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Our Decades of Open Marriage: Part 45

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

An Erotic Photo-Shoot & More

In mid-June 2013 we made a very successful "business trip" to Timberline Lodge. I had been contacted by a man who wanted me to shoot him and his wife and was particularly interested in erotica. He said he was in his 50’s so I didn’t know what to expect.

We arrived at Timberline Lodge in the late afternoon. The sun was already off the pool and so we just relaxed and talked to our friends. Paula didn’t get naked, but did put on a crop top shirt that I’d made for her years ago that read “Bi is Best” on the front, and on the back it said “I kiss boys (and girls).” She got several comments about it right off the bat. Since she didn’t get naked I thought, despite all the dating she was doing at home, perhaps because of it, she wasn’t ready to be wild this weekend. If there was one thing I'd learned in all our years of marriage, Paula sets her own pace.

A few hours later however, I knew I was wrong about her not wanting to get wild. For the Friday night club party she put on a semi-sheer sequined top. Then headed out the door wearing nothing else except her earrings and shoes. The top, that she was wearing as a dress just barely covered her ass cheeks. She looked amazing. Once in the club she began to dance right off. From time to time her "mini-dress" came up high enough to show off her bare assets. Needless to say she received a great deal of attention.

By 11:00 PM I’d seen two guys put their hand up under the blue sequined fabric. One quite flagrantly lifted the hem of her "mini-dress" to expose and play with her girl parts. At one point, from clear across the dance floor, I watched one of the guys push her “dress” up over her hips and slide two fingers up inside her, in full view of dozens of people. As they “danced” they kissed and he finger fucked her in the rhythm of their dancing. She later told me she only had made him stop when she was about to cum. She knew that would bring on a gush of fluids and she didn't want to wet the dance floor. Over a period of a couple hours, she danced with a half dozen guys and as far as I could tell, all had openly played with her breasts and sex. She seemed to be having more fun dancing like this than I had seen her do in years. She had lost fifteen pounds since we were at Timberline to shoot the wedding on New Year's Day, and she felt great about herself for the first time in a good while.

I had just about decided our clients were not coming when, well into the evening, they finally arrived. I was surprised that despite being fifty-five & forty-seven years old they were in fantastic shape and both were very attractive. The wife could have passed for under thirty years old easily, and he was tall and very handsome. I knew right off these two would make me look good. I gave them a tour of the facilities and we discussed the plan for the next day.

After my business was done, I made it back to the club area where my wife was still dancing. She saw me and headed my way. As she walked, she pulled up her shirt/mini-dress. Stopping she pulled it over her head and handed it to me. Then she said “Feel it, it’s soaked. I’m sweating like crazy out there.” Prior to this she was the most provocatively dressed woman in the club, but when she went back to dancing, she was wearing only her shoes and earrings. She continued to get men to dance with her, but surprisingly a good bit of the next hour she danced naked with only females with her on the floor. I think the men were just too intimidated to join her.

I was busy first talking to my clients, then just generally being sociable trying to gin up more work. Later on, “just to be sociable”, I ended up kissing and sucking the tits of a woman who was wearing only a pair of motorcycle chaps, no top no panties. For a good while she and I kissed and I ended up finger fucking her as she sat on the edge of the bar stool. She writhed in pleasure and I was pleased with myself. Getting her off with my fingers as she sat on the bar stool was in violation of the resort’s no public sex outside of the Playhouse rule…but of course Paula had been doing that all night. Perhaps that was why her husband suggested we go down to the Playhouse to continue on. I kept working on her rather than responding. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go. I was having fun in the bar. Finally the woman said she wanted to do what her husband suggested. I was actually ambivalent about going with this couple, I was expecting a threesome with Paula later, but it was flattering they wanted me to go with them.

I found my wife and asked her if she minded if I went to the Playhouse with this couple. What I was really asking was if she wanted to fuck the guy she was dancing with by herself or did she want me to join them for a threesome. When she said it was fine with her if I went, I knew she was wanting to do him by herself.

