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In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter 60

Updated: Mar 28


In Search of the Final Freedom: An Erotic Socio-Political Novel


Sounding the Clarian Call



Chapter 60

Misty's Model Birthday


By Friday morning the plan for Misty's birthday had changed a little.  Given the fact Bonnie knew Misty was going to struggle over the death of her relationship with Tommie, she thought it best for Misty to bring a friend with her. The week had been hard and the company would do Misty well. She understood that Misty and Tommie hadn’t officially broken up, but Misty knew that event was now inevitable.

Bonnie had done a day trip to speak in Charlotte on Thursday because the it had been booked since the fall that this Friday she would work in the studio with Amy. On Wednesday, she had called her old friend Gina Richards, Caitlin’s mother, and asked if she could go with Misty on a “college visit” to Augusta State.  She apologized for the late notice, but she explained that Misty had hoped her boyfriend would come with her, but that had not worked out. She had only spoken to her former best friend a couple of times since Bob had forbidden Gina from talking to Bonnie. Right off, Bonnie could tell something was different with Gina. She told Bonnie “I am happy for Caitlin to go with you and Misty.  She has applied to Augusta State and I think it is great that Cooper is now a teacher there. However, I’m pretty sure my Caitlin will be going to GCSU in the fall.”

It wasn’t too surprising that Caitlin had decided on her college plans by now. Misty was one of the few in her group of soon-to-be high school graduates who had not firmly decided on their college plans. Bonnie then let Gina know that for part of the day Misty would be posing for a photo shoot while in Augusta. Initially, Bonnie did not go into what kind of photo shoot it would be. It was not that she was concerned Gina would object, but she did not want to put her in a position of lying to Bob about what Caitlin would be doing. Bonnie had always been sure that everything Caitlin did with Misty and their family would be approved by Gina if Bonnie had asked her, but she hadn’t asked for the same reason. As it turned out, that fear was unwarranted.

Gina surprised Bonnie when, rather than trying to get off the phone as quickly as possible, she went on talking for some time.  The heart of what her old friend had to say was that she and her boyfriend had broken up and she’d moved out of his trailer.  To Bonnie's way of thinking that was a good thing. For three years, Gina had been under the total control of her boyfriend… her boyfriend who very much wanted to appear to be a straitlaced conservative. He even introduced Gina as his wife to give him legitimacy with his church friends. While he had known full well that Gina’s entire career had been in sex work, once she moved in with him, he insisted she completely bury her entire past and adopt the persona of a religious conservative. With that news in mind, Bonnie went back and told Gina exactly what Misty’s shoot would entail and that Caitlin would be helping out in the studio while Misty had sex with a hot male model. Gina just laughed and said, “Well now Caitlin will get to see what her dear mother did for a living all those years.”

“Oh, I guess she will,” Bonnie replied with a smile. “I hadn’t thought of that,”

“And I might be doing in the future,” Gina added, “It’s not like I’ve developed any new marketable skills since I’ve been living with Bob after all.”

Bonnie didn’t know how to respond to that. It’s not that it was wrong for Gina to be an adult performer, but she decided to see what she could do to help her friend expand her skill set. As they were wrapping up, Bonnie tried to make it clear to Gina that she was just as welcome in their home as she had ever been.

“I never had any doubt about that,” Gina replied. “I have always known that if necessary, you would give me and my daughter a place to live at a moment's notice. I would have asked you to do just that this time, but as you know Janet Rojas has been back in town for about a year. Oh, you can’t imagine how appreciative she is for the warm welcome you and Marcy Marshal and Francis Tomlinson have shown her. She’s up on her feet living in the home her mother left to her when she passed last year. Since Bob doesn’t know Janet, he didn’t object to us spending time together. She has been very helpful to me as I have been looking for a way to break free of him. She’d been asking me to move in with her literally since the day she got here. So, as much as part of me wanted to ask to move in with you and Cooper, … especially in light of what my daughter told me about you regretting that you didn’t ask me to become part of your family before I met Bob. I really appreciate that, but we can’t rewrite the past. But Caitlin and I have moved in with Janet and Maria Jane… at least for now.”

Bonnie was glad Gina knew that she had often regretted not making that invitation.

“Just over a week ago, I rented a U-Haul truck and Janet helped me move my stuff while Bob was at work. Her mother’s home has three bedrooms, so Caitlin and I share a bed. But that is OK with us. Especially since Caitlin has returned to spending a night or two at your place each week. I also have a suspicion that Maria Jane will soon be asking my daughter to move into her bedroom, they have slept together a couple of nights already, so it won’t be something new.”

She paused then added, “And… one night last week I was in Janet’s bed with her new boyfriend. It was really strange not just because its the first time with anyone but Bob in over three years, but the last time Janet and I shared a guy was when we were like sixteen.” Gina snorted and added, “I’m pretty sure I was already pregnant with Caitlin that time. Despite all the water that has flowed under the bridge since then, it felt so comfortable, like those intervening years simply didn’t matter. So, everything is working out well. I’ve put out feelers to the people I know in the business to see if there is a place for me, but so far, I haven’t heard back from them.”

Bonnie again invited Gina over, but also told her about her hectic schedule. They agreed that once the family got back from the Caribbean… something that it now seemed would happen, Gina would come over to the Campbells. What exactly would happen once she got there was left vague.  

The next day, while Misty quietly rested in the back seat on the hour-long drive to the FFF office, Caitlin was up in the front seat with Bonnie. She had not gotten to talk to Caitlin at any length since Christmas break, so she was happy for the chance to spend time with the girl she still thought of as her second daughter.  Caitlin told about how her mom and Bob broke up after he backed out on his promise to legally marry her. That was a detail that Gina had not shared. Bonnie had heard much of the story from Gina, but Caitlin filled in many of the missing pieces. She told Bonnie that her life with her mother had really changed since Bob was out of their life. "Mom had a couple of bad days, especially right after she’d ghosted. She was afraid Bob would come looking for her, but it doesn’t look like he will, so she is doing great.”

“Yes,” Bonnie said. “She told me you guys are living with Maria Jane and her mother and that she is looking into going back to work as soon as she can.”

Caitlin nodded, “Yes. If you remember back before she quit working, in addition to doing webcam stuff, she’d already begun moving behind the camera at the production company she’d been with since she was younger than me. She was assistant director for her last couple of projects. Even back before Bob, she’d realized that since she is over turned thirty, there wouldn’t be the same demand for her as a performer.  I think she’d be good as a producer or director. After all she has more than a dozen years in the business. But, the best thing for me in all of this is that mom has quit trying to be Miss Goodie-Goodie. I think their break-up had a lot to do with the fact she never was very good at playing nice, and she didn’t fit in very well out at New Redemption Church with all those stuck-ups.  After pretending for half a year that she didn't know anything about our trip to Miami, last month when she and I went on our overnight trip to Macon, she just out of the blue asked me what I thought about my experience at a nude beach. After I told her all about it, she told me about the time she’d been to a nude beach when she went to Hawaii for a project. After that, she asked if I’d like to go back…. with her.”

“What did you say?” Bonnie asked


“What do you think? I asked when could we go, but I knew that would not be possible until she left Bob. Even so, that was my first hint that the old version of Mom was coming back.  I’m sure that all the time she’s spent with Janet Rojas has had a lot to do with that. That was about a month ago. Since we moved out, I’ve asked her if we could go to Miami for spring break, but she said we just didn’t have the money. But now that we’ve moved out, we talk like we used to do, like you and Misty do. And around Ms. Rojas, we don’t have to hide anything.  She and Mom go way back, like to when they were in junior high school and I think that gives Mom a sense that she can truly be herself.”

“For instance, on Friday night Maria Jane went to a party with a GCSU guy. The next day, last Saturday, we all went out to Waffle House. As we ate breakfast, Maria Jane freely told me, Mom, and her mother about the party she’d gone to. She made a point to say she only had one beer, but she also said she’d taken one of her date’s friends to a bedroom and screwed him.  When she did her date just a little while later, he hadn’t even realized he was getting sloppy seconds. Both of our moms just laughed at that.  Once I’d seen it was OK to do so, I decided to tell them all about helping Misty with your photo shoot with Rebecca and Samuel. That really surprised both of the moms. The idea that Misty had taken pictures of you having sex was out there even for them. But also for Mrs. Rojas, it was because the last time she had been around Rebecca, she was like twelve years old.  I assured her that Rebecca had grown up. Before we left, Maria Jane told her mom that Jake was coming over to their house later, then she asked me if I wanted to join them for a threesome when he did.”

Bonnie asked, “Did you?”

“No, I work on Saturday afternoons now. But she left it as an open invitation anytime Jake came over. The fact I can now talk about those kinds of things around my mom is wonderful.”

Bonnie told Caitlin how happy she was for both her and her mother.

Oh, I almost forgot. While we were at Waffle House, I told her my mom and Maria Jane’s mother that once you open up your pool, we could all come over to go skinny dipping with the other families. I hope that was OK.”

“Of course that was OK,” Bonnie replied. “Tell them both that you talked to me and make sure to tell Maria Jane and her mother that I said we’d love to have them. I’m not sure why we didn’t invite Janet and Maria Jane last summer. I’ll make a point to call Janet and apologize for not inviting them to join the group. She is just the kind of person who we want. I don’t think I even need to say that I expect you and your mom will be spending a lot of time laying out at our pool this summer. After all, it would be far from the first time you and she went naked at our place.”

“No, it won’t be. But it will be new having Mr. C. and the other families there too.” Caitlin's voice was positively singing, “Her ditching Mr. Super Fake Christian couldn’t come at a better time for me, because the big news is… I finally have a real boyfriend!”

“Really?” Bonnie said with genuine excitement “Tell me all about it.”

“His name is Caleb Carpenter. As you know, my real dad owns the Goodyear store just down Highway 22 outside Milledgeville. And you might remember that starting in about 8th grade I started staying with him some weekends.   From the beginning, I went to work with him on Saturdays and answered the phone and stuff.  Since I’ve been in high school, I’ve been working at his tire store part-time, especially during holidays and summer break.”

She went on to tell Bonnie that Caleb started to work at her father’s shop as a mechanic in the fall. She had noticed him right off. He worked part-time for her dad but he was a full-time student at GCSU. She told Bonnie how she’d worked some of the days of Christmas break and so did Caleb. “And he is so cute” Caitlin gushed more than once.

“All fall, when we both happened to be at the shop at the same time, I watched him. I so wanted him to come talk to me, but I think he was afraid to. From the first time I saw him in the store in the fall until Christmas Break, he didn’t say a word to me. So, one day, between Christmas and New Year’s, when my dad was out of the shop, I found a way to get his attention.”

“Tell her how you did that,” Misty said her face wedged between the two front seats.

Bonnie could tell she was eager to tell.

“I made up an excuse to go out and look at his work. When I did, I leaned over far enough so he couldn't help but see down my shirt. You see, I’d planned this in advance. I had gone into the bathroom, took off my bra, and left the top three buttons of my work shirt undone. He would have had to close his eyes to miss seeing my tits.”

“That works every time” Bonnie quipped. “Men are so predictable."

"It worked and we had our first conversation. We both worked the next two days and I flirted with him a lot. He responded like a lost puppy who’s found a child.  I found out he had broken up with his girlfriend months before but just hadn’t done any dating since. Because I only go to my father’s house one weekend a month, I didn’t get to see Caleb very much until my dad bought me a car. Now I’m working all day every Saturday and two weekday afternoons each week, so I see Caleb more often. He finally got up the nerve to ask me out to dinner after the shop closed the week after Valentine's Day. It was the first time we’d talked at length to really get to know each other. We clicked right off. He’s from Toccoa and is a junior majoring in International Studies with a minor in German.  He is going to spend part of the summer in Munich doing an internship for BMW. I didn’t plan on telling him about the Euro-Club and how we all live. I wanted to get to know him better before I trusted him with that information. But, it turns out that all the college guys who work for my dad know about me and the Euro-Club. Between them, they share all my topless and nude photos from the web. That is why he was so standoffish; he didn’t want to seem like a creep to me. But it wasn’t until after we started talking that he began looking at our website. As it turns out, even in the dorms at GCSU, guys know about the club of hot girls who live in Sparta. From what he said, it is well known that two of the club girls go to GCSU parties and have a reputation for being easy, and eager.”

Misty, from the back seat, said, “That would be Maria Jane and Lindsey. And from what I know, that description fits them both.”

Bonnie recalled Slosh saying Lindsey hadn’t been going out with GCSU guys in close to a year. It appears her information might be incorrect. To clarify that, she asked, “Did he say if Lindsey is still going to college parties?”

Caitlin continued, “From what Caleb has heard, yes. People at his school seem to think that between the two of them, they have done half of the guys at GCSU. But he knows rumors like that tend to grow over time and he doesn’t know anyone who actually has had sex with either of them. I actually asked Maria Jane about Lindsey in particular. She told me she has been to at least five or six parties where Lindsey was there and, according to Maria Jane, she’s quite openly had sex at every one of them. I think it was back in November, just when Maria Jane was moving toward joining the club that she told me she had shared a bed with Lindsey. I mean Maria Jane was doing one guy while Lindsey was doing another in the same bed.”

