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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 61

Updated: May 8

In Search of the Final Freedom: An Erotic Socio-Political Novel



Sounding the Clarian Call


Chapter 61

Heather Jones (reprised)


While Misty was modeling for Dr. Douglass in Augusta, Heather Jones was pulling up to her parent’s home in Dublin. Normally she went right from her last class to Atlanta to get in a few hours at the LeMarco & LeMarco office before heading to Brian & Mandy’s for the week of Spring Break.  But she’d not finished packing when she had to leave for class. So she’d have to go home first.

As expected, her father’s bass boat and truck were gone. He’d been looking forward to this fishing expedition with his brother for weeks.  However, she did not expect to see Allen’s car in the drive.  She was actually pleased to see that. Over the past month or so, her mother and boyfriend had been getting along wonderfully. It certainly was a good sign that he was ingratiating himself into her family.


Since Allen’s family didn’t live nearby, he had become a regular at the dinner table for home-cooked meals. Heather knew her mother didn’t always act like people expect a rural Georgia housewife to act, but she was still a Southern housewife at heart. She loved to cook, especially for company; although slowly, Allen was ceasing to be thought of as “company.” Heather’s two younger brothers, Jess (15) and Luke (14) thought he was great since he often played video games with them when he came over to the house. According to her brothers, he was very good at several of the hot games they played. Heather liked that her little brothers clearly looked up to her boyfriend.

Even better, both of her parents seemed to like Allen. Her dad liked him not just because he was polite and seemed to be crazy about his daughter, but he also could talk fishing and NASCAR. More than once her dad had commented that she’d never brought a boyfriend home before… and he politely pretended he did not know what they did in her bedroom, though even her two little brothers knew. A couple of times the boys had made comments to her about what they could hear through her door, but their big sister shut them down; not with denials, but first with enthusiastic agreement with their vague comments, and the second time with a graphic admission as to what she and Allen had been doing. After that, they never mentioned it again. However, Dad had no idea about her sexual relationship with Brian & Mandy LeMarco… or Cooper & Bonnie for that matter. She didn’t mind that her mother had been more than a little flirtatious with Allen. Heather knew that to her mother’s way of thinking, it was a sign she was comfortable around her daughter’s boyfriend. And besides, everybody including her father and brothers knew that was just how Mom acted.

Entering the spacious modern ranch-style home, it seemed oddly quiet. Her mom and Allen were not in the living room or the kitchen. For a moment she thought to herself, “No, Mom’s not doing THAT.” But her parent's bedroom was also empty, as was the guest room. She felt bad that the thought had even come to her. She headed toward the hallway that led to the “kids” bedrooms, rec room, and garage. She was puzzled as to where Mom and Allen were. Then she heard a noise. It seemed to be coming from her own bedroom. As she put her hand to the doorknob, it registered to her what the sounds were: a couple was having sex, very active and noisy sex, in her bedroom.  In a flash, she knew without a doubt that her mother was fucking her boyfriend.

Even though Heather had been fully a part of the LeMarco world of open casual sex for over a year now, this just was not something that was part of her family’s life… well not at home. Only a month and a half ago, it had been quite a leap for her to have sex with Allen in the bed she’d slept in all through her adolescent years. Yet, because she had been in “LeMarco World” for so long… and seen so much sex going on in public spaces, the idea of walking in on people doing it didn’t bother her one bit… but something made her pause. She did not turn the handle to open the door.  She stood there in the hallway trying to decide what she should do.

As she thought, she knew she was not shocked, a little surprised maybe, but not shocked.

Recalling how she’d seen her mom acting around Allen the past month, fawning over him, praising him, repeatedly giving him seemingly casual touches… and, Heather only now saw that her mother had been dressing overtly sexy when she knew he would be coming by. It was nothing like she had done on their mother-daughter trips through Heather’s middle school and high school years; but it was more revealing than normal for the house, especially when her father was not home. She knew how her mother dressed when she was on the prowl, yet she’d not seen it for what it was.

Heather had even seen her mother give Allen a goodbye kiss on the cheek when he’d left to go back to his apartment Wednesday evening (after Heather had fucked his brains out in her bedroom). Allen was the first guy Heather had ever had sex with in her parent's home… and that only happened at her mother’s suggestion… her mother’s very explicit suggestion that she didn’t need to go to his apartment to have sex after Allen had dinner with the family. She told her daughter that there was no reason they couldn’t do it in her bedroom at home since Heather was now an adult. Importantly, perhaps decisively, she’d said she’d asked her father and he had agreed. However, the first time she and Allen had done it, her two younger brothers couldn’t decide if it was gross or super-hot that their sister was having sex in her room. She’d often wondered if they knew anything about the life she and Mom lived outside of their home. Their reaction to her having sex in her bedroom confirmed they had no idea what either she or her mother did when they were not with the rest of the family. Both of her brothers were in school right now, but school would be out in an hour and they would be home ten or fifteen minutes after that.

She let go of the door handle and walked back to the kitchen to get something to eat while she waited for her mother and Allen to finish up.  Only now, as she’d thought about it, she recalled what she’d seen on Wednesday. She didn’t think her mother knew she had seen her give Allen the goodbye kiss. Now she replayed it in her mind’s eye, she could see the kiss was far more than a perfunctory peck on his cheek. It had lingered and her mom’s lips had moved toward his ear as she kissed him. She’d whispered something before she stepped away. Her mother’s actions had been blatantly sexual even if Heather had not realized it at the time. She’d not understood what now seemed obvious. No, she was not shocked her mother was fucking her boyfriend, though she now thought perhaps she should not have been surprised either. She wondered if this was the first time, or had that kiss been a thank you for a prior time they’d been together?

Just under a year ago, she’d moved back into her parent's home from Atlanta so that when summer semester started, she could take classes at Middle Georgia State University in Macon. However, as per her agreement with Mr. LeMarco, on the weekends and when school was not in session, she lived with Brian & Mandy and worked at the architecture office. She thought on how over the last year, her relationship with her mother had changed significantly. It was not really better or worse, just different. Perhaps that was inevitable after she’d moved into the adult world. Yet, their relationship had always been different than her friends at school had with their mothers. Even before she started high school she and her mother had often interacted like peers and friends in a way that none of the other girls she knew did. Since she was fourteen, she’d been her mother’s “wingman” in her extramarital trysts, helping her lure men into her web, and importantly, she kept her mother’s secrets. But now she realized her mother was having sex with her twenty-two-year-old boyfriend. No, she shouldn’t be surprised other than the fact she was doing it at home. That was a huge and risky step by her mother. Though the fact she was doing it in Heather’s bed said she had thought about the risks a little bit and not done it in her own bedroom.

The first real change in their relationship had been, four months before she’d moved back home. Heather had been taken aback by how her mother actively and enthusiastically encouraged her to be Brian LeMarco’s mistress. From the very first time Heather had told her mom that she was having sex with the son of the company’s owner, it was abundantly obvious that her mother saw that arrangement as something positive… even to be preferred to a more conventional relationship. Her mother thought that a normal relationship with the boss’s son might require entanglements that she didn’t think Heather needed at that point in her life. That had been in early December, more than a month before her first trip on the San Dinero.”

In a memorable conversation last April, just weeks before her move back to Dublin, her mother was right up front to her daughter that the LeMarco’s offer of paying for her college in exchange for her becoming Brian’s weekend mistress was an opportunity not to be missed. It appeared to Heather that her mother didn’t even consider the deal was like an apprenticeship with her working about eight hours a week at the office during the school year and full-time work in the summers, for a promised career at LeMarco & LeMarco was worth mentioning. To her mother, it was all about Brian wanting to have sex with her. This both annoyed Heather and disappointed her since it appeared that her own mother saw her sole talent was in the bedroom.

Heather’s mother had told her, “They are offering you the life I know you wanted when you moved to Atlanta after high school. Your dreams of becoming a model were only a means to that life. By taking their offer, you will have access to all the glamour and social access of being wealthy simply for being desirable to men. Isn’t that what you wanted? For you, using your sex appeal to make yourself the center of attention comes naturally. You have been doing it all your life. All the years of training I provided you simply built on what you were born with.”

While it was true she had gone to Atlanta to seek that lifestyle, Heather hadn’t known if her mother truly understood the offer so she clarified that the offer implicitly meant that she would not just have sex with Brian, but also with company executives, clients, and other men and women as part of a social system at LeMarco & LeMarco. However, even after hearing that, her mother was not swayed in her opinion. She let Heather know she knew full well what the offer entailed saying, “You showed me the photos and video clips from that sex cruise you went on. I didn’t see any hesitancy from you to take what you wanted and please the LeMarco’s at the same time. Wasn’t that sort of a trial run for what they are offering on a more permanent basis?” 

Heather knew she was right. It had been just a few weeks before that day, after some badgering, she had indeed shown her mother both the full set of photos Martin LeMarco had given her, and nearly an hour of video as well. Her mother hadn’t shown the least bit of embarrassment at any of it, even when she saw multiple highly graphic photos and video clips of her nineteen-year-old daughter having sex, often with more than one person at a time; rather, she raved about how great Heather looked and asked if she could show it all to Janice, her photographer friend.

It was on that day, after seeing the photos, her mother finally came clean regarding her deliberate effort to raise her to live that life. She’d said, “It is clear you learned the lessons I began teaching you when I first took you to pageants when you were five years old. From what I saw in those photos and video clips, even among wealthy libertines, you stand out. Not only are you blessed with uncommon beauty, but you have the personality and skills to capitalize on what you have. You should think yourself fortunate that I have raised you to be free of any middle-class hang-ups about sex to get over. It was obvious to me that on your trip, you freely and fully enjoyed your young body and you are open to using sex to benefit your life without feeling any guilt. You don’t realize how blessed you are in that. Best of all, being a rich man’s mistress takes very little effort and has no long-term commitments. Yes, from what you told me, I understand that on occasion you will be having sex with Brian LeMarco’s friends and clients too, but you have already shown that is not a barrier for you.” She went on to directly say that Heather should grab this opportunity while she is young and beautiful because it likely will never come again. She’d concluded her half an hour narrative by saying, “You are only nineteen, you have a good decade to land an even bigger fish than Brian LeMarco if you want to. By becoming his mistress now, you will get into the social circles to catch the eye of that bigger fish. Or, should you simply take their offer at its face value, you have a chance at a debt-free education and a good-paying conventional career. Who else gets those kinds of opportunities and options?”

She’d been right. Heather knew in large part it had been her mother who’d taken the time to teach her the specific skills and attitudes that had opened up those choices for her. Her mother had raised her, from the time she was a little girl, to use her body and her sexuality to move from her life as the daughter of a plumber to the highest rung of Atlanta society. One other thing became clear that day; Heather was living the life her mother had always wanted for herself. That made her think about Bonnie’s comment while on the San Dinero cruise that her mother was living her dreams out through her. It was only on that day that Heather realized how right Bonnie had been.