I was surprised that one of the guys who had been dancing with Pala came with me and the couple. They seemed to know him and their attitude seemed to be “the more the merrier”. The Playhouse was empty when we arrived. We all got naked and there seemed to be some indication that this little episode was supposed to skip right to oral sex. I was more than a little uncomfortable with the vibe that was going on and was less than enthused about being part. I know it wasn’t what the husband was intending but I lay down by the wife and began kissing her while the second guy positioned his face between her legs and began to eat her out.

Even though I wrote the notes about this the next Monday, after this point it all gets a bit jumbled up. What I remembered quite clearly was the very odd thing the other guy did. Rather than licking and kissing her labia and clit as one would expect, he did what I later found he calls the motorboat. From my vantage point he seemed to just blow on her vulva, like kids blow on their arm to make it sound like a fart….and he did this for ten minutes straight. It was very peculiar. I’m not sure she liked it. From my vantage point on my knees as she suckled my dick, it seemed she just tolerated it. She finally asked to be fucked, which the husband did while she continued to suck my penis.

After the husband ejaculated in his wife, I still wasn’t really sure I wanted to do more, and besides, there were no condoms in sight. She said she wanted me to fuck her but my lack of enthusiasm was manifest by a lack of a firm erection. In order to hide the fact that I was not into this scene enough to effectively fuck her, I slid down to eat her out properly. Given her lackluster response to the “motorboat,” I was confident she would appreciate what I did.

As I kissed her mound, her little lips and then her clit, I was also licking the semen off of her gooey labia. And it was gooey, totally covered with semen since her husband had stroked for a while after ejaculating. Eventually, I put two fingers all the way into her as I stroked her clitoral ridge with my tongue. Since I hadn’t yet used my tongue inside of her, her vagina was still full of her husband’s ejaculate. I found it interesting how I could feel it deep in her with my fingers. Several times I pulled fingerfulls of semen out and licked them clean. That was a new way for me to eat deeply deposited cum and I found it one of the most arousing things I'd done since leaving the party some forty-five minutes before. Finally, the guy that had been doing the motorboat thing, pushed me from between her legs so he could screw her.

She and I lay, more or less, side by side on the bed while the other man stood on the ground, holding her legs. I kissed her and sucked her breasts as the other man stroked her in a very steady fashion. I was pretty sure he’d played with her before because he knew what made her respond. Her hips soon began to rock, then to thrust up to him. After some time, she climaxed from him fucking her on her back. After she’d come down from her orgasm, she got onto her hands and knees for him to continue fucking her. I lay on my back so we could continue kissing with her over me. From that position, I was able to use my hands to caress her breasts and clit while the motorboat guy showed remarkable stamina in keeping a very fast pace for a very long time.


However, several times the guy's very hard dick came out on the upstroke. Without even thinking that he might not want me to touch his penis, I took the liberty to use my hand to guide it back into her. After the second time I’d put his cock into her vagina, I did not remove my hand and left it at the opening. I let his cock slide between my spread fingers as he continued to fuck her. As he kept stroking, I moved my hand down a little further and played with his balls. So, as it happened, I slid underneath the woman so we were in 69. She took my cock back in her mouth as I kept one hand on his cock as it slid in and out; and using my other hand I played with his balls for another five to ten minutes as he stroked. Eventually, he climaxed.

When the guy came, the woman’s husband said he was ready to leave (without asking her) and so they left without a word to me. The abrupt ending spoiled the experience. I didn’t mind I didn’t cum, but I was sure she wanted me to eat her again, with the second guy’s cum in her. She and I seemed on the same wavelength, but her husband seemed annoyed.

I know it might seem odd to a lot of men, but the whole experience was rather distasteful (not the cum it was yummy); but the husband’s attitude was toxic. However, once again I tested, and verified, my hypothesis that male-male sexual contact was no longer taboo. Though, perhaps that is why the husband left so abruptly, he knew I’d eaten his semen and had watched me helping get the other guy off.

At some point in my activities, Paula had arrived with the guy I’d seen fingering her on the dance floor and another couple. For this narrative I’ll call him Bill. How long they had watched me with the woman and “motorboat man” I don’t know. I assumed that they were down at the Playhouse for a foursome. Paula was still wearing only her shoes. I just sat on the bed for a few minutes after the couple I’d been with had left, then got dressed and started out. To my surprise Paula and Bill left the other couple on the bed and followed me. It was only then that I realized how very drunk my wife was. More drunk than I’d seen her in years. Bill and I steadied my nude wife as we walked her back to the clubhouse.

