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Our Decades of Open Marriage: Part 20

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

We Once Again Become Swing-Club Regulars

After Paula abruptly stopped clubbing there came a year of quiet on the sexual adventures front for us as a couple. As I worked on my photo business, she tried to work out a balance between her joy of sexual adventure and keeping herself safe. However, the reasons this slow period lasted nearly two full years were several. Mostly the reasons had more to do with the stresses of real life ( job, parenting and such), than anything about our relationship or about sexual issues. Additionally during that time I had developed an ongoing mystery medical condition. In the end we found I had developed diabetes that had become all but debilitating until it was diagnosed in June 2007. After which I went on medication, changed my diet and lost weight to greatly improve my health. The result of all the factors were several years of rather conventional life for Paula and I.

By the spring of 2007 Paula was getting bored and begin asking about the Carolina Friends swingers group again. I opened up an account on their online couples site at Paula’s behest and she began to surf for new playmates. This quickly became a nightly ritual for her. Looking at profiles and emailing those people of interest.

On a couple of occasions we went out to dinner with couples we had met. One couple asked me to do a photo shoot of the wife up at a local state park in the mountains. She was very comfortable being nude and the shoot went well, but Paula was just not interested in going further with them.

In May, we met up with another couple, Ray and Saundra, who as it turns out, lived not five minutes from our house. After an evening of dinner and dancing at Paula’s favorite club it was very obvious that Ray was more than a little interested in Paula. For her part, Paula was just glad to have someone to dance with her. She thought nothing of the highly sexual moves she made and how Ray might interpret her dirty dancing style.

We returned to their house at about midnight. I had brought my 8X10 book of photos and we all looked at the nude pictures of Paula. After some time talking, Ray brought out his little digital camera. He very much wanted me to take photos of him and Saundra having sex, so after some thought and discussion, we decided to shoot a scenario of a lecherous minister and a school girl using just his little camera and the lamps in his house. Paula used one of those metallic shades people put in their car windshields in the summer as a reflector board.

Saundra put on a little sexy schoolgirl’s outfit (the kind they sell at sex stores) and Ray put on a suit. Step by step I guided them for well over an hour. It was clear to all that this was not exactly what Ray had in mind as he kept begging Paula to take off her clothes. Both Paula and I were a bit annoyed at his pushiness especially after earlier in the evening Paula had made it clear we were looking for friends first, sexual playmates only later. On a couple of occasions, Saundra even got on to him for being pushy. For my part I kept control of the entire situation as the ‘artist’ I had every intention of making these photos as good as possible, considering I had none of my equipment.

Paula gives Saundra a helping hand

I successfully guided them through foreplay and oral sex photos. I insisted that Randy go down on Saundra until she had an orgasm as part of my commitment to her pleasure and to the authenticity of the photos. The shoot continued until the little camera’s memory card filled, by which time we had done intercourse photos in a couple of different positions. Paula became ever more annoyed with Randy’s behavior. After downloading the photos from the camera to Randy’s computer Paula and I mutually decided that it was time to go home, even though the photo shoot didn’t have a conclusion. We both were uncomfortable about Randy’s increasing demands Paula get naked and join. So we left.

It was a shame he turned out to be someone neither of us enjoyed being around, because Saundra was very nice and they lived just up the street. Though I did spend a good amount of time editing the photos for them, we never went out with them again.

During this time Paula continued to make new friends via the internet. Among them were a couple named Bob and Liz. After a few positive phone calls, Paula arranged for us to meet them for dinner. This was to be the fourth time we had gone out with a couple we had met through Carolina Friends and thus far we were zero for three in really hitting it off with anyone. So it was with low expectations Paula and I drove to an Outback restaurant about an hour from our home.

As it turned out we both really liked Bob and Liz. Now it didn’t hurt that they were both former models and still quite good looking, but more importantly, they seemed to share our post-conservative Christian background and both were parents (though not of the same children). We stayed long past the last bite talking and laughing and by the time we left we agreed to get together again.