Bonnie realized that Lindsey had most definitely not stopped going out with college guys. But, perhaps she’s just stopped coming home stoned or drunk and her mother has assumed she’s stopped going to parties. She would forward that to Slosh since Sarah goes places with Lindsey. She didn’t like playing the role of snooping on the kids, but high school girls going to college parties is very risky. She had hoped that Maria Jane had stopped doing that, but apparently she had not.

“So,” Caitlin resumed telling about her first date with her new guy. “After hemming and hawing about it, Caleb admitted to me that he had something like twenty photos of me from the web on his phone. He seemed embarrassed about it, but wanted to be honest with me. I let him know that we’d known our pics would make it back home when we took off our bikinis, so I didn’t mind he had them. Even though it was our first date, we went through the photos he had of me and I told him about each one. He kept going on about how beautiful I am, that was the only thing that embarrassed me. I guess it was a strange first date, but I think it was good we got all of that out in the open from the start.”

Bonnie put in, “But you are exceptionally pretty. That is just the burden you have to bear.”

Misty laughed and said, “I’d love to have to bear that burden. It must be hard to be the prettiest girl in school.”

Caitlin just shook her head. “We also talked about what a nude beach was like that night, but we didn’t go into all the other stuff the club does. But even then, I suspected that he had a pretty good idea if he’s looked at our website.”

“So after looking at your nude pics, did you molest him on that first date?” Bonnie joked.

“No” Caitlin pouted. “I guess it was because I was his boss’s daughter, and that I’m still in high school that he moved so slowly.  And it didn’t happen for weeks because I only saw him on days were we both worked. So, we only went out twice in February, though we talked on the phone a lot. It took me until our second date to get him to kiss me. I had to practically give him a written invitation to feel me up in his car on our 3rd date.  After that, it was just a matter of getting someplace to do it to go the rest of the way. He said he didn’t want our first time to be someplace like the shop’s bathroom… though after we locked up the shop Wednesday night, we did it in the back store room with me sitting on a stack of tires. But our first time was two weeks ago tonight because his roommate went home for the weekend. We went to his dorm after work and I spent that night in his bed then we went to work together on Saturday. After work, we went out then back to his dorm room. I spent that night with him too. It was worth the wait” she said with a broad smile.

Misty laughed and then began to make a comment because she'd already heard about that big event (several times), but Caitlin went on, “Mrs. C., it is so different doing it with a guy as part of building a relationship. Doing it with my friend's boyfriends is fun, but this is better. And he is so good. He takes his time and makes sure I’m getting off before he even starts to try. It is such a drag that his Spring Break is next week and mine isn’t until the week after. Though it's not like either of us would be going to the beach or something. We will both be working almost full-time for my dad while we are on break. He has me scheduled to work four full shifts, the most I’ve ever worked for him in a week. It would be great for us to work together all week, but I guess I’ll have to wait for summer to do that… if this works out like I hope it will that is. He’s just wonderful,” Caitlin said dreamily.

“Wonderful enough to be a one-guy girl?” Bonnie asked.

“Possibly… but I suspect once he experiences the advantages of being my boyfriend, I don’t think he will be stuck on that issue.”

Bonnie asked, “Now, what might those advantages be?”

“We’ve talked a lot about sex. Even before we did it. What happened was that the weekend we first had sex, Caleb asked what my relationship with Misty was. He asked because he’d read on the club site where Misty explicitly stated that she has a boyfriend and a girlfriend and that her relationship with the unnamed girlfriend is much older than the one with her boyfriend. I’d mentioned to Caleb how close we are several times and that we’ve been sleeping in the same bed since we were little kids. So, he asked me if I was the girlfriend Misty was writing about. I told him I was. Not surprisingly he asked if we do anything together in bed. I told him the truth. That is while we’ve slept in the same bed for something like ten years, and we started making out when we were twelve, we didn’t start having full sex until about a year ago. I told him directly that I didn’t intend to stop regardless of my relationship status with a guy. I didn’t say him, just a generic guy.”

Bonnie said, “Oh, that is still saying quite a bit for a new relationship.”

“I think that kind of honesty is just being fair to him. My relationship with Misty is an integral part of who I am. The time we were kept apart simply made it clear to me that I don’t ever want anyone to separate us like that again. I was letting him know that up front.”

“I guess that is fair,” Bonnie said just before she overtook a slower car. “Did he react to that?”

“I don’t think he knew how to respond. It didn’t come up again until we went out after work later that week. When it did, I told him that Misty now has a boyfriend, so when he has slept over with her while I’m at her house, it just seems natural that we share our love with him in her bed.”

“What did he say about that?”

“Well,” Caitlin said with a slight laugh, “He didn’t understand what I meant, I had to spell out that we had a threesome. Yes, I know Tommie has never actually screwed me, but that is really a technicality in this case since I’ve screwed all the other club girl’s guys when we had threesomes. Once he understood, I could tell that he thought it was hot, what guy wouldn’t? But he was afraid to say so. He really tries not to sound lecherous. I went on to let him know that if we ever become a couple, I expect that Misty will join us some of the times we sleep together. I told him directly that all the guys think she’s great so I’m sure he will enjoy her joining us. No matter what he thought he knew about me, I’m sure he didn’t expect that.”

Misty, from the back seat, said, “They all think I’m great in bed. Really?”

Caitlin turned to tell Misty, “Of course they do. I’ve heard the club guys talk about it more than once. You are really quite lively when you are having sex.”

“Well, I don’t hold back if that is what you mean,” Misty replied.

Bonnie brought the conversation back to Caitlin by saying, “You know you were taking quite a risk bringing that up.”

“No, Mrs. C., I don’t think I was. Misty is the most famous hot girl in Georgia. According to Caleb, every guy at GCSU has her nude photos and would die to have a night with her. So, no matter what he thought of me doing it with other guys, the reward of sex with Misty Campbell is irresistible. He’d have to be dead to turn that down.”

Bonnie laughed.

In a mock offended voice, Misty said, “So you were using me as a bribe?”

Caitlin replied, “Well, yes, I was. And if you recall you had suggested I do so.”

“OK, I guess I did, so I can’t get mad.”

Bonnie just shook her head.

Caitlin wrapped up by saying, “I had made a point to say ‘if we become a couple’ so as to make it clear that I didn’t think we were a couple yet.  I said it that way because I wanted to give him an easy out when I let him know I’d had sex with Samuel just the week before, which was after he and I had started dating. While I already think of him as my boyfriend, I’ve left the nature of our relationship unclear so that I don’t yet need to address exclusivity. We won’t have to make that decision for a while yet; but like I said, I don’t actually think that when we get there he will be stuck on that issue.”

Misty said dejectedly, “That is the issue Tommie is very much stuck on.”

Bonnie heard the comment but chose not to say anything.

Caitlin responded by saying "Yeah, I know it's hard for you. But Caleb's family isn’t like Tommie’s. They are pretty liberal and his mother taught him that girls aren't property, but still the idea that a relationship does not necessarily mean sexual exclusivity is new to him. Not that he thinks it's wrong, it is just a new idea.  He believes, in a theoretical way, that a woman’s body belongs to her, not to her boyfriend or husband.  But how that works out in real life is something he’d not really thought through before he met me."

Bonnie said, "It sounds like this Caleb may be a keeper." Misty seconded the idea but in her heart, she couldn't help but contrast Caitlin's new boyfriend's outlook with Tommie's. While Misty pondered on that, Caitlin resumed her chatter. She returned to the earlier discussion and told Bonnie how great it was to be able to talk to her mother about absolutely everything she and her boyfriend do. “And without me asking her to do so, Mom told me that she’d talked to Mrs. Rojas and she said Caleb could spend the night with me in their house whenever I wanted. Mom said she would just stay with Maria Jane’s mother when I did. She hasn’t said so, but I gather that they were lovers back in the day. She spent one night in Mrs. Rojas’s bed already, the night her boyfriend came over. That solves our problem of where to have sex when his roommate is not away. I am so glad the fem-bot is gone and my real mom is back.”

Bonnie made a mental note to call Gina again this weekend. For years Bonnie had been her mentor, but, until this week she’d only spoken to her at any length once since she’d begun the relationship with “Mr. Super Christian Bob.”  She felt bad that she hadn’t known before this week about her break up. She would have called as soon as she'd left him if she’d known.

When they arrived at the office, Bonnie showed the girls around the FFF offices, which Misty particularly enjoyed because she’d never seen her mother’s workplace before. Misty was quite surprised to see the photo of the FFF people at the New York art show hanging in the lobby, just inside the front door. She’d seen the photo before with her mother and another board member in rather sheer dresses and Gillian Moyers with her breasts completely bare. The same theme carried through the entire office, including several fantasy paintings featuring her mom completely nude. Further, in Dr. Douglass’s office was a large painting of a couple in the act of lovemaking. She didn’t know if that was one of her paintings or someone elses. Mrs. C. seemed to have noticed the looks of surprise from both girls. She said “Oh, yes, Amy decorated the offices to emphasize our mission.

“Is that you Mrs. C.?” Caitlin asked pointing to the big FFF signage on the reception area’s back wall. She was asking about the big bias relief sculpture.

Bonnie laughed, “Oh yea, I really am the image of the FFF. That is Cooper with me. It was the artist’s idea to have him completely bald like that. It makes him look like some sort of mystic. That image is on everything we put out. I thought a younger prettier woman would be better, but to Amy using a middle-aged housewife is better than a beauty queen for our message.”

In the studio behind the FFF offices, Amy had already set up for her model.  The studio was really just the unfinished portion of the space the foundation rented in the strip mall. The floor was bare concrete.  The meager fluorescent lamps were augmented by a pair of big light boxes and two spotlights. On a metal platform about ten inches high there was a mounted boom lightbox acting as a backlight.

Amy greeted Misty with a hug before Misty said. “Dr. Douglass, this is Caitlin, she came to lend moral support.  I think my mom already told you that she is eighteen and is willing to be included in your painting if you want an additional figure.  We’ve been lovers for almost a year now so sex with her would be very comfortable for me. She’s a good model; she’s been posing for me since summer and has been doing nudes for me since January.”

“Call me Amy,” Dr. Douglass said holding out a hand to Caitlin. “Bonnie didn’t tell me you are so very attractive. That always makes my job easier.”

Caitlin blushed, her normal pink skin turning red.

“Do you need a Coke or a break before we get started?” Amy asked Misty.

“No, I’m ready to go.”


“Good. You can hang your clothes on the rack and then take your place right here” she said pointing to a simple wooden stool that appeared to be attached to the stage floor by a clamp. Misty handed her camera bag to her mom. She knew her mother had a camera at the office she used all the time, but she thought her professional-grade Nikon might come in handy.  Once undressed, Misty was instructed to use the stool more as a crutch as she stood beside it, rather than to sit upon it.

Dr. Douglass began, “I want you to extend yourself upward, like a blooming flower.” Moving behind her easel, the artist picked up a pencil and began her sketching. Misty quickly discovered why the stool was attached to the floor. By leaning back on it she was able to stand for a longer time without moving.

As Amy posed Misty, Caitlin whispered to Bonnie, “Does Dr. Douglass always dress like that?”

She was referring to the fact that Amy wore a very light-weight white blouse, unbuttoned to the navel showing off the fact she wore nothing on under it.

Bonnie whispered back, “Unless she’s dressing up for something, yes. That is how she looks nearly every day. Between the decor and her attire, it says a lot to visitors.”

“Yes,” Caitlin added, “It does.”

For the next few hours, while Amy sketched, Caitlin kept up a banter that occupied Misty through what would have been tedium.  She made a suggestion that Misty forwarded to Amy. “Would it be possible for me to use this studio space sometime? I am trying to build a portfolio and the space in our game room just isn’t big enough. I have my own lights now so I wouldn’t have to use yours.” Amy said she was free to use the studio space any time that she didn’t have people modeling, then she added “And you can use my lights. There is no reason to drag yours up here. Your mother has shown me some of your work. You are very talented. If you want, you can come shoot stills for me, like your mother is doing today. We both would benefit. You would get experience with new models and I would get a talented young photographer. And… if you decide to come to Augusta State in the fall, perhaps we can make the arrangement more formal.

 Everyone who poses for me already signs a release, so all I need to do is add your name to it for you to be able to use the photos in your portfolio.”

Misty was thrilled by the offer and quickly accepted.

Bonnie came and went from the studio, manning the phone in the office and using the FFF camera to record the process for both the foundation and for Misty to use as a bargaining chip with Richard Kyle.

Misty was grateful that Amy let her rest every half an hour or so. Even still, she was tired when Amy said it was time to break for lunch.  She treated them all to an upscale lunch at a place called “14th Street”.  The girls were impressed by the food and the service.  “Very ‘Top Chef” Caitlin noted, echoing Misty’s thoughts.

“For young women doing very ‘Top Model’ work,” Bonnie extended the metaphor from their favorite TV shows.

“But I’ve only been the ‘Entourage’ so far,” Caitlin laughed.