Back at the club, Paula went back to dancing. After she wore out again, she, Bill and I went to the hot tub. He and I got naked and the three of us relaxed. It had been close to an hour since we walked her from the Playhouse and she'd only had soda since returning. The effects of the alcohol were less pronounced than before. Another couple joined us and we all talked. Finally, Paula said it was time to go to bed and she invited Bill to come with us for a threesome. Surprisingly, he said he was not up to it, but would get with her tomorrow. So we all went to bed.

Saturday morning, I found Bill already at the breakfast buffet wearing his birthday suit. We chatted and he asked if I minded if he went in to wake Paula. I said that was fine. I am not sure what they did in the bedroom while I waited, but it took almost a half hour before he came back with a happy looking Paula in tow. She was wearing a loose knit crochet dress, which was fully see-through, with nothing on under it. She looked great. I was happy she'd come out to breakfast because she and I needed to prep for the photo-shoot we had booked for that morning. Later I found out he had given her a wake-up orgasm, though they had not fucked.

Paula invited Bill to join us and so the three of us set up the light boxes and other gear. My clients, however, were late. Using the extra time, I asked Paula to pose for me to position my lights. I started to shoot, but then told Bill that Paula needed someone to help perk up her nipples for the photos. He gladly hopped up to help her out. Of course my request was a ruse to get him to pose with her. Since he was still nude, she wasted no time before she stroked his cock to a full erection while he played with her tits.

I thanked Bill for his help and began to shoot photos of Paula in her dress. When my clients had not arrived, she took off the dress and I shot her nude. In one set I had Bill reach over and play with her while keeping his body out of my frame. It didn't take long for his middle finger to disappear into her. Still my clients were not there.

Paula went back to the couch while I looked for a wheel that had fallen off of one of my light stands. When I looked up Paula and Bill were kissing deeply on the couch. She used her hand to bring back his hard-on and stood up to mount him; but right then, our clients finally showed.

As mentioned earlier, the clients were an exceptionally attractive middle-aged couple. I had honestly thought the wife was in her late twenties before she told me she was forty-seven. She was a joy to shoot. Face, body, great personality, and a feel for posing: how could I go wrong? We shot a set of her in a corset and then nude, then a nude portrait of the couple, that soon turned into her sucking his penis. I shot it all. After a break, we did more lingerie, more nudes, and a lot more sex. I shot over thirteen hundred frames in two and one-half hours. The last half hour or so I completely lost control of my models, they were fucking with abandon, totally ignoring me. Paula and I were busy moving the lights and camera to frame new photos as they went on and on. The wife was so expressive in her enjoyment. And the husband, once hard was fully 8" long and thick. Though not all women like big dicks, I can assure you that all photographers do.

Though the photos of them having sex were unquestionably terrific, the best photos of the day came when, after their first sex photos, I had her put on a bra and panty set she had bought just for the shoot, but had not used before they started getting frisky. The five beds in the main play room (which in the morning doubled as my studio) were all at different heights, with the tallest being about chest high. I had her posing on the highest bed, which has a mirror right behind it, so the photos caught both her front and back.

At some point I realized that her husband had moved so that he was visible in the mirror. He had a great physique and with his big penis, still mostly hard, he looked like a Playgirl model. Right off I saw the image I wanted. I posed him right where I needed him in the mirror and had her remove her bra and panties. The images of them looking at each other lustfully across the room are some of the best erotica I've ever shot. Then, on her own, she began to play with made them even hotter. Sadly, since I only have permission to use her lingerie photos or those that don't show their faces; so, I can’t share the incredibly hot photo of her looking at him with two fingers in her vagina just far enough that her wedding ring set (with a HUGE diamond) was all I could see of her fingers as she frigged herself.