After showing her mother the photos from her first time on the San Dinero nearly a year ago, and the subsequent talk, Heather and her mother began frequently discussing things directly that they had only discussed indirectly before. After all, if her mom could be relaxed watching video clips explicitly showing her daughter having sex with nearly a dozen different people, they could certainly talk about everything in their lives. Heather found she liked being able to discuss her relationship with Brian & Mandy with her mother. She found her mom helped her keep some of the things she did in perspective. Over the past year, Heather had been on the San Dinero two more times. When she called to tell her mother that Martin had given her a flash drive with photos & video from her second week-long trip, they’d met at Janice’s to make an evening of watching and telling. In addition to Heather’s photos and videos, her mother shared the photos Janice had shot of her over the past year, including her mother’s first erotic photo shoot… with Janice’s current boyfriend. Months before, Heather had not been at all surprised when her mom had confirmed the suspicion that her relationship with Janice had occasionally included sex for close to a decade. A few times it had been just the two of them in bed, but usually, it was with the men that Janice was dating.

Over the past year, her mother showed a lot of interest in the lifestyle she shared with the LeMarco’s which reinforced Heather’s conviction that her mother was living out her dreams and fantasies through her. This was especially true when her mother began coming to her bedroom on Monday evenings to ask about the places she had gone and things she’d done with the LeMarco’s over the prior weekend. It seemed odd (and a little annoying) to Heather that her mother didn’t seem to have as much interest in her more conventional relationship with Allen. She supposed it was because that relationship simply lacked the glitz and glitter of what they both called LeMarco World. However, her mother had wanted a full rundown on the night she and Allen had spent with the Campbells. It was only standing outside of her door did Heather understand the reason her mother had wanted to know what Heather thought about Allen having sex with Bonnie. Had that given her the green light to seduce him? She had no doubt that was what happened. She’d watched her mother on the hunt since before she understood what the end of the game meant. Few men escaped when her mother had them in her sights.

Several times since she’d begun her relationship with the LeMarco’s, her mother had referred to things she’d taught her over the years that made her successful as a modern-day courtesan. Heather came to understand that her alter-ego of Aphrodite was partly of her own making, but very much a role her mother had very deliberately trained her to play. Her real training began when she was eight years old and her mother hired the pageant coach who first taught her how to act sexy on stage. During the years when she did bikini and semi-nude modeling, she was taught how to apply her pageant training to still photography.  Her mother and Janice worked together to teach her how to use the features of her post-pubescent body to their best effect.

In one conversation, her mother had admitted that while Heather was modeling in high school, she only pretended to try to keep her from showing her sexual parts to the camera. Her mom admitted that by feigning to tell her not to, she had deliberately enticed her daughter to choose for herself to use her entire body to get the photos she wanted made. 

Heather had told her mother “Even at the time I’d wondered why you let photographers, and not just Janice, shoot for several minutes before telling me to cover-up. And you never punished me no matter how flagrantly I showed off. I recall the first outdoor shoot I did with Kevin Goodman, just after I’d finished 9th grade. We were out at Bond Swamp Wildlife Refuge and I’d been posing in progressively less for quite a while. At one point I was posing in a mesh tank top that had the arms cut out so they were super big… and nothing else, I’d been playing peek-a-boo with my boobs and cooch for a good while and you didn’t make the slightest effort to make me cover up. And if you recall, you were showing off to him just as much as I was.”

At one point I pulled the front of the shirt together and posed with everything on full display… top and bottom. You acted like you didn’t notice for a solid minute while he shot frame after frame. Rather than getting on to me you just shook your head and told me it was time to change into the next outfit. Then I just tossed the shirt to you and went to my bag for more clothes even though I had nothing else on. You and I both knew he kept taking photos as I did that too. While I think you made him delete some of those pictures of me between outfits, I know you let him keep some; but you still have the complete set on your PC.  After that, not surprisingly I did it again, and again. I thought I was getting over on you. It wasn’t until years later that it occurred to me that you meant for me to do that, or at least meant to give me the option to do it if I wanted.”

Her mother had smiled and said, “Yes, it was giving you the choice that was my goal. However, I was pleased that you were quite comfortable about being totally nude around your photographers. And those pictures are a wonderful memory aren’t they?”

Heather had to admit they were terrific, then with a grin she said, “Well I’m sure they are a great memory for you. I know what you did with Kevin when you sent me all the way back to the car to get another bag.”

Her mother had tried to pretend she didn’t know what she was talking about, so Heather said, “Mom, I saw… well I watched you and Kevin fucking by a tree. Didn’t you wonder how I just happened to show up just when you guys finished? I just backed up the trail when he was cumming and made a lot of racket as I came back.”

Her mom knew she was caught, and didn’t even try to deny her daughter’s account.  Heather assured her that was the only time she’d actually seen her in the act like that, but she said she was sure she’d had sex with him more than that once.”

Her mother nodded, “Yes, but I’ve never thought of it as an affair since it was… or is, just about enjoying our bodies together, not romance. But yes, I’ve been having sex with him once or twice a year since you were fifteen. Perhaps half of the times were quickies after shoots, but I’ve met him at a hotel in the afternoon while you and your brothers were in school six different times over the years. Even though he’s been married for several years now, he can’t give me up entirely.” Her mother smiled a smile of satisfaction.

Heather just shook her head. Her mother was just incorrigible.

After that little story was brought to mind, her mother admitted that her ‘no nudes’ rule was a sham. She told Heather that from the very start, she had been preparing her to do nude modeling once she was of age; but in a way that absolved her of liability. Her mother pointed out, “Because of shoots like that, you were used to being seen in the nude long before you went off to Atlanta. If you recall, that was not the only time you posed in just a shirt or tank top with nothing else on.  But, even that day, before we started, I told you and Kevin not to get photos of your nipples or pussy… even if I didn’t enforce it closely.”

“Enforce it closely?” Heather shot back. “You didn’t enforce it at all.”

“Oh yes, I did. Think about it, at the end of that shoot, as I always did, I plugged his memory card into my laptop and deleted all…or most of the images that undisputedly showed frontal nudity. But before I did that, I copied the entire file set to my laptop. That is why I have all the photos he took even though he does not. And it is true, with Kevin, Janice, and a couple of other photographers I trusted, I didn’t tell you to go someplace else when you changed from one outfit to the next.”

Heather nodded, “You are right.  Even before I started high school it didn’t bother me to be seen topless or even completely nude. I didn’t think a thing about my photographers seeing me without any clothes on. You and Janice both told me that changing clothes around the production crew was just part of being a professional model.  And besides, it made me feel very grown up to do something that most girls would never do. Perhaps that is why my transition to LeMarco World was so easy. On that first trip aboard the San Dinero, I was comfortable going nude from the very start. You planned it that way, didn’t you.”

  “Of course I did. As long as you were comfortable, and I trusted the photographer, I was fine with it.”

With a sly grin, Heather added, “And I know full well how willing you were to take care of photographers who got hot seeing me naked. You know after that time I caught you, I made a point to take longer breaks than I needed. While I made a point not to actually catch you having sex again, I knew full well you were doing it… and not just with Kevin. I’m pretty sure you fucked at least a half dozen of my photographers.”

Her mother nodded and confirmed her daughter’s allegation, then she added, “And why do you think I had you help Janice or Kevin when I was posing nude for them? We were teaching you about erotic photography even though we didn’t have you do it. Janice and I openly discussed the poses that the collectors who bought my nude photos wanted. It was all part of your preparation.”

Heather had never once considered the idea that she was in training when she helped on her mom’s shoots, but once she’d said it, Heather saw it clearly for the first time. Yes, she remembered Janice telling Mom to do this or that because their client wanted to see it. And sometimes Janice gave her lingerie that a buyer had sent for her to pose in.

At the time though, she had just felt very grown up acting as the assistant for her mother’s lingerie and nude photo shoots. That was especially true when Janice did shoots that were blatantly sexual in nature, like of her mom playing with her tits or pussy for the camera. In talking to her mother that day, Heather only then realized that those overtly sexual shoots, which began even before she became sexually active, were part of her mother’s effort to prepare her for the life she now lived.”

Over the past year, Heather had rewritten her entire childhood into a new narrative. She now saw that the story she’d told Bonnie and Cooper back on that first San Dinero trip had not been totally accurate. She’d often wondered if the reason she did not resent what her mother had done was because she’d thoroughly bought into the values system her mother and Janice had been teaching… or even her pageant coach before that.

Heather had always loved and looked up to her mother. She’d not gone through the period of conflict with her mom like most of her friends had. Perhaps it was the clandestine modeling work they did as a team that kept them together through those difficult adolescent years. Her pageant work and her modeling were just part of an overall way of life and system of values her mother lived and was passing on to Heather. Just as important was her mother’s daily behavior. She was always a flirt with men and it was even obvious to Heather as a child that her mother liked the attention of men… in addition to that of her father. It wasn’t that her mother didn’t show her dad affection, because she did all the time. It was just that when he wasn’t around, she went out of her way to get the attention of other men. That attention-seeking behavior then went into overdrive when she and her mom went out of town together. First to pageants, then on photoshoots, and finally on their mother-daughter trips to cities and beaches around the country.

All this had come to her mind in the ten seconds she held the door handle. Heather decided not to open the door. She went to the kitchen, got a bag of chips then went to sit in the living room. There she waited for her mother and Allen to come out of her room for close to an hour. As she reflected on how her life had led to this moment, she considered that this wasn’t the first time she’d been slow to recognize her mother’s sexual infidelity.  She and her mom had been going on their mother-daughter trips for years before she realized that her mother wasn’t just flirting with men they met, with some of them she had sex.

When she was eleven, they stopped traveling to go to pageants and shifted to Heather's training to be a model. She and her mom began day trips to meet with photographers from Macon to Savanah. This morphed into mother-daughter long weekend trips to major cities far from central Georgia. These trips were billed as traveling so that Heather could get photos done at high-end studios. Though from the very start, when they traveled to go to studios, Mom also got photos made. While Heather’s photos were mostly conventional fashion/glamour photos, her mother’s sessions were always glamour/nudes.

In time, Heather began to be booked for paid gigs as a model for aspiring professional photographers or posing for regional advertising work. She really liked those paid shoots, not as much for the money (since there wasn’t very much) but for the very idea she was a paid model. Even more, when she did shoots for advertising, especially in tiny bikinis, her images were soon all over school. She liked the attention those shoots gave her, but it helped build her image as Aphrodite.

 Her mother and Janice jointly worked as her agent setting up shoots for her. Their trips to big cities, however, were mostly for sightseeing and “cultural education.” Additionally, every spring break and once in the late summer, Heather and her mother went to a beach somewhere for an entire week with just her and Mom. To teenage Heather, for her and her mother to go on trips without her father or brothers seemed completely normal. Her brothers and dad went fishing and/or camping when the “girls” were out of town, so she never felt resentment from her siblings. It all felt just so normal, even though her friends at school let her know it was not.

The majority of the mother-daughter trips were long weekends. When there were studio appointments, they were made on Friday afternoons or Monday mornings. And on those weekends, her mother nearly always left Heather in their hotel room on Saturday evenings while she went out after dinner. Sometimes she’d come back an hour or so later, but about half of the time she wouldn’t make it back until the middle of the night. Because they’d started their trips when she was only eleven, Heather didn’t try to look past the simple explanation that her mother had gone down to the hotel’s bar to talk to other adults… well not until she grasped what her mother was really doing.