“Witty” Amy noted. Then added “Caitlin, if you want to join Misty today, I'd love to sketch you too. And when Salvador arrives later, you can feel free to join them if you want. What I’m envisioning is that Misty is the stem of a new and brilliant flower from a root stock made from older sketches I have made of her parents. From the stem of Misty’s body will bloom small and intricate blossoms that will reveal small erotic couplings of Misty and her lovers.  By lovers I mean multiple variations of Salvador and if you are willing, you too.”

The others at the table tried to envision it all and nodded, even though they could not possibly see it the way that Amy could see it in her mind.  It was evident to both Misty and her mother that after the morning’s work, Amy already had a very clear mind-image of the completed painting.

Bonnie commented, “So, what I hear is that your idea is a multi-generational vision of love and sex? You want to depict how Misty is the product of Cooper & me and our sexual union, and then she grows into an adult and has her own sex life. Is that right?”

Amy nodded “Exactly so.  I can see it all in my head. I’ve never had the opportunity to do a multi-generational project like this. The power will come from the fact it is not hypothetical, but real people."

Misty asked, “Will it be part of a new exhibition you’re planning?”

“Actually yes. I’m scheduled to open a new exhibit in November, at Berlin’s Deutsche Guggenheim Museum.  It’s a huge step up from the private Gallery exhibition we had last year. It will mean a lot for me and for the foundation. In it, I will extend on the themes I did before. One thing I’m envisioning is that each new painting will be a story, someone’s story. Like this one we are doing today. It will be titled something like Misty’s opening, or arrival or something like that. Unlike my prior tropical images, this will be set in an English garden style.”

“I am working on another painting of an elderly woman who has photos dating back to the nineteen-forties. Not only does she have many of herself over the years because she was a professional model, but the set includes dozens of nudes. She also has many images of men who have been her lovers. So I’m doing a nude of her.  It too will be part of my English Garden set. But instead of a new blossoming spring flower she will be a rose bush with its last peddle falling, and the fallen flowers will contain images of her and her past lovers I’ve constructed from her old photos and her stories. And you would not believe the explicit details she gave me to work from. I don't know if she's always been that way, or if at ninety-four years old she no longer has any silly ideas of modesty. It seems she kept a diary for decades. She has over a dozen of them. Much of the content is "X" rated. It was fascinating reading. Since neither of her two kids ever had children, she's given me permission to actually publish any or all of her diaries. I've given it to a friend of mine from the literature department who is working on editing and adding my notes from our conversations."

"Her diary records how during WW2 as a teenager working at the USO she slept with over a hundred G.I.'s and sailors on their way to fight in the war. Many of those individual encounters are recorded. She also has letters from a good many of those men who wrote her from the front or at sea. The diary also records her very secret, nude modeling career after the war. She also recorded, in gorgeous explicit detail, six long term affairs and far more one-off sexual encounters she had while married and raising kids in the 50's & 60's. All the while she publicly lived the life of a typical post-war wife. According to her, in suburbia during the "Ozzy & Harriet" years, it was the great women's secret as to how many of them covertly had sexual encounters with other men. Not once in their marriage, but once or twice a year for decades. She told how after her husband died when she was in her late fifties she, by her own words, was very easy. I haven't gotten that far in the diaries, but she assures me her writing got better and even more lurid. By then her older son had died in an Air Force plane crash, and her younger son had moved away.  In my interviews, she told how she traveled the world in the 1970's. The sex stories she told of those years even took me by surprise. The last sexual relationship she had was when she was seventy-two. We hope to have the diaries and transcripts made into something publishable in six months. After all, with her, we are racing the clock. I think it will make a great FFF publication about a real person's sexual behavior over a very long lifetime."

Bonnie said "You know that is a great idea. For most of us, over our lifetime we have different stages based on family circumstances, health, and other stuff. We behave very differently at different times. If the foundation took this as just a starting point in an effort to do candid interviews with elderly people, we might get a new and undocumented perspective of the sexual life-cycle. As you said, they might be more honest than interviews with younger people who have more reason to hide their behavior."

Amy laughed, "OK let's put that into the file of things the FFF should do."

Bonnie knew exactly what she was saying. They were already overloaded with great ideas they didn’t have time and resources to pursue. Then she went back to the prior subject "Do you have a complete plan for your new exhibit?"

 "I want to have a total of six to eight pieces in the garden set. Not all will be roses. And, ideally, I’d like as many of those subjects as possible to come to the opening as part of an interactive experience.”

“I want to go” Misty jumped.

“We will see” her mother cautioned.

Amy said, “Well, as you know, I had a problem with the buyer of the painting of you and Cooper. It turned out as fortuitous because given the rise in the price of my work in general, that painting will easily sell for twice what it would have brought in New York. So I plan to use it in that exhibit as well, it would be wonderful if you all could come.”

“In that case…” Bonnie thought for a moment then corrected herself. “Well… we will still have to see,” Bonnie said. “I’ll have to ask my boss for time off.”

They both laughed, then Amy went on “Since we will be selling both of your paintings, the foundation would likely pay for your travel as I think making your family part of the interactive exhibit would significantly help our exposure; and therefore the value of the paintings. I envision all of you posed in the center of the garden paintings on a sort of pedestal as a family unit.  To make myself clear, what I've decided is that I would like to do a painting of your son too. Of course, it would be too risky for him to pose for me nude here in the studio. Yes, the courts have sided with artist who do non-sexual nudes of children, but well this is Georgia. I think I can get all I need from him posing in shorts here in the studio, then sketching him at your swimming pool nude. I'll let you think on that."

Bonnie smiled "Oh, there is no question he'd love to. We might be able to do that.  So, you really want all four of us?"

Amy nodded, "Yes, I do. You would not only be static art, you would interact with the visitors, answering questions and such. In Germany, it would not be considered pornographic or even shocking."

"We would be in the museum in the nude?" Misty asked.

"Of course."

Bonnie sucked in her breath, “You are full of provocative ideas aren’t you. I’m surprised you didn’t say you wanted Cooper and I to make love while Misty blooms behind us.”

“Oh, now that is an idea” Amy responded with a cheer. “One more thing. You might want to have that paining of you and Cooper insured. Given the rising value of my work, it is likely worth over $10,000, and if this big version sells for what I think it will in November, it’s value will multiply.  Oh, I keep meaning to ask you to bring it back in so I can paint in the other two figures that I have on the final version. I think that adds better balance to the image.”

"No problem" was all Bonnie could think to say about all of what Amy had just said.

When they arrived back at the office/studio, a ragged looking Toyota was already in the parking lot waiting. From it emerged a fit looking man with olive skin, a little short but very handsome in a pair of jeans and a polo shirt.

“Salvador,” Dr. Douglass said putting a hand on his shoulder and motioning Misty over. “This is Misty Campbell. You will find her most pleasant to work with today.”

Then looking to Misty she said, “Misty, this is Salvador Ferreira, a graduate assistant at the University and an all-around great guy.”

Bonnie already knew that Amy had made an agreement with Salvador in the fall that she would do a full-sized portrait of his fiancé’ in exchange for modeling as needed with women without partners. She knew Salvador’s fiancé had no expectation of him being monogamous so the arrangement seemed to please everyone.  Of course, Bonnie had already met Salvador.  Though technically they had sex, it was to Bonnie, much more like they had just modeled together. For her, it had been the strangest sexual episode ever. Jim Peterson had been asked to produce a photo of Bonnie having sex in a busy public park for the planned FFF presentation.

Since they did not want to be arrested, the plan was to start in public but do the actual sex photos using a green screen in the studio. Late in the prior summer, Jim took them to a rather busy nearby park late on a Saturday afternoon. They posed in the grass in a series of poses that mimicked having sex.  Afterward, with the photos from the park as reference for Jim, they all went to Amy's studio.  Jim directed Salvador and Bonnie into the same poses on the same blanket, except they were naked and the sex was real. Initially, Salvador was not prepared for “real” sex, however, after just a few minutes of “posing” with his co-model, he was up and going for “unsimulated” sexual photos. By setting the lights and camera to mimic what was in the first set of photos it was simple to make a seamless composite that appeared they were making love in the park full of people. In all, they were naked less than an hour and neither of them climaxed.

As they got to know Salvador, Misty found he was a friend of Julio who worked with Lilly Iverson, Cooper’s graduate assistant. Misty had spoken to Lilly any number of times when her dad didn’t answer his cell phone, which was quite often. She also was in regular text and email contact because of her mom’s travels. Though Lilly officially worked for her dad at the university, she acted as the manager for her mom’s blog. That meant Lilly always knew where her mom was, what she was doing and when she’d be back. However, Misty had never met Lilly in person.

Salvador was from Brazil and though he was fluent in English, his Portuguese accent was still thick enough that she had to be careful to follow what he said.

Caitlin whispered in Misty’s ear “Damn, he’s hot.”

Amy responded to Caitlin’s comment “And, this lovely young woman is Misty’s good friend Caitlin. She might join you two for part of the time today.”

Caitlin put out her hand “Hello Salvador. If you’ll have me, I really would like to help out before you guys finish.”

Misty nodded in complete agreement. “And he smells so good” she whispered back to Caitlin referring to his cologne that was good enough to get Misty naked even if that weren’t on the agenda.  This was going to be a lot easier than she thought it might.

Inside the office, Bonnie introduced Caitlin to Maud Brewster, the office manager who had been out of the office in the morning. She had joined the foundation’s team at the first of the year to take over most of Bonnie’s office duties and other administration for the growing organization. She also maintained the website, something neither Bonnie nor Amy felt competent to do.  Maud pulled out two forms from a filing cabinet, then put them on the desk for Misty and Caitlin. This is a model release. It gives Dr. Douglass and the FFF permission to use these photos and the art derived from them as they see fit. In exchange, you will get a set of all your photos that you can use in any non-commercial application you wish.  Any commercial use will have to be approved by the FFF.

Bonnie interrupted her; she took the form and wrote one additional line onto Caitlin’s form.  “I have added that Misty has rights to the photos as well. Is that OK Caitlin”

“I trust you guys. You know that.” Caitlin and Misty shared a pen from the desk.

Bonnie added, “It’s the same form Salvador has signed, and the one Cooper and I signed the times we posed as well.”

Misty went to the bathroom to redo her hair and make-up.

Caitlin signed and followed Mrs. Campbell out to the studio area behind the offices.

Bonnie spoke to Amy then went to the stage and unscrewed the wing nuts that held the stool fast, before carrying it off the small stage. From against a wall, she brought out what appeared to be a massage table. It was lower than a regular table, and a bit narrower but with the padding and face hole in one end.

“Caitlin, while Misty is getting ready, could you be my stand-in so I can adjust the lights,” Dr. Douglass asked.

Without asking for instructions to do so, Caitlin pulled her sweater over her head, removed her bra and tossed them both on a chair by the wall. While Mrs. Campbell cinched down the wing nuts to secure the table, the attractive teen unsnapped her jeans and let them fall to the floor, followed by her panties. She hopped naked up onto the table.

“What do you want me to do?” she asked with a hopeful air.

“Well…” Dr. Douglass said “Aren’t you the eager one? I hadn’t really meant for you to take off your clothes yet, but that’s quite all right.” She visibly looked Caitlin over “and aren’t you just stunning? You don’t have any idea how beautiful you really are young lady.”

Caitlin blushed but smiled. A few seconds later Amy directed “All I need right now is for you to stay there while I adjust these lights.

Bonnie, seeing this, went to the cabinet and picked up the camera she had been using all morning.  It was a compact Leica, owned by the foundation, used to record her different speaking engagements and for PR photos. It had taken Bonnie a few weeks to get used to the range finder layout, unlike Misty and Cooper’s cameras, it was not a DSLR.  It looked rather like an instamatic from the 1960’s with a 2” lens stuck on it. It didn’t have autofocus or a built-in flash and didn’t even have a zoom lens. When she'd first seen it, Bonnie asked Amy why’d she’d bought this funny little camera from a brand she’d never heard of. Amy laughed and told her it was the best professional grade digital camera in the world. She was right, it took amazing photos, especially in low-light conditions.

Amy had bought it in February and Bonnie had been taking it on her travels for the last month.  It had taken her a while to get used to focusing with the strange rangefinder system, but now she loved the little camera. On the road, the Leica was rarely out of her reach. From the beginning, she often asked the hosts of the events to shoot photos of her doing her presentations using her cell phone. With the Leica, she had to pre-focus the camera, but the quality of the photos made it worth the effort.   Unless the room was particularly dark, the photos came out wonderful nearly every time without the use of a flash.

The images were originally just for the FFF website that was now maintained by Maud, but Lilly had found the readers of Bonnie's blog, of which, there were a great many, seemed to like photos of her travels. So, Bonnie took photos and Lilly put them on her blog.  She tried to get photos from every speaking engagement, and she nearly always wore an outfit that reflected what she considered her “look.” Though in reality, it had been Slosh Hidelman’s look two decades before it became Bonnie Campbell’s. Unless she made an effort to tone it down, once she opened or removed her blazer, most people found her look very provocative indeed. After Amy assured her that the FFF would not censor her photos in any way, she began to just let Lilly copy all the photos to her laptop. Bonnie told her to post whatever she thought the readers would like. Her only limitation to Lilly was to make sure she only posted flattering pictures. She might be body-positive, but that did not mean she failed to work to present an attractive image. One downside of having a public record of her clothing choices was that throughout the fall and winter, Bonnie overspent on clothes.

