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Our Decades of Open Marriage: Part 43

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

I Go Back to Timberline Lodge Alone

On the last weekend in May 2013 I was scheduled to return to Timberline Lodge, the swinger friendly nudist resort, in order to shoot more PR photos for them. Sadly Paula was not able to get off work for the trip, I had to go alone. I did not look forward to that. The simple fact was that I had been married twenty-six years by then and had a hard time enjoying a place like that without her, but this trip was for work not pleasure.

However, that’s not to say my trip had to be dull. After all I'd had memorable sexual adventures the last two times I'd gone by myself. I arrived on Friday about 2:00PM. My friends who worked at the resort were all glad to see me but they were sad that Paula was not able to come. I was excited to see the renovations and improvements that I had come to shoot. The main club expansion was complete as was the expansion/renovation of the playhouse to include a secondary bar and dance floor. My first task was to shoot the new and improved facilities for the resort's web site. I also began to circulate to try to drum up paid clients. The sad truth is, I suck as a salesman. Paula is the sales person, and without her I was totally ineffective.

That night, the club had a live band and they were surprisingly good, if way too loud for me. At the club party I again tried to sell. I put my nifty new Microsoft Surface on the bar to continuously show a slideshow of my work. The show was augmented by the addition of a great set of photos of a couple who had recently given me permission to use their photos while at the resort.

Even before I went on to bed at 11:00, some women were beginning to shed their tops on the dance floor. I was told the next day that things had gotten much more “exciting” as the night wore on. But without Paula, I had no real reason to stay once I was sure I’d gotten the word out about my availability for photo shoots.

For this trip, I wasn’t staying in one of the lodge’s guest rooms because they were sold out. The owners put me up in their personal apartment's large multi-purpose loft which had two double beds. They’d let me know that a friend of the family would be staying in the other bed, but I hadn’t seen him. Sometime about 2:00AM I was awakened by noise, only to find the guy had arrived, along with a married couple and the noise was them having a threesome. So for a good while, I silently watched the threesome unfold not far from me. In reality I didn’t watch continuously, but rather I dozed on an off. They all saw me in the other bed but they neither seemed embarrassed nor did they invite me to join. I was just a fly on the wall. One thing of which I took note was that in this private environment, the guys did not avoid male-male sexual contact. I couldn’t help but notice that during a “rest” period, the wife stroked the single guy’s penis to keep him hard, while the single guy did the same for her husband. Based on my own experience with MMF threesomes, I have long suspected deliberate male-male sexual contact is far from being unusual behind closed doors. Being that fly on the wall confirmed what I had suspected.

The next morning the couple was gone and I watched the guy jack-off for a while as I sat up in my bed. I was curious as to how common male-male sex was in his swinging experience, especially since he is a long time friend (and sometimes lover) of the couple who owns this swinger friendly resort. As we talked, he was surprisingly candid that in his experience, behind closed doors, male-male sex was, if not the norm, not unusual either. He went on to tell how his long-term girlfriend likes nothing more than to watch him fuck other men she brings home to their bed. He made a point to say that he enjoys fucking men but isn’t into men doing him. I thought about offering to let him fuck me, but thought it might be a little too forward given the fact he is an old friend of the owners. All said, my developing hypothesis that bi-male sex has become much more common in the swinging community continued to build credence. Also supported was my other developing idea that self-identified strait men who would never consider letting another man use them for sex can, and do, enjoy showing sexual dominance by shoving their dick in a less dominant man.

On Saturday the weather was absolutely perfect.

As the day wore on people continued to arrive. By 1:00 PM the pool deck was completely filled with mostly nude bodies. I, as I usually do, had a book in my hand, but I did take time to look at the crowd. I was interested to notice how there seemed to be an even distribution of ages of people. They seemed to fit the bell curve, ranging from the mid-twenties to the mid seventies, with perhaps 70% of all the people falling between ages of thirty-five and fifty-five. As I’ve also noted, the nude bodies all look pretty much alike. Breasts jiggling & dicks swinging, everyone was sexually desirable and seemed happy. I could appreciate the sexual desirability of every single woman there. If I were a “player” I didn’t see a single woman/couple I wouldn’t have tried to hit on to join them for some adult recreation at the play house.

There was a clear tendency for the oldest group and the youngest group not to interact with one another, again something I had observed before. Another thing that was true to pattern, the younger people (especially the younger men) were more likely to keep on a swimsuit than the older people.