On their week-long spring break and summer trips, her mother always met people (mostly men) who became her vacation buddies. But that was not surprising, her mother made friends everywhere. On pretty much every one of those week-long trips, at least once (often two or three times) she’d tell Heather she was going off with her friend for a little while, so she should just stay at the pool until she got back. Heather liked the idea she was left on her own, so she didn’t complain.

However, during Spring Break at Daytona Beach when she was in 7th grade, she’d gone back up to their hotel room to get something to drink; but when she got there and tried to open the door, the inner lock was in place. As in most hotels, that inner lock allowed the door to be opened an inch or two and Heather had called “Mom? Are you in there?” Her mother called back, “Just one second.” When the door was opened a minute or so later, her mother was in her bikini, and behind her was the man Heather had seen her with earlier. Her mother explained that they had been talking and didn’t realize the door was locked. Heather had thought nothing more of it… until the same thing happened again.

The second time the same thing happened was the summer before Heather started 9th grade. She’d grown up a lot in a year and a half. They had gone to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and for the first time, young men hit on both of them together. Perhaps it helped that her mother was very young to have a daughter her age; but likely it was just as much that they were both in string bikinis that barely held their boobs and only covered their butts a tiny bit. By then, Heather knew what the guys wanted and how Mom was leading many of them on. And by then she was pretty sure that her mom was cheating on her dad on their trips, but she’d never brought the subject up. As it turned out though, it wasn’t a hot young guy she went into their hotel with, it was the father of the girl her age who’d become her vacation friend.  She didn’t think twice about going back to their room to get a couple of bottles of water for her and her new friend, Becky.

As before, the door only opened an inch before the lock caught. But this time Heather was ready and said, “Mom, are you having sex in there?”

This time the man, the father of her friend, opened the door and rushed past her, almost knocking her down.  When Heather went into the room, her mother was sitting up in the bed, naked. So, Heather again asked, “Were you having sex with Becky’s dad?”

Her mother looked right at her and said, “I am not going to lie to you. Yes, I was. But, please do not tell Becky that. It would cause more trouble than you can imagine if you do.”

At fourteen years old, Heather was plenty old enough to know what would happen if Becky’s mother knew her mom was screwing Becky’s dad. So, she agreed. For the next hour, she and her mother talked. Heather wanted to know why she was cheating on Dad. It was a long explanation, much of it she’d heard before about how her mother loved her father because he had rescued her from a living hell of abuse when he'd let her move in with him when she was just sixteen. But this time she went on to say that even though she loved Heather’s dad very much, she still craved the attention she got from other men. She said it was likely an after-effect of the abuse she’d experienced when she was Heather’s age.  Heather knew full well how her mother acted around men, she’d noticed it way back when she was still doing pageants. Her mother always had men around her and seemed to work to keep their attention. The fact that on their mother-daughter trips, her mother nearly always found a man (or men) to buddy up with was completely normal to Heather.

As they talked on the bed that day, her mother told her that when a woman spent time with a man while out of town, sex was simply a normal and expected part of it. That thought had never occurred to her. However, she trusted her mother. So at fourteen, when her mother presented the concept that sex was a normal part of friendships, even new friendships, to Heather it was simply the truth. Right off she understood that her mother had only waited till she was old enough to understand what she was saying to explain all of that. That was it. Since she was old enough to grasp it, no other discussion was necessary.

She’d felt rather silly when her mom asked her “What do you think I have been doing when I leave you in our hotel rooms at night?”  It seemed as if her mother was surprised that Heather was just now realizing she was having sex on many of their trips together. Yet, in that talk, more than once she told Heather that for her, it was less about the sex itself than about the men wanting to be with her. The game of getting the men to follow her like they were on a leash was often the best part of it. It was that day that Heather accepted the idea that sex was just something people of a certain age normally did out of friendship. In time, the acceptance of that idea would shape her life. While Heather adored her father, she had long seen herself and her mother as part of a team, so she promised not to tell Dad. After that, she was her mother’s co-conspirator. 

Though her mother said it was not in payment for her silence, after that day in Myrtle Beach when she was fourteen, her mother began buying her extremely sexy & revealing clothes just for their trips, though she also modeled in them. Moreover, she guided Heather on how to wear them in a way that was sure to get guys attention. One way to ensure she got a guy’s attention was something she had seen her mother do on their trips for several years: skip underclothes and give guys peeks at her stuff.

On their very next trip, Heather asked if she could mimic her mother’s outfit and wear a very thin top and miniskirt without bra or panties.  That was the first time they’d gone out like that together. It became something they did at least once on nearly every trip. And importantly, before they went on their next summer trip (when she was fifteen), her mother had gotten Heather on birth control even though her mother didn’t yet know she was already having sex. The night when a neighborhood mother arrived at their door to report catching Heather having sex with her son, her mom threw a fit. Yet, even as it was happening, she suspected her mother was putting on a performance for the woman and her dad. Yes, it was true that until that evening, her mother didn’t know that Heather was sexually active, yet she’d been the one to take Heather to get on birth control months before that night.

It was after she’d caught her mother in bed with the father of her friend, that Heather began to pay attention to her parent's relationship. After over a year of watching them, she concluded that her dad was nuts about her mom, but her mom didn’t seem to have the same kind of all-consuming love for him. On one of their trips when she was sixteen, she brought the subject up and she told her mom that she felt guilty that she was helping her do it with other men behind her father’s back. In response, her mother had said, “He knows. He has always known.”

That answer knocked Heather for a loop. She just dumbfoundedly asked, “He knows when you have sex with other men?”

“No, not in specific,” her mother answered. “He knows that I have needs that can’t be met within our marriage, and he simply doesn’t inquire about how I get those needs met. I know you know I always keep condoms in my purse, and so does he. I’ve carried them since you were in diapers, even though I had my tubes tied after your brother Luke was born. Why would I have condoms other than to have sex with other men? Your wonderful father loves me very much, and he is willing to look the other way to make me happy. You need to understand that your father has his business to run to give his life meaning. He has close to a hundred employees who always want to please him and that makes him feel good about himself. I don’t have that, I never have. But I have you. One of the reasons we started doing pageants together was to get out of the house with you and for me to meet people. And, since then I’ve been having sex on our trips. We started to do modeling together for the same reason. It just so happens that I like the company of men. If I hit it off with a guy I meet, it usually leads to sex. I think by now, you know how having sex with someone who desperately wants to be with you makes you feel. I want that feeling, I need that feeling more than you can know.”

Heather did indeed know what she meant. By that time, she was widely considered the prettiest girl at her high school. Due to her bikini and lingerie modeling, every guy in school (and many of the girls) would give their right arm for the opportunity to be with her. From her freshman year until she graduated, she gave that chance to a good many of her classmates. Mostly she gave blow jobs (or a pussy eating with girls), but she was already having vaginal sex on nearly a weekly basis when she’d asked her mother about cheating on Dad. So yes, at sixteen she knew how good it felt to be virtually worshiped.

It was the next beach trip after that talk that she first told her mom she would need their hotel room for an hour or two. She didn’t do it as often as her mom met men, but when she did, her mother pretended she had no idea what Heather and the person on her arm were about to do.

Both the trips and modeling gigs she had done with her mother for six years all ended when Heather moved to Atlanta less than a month after graduating from high school. Heather had felt bad about leaving her mom on her own like that, but she couldn’t just run off three or four times a year with her mother while following her dream to start a professional modeling career. She was happy to hear that Janice had begun accompanying her mom on her trips. After only a few months of trying to get her modeling career going, Heather had fallen into the LeMarco orbit and her life changed forever.

Sitting on the living room sofa, Heather glanced down at her phone. “Oh no!” she exclaimed and rushed across the house to her bedroom and burst in without knocking. Even as she entered the room she said “Mom, the time! School is letting out right now. Jess and Luke will be home in fifteen minutes.”

As she came to a stop beside the bed, her mother and her boyfriend looked over at her in astonishment. Her mom was on all fours with Allen draped over her when Heather interrupted them. While to Heather, seeing a sight like that was nothing particularly noteworthy, to the couple on the bed it was the sort of shock that brought about momentary paralysis. Heather continued, “I just stopped by the house because I wasn’t finished packing for next week. I’ve been here for close to an hour waiting for you two to finish, but you are almost out of time. I don’t think you want to be caught doing this by Jess and Luke.”

 Even though just a few months before, Allen had had sex with Bonnie in front of Heather, he seemed not to know what to do, especially since he had to see that his girlfriend was not raving at him for what he was doing. Heather’s mom, still on all fours, recovered after just a few more seconds and said, “I thought we’d be done too. Not that I’m complaining, but from what you are saying we’ve been at it for close to two hours.” Turning her head back at Allen who was still more or less on top of her, she said, “OK, Allen, we need to finish up in ten minutes, so get at it.”

Allen seemed even more befuddled by the casual way Heather’s mom was reacting to getting caught. Heather had to make an effort not to laugh at the whole scene, and she suspected her mother was doing the same. It really was very funny… especially Allen’s expression.  But she thought it best to not let on how amusing it seemed to her.

Allen looked over to Heather as if asking her what to do. She just nodded slightly to let him know he should do as her mother had said. He stood up on his knees and began to move his hips again, slowly.

To her mother, Heather said, “If you two don’t mind, I need to get my stuff together while you wrap up. I didn’t realize I’d be waiting so long when I decided not to interrupt you.”

Allen began to stroke.

Heather’s mother said, “Go faster Allen, I want one more before you leave.”

Heather went to her closet and retrieved her half-packed bag. As Allen got back into the groove, her mother began to make guttural vocalizations. Heather worked to finish packing… slowly. The truth was she wanted to watch. She’d talked to Misty last time she was at the Campbell’s about what she thought when she saw her mother having sex with her friends and lovers. Misty had told her that because of her special bond with her mom, she got both the vicarious pleasure of watching her and that special joy of seeing someone she cares about experiencing the unique joy of making love. All that she felt with her closest friends, but with her mother it was something unique. That was exactly what Heather experienced as her mother obviously rose toward, then experienced an orgasm. She was particularly intrigued when she noted how similar her mother’s reactions to arousal and climax were to her own.  As her mother’s thighs shook from her orgasm, Allen began to cum as well. Using his hands to pull her mother hard up against him as he ejaculated, he groaned loudly in pleasure. She knew he always did that at the end of a long session.

What happened next puzzled Heather. If that had been her on the bed with Cooper while Bonnie watched, she knew that he would have most certainly engaged with his wife, likely kissing her and telling her thank you before sitting on the bed and chatting with both of them. But Allen did no such thing.  He hurriedly grabbed up his clothes and said “I’ll talk to you later,” as he headed out of the room before even getting dressed. It was unclear if his comment was for Heather or her mother. When he did not return, it was apparent that he’d gotten dressed and left.

Initially, Heather’s mother just lay on the bed catching her breath. Slowly she sat up and said, “I didn’t think you would mind.”