Taking photos (or having others take photos) had been part of her routine since January. Since she did not look at her blog, she actually had no idea what Lily posted.  It was for this reason, from the beginning, her blog featured photos that showed her in see-through tops, but she was always supported by a quarter-cup bra.  Back in the fall, in the first month or so of working on her “look”, she’d tried out going braless. However, she had much bigger boobs than Slosh, and after seeing a few photos of herself, she had rejected that look for her speaking engagements. It took some trial and error, but she had finally found the way to get a finished professional-looking silhouette, while still pushing boundaries. By mid-December, she had settled on her look. The foundation that made it both sexy and professional was to wear a high-end quarter-cup bra & panty set from her growing collection. Though it had taken a good deal of time, effort and money, by March she had quite a collection indeed. Since she was wearing them with blouses of various degrees of transparency, the bra color and style had to match her outfit.  Within weeks of using them, she found cheap quarter cup bras looked trampy, and rarely fit well. Eventually, she found a small group of brands from the US and Europe that looked and felt great. She was surprised at how many different forms an open-cup bra can take. In all she'd spent almost $2,000 for bra, panty, and matching stocking sets (with or without a garter belt) for "work." For all that money she had a range of styles & colors, all providing good support and shaping; leaving her nipples pressed right on the fabric of her very light blouse.  One day on a whim, she took a mirror selfie in just the bra, panties, stockings, and shoes. It showed up on the blog the next week. It was the first photo of her nipples fully uncovered to be posted. That was in early February.

Two weeks after that, she'd written up a pretty hot and vivid account of an extended sexual romp with an unusually attractive young husband and wife. She could tell, since she had done it several times by now, her skills in writing up her sexual encounters on the road had been improving.  In it, she mentioned that they had asked for selfies of the three of them laying naked in the bed while they were taking a break from their long sex session. The request for selfies in bed was surprisingly common, but in this case, the couple suggested she take one for herself and put it in her blog. That was a first. And so, with the story, was a photo of the three of them from the waist up, naked in the hotel bed, glistening with sweat from their exertions.

A few weeks after that, she'd spoken at a sort of neo-hippy convention in Seattle. The convention had filled a mid-sized hotel and the indoor swimming pool had been declared a clothing-free area.  She had a young man shoot some photos of her with the  Leica. Those had been the first full-frontal nudes of her on her blog. Unbeknownst to Bonnie at the time, Lilly had taken the precaution to run it by Amy before posting it.

 After Misty had seen that fully nude picture on her mother’s blog, she sent Lilly a couple of artistic black & whites she’d shot of her mother in her home studio. When Lilly asked if she should post them, Bonnie said "Sure," and even wrote an article on how proud she was of her daughter, the talented professional photographer.

With Misty still primping for her photo shoot, Bonnie approached Caitlin, "Give me a pose, I’ll shoot you while we wait.”

Caitlin did not hesitate but got to her knees on the table and struck a series of glamour poses while Amy fiddled with the lights.


As she shot Bonnie said, if you want, Misty can see if the owner of her site would like to buy photos of you too.”

“Really, do you think he would?”

“I can’t see him turning you down. You have a figure that just won’t quit and all the work you do with Misty has taught you both photo and modeling skills. He’ll love you.” 

Amy had finished with the lights and even begun a sketch of Caitlin when Misty and Salvador came back into the studio room. Misty had refreshed her make-up and hair.  She wore her short terry cloth robe and he was naked. His body was sculpted and his penis was swinging free, the tip of the head just lower than his scrotum. Under her breath Bonnie said, “Damn, I’d forgotten how hot he is.”

“So," Misty said, "you’ve started without us.” referring to Caitlin’s nude modeling.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Caitlin said, a little startled.

“No silly, I was just kidding. Go ahead. We will watch while Amy finishes her sketch."

“Oh, OK,” she said and Caitlin resumed her previous pose.

Bonnie kept shooting, but could not help noticing out of the corner of her eye, that Misty had saddled up beside Salvador and was evidently continuing a conversation begun in the other part of the office while she primped.  Not only was she talking quietly, but her right hand was on his ass, rubbing slowly. 

Misty was indeed carrying on a conversation, not of any real substance, but just warming up to the guy she was about to have sex with, in front of Dr. Douglass and her mother.  He would be the first guy out of high school that she had ever been with, and the best looking… yes he was even better looking than Tommie. Looking him over in the bathroom mirror as she got her hair done, she wondered if she would ever do it with a guy this good looking again.

What regrets that she was not with Tommie today was gone now. That realization made her feel a little guilty.  Standing in the studio, her hand reached over and felt the hard muscles under his brown skin. And that ass! With intent, as they watched Caitlin pose, her left hand went down to the smooth curve of his ass. Too smooth, she suddenly realized. He was smooth like a girl. As smooth as she was. He was waxed she realized, and she was surprised that his smooth hairless skin turned her on. She had noted that he had no pubic hair when she first saw him without his pants, but only now she realized he had no hair anywhere but on his head.  She felt her nipples harden and become sensitive against the terry cloth robe. This will be fun she almost said aloud.

Dr. Douglass interrupted her thoughts with, “That’s good Caitlin. We’ll finish you later, but we only have Salvador until 5:00, so we must get going with him.”

“No prob,” she said hopping from the table and scooping up her jeans.

After tossing her robe to the passing Caitlin, Misty let Salvador lead her up onto the low stage with a hand on the small of her back.

“Here’s what I need you to do,” Amy said. “I want you two to be as natural as can be and enjoy yourselves. But, when I tell you that I like what you are doing, keep doing that, if possible until I tell you I’m done. I don’t mean to freeze, but just don’t move to something new. I’ll try to sketch between ten and twenty images of you two to work with when I do my painting. Is that OK?”

Salvador nodded.

“OK,” Misty said as she was already moving into the zone. They stood in front of the table and Salvador was now looking into her eyes with passion as his hands caressed the sides of her torso.

Amy continued “Salvador, I have some music for you and your amore de jure” and immediately the room filled with music, a music that Misty couldn’t place.  The rhythm was Latin, but the style seemed like Frank Sinatra.

Salvador’s naked hips began to sway as he said, “It’s Bossa Nova from my country.” He held on to her hips and said “Go with me. It’s the most erotic music in the world.”

She tried to match the rhythmic sway of his hips and the roll of his feet with each step.  It was new to her, but he was so graceful, so natural to this. She took in the sight of him as he danced in front of her. He was just a few inches taller than Misty, but his dark eyes, his bronze skin, his defined physique; he was, for want of a better word, beautiful.

The motion and rhythm came to her as she watched him and focused on the music. Her hand on his waist, his on her shoulder, they danced until she was utterly lost in his gaze.

He held her closer. She knew the tapping on her stomach was his erection. She did not look, just felt.


With a wanton ferocity, her kisses exploded on his mouth. She wanted him. To taste him, savor him devour him. The speed at which her desire came upon her was disorienting. It was so different than the amazing first time with Tommie, almost its opposite. This was not loving and giving, this was lusting and taking. She wanted all this man could give and then take more. She pulled him hard to her and pressed his fully engorged penis hard against her body. His shorter stature was perfect for this, his balls pressed up on the cleft in her vulva. She could feel the ridge of the head below her navel, and on her clit was the base of his firm shaft. She pressed and began to hump against it while she pursued his mouth with the consuming kiss of a black widow spider consuming its mate.

Bonnie attached the camera to the tripod she had previously set up behind Amy. She framed the image of Amy sketching in the foreground and Misty and Salvador in the background.  She worked to use the lights and shadows created by Amy’s light setup to get the best possible images of Misty and Salvador, with the semi-silhouette of Amy in the foreground in soft focus. Then she reframed to get just the two models.

As she stood next to Bonnie, Caitlin quietly asked, “Should I get dressed? I don’t want to seem like I’m waiting for my turn.”

Bonnie in an equally light voice answered, “You could put on the robe if you want, but don’t put on your jeans. You have just lost the marks from the waistband. If you put your jeans back on, they will show up in the photos. It takes about twenty minutes for those marks to disappear, especially when you have on jeans as tight as the ones you were wearing.”

Caitlin grinned, “You thought they were that tight?”

“I’ll put it this way, if you weren’t’ like my own daughter, I would have been staring. Like Amy said, you just don’t realize how great your body is” Bonnie said light-heartedly. “But the answer is no, if you are comfortable like that, no one here will think anything of you staying nude.

 “You know me, Mrs. C., I’d go nude all the time if I could.” Caitlin then moved closer to Bonnie and said in almost a whisper “And besides, it's been a while since I’ve gone naked in a public space, so it is a turn-on to be like this.”

“I completely understand how you feel. Been there done that. And, when I’ve done it, it turns me on too. Also, remember I’ve been with him before. I know what he feels like inside of me.”

Caitlin grinned.

Bonnie moved the tripod to take better advantage of the lights. She asked Caitlin to help her by holding the reflector when taking photos in Amy’s studio. Caitlin knew exactly what Bonnie needed since she’d been Misty’s photo assistant since summer.

From not twenty feet away Bonnie watched her daughter. Sometimes through the camera’s lens, but mostly she just watched to the side. With the camera firmly affixed to the tripod, and properly framed & focused, she could just press the shutter without being behind the camera.  Misty was clearly enjoying herself and it was purely animalistic. Bonnie thought the scene was both beautiful and quite arousing. She couldn’t help but be proud she was Misty’s mother.

Noticing motion in the corner of her eye, Bonnie looked to the back of the studio. Lilly and Julio had just come through the door.  Cooper’s graduate assistant, Lilly, was at the office at least once or twice a week.  When Bonnie had her own photo shoot having sex with Salvador, Lilly had been the photo assistant.  She'd also filled that role for Gayle's recent photo shoot.  Like Misty, Gayle had worked all day, first by herself and then with Salvador.  Bonnie waved Lilly and Julio over to her.


“I had wanted to get to talk to Misty,” Lilly said. “We’ve been talking on the phone & texting for months but I’ve never actually met her.”  Though she spoke to Bonnie, her eyes never left the nude dancers.

Bonnie moved behind the camera to re-adjust the framing to compensate for the couple’s movement. She told Caitlin to move and retarget the light she was bouncing onto the couple with the reflector board. She shot a few more frames before telling Lilly, “I guess you will soon see a blog entry on today’s activities to post while I’m away in St. Martin.”

Lilly said, “I’m sure.” Then added, "Then I will need photos of you shooting photos of your daughter. Bonnie directed her to Misty's camera bag.

Lilly commented on the size and weight of Misty’s camera before she took several photos of Bonnie shooting photos.

Bonnie liked the idea and said, “Here, let me move my camera again, and if you have a few minutes, I’d like you to move back to shoot some wide-angle photos, behind-the-scenes shots, of everyone. We have a model release for Caitlin too if you get her in some of the pictures.”

“OK, but I can’t stay more than about ten minutes. Julio has a class in less than an hour.”

On the stage, the models did not respond at all to the new people in the studio. Their two sets of hips, pressed together, continued to sway to the rhythm of the music even as Misty was grinding her hips to the beat into his pelvis (and his erection).

Lilly moved around the room taking, what turned out to be, some great photos of the whole process. It wasn't until Misty saw the photos later that she realized how the fact that beautiful and quite naked Caitlin holding the reflector board made a real impact in the final images.  As Lilly shot photos of Bonnie shooting photos, Misty began crawling up the handsome Brazilian’s body. One of her long legs was now up to his waist. He took her leg and helped lift her until her knee was bent double. Though on her tip-toes, Misty was fully confident he would not let her fall.  She could feel his shaft press between her labial lips. All he had to do was to back off a bit and he could fill her. But she already knew that was not going to happen... yet. Salvador's hips were still moving, which meant his erection was only pressed on her for a moment. However, it felt wonderful as different parts of his erection touched different parts of her vulva while they continued to kiss softly. She straightened her raised leg to the horizontal position to give an artistic look. Soon the toes of her right foot were pointing straight out.

Bonnie said to no one in particular, “Misty is more limber than I realized.”

The artist ordered “Like that! Hold that as long as you can."

Caitlin turned to Mrs. C. and said, “She is quite limber. Some time you ought to shoot photos of Misty and me in her little studio at your house. She is now eighteen after all.”

For a moment that seemed an absurd thing to suggest. Taking photos of her real daughter and her almost-daughter having sex was just too much, but then she realized she would likely be shooting something very similar before she left work today. “Talk to Misty about it. She might like that.”

Amy barked to the models, “Good, keep doing that.”

Lilly laid Misty’s camera back on the table before walking back over to Bonnie. “If you will send me the best of the photos I took I can put them in your blog. I'll wait till you send me the write-up of your perspective of today to go with the photos. Tell Misty she looked great, and let her know when she comes back to do her follow-up session, I want to join you guys for lunch.”

“Bonnie said “I’ll do that. And hopefully, you will be in your office when we come by in our tour of campus later on.”

“Likely so, I’m rarely out of my office before 8:00 at night. With my research, classes, and the work I do for your husband, I have been pulling some long hours the last few weeks,” Lilly said.