Though Paula and Bob chatted on the phone and they repeatedly invited us to join them on their boat for some naked fun we were not able to see them again for over a month. I had to go to a rather unpleasant surgery to remove some painful but ultimately benign lumps near the head of my penis. Thus not only were we not able to meet them, we were not able to have sex at all for nearly a month. Paula decided we would meet them at The Estate, the Carolina Friends club in Charlotte. Though we had never been there, we had talked about going for months and it would be the first time we had been to a swing club in five years.

In advance of going, on Friday night Paula and I decided to see how my “equipment” was working after the surgery. That was a mistake. Though we had fun fucking that night, by morning my penis was swollen up and bleeding from the incision. Out of concern I called the urologist office who told me I should not have had sex for several more weeks. Oops: Oh well damage done, but the doctor assured me that my penis was just swollen from being irritated by sex and to wait for several more weeks. With the assurance I was not in danger of having my penis permanently injured, I told Paula I could go to The Estate, but I wouldn’t be using my penis at all. So the plan went.

It took us about two hours to get to Charlotte and find The Estate, stopping to get Paula a six-pack of Smirnoff Ice. I was surprised at the number of cars and the size of the facility as we approached. After paying and getting a “newbie” badge, a staff member gave us a tour. Downstairs there were two dance floors, each with a stage and stripper pole, two bars, a buffet and eating area, three hot tubs and outside was a pool and sand volleyball court. Upstairs were the play rooms, both private and public and the locker and shower rooms. All the while our nice young guide showed us around he kept looking at Paula and at least three times commented “I really like that top”. The top she was wearing was the sheer blouse we had bought in Miami Beach several years before. And he was right, she looked hot.

Paula before we got to the club in her see-through top

Bob and Liz had been waiting for us for almost two hours, because we had not arrived until 11:30. They filled in what the tour guide had not and soon we all went to dancing. Paula and Liz danced and danced and danced. The high point was when they, together mounted the little stage and did a duet pole dance for the crowd. They kept their clothes on but they were plenty erotic enough to keep the whole room’s attention. Moving in unison simulating a variety of sex acts in their dance they were far sexier than the girls who had bared more skin earlier in the pole dancing contest.

Coming off the dance floor Paula surprised me by fanning herself with her shirt, clearly and intentionally baring her breast with each flap up and down. It had been several years since she had publicly shown herself like this. I supposed the Smirnoff was partly responsible, but I certainly did not complain. To her complaints of being dyeing of heat I suggested we go to the pool.

The weather was beautiful on the pool deck and I stripped down to the required pool attire (nude) and slipped into the warm water in front of the dozen people who sat around the deck. I felt a little self-conscious, but not enough to stop me. I then watched as Paula, then Liz and Bob disrobed and followed me. Liz, who was 38, was very attractive, not small, but well-proportioned and cute. Her full hips and breasts were well tanned with just a hint of tan lines. Bob, was surprisingly fit and firm for a man of 52 years old, certainly more so than I was.

For the next hour or so we swam, splashed and fooled around. A couple of women on the deck were admiring Liz’s tits. At one point they said “You have beautiful breasts. Would it be polite to ask if they are real?” Liz said they were not and that she had once worked for a plastic surgeon who had done them for free. I was surprised, I had not even suspected. They looked so natural. Twice in the conversation Liz lifted herself over the side of the pool as the women looked at her breasts.

A little while later she and Bob began fooling around and she began to give Bob a blow job as he hung onto the side of the pool. She had just gotten him up to full staff when an Estate staff member came out on the deck and reminded them of the “No Sex in the Pool” rule. We all laughed and harassed Liz for being such a bad girl. To make matters more amusing, a good looking young couple who had just gotten naked, and were headed for the water saw this and evidently decided not to get in. Rather, after a short discussion, the girl bent over a chaise lounge and the guy fucked her standing behind her just at the edge of the pool deck. It was not until they were done did I see they were performing not for us, but for their friends who were laying on the chaise lounges behind them.

When Liz and Bob again went at it in the pool, Paula and I kept an eye out for the staff while they fucked behind a blow-up float. It had been a while since we watched friends have sex, and my penis, injured or not responded. Though it did hurt, my penis was soon buried in Paula, at least for a little while before it just hurt too much. But I was determined, if we went publicly skinny dipping I was not leaving without being able to say we had fucked in the pool; and we did.