Heather sat down on the side of the bed, “I don’t. I don’t believe love or sex needs to be hoarded up like I have to keep it from others to have enough for myself. They are both meant to be shared. But you should have asked first. Why didn’t you?”

Her mother sat up, took a deep breath, and her shoulders fell. “I know. You are right, and that is a beautiful way of viewing it. I have a daughter who is a better person than I am, and I am very happy that is true. The reason I didn’t ask was that if he knew you didn’t mind, it would have reduced the thrill of the experience for me. After trying to explain it for years, I still don’t think you understand why I do this. It is the process of drawing a man in that meets my need for feeling wanted. That is why it is different than having sex with your father. Seeing how a man will take huge personal risks to be with me is what drives me… it gives me validation. You have seen the kind of men I prefer on out-of-town trips. I rarely go for the single guy who is looking to get laid. I was sure that if I’d asked you, you would have told him in advance that it was OK with you. Him knowing you didn’t mind, or even worse, if you told him you thought it was a good idea would have taken away half the value of it to me. He might have suspected you would be OK, but I know full well he didn’t know you would. He wanted me, he has wanted me for close to a month, but he couldn’t bring himself to act on it. That excited me.”

At just that moment they heard the voices of Jess and Luke as they made their way through the house. Heather picked up her mom’s top from the floor and handed it to her.  Heather couldn’t miss that it was one of her semi-sheer shirts made to be worn so you can see the bra underneath... and a super-short denim miniskirt she only wore on out-of-town trips. She wasn’t at all surprised that there was no bra to be seen, or panties either.  She knew that was how she’d gotten Allen to overcome his inhibition to having sex with his girlfriend’s mother. Momentarily she imagined seeing her mother sitting in her chair across from Allen on the sofa. They would have been talking casually as he tried not to look at her visible cooch under the micro-mini… and failing. The same would be true of her mother’s visible nipples under the semi-sheer fabric. The thought almost made her laugh. She really wished she could have seen him squirm. But right now, she had to help her mom. She picked up the skirt from the floor and tossed it onto the bed.

Heather’s mother’s eyes were still wide in panic, “Oh, I have got to hurry. I can’t believe I nearly got caught by my boys. Thank you for warning us. That would have caused a real problem.”

Heather nodded, “Yes it would have. You should not have done this here. Not even hiding in my room would have ensured you didn’t get caught. I have helped you for years to make sure you don’t create a crisis in our family, and I can’t believe you almost threw all that work away. No matter how hot you were for Allen, that is no excuse. Dad deserves better than for you to risk rubbing his unconditional, totally accepting love for you in his face.”

Heather knew her words and tone were harsh and were hurting her mother, but she had to know it was not right to violate the unspoken agreement that she and her father had maintained for all these years. It was one thing to fuck guys out of town to make her feel good about herself, it was something quite different to risk causing pain to Dad. Heather could see her words hit home, so she softened her tone. “Mom, you know I love you and I love Dad, and I’m fine that you fucked my boyfriend if that makes you feel good.” Only half overstating the fact she added, “Hell, one day I will get married and I fully expect you to seduce and fuck the shit out of my husband, probably even before we get to the alter; but you have to do it in a way that does not hurt Dad. OK?”

Her mother gave a funny smile and nodded. Heather sat back on the bed and softly said, “Next time you really should go over to his apartment.” She paused then added, “Will there be a next time?”

“Oh, I think there will be a next time,” her mother answered. “I know men, and I can tell he is really smitten with me. So, yes, there will be a next time… and a time after that and one after that. After the two-hour experience I just had, I will admit that he’s worth doing even if he knows he has your permission. Allen is nothing short of amazing in bed.”

Heather smiled, “Yes, he is. As you know I’ve been with a lot of men over the past year, and he is by and away the best lay I’ve ever had. With Brian & Mandy, it is super hot; and with Cooper, it is more meaningful; but for a pure fuck, Allen is in a league of his own.”

Scooting into her skirt, her mother asked, “What would you think if I had an ongoing affair with your boyfriend? If I play my cards right, he’ll be madly in love with me by the time you come back from Spring Break.”

That was not something Heather had considered. As far as she knew, her mom’s sexual liaisons were mostly one-off things, or at most a few times over a single week. What would she think of her mother becoming Allen’s lover?  While it might seem strange, it would be better than if he were doing it with girls from school while she was in Atlanta next week and then all summer. After all, it would be hard for him to say no when he knew full well she would be having sex while they were apart. Girls from school would be looking to snatch him up as their guy, her mother wouldn’t be doing that. Mostly stalling for time, she asked, “I’ve wondered, but never asked, have you ever had like real affairs with men here in town before?”

“A few… well just two, well only one where I was in love” her mother answered. “The only time I was actually caught was with a man I saw once a week or so for almost three years… back when you were a toddler before your brothers came along.”

That was something Heather had not known. How many secrets did her mom have? She repeated, “You got caught?”

“Well, not in the act, but yes, I had to ask your father’s forgiveness, mostly because the man was one of his employees and I know he felt more than a little embarrassed. To make matters worse, it seems he was the last one in the company to find out.”

Out of instinct, Heather asked, “What happened?”

Her mother got a funny look on her face and then said, “You know, when I was your age, I was almost as pretty as you. Back then your grandfather still ran the business and your father was only then transitioning from doing hands-on plumbing work to management. Your grandfather had him working very long hours. I was a stay-at-home mom with you still in diapers and I was feeling rather trapped. Several times a week I would make your father lunch and take it up to the shop, in doing so I got to know a number of the company’s men. They all liked me… or at least liked to look at me. I guess you wouldn’t be surprised that I dressed to ensure they couldn’t take their eyes off me.”

Heather laughed and shook her head, “No, I wouldn’t. And so, you were what eighteen or nineteen at that time?”

“Yes. Your dad got a lot of teasing about the young hottie he’d married. One of the men I flirted with the most was the company’s compliance foreman. He had an office in the shop but three or four days a week he went out to job sites, mostly to commercial construction jobs all across Georgia.  He was good-looking, super sweet, and unusually forward. Several times he accidentally, on purpose, touched me. My heart raced every time he did. One day I complained to Jack, that was his name, that even though my husband was a plumber, he didn’t seem to have time to fix the problem with our water. And yes, that was a ploy. I wanted him and I wanted him badly. Jack said he’d try to come by the next day on his way home from a job site. Well… I’d like to say I wasn’t planning to have sex with him, but I was lonely, horny as hell and I was already falling for him. After he called at lunchtime to ask if it would be OK if he stopped by on the way back to the office in a couple of hours, I put you in my car and we went up to the drug store and bought condoms. Even though I was on birth control pills I wanted to be safe while I committed adultery for the first time.”

Heather said, “Well good for you… I think.”

“You see, from one of the girls in the office, I’d learned Jack had quite a reputation for bedding young women, and the talk was all about how good he was. She didn’t say she’d had sex with him, but it was pretty obvious she had. I’d never gotten an STD, but one of my friends from school had, and after my experience with getting pregnant with you in high school, I didn’t want to take any chances. So, I was ready when he arrived. After he had assessed the problem, he’d gone out to his truck to get what he needed, when he came back in the house with his tools, I was holding a condom packet in my hand. So, before he’d even gotten a good start on my house plumbing, he plumbed me as I bent over the washing machine.”

Heather couldn’t help but laugh.

Her mom smiled at the memory, then went on. “That first time just turned me on even more, so before he left, we’d done it again. The second time we did it in my bed. Fortunately, you were cooperative the whole time and didn’t interrupt us.” She laughed again and said, “That very first time I cheated on your dad, you were right there in the room with me, in your portable playpen. In fact, over the next couple of years, you were in the room sleeping more than a few times while Jack and I made love.”

Heather put in, “See, even before I could talk, I was helping you get away with cheating.”

This time they both laughed before she continued. “He was the first guy I’d had sex with other than your father in like over three years. For almost three years, Jack stopped by at least once every week on his way to or from job sites. From the start, I was sure that I was in love with him. While that first time, I’m sure he just wanted to get a piece of hot young ass, but by the end of the first month, he was madly in love with me too. For all of those three years, he repeatedly asked me to leave your father and move in with him.”

Heather got up, took a vest from her drawer, and gave it to her mother. “Put this on. You don’t want to traumatize your sons by showing them your boobs.”

Her mother took the vest and began to put it on.

“What happened?” Heather asked. “With you and Dad’s foreman. You said you saw him for almost three years.”

“For his job, Jack had one of the first camera phones and I let him take some naked pictures of me. It was the first time I’d posed in the nude. I liked the idea of him jerking off to my pictures between our times together. It didn’t even occur to me that he would show his buddies… but to be honest, if it had occurred to me, I would have liked the idea. You know I’ve had Janice sell my nude photos to collectors for years. As you can guess, Jack showed the pics to at least twenty guys. Eventually, everyone in the company knew he was fucking the boss’s wife. Your grandfather found out before your dad, and he fired Jack that day. Both your father and grandfather blamed Jack for taking advantage of a naïve teenager who’d been sexually abused. Your dad and I had a rough patch, but he loved me and you and didn’t want to give that up.”

Heather asked, “He had to have made you promise not to do it again.”

Her mom thought for a moment then said, “Well yes and no. He made me promise not to see Jack again, but I don’t think he even thought to have me promise never to do it with another guy. Though I’m sure that was what he meant.  But to this day, I’ve never let myself fall for another guy.  There are a few guys, like Kevin Goodson who I have been doing on occasion for years, but I have a wall around my heart now. I may fuck like a cat in heat, but I won’t betray your father again like that. The day he said he forgave me, your father made a point to praise me when I assured him that I’d never once had sex with Jack without a condom, and I hadn’t.”

Her mother pointed to two opened condom wrappers on Heather’s dresser and said, “And to this day, I have never done it with another man without one. That is sort of my personal morality choice. Your father is the only guy since I moved in with him when I was sixteen who has ever felt the inside of my pussy with his dick. I plan on that to be true till the day death takes one of us.”

Heather knew that was quite a statement, but then her mother gave a short laugh, “Lots of men, and more women than you realize have felt the inside of my pussy with their fingers or tongue, but only your father’s dick has been in me bare… in my pussy I mean. I don’t really know how many bare dicks have been in my mouth but to me, that is not the same.”

Heather knew she was not nearly so conscientious. She never used them with the LeMarco’s, Cooper, or their inner circle of friends, though both she and Mandy always used them with the other men they did for company functions. She almost told her mom that she had stopped using them with Allen, but she decided not to.

Her mother went on, “After I was outed for cheating with Jack, I told your father I was very sorry I hurt him. And I was. But I also told him how I felt isolated and it was more about someone paying me attention than anything else… which was true. I didn’t tell him that I’d fallen in love with Jack. I decided that was something I should keep to myself. But, looking back, he never threatened to leave me if I did it again or anything like that. I think he, even more than I did, suspected it would happen again. But it didn’t, not like that.”