“And you help me out too. I really appreciate your help with my blog. Without it, I don’t know I would ever have gotten going.”

Lilly laughed, “Oh, I log that as part of my time doing work for your husband, but I’d do it even if I didn’t get work credit for it. You do know you now have over 9,000 subscribers that get every post?”

Bonnie looked up from the camera’s viewfinder. “No. Really?”

“And that is after just a few months. My guess is that by the end of the year, you will have 50,000 or more.”

She put her arm around Bonnie in a side hug and said “Gotta go. Be sure to tell the tour guide to bring you by my office” and Lilly was off.

Bonnie moved the tripod to a new position and gave Caitlin new directions for reflecting light in the dark spots.

Bonnie took several photos of her friend, nominal boss and occasional lover, as she used charcoal to feverously sketch the couple’s movement.

Moving the frame back to Misty and Salvador, they were holding a pose as they had been directed by the artist. Salvador moved his hand to move Misty’s leg so that it perched on his hip. That little movement had ruined the look from Bonnie’s perspective, so she only took one photo before Dr. Douglass finally said “Good I got it.”

Misty, for her part, was more than ready to move from that position. She had not meant to stand on her toes with her leg up for more than a few seconds and it had been at least five minutes. Still, she'd enjoyed the on and off light kisses they had been sharing. She planted both feet on the floor then looked over to Caitlin, over Salvador’s left shoulder, she said, “This guy knows how to kiss!”

Bonnie could not help but be amused at the comment.

Amy asked Caitlin to take the pillow from the massage table and place it at Salvador’s feet.

Misty knew what the pillow was for, and she was more than ready to taste him. To her knees she went down on the pillow. Given their similar height and the pillow, her face was higher relative to his penis than she was accustomed to, but this was nice. She put her hands on his hips and leaned forward and kissed his stomach.

Amy stopped her and told both of them to rotate to their left a quarter turn. Misty understood that Dr. Douglass wanted them to move so as to give her an opportunity to sketch this in profile.

Without being asked, Caitlin adjusted the lights to illuminate the models in their new position. Amy gave her some directions, but commented “Thank you. I was about to have to stop to do that.”

Caitlin explained to Dr. Douglass how she acts as Misty’s assistant in her home studio, so she could see the lights were not even close to where they needed to be for what Amy was sketching. 

Amy was clearly impressed.

Once in their new position relative to Amy and the lights were set, Misty leaned forward again, pushing the tip of his penis over with her cheek to kiss his lower stomach. She tasted his salty sweat. The music continued. She continued.

Bonnie had also adjusted her location and began shooting. Unlike Amy, she did not want to shoot directly perpendicular to the models. By the time Bonnie was set to shoot again, Misty’s hand gripped the rock-hard ass, pulling the equally hard dick well into her mouth.  Misty was sure she could take every bit of this beautiful, but average sized, penis down her throat.

Though he looked long soft, as it turned out he was not much larger hard. He was just one of those guys built that way.  She could take all of Tommie and she thought Salvador was just a little longer and a tiny bit thicker than him.  Most significantly he was not circumcised. This was the first time she’d gone down on a guy with a foreskin. Her mom had let her know in advance about that and how she would need to push the foreskin back initially to reach the head. That part made her feel a little less competent. What was just as new, was when she had taken what she was sure was nearly the whole thing, she did not feel the normal pubic hair on her lips. She liked that.

Taking in a full breath of air, then relaxing her throat, she went down once more until her lips came to rest on his hairless pelvis.  As she was enjoying the experience, she decided she would suggest that the Euro-club girls ask their guys to shave like this.

Bonnie moved again to a position behind Misty.  She wanted to shoot a photo of Salvador and the back of Misty’s head as she took him into her mouth. She was glad that Amy had a blanket release from him on all the work done in the studio.  These photos would be very good.  She imagined a big time professional doing a photo shoot like this trying to emulate sex in a real painter's studio, but she was shooting the real thing.

Slewing the camera over to her left and moving the tripod to the back wall, she had Amy in the far right, the couple in the center and Caitlin in the far left, still nude, holding the reflector board as she watched her best friend & lover giving head.  The image of Caitlin was so good, she moved her tripod to shoot a few of just her. The lack of a zoom lens was showing the limitations of the little Leica camera.

Caitlin could not help but know she was now the focus of Bonnie's photos. Yet she kept looking at the models rather than the camera. Bonnie was sure she was doing so based on what she'd learned from working with Misty.

To get a few of Caitlin with the models in the foreground, Bonnie thought it would work best to move the tripod over near Amy. Side by side, Amy was sketching and Bonnie was shooting.

Oblivious to the action around her, Misty had begun speeding up her pace of oral copulation with her lover of the day.

Finally, Salvador, in his thick accent, said “No, no more. I cannot control if you continue to do this.”

Misty removed the organ from her mouth and looked up “You liked that?”

“Too much I liked it,” he said. “Now I do you.”

She looked over at Amy with a question on her face that Amy understood. “You are fine, I did two full sketches of what Misty was doing.”

It didn’t seem to Misty that she had been on her knees but for just a moment; but her jaw was pretty tired and Amy had done two sketches of her sucking on Salvador. She must have been doing it much longer than she thought. Then she realized she had been tasting the sweet pre-cum which should have warned her about an impending climax for some time. Salvador patted the padded surface of the table, “Lay here, face down.”

She picked up the pillow she’d been kneeling on, then complied with the direction, laying face first, looking down through the face hole in the table.

“Just relax your body.  Close your eyes” was the next instruction.

She did as he said just as Caitlin was beginning to move the lights again. Her skin tingled in anticipation. She did not know what, but clearly he was going to do something. Something she would surely like. 

She almost jumped when the first of the liquid hit the small of her back. It was oil. Though it was a shock of cold, soon it felt warm on her skin, and smelled of cinnamon. He began to spread the small pool from the small of her back across her torso, across her shoulders. She had only played with oil a few times because she’d ruined a good set of sheets with oil the second time she’d tried it.  With practiced skill, the oil was applied from her neck to the tips of her fingers and toes.  The hands, strong but gentle, worked the oil into her skin with a light massage.  So relaxing, so sensual. Something she had never, ever experienced before.

After the intense sexual stimulation of sucking Salvador’s cock to the brink of cumming, this was a complete change. It was a sensual treat. Soon she was almost in a trance, feeling like she was melting into the padding as he worked his fingers over her oil slicked skin. But then his hands began going back over her body a second time. On this pass, he was more deliberate, more intense, and he put more emphasis on her inner thighs and buttocks. She sighed audibly when the tip of his lubricated finger easily and briefly penetrated her anus. Then a few minutes later, still on her stomach, she couldn’t help but let out a deep moan as his strong hands pressed and squeezed where her labia was accessible between her parted legs. His kneading of her sensitive flesh brought her right to the brink. As she was still on her stomach, she began arching her back to push her hips up at him.  When she felt two of his fingers enter her, she almost jumped. Feeling him firmly pressing down on the front wall of her vagina, her body began to respond almost immediately. In less than two minutes, the orgasm just swept over her like a wave. He continued to slowly but firmly stroke the most sensitive part of the most intimate part of her body. She had to grip the sides of the table to keep still as a second orgasm took hold of her. She thought of Mrs. Hildebrant as she knew this was most certainly a spiritual experience. If this wasn’t touching God, she didn’t know what was. She simply couldn’t keep the moment to herself. In the back of her clouded mind, she knew that everyone in the room certainly heard her vocalized ecstasy.  

Indeed, her mother did hear… and she felt her own vagina clench in sympathetic response to seeing and hearing her daughter’s powerful orgasm. She didn’t spontaneously climax herself, but she knew she was close to it. When the feeling passed, she thought “That was odd… and wonderful.” She hoped she’d caught the intensity of the moment with the camera.

Salvador seemed to know Misty was at the edge of endurance and pulled his fingers out of her to resume the massaging of her outer lips and ass. Again, she shivered when he fingered the ultra-sensitive wrinkled skin of her anal opening. This time the oiled finger went in deeper and stroked in and out in a way that she could only describe to herself as pleasurable. His skilled actions offered her an offramp to the powerful double climax. When she was fully relaxed, he whispered in her ear, “I will now turn you”.

 Again, the oil began in a puddle, this time in her navel. Again, he spread the oil up to her neck and arms and down to her toes. He gave equal time to both ‘public’ and ‘private’ areas of her body, not dwelling on her breast or the smooth skin of her pubis, but not avoiding them either.  As before she was in a deeply relaxed mode when he began the second pass. This time she had an air of expectation. As he’d done when she was face down, on the second time he moved his hands up and down her body, he spent significantly more time on her sexual parts. He lovingly caressed her breasts and even more carefully, he caressed every fold of her genital area. When he began to grip her mound of Venus, she began breathing faster in anticipation. Fresh oil spilled down onto her labial lips, and the hands worked it in. One finger pressed on her exposed clit. Her hips began to undulate on their own.

Even as she felt two sets of fingers sliding in the oil between her legs, another hand alighted on her right breast and a pair of lips closed on the nipple of her left breast. She opened one eye to confirm it was Caitlin. Misty smiled and closed her eye. The pleasure from both her nipples and her clit was intense, but not too much so. Salvador’s hands moved over the slick surface of the soft mound as Caitlin suckled one breast and caressed the other.  It went on and on….

She slid into a semi-trance, her entire body floating at the outer edge of the impending orgasm, but their pace did not increase and the orgasm did not come. Shivers went through her body, but still, Salvador and Caitlin took their time. Even when she felt fingers stroke deeply between her inner lips and her entire body began to move, the orgasm did not come. She wanted it, but she didn’t want this feeling to stop.

Bonnie watched as all this action was choreographed by Amy, giving directions to Misty’s two “tormenters” with a combination of hand signals and minimal verbal directives. Her daughter’s body seemed to be rolling in sensual waves, and she was breathing hard, but it did not seem that Salvador and Caitlin were bringing her to a climax yet. Amy motioned for Bonnie to bring her the painter’s step ladder from the back of the studio. When she had positioned it in front of the massage table, she pointed to the camera. Bonnie detached it from the tripod and handed it to Amy who was looking down from nearly directly above Misty. Amy motioned to the lights which now needed to be moved for her to get the photos she wanted. Even before the lights were all in their new places, from her perch, Amy began taking photos. Amy’s actions reminded Bonnie that she was not just taking photos for Misty’s use. The real reason for making the digital images was for Amy to use them as reference material.

With her eyes closed, Misty could not see that Dr. Douglas was directing and she simply wasn’t paying attention to the times she whispered directions to Salvador and Caitlin. Misty was lost in her own world of mind-numbing ecstasy. So when at nearly the same time Caitlin’s lips moved from her nipples to her mouth and two oiled fingers slid into her very wet vaginal canal. Her groan of pleasure caused by the fingers was swallowed by Caitlin’s kiss. She inhaled the kiss, sucking Caitlin’s tongue into her mouth as if it were a hard-on. Even at this moment, she felt Caitlin’s love in the kiss and the hand on her breast. As she hungrily devoured the oral love, Salvador began working his fingers inside of her sex. He did not, however, press on the sensitive roof of her vagina as he had before; rather he slowly eased his fingers in & out and fluttered them slightly as his other hand firmly massaged her mons. Misty found the experience both insanely arousing while at the same time pleasant & comforting. 

She always loved kissing Caitlin, but with Salvador attending to the outside and inside of her sex at the same time, the kissing was lifted to a higher plane. She could not recall ever having an experience quite like it. A thought intruded into her mind: why couldn’t Tommie love her unconditionally the way Caitlin did? She pushed the unpleasantness away.

Slowly her arousal built. In time, how long Misty had no idea, the orgasmic pressure that had begun while he was only massaging her vulva approached a critical mass. Her hips began to thrust and Salvador responded by increasing his tempo and the pressure he put between his fingers on the inside and his hand on the outside. She was sure her orgasm was about to start when her reverie was disturbed by Caitlin ending the very long kiss. She had a moment of confusion and she briefly opened her eyes. The sight of Dr. Douglass above her was unexpected, but when she saw and felt Caitlin clambering up onto the massage table, she closed her eyes again. She understood what was happening, and she readied herself for another treat.

Amy had used pantomime to indicate that Bonnie should help Caitlin up so that she could feed Misty her sex. Bonnie in turn tapped Caitlin on the shoulder and then used her fingers to show her what Amy wanted. It took only a few moments before Caitlin was on her knees lowering her hips over Misty’s mouth. Bonnie could see that her daughter understood what was going on. Bonnie watched as she opened her mouth and extended her tongue to taste her dearest friend.

Since Caitlin’s return to Misty’s life a little more than a year ago, Bonnie had walked in on them having oral sex several times, all but once they were downstairs, under the mirror in her bedroom. Every single time it had happened, her first thought was what a beautiful sight it was. Their love for one another had been evident for years, yet that particular manifestation of their relationship said so much about both of them. How anyone could think that act of love was dirty or shameful was beyond Bonnie. But this vantage point was quite new… just like much of what she had seen so far today, and what she was sure she was about to see. By holding her labia just above Misty’s mouth, Caitlin gave her the freedom to choose how she wanted to take the offering of the center of her sexual being.