Finally the girls began to get cold, so we moved inside to the hot tubs. The tubs were inside the main building in a large room containing some shops, a bar, dance floor, pole and the three tubs. Though a 3 foot high partition separated the tubs from the dance floor, there was no obstruction to viewing the tubs from the bar area. Soon we were naked again, this time in the hot bubbles. We relaxed in the hot water and continued having a wonderful night. Liz and Bob began messing around again. Bob finally suggested we go to the “dolphin” room upstairs. We wrapped ourselves in towels, grabbed our clothes and headed up. But when we got upstairs, the dolphin room was full. Bob was sure that was the room they wanted to use so the girls sat on a sofa in the hall wearing only their towels for a half an hour. It was a bit strange and sudden. We’d not done anything like this in a very long time, yet Paula sat and waited for just the right room as if we did this every day.

While we waited I decided to look around the upstairs. Just ten feet down the hallway was an extra wide opening leading to the shower room, and from the hallway I could see the shower was being used by two women. On the other side of the lobby area where Paula and Liz waited patiently, was a short passage that led to the group room. Unlike the Spartan affairs that the other swing club group rooms I’d seen had been, this one was decorated in a vaguely medieval manner. There were four King sized, four-poster beds with canopies, grouped in two sets of two. And also unlike other clubs, it appeared that voyeuring was encouraged as along one wall was a two tiered bleacher, occupied by half-a-dozen people watching the five couples in the beds have sex. Though I had been in this kind of place before, it was a bit surreal how pleasant the voyeurs were as they watched the others have sex.

Eventually the four people in the dolphin room left and we all went in, so as to claim the room for ourselves while we waited for an attendant to change the sheets. Standing right at the doorway, Paula dropped her towel and waited for some time in the nude while the room was remade. I was surprised to see how relaxed she seemed standing naked in full view of the passersby in the hall.

When the attendant left and the door closed, Paula took a seat in what appeared to be a doctor’s examining chair, complete with stirrups. Bob and Liz climbed on the bed and she immediately went down on him, taking his entire penis in her mouth. From that angle I could clearly see the dolphin tattoo on her lower back. It was then I connected the ocean theme of the room, with large stuffed fish hanging from the ceiling to her tattoo. I commented on that and they confirmed it was her love of dolphins that led to choosing this room.

After I had spent a good while between Paula’s legs as she sat in the examining chair, bringing her to the brink of orgasm, I used my fingers to bring her off. All the while Liz spent the entire time sucking on Bob’s penis. I commented on her love of giving head. She mumbled an affirmation without letting go of him.

I made an attempt to penetrate Paula with my penis, but it just hurt too much; so we watched as Liz mounted Bob and she sat on his penis facing his feet. Paula and I watched as she energetically bounced and rotated on him for a good while before they moved to the missionary position. Having only had sex once in weeks, I couldn’t wait any longer. I asked Bob if he had a condom that I could try to use to protect my injured penis. He and Liz stopped their play for him to get up and find me a condom, and when he went back she began to blow him again.

It was difficult putting on the condom, and painful, but I got it on. I lay next to Bob and Liz and Paula mounted me, slowly pressing my penis into her. The condom helped quite a bit, but it was still somewhat painful, but not so much as to keep me from fucking Paula for about fifteen minutes before succumbing to the pain and letting myself cum. It was when I had Paula on her side and I was doing her scissor style, I realized that Bob had opened the shade on the window to the hallway. We had two couples watching when we looked through the window. Knowing we were being watched helped me climax even though my penis hurt. And I came hard and long.

Removing the condom the semen was pink from blood and I dripped several bloody drops on the sheet before cleaning off my penis. Though I knew it was a bad idea for me to fuck Paula, and I would hurt more tomorrow, I did not regret doing so.