“After all of that, we talked about me having another kid, and within weeks I stopped taking my birth control pills and was soon pregnant with Jess. Luke was conceived half a year after I’d had Jess. I wasn’t with any other men from the day your dad found out about me and Jack, until I’d had both of your brothers, had my tubes tied and we started doing pageants. It was only when you and I started taking overnight trips to go to pageants did I start having sex with men I met while we were gone.” She laughed, “Those pageant people are pretty wild. I’d never even heard of swingers until a couple whose daughter was a contestant asked me to join them for a threesome.” She laughed and added, “It was my first time to do it with a woman. And it was like, how had I missed this before?”

Heather laughed and said, “I think I remember the first time you left me to watch TV in our hotel room to go down to the hotel bar. I was in something like second grade. Was that when you did it the first time?”

Her mother laughed, “Heven’s no. By the time you were in second grade, I had become a regular in the group that slept around in the pageant community. As an effectively single woman, I did it with dads, moms, and couples… quite a few couples. We had sort of a cooperative childcare arrangement, that is why you and your pageant friends spent a good many evenings in one hotel room together. The first time was with the father of a girl competing against you when you were in kindergarten. We did it in an empty conference room in the hotel while his wife was with you and their daughter working on some stage moves.  The clandestine nature of what we were doing was the real thrill… and it set a pattern for many quickie hook-ups over the next decade. But, from the first time with Jack, till this day I always carry a couple of condoms in my purse… always. And more than once in that time your father has seen them, but he has never said anything.”

Heather thought for a moment then said, “Well, you can’t do it here at home again. You can’t take that risk. I still can’t believe you did that.”

Her mother seemed to think for a moment then said, “I guess I should come clean; I’ve done it at our house before, both this house and our old house on Magnolia Street. I almost always used your room, though at Magnolia Street we also did it in our fenced-in backyard, on the chaise lounge. Do you remember Jimmy Doland, the boy up the street who mowed our lawn for several years?”

“Yea, his sister Cindy and I played a lot together.” Then it hit Heather what her mom was saying. “Her brother Jimmy is only three years older than me. You didn’t fuck him… did you?”

Her mother gave her a sideways look, “Didn’t you tell me that Cooper and Bonnie Campbell’s daughter is only two years younger than you? And that didn’t keep you from going to their house and fucking them. In fact, if I recall correctly, more than once you have fucked Cooper right in front of their daughter … who is only two years younger than you.”

Heather sucked in a breath. “Yes, I guess you are right. But Mom, please tell me you didn’t seduce a high school kid.”

“No, I didn’t seduce him. It wasn’t like with Jack, I had no plans to do it with him. It was one of those things that just happened.”

“What do you mean it just happened? Are you saying the fates made you fuck a sixteen-year-old boy?”

Her mother blushed a little then explained, “I actually think that first time he was fifteen. You see, it first happened the summer before you went to 7th grade. He’d been mowing our lawn for a couple of summers by then, and I’ll admit the summer before I had teased him quite a bit, like laying out on the lounge chair in my tiniest bikinis, or wearing super thin tank tops to check on his progress. I know he liked looking and I liked how he looked at me. I hadn’t yet turned thirty, but I was feeling like an old woman and his lustful looks were nice. See, he mowed during the week so your father was at work and your brothers were still too young to notice what I was wearing around the house. So I could get away with wearing things at home I can’t now.”

Heather nodded, she knew full well that during the summers her mom wore as little as possible especially when Jess, Luke, and her dad were all gone. When her brothers were younger, it hadn’t mattered so much what she wore around them, but it did now. That was why she’d given her mother the vest to wear. Though she didn’t recall seeing her mother teasing Jimmy with what she wore, she could certainly imagine her doing it.

“Well one day, when it was really hot, you and your brothers were over at your grandparents swimming, but I had come back home for some reason I don’t recall.  Jimmy was already working on the front yard when I got back to the house. As you know, I have to be careful what I wear over to your grandparent’s house. Before we’d left I’d pulled on a pair of jeans and tee shirt over my spandex shorts and stretch camisole; but when I got home, I pulled them off to get comfortable. Sure, I was wearing the camisole and shorts as underwear, but you and I both also wear that kind of thing out in public when we are out of town. Like most of those outfits, they were super thin and clingy so that I was showing off my shape completely… all of me, both up top and down below. That was actually the last summer I wore that kind of thing around your brothers. Later when I saw Jimmy out back sweating profusely, I took him a glass of iced tea. It took him a few minutes to realize the tea was for him, and in that time, my little outfit got damp which made it even more clingy and somewhat see-through. I couldn’t miss the tent growing in his basketball shorts as he walked over to where I was standing.”

 “Like I said, I’d teased him before, but this was different. He couldn’t seem to decide whether to stare at my boobs or my camel toe. The more he looked the more turned on I got. When I decided to invite him inside to cool off, coming into the cool house from the burning heat made my nipples perk up right off. Given the fact the top was just a hair's breath from being sheer by then, when my nipples got hard, they were hard to miss even if he wasn’t staring at them… which he was. But even then, I had no plan to take it further than teasing.”

“We chatted a bit sitting at the little breakfast table we used to have. Just out of the blue, for some reason I can’t remember, I asked him if he’d ever seen a woman’s breasts in real life. Of course, he hadn’t. After I asked if he wanted to see mine, I stood up and pulled my top off. I guess that was when I crossed the Rubicon. His eyes became like saucers, and after a moment I said he could touch them if he wanted. He didn’t seem to know what to do, so I led him to stand in front of me and took his hands to put them on my tits. When he still didn’t seem to know what to do, I told him how I liked to be touched. That broke the spell and he did exactly what I said… cupping them, caressing them, and pinching my nipples. As he did, I pushed my shorts off my hips and let them fall to the ground. Taking one of his hands, I led him to cup my pussy and guided his fingers to explore all my different parts. With that, he began to really get into it. He was all over me, and I let him know he could suck my tits if he wanted. I let him enjoy himself for a bit before we started to kiss. Again, his lack of experience showed, but he was putting his all into it. His fingers even found their way into my pussy. Finally, I asked if he would like to fuck me.”

“We stopped by my bedroom to get a box of condoms, but we did it in your bed. I didn’t want to take the chance of my bed smelling like sex when your father got home. Not[U1]  surprisingly he had little control but amazing recovery power. And best of all it totally felt like he was worshiping me. I’m sure he could have gone for hours and hours, but I thought it better to leave him wanting more. By the time I told him he needed to finish mowing, he had filled condoms twice and my mouth twice. But I wasn’t quite ready to let him go, so I laid out in the sun on the patio chaise lounge… still naked. When he was finished mowing the backyard and came over for his money, I spread my legs and asked if he wanted to eat me out again before he left. He’d learned a lot in that first session. He gently stroked my clit with his tongue, just the way I’d told him to do earlier. Unlike men do, he didn’t change what he was doing unless I told him to.  So, he kept that steady stroking and didn’t change what he was doing even after my hips began bucking like crazy as I got close to cumming. I’d not expected for him to get me off, but he did… twice. As a finale, I pulled one last condom from underneath my head cushion. I had him get on me, his sweaty body on mine felt amazing. We kissed hard while he ground his young, but fully grown, cock into me. It was glorious. He lasted a good fifteen minutes like that before he spewed. That last time on the chaise lounge, more than anything else, ensured that I would arrange to do it with him again.”

“But Mom,” Heather chided, “you had to know the kind of risk you were taking. I’m sure he had an afternoon he will never forget as long as he lives, but that was reckless, insanely irresponsible.”

Her mother nodded, “I know. But that didn’t keep me from doing it again two more times before the end of the summer, then three times the next summer, and after we moved here from Magnolia Street, he had a car by then so we did it twice the year after that. You are the first person I’ve ever told about this. I haven’t even told Janice.”

Heather said, “And until the statute of limitations expires, you’d better not tell anyone else. Do you think he has told any of his friends?”

“I made it clear that if he wanted it to continue, he could not tell anyone. But the second or third summer, I’m not sure which, I helped him concoct a story about a mystery woman who he met at the park to tell if he just had to tell someone. I don’t feel guilty though. I did not harm him in any way. I prepared him to be an exceptional lover and for that, he is grateful to me. Oh, and the fourth summer, after he’d finished high school, I had him meet me at the Days Inn on I-16. We did it on and off for an entire afternoon. I’m not sure why, but I didn’t get the same thrill I did in prior years.” She paused, then said, “You know I’ve had a great many men over the last fifteen years, but the only person I ever fantasize about when getting myself off is Jimmy. There was something incredibly fulfilling for me with him. I can’t put my finger on why that is, but somehow in bed with him, I felt a type of fulfillment that I’ve never felt with anyone else. But you are right about the risks to our family. I knew that at the time, even though I couldn’t stop doing it with him right up until he went off to college. Since then I’ve never allowed myself to even flirt with anyone his age again, let alone get into the position I would be tempted to bed one.”

Her mother then said one last thing that caused Heather to see a picture she’d never seen before. “It is good that you didn’t first bring a boyfriend home with you until you were twenty years old. Had you done it when you were fifteen or sixteen, I’m not sure I could have resisted the urge.”

Heather thought about what her mother was saying. Was Mom admitting that she was attracted to teenage boys, or was she saying that she knew she had a compulsion to have sex with any guy that I brought to the house as my boyfriend? Was Mom’s rule against me developing a boyfriend relationship in high school actually about Mom and Jimmy?  I have never seen Mom eyeing high school guys on our beach trips, not once… even with the guys she knows I’d taken to our hotel room for sex. Yet, I have seen Mom ogle hundreds of college guys and grown men. So perhaps the thing with Jimmy really had been just something the fates had thrown her way, but given what I’ve seen today, it seems entirely likely that Mom would indeed feel compelled to seduce and fuck any guy I bring home. That conclusion was entirely consistent with the person I know my mother to be. Perhaps my quip about having sex with my future husband was not just hyperbole. No, it wasn’t. It was predictive. One day I will have to choose between maintaining my relationship with Mom, or accepting that she will indeed fuck my eventual husband. Wasn’t that essentially the choice Dad had made years ago?

At that moment Heather was sure that she would make the same choice her dad had made: just love her mother for who she is and turn a blind eye to her sexual proclivities. She decided to sidestep that whole issue. Down the road when she found Mr. Right, she and her mother would have to have a long talk, but not today.

Moving back to her earlier admonition, “Well Mom, I’m glad that you have stayed away from young guys since then. But no matter their age, you just can’t put Dad’s welfare out of your mind so you can fuck other guys here at home. If you want to keep going with Allen, you have to do it at his apartment or one of the hotels by the interstate. I know I was not the first girl Allen took to his apartment, so that is not a barrier. I’m sure Allen’s roommate will get a kick out of it when he finds out that the new woman he’s fucking is my mother.” With that, Heather stood up and picked up her bag to head to Atlanta. At the door, she looked back and said, “I love you, Mom. I really do.”

“I love you too Pumpkin.”

Heather called Bonnie’s cell as soon as she got in the car. When it didn’t ring she remembered that Bonnie was doing a photo shoot with Misty and then a college tour. Heather left a message to call her when she could. Then she tried to call Allen. He didn’t answer. She left him a message too, but she called him three more times before she arrived at the LeMarco & LeMarco offices. The lack of response worried her.   But, at the same time she hadn’t decided what to say. Her first inclination was to simply tell him that was perfectly OK for him to do it with her mom anytime she asked him to. That is certainly what Bonnie, Judy or Mandy would do. But she knew that was not what her mother wanted. Mom wanted Allen to think he was carrying on an illicit affair with her mother.