Unlike a day at the swing-club, there was no sex in or around the pool. Timberline Lodge was openly friendly to swingers, but it was still a nudist resort not a swing club. When I was going to Timberline Lodge regularly, I always made a point to meet and talk to people who have never been to such a place before. Several times over the weekend I told newcomers about the long history of the resort. I told them how it had been founded by captured/liberated German nuclear scientist who had worked at what is now Oakridge National Laboratory. In the 1950's the resort had been a plaintiff in the Supreme Court case that officially legalized nudism in America.

For fifty years the resort held to the traditional FKK Germanic concept of nudism for health where sexuality is treated as problematic. I pointed out that the commitment to FKK nudism had only changed out of financial necessity, that first generation of nudist had simply died off. Timberline Lodge now exemplifies a new wave in nudist thinking, where sexuality is just a normal part of adult interaction. A couple of times I told couples how at a swingers club, sex is the point, and after a couple have sex they most often go home. At a swinger friendly nudist resort however, sex is just a part of the entire experience. In practice that meant if a woman meets a man she likes, she might go off and have sex for an hour, then come back to the pool or evening party with a smile. She would have no shame about everyone knowing what she had just done and then she would rejoin her husband/boyfriend and continue on what she was doing before she went off to have sex. I let the first timers know that this happens routinely because at Timberline, sex is just a natural part of the day/evening, but it is not the point of being there. I also made a point to let them know that while my example used a woman, it was just as likely to be a man. Most couples who come to Timberline are not shackled with the idea that they own their spouses sexuality.

At the same time, I assured visitors there was no expectation they will have sex with new people while they were at the resort. I let them know that about a third of the couples who come to Timberline never have sex with anyone but their own significant other, even if they'd been coming to Timberline for years. Another third only open their sex up to close friends and never do it with strangers. Only the final third routinely have sex with people they just met at the resort.

During the day I went back to shooting the newly opened parts of the resort. I asked a couple who had paid me to shoot them the summer before to let me try out shooting in the, soon-opened, secondary bar in the playhouse. I promised them copies of the photos for their time. In years past the space had been a canteen type restaurant when Timberline was a thriving FKK nudist resort. However, there had been over a decade of decline before Timberline had come into new ownership that transformed it into a thriving swinger friendly resort. As such, while the secondary-bar was "new", the space dated back to the 1960's.

I always try to do test shots with new locations and methods before I take on paying clients to ensure the methods work out. I shot some glamour and some erotica photos of the couple for about an hour. I had her go down on him at one of the tables and then for her to mount him in a chair. Then we moved to her sitting on the bar where he gave her oral sex to a pair of orgasms. These two wonderful people had a particularly energetic sexual technique, so I had to keep stopping them so I could get the images I wanted.

This couple was very typical of the wonderful people I got to know in my two years at Timberline

When I was done, I went back to the pool area while the couple continued their play time.

After I got home, I pulled up the photos and most of them just did not come out. The bright light coming from two large banks of windows caused significant problems. I knew I would most certainly need to use my reflector board the next time I shot there. But, that is why I asked for them to pose for me, so I could work those things out.

At the pool, I again showed off my portfolio and tried in vain to get another booking. All the while I was more than a little aware that I was by myself and as such I was not really part of this couples based event. Readers might think that just being around a hundred naked women would be entertaining enough for me, but alas no. I’m not comfortable just leering at women. I don’t find that very respectful. I spent some time in the hot tub with the couple for whom I’d driven to Timberline to shoot their wedding on New Year’s eve. They let me know they had been pleased with the photos, including the ones of her giving him a clandestine blow job at the reception. They said they were hurt I had not put any of their photos on my company website. I told them that was because I had not gotten their permission to use them. They said they thought I knew they had it already so I told them I would add a few of their photos.

Finally after talking to the owners, around 4:00 PM on Saturday I had the DJ announce that it was last call for booking glamour nude and/or erotica photo shoots for the weekend. Getting no bookings, I packed up and headed home a day earlier than planned.

As I drove home I knew it was time to come up with a better plan to sell my services.

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Jul 27, 2022

I'm curious to know what better plan to sell your services you came up with.

Replying to

LOL....I didn't come up with a better plan. The sad truth is that I suck as a "for profit" businessman. I was much better in the non-profit, mission driven, arena. Hence I tried twice to make my photo business go and twice I did not make enough money to justify its existence. I'm just not a very good salesman. .


Jul 27, 2022

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. Thank you for sharing another part of your open marriage. It is good to know that men would also venture into having sex with other men, even though it is in a private setting. The bi/gay stigma must put the fear of rejection by society into most men. It is a pity because as men get off watching lesbian action, women can also get aroused by watching men doing men.

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