Standing beside the step ladder on which Amy was using to shoot photos, Bonnie could both see Misty reaching out with her tongue to lick & penetrate Caitlin, and Salvadore using both hands to stimulate her daughter inside and out. It was a lot to take in, and very, very sexy. She could feel the moister building inside of her own sex and her nipples straining against her blouse. It seemed odd that she was just now getting wet, but then she realized, this was the first time she’d not been focusing on taking photos.

Misty had been aroused nearly continuously for a couple of hours. Though there had been peaks and troughs, she’d been turned on since she and Salvador walked into the studio. The shift from complete passivity to actively using her lips and tongue to make love to Caitlin had pushed the impending climax back once more. Not that she was unhappy about it, the joy she got from, feeling, tasting and, smelling Caitlin was always wonderful. Sometimes she thought she could spend days on end with her mouth on the warm, wet place between the legs of the single most important person in her life. But… something in her crotch told her that it was time for the pace to pick up. Even when Salvador pressed up onto the roof of her vagina and pinched her clit at the same time, it was more than enough to make her thighs jerk, but not enough to bring relief. She tried to put her tongue on autopilot and completely lose herself in the pleasure she was feeling.

She felt the table shake. She opened her eyes as Caitlin lifted off of her mouth and swung her leg over so as to jump off the table. Dr. Douglass was no longer on the ladder shooting photos.  She looked down her body still glistening with the oil to see Salvador kneeling on the foot of the massage table. He took her legs in his hand, lifted and spread them further apart.  His erection was clad in a red condom, in his position on his knees holding her legs in a “V”, his shaft was pointing like an arrow at her own aroused sex.

In her mind, she said, “It’s about time.”

He lay her legs on his hips and moved down over her. His hands slid over the oil slicked skin. His penis entered her without any guidance or effort. She was so slick that he writhed on her body for a few moments before sliding back up onto his knees. Gripping her waist firmly, still impaled by his erection, he pulled her hips off the table. One hand held her waist as the other skated over the slick skin.

Amy, who was back behind her easel, called out, “Just like that Salvador, hold for a minute”

Hold her he did, but his free hand kept moving, bringing pleasure to Misty’s skin while the whole time she could feel his erection pressed up against the roof of her vagina.  This was good. She would not complain if he did this for an hour. Every few minutes he switched hands but all the while, he didn’t soften a bit.

Bonnie found she needed to get a higher angle to properly shoot the image she wanted.  She motioned for Caitlin to retrieve the ladder that Amy had used a few minutes before and place it beside the massage table. Careful not to disturb the moment, she only went up two steps on the ladder and pointed the camera down. She could not get both their bodies fully in the frame, but that was by intent. First, she shot down at Misty capturing the look of pleasure that she obviously felt. She then refocused on Salvador. The photos contained both the young man and Misty's lower body. The thick shaft opening up and penetrating her labial lips could not be missed. The photos she took were striking and would be of help to Amy later, but they were not the image Bonnie wanted.

She stepped off the little ladder and motioned for Caitlin to take it off the stage. Bonnie followed Caitlin to the ground, then further crouched down. This time her frame showed Misty's body in horizontal profile from head to toe. Bisecting her was Salvador's perpendicular body.  It was a great shot. She moved over and back all the way to the curtain backdrop to catch both the lovers and the artist behind them.

Misty and Salvador looked into each other’s eyes as if to will the other’s arousal to a higher level. Misty thought his hands felt good on her hips; his erection felt great inside of her and together the feeling was just wonderful. It was simply one of those moments one wishes could last forever. But Amy's voice said, “OK, go on.”

Salvador put both hands on her hips and lifted her a bit higher before commencing to stroke. Neither fast nor slow, but steady and with purpose. Once he commenced, he released one hand and used his thumb to press down on her clitoris. It did not take long for her hips to begin undulating. She felt the orgasm coming… finally. Once she knew it was on its way, she tried to relax and enjoy the sensations. They were wonderful, but the climax was going to come no matter how much she tried to delay it. Moments later, Salvador brought Misty off for the third time, and then shortly thereafter the fourth time of the day.

Bonnie had been watching. When she saw Misty's hips begin to undulate, she instinctively knew an orgasm would be coming. Having already been stymied by the Leica's lack of a zoom lens, she remembered Misty's Nikon on the table where Lilly had left it. She quickly grabbed it and attached it to the tripod. She used the zoom lens to get in close to get good images of Misty's face during her climax.  Fortunately, Misty was kind enough to give her two orgasms in a row ensuring she'd have at least one good frame of her face as it hit.

When Misty had finished the second orgasmic cycle, Salvador began to change positions but Amy’s voice said “Hang on just a little bit more.“

Salvador looked at Misty as if to say ‘Oh well I tried’. Reading his eyes Misty said, “That’s all right Dr. Douglass, I can stand this a little longer.”  And then she revised her comment, “A lot longer… a whole lot longer.”

Everyone was tickled by the comment, but she knew another orgasm wasn’t just a moment away. The tide had crested and would need time to rebuild. But he certainly did feel good inside of her like this. She relaxed and just focused on enjoying the feelings until a few minutes later Amy said, “OK, done.”

Salvador let her hips down to the table. His penis was finally losing its rigidity. Amy must have seen that and said “You guys need a break”.

Misty thanked her and admitted, “I really do need one."  This was more work than she had anticipated.  Bonnie arrived seconds later with cold cans of diet-Coke for everyone. Misty was warm, hot even, from both the intensity of the action and from the warmth of the lights shining down on her. She didn’t bother to put back on her robe as she gulped down the diet-Coke. Misty was not at all surprised that Caitlin was still nude. “How are the sketches going?” she asked Dr. Douglass.

“Good, I’ve got quite a few. You two are a joy to watch.”

“This is more work than I thought it’d be and I modeled a dozen times last summer during my internship,” Misty told Amy.

“It didn’t look to me like you were suffering too much” Bonnie quipped.

Misty stuck her tongue out at her mother.

“I know this isn’t what I did with your parents; this is more a mix of natural movement and posing” the artist explained.

Misty nodded

Dr. Douglass went on, “What I’d like to do next is to use Caitlin as well to try something I thought of while she was helping with the four-handed stimulation. That looked very good by the way. When you come back for your follow-up session, Salvador might not be here, I wanted to do something that might be the centerpiece for the painting.” Turning to Salvador, “If you could take the table away, we won’t need it again.

So that Amy could reset the lights, Bonnie sat in for the girls who went to the bathroom to retouch makeup and hair.

“Bonnie,” Amy said as she made adjustments “How are the photos going?”

“I think I got quite a few good working shots for you, and also think I got some really good photos that will stand on their own as well.”

“Good, as we put the exhibition together, we might try to use some of your stuff in the overall project.”

Bonnie was flattered.

"Are you having any problems with shooting erotica photos of your daughter?"

Bonnie thought for a second, "No, I've been way too busy with composition, lighting, and focus to give thought to anything else. This Leica takes real work to operate. Perhaps later when I see the photos I might react to them, but not while I’ve been shooting.” She thought then amended her comment, “When you had the camera and I was just watching, I got turned on… I mean wet panties turned on. But the truth is, that has happened before when I’ve been around her while she has sex. It didn’t bother me, but it was a bit of a surprise how fast it came on when I gave you the camera.”

Amy seemed to think, then said, “I’m not sure if I could shoot my daughter having sex. Not that I would have a problem with it per se, but I can’t imagine being in a situation where I would be asked to.”

“For us, since Misty has shot me and Cooper both… and as I’m sure you recall, you were there with us one of those times, it just seems like one of the things we do together. I’m sure to most people that would seem weird, or even perverted, but it is our life”

Amy just nodded.

Bonnie jumped up, “Oh, I almost forgot. I need to go get more memory from my office. Would you believe I've shot 600 frames already?

In the bathroom, Caitlin gushed “So, how was he? He is so good-looking.”

Misty pulled her make-up out of the small bag. ”He is, isn’t he?”


‘And he is amazing with his hands” Misty crooned.

“I was so turned on watching. And so jealous” Caitlin said as she touched up her own hair.

“It was good, I was so into it. I’m sure he is quite the Don Juan in real life.” She stopped talking to focus on her eyeliner. After she was done, she added “It is kinda weird posing though.” She put on lip stick then continued “I’ll just be really getting into it and I’ll see Mom with the camera or Dr. Douglass will tell us to hold a position.  It’s not that it’s not sexy being the center of attention, but it’s different.”

“Yea, when I was up there, I kept thinking all the time ‘How does this look?”

“Like that, yea. Given how much you and I have been in front of a camera, you’d think this was old hat. But with doing it here, with someone like Dr. Douglass, I feel like I really have to perform.”

Caitlin nodded in understanding and then queried “But you did get off didn't you?” “Those O's didn’t look fake.”

“Oh, they were real. How could I help it? I was being fucked wonderfully by the best-looking guy I’ve ever met, not to mention how the oil felt as you guys massaged me, or played with me or whatever you were doing.”

Caitlin chuckled as she ran the brush through her hair. "Well, I know if I'm asked there is no way I'd turn down the opportunity to let him screw me. Like I said Caleb and I are still discussing what our relationship will be like. I know he's got no problem with me doing it with you but even though he's not said so, I know he's undecided about me fucking other guys. Of course, I wouldn't have to tell him if I do."

"I wouldn't advise that. It didn't work out well for me.” Misty said. “I’ve told Tommie directly that I did it with Samual, and he also knows I did it with Cody just last week. But I don’t think he realizes I screwed three different guys at the Valentine's party. But the hard truth is, the end of our thing has come."

Walking out of the bathroom Caitlin said, "Yea, I know. But in your case, you were stuck because Tommie thinks it's immoral. Caleb doesn't. He's actually told me he’s been wondering what it would be like to do a foursome with another couple for years. I just think he's just not sure about his girlfriend doing other guys when he's not there."

"Then you should be good to go. You can tell him you had a chaperone the whole time. My mom is here after all."

“Some chaperone she is.”

They both laughed.

Once they were all back in the studio, Amy asked Salvador to get the mat. Apparently he knew what she meant and came back with what looked like a red gymnastics crash pad and put it on the stage.  Once it was on the stage, she told her three models “I want Misty to stand on this,” she said holding up a step stool. She put it on the red mat. "Misty, I want you to do like you did this morning with me, with your arms up like you are a plant reaching for the sky. The pad is not overly soft, but you need to be aware that if you stand on the edge of the stool, it will sink into the pad. So keep that in mind. Salvador, you and Caitlin get on your knees.” She waited a second “Caitlin, now get in front of Misty and Salvador you get behind her.”

“Hold on.” Amy said “Misty looks great oiled up like that. Salvador and Caitlin, you have some oil on you but you both need the rest of your bodies done. Bonnie, there is a bottle of coconut oil back on that shelf, can you get it?”

The little group oiled themselves and each other. Touching and being touched by Salvador and Caitlin, got Misty aroused once more.

Bonnie, now thinking how the photos could be used for the exhibit, made a point to shoot more ‘Behind the scenes” stuff, like how the two girls and the Latin man spent way more time than necessary putting oil on one another. Too bad the camera didn’t catch the giggles.

Once they were all covered in oil and glistening in the studio lights, Misty stood on the stool. Caitlin knelt down in front of her, her nose level with Misty’s clit. Salvador did the same with his face right in the center of the curve of her buttocks.

Amy from beside her easel said “Now, Salvador and Caitlin. Imagine she is a young seedling, you two are going to encourage her to grow tall and strong. If you can, try to let the motions of caressing Misty be as natural as possible. I’m going to do a few sketches of your efforts to help the Misty plant blossom on her 18th birthday.”

Misty had forgotten that it was her birthday. What a story she would have to tell of her 18th in years to come.

Amy turned the music back on, this time it was neo-classical, even Misty knew it from watching the original Fantasia DVD. It was Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring. It was perfect for what Dr. Douglass was painting.

Bonnie took up one shooting position after another as Misty was “encouraged to grow” by Salvador and Caitlin’s caresses.  Because they were in front and behind her, the four hands primarily worked the outside of her legs and torso to a point roughly level with her breasts. Though the hands approached the sensitive parts where her two legs came together, neither Caitlin nor Salvador touched her most sensitive parts. Bonnie could see Salvador's whole body moving very sensually, almost as if he were in a choreographed dance.  He was so fluid, like a ballet dancer. The Stravinsky ballet music surely influenced Salvador’s movements. Caitlin appeared to be watching and mimicking his motions, though with considerably less finesse. 

Once again behind her Leica camera, Bonnie saw how Amy’s idea was a good one. She could easily see how in the painting this would become a plant and the foliage, the three of them formed a natural pyramid shape with Misty's body seemingly rising up from the other two. With an unobstructed view of Misty's glistening body from her upper thighs to the tips of her up stretched hands, she was able to get dozens of amazing art nude photos of her daughter. The two remarkably beautiful people at her feet worshiping her were strong supporting characters, and the artist's studio provided place. The sum of the elements was nothing short of phenomenal.