When Bonnie called her back after Misty’s photoshoot was over, Heather couldn’t talk because she was in a training session at the office. She called Bonnie back two hours later, when she was on her way from the LeMarco & LeMarco office to Brian & Mandy LeMarco’s home. However, once again her call went directly to voice mail. She just left a message asking Bonnie to call her tonight.

Heather almost never knew what the plans for the weekend were until she got to Atlanta, and in many cases, she didn’t know until after she’d settled in at Brian & Mandy’s for the weekend.  More often than not, on Friday night, she would simply stay at the LeMarco’s. Sometimes Brian would have friends over, but other times it was just her and Mandy. She was happy to find that the plans were for her and Mandy to simply relax in the spacious LeMarco home on their own. Given the fact she left the LeMarco & LeMarco office at 7:15 that night and didn’t make it to Brian & Mandy’s home until nearly 8:00, that plan sounded ideal to Heather.

Bonnie called back at about 8:30 after an entire day of playing phone tag.

“So, what’s up,” Bonnie asked.

“You remember last month, how I told you that I’d enjoyed watching my boyfriend, Allen, going at it with you in that Atlanta hotel?” 

“Yes,” Bonnie replied. “And I told you how Allen was surprised that he had enjoyed watching you with Cooper as well.”

“Right. As part of the new openness I have with my mother, I told her about our foursome and how glad I was that I could enjoy watching my boyfriend with my mentor-lover. That is how I describe you to my mom.”

Bonnie put in “I think that is a good way to describe it.”

 “I guess that story put an idea into her head, or perhaps it gave her the green light to do something she’d already thought about. Next week is Spring Break for Middle Georgia State, so after school, I stopped by my house to pick up the things I would need for the week. You see I will be in the LeMarco & LeMarco office tomorrow and then Monday through Wednesday, but Mr. LeMarco has a Wednesday evening charter to fly me, Mandy, Judy, Francis Opel… she’s been my primary mentor at the office. I told you about her last year how she’s been with the firm for close to thirty years… and, Courtney Zimmerman, the wife of a hot young architect the LeMarco’s are trying to bring to the firm, to Miami Beach. The two Mr. LeMarco’s, Nathan Zimmerman, and a man we are trying to convince LeMarco & LeMarco is the firm for his upcoming project will be going out a few days earlier to sample the local treats without the women present. On Wednesday evening we will meet them at Martin’s condo. I’m sure that will be quite a night. Then on Thursday, we will start a two-night sail aboard the San Dinero. All that is to say, I need some wardrobe that I haven’t used since last summer and I stopped by the house to pick those things up before I left for Atlanta.”

Bonnie put in, “Sounds like a fun trip. Cooper and Misty have Spring Break the week after next and we are going to St. Martin.” She went on to talk about Misty’s new business venture. 

Heather hadn’t heard any of that yet. She asked, “Do you think Misty would be interested in shooting me for her new website? I’m sure she needs content and I owe your family more than I can repay.”

“I would certainly think she would jump at the opportunity to shoot you again.”

“Then I will talk to Brian about me posing for her site, and possibly inviting her to his father’s place to do the shoot.  As you know that property has a hundred great locations for shooting. Somehow, I don’t think Martin would object if Misty came out to do a nude shoot, or even better would be if she brought some of the other Euro-Club girls to pose with me there. A bevy of naked teenage girls at his home for a day of photos wouldn’t hurt his feelings a bit.”

Bonnie laughed and said, “Yes, I’m sure he’d work his schedule around to be there to… uhh, help out. Now that I say it, I would make sure I was there to keep him in line.”

Heather laughed and agreed that was a good idea.

Bonnie said she’d forward the suggestion to Misty as an idea for June when school is out for the summer. Then she asked, “So, why have you been trying all day to talk to me?”

“I was getting to that. So, when I went by the house to pack for the week, I found my mom and Allen in my bed… screwing.”

“Oh,” Bonnie replied trying to hide her startled reaction. “I’m sure that was quite a surprise. From the way you tell it, I don’t suppose she asked you if it were OK that she banged your boyfriend.”

“No, she didn’t. As you know until I moved to Atlanta, I’d been my mom's wingman for her trysts on our trips since I was barely a teen. When I look back over the past month, I should have seen all the signs that Mom was hunting Allen. I guess she just assumed that I saw what she was doing and my silence was tacit approval, just like my dad has been doing forever.” 

“Are you upset at finding your mother in bed with Allen?” Bonnie asked.

“No, not a bit. I’ve been thinking about it all day and I actually think this might be good for both of us. It will slow down Allen's rush to make something more permanent out of our relationship. He hasn’t talked directly about marriage, but he is graduating in a year, and I know he’s thinking that way already. Becoming my mother’s lover will also head off any ideas he might have hidden from me that I should be monogamous.  Besides all that, I think a torrid love affair would be good for Mom. While she’s had innumerable hookups over the years, she said she has only had two actual affairs in the twenty years of marriage to my dad. Lately, she’s been hinting that she would like me to introduce her to Martin and bring her into LeMarco World. Understand, my mother is only thirty-seven, and she is still quite pretty. I am quite sure that they would welcome her into their circle. I could certainly see her totally loving a week on the San Dinero, even with me there with her. But, but I’m not sure that would be good for her marriage. Things have gone well with them for all these years, an affair with Allen might be a way of putting off her desire to meet Martin.”

Bonnie replied, “I can tell you have certainly been thinking about this. And from what you’ve told me about your mother, she would fit all too well into their world. But, I have a better idea. If she wants to be introduced to an open-sexuality social group, she doesn’t need to turn to the LeMarcos. My group of friends would be safer than what you call LeMarco World. I would love to have you and your mother over so I can introduce her to my group of friends. Though if she is interested in the high life and social elites, my friends wouldn’t be much help on that front.”

Heather replied, “I’d thought of that. Even more, I’ve wondered if spending a few nights with Cooper would work the same magic he has for me. From what you have told me, he’s done the same for several of the women in your group. If there is even a chance that Cooper could help my mom get over her driving need to be sexually desired by other men, I’d be all for giving it a try.”

“Hmmm?” Bonnie said into the phone. “I would agree, but I think you would need to talk to Cooper about that. But given you are off with the LeMarco’s next week and we are off to St. Martin the week after, we would certainly be looking at mid-April for any action. The question now is what are you going to tell Allen when you talk to him?”

“You are right, it would be next month before I could bring her over. But sadly, I am still not sure what to tell Allen.  It would be in my interest for Mom to have his attention not just during Spring Break, but through the summer when I will be living in Atlanta full time. Mom says she is sure he will be in love with her by the end of spring break. For my mom, it is better if he thinks he’s cheating on me, she thrives on men who take risks to be with her. And if he thinks he is doing something behind my back, he will be much more careful than if he just thinks my mom is cheating on my dad. But it is not fair for me to load him with that kind of guilt. If I pretended that I was angry that he’d fucked my mom, that would be a lie. The kind of lie that would foreclose an eventual long-term relationship with him.”

Bonnie asked, “Do you want a long-term relationship with Allen?”

That was the real question for Heather. Did she want marriage to Allen to be a possibility? A year and a month from now he’d be graduating and if they were still together, he would most likely be looking at marriage once his diploma is in hand. Yet Heather had less than a year of college under her belt. No matter what he was saying now, his negative reaction to being caught with her mom told Heather that he was not really ready to be the husband of a courtesan. There was a reason that Heather had freely shown her photos and video clips from her San Dinero trips to her mother and Janice, yet she’d not shown them to Allen. Yes, she told him directly that she regularly has sex with Brian & Mandy, and on occasion with Cooper & Bonnie, but she was more vague about the sex she had with other men.  He didn’t quite understand that she, in effect, was a sex worker. She was sure that he really didn’t grasp that she was paying for college, her apprenticeship, and her eventual job at LeMarco & LeMarco by fucking men for the good of the company. Perhaps as important, she’d deliberately not told Allen how much she enjoyed the glamourous upscale lifestyle that her role provided her. As an environmental biologist, Allen would never be able to provide that kind of life to her. She was happy with both her life as Heather Jones, college student, and as Aphrodite, sex goddess. She’d lived with that duality since she was a child, and that duality was what made her who she was.

Heather, quickly and without any apparent hesitation, replied to Bonnie’s question if she wanted to marry Allen, “No. I like my life and I don’t want to give it up. I hope to have a marriage one day, like yours or Judy’s where I am free to use my body as I please, but no, that kind of relationship is simply not a possibility for me right now. Nor will it be for at least six or eight more years.  One day I do want a husband, the right kind of husband, and children. But not now, so I know deep in my heart that there is no long-term future with Allen. Though I don’t think he knows that.”

Bonnie softly replied, “Then I guess you have most of your answer already. The only thing is what to say so as to get Allen to choose to have an affair with your mother even while he doesn’t know you have given your mother the go-ahead to do so.”

Heather knew she had it right on the head. Even though Bonnie had not told her what she should do, she had clarified what she needed to do. Though she was still unsure of what was the right and moral thing to tell Allen once he called her back. Even so, she was glad she’d called Bonnie.


Bonnie, sitting in her recliner at home, put down the phone and leaned back to relax.  She was glad she was there for Heather to use as a sounding board. The young woman had a tricky situation to negotiate in a way that was ethical and just to everyone involved. The truth is she never had a very good relationship with her own mother, so it was hard to put herself into Heather’s shoes. But she understood that to Heather, her relationship with her mother was of paramount importance. And Heather might be right, a couple of nights with Cooper might help.  DeeDee has been calling him a male Rahab, perhaps this is just the kind of case he needs to take on. She was tempted to call Cooper, who was on a date with DeeDee, but decided she’d talk with both of them about this later.

It had been quite a day and the quiet of the house was soothing to Bonnie.

She’d been home close to an hour, and the girls left to go pick up Caitlin’s boyfriend a few minutes before. Just minutes after she, Misty, and Caitlin had gotten back to the house, the girls went to Cooper’s study to cull out a set of photos for Caitlin to take home with her.

In the study, Misty had been initially surprised at how many photos of Caitlin that her mother had taken, then she realized she should not have been. After all, Caitlin was nude during the entire after-lunch session with Salvador. And she already knew that her best friend was just as photogenic as she was beautiful in person. After all, in addition to acting as her photo assistant, Caitlin had been her primary model for trying out new photographic techniques. The only group of photos that Misty thought were underwhelming was the very last set with Caitlin on the massage table where Salvador hammered her. It was not that they did not accurately portray what happened, but rather the lighting had not been as carefully thought out as it had been in all the others. The result were photos that came out feeling flat.

When Bonnie had gone to check on them, Caitlin told her, “I’ve already texted my mom and asked if she and Mrs. Rojas would like to see the photos you took today when I get home.  She texted back saying they are looking forward to seeing them, and she asked if I minded if Maria Jane and her boyfriend are there when I showed them. When you came in, I was just finishing up my message that you and Misty don’t mind if they see them too. I hope I was right when I spoke for you.”

