world.

Misty, after thinking, said, “No, you really can’t come with me Friday.” She still had not yet told him that her mother would be taking photos of the whole thing as references for Amy. By using a professional model rather than Tommie, Misty would be able to use those photos from the “sitting” on the new website she was planning. So perhaps it was good he would not be her partner on Friday. Had he known of the plans she had for her new website, he would have positively freaked out. There was a voice in her head. The voice said Tommie was not part of her long-term plan. The voice pointed out that she could not do what she was beginning to think her life was to be about, and continue to date Tommie. Her emerging vision of herself as both a glamour photographer and a sexual liberation activist did not, could not, include a boyfriend who had Tommie’s life goals. Worst of all the voice said he surely must be thinking the same thing about her.

 She realized he was not talking so she quietly said “You know this is important to me. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I mean Amy is a world-famous painter and I want to be a photographic artist.  How could I pass up this offer?” It wasn’t that she just sprung this on him. He had known about this months before that first date.  Yet still, she knew this issue hurt him. Quietly she said, “We just won’t talk about it anymore.”

On the other end of the phone, she heard a sad voice say “OK.”

She tried to change the subject but was not successful in getting a new topic going.

A little while later she went downstairs and found her mom and dad watching a movie in the living room. She plopped down next to her mother on the sofa and said “Go ahead and confirm to Amy I'm ready to go with the Brazilian guy on Friday. It isn’t going to work for Tommie to come.”

Her mom paused the movie. She knew Misty could have easily confirmed that herself, but her daughter needed a mommy now. She softly asked “Is everything all right?”

“No!” Misty almost yelled, “Tommie’s mom asked about you. She asked if he knew you worked for some immoral group that her church is working to oppose.”

That got both Bonnie and Cooper’s full attention.

“What did she ask?”

“I don’t know any more than that. She knows your name and that you go around promoting what they call immoral lifestyles. She also is asking him about the Euro-Club but has somehow not put it together that Tommie and I aren't just good friends who work closely together on the publications staff. Not yet at least.” Misty felt a tear welling in her eye. “But she will. I’m sure she will and it will be soon. And when she does, she will go crazy. Tommie will have to break up with me. No, he will simply act as if we never were a couple. He simply has no other choice that he can live with.”

Bonnie could see the pain in her daughter’s eyes but there was nothing she could say. Misty was right, it was only a matter of time before Tommie's mother found out who was the leader of the Euro-Club and from there it was a short jump to the conclusion that Tommie had been corrupted by Misty.  Worst of all, she’d be right, she had corrupted Tommie.

Her mom said, “You could quit the club and tell Tommie you’ve been wrong all this time.” She knew full well Misty couldn’t do that, but saying it made her daughter’s choices clear.

“No, I can’t,” Misty said, and the tears began to flow. “You know I can’t. This is who I am; I can’t sell myself out for a boy.” Misty dissolved into sobs.

Bonnie put one arm around her girl. There were no words to say. It would not help to point out that back in December they both had predicted that it was unlikely that this relationship would end in anything but pain. Yet, Bonnie had advised her to go forward and embrace the joys she could. Misty had done that and she’d had months of dancing on a cloud of love. But, the end had come even earlier than Bonnie thought it would. She hurt so badly for her girl, but there wasn’t anything she could do to make it better.  However, at the same time inwardly she smiled. She had raised a girl of principle who was not going to abandon her values easily.  She put both of her arms around her little girl and held her tight as she cried. That’s all there was to be done. She knew there would be more tears, but together they would survive.



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Foarte frumoasă imaginea.


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Your comments give me hope.

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Thank you for your understanding and comment. Many writers have emphasized the need for a new metaphor, narrative, and mythology to face the future, as the old story is redundant. Ken Wilber disagrees. All we have to do is tell the story from the next rung of the evolution of consciousness. People develop from archaic, to magic, to mythic, to rational, to pluralistic, to integral and to super-integral, or nondual. If mothers teach their daughters a healthy understanding of our pussies on all levels of development, and religion teaches a sex-erotic understanding of sex the world would be a better place. Then Jesus' death on the cross is not only to save us from sin, but to show the way…


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Once a woman discovers the joy her pussy can give her, and how she can pleasure others, nothing can keep us back. “For a woman, the pursuit of happiness must include her experience of rapture. And the only way to truly connect with the female body’s capacity to feel rapture is through her pussy. When a woman owns her pussy, she learns about her body, her innate sensual potential, and her creative capacity… the purpose of your clitoris is to teach you that rapture is your birthright. You don’t have to rely on a sunset, a dance break, or a man. Your body is capable of experiencing ecstasy any time you wish… When she ignores her pleasure, a woman can mistake…

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