While I took care of my painful dick, it was Bob who first fondled Paula’s tits, but it was Liz who, while Bob pummeled her in the doggie position began to suck on them. After ravishing Paula’s breasts, she moved slowly down her torso until Liz was eating Paula's cunt hungrily. Paula responded and came quickly the first time, but it took Liz another fifteen minutes of eating and finger fucking to bring off a second orgasm. All the while, Bob sucked her nipples. After I'd recovered, I also played with my wife and kissed her as she bucked up and down to Liz’s ministrations.

Eventually she just couldn’t take anymore, so she and I just watched as Bob and Liz went on and on, and on and on. Liz asked if we were OK just watching and Paula said that she was watching and learning new things. They were amazing to watch as Bob lifted Liz by the hips and ate her out as he held her upside down from his knees. She came many times and they only quit so that Paula and I could head home as it was already 3:00 AM and we had a long drive home to where we'd left our teenage daughter "babysitting" her brother.

It had been a fun night, and best of all Paula had a great time. So much so, by Tuesday she was talking about going back next weekend. Which we did, with the promise I would not try to use my penis.

On that second night, we arrived much earlier and it was Paula and I who waited for Bob and Liz to arrive. Like the week before she wore a see-thru top, but to my surprise she wore a mini-skirt. She had previously avoided them because she did not think she could dance comfortably in one. And when she danced she showed off her fine ass quite a lot.

Paula in her mini-skirt and see-thru top

As we had to leave early we did not go upstairs; however in the hot tub we all messed around. We had joined a couple already in the tub and had a nice time. Most notably Paula was getting very friendly with Bob. He played with her breasts while holding her up so I could eat her in the tub. At one point she played with his penis, then sat on his lap. Though they were naked, she said his penis just touched the outside of her. While she did this I sucked on Liz’s breasts. She had very small nipples, but full and attractive breasts.

I broke my promise and when Paula sat on me, I put my penis inside her for a few minutes, but Bob and Liz pulled her away, citing my promise to let my penis have a rest. They did however, hold my wife up in the water while the man from the other couple went down on her. For Paula to have a complete stranger bring her to orgasm from oral sex, indicated that she had very much relaxed the tight control on her sexuality she had put on after her years of going crazy.

We continued to go to the Estate every couple of weeks during the fall. Paula loved to dance and I loved to sit in the hot tub. We went one night when the Dallas Cowboy’s played the Carolina Panthers. I wore my Cowboy jersey and she wore a pink and white mesh version of the Panther’s jersey. As they game was shown on the TV’s in the back club room I stayed there and watched the game. Not surprisingly in Charlotte I found myself, as the Cowboy fan, the object of some derision. I didn’t mind, and besides, since I’d lost twenty-five pounds since June when I was diagnosed with diabetes, I looked good in my Cowboys shirt.

At half time with the Cowboys leading 17 to 7, I went to the dance room to look for Paula. I found her dancing like a wild woman, sans her Panthers shirt. She was very sexy dancing topless in her blue jeans, the only one undressed on the dance floor. I was torn, stay and dance with this super-hot woman or go back to see the Cowboys.

I went back to see the Cowboys – OK, I was raised in Dallas. Some things just take precedence. The Cowboys won. Paula and I had great sex in the “big” room with a number of people watching. I was pleased that with my weight loss and my diabetes under control I was much better at sex than I had been. There were only about six people in the room and I asked Paula to strip for me. The music from downstairs was plenty loud enough to provide the mood and she stripped to the music and dance nude for a song or two before I joined her. By then there were perhaps ten or twelve people in the room with us and only three were sexually engaged, the rest were just watching Paula and I. My hard penis pressed on her and at some point she jumped up for me to hold her. My penis slipped right in and I danced, with her legs wrapped around my waist and my penis impaling her. It was so sexy. We concluded when I lay her on the side of the bed and stood holding her legs spread up on my chest and hammered her until I couldn’t hold back and filled her with semen. Not a bad victory party.

We had by that time been going to swing clubs for almost ten years. I still had never actually seen Paula have sex with a man and I had only had sex with one other woman. But that was OK, we enjoyed going together and I particularly enjoyed having an audience while we had sex.

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Jun 30, 2021

Times at the Estate sound like fun, despite your afflicted penis.The look on Paula's face in the picture with Saundra is friendly, engaged.

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