Bonnie said it was fine to show them the photos as long as they don’t make copies of the files. Then she asked, “How do you think Caleb will respond to the photos of you and Salvador?”

“I think it will be OK. I’ve been prepping him for something like this since our first date.”

Bonnie rejoined, “But seeing you taking Salvador’s dick isn’t the same thing as telling him about it.”

“Yes, I know that. But I think the best thing is to show Caleb the photos tonight. If I wait, it might appear I am trying to hide something. And, by showing about a hundred photos before I get to the part I’m screwing Salvador, he will already have seen a number of photos of Misty and I having oral sex as well as a good many showing Salvador’s dick in Misty. If that doesn’t prep him to see pics of me having sex, nothing will.”

Both Bonnie and Misty laughed and agreed.

Caitlin went on, “Earlier, on the way home I texted her asking if it was OK if I brought Caleb over to spend the night tonight for the first time in our room at the Rojas’s. Mom will be sleeping with Maria’s mom tonight so that I can have our bed for me and Caleb. Though, if I know Mom she wouldn’t care if Caleb and I got it on right beside her.”

Bonnie let out a laugh, “Yea, somehow I think you are right about that, but it would be better if she sleeps with Janet. And besides, even though Gina likely wouldn’t care if you did it right beside her, that would surely be too much of a leap for your new boyfriend.”

Caitlin nodded, then said, “I agree, that is why I asked her if he and I could have our bed tonight.”

Bonnie just nodded in understanding. She just hoped Caitlin was right that he would react positively to seeing photos of his girlfriend having sex with a male model… especially given the room would be filled with other people. But, given what Caitlin had told her already, she really didn’t think there was anything to worry about.

When her mother left Misty and Caitlin to go back into the living room, Caitlin suggested, “Why don’t we show my mom some of the best shots you’ve taken over the past year… perhaps start with the really cool sunrise photo you took of your mother on your first Miami Beach trip. By doing that we can show her and Maria Jane’s mom what we’ve been doing since then. Pretty much at every Euro-Club event, someone had a camera and took pictures to document what we did. Showing a few from each set would help a lot to bring my mom and Mrs. Rojas up to speed on the club. And besides, I suspect that once Mom sees how good of a photographer that you have become, she might be an asset to you. Not only am I sure she would be happy to pose for you, but I know she’s trying to go back to work with the production company she worked for before moving in with Mr. Bob. Perhaps she could sell you as a still photographer. According to Mom, in addition to the videos, each client couple gets a set of nice 8x10s.”

Misty hadn’t even thought of that. So she and Caitlin quickly copied a couple of photos from each club event and a couple of dozen of her best studio photos. Since they were showing them to Caitlin’s mother, they biased the photos they copied to the flash drive toward photos of Caitlin. Though Misty very deliberately included one photo from the studio set of her mom with Samuel and Rebecca. She thought it good to graphicly make the point to Miss Gina that her old friend had expanded her horizons. However, for the New Year's Eve party and the Valentine's Day “not-a-party” she also had some very good photos of Maria Jane as well… though Misty would have to tell the mothers that the New Year's Eve photos were all shot by Lamar. However, she suspected that Maria Jane’s mother would not care who took them.

When they were done, Caitlin and Misty got ready to go. Caitlin explained to Mrs. C. that Caleb would be getting off of work at her father’s Goodyear shop soon and she was supposed to pick him up there. That done, the two girls headed out. As they all walked to the front door, Bonnie asked Misty to tell Caitlin and Maria Jane’s mothers that she wanted to have them both over to the house. However, since she’d be leaving Wednesday for a speaking engagement in Vermont and wouldn’t be back home until the family returned from St. Martin, it wouldn’t be until mid-April before that could happen. 

Misty uncharacteristically gave her mother a hug at the door, and thanked her for everything she’d done for her today. Bonnie assured her that she’d loved every minute of it, “Don’t be offended if I don’t wait up for you. While we’ve had the same long day, I am a lot older than you. With your father out with DeeDee for the night, I’m planning on going to bed early. Oh, and Happy Birthday.”

Misty had completely forgotten it was still her birthday.

With Cooper off for the night and Lamar at the Marshal’s, as he had been for nearly every weekend since Christmas, Bonnie had a rare moment of solitude in the big old house. How many times had she wished she had a busy life outside of her home while the kids were young? Now she was living a life beyond her dreams, and yet tonight the quiet was relaxing not confining.

Once Misty was gone, Bonnie called Heather.

Misty had seen the Goodyear store that Caitlin’s father owned many times over the years because it was on Highway 22 just over the river on the way into Milledgeville, but she’d never been inside. She’d never met Caitlin's father, though she couldn’t help but think of him as a creep. After all, he’d been in his forties when he knocked up high school girl, Gina Richards. He didn’t even acknowledge paternity until Social Services got a court order for a DNA sample proving he was Caitlin’s father. Yes, Misty knew that in the past four years or so he'd made an effort to get to know his daughter and pay up on over a decade of past child support payments, but that didn’t erase the damage he’d done. She didn’t know if she was disappointed or glad when Caitlin said her father would not be at the shop when they got there. Misty was sure that Caitlin was a better person than she was to be willing to forgive and move on.

They arrived at the tire store just before 9:00 when the shop locked up. So rather than going in, they waited in Misty’s yellow Mini until a tall, nice-looking young guy came out. One thing that jumped out at Misty, this guy was not a high school kid, he was a man. Sure, soon she and all the other original Euro-Club members would be high school graduates, and next fall they would be college students, but just seeing him was jarring. Then she reminded herself she’d had sex with a guy in his mid-20’s just that day, so perhaps this all was her wake-up call that they were moving into the adult world.

 Misty also couldn’t miss that they did not show any sort of physical affection outside of the shop, but acted like they were just friends. It seemed obvious that so far, they were keeping their relationship on the down low.  That certainly made sense because her father owned the company Caleb worked for. It was doubtful that his employees had any idea of what a creep Caitlin’s father was… or at least had been.

As soon as the doors were closed, Caitlin made introductions. Since it was apparent that Caleb was at least six feet tall, Misty understood why Caitlin guided him to sit in the front seat of Misty’s Mini Cooper. Caitlin might get a little squished in the back seat, but he would have had quite a difficult time even getting into the back seat of her little two-door car, let alone being comfortable.  

“I am so glad to finally meet you,” Misty said. “Caitlin and I have been like sisters since we were five years old, and I’ve never seen her so crazy about a guy like she is about you.”

From the back seat Caitlin smacked Misty’s arm. She just laughed. She was just trying to get her goat. For the rest of the half an hour drive to the Rojas home, Misty got to know Caleb, and Caleb asked several questions about Misty and the Euro-Club. It was all rather routine until he said, “I really liked how you handled telling people about the Valentine’s Day party at your house. I’ll confess, it was hot reading your description on the club website about the night. Then over the next couple of weeks, you posted four other girl’s experiences at the party.  I’ve never read anything like that with multiple points of view.”

Misty thanked him and they discussed the party and the different viewpoints posted on the club website. Then he asked, “I’ve been meaning to ask Caitlin something, but when we are together I tend to forget anything but her.”

Misty laughed as she drove, “I understand that. She has that effect on most people, even me. So, what did you want to ask?”

“I’ve noticed that while it is obvious that you are talking about you and other people having sex, you never say it outright. You use all sorts of euphemisms to talk about sex without ever saying the word. Sometimes it is really funny. It certainly gets people talking. And now I’m dating a Euro-Club girl, everyone seems to think I know everything about the club. So, why do you and the other girls dance around the subject even though that is what the stories are all about?”

Misty understood the question since she’d had to explain it to the club girls more than once. She was still discussing why the club was so obtuse about what they do when Caitlin interrupted to give Misty the final directions on how to get to Maria Jane’s house. It was in one of those strange subdivisions that had been carved out of farmland for pre-fab homes. Misty’s dad had once explained that in the early 2000’s banks were giving loans to just about anyone for houses that were built in a factory and then brought in pieces to lots where they were reassembled. After the crisis of 2008, thousands of them went into foreclosure and investors snapped them up. Now families like the Rojas’s were able to rent three-bedroom homes for no more than they would pay for a single-wide trailer.

Misty also knew that Haley’s mom had gotten Mrs. Rojas a job at the big Caterpillar plant where she was Director of Human Resources, so for the first time ever she and Maria Jane were fully in the middle class. Misty thought it was odd that she even considered things like the ability of her friend's families to afford housing. It was just another sign that she really was growing up.

Miss Gina (as Misty had called her for as long as she could remember) met her at the door with a big hug. While she had seen Caitlin’s mother a number of times during the last year and a half, she seemed different today. She was back to the vibrant person Misty had been around since she was in kindergarten. She liked this version of Caitlin’s mother far more than the quiet, mousy version she’d seen whenever she’d been at Caitlin’s over the past year. After her hug and kiss on the cheek, she turned to Caleb. Misty already knew Miss Gina had met Caleb earlier in the week, but this was the first time he’d been to their new home.

Once the greetings were over, Miss Gina led Misty to the home’s living room where she, Caitlin, and Caleb took a seat. “Misty,” Miss Gina said, “I just want to tell you directly that I am so impressed with all the things you have done through the Euro-Club. It wasn’t until Caitlin and I moved in with the Rojas’s did I learn how much you’ve done for Maria Jane. I know what it is like to go to Jefferson Davis High with a slutty reputation, and so does Maria Jane’s mother. In our day the two of us were outcasts, treated like dirt by both the students and the teachers. But, with the power and popularity of the Euro-Club behind her, Maria Jane is accepted by the vast majority of both students and teachers.  Not that she broadcasts her sexual activities, but simply by being named as a member of the club, she has told everyone that she not only is sexually active but that she has no shame about being so. By your bold claim to sexual autonomy, you have effectively turned the tables on those who would slut shame girls like Maria Jane.”

As Miss Gina was speaking, Mrs. Rojas came to sit with them. “Yes, she’s right. And I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for my daughter.”

Misty had met Mrs. Rojas back in the fall when she’d brought Maria Jane to the Marshal’s to talk to her and Sarah about joining the Euro-Club. She was a little flustered with the compliments from these two mothers. Her solution was to remind them that it was not her, but the whole club who’d made Maria Jane’s experience so good.

Miss Gina put a hand on Misty’s knee, “Yes, I know it was the whole group, but Misty, we all know that none of it would have happened without you and your courage. When your nude beach photos came out, you could have tucked your tail between your legs and tried to hide, but you didn’t. When I first heard about it at Bob’s church, I was so afraid for you. Janet and I were all but pushed out of Jeff Davis for far less. But, when you refused to be cowed, it changed everything.”

Misty replied, “You are right, I was faced with either curling up in shame or standing up for myself. But I had something you didn’t, well two things… I had my mother who you know is not one to be bullied, and I had my friends as well. But you are right in saying that week was the turning point. Nothing has been the same since.”