The most memorable moment of the day was when she was bent over one of the playhouse beds and he was doing her hard from behind. He said he was going to cum and she screamed very loudly, “Don’t you dare cum yet!”. It was absolutely comic. The man, though older than me, was super buff, and climaxed twice during our session. The second time, they were doing doggie when he announced he was going to cum. She told him to hold back for a minute more. She rolled over and told him to cum on her tits. I'd never shot that before because I'd never thought it was something that real women wanted. But she did. Watching her on her back masturbating while he did the same above her was surprisingly sexy. Then she began to climax. When she began to thrash with orgasm, he shot his load all over her. It was simply amazing. The series of frames showed her with one hand on her breast and the other at her crotch with him stroking his penis just above the hand on her tits. It shows her raise her hips and throw back her head as her orgasm began. As the frames continued, it showed her in a series of orgasmic convulsions; and, as she did so, his semen appeared all over her hand and breasts. I was shooting a shutter speed too slow to clearly show his semen in mid-air, but that detail is not necessary when the frames are seen as a set. Her string of orgasms lasted considerably longer than his, but afterward they burst into hilarious laughter. The close up of her laughing hard with cum all over her chest is one of my favorites of the day. It says so much about how sex can be just plain fun.

I could not miss how, all during the shoot, Paula was looking at the husband. I knew what she was thinking. Only the fact it would have been highly unprofessional kept her off of him.

Afterward both the husband and wife went on and on about what a great time they had. Twice they said it was the most erotic thing they had ever done in their lives. Due to their great reviews of the experience to other resort guests over the next two days, I got several bookings for future dates.

Both Paula and I were exhausted after the long photo session, so we went to the pool area and relaxed. After perhaps an hour, I approached my clients and asked if she'd be up to posing for a few photos of her laying out nude on the clubhouse bar. Though I had more than enough photos already, she was so photogenic I wanted to see how that location would work for future reference. ‘

The photos were great… of course. How could I miss with such a model?

Paula spent most of the rest of the day flirting with Bill. Of course they were both naked the whole day. Once I was done with my clients, I found Paula and Bill sitting with four couples in the shade of an awning talking in a big circle. I took a seat outside the ring of chairs because there was no room in the circle itself. I watched how my wife kept teasing Bill so that he would get a hard-on. After only a few minutes, I left to join a pool volleyball game. When I got back to Paula she turned to me and said, “Bill won’t let me touch him” with a little pout. It seems she’d been giving him a hand job and he’d stopped her. He knew the rules, Timberline Lodge was not a swing club, so sex by the pool, especially during the day, was a “no no”. Of course, Paula never saw a rule she didn’t want to break.

Around 6:00 PM, she told me that she and Bill were going to our room to play. I said fine. Then I asked if they minded if after they had some time alone, I came to join them. Paula asked Bill and he said it was fine with him, then Paula said since it was fine with him it was fine with her.

And so they went to our room in the lodge. I sat and joined the group who had just witnessed the whole exchange. Thus as we talked they all knew my wife was fucking Bill. But, that open sexuality was why those couples were there, even though I knew that two of the couples in our group never have sex with other people. It was the sexual atmosphere that was so special.

When I finally entered our room, she was at the foot of the bed between his legs, half his penis in her mouth. She looked up at me and then back to Bill and asked again if he minded me in the room while they played. He said it was fine with him.

The room had two double beds, so after I opened a diet Dr. Pepper, I sat on the right hand bed as my wife greedily sucked Bill’s cock. She was so very sexy to watch as she licked all the sides of his shaft then again took the head in her mouth. I wondered if there was anything in the world sexier than watching my wonderful wife give this good looking guy head. She clearly was greatly enjoying pleasuring him, and he was enjoying her doing so.

Eventually she took the condom packet from the end table. She put it on him before she lay on her back and spread her legs for him. I watched him lift her legs and guide his red condom covered penis to her crotch. Then, he very slowly eased it in. Watching his dick disappear into my wife brought my penis up to full staff. He did not ease into aggressive sex, but he went right to pounding her hard enough for the room to fill with the slapping noise of hard fucking. Later someone who had been walking in the hallway outside our room commented on how it was loud enough to hear all the way up the hall. In no time he told her that he was struggling to keep from climaxing. She’d been teasing him since last night and now he told her how he was having to focus on other things to keep from cumming.