Alternately, Bonnie found by reframing she could make Caitlin and Salvador the primary subjects and move Misty to the supporting role. The two views were at once very much the same and at the same time totally different. She knew both types of these images would be very powerful erotic art, completely separate from the painting Amy was doing. 

After she’d completed two rough sketches, she said, “OK, now start touching her sexual parts too.”

Caitlin and Salvador didn’t need to be told twice. Caitlin didn’t even bother to use her hands, she tilted up her head so she could lick Misty’s clit directly. Salvador wasn’t slow either, he gripped her ass, pressed his face between her cheeks, and began to take long lapping strokes up the canyon.

Rapidly it became very difficult for Misty to maintain her pose. Direct stimulation like that in front and back was bad enough; it became almost impossible when, three or four minutes in, she felt the tip of Salvadore’s tongue pressing as if trying to enter her from the rear. Not long after, her inner lips were parted and she felt two of Caitlin’s fingers slide into her body. For Misty, it soon became overwhelming. She knew exactly what sent Misty over the edge. Misty doubled over and let out a groan. "It's too much!" she pleaded.

Dr. Douglass was having none of that. Kindly but very firmly she said, "No Misty, it's not! Caitlin and Salvador, stop moving but don't move your hands from where they are until she tells you to continue. Misty, you need to stand up straight. You can do this." Misty stood back up and raised her hands as high as they would go.

In a modulated voice Amy began to instruct Misty, "Don't let the energy build up. Your body is a conduit channeling their sexual energy. Let it flow through you, from your clit, to your womb, up through your chest, through your arms into your hands, and out from the tips of your fingers. Now I want you to take three deep breaths and visualize how Caitlin and Salvador have used their hands and mouths to give you some of their life force." Misty began to take deep breaths. As she did, she imagined herself on a mountain top. An earth goddess drawing power from Caitlin and Salvador. His tongue was still pressed to her anus, Caitlin’s fingers were still in her vagina and her tongue was still on Misty’s clit, but there was no motion.

Amy then went on. "Misty, you are strong and getting stronger. Focus that sexual energy and gather it in your womb. That is the seat of your womanly power and it is from there you will control it." Misty lifted her chin up and closed her eyes. She focused on the feelings. Yes, she could imagine a flow of energy entering from Caitlin and Salvador, envisioning it as a stream of light particles spread all over her hips, thighs and pelvic region. Then she visualized that energy moving, flowing to her uterus creating a reservoir of power that she could control. She took a deep breath and said "Continue." 

The fingers and tongues began moving again. She felt two fingers pistoning in and out of her while the two tongues, front and back, resumed their stimulating… and they were not letting up. The sensations all resumed their intensity. Misty repeatedly told herself "Yes, I can do this. Yes, I can do this."  Through the waves of intense pleasure, she was able to maintain her pose. 

After what seemed to Misty to be an eternity, the tongue in front slid from her clit, the fingers pulled out of her vagina and Caitlin began kissing and licking the less sensitive mound and folds of her sex. The tongue in back also moved away from her most sensitive part, licking and kissing the globes of her, not quite muscular, buttocks. Caitlin’s two hands began to work their way up her body making it as far as her breasts. Salvador’s hands went down to caress her thighs. While the sensations changed a little, the intensity of the pleasure she was receiving barely slackened.  Somewhere in her mind she knew Dr. Douglas must be directing both of her tormenters.  

The fingers in front caressed her oiled nipples. They were almost painfully sensitive. After a few moments, all four hands began to work themselves back to their starting places.  Misty knew what was coming. She was ready. The second time her clit was stimulated directly by Caitlin’s tongue, it was the fingers from behind that slid into her vagina. She gave an involuntary shudder, but she was sure she knew how to control it this time. Rather than doubling up, she just firmly said aloud, "Yes, I can do this." 

Bonnie had resumed shooting when Misty had given the order to continue. She watched Caitlin and Salvador's hands slide effortlessly over Misty’s oily body. Ranging from her upper thigh to her breasts; in a continuous motion, the fingers, lips, and tongues never stopped very long to focus on one particular spot.  Despite Misty's perception that they had been directly working on her clit and anus forever, it was less than three minutes from her command to resume till Caitlin and Salvador moved their tongues up from Misty’s most sensitive spots. It was only three more minutes before Caitlin had reached her breasts and returned to lick Misty’s clit again. Each cycle the actions varied a little, but the overall pattern was the same. Bonnie wasn't sure where Amy's new-age instructions had come from, but after several cycles of Caitlin and Salvador's ministrations, it was apparent it had worked. Bonnie could see her daughter was breathing hard.

After a full ten minutes, Amy was still busily sketching this tableau. Bonnie however had gotten all the photos she needed of this arrangement, so she went over to take a look at Amy’s sketches. She saw her boss’s fingers were black from the charcoal she was using.  Seeing she’d not put back on her apron after taking it off during their break, Bonnie asked “Do you want me to go get your apron for you?” 

“No, it's OK. I’ve already gotten smudges on my shirt already. Fortunately, I don’t have any meetings this afternoon.”

Bonnie then asked, “Is Salvador a trained dancer? His fluid grace simply seems too good.”

Amy didn’t stop working with the pieces of charcoal, but simply nodded and said “Yes, that’s why I use him.”

Bonnie looked at the large sheet of paper attached to Amy's easel and the table behind her.  The table was covered with completed sketches. The one she was doing appeared almost complete. She was working very fast.  On the current page were half a dozen small sketches, some of the finished sketches were full figures but more were close-ups. One close-up was of Salvador’s hands on Misty’s thigh, another was of Misty’s face, and another was of Misty's vulva. Bonnie had noticed before how both she and Misty showed a frill of inner lip peeking out between their outer labial lips, even when their legs were closed. This seemed to be what Amy had wanted to capture for the final painting. The sketch Amy was completing was mostly of Caitlin, from her midriff up, her arms reaching up to Misty’s breast.

On a larger table at the back wall, lay eight or nine more completed pages, some with just one detailed sketch encompassing the whole of Misty and/or Salvador, most with many small details of parts of what Amy saw.  Bonnie had seen Amy work long enough to know that once they were done, she'd spray all the pages with a sealant to keep the charcoal from smudging.

Amy put down her charcoal and used her now nearly black fingers to switch to a new CD. This music was very different. It was a modern Samba. Brazilian like the earlier music, but much faster tempo with a techno feel. The overall effect was to tell Salvador, and by example, Caitlin, it was time for something new.  Salvador’s hips began to dance, though he was still on his knees. His hands, now inexorably moved to Misty’s pelvic region.

“Misty, Caitlin. Let the music flow through you like Salvador does” Amy directed.

Bonnie watched Misty slowly begin to move to the music. She rolled on the balls of her feet and began to sway with her hips as the four hands became increasingly sexual in their movements. Then she instructed the models. “Salvador, Caitlin, go ahead and stand up. Misty, I want you to get up on the new step stool, turn around, and face the curtains.”

Misty did so as the music continued. The hands went back to work on Misty and Bonnie moved the tripod around the room shooting. She captured images of Amy working, as well as the models.

Another page was completed by the furiously working artist.  Amy then stepped away from the easel “Misty, face the front again.” She walked a few feet and adjusted one of the lights. “Salvador and Caitlin, rather than staying in one place, I want you to slowly move around her.  When I say slowly, I mean like, take a couple of minutes to make a circuit. Remember I am sketching, not shooting photos. You are now trying to make the flower bloom. You do know what I mean?”

Caitlin jumped to answer “To make her orgasm.”

“Yes, that’s the idea. From what I understand you have a good bit of experience with what Misty likes. Right?”

Caitlin nodded “Lots.”

“Then Salvador will follow your lead. Feel free to tell him what she likes, but Misty, I want you to just focus on yourself and trust Caitlin and Salvador. OK?”

“Sounds good, but I need a break to pee,” Misty said.

Bonnie added, “Amy, You might not realize it's been an hour since they got back from the last break.”

“Oh, I didn’t realize it’s been that long.” 

Bonnie understood why Amy had taken so long on the last set of poses, this was the primary part of the painting. Everything else would be details.

As Bonnie had predicted, Amy sprayed the sketches with sealant, then carefully stacked them with the other ones she'd done over the day.

A few minutes later, after downing more diet-Coke, they were back to work. The Samba music resumed, louder than before. With just a little warm-up, the players and artist resumed their parts.

Misty was tired. She was now not really in the mood. They’d kept her on the edge of an orgasm for quite a while, but that was gone now. She was ready to get this over, but she also wanted to cooperate, so she closed her eyes and focused on the music and the attention her body was receiving.

The hands first spread more oil on her. She could easily tell which hands belonged to whom, but she pushed the details from her mind and focused on the feelings. She was a flower she told herself. She drew energy from the hands on her body and moved it to her own hands above her head.  It was not the coconut oil this time, it warmed her skin as it was rubbed in. Soon the warming oil was all over, her skin tingled even when not being touched.

The music, with its steady rhythmic beat, helped her. It took her surprisingly little effort to feel the music and attune herself to the hands on her body. Her arms moved above her head with the tempo. She began to move her arms and body to the sounds.  It was sexy. She thought, “Maybe I can get back into the mood for sex after all.”

She spread her feet apart deliberately to give better access, but she did not stop her feet and hips from rolling. She knew what was next in this pantomime. The hands soon stopped gliding over her body as they had before, but began focusing on her erogenous zones.  The small of her back, her navel, her buttocks, her breasts and the folds of her vulva.  She felt a finger, two fingers enter her as another hand rubbed her mound firmly but slowly. She pulled the energy from her now aroused labia and felt it course up her torso, up her arms and to her hands which danced their own dance in the air.

Misty, Caitlin, and Salvador were all one now, one being, one flower straining to bloom. Her breathing became slow, deep, and regular.  The urges from between her thighs became more pronounced.  She was tempted to focus on reaching a climax, but she resisted. She kept pulling the energy from her arousal and letting it build in her womb and then pushing it up her body to her arms and hands.

Bonnie, watching and shooting all the while, was entranced by the spectacle.  It was just as Amy had instructed, a flower being coaxed to bloom.  Salvador and Caitlin were so intense, using their hands, their mouths, and their bodies pressed against Misty.   It was without a doubt very sexual, but at the same time, it was not sex like she usually thought of it.  Hands and lips settled on Misty’s breasts, and in her crotch, but that was not the heart of what was happening.  Misty’s hands seem to move and react to what was happening below, but she never looked down, her face almost always looking up, yet with her eyes closed.

Misty’s hips moved fully in synch with the music. Bonnie was sure the flower would soon bloom.

Amy left the easel and whispered into Salvador’s ear, and handed him what was evidently a condom. He stepped back, Caitlin stooped over and buried her face and one hand in the triangle of Misty’s crotch.

Misty’s hands sped up the pace of their movements.

Salvador stroked his penis, which had not been at full staff in quite a while, but it quickly responded to the new mission and was full in moments.

He tapped Caitlin on the shoulder.  She looked up at Salvador. His condom clad full erection told her what was next. She nodded knowingly.

Without a rush that would disrupt the tempo, Caitlin slowly moved clockwise till she was standing behind Misty; Salvador was directly in front of her, the tip of his erect penis just pressing into the cleft between Misty’s thighs as she stood on the stool.

Misty, even in her semi-trance like state, felt the unmistakable shape of the head of Salvador’s penis pressing on her lips, she instinctively shimmied until the lips parted and the head wore a hat of her flesh.

She struggled to maintain the singularity of thought that she had attained.  Part of her mind began to focus on the feeling of the penis, and another asked what was going to happen next. She deliberately made her deep breathing her center of attention, from there she would move back to draw energy from what Salvador was doing. She wanted this moment; she was determined to be that flower.

With a firm but gentle grip, Salvador’s hands closed on the back of her thighs. He began to pull her gently up and toward his strong chest. On her back, she felt the soft pressure of Caitlin’s breasts and her hands lifting her buttocks as Salvador pulled. The combination gently floated her feet up from the stool.  This momentarily intruded on her sensual meditation, but before she could process what was happening, she instinctively wrapped her legs around Salvador’s waist and felt secure once again. Caitlin wrapped her arms around Misty’s torso and gripped Salvador’s upper arms, pulling the three of them into a tight knot. Misty’s arms remained over her head, and she was lowered down a few critical inches. Soon she was fully impaled by the Brazilian penis. All this happened so fluidly that though her focus had been jarred from her “blooming”, she rapidly became the flower once again.

Bonnie unobtrusively pulled the stool out of their way and Caitlin let go of Misty. Bonnie motioned to her to stay close. She was not concerned that Salvador would drop her, but that with her oily skin, Misty might slip free. And on the padded mat his footing might not be the best. Caitlin knelt behind her, hands up.

Bonnie then resumed shooting.

Salvador continued to move his hips in a circular motion following the music.  Misty felt very secure, even after Caitlin, released her grip and stepped back, Salvador was completely stable, easily able to keep her 115 lbs. secure. He rolled his feet on the padding on the floor, samba dancing as best as he could with her on him.  Her weight pressed down on his pelvic bone, right on her clit. She soon knew it would be more than enough to help her make the final assent to blooming.