Mrs. Rojas put in, “You might not know it, but when you posted the pictures from the club’s New Year’s Eve party, and then a couple of weeks later, the photo of the twenty of you in and around your hot tub… naked, it changed Maria Jane’s status at school. She’d not expected to become super popular like that. She’d been more or less ignored since we got to town, then in a matter of weeks, everyone wanted to be her friend… well most people.  She’s never experienced that before and in the end, it is because of you.”

Misty tried to deflect, but Caitlin wouldn’t let her. She was glad when Miss Gina changed the subject.

“Caity,” she said, “Today I finally got a call from John Baker at Fantasy Productions.”  Miss Gina looked at Misty, “That is the company I worked for from before I got pregnant with Caitlin, till I moved in with Bob.” Then back to her daughter, she went on, “It seems in the years I was out of circulation, business has been growing steadily. It seems the explosion of the availability of free porn through the tubes has had the effect of leading more and more people to be willing to plunk down the money to have their own videos with high production values. I already knew that most of our clients had tried making their own videos but were unhappy with the results. The combination of the mainstreaming of porn and the technical advances in digital video cameras has sent demand through the roof. He wants me to rejoin the team as the liaison to the clients to help them work out exactly what they want, and to help make them comfortable on shooting days. I was always good with the clients, even way back when I was playing the ingenue. But of course, I’m not your age anymore, and even before Bob demanded I quit, I was no longer the co-star with the clients. When I was on screen, it was as a supporting character. I was already behind the camera a good bit but now that will be my primary role. John specifically said I could work as an assistant director on a few films if I came back.”

Caitlin asked, “So, will you not be doing any more performing?”

Her mother smiled and said, “I asked that. I know at thirty-six I’m not as in demand as I was at eighteen or even twenty-five. But I don’t look like the mother of an eighteen-year-old either. I’ve made enough movies for Fantasy Productions to know what kinds of roles they need beyond the clients and pretty young women. So I know there are roles that will let me use my talents and experience in front of the camera.  And even in a week of going back to my old way of dressing in public, I know I still turn heads if I want to.  Don’t think me bad, but I like performing on camera. It’s not uncommon for male talent to work into their fifties, I can certainly do so through my thirties. And besides, I’m a pretty good actress and my experience having sex on camera means less work for the director.”

She paused when Maria Jane and Jake came into the living room, then said, “But you said you’d bring us some of the photos from today. Did you?”

Misty said, “Yes, I have them on a flash drive. Can I plug it into your TV?”

Seeing her mother’s photos on the big TV screen, Misty couldn’t be impressed how good they were. Sure, she’d culled out over 90% of them for various reasons, but she did the same with her own photos. And besides, her mom had been tasked with making reference photos, not art… but the photos really looked great on the big screen. Misty tried not to be too proud of how good she looked, especially once she was oiled up. She gave a continuous narrative as the photos appeared on the screen. 

Several times she looked back over to where the two mothers sat to gauge their reaction. She was not the least bit surprised by Miss Gina’s face beaming with pride at the photos of her daughter.  That look didn’t dim the entire time Misty showed the images, even when the photos were explicitly sexual.

As Caitlin had predicted, by the time the photos of her and Salvador having sex came up, it wasn’t jarring in the least. She turned back to tell Miss Gina, “To be sure this was not part of Dr. Douglass’s plan for the day. In fact, she’d not expected Caitlin to get naked at all; but you can be sure that Mom and her boss both captured this as bonus material.”

Miss Gina didn’t seem the least bit concerned with the photos of her daughter having sex presented on the big TV. That didn’t surprise Misty at all. What she’d been concerned about was Caleb’s reaction. Other than leaning over and whispering something in Caitlin’s ear, he didn’t seem any more bothered with the images than was Caitlin’s mother. The only one who seemed even a little embarrassed was Mrs. Rojas.

Earlier she’d commented that it would take her some time to be so relaxed with being in the room while her daughter’s friends were having sex on screen. Misty understood that, even if it now seemed quite normal to her.

When the last of the photos from the day’s shooting were done, the group took a short break, after which Maria Jane and Jake moved to the floor to see the set of photos of the club and those from Misty’s portfolio. Miss Gina was very animated at how good Misty’s mother looked. When a few photos of the mother-daughter Miami trip came up, Miss Gina’s smile dimmed a little when she said quietly to Caitlin, “I am so sorry I wasn’t there with you. I should have been.”

Caitlin put her arm around her mother and said, “Mom you were there, you are always with me. You are part of me and that will always be true.”

Her mother hugged her back. When the black & white of Caitlin and Haley came up Misty turned to Miss Gina, “You have a framed 20”x30” of this photo at my house. Mom made it for you with the firm belief you would come back to who you are. There is another copy that hangs in the Jackson’s home. Haley says that everyone who comes to the house comments on how beautiful it is. Well, everyone but her grandparents. They put it away when they came to town for Christmas.” 

Miss Gina laughed, “Oh yea. I guess they did.”

Mrs. Rojas spoke up and said “Gina, wouldn’t it be great if we had something like that of us when we were in high school? Sadly, all we have are a few faded Polaroids from before you got pregnant and I moved to Texas.”

“Yea, but at least we have those. Most people don’t even have that. I do have a few stills of me from back then taken by the studio.” She looked at Misty and said, “You do still have the box of stuff that Caitlin hid at your house for me when Bob told me to destroy all my old photos and videos.”

Misty nodded, “Yes, I do. They are in my closet. I should have brought them over. I’ll make sure I bring them to you before I leave for St. Martin.

Mrs. Rojas then asked, “What would be the possibility of you shooting photos like that of Maria Jane and Caitlin… together? I know that you two have a special bond, but as I understand it you don’t object that she’s been sleeping with my daughter. And the truth is that I’m sure their love making would be something worth capturing for posterity. Like this photo.”

Misty thought for a moment, then said “Well, Mom said this photo comes close to crossing the line since neither of them had turned eighteen yet, but it doesn’t fully cross it. So I’m sure I could do a shoot in my studio as long as I don’t show them going down on each other. But I’d have to let my mom vet any photos I take to be sure I can’t get into trouble.”

Mrs. Rojas turned to her daughter, “What do you think of that idea?”

“Oh, I’d love to do it if Caitlin would like to.”

 Caitlin answered, “Oh, I’d love to. And Mrs. Rojas, I think you are right, Maria Jane and I making love is a beautiful thing. I’m sure Misty could capture it in a way that saves that beauty forever.” Then she added, “What makes this photo of me and Haley so powerful is the unsaid rivalry between the two of us that week. We’ve never been the best of friends. We are just too different. But the sexual attraction we feel to one another is unmistakable. That is what led to the white hot sex Misty captured in this photo.”

Miss Gina said, “If you bring that photo here to the house, I’m sure Janet and I will find someplace to hang it.” Then to Mrs. Rojas she said, “But Janet, I don’t think we are too old and wrinkled to pose like that for Misty. If she wouldn’t mind doing photos of us making it.”

Misty nodded and said, “I’ve done erotic shoots of Mom’s friends several times, and four different couples from the Euro-Club… not including what I shot in Miami. So it wouldn’t bother me a bit to shoot you two.”

Caitlin added, “Or me either. I’ve been Misty’s photo assistant when she’s shot her mother having sex twice, and when I was younger I saw Mom having sex plenty of times… not to mention her videos.”

Mrs. Rojas asked, “Misty, you mean that you have shot pictures of your parents having sex?”

“No, not of just the two of them together. I’ve shot both of them having sex with other people though. You saw two of them tonight, the one of Brett fucking her in the ass and the one of her with Samuel.  The only time I’ve shot my parents together was in a threesome with Mom’s boss, Dr. Douglass. To be honest, that set is not very good. I didn’t have any control over the lighting. I shot them for Dr. Douglass to use as reference in doing a painting, though I don’t think she’s actually used those photos yet.”

For the first time, Mrs. Rojas seemed truly shocked. Miss Gina just laughed and said, “My, your parents have come a long way since I was at your place last.”

Misty couldn’t help but agree.

When the first photo of Maria Jane came up, she exclaimed, “It's about time you showed a photo with me in it!”  It was a very nice picture of the club girls dancing around the fire on New Year’s Eve, with their jackets open to show they wore nothing on under them.

Caleb, who hadn’t said a word about any of the photos asked, “So was that the dress code for that party?”

Misty replied, “No, it just sort of happened spontaneously. Pretty much all of us in the club took off our shirts, just leaving on our jackets. Though later on, some of the girls danced topless…”

Caitlin cut in, “Including me and Misty.”

“Yes, including us. But even dancing up a storm, it was too cold to do that very long.” When a photo of Sarah and Gabby came up, Misty explained that she’d set up her little brother to be the photographer saying, “He did a pretty good job, but like half of the photos he took were of his two girlfriends, Sarah and Gabby. He took the opportunity with them showing their boobs in public to get all the pics he could.”

Mrs. Rojas said, “I don’t blame them. They are both very pretty.”

It only took about fifteen minutes to show the rest of the photos, and most of that time was taken up talking. When they were done Mrs. Rojas said, “Thank you Misty for showing us all of those pictures. Maria Jane has told me about your group, but I think I understand it all better now.”

Misty then relayed the message from her mother to both Miss Gina and Mrs. Rojas. They both indicated they would love to join in with the St. Thomas group. And Miss Gina specifically said, “Now that I’m not with Bob, I’ll be coming to St. Thomas’s with Janet starting this Sunday. I know I still have friends there and I’m looking forward to seeing them.”

Before Misty headed home, Caitlin gave her a hug and whispered in her ear that Caleb thought her photos were super-hot, even the ones of her having sex with Salvador. She invited Misty to stay and play with her and Caleb, but Misty declined saying “Thanks for the offer, but it’s been a really long day. Though he is hot so I’m looking forward to when we can do that.”

Caitlin asked, “So has your birthday been all you’d hoped?”

Misty smiled and said, “Oh, yes. It was a day I will always remember.”  With that, she headed out to her car.  



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19 de abr.
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For some reason, I started putting characters in this chapter in columns for their approaches to sex positivity. There were six columns or more (because of subheadings).

What was most interesting to me was the diversity of approaches toward openness. There were characters with a healthy sexual avidity, like the Coopers and the Euro Club. I also included sex workers like Gina, Heather, and Dee Dee in this column. Then there were people who were open in a gauche, reckless, or predatory way, like Heather's mother (gauche/reckless) or the LeMarcos (predatory).


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You didn’t disappoint with Chapter 61. I love the way you introduced Heather’s mom having sex with Heather’s boyfriend and the way Alan and her mom reacted to being caught. You explained why Heather’s mom loves the attention of men, even though she is married: to compensate for the abuse she experienced when she was a child. Of course, people react differently to abuse. Another woman might become cold and a hater of men. Fortunately, Heather’s mom isn’t like that and trains her daughter to become a courtesan, like the movie “Dangerous Beauty,” which was based on a true story.

The fact that Heather’s mom chose her sexual encounters to be married men, puts a wonderful spin on her off-kilter…

Respondendo a

I'd not heard the Milkman story, but it is a good one. We see that sentiment a lot with rich and powerful men who seduse wives not because they want the woman herself, but as a way to take something from his rival. Now that I write this, I realize I saw that in action both in high school and college. Good Point.

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