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Our Decades of Open Marriage: Part 21

Updated: Oct 3, 2023


This is one of those stories that makes me so glad I wrote it down shortly after it happened. Even the next day some the details had become vague, but nearly a decade later they would be lost entirely if I had not written them down.

One night in November of 2007, we stayed later at The Estate (our local swingers club) than we normally did. As a general rule we liked to leave between midnight and 1:00AM to get home to the kids. They were, by then, old enough to leave at home, but not for the whole night. That night we were still dancing and cavorting until past 2:00 when a whole group of our friends went upstairs to where the playrooms were housed. Paula bid me follow and I did so. In the locker room we removed all our clothes and we walked fully nude to the main play room. On the big double-king bed, there were at least a dozen people, all mixed up in a couple of interlocking sexual acts. As I have noted in this narrative before, naked people look so similar, I wasn’t able to connect the nude bodies with the clothed people with whom we'd partied throughout the evening.

Paula did not have that problem and addressed several by name. One woman, invited her to join and soon they were kissing and groping one another. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I sat at the edge of the bed and watched. The shifting bodies brought a woman near me, her thigh, just inches from my hip. She was busy giving a man oral sex and I thought it reasonable to rub her thigh, then move my hand higher to her mons.

From that point I really can’t relay many details as even the next day when I wrote the notes that eventually became this narrative, it was already just a blur of jumbled memories of bodies and sweat. One thing that I clearly remember was the first time I saw Pula have sex with a man. Even though prior to this she'd had sex around ten different men, I'd never been present when she did. I'd been present when she'd had sex with Dianne many times, but I'd never seen her suck or fuck a man first hand.

I'd been drawn into the orgy and I was down between a woman's legs giving her the best oral sex I could muster. When I came up for a breath, I could not miss my wife on her back with her legs wrapped around a man as he, just a few feet away, had his dick fully impaled in my wife. That first sight of Paula's face in ecstasy as the man rammed his cock into her hard and fast was one I will never forget. However, I only got a short look. Although I wanted to stop and watch, I thought it bad form not to continue with the woman I'd been eating until she was fully sated.

It was not long before I was having to hold on tight as the woman I was pleasuring began to buck her hips wildly in orgasm. From there things are a blur of body parts until the woman I'd been kissing moved to give me head. It was only then I realized that Paula was standing beside the bed which was waist high on her. She was leaning over eating the woman who was blowing me! It was quite a sight like that, but soon one of the men with whom we had spent the night slid off the bed and saddled up behind Paula. He casually unrolled a condom, and then guided his penis in to her until his hips press on her but. She didn’t even look back to see who it was. He began stroking in and out of her in a steady but not overly fast rhythm.

As I said before, until that night, I had never seen my wife actually having sex and I suddenly found myself watching a second man with his penis her. My eyes were glued to her thighs as they compressed with each thrust. He did not seem to be in a hurry, as it must be noted that none of the people having sex that night had that rushed imperative that is so common in sex. It was all just so relaxed. He just fucked her steadily for a good while before withdrawing and crawling back on the bed where another woman (I think his wife) bid him to do her doggie while she sucked still another man’s penis.

Seeing Paula available, yet another man left the bed and put on a condom and slipped into her. Like the man before, he worked his penis in and out using a slow steady pace. Again I watched the rhythmic interaction of their two bodies. And as before, my wife did not even look back to see who was screwing her. Paula didn’t give the second guy all that long to do her though. After just a few minutes she crawled up on the bed to do sixty-nine with the woman she had been eating. Sometime later, and after I had received another blow job, Paula and her friend lay spent. The woman’s legs were spread before me and so I took a turn eating her out, before she indicated she wanted me to slide up. I picked up a condom packet, one of several strewn around the big double-king sized bed. It took a little work as I had rarely put on a condom since I'd gotten my vasectomy ten years before. Seeing my difficulty, the woman put it on for me.

Once the condom was on, I crawled over the woman and my penis easily slipped all the way in her. I could not help but wonder if she was just naturally large inside, or had she been stretched out by fucking a series of men already that night. What I do know was she was so big I could hardly feel her at all. If my wife hadn’t been lying next to me giving me encouragement with words like “fuck her good” I don’t think I would have cum. As it was, I did a good job (I think) pounding her at length, even after all that exertion. It was, however, not a great orgasm when it came. I was just too tired by then.

On the way home Paula said she had four different rounds of intercourse, but didn't know if she was fucked by four different men. I told her that I'd only seen her doing it with three men. She said she'd definitely had four rounds of screwing, but since she had not seen who did her from behind, the fourth time was very possibly the guy who'd done her while she was eating the woman who was sucking me off. Like me, everything was a blur to her. I told her I didn’t know either because for a good hour I just could not see her at all. She told me she was sure the man I had briefly seen doing her at the beginning was not the guy who did her while she was standing beside the bed.

She also told me that first guy had done her for a long time in several positions before she needed to go take a pee break. She said that when she got back he was still on the bed, this time with another woman. "When I saw he was busy I decided that it would be fun to go down on Martha, the woman who was giving you a blowjob, but there was no room for me on the bed. That is why I was leaning over like that."

As she talked about not even knowing who was inside of her, I realized that she was unaware that two different guys had fucked her while she was bent over like that. Thus we concluded that she'd had five "rounds" of fucking, not four. Still, since people were coming and going for the whole two hours we were in that big bed, there was no way to know if the other two instances of Paula getting screwed involved those same two guys, one of those guys or neither. So that night she had sex with either three, four or even five different men. Significantly, it didn't matter to her how many different penises had been in her.

It was then Paula asked me what I thought about what had happened. I told her that the experience as a whole was fun. The sex itself wasn’t all that great, but being there with her and all those people was what made it fun. It was adult ‘play’ pure and simple. Not the same as making love at home, but fun in a playful sort of way.

A few weeks later, we were again at The Estate and we met a young couple while sitting in the hot tub. The four of us began messing around someone suggested we move to the Theater Room. There for the first time Paula and I "swapped partners." Once again we crossed a milestone without slowing down.

I was unsure of how this worked, so I followed the other man's lead. We men first went down on the other’s wife as they lay on the room’s big cube shaped coffee table. The wives laid shoulder to shoulder while we ate them both to orgasm. He stood up and lifted Paula’s hips to his and began to fuck her as she lay on her back. I followed suit with his wife.

It soon became an oddly competitive situation as this younger man fucked Paula hard and fast and I felt compelled to match him stroke for stroke doing his wife. We went on for a long time, then by mutual consent, we stopped to catch our breath. Before we went for the second half of our fucking contest, the two wives decided it would be more comfortable for them if they had us do them from behind. They crossed the room and went to their knees in front of the leather couch, laid their chests down on the cushions and offered themselves to the competing husbands. Once again, I fucked his wife as he fucked Paula. I was pleased that while I was still stroking hard, he could not hold back and came in Paula. So, he and Paula watched me fuck his wife for a very good while before I too climaxed.

Like the orgy, what was fun was not the sex itself, but the playing with Paula in adult games with the other couple. I will admit, I did get an ego boost from "winning" the fucking contest with a guy who was at least ten years younger than me. However, the readers must note that this incident does not merit more than a few paragraphs as a reflection of how little the event meant to either of us then or now.

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