Bonnie kept shooting.  She was amazed how effortlessly he danced with Misty on his pelvis. He was so strong and handsome, a sexual god. Amy had him slowly turn so she could sketch multiple angles of this climactic pose. Misty's focus on her pleasure did not seem to be disturbed by his movements. When he had done a complete circuit, Amy had Caitlin kneel at Salvador's feet and put her splayed hands on Misty's buttocks to help support Misty's weight so she could move more freely.

Bonnie once again moved behind Amy to capture the artist at work and the erotic image she was sketching.  She was able to photo Amy, her current charcoal image on the easel and several completed pages on the small table to her left while in the background, out of focus, was the spectacular image of the trio.

Bonnie could tell the actual climax of the day was coming. She reframed the standing threesome as the center of her photos.  Misty threw her hand straight up in the air, fingers spread, and let out a full-throated scream as over an hour and a half of unreleased stimulation burst upon her. It was so powerful, but it passed so quickly. Just as Amy had planned the event, like a day lily she burst into life then wilted as the energy ran its course. Her arms fell to Salvador’s shoulders, her legs lost their grip and Caitlin had to jump up to keep her from falling.

Salvador laid her down gently on the mat like a crushed kitten. Her body heaved, grabbing each breath in gulps.  Her skin, covered in both oil and sweat sparkled dramatically in the bright lights. At Amy’s direction, both Salvador and Caitlin left the stage. There was something about Misty laying there alone. Something strong, but vulnerable; amorous but spent.  Misty’s eyes were closed and her breathing subsided.  Amy told Misty just to stay where she was as she scooted her easel closer to the stage. Both she and Bonnie recorded the image of the aftermath of Misty’s blooming. For her part Misty was all too happy to lay under the warm lights, eyes closed on the soft cool mat. It was like a dream, or perhaps the aftermath of a dream, floating on the clouds of her own utter contentment.

It was only after Bonnie took her attention from Misty that she saw Caitlin off to the side of the studio space with Salvador. They were kissing passionately.  Bonnie suspected this might be going somewhere, as sort of an epilogue to the day’s work.

By the time she’d reset her camera and rotated one of the lights to where the action had shifted, Caitlin was in the process of lying back at the edge of the massage table and pulling her legs up in an invitation to Salvador. He did not need any more hints and Bonnie was just in time to capture him easing his erection into her. Soon Caitlin was taking deep and powerful strokes. Salvador leaned into Caitlin, and her full breast shuttered with each thrust. Caitlin was whimpering with pleasure. Or was that just a high-pitched moan? 


Amy’s vision of the new coupling was blocked by the rectangular light box, so Bonnie had to get her attention. By this time, she’d completed a full-page sketch of the supine Misty, so she again moved her easel and started on a fresh sheet of sketches.

This last act of their day in the studio only took about ten minutes. Bonnie didn't know if Caitlin climaxed or not, but Salvador pouring in sweat, said something to Caitlin and she slid off of the massage table right to her knees. No sooner than she’d gotten his erection into her mouth than he began to groan as he climaxed.

It was not until Caitlin stood up and gave him a long, post-orgasm kiss that Bonnie realized what had happened. Salvador had taken off his used condom, and had not put on a new one. He would have no way of knowing that Caitlin had an IUD. From how long it took her to take his cock out of her mouth after he’d cum, Bonnie was sure Caitlin didn’t mind his solution one bit. Bonnie and Amy had caught it all with camera and charcoal.

When Amy flipped back on the overhead lights, Bonnie, for the first time since their break checked the time on her phone. It was later than they had planned, but they still had an hour before they were scheduled to meet the University tour guide, so they might even have time to get something for dinner after the girls cleaned up, before their scheduled evening tour.

Amy saw Bonnie with her phone and asked what time it was. Bonnie told her, and Amy let Salvador know that they'd gone too long. "Sorry, but you've got to get going or you will be late for your class."

Salvador gave both Misty and Caitlin a goodbye kiss, then quickly pulled on his clothes and headed out without washing up.


It had been a long day for everyone, but they still had to go on the tour of the college as that was the stated purpose of the two girl’s day out of school.  Amy was very pleased with the work they had all accomplished. She let Bonnie know that she felt bad that Salvador had to go to class sticky with the oil. While Misty and Caitlin washed the oil off of themselves, Bonnie helped Amy clean up the studio and to copy all the photos onto a flash drive for Amy. She would be taking the camera with her.

Before they left, once again Amy told both girls they had done great and she looked forward to working with them again. She reminded Misty of her offer to set up an independent study class with her if she decided to come to Augusta State in the fall, but she would have to decide before the first of May.  

Bonnie, Misty and Caitlin did not have time for dinner before their tour, in fact, they made it just in time to the admin building. It was really weird for Misty shifting gears that fast. One moment she was a sex performer and the next she was just one of the high school kids taking a college tour. She was sure Caitlin felt the same.

 They were able to go by Lilly’s office on the tour, and Bonnie offered to buy her dinner as soon as the tour was over.  So, later at the Mellow Mushroom pizza shop, the girls told Lilly all about their day. Though Lilly was seven years older than they were, she spoke their language. Bonnie was a little embarrassed when Lilly told Misty “Both your mom and dad are such an inspiration to me. You just don’t know how blessed you are to have them as parents. If the world is just, one day, people will write books about them, and come to you and ask what it was like growing up in their home.”

Mom might have been embarrassed by her words, but Misty would ponder for some time on Lilly’s very high opinion of her parents. Were they really that important? Misty just couldn’t see how. Lilly was just a huge fan, that was all.

Lilly encouraged the two girls to seriously consider Augusta State for next fall. Misty had already been accepted by Augusta State, but had not decided if she wanted to go there or to one of the other schools that had accepted her. Caitlin let Lilly know she would definitely be going to GCSU.

Bonnie had not been aware of how extensive had been Misty and Lilly’s phone and text interaction. They laughed about how Misty’s family beach photos were so popular on the internet due to the great photos that seemed to keep popping up on the web. Misty told Lilly, “I just need a new person to pretend they took photos of us when we go to St. Martin over Spring Break. I can’t use the same guy as from this summer. No one would believe he just happened to be in both places when we were there. We have to make it appear we did not post them. When I get my own site, it might be different, but for now this is working to keep us visible.”

Lilly offered, “Tell you what, I will talk to Julio, I bet we can get them posted on a Portuguese language site. You can be sure with a little help, the posting will be found by others.”

Bonnie was a little taken aback by this new information. She asked Misty, “So you have been orchestrating the stream of photos from the Miami trip getting released?”

“I told you I was, or at least hinted to you that I was involved. I’ve been keeping you in the dark so you could deny any knowledge. But now I’m eighteen it isn’t as important” Misty said.

Bonnie just shook her head, “I understand there is no such thing as bad publicity. And if our family is as famous as Lilly seems to think, it will help us promote our agenda, but let’s just pretend I didn’t hear any of this.”

They all agreed Bonnie had not heard anything about the leaking of photos.

Caitlin shifted the conversation to the event of the day. “Lilly, I saw you watching Salvador and Misty. You’ve got to agree he is the most beautiful man on the planet.”

“He is that. I was Amy’s photo assistant last week when she was shooting him with the new FFF speaker who will be putting her photos into the existing lecture. And of course, I also assisted for Bonnie’s photo shoot with him as well.  So I’ve seen him with three different women, so I know how amazingly good-looking he is.”

Bonnie looked to the two teenagers and explained, “Gayle, our new part-time speaker. will take my two speaking dates while I am in St. Martin.  Fortunately, she’d already posed for the photos needed to replace those of me at the end of the main lecture.  She flew down last week to pose with Salvador.”

It was Caitlin who suggested “Lilly, why don’t you do a session with Salvador for Amy? I’m sure she’d love to paint you and I can promise you that he knows how to use that perfect body of his.”

Lilly blushed a little “Amy has offered to do that, or to paint me and my boyfriend.  I must admit I am not quite as liberated as any of you.  But, I might just be getting there. My boyfriend and I have talked about non-exclusivity, and I’ve talked to your mom and Amy about it more than once.”

Bonnie nodded.

“Though we both agree it is possible on an intellectual level, we just haven’t gone through with it. We've talked about doing a threesome when I go to see him in Charleston next time; but he insists it be with a girl. I don’t think he would do it with a guy, so I'm not sure if he is on the same page as you.”

Misty and Caitlin then talked about their boyfriend's different responses to the idea of open relationships. Caitlin summed it up when she said, "Today by doing it with Salvador, we have both made a final statement to our boyfriends. For Misty, it was the final act in breaking up and for me, I think it will be the first act in verifying we have a trusting relationship. I am pretty sure he'll be supportive when I tell him all about today… but I’ve made my choice and he will either accept it or not." She looked at Bonnie and said, “I saw you taking photos when I was doing it with Salvador, would it be possible to let him see them? I think that would ensure he really understands what being my boyfriend would be like… if that is what he wants to be. To be honest, I suspect the hot photos will make it easier for him to think it’s a great idea.”

Bonnie said she could have any of the photos of just her, and she would loan her a flash drive with the others if she promised not to make copies of photos that have anyone but her in them. “And besides your new boyfriend, I think your mother would like to see them too.”

“Yes, I think she would,” Caitlin answered. “And if I let Maria Jane’s mom see them when I show them to my mom, it would be a way of bringing her into your little group of adults.”

Bonnie hadn't thought about that, “Great idea Caitlin. I plan on calling her before my speaking trip to Pennsylvania next week. If you open the door for me that would be wonderful. It's not that I haven’t known her for years, but, well the photos of our trip today would give her a warning regarding what I wanted to talk to her about.”

Lilly leaned forward, “Did you say you know a girl named Maria Jane? Like Mary Jane… like the old stoners way of talking about pot?”

Bonnie stepped in, “Yes. And yes, that is exactly what her mother was thinking when she named her that. But she’s told me she regretted doing that, but what is done is done. As far as I know, she’s clean now, but her daughter will forever have an additional challenge because of her name.”

Caitlin, apparently to get off that topic, looked at Lilly and said, "You know you can talk about it forever, but until you see how he responds to you telling him that you did it with another guy it will just be words." 

Lilly looked somber, "Yea, I know you are right. I'm just not ready to push the point."

Bonnie put in “Caitlin, both you and Misty grew up in homes where sex was normal and not hidden from you at all.  Yes Caitlin, I know your mom went through that period of trying to be something she wasn’t, but it was no great leap for you to buy into open sexual relationships.  For most people, it is quite a lot to take in.  If Lilly comes to the point she decides that she is ready to expand her own sexual freedom, she’ll know. You don’t need to push her.”

To change the subject Misty made an offer to shoot nudes of Lilly at her home studio whenever she could make it out to the house. Lilly seemed to like that idea quite a lot and so they agreed that after the trip to St. Martin, they’d work out a time.

The dinner wrapped up with more conversation and a long day came to an end with the two girls asleep in the car while Bonnie drove back to Sparta.


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Mar 13
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

What is the difference between porn and erotica? Can porn be art? Is Amy’s paintings of Misty having sex with Salvador and Caitlin art or porn? What about Bonnie shooting pictures of her daughter “fucking” a stranger and her female lover? Would that be seen as porn or art? Or is it erotica? I’ve looked at a few books about porn/erotica/art and found a few useful quotes:

““Porn” is a loaded word that brings up a lot of negative imageries in our pornified culture. “That’s so ‘porn’” has today become an expression to describe excessive or trashy taste. But imagine if the content and connotations, and even the effects of porn were different: positive and empowering rather than negative and…

Replying to

I've probably quoted Stephen Gaskin, "Stephen," here before, but I'll do it again.

Stephen taught general semantics and creative writing at San Francisco State University in the early sixties. When LSD and hippies hit San Francisco, he joined up, and became a sort of hippie holy man. He was a pretty good preacher, and went on tour with a caravan of psychedelic school buses. The caravan wound up founding a commune near Summertown, Tennessee. "The Farm" remains as a land trust and center for permaculture. Stephen died at seventy-nine in 2014. (His wife, Ina Mae Gaskin is one of the founders of the modern midwife movement. They were polyamorous.)

I believe that people, if not jacked around by the advertising…


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I think this chapter's illustrations, especially of the photoshoot, are especially good. I don't know what to look for to see how the new computer is helping, but what I like seems to come from your choices. The darks and lights, the grays and saturated colors, the warm colors and the cool, all make for pictures that please the eye. (Of course it doesn't hurt that the subjects are beautiful people pleasuring each other.) One touch that really caught my eye was the charcoal drawing in the corner of the picture of Misty and Salvador standing, Misty's far leg hooked around Salvador's back, his erection pillowed between their bellies. The drawing looked like something I might see at my Thursday…


Mar 11
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

My first read-through delivered on the promise Misty was looking forward to. When Caitlin joined in "to encourage Misty to grow," the scene took on a different tone. My second read-through was intense. With so many characters relating their sexual adventures to other characters, what is not to enjoy? Then Misty enjoys Salvador and Caitlin making love to her so that Amy can draw images of them while Bonnie shoots pictures of her daughter having sex. This is sex-positivity being intimate and public at the same time. I think Lilly is the winner of this chapter. She is rationally okay with ethical nonmonogamy but wants to explore it physically. Misty’s invitation to Lilly for a nude photo shoot after the…

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