He slowly pushed her legs forward until she was almost bent double and he was poised over her driving straight down, using his body weight to augment the impact. I knew she loved this kind of super hard and deep fucking and suspected he would likely bruise her (in the past, some of the best sex she had with other men left her bruised). I knew full well she would not mind. My assessment was confirmed when she responded with moans of pleasure. When I heard the sloshing of fluid as he pumped I knew she’d climaxed for the first time. More would follow. I recalled how when we first got married she could only reach orgasm by masturbating, and it took years to expand her range. Back then, she would never believe that one day she would have multiple orgasms by straight missionary position sex with no direct clitoral simulation at all; especially when it was from a man she'd only met the night before. Yet, that was what was happening right in front of me.

They fucked for a good long time taking breathers every so often. I lay back on my bed watching and sometimes stroking my penis. This was the first time I'd ever just sat back and watched her from off the bed like that.

After making her cum several times on her back, he rolled her onto her stomach and put two pillows under her hips. Once again he quickly went to harder and harder stroking. Eventually he lifted his legs completely off the bed so that his entire weight was transferred to the penis pushing into her. Again I heard her climax.

After a break, she mounted him. Though not nearly as aggressive as he had been, she bore down to grind him hard. There was no doubt in my mind she was in rapture as she savored this man’s penis inside her as she rocked her hips. Several times he asked if she were tired and each time she said no and kept going. All the while I lay on the other bed watching and slowly masturbating.

Eventually, he said the condom had become too tight, and asked to remove it for a second blow job. She had no problem with his suggestion, and this time lay with her feet to toward his head and took his cock back into her mouth. At this point I got up and went to stand next to her. I asked "Would you like us to give you a double blow job?" He did not answer right off. It was clear to me that he was thinking about saying yes, before saying she was doing fine on her own. It was the first time a guy had passed up on the opportunity to have me suck his dick. I suspected that had I just squatted down and joined her he would have been happy for me to join her; but he could not bring himself to actually verbally say he wanted another guy to suck his cock. (after all several times over the years guys said I gave better head than her).

My brief interruption did not derail things though. She was going to town on his penis. She's funny about oral sex. Only about a third of the guys she dates she wants to suck. But those she does want in her mouth, she can't get enough. She was so into it that it did not take long before he told her that he could stand no more without cumming. She slowed down, but even at the slower pace eventually he could take it no longer and they agreed to stop for now (they’d been going on for way over an hour by then), and pick up for round two later in the Playhouse. He went into the resort hallway sweaty from the sex, but still naked with a full, upright, erection. His departure didn’t keep Paula and I from having a nice encore to her sexual romp with her new friend.

She did however, tell me while she didn't mind me in the room while she had sex, she found it disrupting when I got up a couple of times to get something to eat or drink. She said "If you want to watch, you can't be wandering around the room." I could vaguely see some profundity and amusement that she was just fine with me watching her have sex with other men, but she didn't want me to be a distraction to her.

When we rejoined the circle under the awning, there was no doubt her red face and sweat (and had they looked, her bright red vulva) was from the fact that up until nearly the very moment we rejoined them; she had been having sex continually for an hour and a half. They also knew full well most of that time she had been fucking Bill, who had only left her to join them some ten minutes before (likely still sporting that erection he’d left the room wearing). They were right to assume that only after he’d worked her out good, had her husband (me) slid his dick into where Bill had been drilling for so long and deposited his semen. She put down a towel to catch the cum as it worked its way out of her. There were a few casual comments about her happy demeanor, but no surprise or embarrassment from anyone. That unabashed sex-positive environment is why even those who do not have sex outside of their marriage love places like Timberline. (Oh, someone asked, Timberline Lodge changed owners to operate under the name Pandora’s Forest, though I looked up their website and I don’t think they survived Covid)

The planned second round with Bill didn’t happen though. For the Saturday night party she wore only a lace afghan-type top and like Friday night she danced for hours. It was amusing to see how her nipples poked right through the lace. After drinking far more than she was accustomed to doing, Paula could not keep on going. By around midnight she said she was ready to give up on the party and go to bed.

We headed home Sunday morning. It was a good weekend.

I spent a good many hours the next week editing the photos. Hands down, it is the best set of erotica I've ever shot. When the clients received them, they were thrilled. Their email said they were so turned on looking at my photos they just had to have sex afterward. I took that as a good sign.

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